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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 5, 2018 3:00am-3:31am PST

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wow, the world cha wow. we're world champions! [ cheers ] >> fly, eagles, fly. the philadelphia eagles toppled the new england patriots in their first super bowl championship in history. and fans in philly take to the streets to rejoice. we'll have the highlights. deadly crash. two people are dead and over 100 injured after what is now the second amtrak train crash in a week. what can be done to prevent another one? plus, a republican memo on the russia investigation makes waves in washington as new details come out on a former trump aide at the center of it all. lady gaga delivers bad news to fans around the world. and brave runners shed their clothes for the race of a
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lifetime. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you on a monday morning. i'm frances rivera. the country has a new reigning super bowl champion. >> and time runs out. >> this is the end of the game. >> and for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. [ wild cheering ] finally. >> fly, eagles, fly. that's what was heard roaring through the stadium and in philly streets shortly after the massive win. thousands going out to celebrate the eagles' first super bowl win in franchise history. dethroning the new england patriots 41-33 in a fourth-quarter stunner that had millions across the country glued to their seats. >> wow. we're world champions! [ cheers ] >> for eagles' fans everywhere, this is for them. this is for them. >> not only do we have the best fans in the world, we now have the best team in the world.
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>> eagles' quarterback nick foles had the game of his life knocking off tom brady with an impressive 373 passing yards. three touchdowns and the super bowl mvp trophy to boot. to say it was an improbable run for foles is an understatement. the second-string quarterback took lead of the eagles midway through the season only to become the first player in nfl history to throw and catch a touchdown in the super bowl. the eagles led the game for the first three quarters, ending the first half after the gutsy catch by foles only for the patriots to claw their way back, taking a 33-32 lead with a magical touchdown by five-time super bowl champ tom brady. with just over two minutes left in the game, it was an incredible jump into the end zone by zach ertz that gave the eagles the go ahead score. and they never looked back. sacking brady, taking control of the ball, scoring a 46-yard field goal to extend their lead ultimately leaving brady and the patriots with no options and no time-outs.
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>> we battled as competitive, but obviously didn't get the job done. >> disappointing. but proud of the way our team competed. those guys are champions. champions of the afc, they earned that. you know, just came up a little bit short tonight. >> losing sucks, but that's part of -- you show up, and you try to win, and sometimes you lose. that's the way it goes. now to an accident on the rails. an amtrak train traveling from new york to florida slammed into a parked freight train in south carolina killing two amtrak employees. over 100 other were taken to the hospital. authorities say the miami-bound train appeared to be on the wrong track when it collided with a freight train. it also caused 5,000 gallons of fuel to spill. this is the second deadly amtrak crash in less than a week and the third since a crash in washington state last december. nbc's jennifer johnson gives us more details. >> reporter: a horrific scene near cayce, south carolina.
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the mangled wreckage of amtrak train 91 and a csx freight train. the trains collided just after 2:30 a.m. when most passengers were asleep, killing engineer michael kempf and the conductor. >> threw us across the room like you would not believe. >> reporter: sources tell nbc news that just before the crash all csx signals were off line. csx gave verbal approval for the amtrak to proceed down a set of tracks, but the track switch was in the wrong position, sending the amtrak directly into the parked freight train. >> key to this investigation is learning why that switch was lined that way. the expectation, of course, is that the amtrak would be cleared and would be operating straight down like this. >> reporter: most of the 139 passengers traveling from new york to florida were taken to hospitals. most with nonthreatening injuries. >> we should have had a lot more casualties, but we didn't.
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>> reporter: emergency workers say removing so many injured was a monumental task. >> we were able to get all 116 patients to the local hospital in a very timely manner. >> reporter: this is the second amtrak crash in less than a week. on wednesday a train carrying dozens of republican members of congress heading to a retreat in west virginia hit a truck, killing the truck's passenger. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. now to washington where gop intel chairman devin nunes' memo over on the russia investigation continues to make waves. former cia director john brennan is accusing nunes of booze -- of abusing his own power. >> it underscores just how partisan mr. nunes has been. he has abused the office of the chairmanship. and i don't see that lightly. >> brennan's tough words come as -- >> has he brought up any legitimate issue? >> he put out publicly one side and a selective cherry picked memo. >> brennan's tough words come as
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republicans cheer on the memo's release, arguing that it proves the special counsel's investigation in russia's election meddling cannot be trusted. >> there is a little bit of sweet revenge for me and certainly probably the family in the sense if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on. >> you're right. >> this would be going on at the highest levels of government. they'd be continuing to do it to my father, trying to undermine his actions. imagine how effective he can be with the year he's had without this cloud over his head. i want them to come to a conclusion already. you've been looking for two years. you've come up with nothing other than their own nefarious actions and collusions. >> the president echoed the comments tweeting, "this memo totally vindicates trump in probe, but the russia witch hunt goes on and on. there was no collusion, and there was no obstruction." still, there are those republicans who say otherwise. here was congressman trey gowdy
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who had a hand in writing that gop memo. >> i actually don't think it has any impact on the russia probe for this reason -- >> the memo has no impact on the russia probe? >> not to me it doesn't, and i was integrally involved in the drafting of it. >> this comes as democrats push congress and the president to accept their own competing memo, demanding it be released to the public as they accuse republicans of waging an opposition campaign against a russia investigation and the fbi. and as we learn new details rewarding carter page, a former trump aide at the center of the memo. some say a fiedsa warrant was used to track pang using the steel dossier. we're learning through the "wall street journal" that page was on the radar of u.s. counterintelligence since at least 2013. and now this -- "time" magazine reports it has obtained a letter from august of 2013 in which page apparently touted being an informal adviser to the kremlin. in the letter, page writes, "over the past half year, i have had the privilege to serve as an
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informal adviser to the staff of the kremlin in preparation for their presidency of the g20 summit next month where energy issues will be prominent point on the agenda." it's important to note carter page has not been charged with any crimes. still, for all the noise this memo's created, the chief author, devin nunes, says there's more to come. >> this completes the fisa abuse portion of our investigation. we are in the middle of what i call phase two of our investigation which involves other departments, specifically the state department and some of the involvement they had in this. now to the tsa who found a record 3,957 guns in carry-on bags at airport checkpoints last year. that's a nearly 70% increase from the previous year. other weapons found, 84% were loaded. they were confiscated at more than half of 440 airports around the country. hartsfield jackson atlanta national airport was the top offender with 245 weapons.
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one aviation security expert says many of the top ten offenders are in states where concealed carry is common. the tsa could impose penalties up to over $13,000 for each weapon found. let's check the monday forecast from nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning. after a warm weekend, some areas had the snow, some the rain. now a baby storm we're dealing with. it's not going to be a huge impact, but there's snow falling in the mountains of montana, quickly heading to the plains. we have a lot of winter weather advisories and warnings, too, in montana. advisories through iowa including chicago, milwaukee, and peoria. that's where the snow will be heading later on today. the snow forecast, again, not blockbuster amounts but enough to cause problems. that three inches possible anywhere through much of iowa, northern illinois, chicago, northern indiana. notice how large of an area is at least going to get an inch of snow out of this. you know, a little fresh coating, a lot of areasmperatur
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areas of new england as the cold air that was in the plains heads for the northeast. we'll take a look at the week ahead forecast. pretty big storm midweek for the east coast. >> oh, boy. thank you. fast forwarding into monday, president trump and first lady melania traveled to cincinnati where the president will visit a factory and out to the republican tax overhaul. the first lady will visit a children's hospital. on tuesday, spacex is planning to launch the "falcon heavy," the world's most powerful rocket on its first test flight. spacex says it is capable of carrying the weight of a fully loaded jetliner with passengers, crew, luggage, and fuel into space. this week, "today" looks back at some favorite and memorable olympians to find out what they've been doing since the games. firste the games.
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>> lady gaga has canceled the remainder of her world tour due to severe pain. she apologized to fans on social media writing, i am so devastated i don't know how to describe it. all i know is that if i don't do this, i'm not standing by the words or meaning my music. the pop star who has been battling fibromyalgia said she needs to put her well-being first and recover at home. tickets for the european shows will be refunded. leading the news it was a busy week at the doctor's office with families dealing with flu emergency. mia rodriguez is looking at why children are being hit so hard by this epidemic. >> reporter: it is a never ending stream of young patients for the doctor. the top concern, the flu. >> you have doctors working extra shifts just to accommodate the volume of patients that we
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need to see and help. >> reporter: this flu season hitting children hard, 53 deaths so far. 15 in just the past week, leaving parents like corrine worried. her son 12-year-old nicolas got his shot. >> he had a little bit of couple of symptoms, just wanted to make sure he was okay. >> reporter: why do you think this flu season has been so hard on children? >> children are vulnerable because they're younger, they're not developed yet. they are depending on someone to recognize signs and symptoms. >> reporter: runny nose, cough, sore throat, chills, muscle aches, vomiting, fever and lack of appetite. 80% of the children who died this flu season did not have the flu shot. health officials insist there is still time to get one. across the country, flu clinics seeing long lines for shots, from connecticut to florida to oklahoma. at a drive-through. for parents, it brings a need for constant vigilance.
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>> makes you nervous as a parent and you want to put your kid in a little bubble. >> reporter: trying to protect them from a threat that's not over yet. mia rodriguez, nbc news, hollywood, florida. >> still ahead, the return of alec baldwin's president trump, plus how recreational marijuana laws are affecting prior convictions. you're watching "early today." psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
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u.s. stock futures fell sharply on sunday as well as added to large losses set last week. the dow falling 2.5% on friday, the biggest single day sell off since june of 2016. when the sale of recreational marijuana became legal in california, they started the year, there was something else in law that didn't get much attention. it allowed people conviktd of nonviolent marijuana crimes to apply to have their records wiped clean. now authorities in san francisco and san diego are doing that automatically. nbc's matt bradley has more. >> a lot of the artwork coming from local artists. >> reporter: for art owner rodney hampton, it means personal vindication. back in 1991 rodney spent just 22 hours in jail for selling weed. a misdemeanor mistake that's haunted him for decades. >> it's horrific and now that i'm able to change it, it's even better.
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>> reporter: now rodney's record and thousands of others in the state are about to be cleared or reduced. san francisco and san diego announcing marijuana misdemeanors after 1975 will be automatically wiped and felonies will be reevaluated. an effort to alter a decades-long drug war fought mostly in minority communities. >> we have taken large segments of our community and marginalized them over a policy that was wrong. >> reporter: here in san francisco's haight ash bury neighborhood, legalization was a no-brainer. but the idea of forgiven past crimes doesn't sit well with everybody. >> we're saying that it is, again, obnoxiously reckless and irresponsible to say, we don't care about the circumstances of any of these prior convictions. >> reporter: now with a clear record, rodney hopes to use his art gallery to improve his neighborhood and even turn it into a marijuana dispensary. >> hey, you know, 30 years later i can take that slip or that
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>> whose state of the union 10 billion people watch it? >> yours did. >> who is the most innocent guy in the whole wide world? >> you are. >> one more time? >> you are, sir. >> i can't hear you. >> you are. >> daddy needed that. >> alec baldwin doing his trump. all right. the fans around the world were sent in a spicy spiral -- >> i'm all for that. >> are you? he's excited about the beloved ladies of the spice girls. sharing this group photo over the weekend, posh, ginger, and sporty, took a picture posting their excitement to see each other and long-time manager simon fuller. in an official statement the women shared it feels right to explore new opportunities together in hopes of continuing to reinforce the spice girls message, of female empowerment for future generations. so, yeah, more power to them. >> i really want t really, really want it. >> i imagine that's the case there, bill. but for those of you who don't
3:24 am
get that, maybe you'll know. >> go back to the '92. >> they look a ton, so much better now than they did back then. they keep getting better. >> as good. quick thinking gymnastics coach in massachusetts, he saved his gymnast from serious injury with one great memorable catch. he asked his coach to spot him on the high bars during warm up before a national invitational meet. now watch. >> uh-huh, so far so good. oh! >> that's the release he does on the backside. call it a 360 rotation. his hands slip. he was going -- i mean, i don't know if the matt was going to be underneath him. head first. >> arms and legs flailing like that. what a great catch. more power to him, too. all right. keep it right here on "early today." competition. big hype. big price. big deal.
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now to a major archeological discovery. evidence that the mayan culture in central america was far more extensive than anyone knew. thousands of structures have been newly revealed using advanced imaging techniques that can see underground. we get more from nbc's lucy cavanagh. >> reporter: for centuries the guatemala jungle shrouded the remains of the ancient civilization. using lasers and drones scientists have uncovered a secret beneath the canopy, a mayan megalopolous. previously unknown structures hidden by the rain forest. >> allowing experts to create a treasure map of a lost world. >> reporter: the findings are the subject of a new national
3:27 am
geographic documentary. >> let's ct call naked. now we've done it. >> reporter: which tracks a team of scientists and archeologists who use lidar, light detection and ranging technology. lasers shot from airplanes down below. >> we just followed a map created by lasers in the sky, and then bush whacked for hours to this point. to find this. >> reporter: allowing them to see through the thick foliage. the project mapped nor than 800 square miles, uncovering ancient roads, pyramids, even palaces. hidden for centuries, now revealing an advanced mayan civilization far more complex and populated than we'd ever imagined. >> it gives you chills up your back. >> reporter: lucy cavanagh, nbc news. >> part of a new documentary,
3:28 am
the mayan snakings, it appears tomorrow on national geographic. fascinating to see that. let's get a check of the forecast from nbc's bill karins. >> it was a movie trail in itself. this week we're starting off with a light bit of light know in the middle of the country, areas of cold for the northern plains and great lakes. the southern half of the country still continues plenty warm. it will get a little more stormy as we go into wednesday. what a mess. interior new england could deal with heavier snow, coastal areas, big cities will deal with rain on wednesday. in the southeast, we'll get a soaking rain out of this, too. there is another cold shot of air behind this storm. notice we stay dry in the desert southwest and by the time we get to friday little bit of light snow possible with colder air coming down from the north and some showers in the gulf. but the big storm this week is in the middle on wednesday. >> that's nothing compared to what they got over here, dozens of runners, bared all for a special race in serbia and only 41 degree weather he. they ran a mile on the danube
3:29 am
river to
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>> fly, eagles, fly. wow. we're world champions! [ cheers ] >> fly, eagles, fly. the philadelphia eagles toppled the new england patriots in their first super bowl championship in history. and fans in philly take to the streets to rejoice. we'll have the highlights. deadly crash. two people are dead and over 100 injured after what is now the second amtrak train crash in a week. what can be done to prevent another one? plus, a republican memo on the russia investigation makes waves in washington as new details come out on a former trump aide at the center of it all. the eye-popping and record-breaking number of weapons confiscated by tsa is revealed. >>d


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