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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the end of your battery charge isn't the end of the world. it runs on electric, and has gas if you need it. for a range rating of three hundred forty miles. the all-new clarity plug-in hybrid. from honda. san francisco. a trail of blood at a laundrokidnapping. right now at 11:00, we're following breaking news in san francisco. a trail of blood at a laundromat after an apparent kidnapping. we're live on the scene. good evening thanks for being with us i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. that terrifying scene unfolding tonight near san francisco's panhandle. let's get right to there. jean elle is there with some late breaking details for us. what do you know. >> reporter: that kidnapping
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victim has been found but after scary moments. police got a report of a kidnapping at that time that laundromat tonight and they found blood inside and out and unattending belongings when they arrived. >> they said she got snatched from the laundromat. >> reporter: he said san francisco police came into his store tonight investigating a kidnapping that happened across the street. police found blood on the floor and on the sidewalk. a woman's purse and a suitcase full of belongings sat abandoned on the table. investigators say a witness called police when he saw a man taking a woman from the laundromat. police say the man saw a knife. police say han looked at the security video and saw who they were looking for. >> she was purchasing soda and laundry detergent. she had enough money for the
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soda not the detergent so she wanted to use the phone. >> reporter: witnesses told police the man forced the woman into a car and drove off. officers found the car about an hour and a half later. they said the woman, a baby, and a suspect were inside. it appear it is woman is okay. police called an ambulance to have her and the baby looked at by medics. it appears the man and woman know each other. and while this information is over, the investigation is ongoing. jean, thank you. it is now tuesday morning in asia and the financial news is not good. we are seeing a global selloff. what started here in the united states is spreading. shares are tumbling in japan, south korea and australia. what happens to us tomorrow and why? this isn't about big money investors. it comes down to everyday stocks and your 40 1k.
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among the reason for the sellouts is the rising rates. experts add while today is the worst point drop in the dow's history it's deceiving in terms of percentage losses. this comes on the heels of a recent hot streak on wall street. >> it's going to make a lot of people nervous. >> a professor tells us the the fear index, tracked by economists doubled today as investors worried about the rising rates and inflation. a scary site in santa rosa burn zone, not because of a wire wild fire, this time it was because of a dump truck that slammed into a pickup truck and half a dozen other cars. caught in the middle a family caught inside a minivan.
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a man rushed over to rescue them all. >> i lost my house in the tubs fire and fought the fire for five hours that night and evacuated 20 people that night. >> the accident sent six people to the hospital two of them with serious injuries. not once but twice in one week, a transgender student is attacked on a south bay college campus. this is a sketch of the suspect police are investigated because of what the person yelled beforehand. ian cull spoke to the the victim at the college and they think it may be a hate crime. >> reporter: that's how they're investigating it now. the victim is angry and upset about it and not alone. there's a group of student who is spoke to the board of trustees tonight saying they are upset how the school responded to the alleged assault that happened here at this parking
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structure. dj smith said he was walking to his car when a man walked up to him, yelled an antigay slur and purchl punched him in the face. >> i was unconscious, i don't know how long. >> he said he was also attacked five days earlier in the same garage. >> my wounds have healed to the extechbt they would but mentally and emotionally it's been a struggle. >> reporter: campus police are investigating it as a hate crime. they say the attacker is about 5'11", 200 pounds. he wants the college to do more to protect students. the college said in a statement tonight, we are saddened and angered that such an incident could occur on our campus which is committed to inclusion.
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we have provided on and off campus resources to assist the student and are planning a series of events on countering hatred. >> reporter: they're increasing foot and car patrols also in response to the attack. ian thank you. across the bay, a full house at the council meeting. committee members voicing support of rose johnson. johnson filed a sexual harassment complaint against the city manager. they then placed sapaza on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the allegation. safety versus privacy. should police be able to scan the license plates on everyone driving onto the islands? the plate readers would be
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installed on the bridges, the police chief said it would help to find stolen cars. it costs about half a million bucks to install. a mobile house unit was burned down, it went up in flames sunday morning. it was helpused to help the nee and homeless. >> they're out there making sure our communities or even if they're homeless people have access to health care. it's a big blow to us. it's devastating. >> it's a $250,000 loss. the fire department is looking into that fire. it was a freak accident. a high school wrestler with a life altering spinal cord injury suffered during a match. tonight hundreds turned their
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sorrow into action to help the 16-year-old get mobile again. cheryl hurd is here to update us on the story we've been covering a few weeks now. >> reporter: every time we figure out just how strong and supportive this community is. tonight they got smart, they used food to get to the pockets of supporters. the t-shirts say it all. >> it's so awesome that a community can come together in a positive way. >> reporter: with positive energy for team ryans. >> the bull dogs and falcons have been rivals for a long time and you push that aside and do something for a great kid. >> reporter: ryan joseph is that kid. he is paralyzed from the neck down following a freak accident while wrestling last month. the community has been devastated and is raising noing
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to help his family while ryan is in rehab. they now have a new goal in mind to help ryan's family buy a wheelchair accessible van. >> to be able to wrap our love around the family and be able to transport their son is the heart behind the event. >> reporter: a van similar to the one they're hoping for is on display. his friends have been keeping in contact through the social media and his coaches. >> i know he's recovering, so i'm glad to see that happening. >> reporter: we don't know exactly how much money they raised tonight, but they were hoping to raise $20,000. reporting live in pleasant hill, i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. we wish that family well for sure. thank you, cheryl. it's almost show time. tomorrow tesla is sending a
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rocket ship into space it lifts off at 13:0 eastern time and it will be the most powerful launch into space since rocket five in 1973. it happened here, a year after oracle dam spillway collapse we uncover seven other dams that could suffer similar fates. one right here in the bay area. our investigation next. the power of french fries. could they help you if you're bald. the ingredient mcdonald's is serving up to help hair grow. today one of the warmest at 79 degrees. i'll tell you about a side effect of the weather you may be feeling. in about 8 minutes. [ hip-hop beat ]
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with xfinity, proud partner of team usa. oroville dam had to evacuate
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one year ago nearly 200000 people living below the oroville dam had to evacuate after the system started to corrode and collapse. last month an independent forensic team blamed the water resources department for what it calls long term failure. >> we wanted to know whether that same culture has been practi practiced in the safety of other dams. steven. >> after oroville spillway collapsed governor jerry brown ordered a safety review of 93 other dams in california. that is still ongoing. we obtained this memo from last june that raises specific safety questions about seven dams in particular. pe one of the dams is located right
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here in the bay area. the lake and surrounding hills at alameda county's regional park seem almost postcard perfect but behind the calm, our investigation found concern about the dam itself and what a failure of the 50-year-oldert earth and structure would mean to those living downstreams. >> there's concerns with the damage. >> gregory aahern oversees an evacuation plan that would stretch nearly 100 miles. larger than all other 22 dams combined. >> so we looked at if there's a rae re lease or failure of the dam. >> built in 1968 was one of seven earth and rock dams that is listed as concerns in this
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memo to officials last june. the other six are in los angeles, san bernardino and plumeas county. they are considered high or extremely high hazard. meaning likely loss of life downstream should they fail. the memo notes in the wake of the failure, quote, these structures may have potential structure churl or performance issues that could jeopardize their ability to safely pass a flood event. john garamendi. >> show me the money. >> he served as the deputy secretary of the interior in bill clinton's administration. >> these are known problems. >> we dug through the inspection records for all seven dams and while each said it was satisfactory for use, we found
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similar concerns for those noted in oroville's before the dam filled. cracks and voids in san bernardi bernardino. plumas, settling in the dam itself. in los angeles cracking, spaling and erosion in the spillway at pyramid damage. >> we don't have the adequate resources to maintain it. >> these former employees both say the issues show a culture of inattenti inattention, lack of follow up. both men asked them to hide their identities for fear they would lose their pensions for speaking out. >> they don't have adequate technical staff to do the scope of what's required. >> has california kept up with the maintenance as it should? >> no. the infrastructure has not been
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maintained. >> inspection records show issues have gone unaddressed for years. things such as broken sump pumps not repaired for more than four years. the reports also show that the earth and dam has settled in places as much as 13 inches. not a concern say inspectors. each time they declare dell val satisfactory. >> there's resourcing issues on getting everything done. >> he serves as dwr's director. >> we have the funding to do the maintenance i don't recollect. >> as head of the project he oversees the safety of the dams. >> are there other dams in the state that have the same problems or issues? >> none of them have shown any areas of concern where there's any public safety issues, but yes, there will be maintenance
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work done on all of them. >> why weren't these other dams inspected better before now? >> i would say they've always been inspected -- >> to the level you said now we're finding things because we weren't looking. >> i think the detailed inspections we're doing today are geared with what we learned. so the past inspections were geared toward what we noe knew at that point. >> or didn't know. >> or didn't know. >> you never saw that memo until we showed it to you, is that right. >> that's correct. >> despite being in charge of protecting hundreds of thousands of residents downstream, sheriff ahern had not been notified about the dam needing attention. >> does it concern you it's on the list? >>, of course, it does. we stressed to people to the join our alert system so they can be made aware of any type of issues immediately. >> if something happens you're not going to have the a lot of
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time. >> it's a matter of minutes. >> this memo requested a work plan for review by september 1st of last year. so far we asked dwr for those work plans for all seven of the dams they told us they would not be available until later this spring. we'll stay on the story. >> thank you, steven. we know you will. if you have a story for anyone in the investigative unit. you have some options you can call or you can visit our website. all that rain last year at this time and we're talking about more record heat. it is warm outside. >> a day or two it is comfortable but now it's strange. we want it out of here, we want rain to fall. we'll talk more in the seven day forecast about the long range outlook. tonight, the side effects you may be feeling from this heat that might have you feeling thick is the pollen, a lot of things are blooming early right now.
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that sends the tree pollen up to the high category. something to think about if you wake up with itchy, watery eyes. tomorrow morning's forecast no problems, mostly clear skies, 50 in the south bay, 47 for the try valley, 48 for the north bay. winds gusty in the hills. it's great if you're commuting to san francisco, mostly sunny and 52. we're on a climb for more record setting heat. across the south bay we are going to the see a temperature of 76 in downtown san jose also looking at 75 in cooper teen know. humidity down to 22% tomorrow. 78 tomorrow in concord. head inland on the peninsula and we're up to 75 in redwood city.
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san francisco 71 in the mission and slightly cooler to the outer sunset 68. throughout marine, napa, sonoma county, anywhere from 67 in point reyes to 77 in napa. we're expecting a change i know we've been waiting for the possibility of rainfall. unfortunately it's not going to come with the next weather change on this saturday. we will find cooler temperatures from this storm system here and it will kick up the wind. temperatures will drop against once we hit saturday we go from an average of 70 in san francisco tomorrow down to 62 on saturday. notice the wind, 15 to 30 miles per hour keeping fire dang r high. from 77 on tuesday inland down to 69 on saturday and stay dry through february the 20th. hard pressed to find rainfall, it won't be hard pressed to find olympic coverage, starts this
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thursday. opening ceremony 5:00 p.m. >> we are all excited around here. thank you, jeff. upnext the cure for baldness found at mcdonald's french tries could be the answer. we're playing catchphrase and we have music. stay tuned it's a great show. happening on twitter. mountain lion spotted earlier this evening in portola valley. neighbors are on alert. under fire for his controversial sentencing in the brock turner case. and - we )ll be there as olympic athletes leave the bay area in the morning... bound for south
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korea. join us on )today in the bay )- 4:30
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that )s how much u-c berkeley spent on security for "free speech" month last year. this was august through nearly $4 million, that's how much uc berkeley spent on security for free speech last year. that was august through september, it's about $130,000 a day. most of the money spent before the visit was cancelled. they said it was split with the uc president's office. how do you get your kids away from the smart phones? san lorenzo high school using a smart approach. at 8:00 a.m., students much put their phones in a pouch that locks and at 3:00 p.m. they can unlock them. a san francisco company created the pouches and they're now in
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talk with four other schools. the next time you want to super size the fries and someone says you shouldn't, tell them a chemical ingredient in the fries might be the cure for baldness. that's out of a finding from japan. only catch is the research hasn't been proven for humans. so far it's worked for hairless mice. it's a good thing to tell yourself on the fries. >> happy meal with extra fries. we're going to check in with danville. why danville is celebrating the super bowl after last night. stay with us.
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will be closed thursday...for here's the skinny. it was announced today all schools in philadelphia will be closed on thursday for that victory ma pa raid. the eagles returning to philly today after winning their first ever super bowl title they hoisted the lombardi trophy for all the fans to see after last night's win over the patriots. they're also celebrating in danville. one of the heroes of the game, zach ertz scored the winning touchdown. >> he was a three sports star at
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the school there. today we went to monte vista. ertz played football, baseball and basketball, and everyone mentioned he was a nicer kid than athlete. >> he's a kid that has a really good heart. that's why everybody wanted to root for him. >> ertz is about to get as local as it gets. he then went to stanford, recruited by head coach james harbaugh. >> he covered him in high school. so good to see his success. so fun for everyone in danville as well. we'll be right back.arrived in .
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it )s the first leg of his trip to south korea, where he will it's almost here, vice president mike pence arrived in alaska tonight. it's the first leg of his trip to south korea. our crew is in pyeongchang. gavin thomas will provide us reports. tonight he took a trip to the korean demil korean demilitarized zone. he posted that video you're looking at to his facebook page.
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they spent the day on the slopes hanging out with olympic ski competitors. games begin thursday, opening ceremonies on friday. you can watch it here on nbc bay area. it's going to be cold. it is. they had single digits, below zero temperatures. they're in for a warm up, so to speak, but surely the first day of competition on thursday, 35 for the high, 16 for the morning temperature, 32 for the opening ceremony on friday. a lot of action. >> they're worried about sitting for three hours during the opening ceremony. >> they need a lot of jackets for that. >> open air. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- saoirse ronan. timothée chalamet.


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