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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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plume. we do have a moderate level of tree pollen in the air for today and it gets worse as we go through late morning. as we get a look at our high temperatures today, another really warm day and it still will be dry with a lot of sunshine. we will talk about how long this lasts coming up in a few minutes, but, mike, no commercial breaks this morning. that's right, commercial free as far as the bay bridge goes. right now we will have to still pay the bills at the station, you will still have to stand by, but looking over here and no traffic breaks over the last two hours across that bay bridge, not like yesterday where they stopped it for that film crew. that's good stuff across san francisco and the east bay. the same on our maps, no delays, no problems down the east shore freeway and a great flow of traffic for the north bay. here is a little slowing out of the altamonte and that's the only thing we see on our maps other than that green speed sensors. we are looking in san jose with a lot of activity, but it's not on the freeways, it's on city streets. for one of those issues our breaking news here, i think roz has an update so i will hand it
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back to you guys for that story. >> we will get back to those breaking stories for you, two this morning in san jose just within the past couple hours. a shooting near downtown. we're also following a double deadly shooting at a denny's. >> that's where "today in the bay's" roz plater is this morning. busy night for san jose law enforcement. >> reporter: it has indeed. police were here at this location of a double homicide until just about five or six minutes ago. i will step out so you can see now, there is a rather large crime scene cord end off but they have just opened all of that up and opened the streets up as well. their investigation continues but not on this scene for right now. there is not a lot of information, but let me tell you first where we are. we are at first and alma, that denny's there, that is near where the shooting and, across the street is the sacred heart community organization. not a lot of information, but we will tell you what we know so far. police began getting multiple calls about gunshots heard in
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this area, that was just before 11:00 last night. officers arrived to this area to find both a man and a woman had been shot. they were indeed pronounced dead at the scene. now, we've reached out to police to try to get some answers. we want to know how this happened. was there some sort of altercation or what was the relationship, if any, between the two people and is there a suspect that they are looking for. so far there is not any suspect information that they have released so we are simply looking to try to get answers to fill in a little bit more of what happened here. in the meantime now we believe that this is the fourth and fifth homicide of this year, so far here in san jose. again, police investigating it, but the scene here is reopened since we last spoke with you and traffic flowing when at first and alma. so that information for your morning commute so if you come this way you're free to come this way. for now we are live in san jose, i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." we're also following another breaking story in san jose right
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now, police activity in downtown, you are looking at that right now, this is key street which is closed between eighth and tenth streets. this is at the california car wash. only about a block away from san jose state football stadium and near the happy hollow park and zoo. our crew on the scene just spoke with an officer who says police are looking for bullet casings and looking for witnesses. we will bring you updates on this story throughout the morning right here on "today in the bay." now to our other top story, wall street all eyes will be focused on the opening bell about 90 minutes from now. traders are anxious following the dow's worst single day in years. the nearly 1,200 point drop was the dow's largest ever percentage wise. the dow lost more than 4% of its value. dow futures already down more than 1% at times this morning. scott mcgrew will have more in his business and tech segment coming up. looking live in washington right now it seems like president trump may not testify
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in the russia investigation. a "new york times" report says that president trump's lawyers do not want him to interview with special counsel. the white house won't confirm nor deny if there's no interview bob mueller could subpoena the president to testify before a grand jury. there are also multiple reports this morning that steve bannon despite being under subpoena may not show up to testify before the house intel committee today. >> if he does not show up tomorrow, does not answer our questions i think he needs to be held in contempt. >> now, this morning democrats are urging president trump to release their classified memo detailing how the fbi convinced a court to allow surveillance on thump campaign aide. democrats say it provides context to the republican memo that was released last week. at 5:04 this tuesday morning, happening today santa clara county's board president delivers the state of the county address. joe simitian lays out the initiatives planned for santa
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clara county this year. the address will take place at 11:30. also today leaders in the city of alameda debate a controversial plan to use license plate readers to monitor for stolen cars. the half million dollar plan calls for 13 devices that would scan the four bridges and two tunnels into and out of alameda. police say that the devices would look specifically for vehicles that have been stolen, but privacy advocates worry the data may be used for other purposes, including tracking undocumented immigrants. the meeting takes place tonight at 7:00 at city hall chambers. new this morning, something that all drivers deal with, turns out san francisco is in the top five for the most congested urban areas in the world. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza already starting to stack up as the morning commute gets under way. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live in san francisco this morning with a closer look at the new traffic study just released. pretty vista behind you, pete.
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>> reporter: well, good morning to you, laura. yeah, shouldn't be a surprise when you hear the words traffic and san francisco connected to each other, but in that new study you're seeing how much traffic the city is dealing with, they're ranked number five when it comes to all of the world as far as the traffic congestion that they're seeing on a yearly or daily basis. i want to show you guys what we were able to get from this study, it was put together by inrix, one of the leaders when it comes to keeping stats on this type of data. fifth in the world, that's where san francisco is ranked when it comes to traffic congestion. they actually dropped in the rankings, they were number four in the 2016 rankings, they're third in all the united states, only behind los angeles and new york. no surprise there. they're also ranked third in north america and, get this, drivers in san francisco when you're driving in san francisco, spend 12% of their time driving in traffic. now, there are four u.s. cities in the top ten when it comes to this study, l.a. and new york
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and atlanta is on that list, of course, l.a. has taken the number one spot when it comes to the most traffic in the world. the u.s. to no surprise is ranked as the world's number one most traffic congested nation. we're live near the golden gate bridge, pete suratos for "today in the bay." 5:07 right now. all new this morning, the east bay mud says customers are maintaining their conservation habits even though the drought is over. we looked through a new report and among the findings the utility says changes put in place like lawn removal and fixture upgrades should mean savings for years to come. a watershed in the east bay saw the wettest october on record. the total water production reached more than 57,000, that's measured in millions of gallons. we know that the state water board will consider permanently banning wasteful water
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practices, that includes using potable water to wash your car, water your lawn or supply decorative fountains, the board is set to vote on that on the 20th. right now at 5:08. get ready to head out the door, make sure you grab a jacket but we are starting out with milder temperatures, we are at 55 degrees in livermore and 48 degrees in oakland, it's 56 in palo alto and san jose now at 49 degrees, but if you're going out for a jog today in san francisco it does start out with some low 50s there and then mid 60s by noon. very comfortable weather today but it continues to heat up. we will be in the mid 70s again this afternoon for much of the inland areas. we talk about what we're expecting as far as our records and where we will finally get a little bit of relief from this high heat. that's coming up in just a few minutes. heading over to mike, you've been tracking what's been happening out there and a great start to the commute. a great start. the freeways are mostly green on
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our sensors, the only exemption out of the altamonte pass, you expect that as folks merge. back at speed by the time you get to grant line road and no problem for the dublin interchange, the castro valley y., the dublin grade, all these iconic areas moving just fine right now. things will continue to build. looking at your options as well, bart through the area out of the tri-valley no problems, in fact, for any of these 45 trains on the system. ace train number 3 reports no delays, train number one, they may have changed that service for the morning but everything is out of time for the rails. looking at an approach towards the bay bridge. coming up next on "today in the bay," changes coming to the san jose skyline. this morning our first look at a proposal to bring massive housing towers to downtown. markets continued their mayhem. terrible numbers. mike traffic te
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right now at 5:12, another clear and breezy morning as we take a live look outside in fremont, cool temperatures to start out, it's a busy one, no fog and we are going to have our temperatures in the upper 40s by 7:00 and upper 50s quickly warming temperatures, and by lunchtime 67 degrees. how about lunch outside again today? we will talk about what's ahead with more sun in the forecast,
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that's coming up in about five minutes. over the last 45 seconds i'm suddenly seeing folks backing up in these fast track lanes. we may have an early start to the backup at the bay bridge, the volume build, we will track what else is going on coming ñi. as for the stock market look for another rough day today, this after the dow fell more than 1,000 points on monday, that's the biggest point drop in history. nowhere near the biggest percentage drop. bay area stocks suffered, none so badly as wells fargo. we warned you about this before the bell yesterday. nvidia doing poorly as well. this is the big story right here, look at the dow down 1100 points. total silence, by the way, from donald trump who repeatedly took credit for a growing stock market. no tweets, no public statements from him. in fact, news agencies broke away from his speech in ohio on monday where he was bragging
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about the economy to go live to wall street to cover that huge dip on the dow. now, the markets opened back up again 6:30 this morning, european markets already open. they're doing very poorly. we will update you throughout "today in the bay." live pictures right now this morning from pad 39-a, you can barely see t it's the falcon heavy rocket, the biggest american rocket to launch since the rocket that took the astronauts to the moon, it launches around 10:30 our time. bottom line, if you were born before 1973 or after 1973, this is the biggest rocket of your lifetime. this is a test for spacex. they have never launched a rocket this big and warn it may very well blow up. now, there are no astronauts at the top of this rocket, it's unmanned, but there is something up there. there's a dummy astronaut sitting in a tesla car, spacex will launch that car and dummy towards mars. it's not going to go into martian orbit but it will fly
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alongside mars as it orbits the sun and some day aliens will see it and go, i have no idea what they were up to. >> i want one of those. >> 10:30 our time. this is either going to work or it's going to be one of the biggest explosions you've ever seen. >> it will be interesting to see. we'll keep watching. >> we will. quarter after 5:00 right now. happening today, sunnyvale city council set to discuss plans for google to expand into moffett park. the project includes more than a million -- 1 million square feet across two buildings that would go up along caribbean drive. we showed you some of the renderings of the proposed campus. the council says this would be p mixed use area with office and research facilities plus housing. google employees would not start until at least 2021. also new this morning, we are getting our first look at plans to change the san jose skyline. mercury news reporting developers want to build two new towers, first we will show you where the towers would be that
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go up over on julien street a block from san pedro square. the paper is publishing renderings of the proposed davidson plaza towers, each would be 18 stories high, they will add 650 apartments plus commercial space. happening today in san francisco, doing away with criminal justice fees, the new legislation the first of its kind in the country. london breed will be introducing that bill this morning. breed and others like jeff adachi between criminal justice of debt and poor people of color are impacted the most. breed is one of theo7o candidat running for mayor in june. for caltrain riders it's a matter of days before you will have tickets at your fingertips. it debuts on saturday, riders will be able to use their smart phones to purchase and activate tickets. it will be available for apple and android devices.
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are you in a need of a best friend? maybe this little fuzzy robot can help you oit. the japanese puppy is a one trick pony y. it can only tell you if you need to change your socks. when the robot senses bad odor she rolls over. >> oh, my gosh. >> stinky feet. it took five years to develop that so she can tell the difference between a pleasant smell and a stinky smell. >> that's if you don't have a wife or a girlfriend. >> or someone in your life. >> any human. >> coworkers. >> here is a tip, change your socks. >> wash your feet. >> socks killed the robot. >> that's pretty terrible. >> we are starting out with a morning with a jacket and also some light long sleeves but then later on today as we warm up it's going to be another nice one. let's get a look outside with
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our temperatures you will feel as you get ready to head out the door, morgan hill 44 degrees and 55 now in santa cruz, oakland 48 and 41 now in napa. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to check out what we'll see over the next several days and it's just going to be another warm day. after that chilly start san jose will head up to 75 degrees by 4:00 and then gradually cooling down as we go into this evening. here is ak (< look at all off y are high temperatures, 72 degrees in oakland, san francisco 70 degrees and 77 in + all of)kd these temperatures ne our record highs and>ez we may several more records fall pretty much like we did yesterday. we are talking about a beach day we are going to have a morningç temperature of 58 degrees and then look at how much we warm up today, into the upper 60s by noon. high pressure is the reason why
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we have had all of this unusually warm weather and no rain. it happens to just block any storm systems from moving our way. there's still some rain moving up around seattle and portland, but for us it hasn't made it this far south!.e and that hig pressure makes those storm systems steer around it and it also causes clear skies and some very warm temperatures. we are still looking at warm air, but a shift in the winds will increase our wind speeds and bring down our temperatures for the weekend. those gusty winds will also bring up our fire danger. so that will be of concern with the lack of rain, some gusty winds and low humidity. you will want to keep checking in for more information about that. meantime we're going to have several more very warm days. mike was saying the commute is starting to kick in. it has begun. you can't really tell that from the sensors, little blips here and there, south bay, tri-valley, a little build out
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of the altamonte pass. slowing for 101 and 87 slows on the southbound side around capital expressway. i will double-check around the area because that's unusual. we do have police activity 9th and keys north of happy hollow from one of the stories we're following as the overnight activity in the south bay. looking at the freeways for the most part they are looking good for the tri-valley once you come little slowing toward the dublin inter what i thichang interchange. the north bay highway 37 also slows a bit right around the area getting out of÷5'z over concern, but we are just seeing thisdan forming early and now all lanes are the fast track lanes are still moving well but the cash lanes and it's been building. 15 minutes early for ty]t to happen. the maze moves slowly.
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we will track this activity. it is 5:20. coming up next on "today in the bay," a disturbing warning to parents, the trend on social media that could be putting your children at risk. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:23 right now. a new warning for parents with younger children. sharing too many photos and information may leave them
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vulnerable to identity theft. that's the opinion of some tech experts. they believe parents who overuse social media put their children at risk in the future. one parent says she keeps her social media posting to a minimum. >> only if like we're doing something together, i might say, here we are at someplace together, but on a regular basis i'm not putting a lot of pictures on there of us. >> experts warn posting your child's name and don along with your maiden name and location is enough to open a credit card or a bank account and children who have had their identity stolen often don't discover it until years later. that's when they try to obtain a credit card or loan and it shows up. if you're planning to travel overseas and you need a new passport, you might want to get it before the fees go up. u.s. passport execution fees are increasing from $25 to $35. this is beginning on april 2nd. that increased fee is in addition to the standard
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application fee which is $110 for the book. the state department says that the price hike will help cover the cost of processing passport applications. we should mention that the $10 increase does not apply to those who are just renewing their passport by mail. state lawmakers are considering a plan aimed at limiting prescription painkillers. the goal is to fight opioid abuse. the bill would require doctors to write prescriptions that last for only three days so you would have to go back to the pharmacy for a refill multiple times a week. after the third refill a doctor would need to justify the use of more pills for the patient. lawmakers say making opioids harder to get is a good thing. some patients say it's just inconvenient. >> you're going ten times a month to the pharmacy. it just doesn't make sense. >> there should be some limits there and there should be some reevaluation as to why they continuously need this medication. >> the law would punish doctors if they don't limit the prescriptions. doctors could face miss demeanor charges and would have to go
5:26 am
before a licensing board, potentially facing disciplinary action. the bill does have some exceptions for cancer patients and people with chronic pain. more details now, we looked up overnight the latest data on opioid abuse in california and across america. the cdc says on average 115 americans die every day from an opioid overdose. the cdc says nationwide opioids were involved in 42,000 debts in 2016. california specifically more than 4600 people died from an overdose that year. coming up next on "today in the bay" a violent night in san jose, two different investigations under way right now, including a deadly double shooting at a denny's. we are live with what we're learning new this morning. happening today the next step in the effort to oust a controversial judge. the judge under fire for his controversial sentencing in the brock turner case.
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a good tuesday morning to you. as we take a live look out at the golden gate bridge. never say that we don't deliver beautiful shots for you here on "today in the bay" to get you started with your day. >> that is nice. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. i want to get a look at the forecast. a nice start to our day, kari. >> it's all clear out there, but we have had cool temperatures. as you get ready to head out the door we will have all clear visibility even as we take a
5:30 am
live look outside in san jose. let's go to the neighborhood of evergreen. we will be at 51 degrees at 7:00 and another day where those temperatures shoot up very quickly. normally we are at 61 degrees but we will be at 74 by 1:00, here is a look at all of our high temperatures, another day where we could be setting some records. we saw several records falling yesterday. we are going to be in the upper 70s for napa, concord and also san jose. 70 degrees today in san francisco and we are just going to jump right ahead to the weekend coming up in seven minutes. mike, now you have new crashes in oakland and san jose. i do. it's not weekend like here. this is very much like the middle of a weekday morning commute but it's kicking in right now. before our eyes we see traffic stacking up at high street all the way up to 23rd where i'm told chp has reports of an overturned vehicle. chp is not yet there, probably hampered by the slower drive. the rest of the bay moves well but the bay bridge toll plaza
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metering lights are on and then it crash in san jose north 101 at oakland road is on the shoulder, but judging by these traffic patterns they may have one lane blocked, i will wait until chp gives us more of an update there. city streets i will hand off all the activity that's happened overnight to you guys. it was actually a violent night overnight. breaking news we're following on this tuesday morning, two separate incidents to tell you about. this is a live look at some police activity in downtown san jose. key street which is closed between 8th and 10th. this is the california car wash. it was only about a block away from san jose state football stadium. it's happening in an area near the happy hollow zoo. police are looking for bullet casings right now and for witnesses. we will bring you more in a live report, but a shooting there happening near key street downtown, 8th and 10th street. one mile away from that scene police are investigating a deadly shubl shooting outside of a denny's restaurant. a man and woman have died in
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that case. that shooting happened a little before 11:00 p.m., this was last night, on south 1st street and east alma avenue. police just cleared the scene. so far they say that there is little about this investigation that they can release. now to our other top story this morning, all eyes on the stock market after a historic selloff yesterday. >> we want to talk to scott mcgrew right now for a closer look. it will be interesting to see what we can expect today. >> i think we're going to expect more lousy markets, more of the same. i was looking at the european markets, they are performing very poorly. let's take you to the numbers on monday. dow fell nearly 1200 points, it's worst point drop ever. so what caused this? you can blame interest rate worries, blame herd mentality, but no matter what cause you ascribe to it, some perspective for you this morning. number one, this is the biggest point drop, but percentage wise barely shows up on the radar. second, the stock market is usually volatile, so it's been steady lately and we've
5:33 am
forgotten that. and third in the last few days markets have performed incredibly well, over the last year really. >> been amazing. we talked about the correction. >> golf analogy is you're 6 under par and you birdie a hole or, you know, you win a million dollars in the lotto and you've got to pay $100,000 in taxes. so for now that's where we are. >> it's just that we haven't seen this big of a drop in a while so everyone -- >> pointwise, never. >> exactly. all right. we'll watch it. opening bell a little less than an hour. also happening today the move to recall santa clara county judge aaron persky, it's going before the board of supervisors, the journal has been under fire since he sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail after sexual assaulting an unconscious woman. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san jose this morning with what's next this this process. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there, laura. the board of supervisors will take up this issue here at the
5:34 am
county building in about three hours. this is a matter of putting this issue on the june ballot which would be a special election. now, although the brock turner assault case got -- and sentencing got nationwide attention, only santa clara county voters would get to vote on whether or not judge aaron persky should be recalled from the bench. persky was elected to a six-year term in june of 2016 so he is not even two years into that six-year term. to get to this point backers of the recall effort had to get 58,000 signatures. the registrar of voters just certified enough of them two weeks ago. now, here is a little perspective on the judicial recall history in california. it has only become an option since the 1900s. aaron persky would be only the third judge recalled in all of that history. opponents say judicial discretion is critical, that is, that the judge really should have a say in the matter in sentencing. proponents of the recall say that persky has shown bias
5:35 am
against woman in his decisions not on in the brock turner case but several other cases as well. the santa clara county board of supervisors will take up this issue at 9:00 this morning. as you know this is a public forum so if you have something to say or you want to be part of the process, you can come in at 9:00 this morning and see what happens, if not we will keep you posted online. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 5:35 right now. new this morning we are learning details on a wild robbery and police chase in san mateo. this happened monday night and police say four people ages 19 to 22 stole more than ten grand in merchandise from a store at a bridge point shopping center. the officer says he tried to pull that car over because he noticed someone driving wildly and speeding, but he says they drove away, crashing at 3rd and norfolk. police say that the group got out of that car, started to run. police arrested one person near the crash site, found another in
5:36 am
a bush and got the last two at a parking lot near st. timothy school. it is 5:35. we are still waiting for word from san francisco police as to exactly happened to a woman reported kidnapped but later found. a witness tells police the woman was dragged out of the hayes street laundry by a man last night. the woman's purse and belongings were left behind. the witness says the suspect had a knife and blood was found on the floor and sidewalk. a nearby deli worker tells us the victim came into the deli and they shared surveillance video with officers. >> she was purchasing some soda and laundry detergent. she had enough money for the soda, not enough for the detergent so she wanted to use the phone. she seemed frustrated on the phone, she was asking someone for more money. >> the witness from the laundromat told police the man forced the woman into a car and drove off. officers found the car at 19th and judah later in the night. they say the woman and the suspect were inside, but he was arrested. a baby was also found in the
5:37 am
car, we're working to figure out how that's related to the case. the man charged with driving drunk and high then killing a chp officer andrew a.m. larry is expected back in court in four hours. this is a postponed arraignment for mohammed ali, a 22-year-old from hayward. the chp says he was driving at high rates of speeds on christmas eve when he crashed into officer a.m. larry's suv, which was parked on the shoulder of interstate 880 in hayward. the search continues for a man who attacked a transgender student on a south bay campus. police are investigating it as a hate crime because of what the suspect yelled beforehand. deejea smith says he was walking to his car in the flint parking garage at de anza college in cupertino when the man walked up to him, yelled an anti-gay slur and punched him in the face. deejea said it's not the physical pain he's worried about. >> physically my wounds have pretty much healed to the extent
5:38 am
i had hoped they would for the time frame, but emotionally and mentally it's been a struggle. >> smith says the attacker is about 5'11", 200 pounds. de anza police also increased foot and car patrols on campus in response to the attack. this morning we are learning more about possible school closures in san bruno. san mateo daily journal reports park school officials are dealing with a budget shortfall. the paper reports the district is looking to move forward with just four campuses instead of the current six. el crystal and rolling wood elementary schools may shut down. the district would then sell the vacant properties. the report comes days after the oak grove school district voted to close three elementary schools. the district is deciding where impacted students should go. also new this morning a new name for one of san francisco's haste rick medical centers. ucsf announced its medical center on parnassus will be
5:39 am
renamed the helen diller medical center. it follows recent donations exceeding a billion dollars made from the helen diller foundation. some of the moneys going towards a new state of the art hospital. that announcement follows the death on friday of foundation create err and bay area real estate giant sanford diller. kraets up for oakland and san jose. oakland, this is how quickly traffic is stacking up back to the 66 avenue overcrossing, this is our camera across from the coliseum. solid past high street, all the way up to just about 29th. this crash reportedly blocking at least one lane, it sounds like maybe your left two lanes are blocked, that's what i'm going to mark. here is the coliseum where the camera was up to 23rd. slowing on the southbound side because debris went over the freeway as well. northbound 101 the crash at oakland road, crews are blocking the slow lanes and that's causing all the unexpected slowing in san jose as well north of that 680/280
5:40 am
interchange. careful. now we want to coast into the weekend because we are looking at weekend weather. >> but not much changing, though. >> no, not much changing, our weather still going to be really nice, slightly cooler for the weekend and we are going to come down from these record high temperatures as we get a look at saturday's forecast, 71 degrees for those inland valleys, the bay at 67 degrees and the coast at 65. also 65 as we go into the end of the weekend on sunday, we're still going to have those mid to upper 60s for the coast and the bay and inland about 70 degrees. so what are you doing this weekend? lake shasta looks really nice with mid to upper 50s there and slightly cooler weather as we even look further to the north and then also in napa valley we go from 74 degrees on friday for the high to some upper 60s by the end of the weekend. caramel valley and caramel by the sea will also be absolutely
5:41 am
beautiful with some very comfortable weather all weekend long. we will bring it back to today and talk about these record highs again. that's coming up in about three minutes. thanks, kari. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," bound for south korea, we are tracking the athletes leaving this morning for the winter olympics. and there are two days to go until the next government shutdown. what are they doing in washington? we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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we're coming up on 5:44 on this tuesday morning. we start out with clear skies, no fog issues today. we take a live look outside in san jose and a clear start. in campbell we will be at 56 degrees at 9:00 and normally we are at 61, but not today. we are up to 73 degrees at 2:00. we will have another day with near record high temperatures, a look at that and all of the records that fell yesterday coming up in five minutes. and the build continues mer& northbound 101 is jammed solid from tully up to oakland road for a crash blocking one lane. oakland 880 is jammed past our shot at the coliseum because of a crash north of there at 23rd. we will cover both of those coming up. thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 5:44 right now. this is another critical week in the future of daca with no real solution yet in sight. today bay area daca supporters are planning to gather.
5:45 am
one event takes place at noon in oakland, that's where mayor libby staff plans to call on democratic d.c. lawmakers to avoid using dreamers as pawns in exchange for other legislation. a second dreamer rally is being organized by labor activists. that event takes place at 11:00 a.m. in san francisco. as we take a live look in washington, d.c. this morning, lawmakers also dealing with a looming shutdown, the government runs out of money on thursday. congress has to pass another short-term bill to fund the government. the house set to vote today. it's only been three weeks since the last short-term funding bill we told you about. you may remember we had that three-day government shutdown. the president needs democrats to help him get the government funded. >> scott mcgrew is antagonizing them. >> he is. in fact, he accused them all of treason of all things. we are just two days to the next government shutdown. here is the president in ohio says democrats who didn't clap for him during the state of the union are traders to america.
5:46 am
>> unamerican. unamerican. somebody is a treasonist. i mean, yeah, i guess, why not? can we call that treason? why not? i mean, they certainly didn't seem to love our country very much, but you look at that and it's -- it's really very, very sad. >> remember the president needs senate to get the government funded. he was in ohio to talk up his tax breaks when he said this but he stepped on his own message making that treason comment. he often complains the media don't talk about what he wants to talk about, but he often says something so unexpected he changes his own headlines. "the new york times" reports this morning the president's lawyers are now asking him not to talk to robert mueller, the special prosecutor. mueller has asked for an interview and trump originally said he will not only do it, he'll do it under oath, but now concern from the white house that that might not be a good
5:47 am
idea. this is video from an affidavit that trump gave during a lawsuit a couple years back, a lawsuit he filed. in this affidavit mr. trump said a number of things that were demonstrably untrue, stuff that didn't even matter. stuff he didn't need to lie about and yet he did. i think this is what white house lawyers are worried about. >> two other things to watch today, will steve bannon show up for his testimony with the house intelligence committee? he is under subpoena. >> and then what we will call the other memo, the house intelligence committee will allow democrats led by ranking member adam schiff to release their own version of the famous nunez memo, the memo about the fisa courts, but the white house has to approve that release and we will see if they do. in the meantime we are covering all this stuff on twitter. there's so much going on. you can follow me, i'm @scottmcgrew. the winter olympics just days away, opening ceremony is this friday and today several athletes from team u.s.a. will
5:48 am
catch a plane to pyeongchang, south korea. >> it's all happening at sfo 8:00 this morning, our cameras will be there as well. here are some of the bay area athletes we are tracking, figure skater karen chen of fremont and vincent zero of palo alto. bobsledder nick cunningham was born in los gatos. plenty of athletes are hitting the slopes in south korea. coverage starts thursday night. we are proud to be your exclusive olympic station. fwar vin thomas is already there. garven will be providing us live reports during "today in the bay" and he will have updates via social media. follow him on twitter @garvin thomas. he tweeted out a picture when he and his photographer robbie did the luge -- no, luggage cart. >> i was like where are you going with this. >> cool video.
5:49 am
>> it will be good to watch. >> and i want to talk about the weather between pyeongchang and what we have in alpine meadows this morning. let's go from the bay area to where the olympics will be held. so i just want to show you here on the map as we get a look at ñ whoa, my computer $it cf1 o can't handle that, that was way too far. okay. here is a look at south korea and it made that big jump, i wanted to show you the temperature there now for the coldest olympics on record. 4 degrees right now. all of the athletes start to alive there, squared to squaw valley where it's 29 degrees and we will see a high today of 48. check out this seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen as we bring it back home, all of that excitement here and also with our very warm weather. now, looking at our high temperatures, we have seen those temperatures from 80 degrees yesterday, breaking that old record of 79 degrees, and in san
5:50 am
jose our record was 75 yesterday, but we went well above that, overachieving in the weather department again as it will be another really warm one with mid to upper 70s. getting dressed we will still need light long sleeves for the morning hours but later on today it will be short sleeves and shorts and also sunglasses. definitely a necessity. as we get a look at our seven-day forecast it's going to be in the low 70s in san francisco today and still some upper 60s for the rest of the week. gusty winds throughout the weekend, low 60s our temperatures coming down a few degrees, but our fire danger increases and you will want to make sure you keep checking in for more information about that. mike, you're tracking two trouble spots for the commute. i am, these are two important spots because they are the focus of major regions. the south bay, san jose, as well as oakland. 880. we will start with san jose because that's the most ñarea.
5:51 am
northbound 101, jammed up starting about -- the approach oakland road crash blocking the slow laneq >r a half hour now. it's not yet rippling over towards 680, 280 or causing a big shift, but we do see more folks taking 87, some folks sometimes when we see our hear about the slowing north of capital expressway they will use that to get over there forcing more folks into downtown. again, that traffic rippling around north 101 at oakland where we have one lane blocked. in oakland from the coliseum up to 29th and the southbound side as well there is a crash affecting both sides of the freeway, two of the northbound lanes are blocked, a live shot, you see it's filled in all the way from 66 all the way up to 29th. waze will map out the alternate for you. shows this purple route is better, 580, 25 minutes for that drive through oakland to the toll plaza. 880 is about 35 minutes longer. so make your choice.
5:52 am
back to you. thanks, mike. >> coming up, could it happen here? that's the question we're asking a year after the oroville dam spillway collapse. we uncover seven other dams that could suffer a similar fate, one of them right here in the bay area. our investigative unit investigates. happening now, about 1,200 people working security at the 2018 winter olympics are being tested for norovirus, they're being kept in their rooms. officials at the olympics started investigating a norovirus outbreak after 41 guards became sick. plus a piece of hollywood history in lake tahoe up for sale. the home used for key scenes in the godfather part 2 will be yours for $4 million. it was used in that6=] scene wh michael corleone orders his brother to be murdered on the lake.
5:53 am
the bathroom. when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but little miss puffytail can never forget. "the only thing worse than having such large ears, is having such large eyes."
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5:55 am
at oroville dam failed. forcing the nearly 200-thousand people a year ago the spillway system at oroville dam failed forcing nearly 200,000 people living downstream to flee their homes. >> now our investigative unit has uncovered questions surrounding the safety of dams including one here in the bay area. senior investigative reporter stephen stock lays it all out. >> we obtained this department of water resources memo from last june, it raises specific
5:56 am
safety questions about seven dams in particular, earthen dams, similar in age, construction similar to oroville dam. one of those dams listed in del valle dam located near pleasanton. if it were to fail it could flood an area of roughly 100 square miles. >> so we have looked at what issues might arise if the dam does have an uncontrolled release. >> del valle inspection records show multiple issues that have gone unaddressed, broken sump pumps and plans to install new monitoring tools dating back three years but still unaddressed. the reports also show the earthen dam has settled in places as much as 13 inches, not a concern say inspectors. each time inspectors declare del valle satisfactory just as they did at oroville dam. water managers say they're on it. >> are there other dams in this state that have the same problems or issues?
5:57 am
>> none of them have showed any areas of concern where there's any public safety issue, but, yes, there will be maintenance work done on all those. >> to learn more about these dams and the issues surrounding them, see our full report later tonight at 6:00 or just go to our website, i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. and if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call. the number 888-996-tips or you can visit our website new this morning, victory at the state capital for victims of sexual harassment. it comes after dozens of women in the capital community joined the we said enough movement publicly calling out what they call a culture of sexual harassment in california politics. the assembly passed a bill this week protecting whistleblowers who are part of the legislative staff. hours later the governor signed the bill. >> this bill says that an
5:58 am
employer cannot retaliate against you because you blew the whistle on whether it's your employer or someone else in the office. >> and supporters say the bill me too -- say that the me too movement also helped bring the bill to the forefront after it had stalled in the senate for years. new this morning, san joaquin county supervisor gets beat up while protecting a stranger. tomorrow patty is recovering from facial fractures but says it was worth it. he says he was attending a fundraiser for a stockton firefighters association and after the event he says he went to visit a friend in downtown stockton. he was sitting in his parked car when he said he noticed a woman was in trouble. >> somebody comes to a screeching halt right next to me and there is a guy, a really big guy in the back seat and he starts punching the heck out of this poor gal. she got out of the car, was waving for help and i knew that i needed to create some situation between him and her. >> he says he confronted the man
5:59 am
who was being aggressive, he says they then got into a fight and he was hit in the head and his face. when he came to everyone was gone. he says he got cleaned up at a friend's house, then called police. he plans to be back at work this morning for a scheduled board of supervisors meeting. this is us returns tonight just two days after the pivotal super bowl sunday episode that we've all known for a while that the character jack dies, but we didn't know how until sunday's episode. don't worry, we won't spoil it for you just in case you haven't seen t but you better act fast. the next episode of the hit drama is at 9:00 tonight on nbc bay area, after that catch chicago med and then nbc bay area news at 11. >> that was a good episode. it made me cry. we're following breaking news, two stories out of the south bay this morning. police are at two crime scenes. at least two people also dead at this hour. we're live at both scenes as the investigation is ramping up this
6:00 am
morning. plus we are monitoring wall street this morning on the heels of the worst single day point drop ever. the impact it will have on your money. and traffic headache, a new study just released this morning that confirms how we all feel, the bay area has some of the worst traffic in the world. good morning and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks for joining us, it's tuesday, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. this morning as kari has been telling us is another layer day, put on a lot in the beginning and shed it off throughout the day. >> you have to be prepared for it all because it does start out cool and warms up and it will feel more like late spring by this afternoon. also with this cool start we've had mostly clear skies, at least you don't have to leave extra early to deal with the fog with you we are seeing temperatures in the upper 40s in san jose, normally we are at 61 degrees for the high,


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