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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the object. there he is, you see the railing right there. we also slowed down the video so you can see the object just before it hits the car. this is the windshield. there's that object. jarring for the woman behind the wheel, to say the least. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is along i-80 in fairfield where this all happened. jodi. >> reporter: raj, that woman was driving home to chico from san francisco along this stretch of interstate 80 in fairfield when she got the scare of a lifetime. >> shocking, i guess is the best way to say it. i really didn't know what had happened ir happened. >> reporter: you're looking at dash cam video of an object hitting katie nichols' wind shooe shield. >> it shattered my windshield and sprayed glass in my face and in my car. >> reporter: nichols thought she had been hit by a rock, but when she got home to chico and slowed down her dash camera video, she
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saw the object wasn't a rock at all, but what appears to be a metal pipe with a rope or cable attached. if you look closely, the video also shows a man on the side of the freeway throwing the object into the traffic. >> i was pretty horrified and i was saddened that somebody would be so reckless with other people's lives. >> definitely a disturbing video. >> reporter: officers with the california highway patrol solano county division say the man could have easily hurt or even killed somebody, or caused an accident. they're hoping somebody steps forward with information. >> so it would be nice if we had further video or witnesses who could identify the person who threw the object. >> reporter: nichols says she's grateful she wasn't hurt, but worries the man could strike again. >> why would you do that? why would you intentionally try to cause an accident or hurt someone by throwing something onto the freeway? >> reporter: now, the california highway patrol is urging drivers to be on alert, to be aware. of course if you have any information, they also want you
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to contact them right away. reporting live in fairfield, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. some tense moments late this afternoon near alamo square in san francisco. crews capped a gas leak just about an hour ago. our sky ranger was overhead. pg&e says a company hit the main. 16 people had to evacuate their homes. a few customers will be out of power tonight while crews make more repairs. a woman is in the hospital tonight after being pinned under a truck in san francisco. it happened just after 3:00 in the excelsior neighborhood. you can see sky ranger overhead. now, we are working to get more details. this is what we do know, that the woman is being treated for life-threatening injuries. new at 6:00, a firefighter injured on the job. it happened this afternoon at this apartment fire in the warm springs neighborhood of fremont. you can see that smoldering there. this is the aftermath. the fire burned four apartments.
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thankfully everyone made it out safely. it's not clear how that firefighter was injured, but we are told they are minor injuries. are there more victims? that's what police in mountain view are asking tonight after they have taken an after-school volunteer into custody. detectives say this man inappropriately touched two boys at a learning center and used a gaming app to communicate with the boys. scott budman joins us live outside the school tonight. scott, what are you hearing? >> reporter: i'll tell you, jessica, behind me is the learn center on springer road. it's where one of the adults who's supposed to be helping the students is instead under arrest tonight for abusing them. neither staff members nor parents outside the learning center would talk about charges against 26-year-old man, a volunteer who also served on the school's board of directors. last weekend he was arrested and jailed after two parents came forward to say he
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inappropriately touched their sons. >> mr. lu is being accused of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor and several counts of just lewd and lascivious acts and also with force. >> reporter: police say he also tried to contact young people on a gaming app called discord. >> he learned that these children were using this application and that's how he reached out to them and began chatting with them. >> reporter: the mountain view p.d. says it's now trying to talk with more parents to see if there are other victims. >> i know there's a lot of questions from the families, but there's an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: lu is in jail without bail. discord is a san francisco tech company. they say they have technology in place to keep adults from reaching out to young strangers. reporting live in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. muhammed ali, the driver accused of killing a chp officer on christmas eve was scheduled to be arraigned today.
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our cameras were there as chp officers made their way out the door. the mother of the officer was also there. he was killed on 880 in hayward. he was married, a father of three. ali is accused of being drunk and high when he crashed his patrol car -- into his patrol car. he is charged with murder and will be back in court later this week. a suspected drunk driver who killed an nfl player could be the latest flash point now in the heated immigration debate. he's an undocumented immigrant charged with killing that football player in indiana. we've learned he was arrested twice here in the bay area and deported two times. damian trujillo has been digging through the files and joins us this evening from redwood city. >> reporter: well, raj, the man was arrested several times here in this county of san mateo. his cases are several pages long. and because he is undocumented,
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he has become the latest target of the immigration controversy. for a while, he was a familiar face at the san mateo county courthouse. it started in 2005. >> in june and september of that year, he was arrested by the california highway patrol for drunk driving. misdemeanor drunk driving on each occasion. we prosecuted him. >> reporter: two drunk driving convictions in three months. he also served a few days in jail for several other drug-related charges. >> we held him accountable. we convicted him, we didn't plea bargain him. he pled to both of the drunk drivings and both of the drug possession cases and that's what my prosecutors do is to make sure that everybody is held accountable for what they do. >> reporter: the department of homeland security tells me agents deported him back to guatemala twice, once in 2006 and again in 2009. his freedom may have ended for good on sunday when police in indiana say he plowed into an uber car while driving drunk
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again, killing the driver and his passenger, indianapolis colts player edwin jackson. the president tweeted after the tragedy about the need to, quote, get tough on the border. >> it's so inexcusable. there is no excuse for drunk driving. that's the way we approach it as prosecutors here. >> reporter: san mateo county's d.a. says back then immigration agents could walk into his jail and check their logs for possible deportees. not anymore. but it's unclear if that would have made a difference in the case. and those court documents also show he was rearrested several times for violating his probation, for not attending a multiple offender program as ordered by the judge. we're live in redwood city, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a follow-up to an exclusive story we brought you yesterday. isis responding to a growing concern that impacts many of our
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local schools. immigration and customs enforcement sent out this document which we obtained. it says schools will not be targeted for immigration enforcement. educators were scrambling to find ways to keep kids in school. last month alone 154 students moved out of san jose's allen rock school district. san francisco set to become the first city in the nation to do away with criminal justice fees. those fees help pay for the cost of releasing criminals back into society. so who pays now and what's the impact? mark matthews joins us at city hall. that move is actually getting widespread support. >> reporter: jessica, today on the steps of city hall, there were elected officials, there were department heads, all of them singing the praises of this new legislation that would cut fees for people that are trying to restart their lives after being convicted. but when we did a little checking, we found that some of those fees are not paid at all, and most of the people getting out of jail are paying just a
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fraction. >> today we're going to make history. >> reporter: the board of supervisors president eliminated city fees typically imposed on people getting out of jail. >> they're counterproductive, problematic sources of revenue on the backs of our most vulnerable populations of san francisco. >> reporter: fees for people on probation, for ankle monitoring or for participating in a work alternative program. >> we put people who are trying to make the best of a tough situation in an untenable position. we virtually make it impossible. >> reporter: but the impassioned statement does not take into account the sliding scale on at least two of the ten fees. >> for example, in our electronic monitoring, some 70% of people never pay a dime to participate. >> reporter: in fact only 9% to 15% of the fees imposed on people convicted of crimes in san francisco are ever paid. which, supporters of the legislation would argue is
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another reason for eliminating them. >> what's the point if those fees aren't being charged? why don't we take them off the books. >> reporter: about your public defender tells me there are 55 fees that are typically imposed on people. this legislation would affect just ten of those fees, and those are the ones that are locally controlled by san francisco. we've got a list of them on our website at you can see what the fees are named and how much are charged. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. we have new details about a disturbing story we first brought you last week. peta is now offering a $5,000 reward to find the person who threw a dog onto a highway. the dog's name was rex. here's his picture. around 9:00 p.m. last thursday someone threw rex onto i-80 in vacaville with his legs tied together. another car hit and killed him. witnesses say rex was thrown from a blue toyota prius.
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it is now up to voters. today's move that could kick out the judge who sentenced brock turner. also we know traffic is rough here in the bay area, but local leaders have a plan they say to fix it. what they need to make it happen. more record-setting heat today. the warmest, 82 in santa rosa. we're tracking the heat plus as the olympics begin this week on thursday, what the weather will be like in pyeongchang. my forecast in eight minutes. ce
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will decide if a judge should be recalled. for the first time in nearly a century, california voters will decide if a judge should be recalled. today supervisors placed the recall on the upcoming june ballot. mary a marianne favro has more. >> reporter: the concern from some is that now that this recall is on the ballot, some judges may make decisions based on the fear of being recalled. a milestone today for those fighting to recall judge aaron persky. supervisors placed the issue on the june 5th ballot after their group collected 95,000 signatures. recall supporters contend the superior court judge gave too lenient a sentence to former
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stanford swimmer brock turner, six months for sexually assaulting a woman outside a party. >> the voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on judge persky's pattern of bias. >> reporter: retired judge is against the recall and said persky followed the rule of the law. >> this judge did what i believe other judges have done, i certainly would have done, which is grant him probation and give him some time in jail. that's a lawful sentence and absolutely appropriate given the facts of this case. >> reporter: she also argues that the recall effort may hurt minorities in the court system. >> they're going to be impacted by this recall because if it succeeds, judges are not going to be willing to exercise their discretion to be lenient for fear of being recalled. >> reporter: rape survivor says getting the persky recall on the ballot is a win for victims. >> being part of this campaign has been incredibly restorative.
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and if i can't get justice for myself, then i will get justice for women survivors. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a security guard at the pixar studios helped police nab a couple of suspected burglars. these are the men. security guards called officers and told them there were some men looking into cars along 45th street using flashlights. emeryville police arrived, searched the men, and found 2 ipads and a registration card belonging to a nearby audi. canada, australia and parts of europe already have them and now san francisco may become the first u.s. city to establish safe injection sites for drug users. the idea is to take the practice out of back alleyways and into supervised, clean facilities. supporters say the entire city would benefit by reducing used
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needles left behind in parks and gutters. addicts using clean needles will reduce the spread of disease. critics say it will only encourage more drug use. san francisco is expected to open its first two safe injection sites in july. you may love a lot of things about the bay area, but there's a common gripe just about everyone can relate to, and we're talking about traffic. horrible traffic. a live look on 80 right there in berkeley. you can see just how bad it is. today some reinforcement on just how bad the problem is. the city ranked the bay area fifth worst of any region in the world. really? that's not a surprise. sam brock joins us from the city. they think they have a grasp of what they can do now? >> reporter: yeah, they have some good ideas, jessica. i love the emphasis there on horrible traffic because i think despite what some folks might tell you, this right now where i'm standing, this would be stereo typically horrible
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traffic. thankfully, there are some solutions on the horizon. the traffic on bay area freeways is unseemly, but certainly not unexpected. >> since other technology companies have come into the area, it's almost unbearable. >> reporter: the bay area road crunch has almost become a badge of distinction. a traffic group ranked the region fifth worst in the world in its annual traffic scorecard. >> so the challenge before us is to use our existing network more efficiently. >> reporter: spokesperson for the metropolitan transportation commission, john good wwin, say the bay area traffic narrative has always been gnarly. the strategy becomes laser focused on accelerating improvements from within. the mtc wants to expand traffic lights on freeway on-ramps, create more express lanes, and launch a bay bridge forward initiative that involves enforcing hov lanes and creating
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new bus lanes. he said some of those strategies are already working. >> i'm a user of the express lane. i will pay to get there faster. >> reporter: sheryl says her commute will be double the length without the new pay to play toll lanes. muni and b.a.r.t. could be looking at beefed-up supplies. >> i'm willing to pay a lot more for tolls on bridges for public transportation. >> you see it as a very valuable investment? >> extremely. >> reporter: bottleneck points, like the 101/280 split would also be beneficiaries of that money. talking about that money, where would it come from? on june the 5th on your ballot you are going to be asked whether or not you'd be willing to pay an extra dollar for the tolls on seven bay area bridges. every single bridge with the exception of the golden gate bridge in 2019, 2022 and 2025. if that is approved by 50% or more of the voters, that would mean that we'd be looking at $4.5 billion more, specifically for public transit. reporting live, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> okay, sam, thank you.
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we're talking at some point, we just shouldn't drive. it would be much easier. just take a train or something like that. >> helicopter would be good. >> nbc chopper would be great. >> that would be nice. the weather has been helping the commutes now and again as we have had some relatively dry weather. that's been at least the shred of good news for your morning and evening commutes. albeit we need that rainfall and we need it badly. we're running a deficit right now of 3 to 7 inches on average. tomorrow no rainfall in sight. as we take you into our temperatures, another record-setting day with the warmest weather right here in the north bay. santa rosa 79, napa 79, san francisco 70. back to contra costa, alameda counties, anywhere from 78 in concord to 75 in livermore and san jose at 76 under those mostly sunny skies. i do see a change coming our way once he hit this weekend. unfortunately no rainfall the way it looks right now for us. we'll see temperatures drop from 76 to 79.
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winds will pick up and increase the fire danger. gusts out of the northeast 15 to 30 miles per hour and that could continue with these on again, off again gusts at least into monday and no rain over the next seven-day forecast. so it's dry here, but what about in south korea where the olympics are starting this week. let's take you there through our weather computer. you can see the satellite loop showing some cloud cover moving into north korea. there's seoul right there and three and a half hours away there's pyeongchang closer to the coastline. while they have got cloud cover right now, it looks like we could see even more clouds increase on thursday, so that first day of competition and they're looking at temperatures warming up from their most recent highs, 37 degrees, opening ceremony on friday at 5:00 p.m. right here and we'll have 30 degrees. i'll talk more about our own long-range forecast and our rain chances, when we could see that return at 6:48 tonight. up next, a spacex launch
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unlike any other. really interesting what's onboard that most powerful rocket in the world. in a south .
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investigators say they were caught with mail stolen from homes in saratoga. but they don ) i trio of accused mail thieves in jail tonight. they were caught with mail from saratoga. they don't think the three have anything to the with the mail truck break-ins. a photographer at the pyeongchang olympics got an up close look at the athletes
6:24 pm
training ahead of the competition, including the ski team hitting the slopes. to send.
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you )re abouto it was impressive. spacex just got one step closer to sending people to mars. you're about to hear two things, the sound of thunder and history being made. there goes the falcon heavy rocket, heavy because it can carry a heavy payload into space. this is the first time a rocket this powerful has been sent into space by a private company. so what did ceo elon musk think of it? >> the possibility and excitement here has got me quite giddy actually. >> and what was the falcon carrying? it was carrying musk's roadster,
6:26 pm
which you can see right there, built by his other company, tesla. at the wheel, a crash dummy who will rack up a lot of miles in orbit. there was one glitz. musk just confirmed that the center racket that was supposed to land back on a drone ship after the test, it crashed and it burned. oakland to rome nonstop. it's the only direct flight from the bay area to italy. it began today with tickets starting at just $230. be prepared, though, it's a 12.5-hour flight. norwegian air offers direct flights to barcelona, and copenhagen from oak lane. they plan to add direct flights to paris in april. reese witherspoon is coming back to town. she is among the keynote speakers at the water mark conference for women. amal clooney, jessica and laura
6:27 pm
garcia will be part of the lineup. the conference is the largest of its kind on the west coast. watermark's mission is to increase the number of women in leadership positions. the conference, i believe, is -- >> february 23rd. >> just a few weeks away. a desperate search for survivors. a strong earthquake rocks taiwan, leaving a hotel tilting dangerously right over a road. also, could it happen here? a year after the oroville spillway dam collapsed, we uncover several other dams that could suffer the same fate. that's next.
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which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. thousand people living below oroville dam had to evacuate well, a year ago nearly 200,000 people living below oroville dam had to evacuate after the dam's spillway system started to erode and collapse. last month an independent forensic team blamed the culture at california's department of water resources for what it called long-term systemic failure. >> we wanted to know whether that same culture has impacted the safety of other dams, like the one in pleasanton. senior investigative reporter stephen stock joins us now with some answers. stephen. >> reporter: after oroville's spillway collapsed, governor jerry brown ordered a safety review of all the other dams in the state and that is ongoing. but we obtained this memo from dwr last june that raises specific safety questions about seven dams in particular.
6:31 pm
earthen dams similar in age and design and construction to oroville. one of those dams is located right here in the bay area: the lake and surrounding hills at alameda's regional park seem almost postcard perfect. behind the idyllic calm, our investigation found concern about the dam itself and what a failure of the 15-year-old earthen structure would mean to several hundred thousand people living downstream. >> the department of water resources has indicated there's some concerns with the dam. >> reporter: gregory ahern oversees an emergency evacuation plan that would stretch nearly 100 square miles. larger than the evacuation zones for all 22 other dams in the county combined. >> so we have looked at what issues might arise if the dam does have an uncontrolled release or if there's a failure of that dam. >> reporter: built in 1968, like
6:32 pm
oroville dam, it is one of seven earthen or earthen rock dams specifically listed as a dam of concern in this memo to safety officials last june. the other six are located in los angeles, san bernardino and plumas counties. all seven dams are at least 75 years old and are considered high or extremely high hazard. meaning likely loss of life downstream should they fail. the memo notes in the wake of the failure at oroville, quote, these structures may have potential geologic structural or performance issues that could jeopardize their ability to safely pass a flood event. >> of course it worry had me. >> reporter: this congressman represents california's third district including parts of the east bay. >> they know there's a problem. there's the money? show me the money. >> reporter: he also served as deputy secretary of the interior in bill clinton's administration. >> these are known problems.
6:33 pm
these are infrastructure investments. >> reporter: we dug through the inspection records and while each said the dam was satisfactory for continued use, we also found safety concerns similar to those noted in oroville's inspection records before the spillway failed. cracks and voids in the spillway at cedar springs dam in san bernardino county. in pluma s county, cracks in the spillway at frenchman dam and deterioration of settling of the dam itself at grizzly valley. in los angeles county, cracking, spalling and erosion in the spillway at pyramid dam. >> we don't have adequate knowledge to maintain those facilities. >> reporter: this former dwr engineer and this former dwr administrator both say these issues show a culture of inattention, lack of follow-up and failure to maintain critical structures. both men asked us to hide their identities for fear they would lose their pensions for speaking out. >> they don't have adequate
6:34 pm
technical staff to fully do the full scope of what's required. >> has california kept up with the maintenance as it should have? >> no. the infrastructure has not been maintained. >> reporter: inspection records show issues have gone unaddressed for years there. things such as broken sump pumps not repaired for more than four years. plans to install new monitoring tools called piezometers but not addressed. the earthen dam had settled in places as much as 13 inches, not a concern, say inspectors. each time inspectors declared del valle satisfactory, just as they did at oroville. >> there's also resourcing issues on getting everything done. >> reporter: joel served as dwr's deputy director. >> i think these dams that we're talking about specifically, we have all the funding to do the maintenance work. >> reporter: he oversees the safety of all these dams. >> are there other dams in the state that have the same problems or issues? >> none of them have showed any
6:35 pm
areas of concern where there's any public safety issue, but there will be maintenance done on all of those, whether it be unplugging of drains or just maintenance activities. >> why weren't these other dams inspected before now? >> they have always been inspected. >> but to the level as you said, now we're finding things because we weren't looking. >> i mean i think the detailed inspections that we're doing today are geared with what we learned. so the past inspections were also geared towards what we knew at that point. >> or didn't know? >> or didn't know. >> but you never actually saw that memo until we showed it to you, is that right? >> that's correct. >> reporter: despite being in charge of protecting hundreds of thousands of residents living downstream, sheriff ahern had not been copied or notified about the memo listing del valle dam needing special attention. >> does it concern you that it's on that list? >> of course it does. we've stressed to people to join
6:36 pm
our ac alert system so they can be made alert of any type of issues immediately. >> because if something happens at del valle, you're not going to have a lot of time. >> it's a matter of minutes. >> reporter: this memo also requested a work plan for review by september 1st of last year. we asked dwr for copies of those work plans for the seven dams, but they told us those work plans would not be available publicly until later this spring. we'll stay on the story. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> it could be happening right in our backyard. thank you, stephen. if you have a story for stephen stock or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or simply visit our website, overseas tonight, crews are searching for survivors after a deadly earthquake hit taiwan. the 6.4 magnitude quake struck just before midnight there. the epicenter on a mountainous east coast about 100 miles south of the capital city of taipei. i want to show you some dramatic
6:37 pm
dash cam video which shows boulders tumbling down a mountainside just missing that car. elsewhere the pavement fractured and bridges cracked. taiwanese news is reporting at least five people are known to be trapped and 170 are missing. the army has been called in to try and help. back here in the united states, a sigh of relief for serious investors and everyday people. after staggering losses in the past two sessions, the markets were up today. the dow jones up nearly 600 points. just yesterday you probably heard the dow dropped more than 1,000 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also closed up today. very good news if you have a 401(k). worrisome words for president trump who today declared he'd love to see a government shutdown thursday. the comment came as lawmakers worked to negotiate a budget deal and avoid that shutdown, but the president instructed democrats to make a deal on immigration or else. >> if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown.
6:38 pm
and it's worth it for our country. i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> tonight the house approved another short-term budget fix funding the government until march 23rd. republicans added more money for the military but nothing on immigration. the senate is likely to change it and send it back, casting doubt on whether that can be accomplished, all of it by thursday night. a hefty price for security. uc berkeley spent nearly $4 million for free speech month last year. that works out to be about $130,000 each day. most of that money was spent before milo yiannopolis arrived. costs were split with the uc president's office. not exactly the way they wanted to kick off the olympics. the reason hundreds of workers are being quarantined in the olympic village. alameda city let
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
-- to decide if they want to use license plate readers. the half-million dollar plan calls for 13 devices .. that
6:41 pm
in just about 20 minutes alameda city leaders will meet to decide if they want to use license plate readers. the devices would scan the four bridges and two tunnels in and out of alameda. police say they're specifically looking for stolen cars, but critics worry the data may be used for other reasons like tracking undocumented immigrants. a norovirus outbreak touching the pyeongchang winter olympics. 41 security workers came down with the virus so doctors as a result have put 1,200 workers on quarantine. they have asked those workers to stay in their rooms until the crisis passes. as a precaution, the korean centers for disease control is expecting food and water sources at the housing facility. very cold at the olympics and very warm here in the bay area. jeff ranieri is with us. >> the only good news about the warm air is a lot of us are getting outside so hopefully not a lot of germs are contained inside the rooms. 82 in santa rosa, a brand new
6:42 pm
record. i'll let you know when temperatures will cool down in my rain outlook in about ten minutes. usa, usa, usa, usa. >> let the games begin. we are there as team usa heads to south korea via sfo. stay with us. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes)
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sfo... the u-s ski team -- headed out to spouth korea.. okay, before you go to south korea, you've got to stop by here at sfo. all of team usa is to come through san francisco before they head there. today the u.s. ski team heading out to the olympics. look at this, they got a nice send-off right there in the terminal and even on the runway. a lot of excitement there at the airport.
6:45 pm
>> everybody was having a good time. >> reporter: whether they're from colorado -- >> i can't even tell you how much i appreciate the encoura encourageme encouragement, the support and kind words. >> reporter: or park city, utah. >> we've been on the road a bunch and we're excited for this last leg of travel to get there. >> reporter: all the athletes on team usa you'll see competing in the winter games this year left from sfo. >> usa, usa. >> reporter: that made today an unusual travel day for passengers on united airlines flight 893. >> i already told my wife, hey, i'll be flying with olympians. >> reporter: the olympians representing team usa in this year's winter games in pyeongchang now just two days away. >> there's a sense of pride because you are competing for your country. >> reporter: they train to race and spin on the ice, jump over tall slopes of snow and plunge down icy tracks. but how does an olympian prepare for the 12.5-hour flight across
6:46 pm
the globe for a competition against the world's best athletes? >> lots of water, music, movies. >> music. yeah. >> i have a kindle. got to get a comfy neck pillow or something. >> reporter: this morning's flight took off at about 10:45. it is scheduled to land in seoul just before midnight our time. the u.s. olympic committee has been sending athletes to south korea since january 29th and they will continue to do so through the olympics for the next two weeks. reporting from sfo, now back to you. >> of course we sent someone too. stay with nbc bay area for full coverage of the olympics. we sent our own garvin thomas. he's already there in south korea. he'll bring you live coverage beginning tonight at 11:00. garvin tweeted those pictures of his trip to the dmz. you can follow along with all of his adventures on facebook and on twitter as well and we get to see garvin tonight. so exciting.
6:47 pm
>> can we join him? can we take a flight out tomorrow? >> no. we have no credentials. >> big bucks too. all right, jeff, a global forecast. now we have to get into this thing. >> and we're going to include the weather out there for the olympics as we head throughout the week. we did also want to start off with a few little facts here, a little did you know trivia, just to get you teed up for what's happening as we head into thursday. many of you may not know, yes, the olympic stadium is outdoors and open to the elements. it's going to seat about 35,000 people and the spectators, they have got to prepare for this cold weather. hours outside on end here and it's notorious for strong winds. they have added some wind screens to help cut down the wind and also added brand-new seat heaters to keep everybody warm. the opening ceremony is at 5:00 on friday night. we'll have my forecast in a
6:48 pm
minute and a half here for the olympics. as we get a look at our own forecast, the peninsula 52, in the south bay cool and sunny at 49. on your morning commute, no issues as well getting from point a to point b and just get to work on your wednesday. 47 and a bright start in the north bay. mostly sunny in san francisco at 53. and for the east bay we'll average 51 degrees. we start cool and it's another day with more record-setting temperatures down here across the south bay. we're really not going to see the weather pattern budge. high pressure is just so stubborn, it's keeping the heat locked in just about the same spot. so that means san jose goes up yet again to 76 degrees throughout contra costa, alameda counties, the warmest will be danville, 79. right by the bay slightly cooler, but still warm. 10 to 15 degrees above average. oakland 74 degrees. you can call it a beach day in half moon bay, 69 degrees. remember the spf if you're headed to the beaches.
6:49 pm
over to palo alto, we'll be at 75. san francisco, kind of a mixed picture here. the mission will be mild at 72 and then cooler in the outer sunset at 68. and for the north bay, 79 in santa rosa down through novato, 77. i do see a change in the forecast once we hit this weekend. there is no rainfall for us, though, it's more of cooler air moving in. as that cooler air pushes into northern california, it's going to disturb the atmosphere and bring us some wind. so i do think, again, cooler and also windier as we head into this weekend. but what about beyond that? what about our rain chances after this weekend? we're combing through all the data, and the earliest and most change we see happening might come by february the 21st, possibly a pattern change that could allow some rainfall. the next 60 days la nina fades, that means likely below average rain to finish out the season and possibly more above average temperatures. my extended forecast shows san francisco cooling into the 60s through this upcoming weekend.
6:50 pm
also becoming windy as we mentioned. for the inland valleys we'll drop down to 69 on saturday. winds northeast 15 to 35 miles per hour. over in pyeongchang in south korea, look at this, temperatures in the 30s as we start thursday and friday. so that's going to be really nice. it's cold, it's the winter olympics so people are bundled up and ready to go. they are like we are here. they need snow there as well. >> and they ski on a lot of man made snow all the time so they're pretty confident they're not going to have any problems with that. >> thanks, jeff. the stars are out at pebble beach and it's going to be great. the at&t pro-am begins this week, but first a little fun before the competition gets serious. our colin rush was there. he joins us next.
6:51 pm
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but time flies. it )s been more than a decade since barry bonds last seems like it was just yesterday, but time flies. it's been more than a decade since barry bonds last played for the giants. remember, we would stop and watch every at-bat. the team announcing today bonds
6:54 pm
number 25 will be retired. he becomes only the sixth member of the san francisco giants to be given this honor. the home run king now serves in the giants' front office as a special advisor. that jersey retirement ceremony is august 11th at the ballpark when the giants play bonds first team, the pittsburgh pirates. it is the most glamorous golf tournament of the year. you have sunshine, celebrities, food, and they play golf too? >> they squeeze in just a little golf. are you ready for the annual pebble beach pro-am. thousands of bay area folks are migrating south this week. colin rush is there are there. >> reporter: unlike last year when a torrential downpour forced the competition inside a small room adjacent to the putting green, this is what the fellas and kelly rohrbach experienced this afternoon. the crowd favorite today?
6:55 pm
this guy. that would be astros pitcher justin verlander. >> i think i've been celebrated both times i've been here. last time i was here we lost to the giants in the world series, so everybody was happy about that. and now we beat the dodgers, so it's a win-win. >> reporter: this event a win-win for charity. aaron rodgers and vaughn taylor taking the team title. $36,000 to their charities of choice. >> it's got a chance, it's got a chance! >> reporter: on a five-hill course littered with obstacles, world number one dustin johnson unfazed, as was harris barton, same hole, a little off the beaten path. miniature golf's version of an up-and-down. >> yeah. >> they wanted a good-looking guy that could putt so they brought me in. a guy to team up with dustin johnson and almost win $16,000 for charity. they called me and i'm happy to
6:56 pm
do it. >> reporter: the pretournament festivities continue tomorrow with the celebrity challenge. also the million dollar hole in one for charity happens. the tournament itself tees off on thursday. if you come on saturday, the first thousand get a jordan spieth bobblehead. >> bill murray always steals the show. he will be wacky. >> we'll see if justin timberlake shows up. a lot of a-list celebrities. >> how are we looking here? >> 60s, sunshine for that tournament through this weekend, so that will be nice for the coastline. no rainfall. we're try here for the interior valleys as well. we go from 76 tomorrow, record-setting heat, down to the upper 60s saturday and sunday. we'll have to watch out for the wind even at the coast. that may affect the game a little bit. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
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now on "extra." kardashian matriarch kris jenner's first words about kylie's baby. >> she's going to be a great mommy. >> and we're with khloe on the kardashian baby boom. >> congrats on becoming an auntie again. >> guess which one of the sisters was just named the richest, and is on track to be a billionaire. >> all new super bowl gossip. tom and giselle hop in their private jet where they're off to -- >> and why jennifer lawrence hijacked the loud speaker right before the flight. >> this is not the pilot speaking. this is jennifer lawrence. richard dreyfuss caught groping two fans, the lost ph


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