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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 22, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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number two. >> he is dropping the mic. best way to say it. he has not got nothing left. bottom of run two. he said what just happened. the best run of my life. how did that go down. apparently he surprised himself. >> think all of us announcing fans were surprised how big the score was heave dropped his skis in disbelief. nico porteous at 16, stand pat, run two. 94.80. david wise coming up in two skiers. curious move by the 16-year-old. he is happy in the silver medal position. with the lead with a 96, three run, only the best run counts. 25-year-old noah bowman out of calgary. folks, you will not believe this used to have an allergy to cold temperatures. the skier would have a condition that eventually faded way. >> he needs to put this down. big 360. he struggled with the trick in run one. it does not come to pass. go down on a trick. we have seen him land 1,000 times. switch, double cork, 1260 switch
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in relation to the approach. coming in backwards. unusual fall for bowman. what this does, this really opens the door for the americans in a possible sweep scenario. porteous with three runs in second. bowman in third place in with three runs. he will not do any better than third. >> that is four americans still to come here in this run three. we talked a little bit about through all qualifying that this if there is a real opportunity, talent-wise for the u.s. to come in and sweep the podium. this halfpipe competition is certainly it. >> that's it. >> the defending olympic gold medalist, david wise out of
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reno, nevada. he has fallen on the first two runs because of the malfunction on the binding. took a heavy-duty screwdriver to it. see if it pays all. if he puts a full pull together with tricks in his bag. no question he is one of the top in the world. probably the top in the world. >> that is 100% true. the situation right now, he has not had an opportunity to garner any momentum, needs to, pull everything together. and let her rip. coming in. backwards. switch, double 1080. gets it down. gets it around. many more doubles to come. there its the 12. wise looking strong. great amplitude. the trick across. and, this time. puts it to his feet. the other switch, double only guy doing both switch doubles. down into the bottom. the double cork, 1260? yes!
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>> so, the man from reno on his third, final run, rolls the dice, luke, it comes up yatzhee. >> david wise just performed four different huge switch doubles. excuse me. two switch doubles. two left and right side doubles. the significance of this showing the judges the variety of being able to do double flips in both directions. this one to the left. the prior was not only backwards. spun to his right. unnatural direction. so a lot of technical aspects to his jumping out here. the one trick that is not a double. just a big, 1080 spun to the right. beautiful tail grab.
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execution was there. very solid. landings were good. and pulling it off when it counts. absolutely unbelievable. here is the other switch double flip. that one switch, spun to the left. it mirrors directly his first hit. then the double cork, 1260. three and a half spins. two flips to the right at the bottom. that was just a ping-pong game back and forth of really challenging extraordinarily difficult tricks. >> 17.8 feet out of the super pipe. david wise. >> yes! nailed it! >> go ahead and look up the word clutch. you will see the picture of dave it wise, a 97.20. david wise has jumped into the lead. alex ferreira, with nikko porteous in third. two more americans yet to drop in. we will have that after this. resetting finish lines presented by visa. >> one of the most amazing experiences i had in life was becoming a father. it freed me up not to worry so much about success. because the at the end of the day my kids don't care if i win or lose. they just want me to be a good
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dad. so i was able to enjoy my job rather than be stressed about it. >> visa, everywhere you want to be.
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♪ it's like, what do they do in there? you know have you met a scientologist? yeah, like what do they believe? ♪ ♪
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♪ show me the olympic winter games ♪ ♪ like i've never seen before. ♪ ♪ xfinity x1, yeah, i always know the scor♪. ♪ triple corks in 4k... lookin' so sick. ♪ ♪ stream live on every screen, every win, every trick. ♪ ♪ 2000 hours of coverage, get your mind blown. ♪ 50 olympic channels, yup, you're in the zone. ♪ ♪ and if there's something that you want to see, ♪ pick up that voice remote and just say "show me..." ♪ experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the olympic winter games like never before with xfinity. proud partner of team usa. after something so his father, bruce, we talked about the wells family, the first family of freeski in that part of the world.
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four brothers. and this is beau james. >> one of the tools used by david wise our current leader. nice big double. here is the third double. throwing it down seemingly on every hit. and wells with a big double flare, double side flip right there into the 1260, 3 1/2 spins, 2 flips. and the only standing member of the wells dynasty in this competition throws it down so well. beautiful big switch double. coming in backwards. and locking in a very, very difficult trick. now, winding to his right. spinning clockwise, reaching down, locking in the grab. look what, look at his hands. as he skis through this run. look for the grabs to be well dialed in. reaches across his body. locking four fingers around the ski. brink it across his body. beautiful execution right there. and a double on every single wall.
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>> he'll need better than 97.20 to go into first place. wells, will be just short with a 91.60. new zealand keeps a member on the podium, nico porteous on the podium currently in third place. david wise is the leader. 97.20. he is done for the day. now he sits and waits. david wise has guaranteed himself at least a bronze. olympic gold medalist, torin yater-wallace. the 22-year-old, skiing out of aspen, colorado. so many injuries. pre and post sochi. it is his time. and on the second run.
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>> there is the double cork 1260. he has been trying. >> no! and the hand goes up for torin yater-wallace. as he takes a hard fall. luke, this pipe is absolutely no joke. 24-foot, rock hard walls. you talked about the over vert, steams to be kicking everyone out. and one wall, and one wall not enough pop. >> that was a classic sign. the unfortunate reproduction of what we saw from, kevin rolland, that malody, athletes in the halfpipe will avoid at all cost. lack of pop, pushing out away from the wall. with this circumstance and the
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left wall, the skiers' left wall being something where they have to absorb lest they be thrown back into the middle. some adjustments maybe, carried over off to the opposite wall, where that sort of strategy is not going to serve them too well. and took off a little early, right there, comes around. catches the rock hard edge. you can see, may have done that earlier in the week. a big abrasion on his lower back. really a tough impact right there. things looked so good. as you mentioned the second run was a thing of beauty. >> similar to what kevin rolland did, coming in switch. >> coming in backwards, arguably worst. he seemed to spread the area of impact out a bit. >> how is that? >> so, torin yater wallace makes his way done to the finish corral. best score of the day. his first run is 65.20. what could have been on run
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number two? >> come on, alex. >> yeah, buddy. >> down to the final two competitors. and they're both american. 23-year-old, alex ferreira. second place out of aspen, colorado. grew up riding with yater-wallace on the slopes of aspen. >> the worst alex ferreira can do now is a bronze medal. >> ferreira need to pump up his amplitude. look at the size of the first hit. and so big. twice the size of his second run ryne right there on the big double 1080. the switch double landing. two hits remain. double cork, 1260. puts that, one last hit. double again.
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are you joking me? alex ferreira taking it to new heights out there. those were some of the biggest hits we have seen of the day. doubles all the way down. so let's compare this to david wise. starts out with the big, double cork, 1260. very similar to what we saw from david. puts that down with authority. and then he starts to change his run up. 20 feet four inches on the hit right there. just absolutely gargantuan, out of a 24-foot pipe already. so massive. the big switch double. he spun that off to the right. one thing he doesn't have is the big switch double, or switch trick spinning to his left. so that's the technical
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approach. will he make up for that with the highest marks he is no doubt going to get for going so big. just, astronomically large all the way throughout his entire run. maintaining his speed. his landings. monumentally sensational. just a beautiful run overall. >> he is going to need better than a 97.20 to overtake fellow countryman, dave it wise. alex ferreira sitting in second place. silver medal position. he knows the worst he will do. wise on top. ferreira in second. here comes the score. 96.40. a slight improvement. he is into silver.
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so the potential for an american sweep will all come down to the final competitor american aaron blunck out of crested butte, colorado. right now, david wise on top. defending olympic gold medalist. alex ferreira in silver. and nico porteous in bronze medal position. aaron blunck one run for gold. >> you got this, aaron. you got this. come on, aaron. get it. >> aaron blunck has the the tricks. the execution. the ability with the amplitude. he has the got such a technical run coming up. watch his second and third hits. a massive switch combination. starts things off. smoothly. smoothly. nice big 720. comes the switch combo. not quite as much amplitude.
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but a lot of savvy maneuvers. sketchy on the landing there. double down the pipe. 900 into the double cork. 1260. and aaron blunck gets it. the big question now is what did the judges think of that? to get him on the podium and an american sweep he needs a 94.81 to take over the lead. he will need better than a 97.21. and blunck with a solid, well-landed run. there were a couple of things we have to consider when wondering what the judges will take away. a few points maybe on the amplitude department. started off knowing he most importantly has to put this run to his feet. up around 12 feet right there. then comes into a switch combination of tricks. here is the switch, right side. double. now watch the tail end of this. everything is good in the air. watch this adjustment he has to
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make in the air. just to get the landing gear underneath him. seems so small, but, judges are looking at any adjustment, any lack of execution. they'll set points out for that. little back seat on the landing as well. double cork 1260. and, blunck really clean on the trick. again not getting the landing gear directly underneath his body on the pipe wall. and the score comes in. 84. there will not be an american sweep. but david wise has defended his gold medal from sochi. >> what a day! what a day! >> crashes on run one and two. and it came done to the third
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and final run. and david wise gets it done. alex ferreira, the silver. nico porteous, not taking the third final run paid off to the tune of bronze. >> absolutely unbelievable day. alex ferreira coming in on the second run. and, setting a new standard. and david wise's final run in indistinguishable from his momentous occasions of greatness we have seen in the past. just absolutely coming out of the cold it would seem with the two crashes leading in. and, knocking it out of the park. so, two more medals coming to team usa. by way of david wise who defends his title from sochi. alex ferreira, picks up the silver. nico porteous of new zealand, biggest story of 16. decided not to take the third final run. stands pat on a 94.80 on run two. it was good enough for bronze. >> let's go, bruce springsteen!
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yeah! whoo! >> must admit, todd, any one who follows free skiing has a feeling of deep quiet satisfaction. not just with the stars and stripes on top of the podium. but with alex ferreira, a gentleman when he came up, he and torin yater-wallace had been such close friends. but he was playing second fiddle. throughout the competition and through out the year he revealed himself to be quintessential professional but somebody who can come out and throw down when it matters and truly entertain as well as blow minds in halfpipe. >> his father, marcelo, a professional soccer player from argentina. david wise is the man. out of reno, nevada. his wife, alexandra, his kids, daughter, nayeli, and son
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maleki, does such a fantastic job of balancing his life, being a father of two, great husband, action sports hero as two-time olympic gold medalist. >> his training leading up to this was far different than anyone else in the field. he can leg press over 600 pounds. spent time jumping up and down stairs on one leg, sometimes blindfolded, working within the time constraints of a halfpipe run, working to reproduce the intensity in the actual course of play. certainly has paid off. what an unbelievable athlete with a slightly different lifestyle. he has the got the family at home. could not be happier for david wise's greatness and his repeat. >> the biggest little town's david wise, a two-time, olympic gold medalist. he had to wait for his third and final run. and what a clutch performance. alex ferreira will pick up the silver. nico porteous takes home the
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bronze nor new zealand. but it is all david wise. he rules the pipe in pyeongchang. ♪ the pyeongchang olympics were supposed to be yvgenia's coronation. >> she's been the queen for two years. now, there's a new princess looking for the throne. >> grab the competition by the throat. and she said look at me. >> yevgenia had to go out there and not be afraid. because she is definitely not afraid. >> if you are going to to compete against her, you better bring that sort of game. ♪ always one of the highlight moments of the games. the ladies' freestyle, free
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skate, i should say, and the gold medal coming up for you in primetime tomorrow night. great night for the u.s. couple of medals there. three medals total. we go around the games. let's show you the first ever, big air medals which were awarded at the games. happened short time ago. jamie andersen, remember her? she won gold, back when the games got started in slopestyle. at these games. a very strong first run put her in contention for the big air medal. when she came in to talk winning the gold in slopestyle, she discussed big air and height, comfort with this. put up a big number. led going into the final run. then anna gasser from austria, on her final run. the score is a 96. it is gold for anna gasser. the third medal, career for andersen because her score that was in first after two runs holds up for second and the silver and by the way new zealand and the bronze. saw new zealand win two medals
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today. hadn't won a medal since 1992. for jamie anderson with the silver from the u.s. joins kelly clark and shaun white, only olympic snow boarders with three medals. and after the silver, she spoke with tina dixon. >> gold medal for jamie andersen in slopestyle. a silver medal in big air. jamie, what a day, what an incredible day of riding. just give us your take. >> yeah, today was beautiful. all of the girls are, honestly so impressive. i came to do a front 10 and a cab 9. i was so happy to put those down first two runs. and on my last run, i really wanted to get cab 10. which i haven't really landed yet. but it is close. just ended up going a mile down the landing. but i'm so happy. i mean i can even believe it. i am so proud of anna. she has been riding so well for years. and just, pushing all of us girls. and, and i'm stoked. >> to come to the olympics and win a gold and silver medal, that's big. how much does that mean to you? >> honestly, i am tripping.
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like i am so grateful. i got a gold. i like silver. i like it all. little yin-yang. double gold would have been pretty gangster. got to do the best, and bless the rest. >> thank you, jamie. congratulations. >> little yin-yang, gangster, pretty good at the end of the day, no matter what generation or terms you use, jamie andersen. two medals at the games. lindsey vonn has a chance for a second medal at the games later tonight. first medal with a bronze in the downhill yesterday. and all the medal ceremonies happen the evening after the event in pyeongchang. and there the hug, receives the hug from thomas bach, the ioc president. the bronze medal, some disappointment for lindsey, going for the gold. she was in silver medal position and then bumped down to the bronze. as was mentioned earlier, see the emotion on her face. it was mowinckel, the run for norway jumped in to get the silver ahead of sophia goggia,
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italian, great rivalry with lindsey vonn, atop the podium winning the gold medal, with great pride listening to her nation's national anthem last night here in south korea. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> a great tradition in sports of watching passionate italian athletes sing their national anthem. think of gigi bufont, soccer goalkeeper over the years. saw from sofia goggia,
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as she won her gold in the downhill. lindsey vonn taking the bronze. has a shot at a medal. still to come as we roll through the rest of a very busy evening. a lot more ahead. here is the plan on nbc and your nbc station. if you are in the eastern/central time zones now, we'll get you to news. mountain/pacific time zones, show you women's big air final. 35 minutes all back together for live alpine skiing. the final run of the men's slalom. surprise already there. and the finish of the women's super combined. with lindsey vonn and mikaela shiffrin both in medal contention. vonn had the fastest downhill run. she will ski last in the slalom. shiffrin will try to chase her down, slalom her best discipline. in ten minutes, nbcsn, gold medal game, u.s. women/canada, rivalry continues. a lot more to do. we continue from south korea and the pyeongchang olympic games. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ attention representing all the women, salute, salute ♪ next week, we're home in time for spring break. jeff rossen reports on scams that can ruin your trip.
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>> how do you avoid this mess? >> pl ♪ they're super... ...but they can fly. ♪ united. helping superheroes fly.
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welcome to thursday morning. a live look outside overlooking san jose. you may notice sol rain on that morning commute if you're heading out the door early this morning. sprinkling in some parts. we'll check the full forecast with kari. slick roads. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. it was sprinkling and then, oh! >> the south bay and the east bay is where we're seeing the rain this morning. other parts of the bay area it is cloudy. right to storm ranger. we are tracking this rain as it continues to move through the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay above the east bay. a closer look at san jose and what's happening right now hit


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