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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 24, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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pick your free yogurt at . right now at 3:00, a big celebration. just hours away in san francisco, the annual chinese new year parade drawing huge crowds. we'll take you there live. plus, the florida high school shooting leads to an emotional gathering right here in the bay area. a local congressman trying to make sure schools here are safe. >> but first, an historic day for the u.s. olympic team. the news starts right now. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> a doning win for team usa. the u.s. curling team making history and making a lot of new fans tonight. >> check this out. this was a social media activity over the men's curling win. look at that. it's lighting up heavy activity,
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happened at 1:00 in the morning our time. that's when the team won the gold. people stayed up. look at the brightness out there in san francisco and l.a. the country buzzing. nbc's gina kim live in pyeongchang for us. hello, gina. >> reporter: hey there. did you also hear that mr. t personally called the men's curling team to wish them good luck just before the games? he's apparently a huge curling fan. along with that social media love, we also had some love from mr. t. so the men faced elimination every single day this week. they were going to go home, go home, go home, but they kept winning, win, winning and shockingly found themselves in the gold medal match and thought, why can't we win again? and they did. >> medalist and olympic champions, united states of america. >> those were words the u.s. men's curling team did not expect to hear when they started this olympic journey. in one of the game's biggest comeback stories, the team had to win four straight games just
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to get to their final gold medal match against sweden. in the eighth end of the game, they realized they had won again. >> i can't fathom we did what we did over the last week from where we were to get here. i think we're in shock as much as we are. >> reporter: and another snowboard win for the u.s. in a new olympic sport category called big air. first daughter ivanka trump trump looked on. michigan's kite mack flipped and twisted his way to silver. >> i was excited to land my two runs and be up here on the podium. >> canada won gold and great britain took bronze. red gerard took fifth place. and the czech republic became the first women to win gold two n. two different winter olympic sports at the same games, skiing super-g and snowboarding parallel giant slalom. it's already sunday, the final day of the olympics here in korea. we have two more medal events where the u.s. can win, the
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four-men bobsled and jessie diggins will compete yet again in the cross-country women's 30 kilometer just before bearing the u.s. flag in the closing ceremony tonight. back to you janelle and terry. >> i've get a question for you before you go. i heard there was some kind of a medal mix up for the curling team. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, so the men took the podium. they were given their medals. when they flipped it around it said gold in women's curling. so the officials quickly realized their mistake. apparently they swapped it out right there. oops, sorry. the men, of course, took it all in stride. >> all right, gina, thank you very much. live in pyeongchang. so where does everyone stand right now? here are the rankings. norway still the powerhouse of the olympic games. the king of the bling. 38 medals. 13 golds. canada's in second and germany is in third. germany there because team usa fourth place, nine gold medals
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right behind germany. still fighting to get into third. the netherlands fifth and france tied for sixth. >> the winter olympics winding down but the action is not over yet. if you're ever away from your tv, just get our free nbc bay area app and watch our live stream for tonight's prime time action. you can also watch tomorrow's closing ceremony right here on nbc bay area. tara lipinski and johnny weir will host our coverage that begins at 5:00. >> not only that, you can also catch another report from garvin thomas tonight at 11:00. and you can follow him on social media. take a look at -- here is garvin. that's garvin and photographer bobby having a little too much fun in a bobsled. they did not place, however. they tried their best. could not place. follow them on twitter for a behind the scenes look at pyeongchang. point, counterpoint, democratic memo just released as a rebuttal to a gop memo claiming the fbi and justice department abused their powers to spy on a trump campaign official.
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the ten-page memo comes two weeks after president trump blocked it, saying it contained classified and sensitive information. now, since then, the memo has been heavily redacted by the house intelligence committee. it reveals the fbi had already launched an investigation into the trump team prior to receiving a dossier. alleging trump had ties to the kremlin, which the president says is false. but the white house released a statement late this afternoon, and is says the democratic memo failed to address serious concerns on the misuse of government surveillance. >> a passionate discussion, standing room open today at a town hall meeting on gun violence. prep prevention in the east bay. held by an east bay congressman. nbc bay area's christie smith was there as she joins us live with more. >> reporter: that's right. the congressman says he holds many of these town hall-type meetings. this one was absolutely packed. people arrived early to make sure they had a seat after the shooting in florida. many saying they want change. they want answers.
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it was a full house at the middle school in lafayette. one teacher asked the congressman about support what he called gun violence prevention laws. >> banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines across the country, instituting government buy-back and destruction of banned weapons. >> reporter: his list and the answer drew applause from the crowd. >> that's easy. yes. >> reporter: the east bay democrat said the town hall on gun violence prevention was moved up the calender after the school shooting in florida. he shared statistics and told the crowd he had earned a lifetime "f" rating from the nra. >> there have been over 300 gun violence bills introduced. none of them have had a hearing or a vote. so we need to have a hearing and a vote. >> i see an awful lot of solution elements at work here in california already. and for some reason, they haven't been getting support they need in the rest of the country. >> reporter: many rejected president trump's recent tweet on the possibility of giving
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guns to teachers. with military training or other experience. students were in the crowd. >> i think they should make the law harder to get guns. >> reporter: brad spoke in opposition to much of what was said. >> it's harder to buy a gun nowadays, but yet we see these mass shootings and all these problems. why don't we look at the root of the problem and figure out why people are doing this instead of blaming gun owners. >> turn the cameras off. >> anti-gun people -- >> reporter: at one point, tensions rose as the media -- but what most people asked for was action from washington. now, he also today spelled out the steps that he has taken and reminded the crowd to stay involved and to stay engaged. reporting live in lafayette, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, christie. the gun control debate growing. two major airlines now cutting ties with the national rifle association. united airlines and delta today offered they won't offer
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discounts to nra members. distancing themselves from the nra in the wake of the florida high school shooting. santa clara county firefighters now have a house fire under control in los alt owes hills. crews are still at the home making sure the flames are out. firefighters have not reported any injuries. it's unclear what started that fire. it is the biggest event happening tonight in the bay area, hands down. we're talking about the chinese new year's parade in san francisco. organizers estimate more than 1 million people are going to make it out to celebrate the year of the dog. the parade which starts in two hours, but the festivities already under way. ancer hassan joins us live from the streets there in china town. hello. can you hear me? >> reporter: terry, i can. this has to be one of the busiest days here in china town. all day we've seen thousand office people make their way through streets. you can hear the live music. food vendors, even booths where
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buddhist monks are blessing people. tonight is the main event, the chinese new year's parade that starts in two hours. this morning's crews test generators, the final test before the floats embark on san francisco's chinese new year parade. >> the year of the dog is all about loyalty and playfulness and, you know, everyone has a really nice strong connection to dogs and a really positive emotional response so it's really fun. >> reporter: stephanie is the float master and has been part of the parade for the last temple years. organizers say it's the largest chinese new year's parade outside of china. one of the highlights, a dragon dance, a strong symbol of asian culture. >> the dragon dancing is, i believe, it takes away the bad spirits, you know? it will let good vibes come in. >> reporter: the day's festivities began in china town with traditional music, fire crackers and food venders. thousands came out to celebrate the year of the dog ahead of tonight's big parade.
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>> chinese new year is hectic but i love it. it feels like literally you're in china, but the craziest part of china, too. yeah, it's great. >> reporter: now if you're planning on coming out tonight, know this, the parade goes on rain or shine. with that, we'll send send to over to our meteorologist with tonight's parade forecast. rob? >> chilly conditions out there. right now, sunshine, but a little bit sleety because it's 5 degrees and a little bit breezy outside. adds the parade gets underway, temperatures dropping into the 40s around san francisco with partly cloudy skies. and then after midnight tonight, we'll see increases clouds and a slight chance on the coast of seeing a few showers. another chilly start to tomorrow morning with some 30s and 40s outside. as we wrap up the weekend and head into the new week, these two new opportunities for some showers and relatively low snow levels. a closer look at both of these systems coming up in our full forecast in about ten minutes. back to you. >> sounds good, rob. remember, you can track the forecast with our free nbc bay
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area app. just click on the weather tab to find a detailed forecast for where you live. next on nbc bay area news, america's pastor comes home. how people honored the late billy graham today. plus, bay area travellers beware. the issue that forced an airline to cancel flights to a popular destination.
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san francisco. c-h-p officers released this photo of the scene. traffic on 101 is moving again after a box truck overturned in san francisco. chp officer released the photos of the scene. it happened around 1:1:30 this morning. chp says no one was seriously hurt. lanes were blocked for more than two hours. firefighters are investigating how a taco bell went up in flames this morning at the fremont hub shopping center. the fire started just before 6:30. the restaurant was closed at the time so no one was hurt. firefighters were able to prevent the flames spreading to nearby businesses. >> the body of billy graham is home tonight. he was known as american's pastor. graham's body made the 130-mile trip from his mountain training center in asheville to his boyhood home in charlotte. nbc's chris pallone has the story. >> reporter: from asheville, north carolina, to charlotte, in small towns in between, friends, fans and the faithful paused and paid their respects as billy
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graham passed by. >> he means the world to me. i loved him. as i love myself, my children, everybody. i held him in a very high standard because he was very close to god. >> reporter: the world famous christian evangelist died this week at 99. a 130-mile trek brought him to his childhood home in charlotte from where he lived as an adult in the north carolina mountains. people lined streets, onramps and overpasses, hoping to catch a glimpse as the hears carrying his body passed by. >> this is an indication of respect people have for billy graham and his family. we're proud to have them as part of our committee. >> reporter: in his career, graham preached in person to more than 200 people and prayed with every president since harry truman. thousands are expected to attend a public viewing in charlotte monday and tuesday before his body lies in honor at the u.s. capitol wednesday and thursday.
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>> i think it's going to go down as one of the most impactful people that probably ever walked the earth. >> reporter: president trump is expected to attend graham's funeral and burial next friday at the billy graham library in charlotte. graham will be buried in a simple casket next to his wife ruth who died in 2007. >> we have some news overseas. demands for a cease-fire in syria. the u.n. security council called for a 30-day cease-fire after bombings by the syrian government on a rebel-held area. hundreds have died in recent attacks. the cease-fire would allow for victims to be evacuated and to allow humanitarian aid into the region. russia, a main ally of syria, had initially blocked calls for a cease-fire, saying they were unrealistic. still ahead here at 3:00, they won the lotto, but not legally. some thieves go to great lengths to strike it rich. >> see a cool afternoon around the bay area. san jose, 57 degrees. you notice the clouds outside.
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slight chance of showers later tonight. better chance of rain and low snow levels for parts of the bay area on monday. closer look at that when we come right back.
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meteorolog . showing you uh a live picture of the golden gate bridge. you see the clouds out there. mostly blue sky and chilly, at least last time i was outside about an hour and a half ago, it was chilly. is that going to continue? >> even colder maybe. >> oh, my goodness. >> still winter. >> complaining about it a moment ago. >> i was. i have long johns, i sweater and a puffy jacket on and i'm still cold. >> you start to see the calender, march, showing up, you normally thing springlike weather. looks like the trend of low snow levels, great news to for the sierra where they can use snow. the incoming storm could bring nor than a foot to the sierra. that's great news there. this normally the warmest time of the day. 57 degrees. the breeze outside probably not making it feel like 57 degrees right now in san jose. there you see the temperature. really across the board, we're
3:20 pm
in the mid-50s right now. notice increasing clouds. chance of slate showers tonight. 21-mile-per-hour winds around liver more. emeryville, 55 degrees, seeing winds close to 20. in san francisco, things will be dry for chinese parade time. cool, though. temperatures dropping into the 40s as we head to tomorrow morning. the numbers getting tough to look at is the rain deficit we've seen for a mostly dry february. santa rosa now missing more than a foot of rainfall. that's one of the wetter locations around the bay area, at about 12 inches of rain, missing 13, though. san jose just 45% of average. we'll have a slight chance of a few showers tonight, but the seven-day forecast will bring a much better chance, of more significant rain as we head into the middle of next week. there is your rain outlook for tomorrow morning. not much to see there. 30s and 40s. maybe a few brief showers, especially around the coastal hilltops. tomorrow's highs may be a bit warmer, upper 50s, closer to 60s
3:21 pm
if, if you can tell the difference between 57 and 60, you're pretty sensitive to the weather. close to 60 in san jose. lower 60s south of downtown and mid-50s around oak oakland with increasing clouds and probably more wind heading towards tomorrow evening before our next chance of rain comes in for the morning commute on monday. sfrans highs in the mid-50s and north bay temperatures relatively cool in the high to upper 50s. maybe not the best timing here. that's your monday morning commute. scattered showers at time. by midday, skies begin to clear. by the time we get into the evening commute, things should be drying out. rainfall projections with your monday storm now, as we fast-forward to about 11:00 monday night. you can see or midafternoon, maybe 1/3 of an inch to a 1/4 inch of rain for parts of the bay area. more than we saw over this week. for the sierra, we could see some locations getting 16 inches of snow. so that's great news. snow levels, by the way, close
3:22 pm
to 3,000 feet. higher hills around the bay area, a brief chance of snow showers. check out thursday. finally a storm tapping into abundant moisture. we can see 1 to maybe 3 inches of rain if everything comes together with this thursday storm. cool showers to follow friday. and then next weekend kind of cool and breezy showers next saturday. first weekend of march looks dry as he wed towards sunday. as we add up the seven to ten-dane rainfall totals, if you include that thursday storm, the purple and red on the map means the potential of 1 to 2 inches plus rainfall. february may wrap up relatively dry as we go through the first half of the week, but stay tuned, that thursday storm could pack a pretty good punch. wind and possibly rain there as we go through the week. the seven-day forecast tomorrow. almost a repeat of what we've got going today. temperatures in the 50s. chance of showers rolling in on monday. not a lot of rain with that because the air is so cold. like we saw this week, we could
3:23 pm
have small hail in some of the showers on monday. i think the main event wednesday night, thursday, all day, pretty steady moderate rain. haven't seen that in awhile. skies clears as we head towards friday and saturday. the month of march could start off possibly with a month's world of rain in 36 hours all at once. it's all about nothing. >> after getting nothing in february. >> we need it. okay, thanks, rob. we'll be right back. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them.
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this is a surveillance photo of the man police are petaluma police want help finding two lotto thieves. this is surveillance photo of the man police are looking for. police say he walked into discount cigarettes last night in petaluma, grabbed two racks of scratcher tickets and then jumped into a waiting car. police say the two suspects have already cashed in about $500 worth of prizes at santa rosa stores. some disappointment for travellers planning to visit hawaii this spring. hawaiian airlines has cancelled or delayed three nonstop flights. direct flights from san francisco to honolulu will not
3:26 pm
be starting this may. the airline says it has to cancel them because it will not get its new airbus planes in time. hawaiian will still offer direct flights from oak oakland if kawhi, but travellers will have to wait until the summer. >> a local police department getting in on the curling excitement. we'll be right back. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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olympic spirit in a very creative way. it turns out... marin county law enforcement is getting into the olympic spirit in a very creative way. turns out the central marin agency s.w.a.t. team, the members there, big fans of curling. you see some of them there -- >> i was like what? is this a real operation? what's going on. >> we have the right video. >> use a broom to help a robot pass by they're calling the new sport broom curling. >> right.
3:29 pm
right, right. >> i was like, i hope we're not showing the wrong video. that's pretty hilarious. >> that could be a summer sport. rob mayeda to tell us more about winter sports. they're coming back. a foot of snow you're talking about. >> the sierra, they could do real outdoor curling. tomorrow it will be kind of like we have today, some breezy conditions, though, i think a little bit more wind tomorrow afternoon as the next system drops in on monday. yes, snow levels close to 2,500 feet. that means any of the stronger showers kind of like we had over the last couple of days could briefly drop some hail. on that seven-day forecast, keep your eyes on thursday. all these storms we've seen recently have been very cold but not especially wet. this incoming storm on thursday, looks like it could be 1 to 2 inch office rain and pretty much all-day rain. we haven't seen that in quite some time. we need it. your morning and evening commutes big impact there. >> a few areas if some of the models come up.
3:30 pm
we start to see the rain totals come down. is to 3 numbers would be pretty big. >> thanks, rob. back at 4:00. hope to see you then. bye. tonight, breaking news. house democrats respond to republican charges of misconduct in the fbi's russian investigation. troubling new details of the police response to that deadly school shooting in florida. why did some deputies stay outside the building where a gunman killed 17 students and teachers? severe weather puts millions across the country under the threat of flash flooding, hail and possibly tornadoes. the united nations takes action as the death toll from violence in syria top 500 in just one week. history is made. we're live in pyeongchang with a look at team usa's surprising curling victory and the story of one skier's inspiring


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