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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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to this. this is fresh, new video of snow falling -- in livermore! this scene is playing out in up to this, fresh new video of snow falling. guess what, this is not in tahoe, read the bottom there, snow falling in livermore. the scene playing out in some higher elevations right now. it is a cold, snowy tuesday. what is going on? >> it's winter. >> this is "today in the bay." >> it is winter. >> i know, but winter in california, oh, goodness. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. because it's winter we want to go back to that snow. we want to show you that snow in the hills of livermore. that dog has the right idea. >> that's a california dog. >> i don't know what that is, that's what he's saying. >> the head line is there is a driving dog. >> not really.
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we're missing the story there. >> but this is the big story this morning, everybody is talking about it, kari. >> it's been so cold, i saw someone walking down the street and i looked at the thermometer, it was 50 degrees and he was bundled up with a bubble coat and hat and had the scarf over his face. >> it's manhattan. >> right. and look at our temperatures right now, we are at 44 degrees in oakland, palo alto and in san jose, 38 degrees in santa rosa. not the coldest we've seen and today will be a little bit milder once we get the clear skies rolling in here, it's going to be a nice day. we will talk about the next storm system next to move in. >> a crash and rescue. we had the video of livermore and the snow over there, also snow reported by chp in the santa cruz mountains around highway 17 over the course of the last few hours and just off highway 17. over therev#1ñ summit road conts down and makes a bend +qmr]idow
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turns towards san jose and that's where we do have a crash. there's a vehicle that wentrg
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>> reporter: this is something we haven't seen in a while, snow on mt. diablo. >> it's crazy weather because this is my niece, she is visiting from chile and we were up there just a few days ago and it was nice, it was sunny. >> reporter: not anymore. >> the first weeks i've been here is like super warm and now we're taking our jackets out. >> reporter: a cold storm sweeping through the bay area, dumping about four inches of snow on the mountains. just before sunset east of san jose mt. hamilton also picture perfect, blanketed with snow. hail coming down hard in several spots, including gilroy, and in concord. but nothing quite like the severe weather sacramento saw, a slushy mess on the roads, drivers getting stuck in inches of hail, roads so slippery people pulling over to avoid a crash. some kids taking the opportunity to play on the side of the road.
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back here in the bay area the snow is what got everyone's attention, along with the much needed rain. >> this has been the weather that we need. we need water so happy to see some nice needed water. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." and with that rain and snow sticking around you want to know what's going on weatherwise, that's why you need to download this right here, the nbc bay area app. it is free for you. this is for iphone as well as android users. it's 4:34. new this morning, one person in they were hit by a pickup truck while walking in a crosswalk. happened a little after 6:00 last night in this intersection at center street and gem avenue in castro valley. the chp says the victim suffered major injuries. the officer we spoke with is not sure if those injuries are life-threatening. the driver did stay at the scene and spoke with the officers. the family of a gilroy man who died in police custody believes officers crossed the
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line, but police insist officers did everything by the book and they say they have the body camera video to prove it. family members last night gathered at the location where 42-year-old steven juarez died sunday. police say officers responded to reports of an intruder and that is suspect was jumping roof to roof and then resisting arrest. at one point officers say they had to use a choke hold. family members are calling it an unjust beating. >> my cousin was alive when the police found him and then he died at their hands. >> the witnesses said they kept beating on him and that he was calling and pleading for them to stop. >> police have not announced an exact cause of death. the results of an autopsy are still pending. we may learn new details about a shooting involving san francisco police. this happened a couple weeks ago near golden gate park's panhandle. police found two people who had been shot, one of them died. the suspect got away but later officers found him inside an rv on alameda street.
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at some point the pd says the officer fired his gun but did not hurt anyone. tonight police are holding a town hall meeting that starts at 6:00 p.m. more details now overnight we've looked into those numbers of officer involved shootings in san francisco. the number of shootings has been in the single digits for nearly a decade. the lowest number just three in 2016. police data runs through mid-january of this year. at 4:36 taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's tuesday morning. it appears crews are getting closer to taking the first steps in mounting the planned bridge suicide barrier. the marin i skbrchlt reports contractors this week are going to begin cutting the steel that will make up the netting for the barrier. the $200 million barrier is supposed to be finished by 2021. coming up on "today in the bay," stocks rallied yesterday. what to expect today as we get updates on the state of the
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economy from the new fed chair. plus having a hard time finding parking in palo alto? the new plan to make things a little easier by making parking tougher for a particular group of people. we will tell you who they are. live pictures now from san francisco. we're just getting started on this tuesday morning. the time now 4:37. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they? the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!] good morning, i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters.
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wall street will look for more gains at the opening bell this morning as stocks rallied yesterday on a boost from industrial names like 3 m and boeing and tech giants like apple and facebook. we get data this morning on durable goods, home prices and consumer confidence. investors are also eyeing fed chair jerome powell today, he testifies about the economy on capitol hill. the dow jumping nearly 400 points yesterday to 25,709, the nasdaq rising 84 to 7,421. a new report shows netflix spends more on content than anyone else on the internet and many at the tv networks as well. research firm moffett says they spent $6.3 billion on original and acquired programming last year. time westerner, disney and fox which spent roughly $8 billion on non-sports content. nbc universal spent the most at $10.2 billion. netflix's spending tops viacom, apple, facebook and plans to raise its budget to $8 billion
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this year. listen up breakfast lovers it's national pancake day at ihop. you can get a free short stack from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time. the dine in only deal is limited to one per person while supplies last. ihop hopes that customers will donate to the children's miracle network, the leukemia lymphoma society and shriners hospital for children. it has raised nearly $30 million since the first pancake day in 2006. this year's goal is $5 million. >> so all for a good cause except my waist line. >> a good cause and that works out great for us because the show ends at 7:00, we can run, get the pancakes, eat there and come back. >> and run back. >> you can make it. >> running. >> that's what's key. 4:41 right now. finding parking about to get a little harder for workers in palo alto. palo alto online reports city leaders are capping the number
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of employee permits in downtown starting next month. in 2015 the city kept those permits to 2,000 now the new cap is 1,100. the city has seen a decline in the request for the permits. we've already shown you the snow, the rain, is it going to continue? kari hall has been tracking the weather for us. >> it's all clear and dry out there right now. we are going to see things quieting down for a little while as we take a live look outside in san jose we start out with some clear skies and as we go to evergreen, 41 degrees at 8:00, it's going to be another chilly day, but, hey, we've got some sunshine. we will talk about all of this changing ahead coming up next. and here is a clear look at 880 past the coliseum northbound with those taillights heading toward downtown oakland. maybe a breeze or maybe its shivering, it's told out there. we will have your commute and watch those santa cruz mountains for developments. today in the b-
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live pictures from downtown san jose well, welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay," it's 4:45 this morning. live pictures of downtown san jose as we get started on our day. clear, no rain, no snow right there. >> i've got snow. i've got snow for you. >> oh, do you? >> yeah, look at this. live look from caltrans camera, this is i-80 in kingvale. this is expected to be a slow drive right now, but they've cleared the roads this morning, but they always require those chains, they're required on 50
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and i-80. in sacramento not snow, but hail for drivers not used to it made for tricky driving, even trying to walk around in it. traffic was creeping along with a lot of calls for emergency crews from drivers who actually found themselves kind of stuck in it all. the heavy ice piled up on roofs and carports causing some to collapse. that was quite the sight to see in sacramento. >> that's always the scary part, the driving part. playing in it was always fun. >> exactly. here, i mean, honestly, people aren't used to it at all. >> no matter where you go they are not used to driving in it. >> when your wheels go like that -- >> sometimes when it's sunny -- but anyway. >> we're going to have more stuff like that, crazy wild weather over the next several days as the next storm sets to move in. we are right now in a break and we've seen the rain that we had yesterday now moving off towards the south and east. so it's out of the bay area and we will have a clear and dry day as the seven-day forecast comes
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up at the bottom of the screen, come on over and check it out. we will have several days of rain heading toward the end of the week. right now our temperatures are in the upper 40s for san francisco, 42 degrees in livermore, also 42 in morgan hill. so it's a chilly start but not the coldest we've seen. as we go throughout the day our highs a little bit warmer than yesterday reaching up to 59 degrees in san jose and 60 in east san jose. up to 62 today in walnut creek and hayward 59 degrees, 58 in san mateo and palo alto 59 degrees. san francisco mid to upper 50s today and low 60s for much of the north bay, santa rosa a high of 64 degrees. as you're getting dressed this morning you do need something nice and warm of course, it's a chilly start so you do need a coat and also long sleeves for the day. then as the day goes along sunglasses because it will be all clear and sunny and a good day for the dress shoes because we will be getting the rain boots out very soon. as we go throughout the rest of the forecast we will see your
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next storm system set to move in here as we look at this cluster of clouds. right now it doesn't look all that impressive, it has a way to go before it makes it here. we are expecting the rain to start to move back into the north bay by late tomorrow afternoon into the evening. it makes its way to the south, some very cold temperatures means more snow, that's the blue and the pink you're seeing here north of santa rosa and also for mt. hamilton we will have more snow coming down for our south bay and east bay hills, and then come very heavy snow for the sierra. the rain and the snow all tapers off by sunday, but there could be another storm system right behind that heading into early next week. so we are going to see that rain falling between thursday, friday into saturday, sunday is thels< only dry day for the weekend and it's going to be chilly, still staying in the 40s and 50s for much of the week. mike, you are tracking that rescue in los gatos. >> the rescue in the santa cruz mountains, the santa cruz count% side just over the county line here most of this shot here you
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see the speed sensors are great. even highway 17 down here looks fine, it's off 17, again, at san jose road as you make that turn off of summit road that's where this car is dangling over the side. i hear the left wheels are over off the edge and it is at a 45-degree angle, but two people have been pulled interest that car and so has their dog. still addressing the car and our crew is heading out to the scene. be careful in the area. overnight the last few hours there was snow reported in the santa cruz mountains, highway 17, chp gave a warning. right now it's moving smoothly. this is off of the freeway itself. transit lines are moving nicely as well. no delays. winds sometimes play a factor for the ferry system. we will continue to track all of your ways into work. the bay bridge, for example, we have this backup, the cash lanes is holding up here. you notice some of these lanes you see people getting out of these lanes that's because not all the toll takers are there
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yet. you see you have one, two, three red lights, so three lanes still to open. they are not at capacity yet, guys. back to you. a question this morning involving your safety. are passengers being put at risk by counterfeit parts being used on some planes. the fa a's on inspector general says yes. >> stephen stock spoke with the whistleblower who says the problem is even worse than previously reported. he is here with a first look at tonight's report. >> we're talking about bogus parts that find their way into airplane systems, technically suspected unapproved parts and experts say they can cause airplanes to crash. faa records showed more than -w! 2,600 different instances of unapproved parts discovered on airplanes just since 2011 including on airplanes flown by almost every commercial airline in the united states. citing recordkeeping weaknesses, lack of management control as
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well as inaccuracies in tracking unapproved parts, the inspector general for the faa said, quote, the fa a's oversight of industry actions to remove unapproved parts ineffective. congressman peter dee fazio of oregon asked the inspector general to weigh in. >> one critical component that isn't up to manufacturers standards could take down a plane midair. so that's pretty serious and i think most of the traveling public will get that. >> and it's not just the inspector general who was concerned. tonight hear from a whistleblower who is based in china and came forward to us saying he saw many parts that weren't properly manufactured that got on to airplanes that we fly every day. and we will take those concerns to washington, directly to the acting administrator of the faa, to ask what he's going to do about this. that's tonight at 11:00. >> and if you have a tip for our
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nbc bay area team you can always e-mail them at the unit we are learning new details about that deadly helicopter crash in the grand canyon earlier this month. another person pulled from that fiery crash has died. 29-year-old elie millworth a british tourist on her honeymoon died from her injuries this sunday. she had been in critical condition since that crash earlier this month. her husband and three others on board died shortly after the crash. another tourist remains in critical condition. a sacramento area school district is coming under fire for its handling of a threat made against a teacher and a school by a student. calling standards a statistics teacher in el dorado hill said a student made threats to her about other students. she reported it to the district but she says she heard nothing. here is what sanders says was said. >> this individual said to other students that he wanted to beat me up and he wanted to f'ing
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kill me and he wanted to shoot up the school. >> the district did hold an expulsion meeting recently but would not say if the student was expelled or not. officials will say the student is not allowed on any district campus or events. students and teachers are expected to pressure the school board tonight looking for clarification. more details now, threats against schools are up since the florida school shooting. overnight we looked at data recorded by the educator school safety network, it finds on average 50 threats a day have been made after the shooting, compared to ten before. california's leading it with highest increase of threats since that florida shooting. coming up on "today in the bay," firefighters risk their lives every day, now we're learning about a hidden danger many are facing, the spiking health risk a particular group of firefighters are experiencing. the superhero movie black panther is paying tribute to its oakland roots. disney is donating a million
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dollars to the boys and girls clubs of america in oakland to help expand its stem programs. the city shows up several times in the movie and the director is from there. plus diesel cars could soon be a thing of the past in germany. a court rules that cities can ban diesel cars in an effort to fight air pollution. that means millions of drivers could be forced to park their cars indefinitely. we will be back after the break. ♪ [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they? the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!]
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and the time now 4:56 and if you take the bay bridge toll plaza on your morning commute, take a look right here, this is what you could face as you head out the door this morning. so get ready, the day is starting.
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female firefighters in san francisco are facing their biggest battle yet, breast cancer. >> in the city a stunning 15% of female firefighters 40 to 50 years old have been diagnosed with breast cancer. that is six times the national average. today's fires involve plastics, electronics and fire restarred ant chemicals. researchers say those blazes spew toxic soot that firefighters can inhale or it can seep through their skin. >> i think of it as there's a cancer sniper out there in the fire service and it's not when, it's not if, it's who is going to be next. >> members of the department are working with bay area researchers hoping to produce more concrete answers for scientists and firefighters. coming up on "today in the bay," kari has got you covered morning. >> it does start out really cool but at least today we have some sunshine that will be working in our favor as we take a live look outside in palo alto and go throughout the day, 40s to start, but some mid to upper 50s later today. we will talk more about this and the incoming storm coming up
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next. and this live look shows, well, look at that, yesterday's rain cleaned off the lens for the san mateo bridge. it involves very smoothly here. we are still tracking the conditions out there as well as the crash in the santa cruz mountains. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. east bay... snow falling in livermore overnight.. good morning and thank you for joining us.
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i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus w good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. of course, that snow is so beautiful, you know we want to see it again. i want to show you this video that we have, this is the snow in the hills of livermore. take a look right there, the driver, it's a dog saying like, no, i'm not getting out. i don't want to. he is going to stay inside. staying warm out of that snow. something you're probably going to see a lot of people trying to do. >> they don't know what that white stuff is. >> why do those sled dogs get out. >> i'm no husky. it is chilly. all of that has quieted down as we get a view out the window in the south bay, the peninsula and the tri-valley. it's right now in the low to mid morning. we have now -- clearing out for a bright and sunny day. as we go throughout the day in kl


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