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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> all of the intelligence officials say 2016 was simply a dry run, preparing the battle space, if you will, for a future attack by the russians. six of the seven states including california still deny they were breached at all based on their own cyber investigations and all state and federal officials who spoke us to say no votes were changed because of these attacks. more on this exclusive report with cynthia mcfadden coming up on nbc "nightly news" at 5:30. a 21-year-old from the central valley is facing terror charges. the feds say he was dreaming of joining isis. prosecutors today rj chaed him with trying to fight overseas for the islamic state. they say he traveled to tunisia in 2016 and tried to enter neighboring libya, but he was captured before he could make it. bernard augustine is his name and from keys, which is a small town near modesto. his neighbors say this seems out of character. >> i liked him.
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i never saw anything wrong with him. >> he was just a quiet guy. smart. that's all i know about him. >> here's what else we know. u.s. authorities searched augustine's laptop and found he had watched islamic state videos. if convicted he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. students on edge, someone posted threatening graffiti at two high schools in two different bay area counties and today one of those schools shut down. at the other, students just stayed at home. nbc bay area's anousheh with what we're learning about these threats. >> reporter: twice as many students stayed home from school today and that's about 240 kids and this after a message about violence against the school was posted on a bathroom wall. today at alameda high school an unusual drop in attendance. >> better safe than sorry. >> sure, it could be just one angry kid, but all it takes is
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one angry kid with access to a gun. >> more than 200 kids skipped class today after the high school says the student found a violent message scribbled on a bathroom wall yesterday. >> i'm very, very concerned. >> reporter: the message appears to say today's date with the phrase everyone is dead. snapshots of the graffiti posted to social media, as well. >> we're all on high alert and we just don't know if it really is serious. >> reporter: alameda high school's principal sent home a letter about the bathroom graffiti saying in part, quote, despite our attempts, we have not been able to ascertain who created this graffiti or what their intentions were. >> my first reaction was oh, no, here we go again, but some kid is troubled and is trying to let us know. >> reporter: meanwhile, school officials closed analy high school after someone found threatening graffiti specific to today in a boy's bathroom. at both school, police officers on campus because administrators
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want to err on the side of caution. alameda high school says when something like this has happened in the past it's been a prank or vandalism, but they still take things like this very seriously. reporting live in alameda, anousheh rasta, bay area news. did you smell it in the air? dangerous chemicals prompted a shelter in place in pittsburgh. this is the view from our nbc bay area sky ranger. this happened in the park side manor neighborhood. here's the map between mendel and gindal avenue. one of those railroad cars was carrying sodium sulphite, and there was a leak that created a strong smell and the shelter in place, and that order was lifted about two hours ago. well, clear skies today, when those clouds lifted you could see all of our bay area mountaintops. they were capped with snow on our hills and peaks. this is video from sky ranger from today showing the mountains above livermore and san jose.
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another storm is headed our way and let's show jeff ranieri and this next one looks to be a bigger one and could we see more snow in the bay area? >> we could see more snow and some of the big focus will be on the heavier rainfall that will be moving in as this arrives. let's go ahead and get a look right now at how badly we need this rainfall. since the water started on october 1st, we are now running a rainfall deficit of anywhere from 6 to 13 inches. so we need every single drop we can get. certainly, as we head throughout the next 30 to 45 days before we begin to enter the dry season. so what i'm watching right now is a storm system that's going to be moving down from the north. it will be a lighter snow and headed in the bay area. thursday looks like the day when
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we could rnd a microclimb the zone. winds 20 to 40 miles per hour and maybe low snow around 2,000 feed and i'll have more coming up in 15 minutes. >> aside from the possible danger it is refreshing and beautiful to see the snow--capped mountains. you can see it here the snow coming down on mine's road south of livermore and thek this out. the national weather service tweeting out this photo showing the snow from up above from the nasa satellite and mt. diablo and mt. hamilton. nbc bay area'sancer hassan is live with the details. >> reporter: before you bust out your olympic gear, take a look.
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it's usually known for hiking trails and still enough to draw out clouds to come and check out the snow. >> the sky ranger captured the snow-capped east bay hills as the sun came up over the trivalley. >> oh, it's beautiful. it is so darn cold up here. >> reporter: marty miller who lives in livermore says he doesn't usually hike these trails. >> nice to see the weather we missed and we'd be having to -- it's been two years now, and it's good to see the snow out. >> the freezing temperatures brought snow across the bay area from nearby mt. diablo to mt. hamilton in the south bay. rachel bosswell got four inches of snow where she lives, but admits it makes for a great backdrop, but not an easy commute. kind of annoying. what are you going to do, right? >> forecasts are predicting more rain and cold temperatures later
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in the week which could mean even more snow, but this time folks like miller say they'll be ready and waiting. >> i'll enjoy it, too. >> reporter: as for that weather coming later in the week, i spoke with chp just a short while ago. they don't anticipate any rain or snow on the freeway, but they all are reminding drivers to slowdown and to keep an eye out for black ice. reporting live in liver more, i'm anser hassan. you can see it right here, snow falling across the mountains created problems on the roadway. this is i-80 this morning, a semi got trapped in snow after hitting a car and as jeff ranieri just told us, much more of this is in store beginning tomorrow night. the bay area continues to buzz about this unique weather over the past 24 hours. one of our viewers, sheila hughes sent us this video of the snow in the hills above milpitas and christina wong shot this
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video from american high in fremont where she goes to school. snow on the mountaintops. if you have video or pictures that you'd like to share please send them to us at isee @nbc bay tag us on twitter. more i.c.e. raids to tell you about, bay area immigrant activists say i.c.e. agents have taken in dozens of immigrants from central california and northern california. federal agents arrested more than 50 people in san francisco, san jose and fresno. i.c.e. has not yet verified the exact number. coming up at 6:00, the fear of i.c.e. activity may be keeping many people at home. we'll tell you how much of a drop that some south bay businesses tell us they've seen this week. that's ahead on our 6:00 newscast. who is targeting those tech busses? a local bus company is hoping a reward might help stop these attacks. last month you might recall we told you on one day alone someone shot out the windows of five busses carrying apple and google employees. this happened right along the
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peninsula on 280. now the bus company called store san francisco is offering a $10,000 reward for any information. an unhappy weak-up call for several people in one fremont neighborhood. someone jacked up their brand-new cars and stole all four wheels. the thefts happened overnight in the ardenwood neighborhood near. aseo parkway and nbc spoke to one of the couples as their car was being towed away. >> daniel and silvia vasquez bought their brand-new toyota less than two weeks ago. >> yes. it's very sad. >> the vasquez's are saying shortly after 4:00 this morning police were at the door explaining several cars in this well-kept neighborhood had been hit. >> they took the four wheels out of the car, and they are brand-new cars. they're new cars. >> reporter: vasquez expects four new wheels could cost him $3,000, besides their toyota two honda accords, sport special
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special editions were also left teetering and this one on a block and this one may have been the last because the thief or thieves left the jack. fremont police say they were tipped to this by a phone call from a resident who said there was a man outside making noise taking tires off cars, but when they got out here that was all of the information they could get. no description and no surveillance video, nothing where the rubber meets the road. reporting from fremont, mark matthew, nbc bay area news. up next here at 5:00, was woz swindled? >> he says someone ripped off his bitcoin. selling off one of the new iconic buildings and what it says about the current fate of the retail industry. and mostly clear conditions in san francisco right now, and 53, but we're tracking that stronger storm and what could be some treacherous sierra snow. brand new update in about nine minutes.
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♪ [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they? the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!] deadly high school shoong new information tonight about the gunman charged in florida's deadly high school shooting. nbc news has confirmed when nikolas cruz was arrested police located five fully loaded unused magazines. it is unclear how many rounds were in those magazines. the shooting has prompted a national debate on gun laws. today senate democrats proposed a universal background check for
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gun purposes. >> we democrats at a minimum believe we should be passing a universal background check legislation that assures guns don't fall into the wrong hands. 90% of the american people are with us. the kids from parkland are with us. >> it's hard to get in the capitol without going through a metal detector, an airport, we need our schools to be safe. >> with that statement, senator mccullough pushed the gop priority which is safety equipment instead of limits to guns. >> you probably don't think about this when you hop on a flight. the risk of counterfeit airplane parts. the faa's own inspector general says yes, it is happening. our senior investigative reporter said the problem is worse than previously reported. what's more is happening now? >> we found many more reports. we are finding bogus airplane parts that find their way into airplane systems and technically
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they're called suspected unapproved parts in government lingo. experts say they can cause airplanes to crash. 3,000 unapproved instances of u parts found including on every commercial airline in the u.s. citing lack of management control as well as inaccuracies in tracking unapproved parts, the faa's inspector general says, quote, the faa's oversight of industry actions to remove unapproved parts is ineffective. congressman peter defazio of oregon asked the inspector general to weigh in. >> one critical component that isn't up to manufacturer's standards could take down a plane mid-air. so that's pretty serious. i think most of the traveling public will get that. >> and as you mentioned, raj, it's not just the inspector general's report. tonight, hear from a whistle-blower himself from
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china. he told us that he saw many of these parts not properly manufactured and then put on to airplanes anyway. airplanes we fly every day. we'll take these concerns to washington directly to the acting administrator of the faa, to ask him what he's going to do about all of that. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to it. thank you, stephen. it's a fixture at san francisco's union square, but macy's will break off a piece of its iconic real estate. the company plans to sell the old i-magnum building in geery. we'll look into what the change of ownership means to union square. sam, it's a sign of the times. >> reporter: janelle, good evening. it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we were talking about macy's selling its men's store. that was in 2016 on stockton right around the corner, now news this week of the sale of the i-magnum building and that's going to be coming to us, that large marble building towering
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over its flagship and macy's says it is a valued proposition and it is symbolic of a new era of retail. the i-magnum building still bears the name that's become synonymous with union square shopping, but as bob dillon once famously sang, the times, they are a-changing. >> we are too busy now a days to go and in and shop and shopping online is made so easy for everybody. >> reporter: first the good news, the macy's store isn't going anywhere, but the marble building purchased decades ago will change hands. >> you see it in smaller retail spaces all of the way up to the store with hundreds of thousands of square feet like macy's. >> reporter: jim lazarus with the san francisco chamber of commerce calls these contractions, stores trying to find their sweet spot and balancing floor space and booming online business. >> you have a goal of per square foot sales and it's clear that in some of the larger stores around the country or in some
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markets have too many stores and some neighborhoods. you are seeing stores close. >> reporter: even the city's mayor fears the retail ground shifting. >> the amount of amazon delivery boxes that are appearing in every single home, it's changing the landscape and we need to adapt with it, but as far as union square goes, it will be a loss of an iconic store that's been there for so long. >> reporter: now macy's tells me there is no time line for when this sale is set to take place, but i did ask when it does happen is it going to affect anyone's job? they told me that at this point they're in the process of just exploring this opportunity. reporting live from union square this evening, sam brock, nbc area news. >> we'll see what happens. thanks, sam. some of the biggest names in hollywood making their way to the south bay. take a look at the red carpet. the opening night of cinequest. it kicks off tonight at the california theater in downtown san jose for the screening of actor and director william h. macy's new film "crystal."
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nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is on the red carpet, but she is there. >> is that a live camera right now? this is happening right now. we've got to dress up a little. i didn't know this was opening night. >> what's the occasion? >> jeff ranieri, we need to be on the red carpet. >> you could work on the red carpet with that? >> we can try, but we're not worthy enough. >> it will be a fun night. >> it's beautiful outside right now. when do the changes come? >> over the next 36 hours we'll see things change yet again. we need that rainfall and we need it bad here and across the bay area. let's go ahead and take a look at that microclimate forecast, and we will set the table again with how dire it has been so far this rain and snow season. the snow pack which provides a third of the state of water for the state is really just looking very dismal and only 23% of average our sierra snow pack is right now and we'll add to that and i'll have more on those
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specific totals coming up in two minutes. i want to get a look right now at the doppler radar and let you know we're monitoring things and there's nothing moving in just yet from santa rosa down through san jose, but by tomorrow morning we'll begin to see the changes ahead of our storm system and mainly cloud cover starting to increase and 41 in the south bay and peninsula 43 and the trivalley at 37 and not quite as cold with the clouds coming in, 40 in the east bay and san francisco, 42 and the north bay at 38. the only thing is we'll have drizzle near the san francisco coastline and otherwise we'll hold off on the wet weather for the morning. as we take you through tomorrow, temperatures will be in the 50s with overcast skies. this will put us at 58 in san jose. throughout contra costa and alameda counties dropping back down into the 50s and 59 in pleasanton and 54 in oakland. for the peninsula, anywhere from 58 in palo alto to 53 in daly city and san francisco, low to mid-50s and right through marin, napa and sonoma counties and 55
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in mill valley and right around napa, 58. so dry through the day for tomorrow throughout the bay area and then things will start to change by 6:00. we'll begin to see our storm system line up and the heaviest rainfall at this point, we think, will start to move in once we hit thursday morning right around 5:30. the way things look right now. so for thursday and friday, as this storm moves in, everything lining up with our totals and that most of the bay area should see at least one inch of rainfall. that goes for the south bay, the east bay and close to that here for san francisco and oakland. maybe near the one and a half inch mark for napa and calistoga. on the extended forecast, thursday is a storm day. we see the wind and the rain pick up and maybe some small hail and then we'll have lingering rainfall here friday and saturday. we dry out sunday, monday and tuesday. throughout the inland valleys, temperatures primarily staying in the 50s over the next several days and the rainfall moving in. not only wet here, but sierra
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snow. great for the ski resort, but dangerous if you're headed that way. please plan accordingly from thursday through saturday with this heavier snow. take your time. we're looking at maybe two to five feet of snow for those higher elevations. so it is definitely going to get dangerous. >> it looks like a good looking match for the skiers and snowboarders. >> the los ts of powder. >> the warriors are in washington, d.c., but not visiting the white house and we'll show you what they did instead this afternoon.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. quality of life in the u.s. that )s according a "u-s news d happening now on our home page, californians have the worst quality of life in the u.s. that's according to a u.s. news and world report.
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judged everything from drinking water to pollution to time spent with family. a hayward man arrested after running down an alameda county sheriff's deputy. they arrested jack taky aftthey used forensic evidence to track him down. we'll be back with more news. apk
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is sending a strong well, can you believe it? woz got scammed. apple co-founder steve wozniak is spending a message about
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bitcoin. he said he sold seven bitcoins of the cryptocurrency to someone who paid for them online. it turned out the credit card number was stolen. so wozniak can't get that money back. he first bought the bitcoins for $700 each. however, that would now be worth about $70,000. woz says he bought the bitcoin just as an experiment. >> he has money to do that. basketball and politics collide. the warriors are in washington, d.c., but they did not make the traditional champions visit to the white house. you may remember president trump disinvited them with the tweet last september after steph curry and the team hinted they were not interested in visiting the president. they took schoolchildren from kevin durant's hometown, and a private tour of the museum of african-american history. there was no video because media was not allowed to attend the event. the players wanted it to be a very secluded, private event and no photographs and no picture, at least not yet.
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>> serena williams welcomed back to the tennis world with giant billboards. we'll show you next. ♪ [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they? the burger people. they! they!
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nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!]
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healthcare industry? the move by apple to entice tech workers that may also change how we see doctor tonight at 6 clo:00, could revolutionize the health care industry and the move by apple
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that may change how we see doctors. that's tonight at 6:00. >> finally at 5:00 while hollywood talks about three billboards in ebbing, missouri, drivers in southern california are talking about four billboards outside of palm springs. the first one has an adorable baby next to the word greatest. the success billboard, follow me here. momma. billboard number three of all time and finally, greatest momma in the world and we're talking about serena williams, her husband said he wanted to welcome williams back to tennis after giving birth to their 5-month-old daughter. williams plays next week near palm springs. >> so he got four billboards! >> for his wife! wow! that is so sweet, though. >> it's pretty cool around san francisco and stanford, you can see serena williams because she's in the bay area a lot hanging out with kids and her own kid, as well. it's pretty cool to have her in the bay area. >> jeff, let's talk about the weather?
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>> we have a storm coming our way thursday and full details coming up at 6:19 and 6:48 tonight. don't miss it. >> we'll be watching. >> lester holt is next. thanks for joining us. tonight, a nbc news exclusive investigation. top secret u.s. intelligence concluded seven state election systems were compromised bit russian government before the 2016 election, but why weren't those states toad about it? and today a top u.s. spy chief is saying we are still not doing enough to protect your vote. chilling new details about the florida school shooting suspect. the disturbing image found carved into his rifle magazine. massive strike for a fourth day, no school for hundreds of thousands of students. why teachers have walked off the job. buyer beware. the new warning why some of the products you're buying from major online retailers may be dangerous fakes.


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