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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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this is also moving to the north and east and we'll continue that rainfall into walnut creek through 5:18 and also areas into concord as we head through the next few hours as well. now we're under this microclimate weather alert because we have been seeing these rainfall totals anywhere between 3.5 inches. >> not heavy rain right now, but those roads are still hazardous. especially in san rafeal, san francisco, and san jose. those are the santa cruz mountains. this is big, big tree that came
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crashing down on a home. everyone in that house okay, robert? >> reporter: everybody's okay right now. you know, that storm didn't do a lot of damage at the beginning of today, but the wind and rain just kept getting stronger and that all changed. a huge tree destroying a home was the caulmination of a surgig storm. then some sporadic snow in the hills and mountains. but it all paled in comparison to the punch in the santa cruz mountains. people called the sound horrific. >> loud. you could hear it crack and crack. it just kept on cracking because it took out two, three trees i think and they all cracked.
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>> it's got weight against it. you can't open it. >> reporter: the homeowner described himself as in shock. >> it just knocked the home off the foundation. so the whole interior of the house is crushed. it's not livable. >> reporter: it's not going to be easy to clear up and cleanup all the damage and the people responsible for doing it say if the storm continues this situation could easily happen again. >> right now it's been dry and then we had that rain, and it hit us pretty hard. and then we had that wind. >> reporter: now, the owner acknowledged he was lucky. his family wasn't inside at the time, but he said that's where his luck ends. he just confirmed to us the damage was irreparable and he will lose his home. a dangerous situation unfolding at lake tahoe right now. an avalanche at the ski resort happened at the olympic lady
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liftoff point. they're monitoring the situation. they're saying everyone has been accounted for, but the resort close frd the re closed for the rest of the day. well, that avalanche danger abruptly ended the search for a snow boarder last night. rescuers did find the man's body this morning. rescue crews went looking for him last night after his friends reported him missing. the crews had to stop that mission because of avalanche fears. the snow boarder was from north of sacramento. tweeting this video on the way to work this morning. she actually gut stuck because of whiteout on the road. here's an update from tahoe city. >> reporter: hello from tahoe city where my photographer and i had to spend the night last
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night because the driving conditions were horrendous. we were talking to some folks from the bay area who got stuck on interstate 80. you may remember cal trans shut that road down for several hours because of zero visibility. driving conditions were very dangerous. we were experiencing very high winds. the winds were picking up and shoving heavy flurries of wet snow into our news van. we were getting ice on the windshield so we decided the best option and the safest option was to stay here in tahoe city. when we woke up in the morning this is what we saw. feet and feet of now outside our hotel. we saw the staff busy, hard at working shoveling the snow out of the parking lot. and over here take a look at what looks like used to be a pickup truck covered in snow. it hasn't stopped snowing since yesterday so they've gotten
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several, several inches of snow. we weren't the only ones from the bay area who got stuck in tahoe city last night. we spoke to a guy who stayed and spent the night here in tahoe city with his fiancee because, again, those road conditions were very dicy. >> while trying to get back out to tahoe city we got stuck and ended up digging myself out for an hour or so. that's how we ended up here. >> reporter: the snow is expected to continue through saturday, which will make skiing and snow boarding conditions fantastic for folks who are out in this area on a trip. again, if you are going to be driving please be careful on the roads. and if you do need to drive, make sure you do that during the day. >> that goes for you, too,
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anushia. please be careful. not much snoel w on mount hamilton. the snow ranger captured a light dusting. we have been getting some great photos and videos from our viewers helping to track the storm. take a look at this. hail pummeling the deck. after the storms, well, we got some nice stuff, too. a rainbow coming up and brightening the sky. there we go. we want to see your photos and videos. well, the u.s. abuse lawsuit has landed in the south bay. it claims neither usa
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gymnastics, and she says some of that abuse occurred there. >> reporter: the 51-page claim alleges that nassar attacked some of his victims here at the center and other venues across the country. this of course was the home of the last olympic trials here in san jose. and now the epicenter of these horrific allegations. her victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing at the u.s. gymnastics team physician larry nassar was powerful. >> i am here to face you, larry, so you can see i have gained my strength. i am no longer a victim. >> reporter: she has now filed this lawsuit in san jose claiming some of the sexual abuse against her happened in san jose county. >> it's appalling to us. it's really a horrible thing that has happened to not just
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her but so many other young ladies. >> reporter: david peterson runs the san jose gym where he treated some the san jose gymnastics before the assault. >> what they're saying is usa gymnastics dropped the ball. >> reporter: he says san jose is about to become the focal point for future claims. >> now what you're going to see is santa clara county becomes the future home of all the allegations because this case will be where the case started. >> reporter: and on the criminal side nassar will spend the rest of his life in prison. the center here had no comment referring us to the usoc. they'll take a look to see if this even has a chance of going to trial. >> all right, damian, thanks very much. a school threat prompted a
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police presence at two bay area high schooless today. patrol officers arrived at the schools just before the first bell and they stayed there all day long. back at police headquarters investigators tracked down the source of the message which surfaced earlier today on social media. >> what we determined was the posting was based upon several levels of hearsay, virtually a rumor that we've been unable to find evidence to support this room. >> police say it's understandable that parents and students would be uneasy right now. in fact, some parents did insist on taking their kids home. oakland mayor libby shaf is saying she is not feeling bad about the advance warning she gave of impending i.c.e. raids. yesterday white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders
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called her actions outrageous and wept onto say the department of justice is reviewing the matter. but the mayor says she'd do it again and she believes what she did is legal. >> it has always been my intention to be law-abiding, to act within the confines of the law but also to do what i believe is right. right for my community as well as protect public safety. >> she says despite being flooded with threats across the country she says she doesn't fear for her own safety. she continues to focus on her duties as mayor. so is it good for the american worker or the beginning of an international trade war? president trump's move to raise tariffs on imported steel and aluminum is being met with criticism from around the world and even some of his own party. tweeting that quote, trade wars are good and easy to win. the tariffs are intended to
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target china may instead hurt some american allies like canada, brazil, south korea and mexico. they provide most of the steel to the u.s. >> we are impressing upon the american administration the unacceptable nature of these proposals that are going to hurt them every bit as much as they will hurt us. >> leading republicans hope to talk to the president and out of that policy before he signs it next week. there are concerns china could retaliate by punishing some of america's biggest company said like apple and intel. an a new study sheds some light on why this age group is becoming more vulnerable. and google facing a few lawsuit about retirement practices. why one says the diversity program isn't fair. doppler radar showing heavy areas of rain. things beginning to pick up in san ramone right over crow
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canyon boulevard and we'll put a track on all this heavy rainfall coming up. mom you called? oh hi sweetie, i just want to show you something. xfinity mobile: find my phone. [ phone rings ]
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look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. record numbers to scam artists. so just why are millenials getting scammed so much? they're young, educated and losing money in record numbers to scam artists. so just why are millennials getting scammed so much? i thought millennials were the
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masters of technology? >> reporter: well, terry, we're talking about a generation of people who have been online their entire lives. we're also talking a new generation of scam artists who are going online to target young surfers. vanessa nunez is a stupidity at san jose state university. she's also part of the group of people most likely to lose money in a scam. >> when you're expecting something you kind of just open it without realizing. >> reporter: the better business bureau says millennials like vanessa now report more money lost to scams than the elderly. >> there was this thing saying he was in jail but he wasn't actually in jail and he did want have his phone on him. >> reporter: cybersecurity expert says young people often called digital natives are especially susceptible to scams because both they and the
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scammers spend so much time online. young people also tend to be more trusting of who they interact with online. >> their private information, you know, their important information about their bank, their credit card, their background. that is the problem. >> reporter: the solution, be wary of those who reach out to you on the internet. >> he just inherited a bunch of money. >> they talked to me on linkedin a couple of times. >> reporter: especially if money or personal information is involved. here are a couple of tip. for one thing don't add anybody to your social networks until you know and trust them. also don't send information over public wi-fi. >> thank you, scott. another lawsuit claims google is going too far to create a more diverse work force. a former google employee says he
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was pressured to discriminate by not considering white and asian men for jobs. google also tried to eliminate e-mails and paper trails shedding light on the practices. google tells "the wall street journal" it will fight this lawsuit vigorously. the search is on tonight for a hit-and-run driver who killed an elderly woman. late last night someone called police to report a body in the midd middle of the road. when police arrived sunniville safety officers found a woman who was severely hurt. they did rush her to the hospital where she passed away. a huge relief for santa barbara county. the sheriff's office lifted an vacation order after the brunt of a big storm passed. the order went out to at least
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30,000 people yesterday because of mud slide fears. it included montecito where mud slide killed 20 people back in january. this time everyone prepared for the worst. >> i'm really nervous. >> emergency management says the storm did not cause any major damage thanks to flood control clearing. the storm in the northeast killed five people. and the entire eastern sea board is in the path of a storm. flooding, snow, all of that and left a million and a half people without power today. we're certainly not dealing with anything as traumatic but we've got troubles of our own in terms of cancellations and slick roads. >> from our standards this has been pretty rocky the past couple of days.
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as we get a look right now otour pricroclimate weather alert we're still under alert status reducing visibility and even some minor street issues where the roads just couldn't take anymore water. now, in terms of our storm activity and rainfall totals we have seen, nappa is now coming in with one of the top totals with over 2 inches. redwood city over an inch. over an inch and a quarter in concord. and son jose .70 of an inch. we're going to take you to our top concerns with the heavy rain where you're going to want to watch over if you're doing any traveling. that a moderate to approaching heavy rainfall that's going to continue here off to the east pushing some rainfall into palo
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alto by 5:59. we've also seen things pick up here in redwood city. now things are more moderate. all of this is heading across the bay. it's picking up in intensity right here. so watch out in hayward. you're going to get another round of some strong weather and possibly some small hail. just a reminder if you hear thunder you could get close enough to be struck by lightening so you want to head inside. we have this downpour here in downtown san jose. all of this will continue off into the east foothills as we head towards 6:00 tonight. i think even through 6:00 we're looking at some scattered areas of wet weather continuing in the mix even through 9:00 p.m. then we'll try to shake this stuff out of here once we hit 11:00 at night. but here's the thing. we're going to see another round of some wet weather once we hit
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tomorrow morning. it's going to be very scattered in nature, but just keep the umbrella handy. so a look at our temperatures. peninsula 42, and the tri-valley starting off at 40. san francisco in the north bay with a mix of those 30s and 40s. let's take you back to the future cast. and you can see through tomorrow afternoon it is hit and miss, possibly some isolated hail and some of those heavy downpours again for saturday's forecast. and by the evening hours we'll start to see things clear on out. snow another 1 to 2 feet expected across the higher elevations. if you're heading to the sierra plan accordingly. maybe some more rainfall next wednesday, thursday and friday. that activity for next week not looking as strong as we're
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seeing. coming up a ride share driver is getting a fair shake. new research suggests many aren't even making minimum wage. how can that be? we'll be right back. a dog nappe
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investigators emailed us a picture of a man taking a dog from a backyard. you can see the picture on our twit happening now richmond police are looking for a dag napper. investigators e-mailed us a picture of a man they say was taking a dog from a backyard. and the holi festival ends today. you can check out the photographs on our twitter, celebrations from around the world. back with more news. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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goes to alert employees. here )s where it happened - in santa rosa - at the "garda awo heist fouled and the credit goes to alert employees. santa rosa police say employees sounded an alarm just before 3:00 this morning. when officers arrived they spotted a man out would a gun. officers shot him but he ran into a creek but they caught up with him. officers arrested both men. you may remember back in 2011 armed men robbed the same facility and made off with a million dollars in cash. a garbage truck driver is
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dead after his truck, his own truck run over him. happened just before 8:00 this morning in camden avenue in san jose. police say the driver thought he hit something, he parked, got out to see what it was and that's when the truck started rolling back on its own and hit him. the truck eventually came to a stop after hitting a tree. less than minium wage and that's before taxes. who'd want that job inwell, that's what research claims uber and lyft drivers are making. the study found drivers make a median profit of just more than $3 an hour. works out to 59 cents per mail. and you factor in fuel, insurance, maintenance, reports say drivers are losing money. the report says the business model as it is now is unsustainable. today he's getting a lot of
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buzz about how he got there. we're going to show you who and where. one of our "bravest" -- bd
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bars. the threats and weapons that have a san fran ci tonight at 6:00, one of o bravest behind bars. the threat to the weapons that have a san francisco firefighter in legal trouble. that story and more tonight at
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6:00. >> okay, take agriing a ride do memory lane. oakland rapper g-easy posted this photo to his instagram writing, good to be home. fans commented it calling a very humble gesture. that's a good way to do it. >> we're going to start to get a little bit easier here once we hit sunday's forecast. we get this rainfall chance moving on out. our doppler radar still picking up on some heavy rain. some of the heaviest right now in palo alto. we're going to have much more on this. >> lester holt is next and then
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we'll be back. we'll see you then. tonight, a monster winter storm. the nor'easter hitting with a dangerous mix of snow, relentless rain and wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. travel nightmares, thousands of flights canceled, passengers getting sick on a plane trying to land in the storm. >> i'm holding on to the seat and we're going up and down and everywhere. >> massive flooding, roads underwater. al roker is tracking the threat for us. the deadly double shooting inside a college campus dorm. tonight, the urgent manhunt for the gunman. another roller coaster day on wall street as president trump stokes fears of a trade war, saying they're easy to win. how it could impact prices on everything from blue jeans to bourbon. hotel wi-fi warning. the new trick scammers can use to make you think you're signing on to the hotel's ne


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