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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 5, 2018 3:30am-4:01am PST

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so i'm hyperventilating a little bit. if i fall over pick me up because i have things to say. >> no big shockers at the academy awards but plenty of memorable moments and highlights ahead. the mueller investigation got more interesting. nbc news is revealing a witness subpoena and we know how much more that -- that much more about mueller's strategy. >> in florida lawmakers advabsing new gun laws in a bill named after mar gor yee stoneman goug glass high school. why only one in four are seeing a difference in the paychecks because of the tax laws. "early today" starts now. good to be with you. >> i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena.
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>> two-time host jimmy kimmel quick to shine a light on the important movement sweeping hollywood and didn't stop there. harvey weinstein's accusers, sal together presented a video montage before frances mcdormand won best actress with a rousing acceptance speech. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. >> other winners included guillermo del toro who took home the oscar for best director and picture and jordan peele made history for the screenwriter for "get out". >> i thought no one would make this movie but i kept coming back to it because i knew if someone let me make the movie people would hear and see it. >> jennifer borkland joins us from hollywood with more.
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good morning. >> well, frances, hollywood has had its serious moments this year, let's face it. there's been a lot of activism, changing times, change isn't always easy, but last night it was all about the fun and the ruckus night out at the movies with the movie stars and a celebration of all those changes that are starting to really take hold. >> this year when you hear your name called, don't get up right away. >> reporter: last year's envelope mix-up was top of mind to open the oscars and to wrap them up. >> it's so nice seeing you again. >> reporter: no mistakes this time. >> "the shape of water". >> reporter: the romance about a woman and sea creature earned hollywood's top prize and three others including best director for guillermo del toro. >> growing up in mexico, i thought this could never happen. it happened. >> reporter: in the acting categories. >> gary oldman. >> reporter: there were no
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surprises, gary oldman's portrayal of win ster churchill in "darkests hour" brought him best actor, supporting honors to allison janney for "i, tonya" and "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." >> frances mcdor mand. >> overwhelmed by her second os ka car as actress. >> i have some things to say. >> reporter: she saluted all of the night's female nominees encouraging their continued support in hollywood. the night also produced some history. >> jordan peele, "get out". >> reporter: the writer director jordan peele became the first african-american to win best original screenplay. >> i knew if someone let me make this movie that people would hear it and people would see it. >> reporter: also winning oscar nba legend kobe bryant for best animated short film "dear basketball". >> as basketball players we're supposed to shut up and dribble, but i'm glad we did a little more than that. >> reporter: two years after the hash tag oscar so white this year's showcased hollywood's
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increasingly diverse voices. >> reporter: and phantom thread costume designer mark bridges took home the most interesting award, that neon green jet ski promised at the beginning of the evening to whoever gave the shortest acceptance speech. he rode out in a life vest at the end of the ceremony. lighthearted fun with the activism, the usual fair at the oscars. jennifer borkland in hollywood. back to you. >> thank you. more developments in the russia probe. a grand jury subpoena issued by special counsel robert mueller is asking for communications related to some of the trump campaign's key figures including the president himself. the subpoena was first reported by axios and revealed by nbc news. it seeks all documents including e-mails, texts, memos, phone logs and more having anything to
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do with ten current and former campaign associates of mr. trump dating back to november of 2015. among them, former campaign managers cory lewandowski and paul manafort, former white house strategist steve bannon and the president's personal lawyer michael cohen the only person on the list who has not left the white house and also on the list president trump, indicating mueller is not just focused on what campaign aides knew and when but what the president knew. it comes days after an nbc news exclusive report that mueller is asking pointed questions about whether president trump knew about hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign before the public found out. president trump is holding firm on his proposal for steep tariffs on imported steel and aluminum tweeting we are on the losing side of almost all trade deals. it's time for change. administration officials now saying there will be no country exempt in the proposed plan. that despite international and domestic outcry including divisions within the president's own party. nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has the latest.
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>> reporter: from a trump-style campaign message -- >> we are going to put a american steel and aluminum back into the backbone of our country. >> reporter: to trump-style decision-making. >> we're going to be instituting tariffs. >> the dow going down with a decline of more than 430 points. >> reporter: heard like a fire alarm across markets, among allies, and even in the president's own party. >> it's only going to hurt american consumers and our allies. please reconsider your solution. >> reporter: but in places like west virginia, where trump's trade positions have traction, enthusiasm can be found. from a democrat. >> we're talking about fair trade. free trade hasn't worked well for west virginia. it really hasn't. we've lost thousands of jobs. >> reporter: the trump plan would impose tariffs on steel and aluminum coming into the u.s., intended to make u.s. steel and aluminum providers more competitive. but unintended consequences worry, the owner of iowa-based des moines steel. >> it's going to hurt us in the long run.
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our supply and demand now is going to be hard because almost all our stainless steel is made in china and overseas. >> reporter: with days to go or maybe more, until the president says he will sign the tariff plan commerce secretary wilbur ross said other nations want a chance to influence the terms. >> a lot of countries have been talking with the president. they've been talking with me. they've been talking with others. and we'll see. the president makes the decisions. >> reporter: ross dismissed concerns that threats of trade retaliation against american-made goods would hurt consumers. >> retaliation isn't going to change the price of a can of beer. it isn't going to change the price of a car. it's just not going to. >> reporter: secretary ross acknowledged there are differences inside the president's inner circle about whether the tariffs are a good policy. despite that divide he says he's not seen any indication the president would back away from this yd or carve out specific
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exceptions for certain nations. but he also cautioned that that would be up to the president and a decision could come this week. frances? >> kelly o'donnell. kelly, thanks. reaction to the proposed tariffs is swift around the world as well. with several countries warning of market disruption on all sides. some threatening to retaliate with tariffs of their own, saying they won't ignore the potential impact on their economies. nbc's ali arouzi is joining us from london this morning. hey, ali, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, phillip. unsurprisingly president trump's proposed tariffs are not being received well in the uk or throughout europe. criticism has come in from governments that are allies of america. france and germany expressed concern warning they won't sit by if import taxes are enacted but trump has threatened them with a 25% tax on european cars if they try to retaliate. that would be a huge blow to bmw and mercedes. the u.s. is their most lucrative
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export market. there's also a threat coming in from brussels, european commission president said that bloc was prepared to respond forcefully targeting u.s. imports like harley-davidson, levi's jeans and bourbon whiskey. a difficult moment for the united kingdom, a big market for the u.s. steel industry and britain is negotiating its way out of the eu. it had hoped to capitalize on a special relationship with america and bolster trade after brexit but in a firm call to president trump yesterday, prime minister may's office said she raised deep concerns over the president's plan. back to you, phillip, frances. >> ali, thank you so much. let's check in with meteorologist bill karins with a look at our weather and a one, two, even three punch when it comes to the storms. >> winter has been crazy. in the wests some of the areas, saw some of the pictures from the ski slopes, five to eight feet of snow from the last big storm. the west has actually cleared out finally. all that stormy weather now moves into the middle of the
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country and new developing story, blizzard warnings for the dakotas. it wasn't long ago we were thinking winter went away and it's back in a big way with winter warnings from bismarck to minneapolis. they couldn't buy snow in minneapolis in the beginning of the winter and now they've had one big storm after another and expecting about four to eight inches from this storm system and even milwaukee and chicago get a little bit of snow. for today's forecast we're fine in l.a. and phoenix, okay. in san francisco. showers in the northwest but not bad, cloudy in seattle and a len central california. as we recover from the last storm. beautiful day to get in the mountains and skiing. all that snow in the west did help with the snowpack. they haven't caught up, but we started. >> all right. bill, thank you very much. in addition to the oscars the razzies dolled out their
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awards to hollywood and the rock was quick to accept his for "bay watch" in the category so rot ten you loved it. >> i humbly accept my razzie and thank you critics and fans and look, at the end of the day, movies so rotten you fell in love with it, that's the way love goes. >> people love the rock. >> someone liked it. >> just ahead, a gun control bill in florida taking shape but could it be a precursor for the nation. the details next on "early today." my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line, and if you're not taking care of your gums, you're not taking care of your mouth. so now i use this. crest gum detoxify. introducing new crest gum detoxify... it works below the gum line and is clinically proven to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. new gum detoxify, from crest. gums are good. so is my check up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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hey allergy muddlers: are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. and try children's zyrtec® for consistently powerful relief of your kid's allergies. in northern california, one group of students raised $1,500 to support the parkland shooting victims and families. they're preparing for the national school walkout on march 14th, that will last 17 minutes to honor the 17 who died at stoneman douglas high school. >> after that i realized this affects so many real people, real families. >> we hate how school shootings
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are being treated as if they're inevitable in our country because they're not. and this is our way of being part of this national conversation. to this leading the news lawmakers in florida are advancing new proposed gun measures after 17 people died in a mass shooting at a high school. the bill is named after the school. nbc's may ya rodriguez spoke with some students who say it doesn't go far enough. >> reporter: 17 days after 17 people were gunned down at marjory stoneman douglas high school, the debate over guns in schools. >> we can never support arming teachers. >> reporter: reached a fever pitch at the florida state capitol. >> the root cause of this problem is a society that now worships violence. >> reporter: in a 20-17 vote along party lines, all but two republican state senators voted in favor of banning bump stocks, creating a voluntary program to arm teachers, millions in mental health funding for schools, and raising the age to 21 to buy a rifle.
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what did not pass -- a ban on assault weapons and the sale of large-capacity magazines. >> it's a small setback in a much bigger movement. >> reporter: students at stoneman douglas and those from neighboring schools now focusing on their upcoming march on the 24th. >> love, not hate! >> reporter: and on the midterm elections. >> it's either we see change, or we're going to change our politicians. >> in realty, none of this can happen unless people put their vote up and make it count. >> reporter: the bill still needs to be approved in the florida house. with five days left, the students of stoneman are left waiting to see if any measure passes. maya rodriguez, parkland, florida. straight ahead, facebook is hiring 10,000 new employees to fight a very big problem. we'll explain, next. looking to save even more money on your medicare part d prescriptions? at walgreens, we'll help you save more with zero dollar copays on select plans and reward points on prescriptions.
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in today's quick hits gun store owners are calling it the "trump slump." sales of firearms have slowed down since president trump has been in office, and the trend has continued in the wake of the parkland school shooting. american outdoor brands says gun sales have plunged 67% since the presidential election. a big reveal for khloe kardashian and cleveland cavaliers player tristan thompson. chloe revealing on twitter they're having a girl. no word on when the baby is done. facebook plans to hire 10,000 new employees to review content in an attempt to combat the rash of fake news and
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foreign influence seen in the last presidential election. a busy weekend for the trump administration as they deal with the fallout over staff departures. and doubling down on the steel and aluminum tariffs. where will the markets go this week? let's ask cnbc's lan don dowdy. >> we will see but wall street could open slightly lower this morning. investors eyeing political developments in europe as italy is set for a hung parliament and german chancellor merkel is headed for a fourth term. also hanging over the markets continued concerns about a global trade war sparked by president trump's announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. that would hit european and nafta allys more than china. amazon fires the latest shot in a fight with google. it will stop selling all nest home products such as smart thermostats and cameras. it may be available through third party vendors. nest was absorbed into google after being a standalone unit
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and amazon is expanding into the home business with its recent purchase of ring. but it's refused to sell to google home device and smartphones. for its part google has booted youtube from amazon fire tv and echo devices. meanwhile only about a quarter of american workers say they're aware of changes to their paychecks due to the new tax law by the new law allows employers to withhold less money from the workers' paychecks which could result in higher take home pay but only 24% attribute to the bump to the law and out of those who have noticed baby boomers and genxors are likely to say it's due to the tax law. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. still ahead, "snl" takes on the trump administration's latest high-profile departure. you're watching "early today." i♪ ♪ never drop to your knees,
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>> she's bringing it. >> too bad we're only seeing it now. hope hicks. >> maybe that's not the last we see of her. >> could be. >> let's turn to the weather and nbc meteorologist bill karins. what a mess out there. >> it's monday and a lot of travel issues across the board. we'll start today with the northern plains with the horrible travel because of the snow and blowing wind and then by the time we get to wednesday that storm comes a full-fledged nor'easter with airport problems. new storm system sneaking in the on the west coast that's with us on thursday with rain and snow and lingers on friday into the northern rockies, not too much making it ways to san francisco but the northwest on thursday. >> bill, thank you. just ahead, how accurate were my oscar predictions? we'll tell you about that. right. plus, teachers in west virginia are on strike again. ♪ oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
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- this is what america's about. - sometimes it's nice to see all the good that's out there. bringing folks out, we have seen it in community after community. classes in west virginia will remain dark for an eighth day today. thousands of teachers say they're not being given the raise they promised, and a saturday night vote in the senate is only strengthening their resolve. nbc's ron allen has more on the fight that is keeping nearly 280,000 students at home. >> reporter: in a high school that will be empty come monday. >> 19 people that need to change their mind and do what's right. >> reporter: west virginia teachers plotted their next move. some 20,000 on strike for nearly two weeks. the state ranked 48th in teacher pay nationally, an average of about $45,000. they walked out demanding a raise and relief from soaring health care costs. >> i just left my father's chemotherapy session. if i get cancer tomorrow, do you think i can afford to take chemo?
3:57 am
>> 55 strong! >> reporter: days of angry protests and negotiations inside the state capitol building have led to this. >> reporter: a deal for a 5% pay raise agreed to by the governor and state house of delegates, but blocked by the state senate. what will it take to get the teachers back in the classroom? >> all it takes is for them to agree to the deal that was there in the beginning. >> lawmakers opposing the deal say the state can't afford it. the governor with the teachers thought the deal was done last week tweeted for crying out loud, we're putting our children at risk. some 270,000 students and their families locked out their schools and some teachers don't see an end in sight. >> do you think this is going to go on? >> i do. >> for a while? >> at least this week. >> why? >> i mean, the same reason, it's just mass confusion. there's not a lot of clear communication, clear answers or clear plans. >> reporter: with schools closed
3:58 am
again on monday, union leaders are calling on teachers to converge on the state capitol once again. lawmakers took sunday off, but monday looks like another day of confrontation while students stay home. phillip? >> ron, thank you. all right. here we are post oscars. after watching all nine best picture nominees, phillip mena ranked them in the first annual "mena's movie minutes." didn't do so bad. pretty close. >> i was going for not who i thought was going to win, but what i liked. exactly. if you haven't had a chance to check out the installments, they are on our facebook and twitter. so number three, i ranked "get out." i thought it was the most unexpected movie to come through here. it's very polarizing. it's not really what you're -- you don't know what to expect but you're glad you saw it. >> "the shape of water" won for best picture, but came in second on my list. i did think it had the highest degree of difficulty because the two main actors don't speak. and number one is "three
3:59 am
billboards outside ebbing, missouri." the best acting and writing >> tha.nk
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so i'm hyperventilating a little bit. if i fall over pick me up because i've got? things to say. >> a big night at the oscars, filled with big moments and much more. we've got you covered. >> president trump redoubles his prms to add high tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. this as a subpoena in the russia investigation reveals mueller's strategy. west virginia teachers will remain on strike this morning after the state senate blocks the governor's pay raise deal. three, two, one. go! >> and the iditarod, one of the world's greatest races, is under way. "early today" starts right now.


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