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tv   Today  NBC  March 23, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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mistake. that's what's happening "today in the bay," hopefully hour ra will have her voice back and be back with you on monday morning. >> more news coming up at 7:25. good morning. west wing turmoil. and another stunning shakeup. president trump's national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster, out. replaced by controversial former u.n. ambassador, john bolton. this as a former playboy model breaks her silence, getting emotional about her affair with the president. >> looking back, i know it's wrong. >> this morning, her story, her lawsuit and her message to melania trump. breaking overnight, a massive five-alarm fire tears through a new york city apartment building, serving as a film set for a star-studded movie. a veteran firefighter and father four of killed. at least two others seriously
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hurt. we are live at the scene. growing anger. overnight, new protests in sacramento, over the police shooting of an unarmed black man. demonstrators surrounding an arena, delaying the start of an nba game, demanding answers. all eyes on an abandoned space station crashing back to earth. the question, where will it land? signed, sealed and delivered. new details emerge about prince marry and meghan markle's wedding revealed. and loyola of chicago and their sister jean pull off a third straight, nail-biting upset on their way to the final four as march madness rolls on. today, friday, march 23rd, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." thanks for joining us on this friday morning. savannah is on assignment. craig is with us today. it's a happy friday for most, but the folks in chicago, and sister jean. >> sister jean still celebrating. >> yeah, come on. >> the 98-year-old team chaplain for chicago, now internationally famous. >> look at her, selfies with everybody. >> she's also a team scout, too. >> you have to love her. congrats to them. we have a lot to cover this morning. several developing stories, involving president trump from a new shakeup of his inner circle, to new revelations about an alleged affair with a former playmate and the lawsuit she filed. we have two reports, starting with nbc national correspondent, peter alexander at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's been known as farewell friday around here. but the president got a jump on the weekend, announcing the
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third national security adviser, john bolton. he shot down reports h.r. mcmaster was on the way out. on thursday, mcmaster was shown the door, the president building a more aggressive foreign policy team. john bolton in, h.r. mcmaster out. the former ambassador replacing the decorated army general as national security adviser. speaking out overnight, how the president's appointment by tweet caught him by surprise. >> i didn't expect that announcement. >> reporter: white house officials say president trump wanted to fill out his national security team before his sitdown with north korean dictator, kim jong-un. last month, bolten sent this warning shot, the legal case for striking north korea, first. unlike mcmaster, who was against tearing out the iran bombing deal. bolton repeated bombing iran. lindsey graham said president trump could not have made a better choice.
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california democrat, barbara lee blasted bolton as one of the most extreme pro-war members of the bush administration. as a candidate, mr. trump praised bolton. >> i like bolton. he's a tough cookie and knows what he's talking about. >> reporter: but he passed on bolton, because with that moustache, he didn't look the part. late thursday, bolton criticized the recent leak that his new boss didn't take the advice not to congratulate vladimir putin. >> you cannot expect other foreign leaders to be candid and open in their conversations with the president if some munchkin in the executive branch decides they're going leak the talking points. >> reporter: his appointment is not the only shakeup. john dowd, his lead lawyer in the russia investigation, abruptly resigned. nbc news learned that could
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potentially clear a path for the president to meet with robert mueller. people familiar with the process, tell us it's part of preparations for an interview with the special counsel. john dowd opposed that idea. but president trump told reporters, yesterday, he would like to do it. hoda? >> in the midst of all this, the president ordered new tariffs in against china. i guess we are already feeling the effects of this? >> reporter: a day after the president signed the stinging tariffs, china is now threatening to retaliate with tariffs on $3 billion on u.s. goods, from pork to steal pipes. in the wake of the president's move, the markets plunged. you saw this, the dow falling 700 points on thursday. so, what happens if there is an all-out trade war with china? big retailers, costco and gap to target and walmart said, it would hurt american households with higher prices. it could raise the price of
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iphones and the biggest exports to china, boeing airplanes. hoda? >> all right, peter alexander, thanks. there's another story facing the president this morning. a former "playboy" model, opening up for the first time about the ten-month affair she claims she had with donald trump and her lawsuit that's tied to it. hallie jackson has that story. good morning to you. >> hey, craig, good morning. karen mcdougle is now the second woman to file a lawsuit to share her story. this morning, we're learning new details about what she says happened. from the center fold to center stage, a former "playboy" playmate for the first time, talking in depth on camera, about her alleged affair with donald trump. >> were you attracted to him? >> i was attracted to him. yeah. >> reporter: the sex was consensual? >> yeah. >> reporter: that's karen mcdougle describing what she says was a ten-month relationship with donald trump.
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she says it started in 2006 in the months after her son baron's birth. >> what everyone sees on tv, i didn't see in that man. >> he can be charming. >> he is very charming. >> reporter: mcdougal saying she traveled to bed minister and trump tower to see donald trump, sharing journal entries, some marked with the initials d.t. and photos of her with the president and his family. >> if melania trump is watching this, what would you want her to know? >> that's a tough one. >> or say to her? >> yeah. what can you say except, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i wouldn't want it done to me. i'm sorry. >> reporter: mcdougal, who says she's a republican and voted for the president, is now suing american media.
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that's the company that owns "the national enquirer" which bought the rights to her story in 2013. they silenced her, what is known as a catch and kill, so she wouldn't hurt candidate trump's campaign. at the time, his spokesperson, hope hicks, called the allegations of an affair, totally untrue. >> somebody's lying and i can tell you, it's not me. >> reporter: the white house called mcdougal's claim an old story that's more fake news. ami says it's untrue they tried to silence mcdougle. adding, karen has been free, has spoken freely and remains free to speak regarding her story. she's the not the only woman alleging an affair and campaign cover-up. porn star, stormy daniels is also suing, arguing a nondisclosure agreement she signed is not valid. with questions now about whether the $130,000 she was paid by the president's long-time lawyer before the election violated campaign finance laws. the white house denied
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allegations of that affair. daniels has played coy so far. >> do you have a nondisclosure agreement? >> do i? >> reporter: that will change on sunday. she was talk on "60 minutes." she was not paid for the interview. her lawyer told savannah this month -- >> is she looking to sell her story? >> she is looking to dispel the truth about what happened. >> reporter: and writing, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is this worth? it would appear to be a cd or a dvd there. as for mcdougal, she said stormy daniels played a part in her telling her story. but, mcdougal says she probably would have decided to speak out anyway. >> hallie, thank you. now, to breaking news here in new york overnight. a tragic fire in a apartment in harlem. a father and veteran member of the fdny killed as he fought the flames. kristen dahlgren is at the scene. hey, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda.
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the cast and crew says they were inside overnight when they noticed smoke coming up from below them. s, while the brave earby firefighters rushed in. >> we have a missing member. the f.a.s.t. truck has yet to find him. >> reporter: this morning, a tragedy in harlem, a raging, five-alarm blaze, claiming the life of a veteran firefighter. the 15-year veteran, michael davidson was the nozzle man, the first member of the team to encounter the flames. >> units were forced to back out of the building. somehow when backing out of the building, firefighter davidson was separated from the unit. >> reporter: the intense fire broke out thursday night in the basement of an apartment building. >> we need an extra engine and extra truck. >> reporter: the basement below the movie set of "motherless brooklyn," starring bruce willis. an extra on the movie said
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filming was wrapping up for the night when it happened. >> we were ready to wrap up and go home. and something starts smelling. the smoke was coming from the ceiling. and we look down and the smoke was coming from the basement. >> reporter: the five-story building was built in the 1920s and once housed an historic night spot called st. nick's jazz pub. they lined the block with cars from the 1950s and turned the pub into a set. two other firefighters were severely injured battling the fire. investigators say they will immediately begin trying to figure out what went wrong. >> we know it started in the cellar of that address. and the fire marshals, due to the condition of the building now, are going to have trouble to determine the cause. >> reporter: davidson leaves behind a wife and four young children. in a statement, producers for the movie offered their condolences. they said, we watched firsthand with astonishment as they charged into the smoke to make sure they were safely out.
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they fought to contain the blaze to keep it from spreading, putting their lives on the line as they do every day. they called the fdny the true superheros. that is very true this morning. >> the truth there. kristen, thank you so much. also breaking overnight, growing anger over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man in sacramento, california. protesters turning up en masse, shutting down an interstate and
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>> protests, the police shootings. >> between the sacramento kings and the atlanta hawks. delaying tipoff for nearly 20 minutes. entrances closed to fans with just a small crowd making it in. the owner of the kings addressing the protest after the game. >> we are going to work really hard to bring everybody together to make the world a better place starting with our own community. >> reporter: park, a 22-year-old father of two was unarmed when he was shot and killed by law enforcement sunday night. >> just broke the window, running south. running to the south.
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>> reporter: officers were responding to reports of a vandal breaking car windows. >> let's get a perimeter. >> reporter: police thought clark was holding a weapon when they confronted him. two officers fired 20 shots. they found no weapons. only clark's cell phone. >> looked like a gun. >> reporter: the officers are now on paid administrative leave. minutes after the shooting, it appeared an officer said mute. and the two police body cameras stop recording audio. but questions remain about why they muted the cameras and what was being said. >> i'm just curious why they did that. so i knew that was part of the investigation. so i said at some point, we'll know. >> reporter: thursday's emotional protests calling for justice and demanding answers as a family tries to heal. >> it's a process. some moments are high. some moments are angry.
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some moments are remembering smiles. process of grief, everyone goes through that process differently. >> reporter: a vigil for clark is scheduled to take place tonight. meanwhile, clark's family has hired a well known civil rights attorney who also represented the families of trayvon martin and michael brown. >> thank you. breaking news overseas. security forces surrounded a supermarket in southern france where a man had taken hostages after shooting a police officer. police say two people have been killed. several others hurt. france's prime minister calls the situation an act of terrorism and another official says the police operation is ongoing. back here, up to a half million protesters are expected to flood the nation's cap tap tomorrow for the march for our lives. it's an anti-gun violence rally led by students from the parkland school shooting endorsed by a growing number of celebrities. kerry sanders is on capitol hill.
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good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. most of the kids coming here are too young to vote, but their protest voice is gaining momentum. they're bringing it here to the center of power. washington. this morning as many as a half million teenagers preparing to march against gun violence in washington, d.c. and tens of thousands more will also raise their voices saturday at similar protests across the country and even around the world. >> i've never felt so empowered before. >> reporter: for the kids from marjory stoneman douglas high school, it's a mission. >> i'm ready to do this. i'm ready to protest. >> reporter: and the message is? >> that this won't happen ever again. we're going to be the last one. >> reporter: after a gunman came on their parkland florida campus on valentine's day killing 17. which started as yet another school shooting tragedy sparked a movement. first in florida. then across the nation. what are your expectations?
7:17 am
>> that they will listen to us just because we're kids, that they'll listen to us and give us a voice. and, you know, they'll hear us out because we're smart kids in that we want to use our knowledge to really make a change. >> reporter: the florida students in washington expected to be joined by kids from just about every state. >> i just want to say i stand behind you guys. >> reporter: and they're getting support from celebrities too. including jimmy fallon, miley cyrus, george clooney, a 20 kids in vans from louisville, kentucky, are making the trip to d.c. today in part to honor two students killed during a maher shawl county high school shooting in january. >> just seeing how much school shootings there have been, i could have been a victim of this. >> reporter: gaby giffords herself the victim of gun violence seven years ago meeting with some of the protesters. more than 800 marches are planned for saturday. from bismarck to salt lake city, memphis to springfield, virginia. and everywhere in between. children now taking on a very adult topic.
7:18 am
politics. and hoping they can teach the grownups a lesson. >> the march is just the beginning until we get politicians to do what we want and what's right. >> reporter: later today, many of the children who are here in washington will meet with lawmakers to try to lobby them to limit with federal laws access to guns. guys, back to you. >> kerry sanders for us this morning in d.c. the ncaa tournament now and the cinderella story that is still being written. loyola chicago pulling off another upset. >> crossover. kicks it. for three. yes, sir! >> and that three pointer put the ramblers up by four with a few seconds left to play. they would beat nevada 69-68. they are now headed to the elite eight. and the team's biggest fan sister jean there could not be happier. loyola's 98-year-old team chaplain has become a bit of an international celebrity.
7:19 am
up next for the ramblers, kansas state. the wildcats upset kentucky last night 61-48. the number nine seed will move onto the next round. florida state is also heading to the elite eight after beating gonzaga last night. 75-60. and the seminoles ended zag's 16-game winning streak there. florida state facing michigan on saturday. the wolverines beat texas a&m. they are headed to the elite eight for the third time in six years. so you've got one-half of the elite that's set. four more spots up for grabs. they will be decided tonight. >> can't get over sister jean. come on. someone to root for. let's check out the weather. we got miss dylan in for al. >> we do have more snow to talk about. this time across the upper midwest. we have some of it moving through northeastern montana and north dakota. this is going to produce perhaps 6 to 9 inches of snow. we have winter storm warnings in
7:20 am
pink here into davenport and parts of illinois. so 16 million people are at risk for some winter weather. let's take you through today. most of the heavier snow will fall through north dakota. it extends into minnesota. here you see it is going to be rain through st. louis and the snow is going to stay just to the southwest of chicago and then by saturday it starts to move into the appalachians. but as far as snowfall totals, we could see as much as 8 inches through bismarck, north dakota. also cedar rapids, iowa, could see some of that heavier snowfall later today and tonight. your local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. is just right... the magic begins. this year, make the magic of easter come alive. bring home the lindt gold bunny.
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good friday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have dry and cold weather out there this morning and there's still some rain and snow farther to the north of us that will give us a chance of some rain as we go into today. it's go going to be nice and sunny but once again a slight chance of showers. highs reaching into the mid 50s for the coast, upper 50s inland. the best chance of rain will be across the north bay today from late morning into the afternoon and then the rest of the bay area will see a chance of showers moving in later on tonight. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. coming up, too slow to react. what sheryl sandberg is admitting in the wake of the scandal. and the out-of-control space station that is barreling back to earth. and the concerns that it could land back in the u.s. we're tracking it live this morning. first, this is "today"n nbc. o
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♪ authorities near yosemite say good morning, it's 7:26, i'm marcus washington. authorities near yosemite say the moccasin dam is no longer a threat to fail. workers are now trying to determine how much that dam is compromised. this after a rush of water triggered evacuations yesterday. water flooded nearby roads near tuolumne county and closed highway 49 for a time. there were concerns that the dam would fail following this week's heavy rains. the moccasin reservoir is part of the san francisco's hetch hetchy water project which serves more than a million customers. the puc says that san francisco's water supply will not be affected. today we're going to see a lot less rain, clear skies, kari. all clear, we are seeing that on storm ranger our mobile doppler radar giving us a clean sweep this morning. there is larain across the regi
7:27 am
that will give us a chance of spotty showers. off and on rain still possible and then for the rest of the bay area we will just see partly cloudy skies. by later on tonight we could see some of that rain moving into the rest of the bay area, south of the golden gate bridge, and we will see more rounds of some off and on showers into the weekend, but this should not cancel your outdoor plans. if you have the nbc bay area app you will be able to track that rain as it moves into you are consider location. also going to be a cool weekend with highs in the low 50s. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. looking over here the berkeley where we had a crash that cleared at university. you see that iconic overcrossing. a slower drive where the arrow is but we're recovering. that's what happens on fridays because we have a slighter volume of traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on. west 580 at isabelle the crash blocks one lane, two lanes blocked south 101 at tremble road. that's the unusual unexpected slowing heading south.
7:28 am
northbound slowing toward the 87 merge with the bay shore freeway.
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welcome back, everybody. 7:30. happy friday. it's the 23rd day of march. craig is in for savannah. savannah is on assignment. >> let's get to a check of the morning's headlines, including turmoil inside the trump administration. >> staff shakeup. john bolton set to replace h.r. mcmaster as president trump's national security adviser. >> i didn't expect the announcement. >> as china responds overnight to the president's new tariffs that retailers warn could end up costing you big bucks. deadly inferno. breaking overnight, one firefighter killed and two others hurt when a massive apartment fire breaks out on the set of a star-studded movie in
7:31 am
harlem. >> our entire department, our entire city, mourns this horrific loss of a very brave firefighter. atlanta hacked. a massive cyber attack hits atlanta's computer network. residents warned to monitor bank accounts. the fbi investigator what went wrong. >> all citizens have to be on hyper alert. in the nick of time. a good samaritan fights raging floodwaters in southern california, pulling a stranded driver to safety. and throwing some major shade. a sheriff's office accused pu s punxsutawney phil of deception. >> we need spring. >> today, friday, march 23rd, 2018. >> throw that groundhog in jail. >> they were spot-on. punxsutawney phil is never right. >> you know who is usually right?
7:32 am
dylan dreyer. >> you had to think about that. let's look at the conditions we're going to see today, across parts of texas, into new mexico and also into kansas, where we could end up with wind gusts about 50 miles per hour. the air is very dry and we can see a risk of fire spreading rapidly. with the dry conditions comes extreme heat. we could see harrecord-breaking temperatures. lubbock, a high of 91. jackson, mississippi, 76 degrees, 6 degrees above average. that's where the warm aeroir is. we're going to see a chance of blizzard-like conditions across the northern plains, with gusty winds and the falling snow, especially north dakota. the train will extend into parts of the midwest. it will be chilly across
7:33 am
good friday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to see some mostly sunny skies but a slight chance of rain especially in the north bay and highs in san francisco up to 54 degrees. 51 degrees on saturday. cool and breezy and sunday still a lingering shower in the forecast. early next week into the middle of the week it's going to be sunny and also warming up, especially for the those inland areas, we are looking at low 70s, but you do want to make sure you keep tabs on the incoming weather. make sure you download the nbc bay area app. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. on this busy friday morning, there are growing calls for mark zuckerberg to testify about facebook's user data scandal. this as a key member o
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world's biggest social network,
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guys. >> jo ling kent in menlo> a lot think you can walk and text safely? a "rossen reports" experiment that you want to see. and tidbits that prince harry and meghan markle are revealing about the big wedding. >> what day is it? >> may 19th. >> and something from a major retail that will change the way you shop at stores. first, the out-of-control space station expected to come mercedes-benz glc...
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we're back on this friday morning, with something that's sure to get your attention, a space station abandoned and now out of control. it's about to come crashing back down to earth. >> this is no hollywood thriller. this is actually happening. look right now. its orbit has it soaring high above the atlantic. the question, when and of greater concern, where will this thing eventually land? nbc's tom costello is tracking this thing for us. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the last astronaut left five years ago from china's first orbiting space station. and now, some time before mid-april, it will come hurtling back through our atmosphere. most will break up on reentry. astronomers warn, it's hard to know where, precisely, the rest of it could land.
7:43 am
remember sandra bullock getting shot into space in "gravity." she hitched on to the space station and rode its rocket back to earth. but this time, there's no one at the controls. as what went up almost seven years ago comes back down. the nearly ten-ton space station malfunctioned in 2016. and since, it's been out of control, orbiting earth at 17,000 miles per hour. making it uncertain where it might land. >> if you're off by a minute, you're in the next state. >> reporter: the highest likelihood, the 46rd parallel, over the science center in detroit. >> it's crashing. it's not scheduled to do this.
7:44 am
>> it sounds really scary. >> i'm concerned because i think a giant piece might fall on me. >> reporter: scientists say the chances of that are astronomically low. >> some of the pieces might land on the earth but most will burn up in the atmosphere. >> reporter: in the '60s, part of sputnik slammed on this street in wisconsin. remember skylab? >> skylab fell to earth today. and as far as we know, no one was hit by any of the pieces. >> reporter: it did happen, two decades later, to this woman in oklahoma. >> my first instinct was, it was something from a shooting star, that maybe it might be radioactive or something. >> reporter: it turns out, she's the only earthling who has ever been hit. >> if my own prediction said a satellite would land on me, i would run out to watch because it will be great. the risk to people is minimal. >> reporter: that's because space stations and satellites are designed to break up on
7:45 am
reentry into the earth's atmosphere. while scientists stress there's little risk, they say it can't hurt to look up because you might get a spectacular, cool light show. >> good. nothing to worry about. pretty cool. up next, i'm a little scared, actually. up next, on the eve of the march for our lives, a candid look at one of the most powerful and one of the most powerful and important student oh, look... one of the most powerful and important student another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
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or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. welcome back, everybody. earlier, we talked about the demonstrations that are raging in sacramento and tomorrow's march for our lives. they are putting renewed focus on the power of protesters to capture the nation's attention. >> one man who helped pioneer that strategy, martin luther king jr. as we approach the 50th year of his assassination, nbc news is premiering a new documentary, "hope "mlk: the movement and the
7:50 am
media." and fury." lester holt looks how mlk harnessed media for the civil rights movement. including a lasting example from 1963, the student protests in birmingham, alabama. >> reporter: more than 1,000 school children, first high school students, then younger ones, left school and headed downtown, where the troops waited with fire hoses and dogs. >> dr. king realized that if you have embers and you have gasoline, all you need to do is get a spark and things will burn. ♪ >> we had instructed people, you don't run from dogs. you back away from them. and you continue to look at them. >> i was 16 and i was stupefied
7:51 am
by those images. and i see these 6-year-old kids, marching into dogs and fire hoses, singing freedom songs. when they see the dogs and the fire hoses, they don't run. >> they would pin us to the light pole to keep us from going any further down the street. and you had to hold on to keep from being rolled down the street. >> you would have to describe it as what hell must look like, to see human beings being treated that way. screaming, especially little kids. >> i got tears in my eyes right now. it's hard. >> these were children with ribbons in their hair and little dresses on, who were getting beaten up. they weren't dressing up in
7:52 am
their finest sunday clothes to get blood all over them just for kicks. they were dressed that way so they were the maximum amount of sympathetic. >> when violence is that visual, it prompts people to action. it gets people's attention in a way that any amount of intellectual discussion can't approach. >> wow. >> you can catch "hope & fury" tomorrow. 8:00, 7:00 central. >> sometimes when you think about that happening within our lifetime. we look at the images and think, how can that be? >> the anger, still bubbling up. >> yeah. still ahead here this morning, an eye-opening look at the dangers of walking and texting. does your boss require you to respond to e-mails after work? the push that could make that illegal. >> illegal? >> that's right. >> not here. ♪
7:53 am
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happy friday. right now it's 7:56. we wake up to clear skies, but much cooler temperatures. we are now in the mid to upper 30s in the north bay, also for the tri-valley and the south county, but it's in the low 40s elsewhere. we are reaching into the upper 50s today inland, mostly sunny skies, a few passing clouds but we will also have a chance of rain. highest chance will be until the north bay where we could see spotty rain moving in later this morning into early afternoon. some of those waves of rain may make it into the south bay and east bay later on tonight into the day as well on saturday. with some passing showers, but overall we are looking at a much drier trend, but there could be some rain not only tomorrow, but sunday as well. we will keep an eye on that. as this weather system winds down, temperatures will be cool throughout the weekend, reaching into the low 50s and look at that, a lot of sunshine in next week's forecast. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. moving much more smoothly
7:57 am
than yesterday. dry roads, easier drive. lighter conditions. the crash south 101 at tremble cleared, north 101 at mckee we had a crash at the exit but that may have just cleared judging by the patterns that developed in the last couple minutes. northbound commute not bad at all, for the south bay there are your travel times, approaching the bay bridge still a little slow down the east shore freeway but moving well as well as oakland, and there is the approach for the richmond-san rafael bridge. the biggest deal is the sun in your eyes coming over from san rafael. mourners in the north bay will pay their final respects to a marin county deputy who died in the line of duty, deputy ryan zirkle's car crashed into a tree. and the justice department just announced charges against nine iranians for hacking scheme targeting u.s. schools and government agencies. go to our twitter feed for a link to the full story. students around the bay area plan to protest tomorrow as part of a nationwide march for our lives event against gun
7:58 am
violence. i'm marcus washington. sun on sp. but it won )t be a vacation. the help they )re giving to families in need. and - what i did to help a man - shocked by an insurance bill claiming he owed thousands. that )s monday on )today in the bay ) - ♪you've got a friend in me celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades.
7:59 am
only at disneyland resort.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, white house whip lash. president trump replaces his national security adviser in the latest staff shake up as a playboy model opens up about her alleged affair. >> i think somebody is lying and i can tell youst n it's not me. >> we are live in washington. a look at how texting and walking can be more dangerous than you think. >> you went diagonal in the crosswalk and almost went over that rock. >> unbelievable. did you make the list? >> they invited 600 people. that's a low key wedding.
8:01 am
>> new details on megan markle's welling. we have the inside scoop today, friday, march 23rd, 2018. >> i traveled over 2,000 miles to meet hoda. >> happy 75th birthday grandma. we love you. >> we are sisters from indiana. our dream came true. we are on "today". >> my dream is to be a weather man. >> happy birthday. >> that is an awesome friday crowd. welcome back this morning.
8:02 am
we are happy to have your friend craig with us. >> happy to be here. >> we are. we'll get right to your news. president trump is dealing with severe turbulence on matters both political and personal. nbc national reporter peter alexander has more. >> bolton the former u.s. ambassador under george w. bush and becoming the third national security adviser in 13 months. bolton fills out a more aggress ifr foreign policy team. he made a case for preemptive strikes in north korea. it is not to only shake-up. his lead lawyer in the russia investigation he was advising him not to sit down with robert mueller.
8:03 am
days ago the president made it clear he hired a new lawyer are a bare knuckle approach. he told reporters here he would like to do an sbefr viinterview mueller all as a former play mate is speaking out about what she says was a nearly yearlong sexual relationship with mr. trump in the months after his son baron was born. she said he tried to pay her after the first time together. she said mr. trump always catol her he loved her. the white house is calling it fake news. >> >> they killed the person that killed two people and took hostages. the gunman opened fire on a group of police officers wounding one of them. there are reports he claimed
8:04 am
allegiance to isis and demanding the lease for the paris atakes that killed 130 people. the prime minister of france called it an apparent act of terrorism. a school bus crash will have you wondering how nobody was seriously hurt. dash cam video shows a tractor trailer veering into the path of the bus tuesday after striking a utility pole. after the terrifying impact she comforts the special needs children by asking them about their favor rit gaite game. she was just the right person for that job. she wrote the textbook. >> that's how people are in south carolina. time far little morning boost. >> let's take care of that. snowstorms can be a pain but they bring out the best in people. these police officers were being good sports.
8:05 am
they let the kids get the best of them in a slushy snowball fight. the officers noticed some of them were wearing rubber gloves and socks on their hands. they chipped in and bought the kids some warm gloves so they could continue the fun in the snow. >> how about that? >> yes. >> pretty cool. is it the beginning of the end for cash registers? a new move by macy's that may change the way you shop. are you paying more attention to your phone than your feet? >> new numbers showing the potential dangers of texting while walking. police issuing a new warning. think you can walk a straight line while you text? it's the rosson report texting challenge next.
8:06 am
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8:11 am
we're back at 8:10 on this friday morning. "rossen reports." an important new warning for all of us who text while walking. we all do it. >> new numbers show it may be more dangerous than you may think. national correspondent jeff rossen is here with a revealing experiment. sometimes you think it's funny videos that you're watching. but it can be dangerous. >> reporter: we are all guilty of this. this is me every day walking around the worldin ibuilding, w around new york city. head buried in the phone. even walking through intersections. i'm walking so much. now 6,000 pedestrians were killed in the u.s. last year alone. and there's growing concern from police around the country about doing what i just said, walking across streets, while texting. turns out our brains physically change when we text. this morning, guys, stand by. you'll see my brain in real-time while texting.
8:12 am
it's a scary place up here. we're setting up a special experiment with surprising results. the videos are startling. watch this man texting and walking right into a wall. this person, falling face-first into a pond while on his phone. this guy, so distracted, he falls down stairs. and this person, walking right into a fire truck. think it can't happen to you? think again. we're setting up an experiment, shutting down this park with the help of miami-dade police. okay. so, here's what we're doing. right on the other side of this building, we have a group of viewers, including my parents. i want to walk away a little bit. they think they're here to for us to test them to text while walking. we want to see how well they walk while texting. you have my number in your phone. text me what you did yesterday as you walk from here to there.
8:13 am
right away, it's not great. little wobbly. in fact, a study shows that 60% of texters can't walk in a straight line. go for it. that's my dad. all over the place. five seconds in, he's offcourse. right into the grass. dad. we were test for to see if you can walk a straight line. >> did i? >> reporter: no. you went diagonal inside the crosswalk. and you went over that rock but missed it by a hair. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: it's not just my family. watch as this woman heads for the bushes, almost tripping over the curb. person after person -- stop. veering off. what were you focused on? >> my phone and texting. >> reporter: and most dangerous of all, the officer notices most aren't looking up when crossing the street. >> that crosswalk in that intersection, that is where the
8:14 am
danger is. >> reporter: car comes and hits you. turns out, it's all in the brain. a neuroscientist at mt. sinai hospital showing us. >> this is going to be monitoring brain waves in real-time. >> reporter: how many electrodes are on this thing? >> eight electrodes that give uus full coverage of your entire head. >> reporter: first, i walk normally without texting. >> you have a brain and it's working regularly. >> reporter: i'm walking at a regular pace on the treadmill. i'm not used to walking without my phone. the doctor locks in a reading. now, see what happens when i start texting. >> i'm going to hand you your phone. get in a text conversation with someone. >> reporter: that shouldn't be hard. >> and go for it. go back and forth with someone. >> reporter: i'll do my producer here. we the exfext for several minut. the entire time, i continue to
8:15 am
walk. >> let me show you your brain. this is your brain when you're just walking and not focusing on anything else. now, look at this white space, this tells us you're focusing on just the one thing. we're going to look at texting and walking at the same time. >> reporter: it's that big a difference? >> absolutely. your brain is overloaded. >> reporter: look at the side-by-side. that white space when i'm walking mean i'm totally concentrating. but when i'm texting and walking, there's so much red, my brain is having trouble doing both. >> humans can multitask. we can rapidly switch between two tasks. that means that we're doing both of those tasks a little poorer than we would if we were just trying to do one of the tasks alone. >> reporter: next time you're crossing the street, put down the phone. my brain on texting. told you it was scary up here. "the new york times" posted a blog about this a few years back. they bring up an interesting
8:16 am
point about our blind spot. let me bring the camera. take a look. this is what you see, basically, when you're testing. i'm texting my producer, conner, again. you can only see the angle right in front of you. we have an overhead shot i want to you, as well. this green area right here is what you can see. but the red area all over here, that's all your blind spot. and if you think about it, that could be everything from a car, to another person, it literally could be anything. as i try to walk a straight line back to you. this is something we're all guilty of. those videos are funny but it can be dangerous when you cross the street. >> the multitasking thing, we feel we can do it. i feel like i'm aware of what's going on. but that was revealing. >> your doctor saying, i can confirm you have a brain. that was a good moment. >> i don't buy it. >> fascinating piece. >> i'll see you in 30 rock today. >> all right. dylan, a check of the weather? >> i want to get the graphics for weather.
8:17 am
a ceiling shot. let's look at the west coast. we have another storm system bringing rain and snow from washington down through oregon. even a small part of northwestern california. and this whole storm system is going to produce snow, especially in the higher elevations. we could see about one to three inches of snow. or one to three feet of snow, and locally up to four feet of snow. we have winter storm warnings. and traveling across the passes will be nearly impossible. this storm system moves away. on saturday, another one brings rain and snow as we start off the weekend. this will bring leftover snow through the rockies. we could see feet of snow. and the winds will be gusty, as that's what's going on across country. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning. that weather system could bring us some scattered showers as we go through today, but as of now, storm ranger, our doppler radar, giving us a clean sweep. that rain is very close. we'll see it moving closer as we go into the afternoon and
8:18 am
evening. keep a slight chance of rain on top of your mind and we'll see our highs into the mid-50s. mid-50s for the coast. mostly sunny skies, the highest chance of rain today will be in the north bay. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. now, to a new way that retailers are trying to compete with ecommerce giants like amazon. >> one way to do that, make the in-store experience like the online experience. there's joe fryer. >> reporter: these days, shopping in store doesn't have to mean standing in line. macy's is unveiling mobile checkout, a way to shop with the store's app. >> you literally scan it. you're in control. >> reporter: why do this? what is the benefit of doing this? >> people sometimes don't have time. they want to come in and out quickly. >> reporter: one survey finds 95% of customers want to be left alone while shopping unless they
8:19 am
need an associate's help. with macy's app, shoppers can finish and pay on their own phones. >> it would make a difference for me if the line was way too long. i could take out my phone and do it. >> reporter: before leaving, macy's shoppers must visit a mobile checkout counter so the store can remove tags and bag the purchase. like they're checking your receipt. >> exactly. >> reporter: that's different than the amazon go grocery store, where the shoppers walk out without checking out with an employee. are you trying to catch up with amazon in this area? >> we're doing macy's. people want to touch and feel the product. >> reporter: in january, macy's announced 5,000 job cuts and 7 store closures. but sales are up. experts say as much as 85% of shopping still happens in stores. critical to retailers' success,
8:20 am
pairing good in-store experiences with good technology. for example, using virtual reality and augmented reality to see how furniture will look in a home. macy's is rolling this out. the technology is used by ikea, wayfair, target and lowe's. macy's is also testing ideas like the market. pop-up shots with a rotating cast of venders. >> it keeps the excitement, the range chap change happening. >> reporter: macy's will start rolling out mobile checkout this spring and have it in stores by year's end. >> i would dig that. wouldn't you guys? >> i would. i would do that. >> yeah. >> as for macy's mobile checkout, the idea is to roll it out this spring and have it in all stores by year's end. it is our time for the orange room. everybody is talking about work
8:21 am
e-mails. >> new york city councilman proposed a bill that could make it illegal for employees to respond to e-mails or texts after working hours. he is calling it the right to disconnect. we need to establish clear boundaries for employees so they can maintain a healthy work-life balance and live without fear of retaliation for not answering work communication after hours. any bosses that demand that employees remain in contact could face a fine. social media, plenty to say. nicole says, need this nationwide. nothing like getting tons of e-mails from your boss, creating anxiety on your days off. on the other side, peter says, how ridiculous. you can't have politicians legend this. but billy says, pay me extra and i'll answer any e-mails you want. we asked you on twitter, what do you think about the right to disconnect? a lot of you think this is a good idea. 82% approving, 18% disapproving. the bill was introduced in
8:22 am
new york last year. it never made it through. but similar laws have been passed like this abroad, in france, germany and italy. not that you wouldn't get the e-mails from the workplace. you wouldn't have to respond. >> just feel guilty all weekend. >> in some professions that might work. in this profession, it wouldn't. you got "pop start"? >> i do. let's do it. we want to extend our congratulations to katie lee. she announced that she is engaged to ryan beagle. you see the two of them right there. she's showing off the new ring. she captioned that photo, i said yes. she was traveling in paris. drew barrymore was promoting. and she was playing a game with james cordon. she had to decide between answering the question and eating something gross. she was asked to rank her
8:23 am
co-stars from most to least talented or eat a piece of turkey, she opted to rank her co-stars. she said that jake jigyllenhaal was the least talented. at last night's premiere of her show, drew walked around with the i love jake gyllenhaal sign. hopefully he forgave her for that. and last night, will smith sat down with jimmy fallon to promote his youtube channel. he asked if he would like to perform tv theme songs with him. see how he did. ♪ fish don't fry in the kitchen ♪ ♪ beans don't burn on the grill ♪ ♪ took a lot of trying just to get up that hill ♪ ♪ whatever happened to predictability ♪ ♪ milkman, the paper boy, and even tv ♪ ♪ believe it or not i'm walking on air ♪
8:24 am
♪ i never thought i could feel so free ♪ >> not bad, right? >> that was cool. >> good ones there. "the jeffersons," "full house," "greatest american hero." what really got the crowd excited was the final song. here it is. ♪ ♪ this is a story all about a life that got turned upside down ♪ ♪ and i'd like to take a minute and sit back down ♪ ♪ how i became the prince of a town balled bel air ♪ >> the crowd was bonkers, as you can see, on their feet, doing "fresh prince of bel air." >> that's one of the best tv theme songs. ever. >> top three. >> you can pull it out in a bar. what do you have for "daly click." >> kevin blocker, nice gentleman. looking forward to golf in florida. mother nature had different plans. when winter storm toby hit,
8:25 am
kevin's flight got canceled to florida. but he couldn't give up on that golfing dream. with the snow still falling, here's kevin, 1st hole, dogleg left. he's going to take it -- looks like he's got a nice one down the right side. it's fading in. look at the cgallery back there. not the same as florida. but he got a few swings in. for a fellow golfer, kevin, job well done. look at the calorie. dog. he's carrying his own bag. a regular bubba watson in the snow. >> i like your golf voice. >> thank you very much. the golf channel, in the family. >> you see him try to get a job at the golf channel? >> i have a few hours free if n the day. new details on the royal wedding. and our style squad reveals some of the hottest beauty trends all under 50 bucks. first,i )m ...
8:26 am
authorities near yosemite say good morning. it's 8:26. authorities near yosemite say moccasin dam is now no longer at threat of failure. workers are trying to figure out how much of the dam is compromised after a rush of water triggered evacuations yesterday. water flooded nearby roadways in the county and shut down highway 49. four a time, there was concern that the dam would fail following this week's heavy rain. the moccasin reservoir is part of san francisco's water project which serves millions of customers. the cpuc says the san francisco water supply will not be affected. and now we want to take a look at your traffic picture as you head out the door. >> there's oakland where actually for the last 15 minutes things were very slow, now starting to move better. northbound, with these folks
8:27 am
heading away from me, to hyatt street, up into downtown oakland. that's the slowest stretch. but improving here. for westbound 583, the same area of oakland. the commute is winding down already for the morning. we'll get into the midday build where we see the toll plaza show more traffic. but right now rolling pretty pleasant through the toll plaza. the northbound build easing off. the east bay, hayward, palo alto, all moving smoothly. good news for drivers. northbound route, easing up, getting better. >> thank you very much, mike. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. ♪
8:28 am
♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all new 2018 subaru forester models. now through april 2nd.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today," everybody. it's 8:30 on a friday morning, march 23rd, 2018. we have a monster crowd here. but we are also celebrating a big day, carson. it's national puppy day. >> it is national puppy day. >> we have sunny with us. >> sunny out here, with some treats for national puppy day.
8:31 am
>> how is he doing? >> sunny comes in and runs around for five minutes and sleeps for two hours. like me on sunday. >> look at sunny, sitting there nicely. olivia is here. we're taking great care of them. >> you know it's a big day when sunny is working on a friday. >> you're right. >> happy puppy day, sunny. did you get your invite to the royal wedding? >> you're funny. >> prince harry and meghan markle just put the invites in the mail. we have a glimpse of the hottest invitation of the year. also, let's hear it for our style squad. they're here to show us the best and most affordable new trends for spring. first, dylan, you have a check of the weather. >> one day it will feel like spring. but not now. it's chilly across the northeast. going into the weekend, we have another round of wintry weather. this time, from iowa into northern illinois. in will extend into the
8:32 am
appalachians on saturday. and we'll start off with a wintry mix in the carolinas. it will transition to rain. mountain snow in the rockies. a little unsettled across the midwest, where we could see rain and snow mix t that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> we've got a lot of sunshine as we start out this friday morning and it's chilly out there. we're going to reach into the mid to upper 50s today. there will be a chance of rain, especially for the north bay. the rest of the bay area may not see spotty showers until later on this evening. and then we will have at times some quick-moving rain moving through. overall, looks like fairly dry and cool weekend and next week we'll clear things out. a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures. inland areas by the middle of next week will be in the low 70s. >> here on the east coast, spring kicked off with a nor'easter. but the snow is melting and soon
8:33 am
the temperatures will rise, i promise. and what better way to celebrate than with a sneak peek of macy's annual flower show. susan is macy's vice president of special production. i love when you're here because it means spring is right around the corner. and last year's them had kind of a carnival vibe. this year, it's all about fairy tales. >> this year's theme is oncespr. we have the flower show in three different markets. it's so much fun. we have a whole story that we've created to really tell this tale about flowers and the springtime coming. >> we're starting with the snow globe. this wonderful guy you have in here. >> that's tanner. he's doing a beautiful job. you see the snow globe and take a photo and pretend you are the snow queen. >> no snow. just flowers. you need to have a dungeon in a fairy tale theme. >> we have a dungeon.
8:34 am
we do have a dragon in our story. we have this beautiful dragon. you can take a look at him, he's decorated with flowers. you can see here, all decorated with flowers. >> this is a water feature with the flowers. >> you know, when you think about spring and flowers, you think about water, too. you go to macy' show to get information. >> how many flowers are involved in the show? >> we have hundreds of thousands of flowers and different species all over. >> it looks nice just looking at them right now. it doesn't look like spring just yet. the macy's flower show starts this sunday, march 24th and runs through april 8th. hoda? >> all right, thank you so much, dylan. we have a great crowd moment, carson. >> these girls right here. >> girls are crazy.
8:35 am
come here. come here. this is important. we have george. george from massachusetts. george is celebrating a couple of milestones. first of all, turning 60. >> turning 60. >> second of all, you are retiring from where? >> the state of massachusetts. human services. >> you are serving in the army national guard. this is retirement day. we want to say welcome and thank you for everything you've done for this country. >> thank you. thank you. now, another big event to look forward to. prince harry and meghan markle's wedding. may 19th. >> i remember. >> the happy couple is revealing new details about the big day. capitol hill cobiella has that this morning. >> reporter: look at this. meghan markle in white again today. the bride-to-be with prince harry on a working visit to
8:36 am
belfast, as they reveal more details about their wedding, as you said, guys, less than two months away. meghan markle said she wanted to get to know the country she know calls home, with trips to england, scotland, wales and today, northern ireland, the tour is complete. all before the big wedding day. the royal wedding invitations from the prince of wales, prince charles, already in the mail, the palancece announced on twit. printed on british paper. this is her first big job and she couldn't tell a soul. >> i couldn't believe i was getting to start it. i fumbled around on my own, being excited. >> reporter: the palace says the couple will marry in front of 600 guests at st. georges chapel, windsor. >> the capacity for st. georges
8:37 am
chapping is 800. they've invited 600 people. in royal scales, that is a low-key wedding. >> reporter: in the evening, a party at frogmore house, with 200 of the friend's clocouple's friends and family. meghan's wedding ring will be forged from welsh gold. will harry wear one, too? who will be the best man, the maid of honor. this was kate's last public event on thursday. she is now officially on maternity leave. we are officially on baby watch here in london. no official due date for kate. but she is expected to give birth some time in april. in case you're counting, 57 days before the wedding. >> oh, we're counting. >> we're counting. >> baby watch.
8:38 am
royal wedding watch. >> got it going on. >> kelly, thank you. up next, the style squad is here on a friday with some fresh and affordable new looks for the spring season. they made their way inside the snow globe out there. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back, everybody. we're back with our style squad edit. even though the weather isn't cooperating just yet, we're going to tell you that spring has sprung. with it, comes a crop of fashion and beauty friends. we have julianna, and bobi thomas here. you're starting us off with rainbows. >> rainbow, in front of the snow globe, which i have all over me now. some seasons, designers pick some color. this season, they picked ever color.
8:41 am
if you're going to do a bold statement, wear just white. and do a pop of color. these are from places like jcpenney and charlotte russe. it's like a statement on your feet. >> just the laces sometimes, right? that's all you need. >> you can get laces for $6 and put them in regular sneakers. just backpacks, things for every age. you move on to sunglasses. i gave you a pair. this is a great way to get in on the trend. >> do they work? >> a little big for you. not the best. we can take a different one. this is a great way, and a more sophisticated way. and statement earrings. i love those. and this delicate jewelry. they're beautiful, the moon and love. really beautiful stones. $50 and under for us today. >> time for jill to get herlili. >> come warm me up.
8:42 am
>> some of the trends we're talking about bold plaids. everything '90s is back. you think of colorful plaids, i think of "clueless." it's about colorful plaids. here on kimberly, we did high-wasted pants. under 50 bucks. we did it simply. just a white t-shirt and easy leather jacket and you're on-trend for spring. >> beautiful. >> okay. on regine, think of this for easter. i love that it's periwinkle blue. this is available at h&m. and it's about mixing in one plaid piece. easy shoes from lu lu's. and i love this top, as well. that plaid dress, if you want to go bold, you can mix two colors. but you can keep it simple and do one solid color. >> i'm moving down to bobbi
8:43 am
thomas. you have the best trends in makeup. what is hot this year? >> two of the most wearable spring trends. we see looks on the runway, i have a picture of really graphic eyes. i'm calling this high liner. we've seen highlighter all over the face. but high liner is giving black a break for silver. look at melissa. instead of black, go with something fresh. it looks more awake. >> right under the eye or the corner of the eye. you can do a little or a lot. it's really refreshing. you don't have to go as crazy as you see on the runway. >> it looks beautiful on you. >> and methere's a great collection. you can use a high lighter that you use on your cheek. just get a brush and smudge it softly. >> for your skin tone, which is for you? >> if you have a darker skin tone, go with ivory.
8:44 am
experiment. you can use double liner. and then, amazing youtuber. i love the brands are getting onboard with mono chromatic makeup. they created a pallet. nars created an entire collection. she has this on her lids and her lips. you can take your favorite lipstick color and dot it on your cheeks and smudge it on your eyes. >> you look adorable. let's bring everybody back in. thanks to everybody on our style squad. you can find more of their pics on our website. everything is under 50 bucks. coming up next, the heartwarming story of budding actors, using their talents to bring out the best in their communities. first, this is "toda onbc.y"n
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back, now, with a story that will warm your heart, no matter what kind of day you're having. >> nbc's kerry sanders met some pretty remarkable kids, combine their passion for theater with a passion for giving back. >> reporter: ames, iowa, america's heartland. where dusty roads, when not snowed urn, lead to a thriving main street. it's the image here we conjure up in our mind whence we think of norman rockwell's portraits of america. and we discovered teenagers putting on a show. just like in the old black and white movies. >> i'm going to write a show for us and put it on the sea port. >> reporter: and just like mickey rooney, putting on a show for a cause. >> we're going to start right now. what do you say? >> reporter: in ames, the kids
8:48 am
showcased their talents for a purpose that touches all of america, hunger and poverty. no tickets for >> reporter: instead cost to get in, a jacket, a can of food, whatever folks believe will help those struggling. >> it's really nice, i think. it's a really good way because people are coming to the show and they'll bring things and it'll help a lot of people out. >> reporter: after the curtain call the profits are sorted, organized, packed up. >> in another little box. >> reporter: among those with passion on stage to make this happen offstage 16-year-old actor josh garten. >> you've got to show the love. because if we've been given love what can we do but give the love to other people. and that's really where the heart of this is. >> reporter: they enlist entire talent to put on productions.
8:49 am
the nonkryptwarehouse turned theater like the lights and props paid for with donations. 16-year-old actor travis cooper says it's only natural to want to now pay it forward. if the dream never happens that you don't become a professional actor, do you still get something out of this? >> i do. >> reporter: some of the food donated donated to food the first. among the people who eat here, 24-year-old abbey lee. >> some people can't afford food. >> it's a really simple lesson of when you're generous it causes other people to be generous. so be the one to start it. >> reporter: applausing for both the on stage and offstage
8:50 am
performances, teen americans living one of america's core value, generosity. >> it's contagious, isn't it, when you do watch someone doing something good. >> you see kids there and you've got a few hundred thousand kids preparing to washington, d.c., i think we're in pretty good shape in this country. we're back in a moment.
8:51 am
even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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welcome back, everybody. we have dylan to celebrate a few birthdays. >> i love this part of the show. let's spin around the smucker's jars and they happy 109th birthday to charlotte, jordan. she loves spending time with her family and friends. bernadine hanson is 100. she taught in a one-room school for 40 years. and happy 100th birthday to mike of fresno. he received a purple heart award
8:53 am
for his service during world war ii. jean logue is from springfield, illinois. she is celebrating 100 years. she earned her bachelors and masters degree in her 40s. eugene is 100. a proud grandparent. he has 7 grandkids and 17 great grandkids. and happy birthday to garrett greene of st. louis, missouri. he worked as a long-distance truck driver for almost 50 years. if someoyou know someone with a birthday, tell us about them on tomorrow, we'll be live in the nation's capital where the largest march against gun violence will be happening. we'll look back at how young people have shape ed some of th most popular movements in this country's history. >> on sunday, we'll look at that
8:54 am
march. putting a bow on one of these weeks where so much happened in washington. and my guest, drew barrymore. >> didn't she make some news with you? >> we went deep with her on her life story. she is doing so well. has a new netflix show. what she went through as a kid. emancipated from her parents. lived on her own at the age of 14 in los angeles. she has seen a lot. we'll talk to her about all of it on sunday. >> she has a trait i love, which is delight. wund she hadoesn't she have tha >> except when it comes to jake gyllenhaal. >> "megyn kelly today" is straight ahead. guys, have a great weekend. we'll see you on monday. - there's a common thread i see every time i'm in the field. while this was burning, you were saving other homes. neighbors helping neighbors and strangers alike.
8:55 am
- this is what america's about. - sometimes it's nice to see all the good that's out there. bringing folks out, we have seen it in community after community.
8:56 am
hundreds are getting ready good morning. it's 8:56. hundreds of people are getting ready to pay their final respects to a marin county sheriff's deputy who died in the line of duty. 24-year-old ryan zerkel died last thursday when he crashed his patrol car during a round of wet weather. the sheriff's office now says he was responding to a 911 hang-up call. he and his fiance had just purchased a home together in petaluma. today's memorial service will be
8:57 am
held at marin center in san rafael and the doors open in about an hour. happening now, the service actually begins though at 11:00 this morning. if you'd like to watch it, you can go to our homepage, that's where we'll have a link that takes you directly to the live stream. and the justice department announced charges against nine iranians in it isthe hacking sc. in the twitter feed, find the link to the full story, including why it is likely those defendants will never be prosecuted. and students around the bay area plan to protest tomorrow as part of the nationwide march for our lives event against gun violence. some 2 dozen protests are planned. we are talking with students and in the midday newscast at 11:00, we'll have a full report. >> stay connected to your world, wherever the world takes you. su.
8:58 am
but it won )t be a vacation. the help they )re giving to families in need. and - what i did to help a man - shocked by an insurance bill claiming he owed thousands. that )s monday on )today in the bay ) -
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[ applause ] good morning, everyone. good morning. and welcome. i'm megyn kelly. we begin today with firefighters. they risk their lives every time they are called to duty. and in today's show, some will share a side of themselves we rarely see. being on the front lines of tragedies will leave some of our first responders with overwhelming stress. given their need to stay strong in a crisis, the instinct is often to do that. stay strong, don't ask for help, you're asked. there's consequences to that decision. and david ushry, an anchor from our new york station, has a look. >>hi


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