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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 25, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the pomp and pageantry of a state dinner. and working with the iran nuclear deal. >> if they restart their program they will have bigger problems than ever bn >> and the veteran's affair nominee even president trump suggests should withdraw from. and bill cosby goes to the jury. are you ready for amazon deliveries to the trunk of your
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car? i'm francis rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. a new controversy in the white house this morning. >> a report containing a slew of allegations against jackson that could derail his nomination. the president gave port but nudged jackson to withdraw. reports of his workplace behavior putting his consideration on hold indefinitely. dr. ronny jackson is accused of drinking on the job, inappropriately giving out prescriptions, and creating a
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hostile environment. >> in a surprising move, president trump encouraging him to drop out. >> i said what do you need us for. i don't want to put a man through that is not a political person that is too ugly and disgusting. >> i know there is an experience problem because lack of experience -- >> jackson's confirmation hearing postponed indefinitely. an administration source says the allegations against him are false and wants to hear it all out at a hearing instead of stepping aside. >> are you saying it categorically untrue? >> i'm rolooking forward to sitting down and answering the
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questions. >> acardicording to an assessme he clashed with another physician and exhibited poor leadership. they are suggesting they you replace jackson and his coworkers. lawmakers are trusting the trump administration's vetting process. >> the president should spend more time researching nominees before sending them to congress. a french american alliance that was front and center last night as the trump white house held the first official state dinner turning up the glitz and glam for french president macron. it was capping a day of intention negotiations between the leaders behind closed doors.
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some even call it a bromance. >> the handshakes, the hugs, the back slaps. the bromance. >> thank you very much. >> we have to make him perfect, he is perfect. >> both presidents and their wives, but behind those public displays, private disputes on foreign policy, iran, syria in the spotlight. >> u.s. state and nuclear deal. the president trump not budging. the president doing some of his own. >> if they restart their nuclear program, they will have bigger problems than ever before.
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and now president macron suggesting he is opening to new ideas. the president seemed to have more sway on syria. the president is adding "we want a strong and lasting footprint." >> and it was president trump raising eyebrows with this. >> kim jong un, he has really been very open. i think very honorable. >> a tougher tone. >> no regime has oppressed it's own people more totally, more brutally. >> thank you hallie jackson for that report. more on the state dinner of what we can expect today for day three.
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let's go to tr asacie potts in washington. >> we will see president macron here on capitol hill today. the bromance on full display at the white house last night. he talked about the relationship, the friendship he has with president macron and that friendship now seems to be having an impact on policy. >> we celebrate two-and-a-half centuries between the united states and france. i ask that we raise a glass to france. may our friendship grow deeper, our kinship grow stronger, and our sacred liberties never die. god bless you, god bless france, god bless our alliance, and god bless america. >> president macron also talked
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about that deep friendship as a duty between the united states and france. he talked about stability between the two countries and their long-time alliance bringing up historical references. he will be here on capitol hill today talking about things like iran. thank you. rapper meek mill is a free man this morning. he was in prison for five mons for a probation violation. he was drive ton a nearby parking lot where he got in a helicopter to go to the 76ers game to ring the opening liberty
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bell. th >> this shined a light on the injustice in the process. >> state supreme court sited creditability issues with the arresting officer in the 2008 case. the lawyers say they will now work to joeoverturn that conviction. he says he is thankful for the philadelphia district attorneys office. i'm grateful for your commitment. and a physical ending with a dog attack. websites say it started when the woman asked the dog's owner to move him. the owner told her to stop touching the dog. the owner punched the woman in
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the face and the dog took hold of the women's shoe. the dog was finally stopped when the woman slipped off her shoe. pretty crazy. yeah, the weather forecast in the northeast will have minor delays. philadelphia to new york city. heavy rain shifting over central new england throughout the afternoon and the evening. possible airport delays. dc should not be too bad. maybe minor dela. thatys iso a little rain and ch weather today.
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rainy wednesday. >> that's what we want to hear, a good weekend in new york last weekend and another one coming. >> if it was 80 degrees -- >> right? >> she takes the phone out. >> i yell at her for that all of the time. >> fastforwarding to wednesday, james comey's book sales are through the roof. "a higher loyalty" sold 600,000 copies in the first week. >> the nra broke their fundraising math in the aftermath of the parkland shooting. it is the most raised in 15 years. and california is a step closer to breaking away from the
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northwest dallas. >> dallas mayor mark rawlings thanked the officers for the pursuit of the suspect. >> they have taken a punch and they have come out fighting. thank you chief, thank you to all of your deputies and all the patrol officers out there to make sure that it was safe, safely done, and we got our man. >> officials say he is now facing multiple counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, he also had an outstanding warrant for felony theft. texas governor greg abbott tweeted his condolenses saying that texas honors all the men and women that protect its communities and justice will be served. it was confirmed that all three victims were out of surgery but the conditions have not been released. a jury will deliberate bill cosby's fate as he had a sexual assault retrial, with plenty of finger pointing by attorneys on both sides. he swayed back and forth as
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people outside the courthouse chanted "free mr. cosby," five more accusers took the stand in this trial. and cosby has denied accusations that he drugged and assaulted them. we have the details. >> bill cosby arrived with his wife at his side. her first time in court since the retrial began. prosecutors say the once beloved comedian drugged andrea constance and sexually assaulted her in his pennsylvania home in 2004, in closing arguments w s y called constance a liar. the charges are the same, the courthouse is the same and the judge is the same. but this time, five women testified that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them in
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decade long incidents. none of the criminal charges that cosby faces stem from their allegations that he denies. the defense called the women a cast of accusers just out for money and attention. and nearly year ago, cosby's first trial ended with a deadlocked jury. since then the me too movement has spread across the country. >> it really is changing the way we talk about sexual assault. the way we think of sexual saul. >> this closing the defense team responded telling the jury, mob rule is not due process. what matters in a trial are the facts. nbc news. norris town, pennsylvania. >> coming up we have new details on the actress accused of recruiting sex sleiaves for a ct like group, are you ready for amazon to deliver to the trunk of your car? psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear.
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allison mack who is accused of consecutive traffsex traffik other crimes is released to her parent's custody. the organization treated women as slaves, requiring them to provide personal property like nude photos for membership. while at her parent's home, she can not use cellular phones and
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they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. welcome back, we are tracking a storm in the middle of the country, this one is going to bring beneficial rain to the region, already raining in much of kansas. we have showers over dallas, a thunderstorm complex to the north. so we track it today as with he go throughout the day. through oklahoma, dallas, ft. worth and hit and miss showers. at 6:00 p.m., look out for san antonio. more "early today "when we come back.
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♪ now that is a schoolhow rock classic. written by bob dourough, he had affected a lot of generations. >> several generations of influencing and teaching young minds. i did not know who was behind it, who can forget though. late last night a third judge ruled against president trump and his immigration policies. ordering the administration to
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continue the daca program that shields hundreds of thousands of undocumented dreamers from deportation and the judge demanded the administration accept new daca applications in his decision, he said that the decision to end daca went unexplained and there for was unl unlaw. it -- unlaw. this decision comes just before another policy goes before the supreme court, with the justices set to hear a challenge on the travel ban. a major contract on the vaping industrial and the juule devices. the agency said that it started an undercover operation, going to retailers of juul, warning letters have been issued to 40, that they said prevented the
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sale of the devices to anyone under 21. they agreed with the fda and said, quote, illegal sales of our product to minors is unacceptable. >> a couple of bikers in arizona are proving that chivaly is not dead. the helmet cam shows them zo zooming along a busiy intersection, when they see a elderly woman traying to cross the straet. they quickly turned around and staged their bikes in the middle of traffic and it's all so that this woman can cross safely. they hope this moment will help change people's perceptions about bikers. >> i don't know of them taking video of it while they are doing it, but the thought is there. >> yeah, it's true, without that we would not have seen it. she got to the other side safely and on his way. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for watching "early today ", follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram, always
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posting on there and nbc early today, the news continues here on nbc and nbc stations. have a great wednesday. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. it's 4:30, we start with breaking news. good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. >> several lanes of a major freeway were shut down in east bay. looks like they are trying to clear this up quickly. >> trying to clear it very quickly but we have a lot of work to do. this is the scene. this is going on northbound 680 approaching the boulevard and all lanes closed this morning. they do have now just a couple of lanes open as you get past the scene and sweepers should be doing their work right now. in fact, as we look at this horrible wreck, there are no major injuries reported but we're still following the scene because judging by the damage on these cars, there must be at least some injuries to report. no deadly crash as far as we


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