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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 4, 2018 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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breaking overnight, rivers of lava are rolling down the streets of guatemala. the president's legal team working on options. an off duty fbi agent is in trouble after some dancing and an accidental discharge of his gun. a new spacex satellite just launched into orbit. >> and good morning, i'm phillip
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mena. >> i'm francis rivera. nearly 25 people dead and 300 left injured after one of the most violent valolcanic eruptio in more than a decade. it forced over 3,000 people to evacuate, some barefoot covered in mud and ash. >> the disaster agency says it stands to impact nearly two million people. the ash spread far enough they had to close their airport nearly 25 miles away. rescue operations have been suspended due to dangerous conditions. over a month a kilauea first erupted, they say there have been more vigorous eruptions on hawaii's big island. nearly dozen people are stranded with no cell reception or water.
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the ongoing lava flows devoured more than 87 homes. the last moving lava evaporated all of the water in the largest fresh water lake in the hawaiiihawaiian island. now to developments in the russia probe, this weekend president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani is against having the president testify in the russia investigation unless robert mueller produces more documents about the probe. he said the president probably has the power to pardon himself before he backtracked. >> the president of the united states pardoning himself would be unthinkable, and it would lead to probably an immediate
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impeachment. >> it comes as a legal memo gets leaked saying the clearest view so far in his mueller investigation. phillip, good morning, a strategy to avoid a subpoena and a possible constitutional crisis. he says he was brought there because of his ability to shut down investigations. he cannot obstruct justice, but as you said he could pardon himself, but juliann joulgiulia probably won't. here is what the president's attorney said about that before. >> the president was not -- did not draft the response. the response came from donald trump junior, i'm sure in
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consultation of that. >> not involved, but sheer what rudy giuliani says about this now. >> this is why you don't let the president testify. if recollection changes or we're not evening asked a question that you're responding to. violence broke out after competing protests clashed. it started as peaceful protests when right-wing activists started up with prayer groups. police showed up to break up the floody fights. they urged people to stay out of the area for safety. four people were arrested and
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the protests came one year after the same two groups clashed in a prtrp rally. and we're just over a week toward the president's summit with north korea. whatever happens, one thing is as bar h they seek to repairelatio with pyongyang after kim young cho visited the white house on friday. will we remain on course toward that summit. let's go to hans nickels where the high level preparations are happeni happening. >> good morning, they're planning and proceeding at a pace to put together this summit heren singapore on the presint' chief of staff is here in angapore meeting and trying to
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hitch. aside from the lowe ggistics, t need to figure out what is on the memo. troops staying in s keas not on the agenda. he also made it very clear if you have any sort of lifting o sanctions on the north koreans, you have to make sure there is complete and verifiable denuclearization. you're seeing him lie out a hard line on this. he said several times now going forward that it could be a subuy road. we know they need to finalize a hot of these details, a lot happening here in singapore. one quick note, kim jong-un also has an invitation to visit moscow from president vladimir puti >> all right, hans, t bombshell
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could make you check your facebook account. they allowed private access to your data and friends. they could not only retrieve information on friends, but your relationship status and your political leanings and likes. one democratic lawmaker is calling for an investigation. facebook is refuting it saying they disagree with the issues they raised. in laguna beach evacuations have ended, but brush fire containment has continued. it has been due to flames and hot spots. more than 400 firefighters along
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with air teams are still working to combat that fire. no structural damage or additional injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is still unclear. >> let's go to bill karins who is watching our weather in the southwest. >> expanding warmth, temperatures that are above average. salt lake city going up to 95 tree degrees. rapids cityght the week, not much will change in palm la city. temperatures in the 90s, and areas in the southwest a herere
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magenta on the map. we start getting to 110 in a few spots. >> yeah, it's june, once the calendar changed, the heat went -- >> bill, thank you. fastforwarding into your monday, melania trump is expected to attend an event to honor gold star families. it will be the first time she has participated in public event. and apple holding a developer conference that will have a new digital health feature. >> and it is national cheese day. to help celebrate, zaybar's
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ents get a 15% discount.
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space x as launched a satellite into orbit. this is spacex's 11th successful launch this year. >> there may be a change in the way that doctors treat a leading cause of cancer death in women. chemotherapy may not be necessary for the most common form of breast canter. it wou c the doctor's office. >> last year daeb ra heard the
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dreaded words "you have breast cancer." >> she worried about chemotherapy. she didn't need it. >> i was relieved. that is a whole different dimension to your treatment. >> that test is helpful to those with low scores, and those with high scores that would benefit from choemo. what about the women in the middle. now the largest estrogen fed breast cancer has answers they have sought. the study was just released.
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researchers split the group into two. the outcomes in both groups were about the same. >> now but can just give antiestrogen therapy. >> the women with the middle scores, the majority of them can skip chemotherapy. >> a lot of my patients that are still wondering if they this will be very reassuring. >> for reese, it's ash feels go. taking away a harsh treatment and giving patients a better
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quality of life. >> here is what you call a power launch. one anonymous bidder offered $ 3.3 million to have a private lunch with warren buffett. the winner can bring up to seven friends. he had raised nearly $26 million other the years. and "solo" was still number one at the box office. "dead pool 2" was second. solo is still one of the lowest grossing "star wars" movies. "dead pool 2" took in $23
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and off duty fbi agent in trouble this morning after some
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dancing, the agent doing a back flip there and his gun fell out, the gun went off, and discharged. >> now for a look at business. investors will be keeping an eye on the markets when they open in just a few hours. >> good morning, frank sis, wall street could start this week on a improved note. apple is having a summit this morning, they will oues ac.
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they will be speaking about major new features and product overhauls. the u.s. lags behind many parents when it comes to par parental leave, but more workers are donating their time off to other workers. one of the most popular are personal days. new moms can extend their leave beyond the allotted time after giving birth. >> can you imagine in the regular industry saying i'm wanting four more weeks off. >> it makes sense. >> that's a great idea. thank you, kate. thank you. just ahead the warriors, steph curry, he is lighting it up on and off of the court last night and he set a record, too. we'll tell you what it is when we come back. 's why megared adva1
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hitting nine three pointers in the game. despite every effort by lebron, they could not match the warrior's depth. game three in cleveland this wednesday. let's look back with bill ka rrk karins. >> yes, many areas in the west getting very hot. tuesday into wednesday. triple digits, widespread from the southern deserts. by friday, maybe showers in the pacific northwest, but we're continuing to be warm and dry. >> sounds good, bill, thank you. when we return, what happens when jimmy fallon and lynn miranda get in a boat. l formula. l formula. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles.
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♪ goats in a boat. goats down to our throats. two goats in a boat -- >> jimmy fallon and lin-manuel miran miranda made this and posted it on jimmy's instagram. >> they seem like they're jus doverything the right way, right? s. senator jeff was denied entrance int a immigration facility.
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the facility is a former walmart store with blacked out windows. he was trying to see the conditions inside. he said the only horrible law is your policy. you have the power to change it. if you saw what i saw today, you never not believe that america is deliberately afflicting pain on ildren. and a plane that crashed this weekend, a 70-year-old builder to the stars ben presu. so far only two bodies have been found. she am na builder in t-- promin.
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>> benedict cumberbatch stopped a robbery. the victim did not require any hospital treatment thankfully. so far no arrests have within made in this. >> this is so cool to watch. the latest "time" magazine cover. more than 4950 drones were used to create this logo. 400 feet in the air over california. for the high flying publication. they worked with a shooting star company. they're devices first appear as dots in the sky and then they can make recognizable shapes. it looks fake, but that is the real deal. >> can you imagine
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breaking overnight, dozens killed and hundreds are injured as a massive volcano eruption decimates parts of guatemala. new details ahead. pardon me? the president's attorney making some eye-popping legal comments including whether the president could and would pardon himself. >> look, if they can convince us that it will be brief, it will be to the point, there a five or six points they have to clarify and with that we can get this -- this long nightmare for the american public over -- >> reporter: new developments in the run-up to next wes the "tone message to the students at marjory stoneman douglas high school's graduatn


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