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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 8, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done. >> president trump expressing confidence just days before his highly anticipated face to face with north korea's kim jong-un. we've got the last-minute details. for the first time franchise history, the washington capitals are champions of the hockey world. capturing lord stanley's coveted trophy. a top senate staffer has been arrested in a major leak probe and a new york "times" reporter t years had her records seized. that morning cup of joe will cost you more at starbucks. bred prices on fresh and we're just one day away
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from a possible triple crown winner. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. it was a very good morning here. we start off with that celebration heard around the country. >> the capitals have won it! the capital of the country is the capital of the hockey playoffs! >> it finally happened. the caps clinched their first stanley cup in franchise history. as the clock struck midnight for the cinderella las vegas golden knights, the washington capitals skated off with a 4-3 win in game five of the final. ♪ >> that is the capitals' captain and playoffs mvp alex ovechkin accepting the stanley cup and hoisting i victory lap in front of thousands of red-clad fans. nation's capital, look at that. even more fans blanketing the sts arena. they're celebrating their team bringing home the title, the
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first major championship for the district of columbia in 26 years. you can bet a ticker tape parade is probably going to happen next week. this morning, a former senate staffer who worked for the senate committee investigating russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election is expected to appear in court. he is being charged for alleged lying to investigators on more than one occasion about his contacts with at least three reporters. a federal grand jury indicted the former staffer, james wolfe, for making false statements about contacts with reporters, including providing sensitive information related to the work of the senate intel committee. he served there as security director for nearly three decades. news of wolfe's arrest comes as we learn it was an fbi investigation into "the new york times" over the leaking of classified information that ultimately led to wolfe. contacted wednesday by nbc news, wolfe denied he was under investigation. the "times" claims prosecutors secretly seized years' worth of reporters' phone and e-mail records. in their search, that reporter in question having a previous
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three-year romantic relationship with wolfe. she told "the new york times" she did not get information from him when they were dating. the democratic and republican heads of the senate intel committee released a statement overnight saying they were, quote, troubled to hear of charges against wolfe. adding this development will in no way interfere with their ongoing investigation. in just hours president trump will depart for quebec for the annual g7 summit, meeting with leaders from the uk, japan, italy and france. and the commander in chief is already starting a war of words with our two closest allies, accusing canada and france of levying massive tariffs and creating barriers against the u.s. referring to canadian prime minister justin trudeau as indignant over twitter and blasting canada and the european union in an overnight tweet and a series of posts within the last 24 hours. all while forging ahead with those new tariffs against the countries announced last week. tariffs prime minister trudeau said he will retaliate dollar for dollar.nuelacron unleashes
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threats of his own saying he'd get the five oer trump the other countries form a larger country that america's saying isolationism is bad for the public. all warning that the other countries could band together and leave the u.s. out of talks altogether. the white house now says mr. trump will be leaving the g. 7 earlier than expected. he's already looking ahead to next week's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. that meeting was the main topic of discussion between trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abe at the white house. the president saying in a joint press conference he hopes the summit will be a great success. and in a display of confidence, the president suggested he need prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done, but i think i've been preparing for this summit for a long
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>> for more, let's go to nbc's janis mackey frayer in beijing. >> reporter: good morning, frances. president trump may think he doesn't need to prepare, that he's confident going into this meeting. but most observers are still skeptical that it's going to be much more than a photo opp. on the key issues of denuclearization, what it means to each side, some time line, even president trump acknowledged that it may take more than one meeting to make any headway. >> i don't think it will be in one meeting. i think it will take longer than that. normalizing relations is something that i would expect to do, i would hope to do when everything's complete. >> reporter: as it stands, it isn't clear whether there's yet a joint statement that the two sides are going to be able to hold up. even a broad stroke statement on setting goals and meeting a gain. ambassador chris hill, who is a former ambassador to south korea and an msnbc contributor, has been in beijing this week. and he said that this summit available to every u.s.
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president in the past, and none of them took it and for good reason. he said that there just hasn't been the levels of diplomacy happening ahead of the meeting in order for there to be some kind of breakthrough presented at the summit itself. no rabbit to pull out of the hat because nobody's been stuffing a rabbit into the hat. he said what is also missing is the interaction, the integration with key countries ahead of the summit, namely china. he said china has been crucial in implementing sanctions, and china will be crucial in implementing any framework in order for it to be meaningful for the work that begins on june 13th. so expectations certainly taking shape in these days and hours leading up to this historic summit next week. as far as president trump is concerned, he said that if jo-un on the day, he might im just invite him to washington. frances? >> all right. one step at a time. thank you. rsonal lawyer, rudy giuliani,
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is under fire after he got personal with some in washington saying he went rogue with new comments on everyone from stormy daniels to kim jong-un, rattling the white house on the eve of what could be their most important foreign policy achievement yet. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has more on giuliani's comments and the swift pushback that followed. >> reporter: it's getting pointedly personal for the president's lawyer. >> i know donald trump and -- >> let's respect her. >> look at his three wives, right? beautiful women, classy women, women of great substance. stormy daniels? >> reporter: rudy giuliani out now with what seeps to be a strategy to smear stormy daniels and try to undermine her credibility. >> i'm sorry. i don't respect a porn star the way i respect a career woman or a woman of substance. >> reporter: after the porn star said the president's personal attorney paid her off to keep quiet about an alleged affair with donald trump, one that he denies. >> don't talk about other peoplt it doesn't matterha her job
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is. >> reporter: giuliani, not backing off, tells nbc news, i am not undermining daniels' credibility. i'm pointing out she has no credibility. >> they want to bring ridicule upon her for what she does for a living and try to claim that she's not credible because of her profession. it's an outrage. >> reporter: giuliani also referencing melania trump, who has never publicly commented on daniels' allegations. >> she believes in her husband. she knows it's not true. >> reporter: but the first lady's spokesperson tells nbc news, i don't believe mrs. trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with mr. giuliani. call it rudy going rogue after he also said on an overseas trip, north korea's got on his hands and knees and begged to talk with president trump. >> rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to >> reporter: giuliani officially rated to the unofficially now, veering into other lanes. >> stormy daniels? >> reporter: crashing into
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controversy. hallie jackson, nbc news, washington. breaking news this morning in. a milwaukee cop dies from his injuries after his squad card crashes. charles irvine jr. and his partner were trying to catch up with a reckless driver when their car rolled off an overpass. irvine did not survive his injuries. the other officer is in stable condition. this is the milwaukee police department's first death in the line of dutyny in 22 years. "the new york times" is calling it the story of the wife who defended her husband in a way that left him unemployed. philadelphia 76ers president brian colangelo resigned after his wife admitted to using multiple twitter accsitiounts i about the accounts also defend anglosts suggested knowledge that only high ranking team officials would know. investigators say the sixers gm was the source of that
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information, but they aren't sure if he knew about his wife's activity. for his part, colangelo denies knowledge of those accounts saying in a statement, quote, her actions were a seriously misguided effort to publicly defend and support me. we are now one day away from the 2018 belmont stakes. tomorrow afternoon, nbc will broadcast the 150th running live from belmont park in elmont, new york. excitement is growing there as justify looks to win the triple crown and become just the 13th horse in history to do so. if justify can place that incredible accomplishment, it will be the second triple crown for his trainer. >> some of us might want to throw a few dollars on that race but we need that information. will it be a muddy track or not? >> it's looking less and less likely. it's looking like a firm track for once. everyone likes to get that $2 win ticket. you keep it too. you don't want to cash that in. as we go through saturday's forecast, let's watch this. showers and storms during the afternoon through the ohio valley. hit and miss in northern
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virginia. saturday's not looking that bad we get to sunday, n, d there's a little more energy involved with the low coming through. 8:00 a.m. we're fine, but then during the afternoon hours, numerous showers and storms in ohio, pennsylvania, west virginia, virginia, and so that's like the areas of greatest concern if you're going to get washed out for your afternoon plans. from philadehialp of nebraska a dakota today. hit and miss storm possible also in the ohio valley. the rest of the weekend forecast is going to feature a lot of sizzle, a lot of hot temperatures. >> we're ready for it, bill. thank you. t hits. terrell owens will not be attending his own hall of fame o
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bowler said he wishes to celebrate his induction elsewhere. pippa middleton is expecting her first child with her husband james math use. she spilled the beans in a british magazine revealing that unlike her sister, she doesn't have morning sickness. one texas man nearly died after being bitten by a rattlesnake even after he decapitated it. after 26 doses of antivenin, he's reported to be in stable condition. any object. any surface. if you've got a life you gotta swiffer women are amazing. powerful, determined. and how do we fuel that?
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switch to all new finish quantum. t clean until it's finished. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ leading the news this morning, you could start paying more for that morning cup of coffee. starbucks has raised the price of regular drip coffee by 10 to 20 cents. that puts a small brewed cup of joe at $2.15 from $1.95 in most locations. but the company says prices haven't changed on drinks like lattes and iced coffees in most stars. >> got to make up for that $12 million they lost last week, i guess. some 1,600 immigration detainees are being transferred to federal prisons. that's according to an exclusive
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reuters report. an ice spokesperson says the detainees including asylum seekers will be temporarilyhe hearings. it's the first large scale use of federal prisons to hold detainees. critics say many of these detainees have no criminal records and they will be left vulnerable in a prison setting. prison employee unions also say they have little time to prepare for the influx and worry about staffing and safety. lawyers for colin kaepernick are reportedly expected to subpoena both president trump and vice president pence. according to yahoo sports, sources say kaepernick's legal team is trying to determine if the trump administration had any political involvement in the nfl's handling of both kaepernick andlayer protests. this after it was revealed the president spoke directly with several team owners about protests during the national anthem. it's all part of kaepernick's lawsuit against the league, accusing the nfl of colluding to keep him out of the game after he began kneeling during the anthem. an nfl spokesperson told cnn the
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league has no comment on the report. for the first time since 2001, an american woman not named williams will compete in the french open finals. after sloane stephens, the 2017 u.s. open champ bested american madison keys on thursday. that sets her up to face off against the number one player in the world, simona halep. still to come, pressure mounts regarding scott pruitt. has he overstayed his welcome. or thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time. invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a man can get. that's a mini-wheat. delicious. but it's more than that.
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life as an inspiration to other people to see what is possible for themselves. and so what makes me the happiest is when somebody gets that. >> that's oprah speaking at the sith sewnian's national museum of african-american history and culture. she is the subject of watching oprah, looking at her impact on american culture. it opens to the public today. scandals continue to pile up for epa chief scott pruitt after we learned that he sent his own security people to get his dry cleaning, find his favorite moisturizer and more. as members of the president's own party starto come out against pruitt with even fox ep expensive pruitt agis, trips, his security detail, his private flights and more. >> but it doesn't look like pruitt's boss wants him going anywhere anytime soon. here's the report. >> reporter: epa administrator scott pruitt's problems piling up. "the washington post" reporting
4:20 am
he asked his taxpayer funded security detail to drive him to multiple ritz-carlton hotels in search of his favorite moisturizing lotion and asked them to pick up his dry cleaning. a pruitt spokesperson defended his actions to the post saying his detail protects him in his personal or official capacity. and a top pruitt staffer stepping down after she told congress pruitt was interested in, quote, securing an old mattress from the trump hotel. and that's not all. e-mails show pruitt asked for special help for a business opportunity for his wife, who wantedopenck-f-a franchise in oklahoma. >> we need more of them in doing really, really ross the l well. you know, somebody has that about you ao you owe taxpayers an apology? do you owe taxpayers an apology, sir? >> reporter: pruitt is losing support, even from members of his own party. >> he's acting like a moron. >> reporter: pruitt now facing 15 open investigations into his conduct. and the non-partisan government
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accountability office already found he broke the law when he installed a $43,000 phone booth in his office. >> it's about as swampy as you get. >> reporter: pruitt still working for a president who promised to drain the swamp. kasie hunt, nbc news, the capitol. we have your weekend weather straight ahead with bill karins as "early today" rolls along on a getaway friday. in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. see what's possible. from the first moment you met, it was love at first touch. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection.
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storms from minnesota through the great lakes today, maybe even isolated storms in south dakota and nebraska. still very warm, though. salt lake city at 96. it's been that way all week long and continues this weekend. same for texas right through the central plains. hit and miss showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours. some possible heavy rain, maryland, delaware, around washington, d.c. so late afternoon you could get washed out. but t f you'll be all the mid-atlantic hit and miss. not a wash out. still wh is the big island even bigger? scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgreens beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now, all sun care products are buy one, get one 50% off.
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here's a preview with the aforementioned willie geist. >> good morning, guys. good to see you this week. on sunday today, my guest is homeland star claire danes. we talk about her growing up in show business, the role of cia agent carrie mathison thatchall while expecting a second child. our sunday sit-down with claire danes plus the latest news and politics as always this weekend on sunday today. you can catch us in the morning or set the dvr and watch us anytime you like. back to you, frances and phillip, and i will see you on sunday morning. in just hours, president trump will head to quebec for the g7 summit days ahead of his face to face with kim jong-un in singapore. but it's trump's own war of words with some of america's closest allies that's worrying many after he accused canada, frantz, and the eu of harming american farmers and levying massive tariffs against the united states. it has prompted the leaders of france and canada to respond in
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kind, threatening the u.s. by joining forces with other members of the g7. the white house now says president trump will be departing for the g7 earlier than expected. none of the mystery that's triggered the evacuation of several american diplomats and their families from china. the state department confirming employees at a u.s. consulate there suffered unexplained health problems similar to the concussion-likeoms the american embassy staffers in cuba had reported last year. u.s. officials are now both china and cube have denied any role. on hawaii's big island, entire coastal communities have been obliterated due to surges of lava from the kilauea volcano. this is the debtsmation left behind after continued violate eruptions that have left over 6 hup homes destroyed. now the first temporary housing project has begun construction without government help. more than 100 volunteers are coming together to build 20 microstructures on an eight-acre plot of land. also on the big island, new land masses have grown over parts of kapoho bay.
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it is completely covering what was once a body of water as these lava flows transform that landscape. since we are on the verge of the weekend, let's take a look at what's at the box office coming up. ocean's eight, the highly anticipated all female reboot of the ocean's trilogy is expected to make waves. an all-star cast including sandbullock, cate blanchettllio also debuting, two featuring jo foster as a nurse who runs a secret hospital for criminals and hereditary, starring toni colette as a mother unraveling a terrifying family curse. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. have a great weekend. check us out on social media. check us out on social media. your news continues right here. having a working smoke alarm in your home more than doubles your chance of escape in case of a fire. smoke alarms can provide an early warning if you follow these 3 steps. repalce your smoke alarms every 10 years. if they're old an discolored it's time to replace them.
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check your batteries regularly. a great time to change them is every spring and fall when you change your clocks. and lastly, check your alarms weekly. replace. change. test. because early warnings help to save lives. good friday morning to you. you made it to the weekend, taking a live look in san francisco, the pyramid there as we get started with our day. thank you so much for starring your morning with us.
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i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. >> we want to get to the forecast because we know you might have a lot of afterschool festivities. >> yeah. >> end of the school year, commencements and graduations. >> so many pmon is doing and la school, we're excited about the weekend and i to be ni a of school is going to be mostly clear in the south bay. mike, i know you still got school left to


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