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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 11, 2018 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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breaking overnight, president trump meets with officials in singapore. we'll have a live report from the ground. >> a global war of words. the president lashes out at his canadian counterpart calling him weak and dishonest. >> you just don't behalf that way. it's a betrayal. he is essentially double one st carry out a background check for kbuns for nearly a year. and the tonys light up
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broadway with a little help from the boss. good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> i'mis rivera. president trump and kim jong un are now both in singapore. it will be the first time a sitle u.s. president will meet with a north korean leader. the main focus is the denuclearization of north korea. the summit could be the only opportunity to work out a deal. >> this morning president trump's first official meeting is a singapore's prime minister. he and other u.s. officials have been meeting with a delegation from north korea. pompeo calling them substantive and detailed.
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secretary pompeo said the summit tomorrow is a mission of peace. >> president trump i going in can confidence and an attitude of looking for real progress. he realizes if he denuclearizes. >> good morning, president trump and kim jong un will meet one on one to begin tomorrow's summit. that information from multiple white house officials here in singapore. no word on how long that face to face will go. it is likely they will be joined with other officials. mike pompeo joining with kim
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jong un on two separate occasions. pompeo described some pregame prep as substantive and detailed. in a statement he says that the president is also prepared for the engagement with kim jong un. he opens the meeting will be very interesting and work out nicely. for the president, it's not clear what he will take away. for chairman kim, it is departme respectability on the world stage sharing summit being received there in south korea, janua janis. they are confirmed that moon
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jae-inn had a phone call with president trump this morning. it was his meeting that raised the ability. he has domestic credit ability at stake. local elections as well. he is also trying to push through his agreement with kim through his legislature. former diplomats that i have spoken to say they're concerned with the lack of integration that there is ahead of the summit with allied countries. there have not been teams displaced to tokyo, seoul, layi the ground work and keeping up expectations from the summit tomorrow. president trump goes in having a
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al y all allenia allenia alleniated. and tracie potts has more from congress. >> reporter: congress will get to weigh in according to the secretary of state. they want to run whatever agreement that comes out of the meeting by lawmakers to reassure north korea and that no matter who the u.s. president is we will honor it. and mike pompeo talking about the outcome of this meeting saying it will not be affected by how relations fell apart at the g 7 summit right before the president went to si means some
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have to be on board. leading the news this morning, the historic summit may be eminent, it is a trade war that is still on president trump's mind. donald trump saying free trade is fools trade in follows a stunning reversal on saturday. the commander and chief pulled the u.s. out of the joint communique. >> it is kind of insulting. canadians are polite and reasonable, but we lals not be pu -- but we also will not be pushed around. >> it a step you don't behave .
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it's a betrayal. he is double trocrossing. he gets in the airplane and leaves and trudeau starts blasting away. >> a raging wildfire has doubled in size. it has scorched 1700 acres in the san juan national forecast. they're not expecting rain until wednesday or thursday and they expect it to keep growing in the hot, dry, windy conditions. it's 40th day remains a severe g
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threat to inland residents. emissions caused by the active volcano continues to increase showing no signs of slowing down. here is stevepatterson with more. after a month of eruptions, lava now covers eight miles of the big island. it is incinerating more than 600 homes. this week hawaii's governor released $1200 in state aid. >> we will continue to make sure they have the resources they 200 volunteers put the finishing touches on 20 homes.
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>> a day of relief for those that lost everything as kilauea rages on. on this monday let's get a check of our forecast. good morning a lot cooler this weekend with the showers and rain trout the pacific northwest. we even had snow in the higher elevations of the rockies. some of that rain ending in the portland area. dc to omaha, kansas city, wichita included. the forecashi, cooler in billings. seattle we will clear pretty g .
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danny kirwan passed away. he was among the people inducted into the rock and roll off of fame in 1998. you may have never heard the name brad parscale, but he was trump's secret weapon. with employees from social media giants embedded in the cam bane aumpss teaching them how to use the technology. >> we had their staff embedded in our officers. facebook employees would show up every day at your officers. >> google and twitter employees. >> they were embedded? >> they were there multiple days a week.
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>> what were the doing? >> helping teach us to use their platform. >> he shas since been appoint--e chosen as the 2020. and the agriculture commission said the state did conduct their own general on thg for permits, not just national ones. they blamed it on a former employee says the employee was deceitful and negligent. they say the employee did not run applications through the
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just a quick recap of the week. the north korean summit is just two days away. >> i'm very well prepared, i don't think i have to prepare much. it's about attitude and willgness to get things done. >> it's not about preparation, it's about attitude. that doesn't even work on rupaul's drag race. >> well said. and we got away unscathed. >> this time around. >> the world economy summit
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taking place in singapore, but the impact of the g 7 pocket could hit your pockets. i can honestly say, i have been to many g 7 summits, to quantify what you want from these. trump walked away having a spat. the markets and the premarkets on the u.s. indices all slightly higher. it follows a fantastic week. but of course we're all looking now to singapore to see what kim jong un and mr. trump can come up with as well. consumer price on tuesday and the all important fmoc decision. these are all quantifiable for what we think will be another rate hike in the united states.
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thousands of ticketholders were sold away. it was the first annual pride pride parade, it was themed #justbe. it was followed by the official capital pa trade. every year, they celebrate in lbgt communities across the city. and flsinging, down h the number 46465 displayed on banners and t-shirts representing the estimated death toll on the island. a storm system with a little light rain and snow leftover in the rockies. hot and dry in the desert southwest. what is new? watch out in oklahoma, missouri, and portions of iowa with
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he was honored with a special tony for his critically acclaimed one-man show on broadway. josh dprksgroban and sarah burr ticked with off with a song as well as tonis. andrewd got best lead actor in a play. and "the band's visit" stole the show racking in ten tonies including best lead actor and actress. some actors and actresses will have a new title for their name. emma thompson has been named a
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dame. just after the honeywoo moo prince harry attended the trooping of the color for the squeen's birthday. prince phillip did not participate. he also celebrated his 97th birthday on sunday. and debunking common myths about germs on airplanes. they swapped tray tables, set belt buckles, and handles on bathroom doors. magnify money ranked the best and worst places to spend
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because early warnings help to save lives. d mornin phillip mena. >> great being with you. i'm frances rivera. we begin with breaking news out of singapore. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un are both in the country. less than 24 hours away from their historic summit, it marks the first time the sitting u.s. president will meet with the
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north korean leader. the main focus of that high stakes meeting, the denuclearization of the korn peninsula. president trump suggesting over the weekend that the summit could be the only opportunity to work out a deal. >> it's a one-time shot, and i think it's going tok well. i think very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. and if i think it won't happen, i'm not going to waste my time. i don't want to waste his


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