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tv   Today  NBC  June 16, 2018 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking overnight. a second sheriff's officer dies breaking maj ining overnigh. sec sheriff deputy dies. community mourning. >> i was in the panic. my stomach was in the knots. >> how did this happen. we'll have the latest. waking up behind ba. the president's former campaign chairman, paul manafort facing his first full day in jail. after his bail was revoked by a federal judge for witness tampering. is president trump considering a pardon for manafort. >> he is not going to give up. >> how will all of this impact the russia investigation. live at the white house.
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growing outrage. more protests around the country. debate rages on over the current immigration crisis. we're nearly 2,000 children have been separated from parents. this morning a look inside the detention facility. president placing blame on democrats for own administration policy. >> i hate the children being taken away. democratic have to change they lawyer. >> we'll have a full fact check. >> those stories plus tom brady opens up to oprah about nfl players taking a knee. >> i respect why people are doing what they're doing. >> the sweet sound of revenge. how a clarinettist whose ex-girlfriend dried to derail career won a victory. crowd of people run for cover after a massive windstorm whips up two port johns and sends them flying. everything thankful they got out of the way in the time. saturday, june 16, 2018.
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good morning, welcome to today and thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. >> portia johns flying through the air. >> the thought of it and as gross as it is, obviously dangerous as well. more on that in just a moment. good to be back. >> we appreciate all the tweets and questions. we're back. right to top story this morning. breaking news out of kansas. learned second sheriff's department died from injuries in a shooting that happened on friday. police say 44-year-old theresa king had 13 years on the job with the sheriff's department and tragically killed when an inmate overpowered her and
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another deputy outside the courthouse. we get the latest from maya rodriguez. >> this morning, chaos and confusi confusion, giving way to grief after violent shooting. i was in panic. my stomach was in knots. >> all michigan around 11:00 a.m. on friday. as two deputies were taking inmates to a court hearing. >> when they pulled into the parking lot and ready to transport these inmates, they were overcome. it is very possible that with their own firearm, they were both shot. >> killed in the chaos, 35-year-old deputy patrick ror. seven year veteran and 44-year-old deputy theresa king. who served on the force for 13 years. the suspect was also shot. his condition has not been released. you're at one of the safest places you can be. this occurred right outside of a courthouse and where there's, you know, multiple police around. >> shortly after, law enforcement agencies tweeting
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their support. the kansas city royals hoel s ha moment of silence for the deputy before the game friday night. a community bound together by shock. and now, deep mourning. for today, maya rodriguez, nbc news. there is more to get to this morning. including a wild end of the week in washington. saw president trump's former campaign manager being sent directly to jail. fact check on free wheeling prompt by the president and growing outcry of separation of children by families at the border because of zero tolerance immigration policy. recovering it all, we start with kelly o'donnell at the white house. former top trump campaign official who lost the relative comfort and privilege of home confinement was transferred late friday night to a regional jail about a two hour drive outside washington in warsaw virginia. he's listed according to records there as being in a vip section.
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this all comes after a judge ordered paul manafort to be held until his trial later this summer. >> waking up behind bars. a first day without freedom for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. a federal judge said she had no appetite to lock him up while he awaiting trial, but judge amy burrman jackson said she could not turn a blind eye. after prosecutors alleged manafort tried to influence what potential witnesses might testify about, his lobbying work with ukraine. . late friday president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani both floated and pulled back talk about presidential pardons. >> he's not going to pardon anybody in this investigation, but he is not obviously going to give up his right to pardon if a miscarriage of justice is presented to him. >> giuliani says he recommends against pardoning anyone in the mueller probe, but left the door open. >> of course he could.
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of course he could. >> earlier president trump responded to the jailing of manafort with tweeted sarcasm. didn't know manafort was the head of the mob. and tried to distance himself with falls information. >> he worked for me what, 49 days or something. very short period of time. >> the president is wrong about that. manafort was in charge of the trump campaign far longer. 144 days. >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign, but i feel -- i feel a little badly about it. >> manafort who claims innocence is accused of financial conspiracy with money laundering and foreign lobbying. manafort's lawyers suggested he had contacted former colleagues not knowing they would be witnesses, but friday, his wife of 40 years and lawyers left the courthouse without him. >> also some news from china this morning. that country claiming that the united states has launched a trade war after the president announced tens of billions of
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dollars in new tariffs yesterday. is the white house saying anything more about that this morning. >> not yet, but china certainly is. punching back accusing the united states of being short cited so china says it will impose new tariffs on goods everything from soybeans to whisk whiskey. this will be happening soon and over the summer plan to expand to 545 items. a lot of this would hit rural america where some of the products are made. where president trump has his base. they also say they are responding to what president trump did and they will now cancel some of the plans to buy american goods which would have narrowed the gap. for his part, president trump has been saying the world has been treating the u.s. like a piggy pank abank and he wants i stop. now to unexpected white house gaggle with the president on friday. raised a lot of questions after the president spoke out on everything from inspector general investigation to immigration policy and meeting with kim jong-un.
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nbc jeff is here to help us separate fact from fiction. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump came out swinging friday in that unexpected and chaotic back and forth with us just outside the west wing. released add series of claims and accusations about a broad range of topics. the many of which are false or misleading. >> president trump talking to reporters in a free wheeling impromptu q and a friday. dishing out several eyebrow raising comments like this one about the new justice department inspector general's report saying it exonerates him in the russia probe. >> there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. and if you read the report, you'll see that. >> but the ig report doesn't focus on the russia probe at all. instead criticizing the fbi handling of the clinton e-mail investigation 6789 also changed his story on fired national security adviser michael flynn. >> some people say he lied.
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some people say he didn't lie. really, it turned out maybe he didn't lie. >> but trump himself tweeted this back in december. >> i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. >> and on immigration president trump holding democrats responsible for splitting up families illegally crossing the southern border. democrats have to change their law. that's the law. >> it's not a law. zero tolerance was crafted by trump's own administration. white house calling it a tough deterrent against illegal immigration. days after meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. mr. trump continues to tout his accomplishments. >> i have had so many people begging me and parents and fathers and mothers, daughters, sons, wherever i went, could you please get the remains of my boy back. >> the korean war took place from 1950 to 1953. doing the math, this means a
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mother or father asking mr. trump to return the remains of a deceased son would have to be well over 100 years old. >> and jeff, the president raised more eyebrows on friday suggesting he wanted americans to defer to him the same way north koreans do to kim. talk about that. >> it's the latest in a series of compliments the president has given kim following summit this past week. take a look. >> hey, he's the head of a country. he's the strong head. don't let anyone think anything different. he speaks and people sit up at attention. i want my people to do the same. >> you don't understand sarcasm. >> the president says he's being sarcastic. there's no mistaking mr. trump has spent much of the past week flattering kim calling him tough, talented and smart. choosing not to make an issue of many human rights abuses. meanwhile, growing uproar over the administration immigration policy that jeff
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just highlighted there. that policy is going to be front and center next week at the nation's capital. when the latest immigration bill comes up for debate. as we get a new look inside one of the many detention facilities housing nearly 2,000 children who have been separated from their parents. >> across the country. protest is building. taking to the streets horrified immigration officials are ripping families apart. all behind this green fence in california, we are getting another glimpse of detention center for migrant children. >> we came from inside. one of the things they're told is this is not a detention center. they live behind this fence locked away in the middle of the residential neighborhood in san diego. >> we weren't allowed to take pictures or talk to the children inside. these are the imagines authorities provided to us showing what they wanted the world to see. >> if a family has both boys and
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girls as children. siblings are separated. boys live in a separate facility. girls live here. allowed two phone calls a week. given clothing and attend classes. most of the boys were alone when they crossed the border. some were part of the minors separated from parents in the last six weeks. if the boys become 18 turned over to ice to be prosecuted as adults or deported. >> the department of justice will not stand idly by while our laws are being nullified and undermined. outside residents couldn't believe what was happening in their neighborhood. >> i was stunned to find out that one of the facilities was within walking distance of my home. >> a man with a sign and a simple message. >> we are totally against separating children from their parents. this is not our american values. >> as a trump administration looks to open up new detention centers in anticipation of more minors that could be swept and
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you happen detained. nbc news political analyst and time columnist. let's dig in here. >> good morning. >> let's start with immigration here. so you've got thousands of children who have been separated from parents at the border. president trump clearly making a calculated political decision here. we should note as jeff noted there, this is not some sort of democratic law. this the administration new zero tolerance policy. the president's political calculation along with the border. how could that play out? >> perhaps using children as a political pawns, it could be a winning political strategy. i certainly hope not because it's morally depraved. as these imagines continue to stream out over media, you're going to see more outrage and protest build similar to what happened with the muslim ban back in the beginning of the administration and implementation of this has been somewhat similar in that there doesn't seem to be much coordination among law enforcement there. it's unknown whether this has been vetted through the
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department of justice. too many unknowns with the shoddy implementation of this order. >> these are some of the protests they played out across the country. let's talk about paul manafort. waking up in a jail cell this morning. obviously immense pressure on him to cooperate. how do you see the president or expect the president to respond and handle all of this. >> yesterday gives us a little bit of indication with his wild press conference saying free willing style. he spoke at length with reporters and went quite all over the place. and i think you had about 19 factually inaccurate statements. as this develops, you're going to see more of donald trump pushing his narrative. might not be a true narrative, but he's going to attempt to push the narrative that politically is advantageous to him. >> you go back to impromptu press conference. president does the interview with fox. he goes back and forth with reporters on the north lawn and
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your count is the same as ours. 1 things he said that were false. when you watch that play out, what were you thinking? did it seem to you as if this was a president who was newly emboldened or did it seem like this was a president who appeared to be coming unhinged in front of our very eyes to a certain extent. >> seems as a prosecute putting on the greatest show on earth and distracting from so many different issues. the day before it was announced the new york attorney general is suing donald trump and children for conduct of the charitable foundation that they oversee. so that story was not what we were talking about or scrutinizing. we're talking about all of the various statements that donald trump is making. >> that's some impact there. thank you for your time this saturday. some other headlines this morning. former nfl star colin winslow junior in jail this morning. after charged with series of kidnappings and rape. pleaded not guilty in san diego
5:16 am
on friday to luring two women into his car and assaulting them. also accused of targeting a 71-year-old and 86-year-old in their home. played ten years for several teams and was once the highest paid tight end. court observers raised the possibility claiming football related brain injuries in his defense. incredible scene in glasgow. scottish school goes up in flames. dramatic video showing glasgow school of art ful engulfed in flame friday night. building was badly damaged by fire years ago. students who just graduated friday are devastated, but fortunately no serious injuries to report. my goodness. dylan has a check of the weather. getting hot in the midwest. >> it certainly is. we have heat advisories and heat warnings in effect for some 30 million people. this includes st. louis, chicago, and minneapolis, saint paul where heat warnings are in effect feel at times like it's
5:17 am
over 100 degrees. so we are going to see the warm air continue to pump in from the south. it's a very muggy heat. when you factor in the humidity, these temperatures around 97 to nearly 100 degrees will certainly feel like it's more than 100. memphis will feel like 103 today. dallas 100. north plat nebraska feel close to 100. stay hot. chicago could reach record high of 96 degrees. monday the heat does start to push east. st. louis will feel like and we are waking up on the cooler side and are expecting our day time highs to be peelow seasonable. oakland 57, mountain view 51 degrees. up into the upper 70s pofor tho inland areas, into the mid 70s
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by 1:00. and that's and that's you latest forecast. thank you. still to come, tragic new details after her mother and children were shot in a horrific case of road rage gone wrong. why the shooter opened fire. >> look back at the stories that captured our attention this week, including that very talented 8-year-old drummer who makes playing the drums look ool a lot easier than it actually is. first, this is today on nbc. th easier
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we are back on saturday morning with "the weekly download." >> the headlines dominated by the ig report and james comey and the fbi. there were other stories we covered as well. starting with the meeting with president trump and north korea's leader.
5:21 am
historic summit in singapore. as president trump and north korea's kim jong-un meet to discuss denuclearization. >> president trump heading home after meeting with kim jong-un. he hopes will be a defining moment in his presidency. >> we are ready to write a new chapter. >> the pair signing a two-page agreement. north korea committing to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. president trump saying it would start very quickly. giving no specifics. a tragedy for olympic gold medalist bode miller. his 4-year-old daughter drowned in a friend's swimming pool. >> drowned in the pool. >> okay. paramedics are on the way. >> authorities in orange county, california, say miller and his wife were at a party when the toddler ended up in a pool. paramedics rushed to the scene
5:22 am
and performed cpr before transporting the child to a nearby hospital where they were unable to revive her. back to the ballpark. house majority whip steve scalise joined members of congress for the annual congressional baseball game for charity one year after the shooting rampage that injured him and three others. >> ready to play baseball. >> it has been a long journey back to the diamond for steve scalise. for steve scalise, just taking the field is a win. kim kardashian and alice johnson met face-to-face for the first time one week after president trump commuted his sentence. >> it was kim kardashian who called alice with the good news. >> she said you can go home. >> you can go home? >> are you ready to go home? >> kardashian championed for her
5:23 am
release on twitter and all the way to the oval office meeting with president trump. >> i can't believe we're in the oval office. this is crazy. the president had compassion for her right away. some of the week's most memorable moments caught on camera. roller coaster derails in daytona beach. >> injuring riders and leading to remember cscues. a wild climb in minnesota. >> the furry creature captured attention of worried fans. released at the undisclosed location. and unusual delay on passengers for the flight to orlando. >> the flight is delayed after waiting for an alligator to make its way across the runway. and the internet went wild for an 8-year-old drummer from japan effortlessly nailing the
5:24 am
led zeppelin song "good times bad times." >> whoa. >> famous john bonham drum solo there. >> that is incredible. you give a kid interested in music. put the sticks in their hands and watch how they develop. >> did she learn it by listening to it? >> and she can barely reach the foot pedal. >> that is organic. >> you just know it. >> sweet. >> we will keep our eye on her. still ahead here on "today." dylan dreyer here heads to the ball field. she will share the inspiring story of some very special athletes who are giving it their absolute all on the ball field. and guiliana rancic is coming back. and a major victory after his ex-girlfriend tried to derail his career. we'll have that interesting
5:25 am
story. but first these messages. take a
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downtown san jose good morning, thanks for let's take a live look outside downtown san jose. vianey arana will tell us what your forecast is like. >> it's going to be below seasonable. i think we're going to get a little break from the heat. 57 in oakland, 56 in san jose. also about 57 in san francisco. and your temperature trend does
5:27 am
show a very nice climb into the 60s by about 10 a.m. we'll be in the upper 60s and then we'll quickly climb into the 70s by 12:00. a majority of the bay area will be comfortable in the 60s and the 70s. we will get upper 70s further inland. i will break down how long the trend will last. >> terrific. 75 and sunny. >> wheel take that, too. >> long lines making for a long night. you're looking in the back of a san jose injured -- what was the problem? international travelers say they waited as longing a four hours. a view sent us pictures and videos of the long lines. some waiting in while chairs, others claiming they didn't have
5:28 am
enough food for children. some missed connections by hours as well. >> crazy. it was inexcusable. our daughter came to pick us up and we finally called her it ka and -- >> police want your help finding who shot out these cars with a bebe gun.
5:29 am
>> it might be happening again and again. >> police would like to talk to anyone who believes ne have surveillance video from home security cameras. coming up this morning, cleaning up and paying up. that is coming up at 7:00 this morning. right now back to the "today" show.
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we are back on saturday morning. june 16th, 2018. one day before father's day. summer around the corner. we have a great crowd on the plaza. we will go out and join them in just a bit. we start thisheadlines. starting with the former campaign manager waking up in jail. >> behind bars. paul manafort waking up in jail this morning after bail for the former campaign manager revoked. a judge found manafort tried to influence witnesses while awaiting trial brought by robert mueller. trade war. china responds with $25 billion
5:31 am
of tariffs on american goods after donald trump imposed chinese goods. products electric vehicles and seafood and pork. totaling $34 billion. and fall from grace. the ceo theranos has been indi t indicted on wire fraud charges. she was forced to step down from the company she founded which a few years ago was valued at $9 billion. rocking ronaldo. portuguese superstar proved he had the right stuff against rival spain. the footballer pulled a hat trick in what some are calling one of the most thrilling games in world cup history. spain and portugal ended up tying the game 3-3. look out below. freak winds send two
5:32 am
port-o-potty flying. this video has been viewed more than a million times. today, saturday, june 16th, 2018. also this morning, learning details about the horrific shooting outside a dentist office in colorado. a mother and three sons gunned down in a case that police say was sparked from road rage. we have nbc's catie beck with the story. >> reporter: police believe it was road rage that led to the deadly shooting rampage in the parking lot in denver on thursday. >> you noeever know. it is not worth it. >> reporter: it started as a family trip to the dentist. megan biglow. has she parked for the appointment. 23-year-old jeremy webster followed and a brief argument. >> sounds like shots fired at the dentist office.
5:33 am
>> reporter: police say webster opened fire on bigelow who was shot multiple times and is in critical condition. >> i heard seven or eight very deliberate shots. >> reporter: her children also caught in the crossfire. a 13-year-old shot and killed in the incident. another child hit and in critical condition. a third narrowly escaping by running to safety. a nearby witness shot while sitting in his truck with his daughter. >> he did not look in good condition. he had two wounds. one to the arm. one to the chest. >> reporter: police reports say webster who is now facing multiple charges, including murder, admitted he used his handgun to shoot all four victims and gave police a possible reason for the rage. jeremy stated he has mental health issues and just started a new medication today. others making visits to the dentist were spared, but shaken. a surreal tragedy they never saw coming and a lesson.
5:34 am
>> we all, including myself, get stressed out and frustrated in traffic. we all have been cut off or cut somebody off. you have to have patience. >> reporter: patience to prevent another tragedy like this one. for "today," catie beck, nbc news. let's turn on this saturday morning now and get father's day weekend weather from dylan. >> we are going to see storms in certain areas and a lot of rain in the southwest. a bubble of high pressure is right through the middle of the country with the hot temperatures. the rain is rotating around it and we are starting to see thunderstorms develop across eastern south dakota and also across minnesota. south of minneapolis is where we have storms now. we will see more this afternoon. there is a big risk for damaging winds and a few isolated tornadoes. especially in the area in orange. north of minneapolis up through duluth. on sunday, it shifts to the south. we will see the threat of damaging winds and also large hail. it is right along the boundary
5:35 am
here where these storms are going to fire up. we will see that heavy rain this morning and see more storms redevelop this afternoon and as we go into sunday, as this front shifts a little farther southeast, we begin to see the storms develop across nebraska and across southern minnesota. we could see brief flooding. flash flooding because of the torrential downpours. really containing a lot of water. within the heavy downpours, we could see up to 5 inches of rain. most areas w your temperature trend into the afternoon will be cooler. we'll top out into the 60s on the coast.
5:36 am
by 9 a.m. about 52 degrees and by 1:00 into the mid 70s. t's yo. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, 40 years later, we are still hopelessly devoted to "grease." >> all of us? >> just you. >> from one of the most beloved films of all time is revealing secrets from the set. >> are you hangry? >> i tried intermittent fasting. >> turns out there may be an actual scientific reason for actual scientific reason for being hangry.
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♪ drive. ♪ nature gives... give back. nature valley, proud supporter of the national parks. at mccormick, we're obsessed with flavor. it's why we partner with sustainable farmers to find the finest herbs and spices. and blend perfectly balanced seasoning mixes. but, you don't need to know all that. you just need your food to taste great. which, we promise it will. we're back on saturday morning with today's medical round up. a lot of stories important this week covering side effects to
5:40 am
medications and how vitamin d could help lower risk of cancer. >> we have dr. natalie azar here with us. >> let's start with this one. it is about drugs with depression risks. 1 in 3 adults are taking medications depression. we want to know the drugs and how big a problem. >> these are medicines you have in the cabinet right now. they can include antacid or high blood pressure or medicines for anxiety and pain. a lot of drugs have depression as the side effect. it is a conversation you need to have with your doctor. >> quickly, acid reflux. how many people are taking that watching this morning? is it a chance they feel the effects and they don't realize? >> what this study is striking and people who were taking three or more medicines with
5:41 am
depression as a side effect were three times likely to experience depression than people who weren't. i have to say this. this was not a cause and effect. this was an association only or potential list association. it always drives home the point you need to talk to your doctor about side effects. especially with a lot of medicines, that can increase the risk for adverse affects. >> the study that came out with a lot of folks increasing vitamin d. >> the timing is interesting. the american cancer society talked about lowering the age for starting to screen for colo rectal cancer. this is vitamin d and if helpsancer prevention. studies have been inconclusive. this is one of the first studies to show a pretty important potential association between
5:42 am
vitamin d and lowering risk of colorectal cancer. if your levels were high enough in the blood, it reduces your risk by 22%. if you were deficient, it increases the risk by 31%. this doesn't mean you go out and take mega doses of vitamin d. you should talk about getting your levels checked and which amount is good for you. we can put up the graphic. we know you can get vitamin d from the sun. we will not tell you to layout to get vitamin d because of the skin cancer risk. you can get it from orange juice and milk and fatty fish. if you are deficient, take a supplement. >> we have seen a rise in unvaccinated kids in the country. they identified hot spots. >> basically this is straight forward. since 2016, 18 states allowed a
5:43 am
non medical exception. parents can opt out on religious or philosophical beliefs. these areas are primed because one fifth of kids may not be vaccinated. they show the places across the country. it is not just rural areas. it is also more urban areas. we had a lot of measles outbreaks the last few years. this is what the cdc is concerned about. >> hangry. it happened to all of us. when hunger meets anger. >> who doesn't have a hangry husband? >> i don't have one. >> okay. we can do this quickly. you know we talk about stress can affect your physical health? this is the flip side. if you are hungry, you may actually perceive things as more stressful. it is not the hunger. you are driving in a car and somebody cuts you off. suddenly you get really angry and you take it out on the car and it puts you in a bad mood.
5:44 am
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morning with the talented musician who nearly had his career derailed by a jealous ex-girlfriend. >> he found out about it before it was too late. a judge is says his ex has to pay up to the tune of $350,000. here is nbc's blake mccoy. >> reporter: a high school produ prodigy playing the clarinet. eric abramovitz was to play in los angeles for a scholarship for $50,000 a year. >> i got the rejection. it was crushing. >> reporter: imagine the shock to learn he had been accepted all along. his future, he tells buzzfeed, thwarted by the jealous girlfriend. >> she was the shoulder i was leaning on. the fact she was the one that did it. >> reporter: it took two years to uncover the plot. she had created a fake e-mail to
5:49 am
send the rejection letter to keep him home in canada with her. discovered after he went back to audition again before clarinet master yehuda gilad. >> he said you rejected me. i said you rejected me. he went back and forth. >> reporter: this week, the canadian judge ruled in his favor awarding $350,000 against the ex-girlfriend for his despicable move in his career. he is now studying in nashville and has no regrets. >> luckily it wasn't all bad in the end. i still got to do what i set out to do. >> reporter: ending his story of betrayal on a positive note. for "today," blake mccoy, nbc news. >> must have been one heck of a
5:50 am
breakup. >> can you imagine? >> you don't know if she has -- >> the money to pay up? >> it may -- maybe we will follow-up. >> you thought your break up was bad. dylan, we will get a forecast in a moment. still ahead, tom brady sitting done with oprah and talking about the controversial issue in the nfl. players taking a knee. we will hear from him in a me, butmont
5:51 am
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5:52 am
still to come on "today," craig, are you ready? >> yes. >> father's day. just one day away. we are celebrating all thanks dad for last minute gifts to a cookout for a king. and she is not the first and not the last. how one world leader is making history this morning. history this morning. let's take a quick break. us. history this morning. let's take a quick break. it's what this country is made of.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
embarcadero / san francisco embarcadero / san francisco good morning, thanks for joining us. i ) > . >> a live look outside the city of san francisco. i see a few clouds. thanks for joining us. vianey arana will share our weather forecast for the day. >> you're seeing a couple clouds. we've got a bit of a deep marine layer now. it's going to bring cloud cover to the coastline. right now it's 56 degrees wind speed. i want to show you some of that cloud cover. this is what we're seeing now.
5:57 am
santa cruz will see an increase in those clouds along half moon bay. we are expecting to see most of this burn off by mid-morning. so that's always the good news. however we will stay on the cooler side for today. current temperatures right now in san francisco 57 degrees, half moon bay 54, santa cruz at 53. your temperature trend will climb very nicely into the 70s. very comfortable weather to be outside. father's day forecast coming up at 7 a.m. >> thank you so much. >> long lines last night making for a longnight. you're looking at a backup at san jose international that had passengers exhausted and angry. some say they waited for hours to make it through customs. international travelers say they waited in line as long as four hours. a viewer sent us pictures and video with long lines.
5:58 am
other complained they didn't have enough food for babies and children. several passengers told us they missed their domestic connection by hours as well. >> craziness. it was inexcusable.
5:59 am
>> i'm so disappointed. it's happening again and again. >> police recovered a clip from a bee-bee gun.
6:00 am
breaking overnight. a second sheriff's officer dies after shot by an inmate overpowered while driving to the court house. the community mourning. >> i was in panic. my stomach in knots. waking up in jail. the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort facing the first full day in jail after the federal judge revoked his bail for witness tampering. >> i feel badly about it. >> how this will impact the russia investigation. we are live at the white house. i respect why people are doing what they are doing.
6:01 am
>> and quarterback tom brady breaking his silence about the nfl controversy. today, june 16th, 2018. ♪ >> i'm mike rocket. it's my 26th time here. >> happy abirthday. >> welcome to the "today" show. ♪ >> happy birthday to me. >> i'm on the "today" show. >> we're on tv! ♪ never afraid ♪ just picture everybody naked ♪ >> okay. >> you want to finish the song? >> i don't know the words. i just know the tune. this is a great crowd. >> huge crowd this morning. look at that over there. >> wraps around. beautiful day. >> it is. we'll take it. >> is it like this all weekend?
6:02 am
>> it is. hot though. it will heat up. >> we'll take it. oh, thank you. >> she loves sheinelle's shoes. >> show the kids at home. those are beautiful. >> there are not many outfits the shoes can go with. >> it is the first time i wore them. we have lots to get to, including fashion news later. let's start with today's news. >> good morning. i'm kelly o'donnell at the white house. gone is his luxury lifestyle. paul manafort has been booked into a section of the northern regional jail. manafort was moved two hours outside washington and into a place in warsaw, virginia friday night. waking up behind bars. a first day without freedom for former trump chairman paul manafort. a federal judge said she had no appetite to lock him up while he awaits trial, but judge jackson
6:03 am
said she could not turn a blind eye. after prosecutors alleged manafort tried to influenhat potential witnesses might testify about his lobbying work with ukraine. late friday, president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani both floated and pulled back talk about presidential pardons. >> he will not pardon anybody in this investigation. he is not, obviously, going to give up his right to pardon if a miscarriage of justice happens. >> reporter: he left the door open. >> of course he could. of course he could. >> reporter: earlier, president trump responded to the jailing of manafort with tweeted sarcasm. didn't know manafort was the head of the mob. tried to distance himself with false information. >> he worked for me for what? 49 days? a short period of time. >> reporter: the president is wrong. manafort was in charge of the campaign longer.
6:04 am
144 days. >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. i feel a little badly. >> reporter: manafort claims innocence is accused of a financial conspiracy with money laundering and foreign lobbying. his lawyers suggested he contact the former colleagues not knowing they would be witnesses. friday his wife of 40 years and lawyers left the courthouse without him. and manafort faces two separate criminal trials. turning to trade. china is imposing new tariffs on $34 billion on american goods. a response to president trump's tariffs. this is an ongoing dispute between the u.s. and china over its surplus and a dispute about technology development that china is funding by the government. that is an issue that is ongoing and donald trump will continue to push back. craig, sheinelle.
6:05 am
>> kelly o'donnell, thank you. to breaking news where a community is in mourning after a second sheriff's officer has died after being shot by an inma inmate. 44-year-old theresa king and her partner 35-year-old patrick rohrer were shot. king was rushed to the hospital, but died from her injuries. they were overpowered and shot likely by one of their weapons. the suspect was shot, but his condition has not been released. we have two food safety alerts to tell you about. salmonella outbreak linked to kellogg's honey smacks. that cereal made 73 pick sick in 31 states. it has the best use by date of june 14th of this month through the same date next year. the fda is warning people in 23 states not to eat precut watermelon and cantaloupe and honey dew melon.
6:06 am
an interesting theft overseas. it may take the fastest man to find a pair of his own running shoes. the police are asking to help recover spikes that usain bolt wore during the olympics. they were stolen from a collector. a suspect has been charged, but not letting on where the shoes are now. in the world of sports this morning, dustin johnson atop the leaderboard as the third round of play begins at the u.s. open today. while everyone else seems it struggle, johnson sinking this 40-foot birdie putt. boom. on the 7th hole and at 4 under, he is only player under par. dylan dreyer would not miss the cut. >> almost as good as dylan. dylan? i'm right here. i was going back down to these girls. they are having a fun time. clearly you are from columbia,
6:07 am
south carolina. what happened if you went out of order? >> no, no, no. >> columbia, south carolina. >> so nice to have you here. thank you for joining us. let's see what is going on across the country. it is about the heat. we have excessive heat warnings for minneapolis, chicago, st. louis. 30 million people under a heat warning or advisory. the heat is not just the heat, but humidity which makes it uncomfortable. memphis feels like 103. new orleans, 99. dallas at 101. on sunday, you see temperatures still in the 90s with the feels-like temperature up around 100 degrees. chicago could break a record with the forecast high of 96 degrees. on monday, it starts moving east. new york city, the record is 95. we are forecasting 92. it will feel close to 100. raleigh will feel like 104. the heat is on. that includes columbia, south carolina, too.
6:08 am
>> we've got some clouds. in the 50s, palo alto. daytime high, temperatures are climbing into the 70s. intervie
6:09 am
6:10 am
6:11 am
o.w.n. tomorrow. now the prime minister of new zealand preparing to put her job aside for a bit to become a first-time mom. she will give birth tomorrow. as nbc's kelly cobiella reports, she has an idea of how to lead a country and raise a baby. >> i am not the first woman to multitask. i'm not the first woman to work and have a baby. >> reporter: after months of meeting world leaders and shaking hands and making policy, the new zealand prime minister is now on maternity leave. and she would tell you she is not the first woman to do that either. but arderne is making history. as only the second elected leader of the country to give birth while in office. pakist pakistan's on boutto was the first. >> i'm looking forward to the day when we won't have new stories about that because it
6:12 am
will not be unusual. for now, i accept it. >> reporter: in april, senator tammy duckworth was the first senator to give birth in office. even in new zealand, with three elected female prime ministers and first to give women a vote. the idea of the pregnant leader sparked debate. >> is it okay for a prime minister to take maternity leave while ins office? you need to -- while in offers? you need to know that. >> it is totally unacceptable to say women should have to answer that question in the workplace. >> this is my point. >> unacceptable. unacceptable in 2017. >> a daily mailco columnist wro you should not have to compete with a colicky toddler.
6:13 am
>> will i have help to do it? yes. >> reporter: she will hand the rei next reins to the deputy prime minister on sunday. she will read cabinet papers between diaper changes. for "today," kelly cobiella, nbc news. i give her credit. still to come, no highlights? no problems. the creative way one network showed the best moments so far from the world cup. >> it looks like my kid drew that. ellen degeneres getting back into standup. she could be coming to a city near you. that's right after these messages. today, historical sites are disappearing, but ai can help us bring history back to life. to recreate historical sites, we had to stitch hundreds of pictures one by one. with microsoft ai, we are able to stitch hundreds of thousands of pictures
6:14 am
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6:16 am
so lettuce make the right choice, and choose seventh generation's plant based detergent. was that too corny? seventh generation. powered by plants. tested on sixty of your toughest stains. we are back on saturday morning with a surprising tactic from espn world cup coverage. >> dylan is in the orange room with more. >> the world cup is the biggest event in sports. the video is restriected and networks are not getting a lot of highlights to show. so espn's scott van pelt tweeted with no video for our show, i'll improvise. my daughter drew saudi arabia and russia. send your art t to #drawtheworldcup. we will pick a few each day.
6:17 am
the drawings came in every day. the little girl with portugal and spain game. this is ronaldo scoring against spain. we have austin with the 3d representation. a great one from mia with what looks like a giant world cup and some dialogue. one team says the world cup is ours. the other says no. and here is isabella holding hers with egypt and uruagay. it is like being in court with the drawings. >> that's true. i love that. fun. >> yeah. >> scott van pelt. genius. svp. "popstart." >> first up, giuliana rancic, the reporter is headed back to
6:18 am
"e news" alongside jason kennedy. she left the show three years ago. in a statement, rancic said returning to host is every bit as thrilling to me today as it was 16 years ago when i joined the show and embarked on this career. adding in part, cohosting alongside one of my best friends, jason kennedy makes it special. the show has seen shakeups. cat sadler, part of the team of correspondents over pay inn equali equality. and moving on to ellen. she is taking her act on the road. setting her first standup tour in 15 years. she will embark on a three-city eight-night tour in august. she will be traveling on the west coast. if you are close to san diego, san francisco or seattle, you are in luck. if not, you will catch it on the
6:19 am
netflix special later this year. absolutely. it all makes sense. and finally, we have chills. >> they're multiplying. >> i knew you would do it. the movie "grease" came out 40 years ago today. to celebrate, natalie morales is hosting "grease behind closed doors." it has behind the scenes look and the famous moment when sandy got a makeover. here is the sneak peek. >> the talk on the set was olivia was going to come out in the hot makeover. so we're all waiting for it. then she came out with the hair out to here. great black cat suit. yeah. time froze for me. >> you can see more of natalie's special "grease behind closed doors" tonight at 9:00 p.m.
6:20 am
>> i used to watch that every day after high school. my high school was like ridale. >> thank you for not singing. the tips and tricks for saving you big on summer vacation. we will get to that, but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
6:22 am
still to come on "today," my trip to a baseball field to meet students who give it their all. and we have delicious and we have delicious recipes for the dad o
6:23 am
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6:26 am
downtown san jose good morning, thanks for joining us. i )m garvin thomas -- in for kia klapper -- with vianey arana with a look at your microclimate forecast. . 6:26 is the time. downtown san jose is on your screen. it sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous day. she's here with your microclimate forecast. >> we're talking about a cooling trend that's been sticking around for the past couple of days and it's expected to remain through the weekend. san francisco right now, wind speeds are nice and calm and temperatures are about 53 degrees. but look at the rest of the bay area. also in the 50s. not too hot, not too cold at about 6:26 a.m. this morning.
6:27 am
as you head out this afternoon, i want you to keep in mind we are expected to climb and see a lot of this cloud cover start to clear out and burn off by mid afternoon, by 12:00 san jose will be in the 70s. san jose is actually going to be one of the warmer spots along with the interior valley. along the coast, we're expecting 60s in the forecast. we below seasonable. i don't really mind the 70s. i'll break down your father's day forecast coming up at 7 a.m. >> a beautiful day but maybe not a beach day. >> maybe not a beach day. >> thank you very much. >> long lines making for a long night. you're looking at the backup the san jose international that had passengers exhausted and angry. some people say they waited for hours to make it through customs last night. what was the problem? flights arriving from germany and mexico were the most affected. a viewer sent us pictures and videos of the long lines but
6:28 am
upset passengers, others complaining they didn't have enough food for babies and children. some missed their domestic connections by hours as well. >> it was inexcusable. >> our daughter came to pick us up three years ago. we finally called her and told her to go home. we just now called her to come back and pick us up. >> the airport says very rarely there can be a perfect storm like this with some flights a little late and others a little early. combine that with low staffing and borde patrol on a friday night and you have the recipe for disaer police want to catch whoever is destroying car windows with what appears to be a bebe gun. they responded to the first call around 4 p.m. they now believe there are more than 30 victims. one told us it was very disturbing it see her window shattered this way. >> i'm so disappointed.
6:29 am
i don't feel safe anymore in this area that we're living right now. it might be happening again and again. >> the police officer said they recovered a clip from the scene. >> coming up, the warning from a popular san francisco drag queen after he survived being viciously attacked. let's head back to "today."
6:30 am
we are back on saturday morning, june 16th, 2018. summer is just around the corner and the sun is shining on the crowd. >> yeah. >> it smells good out here. >> great crowd. a lot of birthdays. if you are looking for a great escape, don't go anywhere. coming up on "today," we have top travel tips that won't break the bank, but have you soaking up the sun. it smells good out here. we are celebrating father's day early with gift ideas for you procrastinators out there. and barbecue brisket and
6:31 am
marshmallow squares. we have dishes to delight dad on father's day with extra hard names to say. >> i'm looking forward to it. before we get to that, a check of the father's day forecast? >> hot for most of the country. 30 million people under some heat warning or heat advisory. especially back through the midwest. temperatures feel like it will be 100 to 105. we could see strong thunderstorms up across minnesota and a flooding threat in the southwest. on father's day, take a look at some of the names. we have grandfather, north carolina, 77 tomorrow. 9 in grill, pennsylvania. dadville, new york, 9 degr89 de. one more. gardner, kansas 57 in oakland, 54 from palo
6:32 am
alto. 54 degrees. we're seeing a couple of areas with cloudy conditions, including this nice shot over san jose. by 11 a.m. we'll be in the upper 60s. temperatures are expected to rein on the cooler side for today. that will stick around through father's day. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. baseball has long been entrenched in our culture and has a way of bringing people together. >> it sure does. in new york, there is a league full of special players. i had the opportunity to meet with them recently and see what this league is all about. sunday afternoons were made for baseball in the park. on manhattan's lower east side, families and friends come together to shecheer on the lit league challenger division. but this league is unique.
6:33 am
>> ray has a developmental delay. he may not look the part of what you consider a normal special needs child, you know he is a little different. >> reporter: and that is what challenger is all about. celebrating athletes with physical and developmental challenges in a non-competitive environment. >> i wanted a place welcoming to him and he can enjoy the sport. >> reporter: it is an opportunity to hit, run the bases, and give out high fives without stress of strikes and outs. the league was founded by rick after a plea from his daughter jamison. >> did you want to play? >> yes. >> she has down's syndrome. she played in a similar league in florida. after moving north, she was without a team. she asked her dad to step in. >> she asked about challenger. i said let's see. >> reporter: in the second season, challenger has grown to some 30 players. >> when we introduced challenger
6:34 am
last year to the community, we said it is a celebration. that is creating memories and great motivation for development and confidence. >> reporter: each athlete is paired with a buddy. >> i love it. >> helping them hit the ball and run around the bases and touch home plate. it is really fun watching them. >> reporter: the league plays on a turf field allowing walkers and wheelchairs to charge the bases. >> he loves it. he loves the kids. he loves getting the high fives. >> he is non-ambulatory. when he gets the wind in his hair, it is wonderful. >> reporter: almost all of the challenger athletes are unable to vocalize how much they love playing. >> he was a totally different player last year. he was overwhelmed and not sure. >> what about now? >> he is excited from the moment he woke up and put his stuff on. he had been carrying the mitt
6:35 am
around all day. >> reporter: the chance to be part of the team and share an afternoon of baseball. >> what does it mean for ray to be out there running bases? >> you know, i hate to sound cliche. it makes him found normal. he can do what every other kid is doing and they feel welcome. >> i had so much fun. the challenger league just finished the season for the year with awards ceremony for all of the kids. the best part is the program is free for anyone who wants to get involved. >> that is fantastic. i was telling you that i like the idea. it is intimate. you know all of the kids names. >> they get the time up there. they love running the baseline. >> thank you. coming up next, whether a foodie or gadget junkie, the best ideas for your father. >> why are you getting your dad a last-minute gift? you didn't get mom a last-minute gift? >> you will never know.
6:36 am
>> jealous? >> that's coming up, but first >> that's coming up, but first thes behr presents: ordinary versus overachiever. >> that's coming up, but first thes a lot of paints say they can do the job, but just one can "behr" through it all. behr premium plus, a top rated interior paint at a great price. family friendly, disaster proof. find it exclusively at the home depot. daily hair damagen stop before it happens ...with these roses. one is treated with dove. both are exposed to damaging heat. the rose without dove is dry and brittle. dove deeply nourishes and stops 90% of
6:37 am
daily hair damage before it happens. ♪ ♪ ♪good goes around and around us. it wt is country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us.
6:38 am
we are back on saturday morning. in case you have not heard, tomorrow is father's day. if you put off the perfect prese present, we have ideas for you. the best news is you can buy them today. one i'm about to get today. i'll buy it. minute difficult wa mindy walker is the executive producer the "tech" magazine. >> the tech savvy dad. >> you can create pictures straight from your phone. >> the picture and it prints out. fun and in less than a minute. take a selfie with your dad and you can print it out together. >> put it in a frame. happy father's day. kidding. this is a good gift. >> you can get it at staples for $1
6:39 am
$139. >> this looks like a watch. it is a heart rate tracker and steps and tracks sleep. for father's day, i think those naps on the couch count. >> they have style to them now. >> exactly. you can wear it all day. >> for the foodie dads. >> you want dad to wake up on father's day with nice slow drip coffee. >> this is cool. >> this is a brass pour over from world market. it is $40. you use regular ground coffee, but slowly pour the hot water in to make one cup. it is like a drip coffee, but making one cup. >> it looks good. how cool is this? >> right. >> we will get to craig in a minute. dark chocolate? >> from williams-sonoma. you can pick that up today. you can pair it with the favorite whiskey. nice pairing. >> i'm convinced that presentation is a huge part of it.
6:40 am
>> that is true. idea it is not just handing it to them. thinking about pairing it that way. you can do the coffee in the morning and then you know have a nice morning and move tit like a foodie day. >> this is strong. >> i know. it's true. >> all right. next to help dad relax. >> we want to help dad relax. he wants a nice book to read. this is "pops." a really nice collection by michael chabon. he writes about dads. when you read that, you don't want to sit in an uncomfortable chair. you might want to be where craig is located. >> perfectly normal. >> that's right. >> this is an inflatable hammock. it fold up. you fill it in the wind or camping or outdoors. you tie it up. there you go. >> what are they charging? >> this is $59. you can get it at brookstone. you can make --
6:41 am
>> father's day is starting early for me. >> you have one more day. are you ready? >> i'm ready for father's day. actually, what are you doing? >> i'm moving around. i'll be honest, as a man who enjoys the hammock, give me the traditional hammock. >> if you don't have trees. >> that's true. >> some of us live in the city, craig. >> no trees. >> this is so comfortable. let me tell you you. this is the most comfortable hammock i've been in. >> cross your legs. that will be better. >> i will not. can you take us to commercial so i can get out? >> thank you. >> happy father's day. >> you can find all of the items in stores or on >> that's not cool? coming up next, looking to save on the summer vacation. we will tell you which days are best to buy and when to fly to get the most bang for your buck. he gets up. this is "today" on nbc.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
we're back on saturday morning. with the kids getting out of school and official start of summer on thursday, it is time to start thinking about the summer vacation. on average, families spend about $2,000 on summer vacation. that is according to nerd wallet. here to help you make the most of the vacation, personal finance expert kimberly palmer. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> let's start with credit cards. travel credit cards. you say we should put our credit cards to work for us. how should we go about determining which credit card to use? >> you want to see what rewards cards are in your wallet and use the ongoing rewards for every day spending. you can accumulate points for the next trip. if you don't have a rewards card, look for one that earns
6:45 am
you more than 1% back on all of your purchases. >> more than 1%. >> exactly. if you are not sure, we have a comparison tool to find the best card for you. >> you have to pay off the monthly balance. >> that is important. pay off that monthly balance. avoid the fees. >> how much are we talking in terms of savings per year? >> it is significant. nerd wallet found you can save 9$901 the first year. the second year is about $277. a lot of cards have built-in perks like free rental car insurance. you don't have to pay extra. it saves you $10 a day. free checked bags. not just for you, but traveling companion. >> let's talk about flights. a lot of wives tales about the best time to book and the best day and best hour. how do we get the cheapest
6:46 am
flight? >> timing is everything. if possible, you want to try to fly on a wednesday. that is the cheapest day to fly. followed by thursday and tuesday. if you can fly mid week, that is best. it also really matters which day you book your flight. you want to book on a sunday. that is cheapest. friday is the most expensive day to book. try to avoid that. you always want to book about 30 days in advance because you get the best prices. you can track prices. two really useful apps. >> momondo and going google flights. -- google flights. and now the hotel? >> you want to be last minute. if you can book 24-to-48 hours in advancadvance, you can get tt price. that is how you can save. you can track prices with hotels using kayak. >> theme parks. couple weeks ago i took the kids for a first time down to
6:47 am
florida. me and my wife. disney world, universal. it gets expensive. >> one key is go on value days which is mid week. peak days holidays and weekends, you will pay more. same is true for universal. avoid mid-july to august, you get the better deals. you may want to check out authorize ticket sellers. undercover tourist can give you good deals on disney tickets. universal studios, you can go to costco and get deals on tickets. >> kimberly palmer, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, we're heading outside for a father's day feast that any dad is sure to love. dylan's on the grill. dylan's on the grill.
6:48 am
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wow. >> massive. >> this morning on "today food." what better way to show your dad or husband you love them with the perfect meal on the grill. this is ryan scott of ryan scott indica catering of san francisco. i hope you are going back to san francisco to celebrate. >> that is my daughter and wife. i am leaving. my car has my luggage. i will go home and have my first father's day on the beach eating
6:51 am
pizza. i don't want to cook. >> especially because you are cooking a feast. this is a monster sandwich. >> this is for you, craig. look at that. you see that shot? i didn't think you would do it, but you did it. >> i'm good, brother. >> do it, buddy. that bread. >> i have been anybody tnibblin brisket. >> we will make a cole slaw. in here, we have mayo and sour cream. in the right hand is apple cider vinegar. salt. lots of salt. we like salt. home grain mustard. it really makes this dish pop. salt and pepper. here is the thing. >> more salt? >> i'm sorry. that is sugar. if you see dylan and i cook together, salt and salt. here we go. if you are in a rush for father's day and you can't make
6:52 am
anything, the package of the slaw which is done, that is easy. pop that. we have to get healthy somewhere. i have marshmallow squares and meat. this can sit for a couple hours? >> in the fridge. >> yes. make sure it is good. make sure your culinary skills are up to par. perfect. now we have the cole slaw. we take a brisket cut and make a brine. >> that is more salt. >> peppercorn and brown sugar. >> whole garlic? >> can you put the brisket inside that brine? >> not cutting the fat. >> let it sit for four or five hours or overnight. if you don't have time to make a brine, here is a tip. soda over the top. it has everything you need to make a really simple brine. >> just the soda?
6:53 am
>> yes. >> that's done for five hours. >> now it is on the grill. it is grilled and beautiful. la lather with the homemade barbecue sauce. or if you are dylan, out of a can. and assembling. i'll have you do the sauce. the sliced brisket here with the cheese we roasted. >> nice. >> get the shot. go ahead. do the arm thing. >> this is bad for the arm shake. do you like this? craig, i see you opened it up. >> we have the cole slaw on top. it's good. you put this on top. >> sloppy sandwich. >> go here. i have the biggest bread in new york city made for this. go online.
6:54 am
bacon and potato salad and parsley. if you did not see the tease, she threw chives all over me. >> nice job. >> sheinelle? >> that's impressive. >> she doesn't know what to do. >> sheinelle, it is almost as tall as you. >> we clearly covered the salt. let's get to the sweet. >> the savory side. we are going to brown butter. butterscotch, marshmallow squares. we read it. it is on the teleprompter. >> some nuttiness. what i want to do, i would microwave this and let the marshmallows melt. you go double marshmallow. you add fluff and marshmallows.
6:55 am
we add salt. we put butterscotch chips. you add more marshmallows and any cereal. >> krispy rice? >> very smart. good word. >> a little bag of chocolate. you finish this and i'll do this. >> ryan, thank you so much. this is delicious. i can't wait to dig in. i hope you have a wonderful father's day. >> thank you. >> if you want the recipes, go to you make everything so big. >> that's it for us. on tomorrow on "sunday today," willie sits down with trevor noah. he talks about the journey from the slums to the top of the comedy world. >>thomas..
6:56 am
coming up next, on today in the bay .... a massive backup has passengers waiting for hours in the south bay-- but not for a plane -- just to walk out of the airport. the perfect storm that the airport says caused the hold up... also: two south bay women bragged about being sexual deviants. what we )re learning about their connection to the young >> two south bay women bragged about being sexual deviants. coming up your father's day forecast. downtown san jose from
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
communications hill good morning, thanks for joining us. i )m garvin thomas, in for kira klapper. vianey arana is also here with a look at your microclimate forecast.
7:00 am
>> it's breezy in san jose right now. we're also seeing cloud cover. this is another shot in san jose. the wind speeds are about 15 miles an hour. we are seeing a bit of a trough there. the leaves and trees moving back and forth because of a light breeze. current temperatures right now in san francisco 58 degrees. mountainview 52, oakland 57. i do have good news on the tail end of those clouds. we have a bit of a marine layer going. this is going to help keep our temperatures nice and cool. a lot of that cloud cover is expected to stick around through mid-morning and our temperatures will be sticking to the 70s for today. no 80s and no 90


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