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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 22, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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pleasanton and look at how tems will warm up tomorrow in the hot locations of the eastbay. we 102 by 3:00 p.m. i'll show you where it reaches details on that at 5:19. >> thank you, jeff. with the heat comes increased fire danger. this brushfire about an hour ago, the fire is now out but crews are on high alert not just across the bay area but across the state this weekend. >> let's take you live to the east bay, we'll show you our traffic camera in dublin. the tri-valley will be especially warm which means trouble for the people heading out to the alameda county fair. there's always a couple days during this fair that's really t. it
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will be hotter tomorrow. on an average day par immediate i can -- paramedics had to transport two to four people with temperatures climbing yet again tomorrow. paramedics are conceed are also going go up. on a 96-degree day, this is the sound of relief. and this is the sound of an average work day of anthony white. he's the owner of this food trailer at the alameda county fair. >> up to 375 degrees. >> reporter: the good news is the griddle works, the bad news, the asee does nc does not. >> it's all about getting money satisfying the customers. >> a lot of things we're seeing is dehydration. >> reporter: while we were at
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the first aid office, the staff helped a pregnant woman and a woman in her 80s. >> i think she's maybe dehydr e dehydrat dehydrated. >> reporter: suzanne castro says she was with her friend bae when he started complaining about a headache. >> all you seniors, make sure you're hydrated, proper clothing, wearing a hot. >> good advice to take note of. and earlier today we had a report of a woman in her 70s suffering from dementia and was lost. we just heard back from the fair that the woman was reunited with her senior group and is safe and sound. that's the latest in please san ton. i'm melissa colorado. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, melissa. you can track the rising temperatures when ever and wherever you want. all you have to do is download our free nbc bay area app. you can get the information on the weather, where you're going to be for your weekend plans as well. the immigration crisis at the border might be coming here to the bay area. the navy is considering setting up tent cities in concord to house tho enter the u.s.
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this according to a confidential memo from the u.s. navy. the proposal calls for building a camp at the former concord naval weapons station for up to 47,000 people. the memo was obtained by "time" magazine. the concord naval station has been closed for decades. much of the property is scheduled to be transferred to the city of concord. the city spent millions of dollars developing live-and-work communities there. congressman and former concord mayor mark desaulnier opposes it. >> it's a crazy idea and if it's true, we'll fight it. the community does not support, nor do i, this unethical, immorrow, zero tolerance policy driving families apart. >> reporter: the memo goes well beyond building in concord. it suggests another 47,000 people could be detained at camp pendleton down in san diego county. the estimated cost of all this,
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nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to run these tent cities for 25,000 people at a time. and that's for a six-month period. the obama administration used military bases to house unaccompanied migrant minors in 2014 but those shelters closed after four months. now all children separated from their parents should be reunited by sunday. that's the word tonight from the white house. blayne alexander is in washington where the president met with a group of families speaking out on immigration. blayne? >> you're right. for days now the sympathetic faces in the immigration battle have been the faces of those children separated from their families at the border. today president trump presented a different group. president trump standing with some of the people he says are hardest hit by a flawed
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immigration system. pham leads of those killed by undocumented immigrant immigrants. >> your loss will not have been in vain. we will secure our borders. >> the president working to shift the spotlight that for days had focused on migrant children at the border. >> we weren't lucky enough to be separated for five days or ten days, we're separated permanently. >> i wear his ashes in a locket. this is how i get to hug my son. >> reporter: after repeatedly demanding congress take urgent action to fix immigration laws, now a stunning about-face. urging republicans to stop wasting their time on immigration and wait until after the midterm elections, suggesting there will be fewer democrats in office. his capitol hill allies chalking that up to frustration. >> the democrats don't want to solve the problem while we do. but we're going to move forward and have a vote. >> reporter: as soon as next week, despite opposition to the bill from within their own party. democrats say they've been shut out all together. >> we're not included. >> reporter: at the border the
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question remains, how will the more than 2,000 children already separated from their families be reunited. the administration claims nearly 500 are now back with their parents. among them seven-year-old darwin and his mother who successfully sued the government to find him. after more than a month apart, the two back together, but their future in america still uncertain. and today a spokesperson for health and human services says each child does receive a number to help identify them throughout the process and he said a vast majority of the children will be reunited with family. raj? after touring a detention center in san diego today, senator kamala harris accused the trump administration of committing crimes against humanity. harris toured a facility housing mothers who've been separated from the children. the media was noto go in w th visit, the senate spoke to hundreds of protesters
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and reporters gathered outside. >> this is the situation where d this administration brought upon itself and the reputation of the american public, brought upon us without a request, shame. >> reporter: harris told the crowd as a former prosecutor she's been to many jails and what she saw today in that detention center was a prison. now our coverage continues on "nightly news" which includes an inside look at the daily struggle border patrol agents face. "nightly news" spent time with one unit tasked with doing that. lester hoelt joins us in 25 minutes. a scary sight in san francisco. here's a look at the damage from a brushfire. this fire started around noon. >> crews evacuated nearby homeowners on ellsworth street.
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we're hearing some french tourists in the area helped evacuate one man in a wheelchair from his burning home. four homes did burn before firefighters were able to stop the flames. at there time we don't know how this fire started. within the last hour all lanes of 680 have been reopened after a crash on the east bay caused a big backup. it happened northbound 680 south of sycamore valley road in danville at 2:30 in the afternoon. five cars involved. only minor injuries. at this point how the crash unfolded. in palo alto a cement truck flipped over with the driver trapped inside unable to get out. it happened on el camino real at 6:30. no word on how the cement truck flipped over. get ready for about a million people. the 48th san francisco pride
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celebration is happening. our sky ranger getting a sneak peek at the floats that are ready to roll. they're being stored on pier 54. security is expected to be tight throughout the next couple days. christie smith joins us at dolores park:. >> reporter: the trans march should get under way. san francisco police say people should expect a significant presence through the weekend. special teams will be mobile in the parade and festivals. the finishing touches are under way for 35 floats that will make their way down market street. >> people making sure that we didn't miss anything. we'll stage everything for
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rollout on sunday. >> reporter: the theme will be generations of strength. >> we'll have boosted numbers on patrols as well as specialized units for quick response. >> there will be a level of security that will screen for weapons and items you're not able to bring into the venue. >> some changes were made in part due to the pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 and isolated incidents over the years in the city. organizers say expect similar screening to last year. police say they're not revealing specifics but their plan is ready. >> we are taking measures to make sure that the city is safe, parade route is safe.hl nepal that city streets will be closed off to vehicular traffic from at least a block away.
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>> reporter: san francisco police reminding people that they can stay informed about emergencies or significant changes through alert sf by testing pride sf to 888777. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> the activities start right now. another pride tradition, the pink triangle at twin peaks. trues installed the symbol this afternoon. they were used as one of the nazi concentration camp badges used to identify male prisoners who were sent there because of their homosexuality. for a full list of our pride events, check out our pride guide on the front page of our web site, conco. where we fit 105 tomorrow and the next dramatic change in the seven-day forecast. that's in about seven minutes. new revelations about uber's
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deadly self-driving car crash spelled out in a released report. with what the on-board driver was doing that could have her facing charges. and the santa cruz board walk having a hard time finding employees. why, and the changes being made to fill the positions. we )re fon
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the east bay. a major traffic backup. all eastbound lanes of 580 at the we're following breaking news in the east bay. not a good start to this friday
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evening commute. a major traffic backup, you can see the red on our traffic map. all eastbound lanes of 580 are closed because of a motorcycle accident. we have news about a deadly car crash in arizona. the woman behind the wheel was watching a tv show. she was streaming an episode of "the voice" on hulu. she could face charges. new video from that night back in march of policeng vasquez. the car vasquez was riding slammed into elaine hearstberg and killed her as she walked her bike across the road. police say it was vazquez's responsibility to take control of the car and she could have done so well before the moment of self-driving operations after this crash, including those operations taking place here in san
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francisco. you won't see any more pit bulls on delta flights, the airline announced it's banning all pit bull type dogs as service and emotional support animals. delta said two employees were bitten by a pit bull traveling as a support animal. groups that train service dog and people who use them are criticizing delta's decision. delta is changing its policy to only allow people to bring one service animal on a flight. a side effect of low unemployment. a worker shortage in santa cruz has a popular amusement park hiring younger and younger teens to work on the boawalk. we walk with more on that. anoushah? >> reporter: this is the first time they're hiring more than just a couple 14-year-olds to work at the amusement park and apparent lly they had to becaus
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workers. three million people visit the santa cruz beach board walk every year, but there's a problem -- hiring enough seasonal staff. >> this year, last year definitely particularly difficult years. >> call it a worker shortage or a sign of a booming economy. either way it appears to be a common problem. we've seen help wanted or now hiring signs every few doors down in downtown santa cruz. at the board walk, that means for the first time they're hiring about 50 teenagers under the age of 15. >> we are hiring as young as 14. >> reporter: there are some limits, though. the teens can't work past 9:00 p.m. or overtime. but they can work in almost every guest-related position. many run the games or work in food services. >> this is normally their first job so they're excited to learn the ropes, understand what it takes to be successful in the workplace and we're excited to
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teach them. >> teens can make anywhere from $11 to $15 and walk into human resources to be interviewed on the spot. >> we are always looking at new benefits we can offer employees, incentives, rewards. >> reporter: next, we hear about a small business owner who th k thinks she can't find workers. >> anouthshah had a good assignment today. also maybe the pilot of our sky ranger. this is the oakland estuary and the port of oakland and giving us gorgeous vistas there around oakland and the east bay. >> and staying above so it's nice and cool. >> it's hot outside. >> oh, my gosh, yeah. it's one of those days east bay your car thermometer is over 100 today. we'll continue kr w this hot
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trend for part of the weekend then we will sigh changes in the seven-day forecast. let's look at our micro climate weather tonight. we have a lot going on as we approach the weekend. san francisco giants and the padres going at it tonight. now let's take you right back here across the bay area where we have been talking about our fire danger this weekend, the hot temperatures. in case you missed it, there was a red flag fire warning for the northeast and south bay hills, highest threat in the hills above a thousand feet. winds out of the north, they could get gusts to 40 miles an hour. we're back in the 70s for the south bay and the tri-valley. looking at 70s for the north bay. you're clear in san francisco
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and 73 in the east bay. temperatures warming up another four to eight degrees tomorrow. that will be good enough to bring those into those low 100s for extreme south bay, 102 in morgan hill, 103 in gilroy. mid-90s across san jose with a slight bay breeze. the most dangerous heat, remember to hydrate, right here in contra costa, alameda counties, 105. that's my hottest forecast tomorrow. 103 in antioch, 104 in danville and not too bad in oakland with a wind off the water and 84. peninsula, you're saved from triple digit heat but still at a warm 92 in palo alto. daly city going up to 70. san francisco also some 70s along the embarcadero, the mission getting up to 80. if you're headed for any pride celebrations, you can see how temperatures will be warming up tomorr
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tomorrow. a lot of you are heading to sonoma for the nascar event. watch out with that 100 degrees. you'll start off mild with 86 at 10:00 a.m. then triple digits by 3:00 p.m. we have big changes on the way. once we hit monday, we're back in the 80s for san francisco. for inland valleys we're banking on a cooler ocean breeze to drop us down to 90. then a system that moves in by monday should push us down to 80. so we'll go from that 103 tomorrow to 80 by monday's forecast. so we get through tomorrow and we're good to go. >> 23-degree difference. coming up, a new self-driving shuttle being tested in the bay area. when and where you can ride it. on our twi--tthappening now --
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on our twitter feed - the east bay is getting a new area code. the 3-4-1 code will be mixed in with the existing 5-1-0 in the the east bay is getting a new area code. the 341 code will be mixed in with the existing 510 and the western portions of alameda and contra costa counties. also nefsz tflix is dropping an executive after he reportedly used a racial slur. the livermor
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transit authority showed off the shared a new self-driving shuttle is being tested in the bay area. the livermore transit authority showed off its shared autonomous vehicles, or savs today. they plan to put them on to shuttle people to nearby shopping and entertainment. it's the first time a transit agency in california is operating self-driving shuttles. >> this shuttle is going to not only make our area an innovation hub but make sure we make our lives easier. >> each self-driving bus can carry 12 passengers and can operate for 14 hours on one battery charge. testing phase for the pilot program is suspected to take two years. >> a line stretching around the building for the grand opening
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of the new hello kitty cafe. >> food and stuff? >> it's the hello kitty cafe. >> the cafe is the first to open in northern california and, yes, people are going crazy over it. >> there she is. >> not just for kids. she's drawing people of all ages. many say it'ses nostalgic. >> i like hello kitty since my childhood and i'm looking forward to memorabilia. >> her childhood? her childhood? >> what? >> so why san jose? hello kitty's parent company n sanrio has ties to the bay. >> hello kitty is ageless. >> are you going to go over? >> might have to. brand new cutting edge light show making its public debut at pride. we'll show you a preview when we come back.
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jose has a new approach to cl coming up tonight, fireworks and heat fear as temperatures soar, san jose has a new approach to clamp down on illegal fireworks. we'll have that story and more at 6:00. a programming note for you.
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because of tonight's giants game on nbc bay area against the padres, your favorite nbc shows can be seen over on ccozi tv. "american ninja warrior" is at 8:00. "dateline" at 10:00. finally, on this pride weekend we have a high-flying new addition, an indoor drone light show happening at 8:00 this evening inside the at&t store. they'll light up the room with four billion color combinations. >> wow. sounds fun. >> looks cool. the display will be accompanied by internationally acclaimed cellist tina guo, she'll perform the song "born this way" by lady gaga. it will be a fun week end. >> great way to kick off pride. lovely. just hydrate. that's the big thing for tomorrow. >> it will be warm for san francisco. we're up to 80 on saturday then down to 72 for the parade that
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started sunday. >> whatever you're doing, enjoy it. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> lester holt is next. children in limbo. 500 now reunited with their parents according to the government. but where is the plan for the nearly 2,000 others? mothers waiting in agony. >> she says her son was taken away for seven days and she didn't know where he was and couldn't communicate him said she wanted to die. >> president trump tries to shift to american families to those been killed by undocumented immigrants. and police open fire on injury a 9-year-old girl. and that officer facing charges. and when cell
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phones can track you. new


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