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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 25, 2018 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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having undocumented immigrants deported without a trial or any consideration. >> roseanne speaks out about her firing and her controversial tweet. >> and in saudi arabia, it is finally legal for women to drive a car. and a big weekend at the box nersfirom the b.e.t. awards. good morningmena. >> i'm gigi stone.
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hundreds gatored outside of a tent city housing high grant children in texas demanding they will reunited with their parents. the protest drawing celebrity support as well. at another texas shelter for migrant children, one teen has now run away. gabe gutierrez has more. the border battle is escalating. activists rallying near abo the security of migrant children. a 15-year-old boy ran away from a massive shelter in brownsville yesterday. he informs the process of being reunited with a parent but ran
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away first and is believed to now be en route to mexico. >> we have not a detention center. we talk to them and try to get them to stay. if they leave we call law enforcement. many say property access of reuniting children with their adult care givers will not be ea easy. >> how confusing is this for them? >> very confusing. >> migrants are hoping for that reunion, but the confusion is extending 2,000 miles away. in honduras, will see her o grandson again. they now think her son is in a shelter in arizona. >> this hurts my soul, she says, i can't talk to them. >> federal authorities say that within 24 hours of arriving at a
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facility like this one, children are given the opportunity of communicating with a vetted parent. the department of homeland security says they know the location of all of the children in it's custody. major questions still remaining about how they will reunite chirp with their parents and how quickly. homeland security says they reunited 522 children with their families, but they say the slow. >> good morning phillip. culminating in a large protest on sunday. not only just voicing their concern but also talking about voting and the need to get people to vote for the next
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election. behind me is the tent city with 250 remaining minors at that tent city. from new mexico yesterday, and he said i visited the facility, the kids looked in decent condition. but i turned to an official inside that camp and i said what is the plan for reunification and i was told to call back in a week. so officials are trying to get in, most are turned away. the level of trust between them and the it will be interesting to see this week how many minors are reunited with their minors.
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certainly for a community like this, the way it plays out, and the details as they play out. >> cal perry on the border, thank you, cal. >> maxine waters is warning trump administration officials to have a slew of confrontations. >> those on his cabinet supporting him will not be able to eat a a restaurant, shop at a department store, people will turn on them, protest them, and harass them until they decide to tell the president no, i can't hang with you. >> orin hatch fired back on twitter saying this was a very
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dangerous idea. this comes days after white house press secretary sarah sand sanders was told to leave red hen because she works for president trump. the owner of the restaurant says she believes this is a moment when supreme to make the uncomfortable decision to "uphold their morals." a meeting between stormy daniels and the u.s. attorney's office have canceled their meeting. they were scheduled to meet today as part of the ongoing general investigation into michael cohen. after the cancellation, they shared an e-mail they wrote to prosecutors. we believe cancelling the meeting because the press has now caught wind of it is
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ridiculo ridiculous. we don't think it was any secret that at some point they were going to meet with my client. this morning a tearful and remorseful roseanne barr is speaking out. he spoke on a podcast and she said she lost everything in weeks since that tweet went viral. >> i have black children in my family. i can't-i can't let them say these things about me after 30 years of my putting my family and my health and my livelyhood at risk to stand up to people. i never -- i'm a lot of things. i'm a loudmouth and all of that stuff, but i'm not stupid for
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god's sake and i never would have wittingly called a black person -- say they are a monkey. i would never do that and i didn't do that. and people think a i did that. i didn't do that although they think i did that and if they do think that, i'm so sorry that i'm, you know, i'm very sorry. a woman allegedly calling police on this 8-year-old girl for selling water bottles in san francisco. she was standing outside of her home hoping to raise money to disney land where her white neighbor said she doesn't have a permit. wildfires are collapsing
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buildings as theycalifornia. the fire that broke out in a lake county community already destroyed 12 buildings and grown to nearly 8,000 acres. they ordered authorities to clear out in the area where about 3,000 people live. erratic winds and hot weather are driving the flame that's were just north of wine country region. let's bring in bill karins. >> we're in the peak part of our fire season because it doesn't rain in the west this time of year. we have a lot of warmth wilding up in the middle of the country. many areas are feeling like 100 to 105. a little different to areas in the north. talk about the heat, it i100.
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temperature will peak at about 107 in phoenix. >> a the l full week ahead forecast coming up. >> sounds good, bill, thank you. and a stellar performance for england in the world cup. they won 6-1. next it was japan and senegal. it was tight they went back and forth for the entire 90 minutes. both teams still in contention. finally colombia having no issues in poland jumping out on a quick attack they could go on to shut out
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welcome back, today the future king of england will be taking part in a -- the political climate there only gets more tense with the president's son-in-law jared kushner ready to unveil his peace plan. >> yeah, call it a tale of two princes. yard kushner with a similar -- he normally askewhner and he has managed to stumble and offend the palestinian
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leadership. he said their president was not going to be pursuing peace and he blamed abbas for a lot of the problems they are having in the palestinian territories including the gaza strip. we can hope that prince williams has a little more luck. and lifting the last band on women drivers. nine months after the saidy ruler announced women would be granted the right to drive they have taken theheel for the first time. >> a victory lap for women's ri the first time ending a decade's old ban. until now, women relied on drivers or male relatives to get
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to work and school. risking a fine or arrest for driving themselves. >> it will be easier to get wherever i want and go wherever i want. it will take less of my paycheck. >> the move is part of a massive reform effort. >> women can now start their own businesses without a man's permission. >> it is nice to be in control in the driver's seat, right in. >> women here still don't have complete control, they still need a man's passport and travel abroad. many women told me that the
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mee the winner of this year's world's ugliest dog contest. judging chose her over other
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dogs that flaunted all sorts of imperfections. it happens in sonoma county every year and they get $1500. it is meant to support adopting shelter dogs. >> $1500, there you go. >> the clock is ticking on toys r us, but investors are keeping an eye on simmering trade issues. we're keeping an eye on your money, good morning, steve. >> yeah, lots going on in these live pr the dow and s&p futures, about half of a percent lower, i think it is the trade concerns hurting us. the do you broke in a falling streak. the price of oil was going up. we're down across the board. a lot of home sales out for
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monday, tuesday, and wednesday. apparently mr. trump, according to the white house journal may block chinese companies from investing in u.s. tech. we may get a big announcement on this later in the week on friday, but safe to say it is all part of the simmering trade tensions. and it is bad news for the iconic i toys are us and babies are us. their closing depends on their stock. this is what they're doing, sales are open, they have empty aisles, they are closing those off. it is a sad demise of a once huge empire. >> yes, we have seen those empty stores in new york, an odd sight
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line from the smash movie. they took home the award for "best -- >> and mooek mill debuted "stay woke." he wore a hoody with an image of xxx. this is an award i used to look forward to all of the time when i was little. >> it was a huge deal for meek mill when he came out of prison and -- >> and snoop >> a huge weekend at the movies, we'll tell you about it coming up.
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it is universal's fallen kingdom. it knocked out "incredibles 2" from the top spot. that fam got second place with a total of nearly $81 million. it earned more than $350 million here in the states. the women of "ocean's 8 oats took home more than $11.5 million. pretty incredible. in today's top storys are more
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about anthony bourdain's death. the friend prosecutor say there was aer this pewter dose of narcot narcotics in his system. he was found dmed a bathroom in france. >> new prime minister posted a story of her new baby. they named her nev. >> check this out, it is
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official. another baby, number five for 54-year-old actress brigitte neilson. it is their fifth child, but first daughternielsen. she has four adult sons. the couple said they're overjoyed to welcome our beautiful daughter into our life. >> that has to be a record, right? i don't have any kids, but it takes a lot of energy, 54, good luck, right? >> yeah, let's get to the weekend ahead forecast. out there taking the kids to the playground or anywhere else do it early or late. temperature only about 72 in portland. by the time we get to friday, looking decent in many areas of
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the west. not as hot. >> thank you for joining us. >> i'm phillip here.
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in a weekend tweet storm president trump calls for the u.s. to deport anyone in the country illegally without due process. which is also unconstitutional. that is the border battle escalating with protests growing by the day. families fighting to be reunited. >> a late night legal change of plans involving stormy daniels 'meeting with federal prosecutors in new york. her lawyer speaking out. >> a 15-year-old saves the day when a man who is deaf and blind needs help abarred a flight. >> the 9-year-old english bulk dog named the world's ugliest


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