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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 29, 2018 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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breaking details overnight in the annapolis newsroom shooting are that claimed five lives. this morning new details on the victim and the shooter. >> the short list of judicial contenders to replace justice anthony kennedy is out as the president rushes to make his selection. >> i'm going back to washington and we're going to pick ourselves one great united states supreme court justice. >> then to a house hearing that produced some blistering commentary and questioning fth attorney general. >> i'm reading what the press said. >> i would suggestou it's not th and i'm believe? >> thank you for making 2 clear under oath. >> then to singing superstar ed
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sheeran a $100 million lawsuit over claims he ripped off marvin gay in thinking out loud. >> and jimmy fallon is going old school with the back street boys. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm melissa rehberger. >> and i'm phillip mena. people around the nation are reeling this morning after a lone gunman opened fire into a md newsroom. killing five people and injuring numerous others, as police continue their investigation they are now releasing the names of those five victims. sales assistant rebecca smith. deputy editor rob hiason. mayor. gerald and wendy. all crossir targeted attack after learning ramos had allegedly threatened the capital gazette newspaper on social media. as authorities continue to dig in for a motive and s.w.a.t. teams comb his home, we learned ramos has had a long-standing
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grudge against the paper over a 2011 column that reported his guilty plea to criminal harassment according to court records. nbc's jennifer johnson has more from annapolis. >> reporter: nbc news is reporting police are at the suspect's maryland home. 38-year-old gerald ramos hours after he allegedly opened fire inside a local annapolis newspaper. >> this person was prepared to shoot people. his intent was to cause harm. >> reporter: the suspect opened fire with a long gun killing five. >> now inside the building. shooting people, white male with a shotgun. >> reporter: tweeted begging for help, approximately 170 people were inside the building when he opened fire. >> it's scary, very scary. so i'm a little shaken up about everything. >> reporter: the police aren't saying what the gunman's gazette had receivedt they say threats via social media. >> they're our friends. i mean, we're grieving for these guys. >> reporter: police arrived
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within 60 seconds one week after training for this exact scenario. they later found smoke grenades allegedly left behind by the gunman. jennifer johnson, nbc news, annapolis, maryland. >> and as authorities continue to investigate what's being called one of the deadliest attacks on u.s. journalists since 9/11 we continue to learn details about the victims of this deadly mass shooting and why the disgruntled gunman may have done it. nbc's hans nichols has the latest. >> reporter: phillip, the five journalists at the capital gazette died when he barged in with a smoke grenade and a shotgun and started taking lives. now, there is a background. there is a history between the suspected individual and this newspaper. it was a dispute about a defamation suit that he eventually ended up losing after years of litigation. now, what's happening now is they are talking law enforcement is talking and interrogating the
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suspected individual. at the same time there is a search warrant. it's been taken out on the location that is associated, a residence that is associated with him. now, police have said this area here is no longer under threat. there is no longer an immediate danger. and now the urgent task is to figure out what the motivation was and if there are any warning signs that could have potentially prevented this tragedy. phillip? >> hans, thanks for the update. >> a just released new poll show us where americans stand when it comes to a divisive issue, abortion rights. the kaiser family foundation found that two-thirds of people supreme court overturn roe v. wade. 53% of republicans would like to see it overturned while large majorities of democrats, independents and women want it to stay in place. this comes as justice anthony kennedy gets ready to retire from the supreme court, setting the stage forre pick a more conservative judge who would vote to strike down
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roe v. wade. now a "the new york times" report says the white house may have orchestrated his exit with the president forming a personal relationship with kennedy and assuring him his legacy was in good hands. >> president trump's replacement for justice kennedy could shift the ideological balance for the court for generations. nbc's peter alexander tells us who is on trump's short list. >> reporter: president trump making his surge for a supreme court nominee a top priority. >> i'm going back to washington and we're going to pick ourselves one great united states supreme court justice. >> reporter: the president determined to find a nominee young enough to make a lasting difference. >> we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. >> reporter: on the short list, all appealstt c of indiana, brett kavanagh of maryland, and thomas hardy man of pennsylvania. whoever is confirmed is considered to be more conservative than anthony kennedy.
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president trump boasting about a $10 billion fox come based in taiwan. >> this is the 8th wonder of the worldful >> reporter: the company pledging to create 13,000 new jobs. taxpayers will be on the hook for more than $4 billion in state and local incentives. if paid out, the most to a foreign company in u.s. history. >> this is 20 million feet plus. this will be one of the largest jobs ever built in the world. >> reporter: but tension ignited by mr. trump's tariffs and a looming trade war could cost american jobs. here on harley davidson's home turf after criticizing the company's plans to move some production overseas to avoid stiff new european tauv riffs. >> build those beautiful motorcycles in the usa, please, okay? don't get cute with us. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. >> some fiery exchanges on capitol hill as house republicans grill deputy attorney general rod rosenstein e pair were called to testify on the justice department's
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handling of both the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and the current russia probe. republicans urging rosenstein to wrap up the russia investigation which he is overseeing and democrats firing back. hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: inside a house hearing room, a political production. >> i'm reading what the press said. >> i suggest you not rely on what the press says. >> who are we supposed to believe? >> thank you for making it clear it's not personal, mr. jordan. you should believe me because i'm telling the truth and i'm under oath. fbi porter: the hearing actions during the hillary clinton e-mail investigation in 2016 and that senior agent working on the anti-trump text messages with a colleague he was having an affair with. at one point agent peter strzok ng people werehe that they hated, then candidate donald trump. >> but critics see all this as a cover for republicans' real purpose, they said, to try and undermine the special counsel
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investigation. overseen by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> they're not interested in protecting our country from a future attack or holding responsible those who worked with the russians. this is an effort to work adds the president's fixers in congress. >> reporter: the white house says not so. >> there is no evidence of russian collusion so of course there is a frustration point to wrach this up. >> reporter: the special counsel's russia investigation has lasted 400 days, but theo i lasted six times as long. white water, seven times. >> whatever you got, finish it the hell up. torn apart. >> reporter:hr wray facing friendly fire after president trump for months has blamed 13 angry democrats for the special counsel investigation. >> are you democrat? >> no, i am not. >> i'm not a democrat and i'm not angry. >> reporter: and just watching some of that listening to it, you can hear and see just how tense some of those confrontations became on capitol
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hill. probably not the last time we will see that happen. melissa, back to you. >> hallie, thank you. >> check out this video from a viewer, dana row. a torrential rainstorm happened right here in new york city, produced rivers of rain down the steps of riverside park. there it is. >> wow. >> yeah, it happened. video happened now, happened during rush hour, too. quite a mess. >> where's the salmon? we need to see the salmon swimming up the stairs in new york city. >> i think those would be the people. >> it would not be the weirdest thing swimming in new york city. >> surprised people weren't i >> they might thi wskend. >> exactly. let's get into the heat wave. 55 million people under heat worst kansas city, st. loo. let's get into some of the numbers. how oppressive will the heat be? it will feel like 100 from texas, louisiana to the midwest. kansas city will have a high temperature of 99 degrees. it will be 95 today. on saturday we'll hit 93. indianapolis 94. memphis, that's just the
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temperature. the heat index will be much higher than that. by the time we get to sunday, that's when the temperatures for the highs will be as much as 96 in new york city and notice the southeast is a little bit cooler. that's because you have the showers and the thunderstorms. 98 in little rock, texas doesn't get much better either. a long duration heat wave minneapolis, des moines, how about omaha? one of the hot he felt spots in the country today, 102. i'd a hot day. i'd say that qualifies. >> i would concur. >> that's in the shade. >> we're thankful with live in an area with air conditioning. >> thank you, bell. >> fast forwarding today, drake is dropping a new album, double album, called scorpion. it has a fantastic collaboration with michael jackson. got to hear that one.
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don't matter to me, reportedly features a song from the late king of pop. >> this weekend the second half of the season gets underway. retired driver dale earnhardt, jr., makes his debut from the booth as a race analyst. coverage kicks off from chicago land sunday at 2:30 eastern. >> aaa is estimating nearly 47 million americans will be traveling so get to the airport early. it was love at first touch. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protti that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals to wp so that all they feel is love. pampers studies show that omega-3s are great for your health. but did you know that 98% of us don't get enough of them? that's why megared advanced 4in1 packs more omega-3 power into just one small softgel. it supports four vital areas of your body.
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leading the news, an icon of chooround thes reached its end. toys r us is officially closing its last store today. the company filed for bankruptcy after facing stiff competition from online retailers like amazon. and as jeffrey the giraffe says good-bye, how sad and depressing is that, it is a viral photo, though. it shows him packing it up as he heads off into retirement. >> boo. well, amazon is expanding its empire and plunging into the drug business. the online retail giant says it's acquiring pill pack. that is an online pharmacy with a national reach. that would put amazon in competition with drugstore chains like cvs, walgreens and
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rite aid whose shares all dropped sharply on news of that deal. in another move, this one, a challenge to ups and fedex, they will use amazon prime vans. >> singer ed sheeran ismilln do. he is accused of ripping marvin gay's song let's get it on. ♪ ♪ darling i will be you till 17 ♪ ♪ >> let's get it on, oh, babe ♪ ♪ >> i don't know, i don't think it's as blatant as -- that was pretty bad. there is a company that owns a copy, piece of the copyright to let's get it on. ed sheeran's song has the same rhythm and melody as gay's song. this isn't the first time for ed sheeran. he's been through this before, the resemblance between two
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songs. a suit was filed against him in 2016 but that case was dismissed. >> there were blurred lines. when we return, first lady melania trump returns to the border, but how is she received this time? you're watching "early today." like it... you've gotta get in there. okay. careful not to get it in her eyes. i know, i know what a bath is... smile honey. this thing is like... first kid. here we go. second kid. you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every parent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug and dry for outstanding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost. live, learn and get luvs. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®
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to make sure my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo is a great deal. i asked a sales expert. it's amazing, jack! you get a spicy crispy chicken breast, hickory-smoked bacon, and melted cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. all for just $5.99! you said it, stanley. ow. wait, what's happening? stanley, stanley! you're deflating! i'm so cold. we need a doctor! jack, tell my wife i love her. nooooooo!!!!!! try my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo. another great deal from jack in the box. look at that. nearly 600 people were arrested in washington, d.c. as you can see, most of them were women.
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they were staging a sit-in at a senate office building. all of this is in protest of president trump's immigration policies and family separations. they were all charged with unlawfully demonstrating and now immigration attorneys across the country say, toddlers as young as 3 years old, by themselves are being ordered to court for their own deportation hearings. while the practice isn't new, president trump's zero-tolerance policy is causing an influx of these types of cases with some 2000 minors potentially affected. i.c.e., which is the agency which oversees the deportation hearings, did not return nbc's request for comment. >> so, for the second time in as many weeks, first lady melania trump, she made a visit to an immigration facility as her husband's zero-tolerance border policy as you saw there continues to spark protests all across this country. nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: police in riot gear
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rush protesters as a standoff that closed i.c.e. headquarters in portland continues. >> we're going to do our best to continue to effect change the best way we can. >> we are family now. >> reporter: outrage over president trump's zero-tolerance policy along the u.s./mexico border spilling into the streets across the country. in washington. >> we will not be silent. we will not turn a blind eye to injustice in this country. >> reporter: blocking roadways in milwaukee. >> we want them free, we want them to be with their parents. >> reporter: and along the front lines of the battle. >> to the families who have been torn apart, we're out here fighting for you. >> reporter: south texas where children are still being held separate from their parents. >> it's just so absolutely inhumane. and unnecessary. >> reporter: another flash point in this fight, arizona, where first lady melania trump spent time. >> i'm here to support you and
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give my help, whatever i can for -- on behalf of children and the families. >> reporter: it's the second time in as many weeks she's visited agents, counselors and families. as congress continues to wrestle over immigration legislation while 17 states and washington, d.c. are now suing the federal government to reunite nearly 2000 parents with their children. jay gray, nbc news. >> well, just ahead, the golfer who finished the day way behind the pack, but he had one amazing shot. that is up next. stretched smooth scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgreens beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. 901.
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stan sousa, yesterday was your, dink, hole i 165 yards out to the bottom of the cup. he actually played that well, was a hole in one. let's go through your weekend forecast. triple digit heat from texas, some areas may get close to 100 on the east coast. many areas will be in the mid 90, upper 90, we'll see if they get there. saturday 96 in areas like chicago. 98 in green bay. we will cool it off with rain and storms on sunday in wisconsin, iowa and illinois. in the southeast we're also going to cool you off with showers and thunderstorms that will keep the temperatures down, but sunday looks like the hottest day for washington, d.c. to new york through areas of new england away from the water.
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so one other thing we want to talk about is that tsa said 2.7 million people could be screened today at the airports, the busiest day. >> you usually think about thanksgiving. >> thanksgivingause cf the that. >> thanksgivingause cf the that. >> you've tried moisturizer after moisturizer but there's one... that blows them all out of the water. hydros®. with hyaluronic acid it goes beneath the surface to plump skin cells from within and lock in hydration leaving skin so supple, it actually bounces back. the results will blow you away! hydro boost and our gentle exfoliating cleanser from neutrogena® they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit.
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they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers nurses and parents. for this feel good friday, a new music video is out for a familiar tune from the late '60s. ♪ ♪ >> that's right, it is credence
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clearwater revival fortunate son. the first ccr 1969 hit. the song was originally anti-vietnam war anthem and the video is a salute to all things american. these years. ma started the day on the right foot. the header into the net, the lone goal does it for colombia. they eliminate senegal and advance to round 16. japan was looking to make it to the next round playing poland who was already eliminated. it was poland striking first with that beautiful free kick there that led to a goal, giving them the lead. japan falls 1-nil, but they still advance thanks to some fair play points. don't have the time to explain that one, but believe me, they move on. group g, it was a battle for first place between england and belgium. either team wanted to win the game given their next match up. belgium player didn't care. shook off the defender and put the ball in the back of the net.
4:27 am
belgium wins 1-nil. both teams will move on. here's a quick look at the teams that have made it to the round 16. pl bud riser aweiser are teaming up to bring back an american classic. >> hello? >> what's waz aerzup. >> a cross promotion between d budweiser and burger king, they came together to launch the brew house king sandwich for burger king just in time for the 4th of july. >> i'll buy one if i never have to hear one again. almost as bad as cars for kids. time for a quick check of what's coming up on "sunday today." with our friend willie geist. good morning. >> good morning, good to see you as always. my guest is chef bobby flay ahead of the 4th of july. bobby invited me to his summer home in the hamptons to talk about his rise from high school drop out to a food empire. i hit the grill with bobby to get tips from the master that we'll share for your barbecues
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this summer. our sunday sit down wit bews an phillip and melissa, and i'll or set your back to you, see you on sunday. >> sounds good, willie. thank you, sir. m'll leave you the sounds of the back slive pictures from thi
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valley - our dublin camera - and it is finally friday morning to you. look at the people on the road ready to go. i guess this is the early fourth of july weekend. >> you've got to get in to get out. >> these are live pictures from tri-valley. get ready, everyone. things are about to heat up. kari has been telling us about that and will fill us in more in just a moment. thank you so much for starting your morning with us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez, laura is off today. the traffic situation is going to build and heat is going to build too. >> that's going to be the main issue heading into the next couple of days. it will be the hot temperatures as we get a live look outside in san jose, getting started with
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50s as we go into south san jose,


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