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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  July 1, 2018 4:30pm-5:30pm PDT

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a massive wildfire... crosses into the bay area... and right now at 4:30, not slowing down, a massive wildfire crosses into the bay area, and people could be forced to leave their homes. it is a tense situation. and are you seeing it? the impact of the wildfires being felt all over the bay area. the news at 4:30 starts right now. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. harry has the night off. we begin with a developing story, a huge plume of smoke seen for miles leading to serious concern here in the bay area. the county fire is tearing through yolo county. it has moved into remote napa county. this here is new video for you of the county fire. last night at 11:00, the fire
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had burned 8,000 acres, but it's since more than doubled in size to 22,000 acres. fire is spreading smoke across the bay area. there are mandatory evacuations in place for parts of yolo county. the fire is burning near the community of gwenda, areas in napa county are now under advisory evacuation orders means folks could be told to leave homes at any moment. some under evacuation orders wait until the last minute, though, doing all they can to ensure their homes remain standing. firefighters say with this erratic fires, delaying evacuations is not the best idea. >> yeah. fire break around that fence, and -- but, when you get a fire this bad, that's not a lot that's going to stop it. >> people get a false sense of safety because they have the sensible space, but when the fire starts spotting a half mile, a mile away, winds pick
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up, and then, you know, nobody's safe. >> we are bringing in scott mcclain on the phone, deputy chief with cal fire. scott, thank you so much for joining us. we want to ask, what's the biggest issue facing firefighters? we understand the winds shifted at this point? >> caller: right. last weekend, we had the same weather, north winds pushing the fires last week at 20 miles per hour. this week, started early, started friday, but triple digit figures, low humidity, the terrain is horrible, and then couple that with the winds that are pushing it from the north, and as you said, i got reports a few minutes ago the winds originally were coming in northeast and changed coming southwest, so that's been a flip. when we deal with that or see that, that causes that fire behavior just to become extremely unsafe and extremelier rattic. >> right. can you tell us if buildings are threatened? >> caller: a few. keep in mind, this is a very
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rural area where the fire's being pushed. there's a lot of ranches out there, several homes, but not as much as we've seen in the previous fires. >> scott, thank you so much. we wish you and your firefighters the best of luck during this very tough situation. thank you so much for joining us. it is not just smoke, ash drifting down into bay area is also a problem. nbc bay area is live in solano county with more. >> reporter: well, you know, we have not smelled smoke all day, but certainly saw it in different parts of the bay areas. it's sort of a smoke and ash coming down, and you can wipe it ra off of cars and see that brown-orange glow, and now a smoke advisory has been issued. crossing the bay bridge, the impacts of the fire are easy to see. >> northerly winds blow narrow bands of smoke high above the fog and the ashes, falling out from the overhead smoke. >> reporter: sarah is with the
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bay area air quality management district that issued the smoke advisory. she says people may want to play it safe. >> it is recommended that residents impacted by the smoke seek shelter in buildings or move outside the smoke impacted area. >> reporter: elderly people, children, and people with respiratory conditions, take extra precautions. in san francisco, the ash was noticeable. martha rose picked up a mask just in case. >> it was gray. and then i noticed it was all over the yard, not just the neighbor's yards, and then i realized what it was. >> reporter: same in berkley where ash covered cars. >> i just staw ash come down lie rain a moment ago, but what i noticed more than anything is the light. i did look up, and i saw there was some fire in yolo county. >> reporter: the air district said readings today showed good to moderate, but it's believed that smoke may be bypassing monitors because it's a narrow band, and they keep watching.
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>> we are watching monitors throughout the day to see how they register particlate matter levels, which we are most concerned about from the fires. >> reporter: now, according to the air district, conditions could improve on tuesday and wednesday, and as the winds shift directions and they say that could push much of this smoke out of the bay area. reporting live in solano county, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much for that report. the hazy conditions, at times, concerning, but also made for an incredible sunset last night. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. hazy right now. conditions are not as bad as they were this morning. again, you can still see that haze. we are tracking the conditions. >> hi. as you heard from deputy chief of cal fire, the winds have shifted. originally northerly winds, now
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seeing southwesterly winds affecting where the direction of the plume of smoke is headed. i want to show you here this plume of smoke, where the fire is located. you can see it pushed down further. now, as you begin from the southwest, it's going to start blowing now into the valley into the sacramento area, and that's where the area of concern will remain. now, as far as air quality, as you heard, so far, still picking up moderate conditions from the north bay, east bay, and the peninsula, and over the south bay, there is a wildfire smoke advisory that remains in effect, and as you can see, any smoke or ash, close the windows tight and limit outdoor exposure, back to you. >> thank you. the pawnee fire is sending smoke over the bay area that broke out last weekend near clear oaks in lake county. cal fire says the flames are now 73% contained. some mandatory evacuations, though, are still in effect because yesterday the flames
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jumped containment lines. 22 structures have been destroyed. 50 more are threatened. more than 14,000 acres have burned. you can check the conditions before you leave the house with our nbc bay area app. it is free. just click on the weather tab for a detailed forecast for your community. new at 4:30, unexpected problems forced thousands of people in sonoma county today, more than 17,000 pge customers had their power go out this morning while they were dealing with temperatures in the high 80s. yikes. the power company said the power went down at 11:00 this morning. it's been restored. that's the good news. for many people, it was a serious hassle, though, but the snack shack benefitted from the outage. >> we're having a lot of people come by for hot dogs and nachos. these are warm because other stores are closed during the
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blackout. >> they were told to limit the water use, and the cause was a bird coming into contact with the power lines. the clock is ticking for president trump to name his supreme court choice. many democrats and some republicans are worried that that choice could eventually help overturn roe v. wade that protects women's rights to have an abortion. >> reporter: promising a swift decision on who he nominates for the supreme justice. democrats are concerned the nominees there's an agenda. >> the president is looking for someone to overturn roe v. wade. >> reporter: saying he believes abortion laws need to be up to each state, but not asking how they would vote overturning the law. >> the way it is, probably, the one that people are talking about in terms of having an effect, but we'll see what happens.
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it could very well end up with states at some point. >> reporter: the president needs the votes of two republican senators who supported abortion rights, lisa and susan collins. >> candidate for this important position who would overturn roe v. wade is not acceptable to me. >> reporter: this could overturn the clean air and water act. >> they know no matter what spin comes out of the white house, if they vote for somebody who is going to change precedent, it could be a career ending move. >> reporter: democrats want to vote on the nominee after the november elections. republicans say they won't wait. the court reconvenes in early october. president trump says he expects a vicious fight in the senate over his nominee because of resistance from the democrats. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> still ahead on nbc bay area news, violence at a children's birthday party in boise, idaho.
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into a frightening scene... as a man goes on a stabbing spree. 9 people were hurt... including a birthday party is a frightening scene as a man goes on a stabbing spree. nine hurt, including six children during the incident at a an apartment complex in boise, idaho. a 30-year-old man was staying in an apartment with an acquaintance with a criminal record when asked to leave. he returned later looking for revenge and reportedly took it out on innocent people celebrating a birthday. among these injured are refugees who just moved to the area. >> our victims are the newest members of our community. they are victims from their past homes who fled violence.
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>> police say there's no evidence of a previous relationship between the suspect and any of the victims. some of the victims did suffer life threatening injuries, though. take a look at this crazy video. this is new video showing the aftermath of a deadly explosion in the bahamas. a lot of dark smoke going up into the air there. it all happened yesterday morning off the island, and this tour boat was carrying ten american tourists and two people from the bahamas. there was an explosion on board and the boat burst into flames. one american died and nine other passengers rushed to the hospital by helicopter. at this time, we don't know what caused that explosion. still ahead on bay area news, to the naked eye, that family lays concrete for sidewalks across one community, but it's much mmpb thore than t. how they give back in a a unique way. it's a story to make the bay area proud. we saw cooler temperatures,
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but it was still warm out there. cooler conditions in the 70s for san francisco and in san jose. i'll talk about changes up ahead in the form of a cooli inin ini in the workweek coming up. for s
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d one local family has a business laying concrete, but they are laying the foundation for so much more than that by donating memorials to officers killed in the line of indict. garvin thomas shows us how they give back in a story that will make the bay area proud. >> reporter: at the corner of 10th and horning in san jose, there is a message, written in bronze. on this spot one year ago, police officer michael capman gave his life in the line of duty. this story, though, is about what's behind that message. literally. the concrete into which it is set. >> came out of early -- >> and the family that put it
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there. >> we're just a very honored and humbled to have been able to participate. >> reporter: for close to 20 years, ray and his wife, maria, ran duran construction, an operation that pours the concretes on which america's 10th largest city is built. it is not high profile work. it is certainly something ray is proud of. >> we're just driving around looking at our city, look how it's grown, looking at the developments downtown. we look. and, just driving. we did that sidewalk. we did that corner. we did that. >> reporter: but of the concrete poured at 10th and horning, ray is just a little bit more proud. the san jose police officer's association came to him and asked him to do the job, which he and his team happily did for free. just like they did the more than one dozen previous time.
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tragic outcomes require permanent reminders. >> we certainly love doing this for the community. it means so much. >> reporter: the family says they do this in part because ray's brother was a san jose police officer, and even he was a reserve officer. it's simpler than that. >> don't ever forget where you come from, and don't never forget to give back. >> reporter: it is advice ray says his dad gave him. something maybe not written in stone, but certainly worth setting in concrete. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. another great story by garvin. here's a check of the forecast. my allergies have been a mess zplchlt. >> i believe it. the smoke and the ash does not help either. air quality is what we've been monitoring with the two active wildfires burning right nearby,
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and it's already getting smoke in parts of the area. this is a shot of walnut creek. there's light to orange hues, and you noticed last night that orange sunset. the reason for that is back of the smoke. you can see this is where those yolo county fires are burning. you see the plume of smoke going down as far as the san francisco area. it was a lot more noticeable overnight and during the day. several people tweeted me and tagged me in photos of ash on the vehicles, but there's going to be a shift in the wind. they were normal therly and nowy are beginning south blowing smoke into the sacramento area. despite that, the smoke advisory is in effect, but air quality remains moderate because of that smoke and ark, and in the so sous -- south bay is it's fairly okay because a lot of that smoke is in the higher elevation area.
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regardless, if you can filly see the smoke, you know, close all the windows out, and take precautions. i do want to show you current conditions of the active wildfires burning nearby. the pawnee fire in lake county, 101 degrees, current conditions right now. as i mentioned, southwesterly winds now blowing, and that's going to kind of take part overnight. the good thing is, it looks like some of the winds will be calming down, just a bit, into the overnight hours, temperatures will drop into the 70s for the pawnee fire area. coupe fire, yolo county, 101 degrees now. the humid ity at 14%, and overnight, humidity as well, and the temperatures, again, dropping down into the 70s. however, a nice onshore flow is showing a significant drop in temperature. look at this. ranging in drops upwards of 20 degrees in some spots in the bay area, and this is what's going to set us up for a much cool ee
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monday. temperatures top out into the mid-80s tomorrow, sticking around for the workweek ahead. >> okay. taking what we can get. thank you. still ahead on nbc bay area news, hackers are quietly committing crime on our dime, but hijacking millions of smart phones. exposing their tricks to help shut them down. bay area responds is next. who )t
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now? it )s possible a criminal is using it in the background. who is on your phone right now? it's possible that a criminal is using it in the background. we are talking about bots. consumer investigator has new findings just made public in san francisco this week. >> reporter: your phone, doing someone else's dirty work. >> attacking businesses around the world today. >> reporter: researchers at this still network in san francisco found something alarming. bots operate on an estimated 5.8% of phones and tablets.
4:54 pm
>> extrapolate that to the potential billions of mobile devices that are out there, that's a pretty staggering number. >> reporter: perhaps, 15 million infected devices in the u.s. alone. it's a clever strategy. instead of using their own computering powers to run illicit powers that crack passwords, steal gift cards, scoop up tickets, and post spam on social media, there's bahts to commit crimes. >> you make requests while it's in your pocket. they have no idea it's happening. >> reporter: the strategic bots minimize red flags, hidesing in the background, keeping you in the dark. they use your phone only about 50 times per day. you don't notice the extra data use. they time exploits while you are moving, when your phone's ip address is changing, and it hits different cell towers, making it tougher to track. >> it's another one of those techniques where the bot
4:55 pm
operators are trying to hide and escalating the problem, and it's a problem that's going to be very difficult to solve. >> reporter: how do the bots get on to the phones? often, we let them on. they say malicious web links or attachments open the door to malware that install bots behind the scenes, invisible to you. >> far more vulnerable to an attack than most people realize. >> reporter: this chief strategy office from lookout in san francisco, helping people protect mobile phones. it contends mobile phishing is the biggest unsolved problem in cyber security. he gave us four steps to prevent this, including bots. one, set a a passcode. it's shocking how many people don't. two, turn on auto updates because bad guys exploit bugs in old softwares. three, install apps from the official store, never from links, and, four, consider buying security software for your phone.
4:56 pm
>> that's exactly what we do. >> reporter: lookout and other services offer realtime scans that warn you as soon as you click something shady like a bot. >> we jump in front, saying, hey, you shouldn't follow this link. it's bad. >> reporter: here's the unknown. right now, hackers corrupt your phone to manipulate ticket prices, gift cards, post spam, and attack corporate servers, so what will they hijack your phone to do next? >> they keep change, keep hiding, and keep trying to appear more human-like in order to avoid detection. >> that was chris reporting for us. we created a short video about bots for social media. share with your family and friends or your followers. look for a link on our web page, website,, and if you want to see that video, again, go to or submit tips there or call us at
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888-996-tips. coming up on nbc bay area news at 5:00, continuing coverage of the massive wildfire in yolo county. mandatory evacuations now in effect. the fire is taking a toll on the bay area. we'll get the latest on air quality as a smoke advisory is in effect. plus, a rare move by san jose's airport, and why flights are shut down on the 4th of july. we are live at the airport to get you those details.
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maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. area... told to evacuate... as a right now at 5:00, people living in the bay area told to evacuate as a large wildfire continues to burn out of control. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us. harry has the night off, and we continue to follow that developing story in napa, solano, and, y yolo county.
5:00 pm
the fires continue to move on, and change in winds provides a new challenge for ficrews as mo than 22,000 acres burned so far, and the fire crossed into napa county. here's where the fire is burning. communities near lake bariasa in remote nasa county are under evacuation orders, and communities in solano county are under alert now. we have the very latest. >> this is as bad as i've seen it. >> reporter: as the fire continues to burn, crossing lines into napa county, several mandatory evacuations are in place, including residents off county road 88a in yolo county. >> you can see this is starting to burn. >> reporter: with flames within a quarter mile of his home, frank greer stays behind working morning and night watering woodpiles and watching the movement of the fire line. >> i got a fire break around that fence, and -- but, when you
5:01 pm
get a fire this bad, that's not a lot to stop it. >> this sun of the tile roofs, if that catches fire, it's trouble. >> reporter: they did evacuate, but came back to check the progress. >> evacuating, looking back from over there, coming down the hills over this way, so this is quite close. >> reporter: a quarter mile away, crews work to start the flames from reachi ining frank'd andr andrew's homes, setting backfires that acts as fuel. >> evacuate. >> while talking with residents, crews made visits, checking to ensure evacuation orders were received and understood. >> sometimes people have a false sense of safety because they have the sensible space, but when the fire starts spotting a half mile, a mile away, winds pick up. then nobody's safe. >> reporter: andrew and his wife checked on their property and plan to leave. frank, well, he promised crews
5:02 pm
he would be packed and ready di if -- the fire got closer. >> i'll stay until we have to leave. pack the kitty up, and head to town. >> reporter: in yellow county, nbc news. this fire sent ash and smoke over the bay area. we have coverage from solano county, christy? >> reporter: right now and all day, we have not been smelling smoke as we drove around, but, boy, you can really see it, especially right there. just past those trees. you can see it's hazy. there's ash on cars as you drive around the bay area, and the color was very noticeable. this is how it looked as we crossed the bay bridge earlier today. and there is a smoke advisory in the bay area air quality management district says the winds are blowing this smoke from yolo county south. the fog prevents smoke from coming down, but, certainly, the
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ash is, and we can see it on cars today, in san francisco, parts of berkley, and the recommendation, of course, play it safe. if you feel like you are impacted by smoke, go inside for filtered air, move away from the smoke until it subsides. many were surprised the ash came so far. >> well, i just saw an ash come down, like, rain, a moment ago, and but really what i noticed more than anything is the light, and i did look up and saw there was some fire in the county. >> it was gray. i noticed it was all over the yard, not just the neighbor's yards, so i realized what it was. >> reporter: now, those who are eld elderly, children, and those with preexisting conditions are urged to take extra precautions. air district says monitor readings are good, some moderate. the smoke moves in narrow bands missing sensors. they'll keep updating and
5:04 pm
checking on that. reporting live, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> great tips, thank you. let's check in on air quality tips. >> part of the smoke blew this this direction. we are now seeing a shift in the winds, so they were northerly winds, now they are shifting to southwest winds, means they shicht to sacrimek -- sift to sacramento. the relative humidity is abou 2 about27%. with the shifts in the winds, that changes the way not only the direction of the wind is going, but also, thankfully, we have a cooling trend that will take over as we head into the workweek. by 11:00 p.m., 69 degrees. i want to show you satellite/radar for an idea of some of that plume in terms of smoke coming down from the county fire area. you can see it visibly right hire on the map. i'll have another update in a bit. back to you. >> checking in in a bit.
5:05 pm
thank you. we are just days away from the 4th of july, and while a lot of people enjoy watching fire works, it is an especially stressful day for firefighters. a firework could spark a huge blaze. in dublin, safe and sane fireworks are legal, and plenty of people are buying them this weekend. those purchasing say they are aware of the potential danger. >> it's already fires starting everywhere. with the winds and dry heat, ens where we live, it's everywhere. these are safe, you know, keep in a pretty non-dry area. >> reporter: the county fire department has a 0 tolerance policy regarding illegal fireworks in dublin or any of the neighboring east bay cities. one fireworks show is having an unexpected impact on 4th of july travel. as we reported last night at 11:00, all flights at the san jose international airport will be grounded so a big fireworks
5:06 pm
display can go on. nbc bay area just spoke with airport officials. we are live with more details, tom? >> reporter: well, this is unprecedented. something we've only seen after 9/11, and during extreme weather events or earthquakes. it's between 9:30 and 10:00 wednesday night as passengers arrive or take off or coming to meet somebody arriving here between 9:30 and 10:00, flights coming and going are cancelled. the federal aviation administration determined annual fireworks display at discovery meadows poses a danger to flights in and out of the airport. the faa hopes the event would be moved, but when the city said, for traffic reasons the show has to stay, the airport decided the safest thing to do is stop the flights for the fireworks in the air. the airport has been working with the airlines over the past couple days to reschedule departures and arrivals to avoid long delays. >> just adjust the schedules in
5:07 pm
order to meet this need, and so that passengers are not necessarily delayed. it's just the flights will be scheduled around that window of time so that the fireworks show can happen and aircraft operates before the show and after the show. >> reporter: if you are flying out of san jose or have friends or family coming in for the holiday, the airport recommends checking on the new flight times through the airline. the airport will be open to passengers, but all takeoffs and landings are suspended during the show. now, going forward, 2019, 2020, and into the future, the airport says it will be working with the airlines way ahead of time to make sure that these flights are scheduled to make a combination for the fireworks show. nbc bay area news. >> tom, thank you very much. you want to keep track of the conditions as we head into the 4th of july holiday? do that with our free nbc bay area app. the weather app has a detailed forecast for your community.
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this week, family and friends of those killed in the ghost ship warehouse fire could learn the fates of the men accused in the case. on friday, derek and max were in court. both faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person who died in that fire. lawyers are finalizing separate plea agreements with the judge meaning the case will not go to trial. the hearing resumes tuesday. they say they illegally converted a warehouse into a residential space and harris planned the party bringing dozens of people that night that caused the fire. by taking plea deals, they could avoid potential life sentences. continuing coverage of the immigration crisis protesting from a distance is not enough for a group of bay area activists. members of the group gathered in berkley this afternoon and headed to a detention center in fairfield with the hope of
5:09 pm
offering children separated from their parents at the border comfort and support. yesterday, other members left for the border with the intention of doing the same thing there. the women's peace organization code pink teamed up with the group that collected stuffed app malls and spanish language books and blankets for the children. >> i'm very concerned about the fear they must have, trauma they must be having, and how they must be feeling so absolutely terrified and have no one who can comfort them. that concerns me greatly. i don't know what kind of care they are getting, and i want to know they are safe at least. >> reporter: activists hope to be allowed to give the children the gifts collected and notes people have sent reminding children that they are loved and that people are fighting for them. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, many pot farmers are under attack. we investigate a move by the state that some growers say make their farms go up in smoke.
5:10 pm
closed captioning sponsored by -- shot and killed outside ofa
5:11 pm
sports bar in el sobrante. homicide investigation in the east bay after a man was shot and killed outside of sports bar. police say at 10:30 last night, there were robeeports of gunsho in the parking lot of the somewhere else bar and grill. once on scene, officers found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. deputies performed cpr but could
5:12 pm
not save him. the man's identity not release the at this time, but told he's 28 years old. so far, no suspects named in that case. under attack. small pot farmers in california say the state is not standing by its promise to protect them. some say they are being squeezed out by expensive new regulations and unfair competition from big cannabis cultivators. liz wagner dug into it. >> reporter: nestled in the hills of the county lies joanna morris's pot farm. >> consider yourself a small farm? >> definitely, the smallest of small. >> reporter: growing on less than a quarter acre, legally, she cleared a lot of hurdles like ensuring the plants are far enough away from the property line. >> searching and saving. >> reporter: some of the hurdles are high. >> challenging. >> reporter: if growers want to hire employees, fricti for exam
5:13 pm
property has to be wheelchair accessible. without that, they can't expand. >> we sought outside jobs in other words to make this a small farm to stay alive. >> reporter: do you worry or get nervous ultimately it may not work out for you in every day. >> reporter: it's not going to work out for a lot of small farmers. and these are the guys who break the bad news. they are land management consultants who inspect pot farms to see if they meet state and local requirements. that's when marijuana was illegal, growers hid in the hills. turned out the land good for hiding is not good for growing. >> that's the hard part of the job is being the bad guys, sometimes, you have to tell them, i'm sorry, but this property is liable if you want to continue this. >> reporter: like this story, they say the state requires growers like this to be at least 18 inches in diameter, but it's
5:14 pm
just 15 inches. the property owner has to make the fix. >> there's a lot of issues. >> reporter: sam jacobson, the water quality lead, says it costs tens of thousands of dollars that many small farmers just don't have. >> what we've said was with this policy was crafted to help the small farmers transition so they can have a piece of the market. the way things are unfolding, it does not seem like that was the real intention. >> reporter: some farmers accuse the california department of food and agriculture, cdfa, of going back on its promise to temporarily limit marijuana growers to one acre. we reviewed the permits the state granted so far and found big cultivators flock to santa barbara county. >> those are our people stacking close to 100 acre cultivation permits. >> reporter: one company got 200 permits, enough to grow on 46 acres. now the california growers association is suing cdfa
5:15 pm
claiming it's letting big farms squeeze out small growers. we asked how the department is helping small farmers survive, but officials recli declined th question. the limit for pot farms are limiting small towns. this will soon be a marijuana greenhouse, and investors see budding opportunities in new towns while mom and pop growers struggle to compete. >> this is going to be a 4 acre greenhouse facility. >> reporter: brandon is investing in king city, 100 miles south of san jose. >> greenhouses will be here. you'll see a manufacturing and greenhouse there. >> reporter: the town is better known for growing produce than pot, but the mayor wants it to be the silicon valley of cannabis. in the past year, king city issued 40 new permits. the land is flat, easy to build on, and people have money to spend.
5:16 pm
is it fair to say the minority of the businesses coming here are backed by investors? >> yes, yes, i think if you're in the industry, you need to be backed by investors for the most part. >> reporter: he created king city cultivation with several partners leasing land in this industrial park, zoned for marijuana. they are the new players long-time farmers fear put them out of business. this here in big business. what would you say to that? >> i'd say this is what's coming. >> reporter: she knows she's competing against big growers and new companies. she hopes customers will come back to the small county farms that help put weed on the map. >> i know that the majority of the people that are attempting to be legal right now probably won't make it. it's also something that makes us work hard and, you know, keep going. >> reporter: liz wagner, nbc bay area news.
5:17 pm
still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, if it's hot in the bay area, wait until you hear what other parts of the country are dealing with. the sweltering conditions gripping much of the nation. a wildfire smoke advisory in effect due to the smoke and air pollution coming in from the fires. i'll have a complete look at what the air quality looks like as we head into the workweek. there's big changes ahead. roast
5:18 pm
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5:20 pm
and northeast. temperatures up to 110 degree a dangerous heat wave is roasting the midwest and northeast. temperatures up to 110 degrees are expect the to last through the 4th of july. this is video of city workers in chicago. now, they are hosing down a bridge, and it's because the extreme heat causes the steel to expand. national weather service says temperatures are expected to soar 10-20 degrees above normal and record highs could be recorded from the great lakes region to new england. combination of hot temperatures and high humidity is dangerous. it'll likely cause a lot of heat illnesses. you're not in your head, yes? >> that's one of the concerns -- looking at them hosing down the bridge, it will expand. we did not have 110 degrees in the bay area yet, no records here, but we hit triple digits marks, and i did, unfortunately, raise a lot of concern, and it remains a very much concern for the pawnee fire and wildfires
5:21 pm
burning, but i want to show you a bit of good news. san francisco currently at 60 degrees. i want you to notice the skyline. so we're going to notice stratus out here due to the onshore flow and deepening marine layer to help cool us off significantly, setting us up for a cooling trend into the start of the workweek. that's already underway. concord, 24 degrees cooler at this time than yesterday. santa rosa at 12 degrees cooler, napa 10 degrees, and south bay at 8 degrees cooler. so that change is already underway. with the increase in that stratus, increase in that stratus as well as the onshore flow, that's going to help us keep us nice and cool, and it'll also help clear the smoke and ash in the air blowing in our direction. air quality now, there is a wildfire smoke advisory, however, the air quality remained fair to moderate. reason is some of that may be getting trapped in the higher
5:22 pm
elevation areas. regardless, if you can see it, close the windows, take extra precautions. this is an update on the current conditions for the county fire, 95 degrees into the overnight hours, temperatures drop into the 60s, but we are expecting a shift in the winds, originally going north, and now coming from the southwest, and, also, for the pawnee fire, 95 degrees now, dropping into the 70s. for those spots, we are expecting warmer conditions, but i want to show you as we head into tomorrow, going to be a noticeable drop in temperatures. oakland expecting a high of 70 degrees, and no hot temperatures on the map. there are red flag warnings that expired as of 3:00 p.m. today. we saw that shift in the winds. those are expected to calm down quite a bit. the cooling trend makes its return tonight. it'll stay cool at least through the middle of the workweek. now, once thing we have to look out for when it comes to the 4th of july, is any type of fog or cloud cover in san francisco because that's impossible to see
5:23 pm
fireworks through, so that's what we watch for on wednesday. >> watching that, thank you. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, two high stake matches go the distance. thrill fans, dramatic game of action, and what happened today that has not happened since the 1980s. crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the
5:24 pm
only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
5:25 pm
how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. within the past couple of minutes... lebron james has breaking news for you from the nba. within the past couple of minutes, lebron james decided to join the los angeles lakers. king james spent years with cleveland battling warriors in the nba finals will now be in the same division as golden state, again, jamhe signed a
5:26 pm
contract to play with the l.a. lakers, and i hear it's for a ton of money. >> he's done it! >> they sure have. the home team is not going home yet. a tense day at the world cup ends with two nail biters. both games played today, and ended in ties so the winner was decided by a penalty kick shootout, first time since 1986 since a shootout in the same day. croatia won the shootout 3-2 to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament. mean while, the marquee game of the day saw the host country of russia edge spain also in a shootout. russia surprisingly remains alive in the tournament. a massive crowd in moscow burst into celebration -- there they go! after the stunning win. they are the lowest ranked team remaining in the tournament. telemundo is your home for
5:27 pm
soccer, tune in for the match tomorrow between mexico and brazil. boy, it's going to be a ton of people watching that one. we'll be right back.
5:28 pm
i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
5:29 pm
it is always a fun time at the oakland coliseum when the a's hold their annual root beer float game. before the game today, fans enjoyed the a's 19th annual event, a chance to enjoy the delicious treat while donating to a good cause. money raised goes towards the a's community fund. celebrity ice cream scoopers dished out floats including our own melissa -- there she is in the hat. it was a great day for one of those, by the way. >> yeah, especially with the hot temperatures. now, i do have good news, and it's beginning to come in the form of a cooling tend. if you're in san francisco, you
5:30 pm
already are noticing that deepening marine lay eer bringi nice drizzle. cooler temperatures expected for the week. >> i like that, and thuank you for joining us. "nightly news" is next. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, a stabbing spree at a child's birthday party. >> the faces of the children in the hospital beds will be something that i'll carry with me for the rest of my life. >> what police say set the suspect off. extreme weather. deadly floods and dangerous heat. what's in store for the holiday week. tour boat catastrophe. an american killed. several more hurt in an explosion in the bahamas. the magic pill? why the drug that helped france control its own opioid crisis is so hard to get here in the u.s. the last straw. one woman's crusade for small change to help the greater good. family affair. the siblings now carrying on the family business and crushing it.


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