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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 4, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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and we begin with live pictures of an iconic american and good morning to you. happy independence day. it is the 4th of july. a live look for you right now. iconic american at the golden gai gate bridge. thanks for joining us. >> not a bad day to be off. nice and cool. good sleeping weather. >> yeah. we have all of the conditions around the bay area. all clear skies looking at the south bay. we'll be at 61 at 8:00. today the mid-70s going into the
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afternoon. if you'll be waking up for the 4th of july parade it will be 64 degrees. we'll talk about some more things going on around the bay area to celebrate yet? >> you ow an issue out on the roads. i want to give you the look. the south bay doing okay. as we head on over towards eastbound 80 there appears to be two lanes blocked, lane three and four due to an earlier track. most is off to the right hand shoulder. they are clearing out some of the vehicles. chp is already there. you can see that it's not really causing any heavy delays out of that area just yet. your drive times also looking pretty good. i'll have another update coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> thanks. it is independence day. are you planning to go to the city to see the big show?
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thousand of people will be in san francisco tonight. it has been working around the clock. >> they have been. they spent allrgesith those fir shells. long timefire works master says that the sight of skyrockets never gets old. >> it is still fun and exciting as long as there's an audience out there to watch that's pretty much what drives us. >> the show gets underway tonight no matter the weather. coming up we'll be live with more of what we need to know.
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here is a taste of twhoos come tonight. of thiswe last night's a's game. we have much more on all of your 4th of july festivities happening today. you can check out our 4th of july guide. you can find it on our web site new this morning firefighters are trying to figure out whether illegal fire works caused this late night fire. the flames damaged a middle school library. it started around 10:30 last night in pleasanton. firefighte firefighters had it under control in about a half hour. and to a story still deadly
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weaponing -- developing in thailand. they have been trap until a cave for more than a week. > . >> we have the latest. >> new video of the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave in thailand. they are thin and healthy and smiling after high protein liquid and medical attention. they were lost and found monday. >> how many of you? >> 15. >> one option to get them out starting the rescue now. oxygen tanks have been placed along the exit routes. they are scrambling to navigate tight tunnels. since the boys can't swim two rescue divers would be a sign to help each boy on a dangerous 2.5 mile trip in the dark. >> on top of that there's very narrow passage ways.
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>> brett moore of the dive team says a rescue like this is dangerous for both the boys and the divers especially if a child panics. >> you would have to go through the basics as best you can and teach somebody how to fight through that panic. >> and sending them supplies until the waters recede. more rain is in the forecast meaning they could be waiting weeks, even months. it is 4:35 right now. we want to tell you about a 19-year-old man facing pretty d disturbing charges. he is seen here in this exclusive surveillance video is accused of killing his own mother. he was arrested yesterday morning. police say they found his mother dead on a bathroom floor. before the discovery police say
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that he was attempting to break into cars and homes. >> somebody lost a mom. somebody lost a wife. you know a lot of really horrible things went down. >> police say he will be charged with murder. is it justice served or justice denied? it is a question a lot of folks are requesting. the defendants pleaded no contest to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. that is one count for each person that died in the fire.
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it is 4:37. look, a lot of you probably displaying that american flag. we want to make sure you're doing it right. we'll tell you what not to do next. let's take a look where the traffic is light this morning. maybe getting a later start on the festivities. if you're up early with us this morning go to twitter and facebook and tell us what you're favorite part of the 4th of july barbecue is.
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francisco security guard. the shooting happened at the alice griffith housing projects, near candlestick point. police say the guard was watching an office, when he was shot. just before one yesterday morning, officers the time the 4:40. the guard was watching when he was shot. just before officers arrested p ve were hir and things turned py ugly. the suspects demanded more money. when the family refused the
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movers forcibly took a tv and apple mac commute are t. computer has bit coins stored on it valued at roughly $10,000. tw to have the three suspects have been arrested. two on the left and the one on the rigt remains on the run. we know that 62% of americans own an american flag. did you know that there are guidelines on how to properly display old glory? based on federal flag code you can display it outside of your home from sunrise to sunset. if where you want i f at night it needs to be lit properly. the flag should not touch or rest on the ground. experts also point out that our flags should not be draped or t. all right. coming upe on today in the bay we have your 4th of july forecast. >> it is looking good. we are going to see lots cooles
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upper 50s to start and upper 60s by late morning. we'll talk about what's ahead for all of the festivities going oncoming up next. we are hoping for a holiday light traffic. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. definitely see ago couple of live fender benders. we'll have a look at your drive time coming up.
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for a second day in a row we )re
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all right. we do have all of our party supplies. we have watermelon, donuts and patriotic donuts as well. it is a pot luck. no hot dogs yet. we can't fire up the grill physical we have a little permission this morning. we want to know what your favorite part of the 4th of july barbecue is. do you like the meat, chicken, barbecue meat, duringerburgers,. i like the cold fruit. drinks or just the sweets? join us on facebook.
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>> it was lightning. phillies were hosting the o's. the thunderstorm moved in. it had to be delayed over two hours. yeah. got a see a little show there. >> i'm sure they planned on do w today. >> not on my watch. >> let me put on really spectac see. nice clear and cool. as we look at high temperatures for today it is 63.
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inland areas upper 70s today. it is 77 in livermore and san jose. later this evening hapni downtown it will be cooling off fast. it is 63 gr lat into tonight. we'll have to watch out for low clouds and fog. if you're planning to head to the beach this weekend we are giving you the heads up there is
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hurricane fabio out there that would turn up waves for the area beaches. while it will be heating up by the weekend we are in the mid-90s. head we are tracking a light commute out this thisni're goink the road conditions before you head out the road. a check of your drive times
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about 8 minutes. it is only about 8 minutes towards san -- san mateo. . torrential rains causing floods. this is from new orleans. several inches fell yesterday causing flooding in several of the neighborhoods. the rain is expected to come in the coming days. look at this. this is parts of minnesota. this is what it looks like after some of that rain. 11 inches of rain. thelready flooded. wow. >> dedicating $10 million to help migrant families.
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in san francisco say they are not about to give up their fight any time soon. dunzs are kafrpd out outside offices of customs inforcement agencies. ithey srefusing to hold haergs from undocumented immigrants because of their demonstration. >> they have been using it as an excuse and saying that because of this action that they cannot be here or their hearing in this building but that's a lie. >> in a statement ice told us it quote fully respects the rights of all people to voice their opinions without interfering. new this morning i want you to hear about thi police say they arrested a man accused of burglarizing 15 businesses. police say this man right here,
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28-year-old andrew carries out his crime spree over a 3 month stretch. he is accused of stealing computers and other valuables. bay area getting short on marian are predicting a marijua shortage in a few weeks all because a new state regulation is kicking in. it means a lot of dispensaries weren't quite ready. >> every cannabis flower needs to be tested and approved and increased it'sing standards. it has to be in child proof packaging. th l. >> some of the larger dispensaries are able to sell products to those that are ten eating champion is eat as many hot dogs as he can today and hopefully win the next title. >> all right. the 4th of july international hot dog eating contest is a 4th
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of july tradition. the world's most competitive eaters, men and women who think they have the stom age for it weighed in today. today whatever scarves down the most hot dogs actually wins. so chestnut changed things up a bit. he took part in the contest. you guessed it. he won that as well. >> that's the one we said that might make you more sick than a hot dog, a lot of shrimp. coming up just in time for 4th of july we'll show you where you can spot two iconic symbols responds.. he spent 15 hours in economy class. nbc bay area responds next. breaking news out of pakistan. monsoon rain killed 15 people.
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it is the heaviest rain they have seen since 1980. most were caused before lek tri cushi -- he was sawed for inappropriately touching two pilots. more news at the plane. gilroy m
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seended up in economy class. consumer investigator chris chmura looked into the apparently bungled booking.
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just in time for independence >> good morning. he booked his flight fthrough te web site just fly. he says he paid 3,800 bucks for a premium economy seat. quantum told him he was booked in regular economy like the rest of us. he called to ask for a partial refund. they didn't response to he turned to us. a spokesman told us this has clearly been a mistake on our part. we'll use this to improve on processes and communications. he then gave a $2,200 refund. this is the second time over the past few months that we have helped justfly situation here is how to avoid that. if you book through any travel site make just one phone call immediately after you're ticketed. call the airline and reconfirm
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the dates, times and of course the seats you're expecting. if you're not getting what you paid for get them back on the line and settle the discrepancy before you leave. you can also call us 888-996-tips or visit the city has put up a live bald eagle cam. >> yeah. it's on you tube. you can check out the eagles that have taken residency. we actually grabbed some of the video. you can see one of them ton right sietd of the screen there. that's pretty cool. it is a cool sight. >> they are sleeping now. they wld in up next we want to get a look at the forecast. some folks may be up already putting things on the smoker. >> yeah.
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you have to get it ready for the grill. you'll be able to see chris out there. you can take him your consumer complaints. we'll have perfect weather. no complaints about that. we'll talk about hotter temperatures ahead in the forecast coming up next. and we are seeing that holiday light traffic. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i do have an update on mass transit schedule changes because of the 4th of july. i'll have the details coming up. .
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a live look outside in palo alto this morning.. ad lib. good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m kris sanchez in for laura good morning. thanks so much for joining us. 4th of july a lot of people excited ability getting -- about getting out, seeing the fi fireworks. >> the only issue will be the fog in


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