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tv   Today  NBC  July 4, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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side bay bridge nice and clear. >> it's not good as people start heading towards the beach this early in the morning. stay safe out there, folks. don't drink and drive. we'll be back at 7:25 for a live local update. see you then. . good morning. holiday heat wave. nearly 90 million americans under heat advisories and warnings this fourth of july. and record high temperatures are fueling wildfires, tearing across the west this morning. we're tracking the blazes and the fiery forecast. ticking clock. new video this morning shows the young boys of that thailand soccer team spending yet another night underground as rescuers delivers much needed food and medical supplies, but they're still scrambling to figure out how to get them out of that flooded cave. we're there live with the latest on the efforts. flight fight.
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a battle over seat sizes on airplanes heats up. >> plane seats are definitely not big enough. >> so forget comfort. are planes too crowded to be safe? this morning, a major decision that could affect your next flight. those stories plus tragedy at sea. at least 31 people die in stormy waters, but the captain's heroic actions helped save more than a hundred other lives. a tech giant takes us until the 20 24/7 fight to help stock hack attacks. and happy fourth, from what to wear to what to grill and the best sales to lure you away from that barbecue today wednesday, july 4th, 2018. >> from in his news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio
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1a in rockefeller plaza. >> nice. >> welcome to today. thanks for joining us on this fourth of july morning. >> we're going to have a good morning today. lots to talk about. but first, the heat. >> let's get right to the holiday heat wave blazing across the country. the scorching temperatures, humidity, turning deadly. already claiming one life and adding to the misery at least 60 wildfires have exploded out of control in the west. thousands forced to evacuate. one inferno alone destroying more than a hundred homes in colorado. dylan is tracking the forecast, but first miguel almaguer has a look at the damage and what's at stake. >> bursts of fires from california to colorado, the conditions are ripe for disaster, hot weather and dry fuel on the ground. this fourth of july will be no holiday for the men and women on
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the front line. overnight, colorado's spring fire exploding across new terrain, torching more than a hundred homes as it threatens even more. this already one of the most destructive fires in state history. security cameras capturing embers raining down as this blow torch incinerates everything in its path. there is little firefighters can do to slow this moving monster. >> we can't put out this fire. all we can do is try to keep it from burning the things that people don't want burned. >> still surveying the damage three hours outside denver, the spring fire is one of many forces thousands to flee flames across the west. >> it's probably gone by now. >> in utah, jenny taylor may have already lost her home. she had only minutes to leave. >> it makes me want to cry. a lot of money, a lot of time. all gone. >> 300 homes here are in
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jeopardy. >> i just hope to god that these people get out and nobody loses their life over this. >> facing the dangerous start to the fire season, crews are getting no help from mother nature. dangerous heat is coming to parts of the west after crippling the east. an oppressive heat wave responsible for at least one death in new york city is slowly showing some mercy, cities like burlington, vermont, where relief is hard to come by. >> i'm just dieing of heat in there, fans on me blowing. it's awful. and now temps are expected to soar across the plains and midwest, bringing the summer sizzle to the holiday. and those dangerous temps work there way to cities like los angeles by this weekend, firefighters could be in real trouble as it fuels those dangerous infernos. back to you guys. >> ma gill, thank you. >> so when will this heat wave break? let's turn to dyan in for al
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this morning. >> a couple more days and then we'll see some relief going into the weekend. in the eastern half of the country, 98 mm million people are under a heat advisory or heat warnings, especially down to the ohio river valley. temperatures today, once again, will be topping out in the mid 90s. but it's that humidity that makes it feel so uncomfortable and it's so unbearable to spend too much time outside. memphis will feel like 103. washington, d.c. feels like 96. it will feel like 98 in colombia. on thursday, more of the same. burlington, vermont, 100 during the day when you factor in the humidity. the carolinas, mid 90s. orlando will feel like 100. so as we go into friday w, temperatures will still be warm, but we'll have a cold front that is going to move in and push the heat and humidity out of the way. by the time we get into the weekend, back into chicago, kentucky, new york, we're looking at temperatures to drop back down into the lower 80s and we'll lose the humidity, as well. so a few more days before we get some much needed relief.
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guys. >> dylan, thank you. turning now to the latest on that race against time in toyland, it has been nearly two days now since british divers found those young boys and a soccer coach. 11 days total since they first went missing in a flooded ma ze of underground caves. rescuers scramble to figure out a way to get them to the -- get them to the surface safely. janet is in chiang rai with the latest. >> good morning, craig. officials are weighing their options and even saving rehearsals for possibly rescue scenarios. there are no easy next moves here. they have to decide not only how to get the kids out, but crucially when they should do it. >> this morning, new video of the teenage soccer team trapped
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a half mile underground, but in good spirits. sending messages to their families. i'm in good health, he says. they also thanked their rescuers. here, a navy diver treats small cuts on this boy's feet. it's a race against time in this dangerous terrain with the urgency of a new threat looming. monsoon rains due to hit in the coming days could push water levels inside the cave dangerously high and make it fully flooding, forcing rescuers to consider an evacuation attempt within days. we need to be 00% confident says the governor. if there is a risk, we will not move them out. the boys who were found after a nine-day search are healthy. divers are bringing them high protein food, but they're still physically weak. and they don't know how to swim, let alone have the diving skills to navigate over three miles of narrow tunnels to the cave's
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entrance. officials say the boys have been practicing, wearing diving masks and breathing. more rain and stronger currents could also cut off access for divers who are bringing them critical supplies and food, medicine and hope. >> once the cave floods seriously again, with the amount of water going through and the current and the visibility in the water, it may be that diving operations will become impossible like they were last week. >> pumps have been going around the clock, trying to get the flood water out. more rain could erase any progress to this point. more than a thousand people are involved now and they're motivated by the urgency, but tired. >> what's the biggest risk right now? >> i would say the biggest risk is, you know, looking at the environmental conditions. we're working 24/7. the motivation is high. >> crews are surveying where they might drill new entries to the cave to drop ropes to pull the boys out.
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crews in the meantime are trying to install an internet line inside the cave so the boys can at least connect with their families who are watching and anxiously waiting for the boys to come home. once the monsoon rains arrive, and it's inevitable that they will, it could make a rescue impossible until the rainy season is over, which is at least september, possibly longer that the boys could be trapped underground. that's a long time for their health, their safety and their morale to stay high. >> the entire world is watching and hoping, janice. thank you. now to another urgent rescue under way in indonesia with the captain of a sinking ferry managed to steer his ship on to a reef so passengers could evacuate saving more than 100 lives. kelly has that. good morning. >> good morning to you. this morning, rescuers are still trying to find missing passengers after that terrifying night at sea. the ferry started sinking in rough waters off the coast of
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indonesia tuesday, killing dozens and trapping survivors on board for hours. chaos captured on camera as this 159-foot long vessel carrying 164 passengers and crew and several dozen vehicles, including a bus and truck, began taking on water in rough seas tuesday afternoon. in a desperate bid to save lives, the boat's captain managing to steer the ship on to a reef, grounding it about 650 feet from shore. evacuating more than a hundred people. this video shows people scrambling for their lives. rescuers racing to save scores of passengers wearing life jackets, desperately clinging to the sides of the stranded vessel. one passenger sitting in a rescue boat can be heard saying again and again, god is great in arabic as the ship began tipping on to its side. other passengers seen jumping into the water, floating in the sea awaiting help.
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a fleet of smaller boats, including local fishing vessels, franticly working to help as bad weather prevented larger ships from approaching the stricken ferry. the captain and the boat's owner were the last two people to leave the vessel as the search for survivors continues. the ferry tragedies are common in indonesia. last month, in fact, a ferry with 164 people on board went down in waters so deep the bodies can't be recovered. in this latest case, more than 30 people are now confirmed dead, three people still missing. but rescuers say the captain's quick actions definitely saved lives. >> kelly, thank you. back here, president trump is making head away in his search to replace supreme court justice kennedy. he is expected to make that highly anticipated announcement monday. this morning, we know the name of seven of the candidates under consideration.
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peter alexander is at the white house with the latest on that. >> happy fourth of july to you. that announcement now just days away, but the president has said he will make up his mind this week and accelerate a selection process with seven interviews now completed for a decision that is certain to shift the court to the right. president trump in west virginia honoring the nation with a sa lult to the nation's military. >> we love you. we thank you. and we will never, ever forget you. >> the president heading into this holiday stayed true to his tv reality roots delivering an apprentice style preview of his supreme court pick. >> i spent the last three days interviewing and thinking about supreme court justices, such an important decision. and we're going to give you a great one. we're going to announce it on monday. >> ahead of that announcement, mr. trump speaking to three more potential nominees tuesday wab source with firsthand knowledge of the selection process telling nbc news the list of names under
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consideration stands at seven. amy conet barette, brett cavanaugh, joan larson, thomas harden and a sitting senator, mike lee, who the white house says is among those the president spoke to monday. >> like justice gorsuch, we hit a home run there and we're going to hit a home run here. >> still with new concerns, is that roe v. wade could be reversed. this new ad aimed at maine republican susan collins reading trump has been loud and clear saying he picks supreme court justices to end roe v. wade, we believe him. don't you, senator collins? the president insisting americans will all be in on his choice. >> these are very talented people, brilliant people that i think you're going to love. >> the trump administration announced it will be rolling back this obama era policy that
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promoted diversity in higher education. what more can you tell us about that? >> yeah, you're are right. this is a reversal on affirmative action, erasing guidelines put in places under prosecute president obama. the trump administration now saying the colleges and universities should not consider race during the admissions process. it is worth noting mr. trump said he was, in his words, fine with affirmative action. the civil rights advocates and others are furious with this move. the last big affirmative action case before the case was decided by a slim 4-3 margin. the swing vote then, justice anthony kennedy now leaving the bench. >> happy fourth of july, buddy. for the millions of americans traveling this holiday weekend, it may be stating the obvious that airline seats can feel more cramped than ever. now the faa says it will not order the nation's airlines to stop shrinking the size of those seats after a passenger rights
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organization went to court. gabe gutierrez is at the world's busiest airport in atlanta. gabe, good morning. >> good morning. it's no secret that americans have gotten heavier as airlines have shrunk seat size toes squeeze in more passengers. those cramped seats may be a hassle, but are they safe? in a new court filing, the government says yes. this morning, the faa said these planes can be evacuated quickly and the agency does not need to regulate seat and leg sizes. plane seats are not big enough. >> they're kind of confining, too small, they can be larger. >> kind of tight for a big person. >> aircraft manufacturers are meant to show that every passenger can be out of the plane within 90 seconds. in reality, 70% of americans are overweight. and critics say the tests don't
7:16 am
reflect modern planes with cramped seats. >> we need to make sure that the faa and the manufacturers are actually full scale demonstrations. >> still in a court filing, the faa says there's no evidence that seat dimensions hamper the speed of passenger evacuations and the agency has no evidence that there is an immediate safety issue. we're gonna be in the hudson. >> from the miracle on the hudson to a fiery explosion in chicago in 20 16 to a crash in denver, every passenger has gotten out alive. so for now, fly should be the expect their seats to get knit bigger. >> it's not comfortable. you can't relax on a plane at all. >> i don't know why we should be paying more for tickets when we're getting less space on every flight. >> and the issue has even become political at times. a house panel voted to require the faa to set m minimum standas for airline seatings, but the
7:17 am
senate decided to stay out of it. craig and sheinelle. >> thank you. let's get another check on the forecast from dylan. dylan, what are we looking at besides heat. >> heat its story but heavy rain along golf course especially back towards texas and into parts of the houston area where we could see a couple inches of rain. spotty showers and thunderstorms because of the unsettled nature of the atmosphere. in the southwest there is a fire threat. the temperatures are warm, the air is dry. any fire that develops could spread quickly. we could see isolated stronger storms across northern plains and upper midwest today. that's a look and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem.
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like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here? good morning. we are going to enjoy cooler weather today all across the bay area. low 60s for the coast and upper 70s for the inland valleys and then we are going to cool down heading into tonight in time for the fire works. it is also going to be breezy. look how hot it gets tomorrow. temperatures quickly ramping up into the weekend. mid-90s for the valleys. san francisco watching out for low clouds and fog. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. coming up, we're going to meet those heroic british divers who helped found missing boys found in a flooded cave in thailand. they are still working around the clock on that rescue mission. with tech giants under attack from hackers, we'll take you "inside the war room" to see
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how security experts are battling cyber threats online. but first this is "today" on but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, some good news for the parents who were arrested after giving their teen son marijuana to treat his seizures. why a judge decided to drop all charges and what they are doing now. now. >> nor ♪yeah now. >> nor ♪and i just wanna tell you right now that i♪ ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪
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this year )s 4th of july is not strictly about bar-b-cues, parades, and fireworks. good morning. this year's 4th of july is not strictly about barbecue, parade and fireworks. organizers today plan a prayer ceremony and arrests of a mexican border. if you take in the south bay with those fireworks tonight well, there's a pretty good chance you will not see any airplanes. the airport as well as the city actually made sure there were no flights taking off or arriving between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. >> and today the weather is looking pretty good.
7:27 am
>> yeah. where we will be all clear. there will be low cloud and fog along the coast. we are seeing a very thin layer of coast rolling across from the south bay with our highs reaching into the upper 70s. it will be really nice for enjoying some time out ton patio with family and grilling and some low 60s in san francisco with gusty windsme. tomorrow reaching into the mid-90s by the weekend into early next week. san francisco watching out for fog in time for the fireworks this evening. >> it looks like we are seeing this issue that could become a headache along highway 17. there is a stalled vehicle along the southbound side. as of right now we are seeing light slowing there. aside from that the bay bridge toll plaza is looking pretty
7:28 am
empty out there. back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> we'll have another local news update coming up in a half hour. we are always on
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back now at 7:30 on wednesday morning july 4th, 2018. this is beautiful. a look at st. louis's iconic gateway arch which, by the way, just reopened after a major makeover. dylan, a heat wave is bringing them a high of 95 today. >> high of 95 but feeling like 103. only a couple more days for midwest, northeast, everyone will finally cool off by this weekend. >> not complaining. >> more on your forecast in a moment but let's get right to a check of the headlines starting with early fourth of july festivities that took a turn. independence day dangers. celebrations turning deadly overnight when a tree branch crashes onto fireworks watchers in illinois killing one and
7:31 am
injuring several others. the fireworks warehouse explodes, this as a brutal heat wave scorches millions across the country. >> 82.9 million americans under some sort of heat advisory and it does include heat warnings. race against time. rescue teams delivering food and medical care to the soccer team stuck in a flooded underground cave half a mile under thailand as rescuers scramble to find a way to get them out safely. >> teams have been trying to establish a phone line in the cave so the boys can talk to their families and know they aren't alone as they work. back in the spotlight. british police reportedly investigating multiple new sexual assault allegations against kevin spacey. the oscar winning actor denies all wrongdoing. >> walmart's woes. walmart under fire for selling clothing with impeach 45 on its website. the store pulling the product as
7:32 am
trump supporters threaten to boycott. hot diggity dog, contestants weigh in ahead of the famed nathan's hot dog contest. the recor for, more than 73 hotdogs wolfed down in ten minutes. wednesday, july 4, 2018. >> how many could you scarf down? >> i'm happy they're really good at that. i can't even imagine. >> for me it's the dunking until water. >> it's the one thing i can't watch. >> more on that coming up a little later. also this morning t eyes of the world are on a team of rescuers working around the clock to help 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in thailand. while the mission has become an international effort involving hundreds of helpers, experts say it's no surprise it was these two men who first found the missing boys. nbc keir similmonilamons has re story. >> good morning. happy fourth to you all.
7:33 am
group of navy seals taking food and medical supplies to the boys trapped down there. one staying with them to provide insurance. it's two british divers who first found them who have decades of experience. >> risking their lives for a lost soccer team, until this moment, they had never met. >> how many, let's see. okay. many people are coming. we are the first. you have been here 10 days. you are very strong. >> the rescuers who flew thousands of miles around the globe to dive miles down into these caves are known for some of the best in the world. they began diving as a hobby. now richard, a firefighter in his 50s and john an it consultant in his 40s are known by their friends as the a team. >> they are record breakers. they are real pioneers. more people have been to the moon than in some of these
7:34 am
places. more people have been to the moon. >> they've searched for people lost in caves from france to mexico. including a group of soldiers cruising equipment they themselves adapted to get through confined spaces and reach depths of 650 feet. >> they've been challenged physically by the nature of the environment of the underground cave. they've been challenged mentally by the unknowns of what they were possibly going to find. the waters through which they were diving have been murky. gone through a real roller coast er of emotion. >> challenge now how to get the boys out. one option, these world class divers may have to give lessons under ground. >> it's an immense challenge to train those youngsters to dive out of a cave. >> normally it would take months if not years to get them safely.
7:35 am
>> unique risks. massively compound. >> dewane: friend say if anyone can do it, it's these guys. >> they are calm, cool and very calculated. i have absolutely no doubt that team will be rescued safely. >> advised the event in part because they learned dive off the coast of the uk where it is often a treacherous and very powerful water. underscores what a challenge it's going to be to get those boys out when they are only beginners. >> reporter: captivating. like we said. the whole world is watching this one. is watching this. dylan dryer in for al, she has a check of the weather. hey there, d. >> stormy weather across northern plains, heavy rain moving into northwestern minnesota, even severe thunderstorm warnings with this line of thunderstorms moving eastward. so it's in this general area
7:36 am
later this afternoon a little farther to the south and east with strong storms possible late this afternoon and evening. hail and damaging winds will be the biggest threat along with cloud to ground lightning. if you're outdoors and see those storms you want to get indoors before they move through. as we go through tomorrow the front will sag to the midwest. we'll likely see thunderstorms across illinois, indiana. on friday it moves up and down that i-95 corridor and that is going to produce the possibility of severe storms but it's also going to give us some much needed relief. instead of 90s feeling like it's above 100, we'll get back to the lower 80s and it will feel like lower 80s going into the weekend. we could see a possibility of flooding. you saw how heavy that rain was across upper midwest. that could lead to flash flooding. as we go through friday
7:37 am
>> good morning. we have nice weather. san francisco only 63 with upper 70s for the inland areas. after today it's about to get hot. lit reach into the low 90s thursday and friday and mid-90s into the weekend and early next week. san francisco low clouds and fog and it clears out as we warm up for saturday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still ahead, forget the fireworks for now. we're celebrating the best sales to shop for if you can tear your self away from the festivities for retail therapy this fourth of july. >> also, justin timberlake dropping a surprise team. no surprise it's now in the running for song of the summer. >> time to add red, white, and blue to your party this summer. we have patriotic ideas you'll be using all summer long. >> before we get to that, we're the first to take you inside microsoft's war room where the tech giant is on the front lines
7:38 am
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most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out of pocket. talk to your doctor and visit to enroll. we are back at 7:41 with more of our ongoing series, the hacking of america. this morning we have a behind the scenes look at cyber war and how one of the big tech giants is fighting in the trenches every day. >> nbc's tom costello spent time at microsoft's global headquarters outside seattle. tom, they talked about this being a very real war, whether or not we know the extent of it. >> guys, good morning. a real war being waged and fought in cyberspace targeting the u.s. and its allies, you and me. if you're still thinking of hackers as 20 somethings operating in a garage or maybe a criminal gang in eastern europe, yes, but experts say the most successful attacks today require the kind of sophistication that
7:43 am
can only be provided by nation states. the 24/7 scale of the global cyber war is so big it's hard to fathom. one out of every 130 e-mails today contains malware. with 167 million malware attacks every 24 hours. 4,000 ransomware attacks every day, 30,000 fraudulent login attempts, that's just targeting microsoft's clouds and platforms. every giant under attack t phishing e-mails, denial of service, sophisticated automated programs that today are often run by hostile governments, russia, china, and north korea among them. >> it looks like the entire u.s. is under attack. >> where there's more individuals, financial gain to be had, that's where you see the concentration. >> that's julia white, vice president microsoft cloud security. >> there's attacks that happen every single day. our customers don't see them because we stopped them.
7:44 am
>> ours were the first cameras allowed inside microsoft forensic lab where they take apart software looking for clues and cyber operation center which monitors malware attacks around the clock. it's here they are protecting everything stored on the cloud from family photos to corporate financial information to sensitive government data. that requires using artificial intelligence to spot abnormal internet traffic. if you send an e-mail from chicago, then 20 minutes later from tokyo it should get flagged. >> use the cloud. this is the kind of capability you have protecting your information when it sits in the cloud. >> the best way to defeat real life armies of hackers is for good hackers to find the vulnerabilities first. >> we are doing something fairly noisy. >> that's the red team's job. analyzing billions of lines of software code for that one mistake that could let hackers in. >> our goal is to stay ahead. the way we stay ahead is by looking, feeling and acting like hackers. >> the blue team must spot the hackers and move fast to patch
7:45 am
the security hole. >> we actually saw everything jordan did. >> you've already got it. >> we've already got it and it's quite noisy. >> hackers often get in by guessing someone's password or using phishing attacks, luring you to click on an e-mail that looks legit but contains a software bug. to show me they set up an e-mail attack and targeted me. >> this looks like an e-mail from savannah guthrie. >> correct. >> and she's trying to direct me to a web link. >> correct. >> it looks like a link to politico story but look closely. politico was misspelled. would i have noticed if i was speed reading my e-mails. >> if i click on it, you're in effecting my computer. >> entire machine will be controlled. in realtime hackers can take credentials, view you your history, turn on video and stream all that to remote location. >> the lesson, check each e-mail to make sure the sender's e-mail address is legit, whoever over web link to make sure that's
7:46 am
legit and upgrade your password. >> whatever you do, don't click on an e-mail from savannah. just kidding. of course apple, ibm, oracle, they are running very sophisticated cloud operations. all of them insist you should trust the cloud. you simply cannot protect your own data 24/7, like those companies which spend a fortune doing it every single year. craig and sheinelle, back to you. >> tom costello for us there in d.c. come up, go 4th and save. a guide to independence day a guide to independence day ♪ (laughing) (screaming) ♪ come here! oh my... (applause) ♪ (vocalizing) (dad, over phone) just like that? (vocalizing continues)
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still ahead, "top gun" gets a new goose. there was fierce competition to play goose's son in the "top gun" sequel. this morning, we have a winner. we'll tell you who made the cut in "pop start." >> the orange room? >> this is a good one. imagine finding out your phone sent an entire photo gallery to a random contact without you fogg it. that's exactly what some samsung that's exactly what some samsung users say happen to that's exactly what some samsung users say happen to
7:52 am
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happy 4th of july. it looks like a nice day starting out with cool temperatures. on your way to danville at 64 degrees. clouds will start to clear. looking at sunshine with upper 640s throu 6 60s through the rest of the morning. upper 60s for the inner bay. it is 63 for san francisco. today the last cool day before it gets hot. today up to 90 degrees. it is 90 on friday and mid-90s for the weekend. san francisco 63 with low clouds in time for the fireworks. we'll be warming up into the low 70s in time for saturday.
7:57 am
let's get an update on how the roads are moving. >> we manage today stay clear of any accidents. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no lights have been turned on this morning. ace will not have any service and bart will run only the sunday schedule. back to you. happening now firefighters updated the county wild fire burning east. it turns out more homes are listed as threatened. right now it is more than 13,000 or 1,300 fortunately no homes have been destroyed. that fire has now burned 82,000 acres since last saturday. it is 25% contained. bay area gets ready to celebrate 4th of july. if you're looking for something to do head over to our home
7:58 am
page. we have a link of 4th of july events. i'm marcus washington. for a pre. but they wouldn )t let him sit in it.. our consumer unit investigates the )bungled booking. ) and - kari gets us ready for another hot weekend. she updates her forecast overnight. overnight. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to . ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, race against time. rescuers working around the clock to figure out how they can safely free soccer players and their coach trapped in a thailand cave. officials fearing it could take months. this morning new video emerging showing the young boys introducing themselves to the camera. we're live in thailand with the latest. plus reunited. a georgia couple has regained custody of their son after they allowed him to smoke marijuana to stop his seizures. >> in the initial stages of the investigation, everybody is freaking out because oh, my god,
8:01 am
somebody is giving a 15-year-old kid marijuana. >> the judge dropping all charges and offering an alternative legal treatment. it's a party in the usa. everything you need to know this fourth of july from the fireworks to the grilling, plus how you can throw together a perfect last minute gathering. we've got you covered today, wednesday, july 4th, 2018. >> bring out the fireworks. >> it's the way to start the day. >> we're the bates family from greenville, alabama. >> happy birthday, america. >> we're from boston. >> here to celebrate usa on "today." >> bedford, indiana. >> from jenks, oklahoma. >> happy fourth of july from the plaza.
8:02 am
>> if that doesn't make you smile, i don't know what would. >> welcome back to "today." we appreciate you being with us on this july 4th wednesday morning. we're going to get outside in just a bit. sheinelle and i holding down the fort while savannah and hoda enjoy the holiday. festive out there. >> plenty of options for songs out there, american songs. >> what time is the cookout? when are you having me over? >> how about 4:00. >> busy morning. let's get you right to your news at 8:00 starting with a scorching hot temperature stretching across much of this country on july 4th. one person has died from overwhelming heat in new york. meanwhile out west around 60 wildfires have exploded out of control from california to colorado, central nevada bearing the brunt of it. thousands have been forced to evacuate. more than 100 homes have been destroyed by one inferno alone. dylan has our forecast in just a bit. >> now to that race against time in thailand to save a young soccer team and their coach
8:03 am
found alive deep inside a cave. the mission now to bring them safely back to the surface before monsoon rains roll in at the end of the week. nbc's janis mackey frayer has the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, sheinelle. there is a looming threat of the monsoon rains due to hit at the end of the week and could push water levels inside the cave dangerously high and may even fully flood them. it's wy they are considering a possible evacuation attempt within days. rescue workers are said to be rehearsing possible scenarios, getting kids to practice wearing full face masks and breathing. but there are no easy next moves. the kids don't know how to swim, let alone diving skills to navigate three miles of murky water. another option that's being considered is finding or making a different entry point to the cave system. there are hundreds of people spread out around here right now
8:04 am
looking for cracks or other points where they might be able to drill and they can drop ropes down to the kids and pull them out. pumps are also working around the clock to try to drain the floodwaters. but one of the diving experts i into to here said there really isn't enough time. when the monsoon rain arrive, it will simply erase any of that progress. meanwhile medics are inside the cave caring for their kids and they seem to be in good spectators. they sent video messages to their parents, their relatives, who are, of course, waiting anxiously for these boys to get out. sheinelle. >> i can certainly understand that. jan janis, thank you. three people charged with a kidnapping during a failed ransom plot back in may. lapd responding to the now unsealed indictment after this video of them arresting one of the suspects went viral monday raising some concerns among the community there. the trio allegedly tortured
8:05 am
capone, maiming him, holding him in a bathtub without food for 30 hours. they forced mccracken to sign a $10,000 check before she managed to escape and alert police. if convicted they each have sentences up to life in prison. >> counter-terrorism assisting in an investigation in england where two people have collapsed after being exposed to an unknown substance close to a town where a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned. the couple in their 40s in critical condition. police calling this a major incident, cordoning off the places before falling ill. they poisoned them months ago but they survived the incident. with the country celebrating independence day, police in boston are giving us their version of carpool karaoke. ♪ god bless america
8:06 am
my home sweet home ♪ >> wow. >> beautiful. >> the patrol car performance getting us in the festive spirit today with the beautiful rendition of god bless america. the crime fighting duo singing through the streets of boston keeping the city safe while keeping a smile on our faces. >> that's really good. >> i thought they were going to give us a little beat. but no, this is beautiful. we'll let them have that, stick to reading scripts. >> yes, i've heard you sing before. coming up, an emotional family reunion as a judge drops charges against the georgia couple who allowed their son to smoke marijuana for medical reasons. now they have new hope. a legal drug that could help (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old.
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8:10 am
this morning on today's talk, an update on a story we've been following with a georgia couple whose son is plagued with fighting seizures. a judge took him away because he allowed him to smoke marijuana. >> now a new legal treatment for the boy. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the state just returned the 15-year-old to his parents even though they admit they broke the law. now they are hoping a brand-new treatment might stop his seizures for good. this morning matthew and suzeanna brill are reunited with their son after a few weeks. >> it drove me crazy. completely. it drove me crazy. >> reporter: authorities took the 15-year-old away and placed
8:11 am
him in a group home after they say his parents encouraged him to smoke marijuana. >> in the initial stages of the investigation everybody is freaking out because oh, my god. somebody is giving a 15-year-old kid marijuana. >> his parents say their son suffers from debilitating seizures but marijuana stopped them for 71 days. the seizures returned during the time in the group home. >> he has to live, have a quality of life. >> georgia's division of family and children services returned full custody of david to his mother. according to a protective order, he'll be required to meet with a case agent twice a month for at least six months. that will include drug tests. while his parents won't be allowed to treat david with marijuana, they will likely soon get a prescription for a cannabis-based drug that's legal to use in the state. just last week the food and drug admission kbrufd -- approved the
8:12 am
drug. >> it's derived from marijuana but does not have the thc that gets people high, psychoactive component. we know it's safer than marijuana for adolescents. >> today david is back in his own room. the 15-year-old remembering the emotional moment in court when the judge announced he could return home. >> just like my mom, i melted. >> his parents hope the new treatment will not only be legal but effective. >> it's never going to stop. he has to deal with this the rest of his life, means i deal with it, too, all the way, to my last breath. >> the twiggs county sheriff's office now says the reckless conduct charges against the parents have been dropped. gays, back to you. >> good to see some resolution there. >> thank you. dylan dryer here with the fourth of july forecast. >> it's going to get hot out in the west, too. we've been talking so much about the heat in the northwest. the heat is on and will continue to build for 65 million people out in the southwest, california, nevada, back through arizona as well, already under
8:13 am
some heat watches and warning. triple digital, we talk about dry heat but hot is hot. san diego 75. as we go into friday, that's when we're really going to see temperatures warm up. thursday is a transition day. still looking at highs above 100 in california, prescott, california, 98 degrees and going into the weekend that's when we hit the heat. 110 in vegas friday and saturday. los angeles 100 on friday, 103 on saturday. phoenix 114 on friday, 112 on saturday. then it starts to ease a bit as we go into sunday. these temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. the heat and the humidity still affecting eastern two-thirds of the country. we could see strong storms across northern plains and also watch out good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. some clouds rolling by san francisco, we will get sunshine
8:14 am
agency the day goes along. temperatures in the 60s for the coast. and other areas, upper 60s for oakland. 77 in concord. a very pleasant day, in the 70s from south bay all the way up to the north bay. by tomorrow, it gets a lot hotter. we're talking 90 degrees for the imperial valleys and maybe even 90 for the weekend. low clouds and fog and 63 today. forecast. craig and sheinelle. >> thank you. turning to today's consumer. before you head off to see fireworks or neighborhood cookout, you might want to check out some fourth of july sales. you can grab bargains on everything from home and garden supplies to sports gear, even getaway flights apparently today. >> yes, but you have to know where to look. so we have found er of the mone saving scoop. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. >> you see the ad everywhere. is it true? big sales? is it a good day to shop. >> it's an amazing day to shop.
8:15 am
july is a slow retail month. a lot of stores are offering deep discounts throughout the day and month. >> is it better to go to the store or use the computer and phone. >> either is fine but a lot of people want to be barbecuing and hanging out at home so you can if you like. >> let's dig deeper. if you're looking for clothes, where should we look. >> a lot of stores have had clothes on the rack since april. they have looking to unload inventory. looking at 60% old navy, disney, club monaco, brooks brothers and bergdorf goodman. >> bergdorf. >> up to 60% off designer goods. >> sports. >> sneakers, at home fitness stuff, 0% off dick's sporting goods, model's 40% off. buy one, get 50% off. >> are these sales you get by going to the store or shop
8:16 am
online. >> most can be online or at the stores. >> how about home and garden. >> right. this is the time of year you want to be grilling, gardening. ace hardware, free assembly and free delivery on all grills $399 and up. this is valid through july 9th. if you're sitting out on the patio, i wish i had a new set of patio furniture, you can go to lowe's, they have savings up to 40% off. if you want to change-up your bedroom, need a new mattress or sofa, up to% off at select itemt macy's. back to school season here before we know it. if you want to get a head start. $200 off select laptops. places like hp and microsoft. even seeing a savings of 1$100 t apple products at walmart stores. >> the itch to travel. maybe a quick get away somewhere. >> right. if you want a last minute summer get away, there's still time. you request go
8:17 am
has a savings. you have to travel to either jamaica, st. lucia. grenada. >> okay. twist my arm. >> or if you want to plan now and go on a cruise, viking river cruises has amazing two for one fairs. >> i thought it was a high peek travel time. >> these are last minute get aways. perhaps they have extra hotel rooms trying to get rid of extra inventory. now is the time to save big. >> patriotic move, some companies as i understand it also offering deals to military families. >> giving thanks by offering deep discounts. one of the biggest discounts for military families is from ford. looking for a car save up to 1,000 dollars after select eligible vehicles. join sams club. get $10 gift card today with your membership. even seeing a savings of 15% off at places like home depot. >> amazon prime day.
8:18 am
just announced july 15. amazon prime signs everywhere how you can save. >> i saw that as well. i saw the savings and i was floored. this year in addition to prime day, whole foods is going to give prim members an extra savings of 10% on any sale items. on amazon prime day, but you also get 10% back between july 14 and 17. so you're going to save big on groceries is a brand new thing we're seeing from amazon prime. >> are competitors going to be jumping on the band wagon and matching prices. >> i think it's likely. we're not sure yet. top competitors will also try to offer great deals because amsz is such a giant when it comes to savings. >> it's such a welcome sign. >> who told you where the whole foods was. >> who told you where that was. >> thank you. to learn more about the deals, go to >> time to see what dylan is
8:19 am
working on over in orange room. >> well, guys, a number of samsung smartphones sending out users pictures to their contacts without their permission. one user wrote my s 9 plus sent my entire photo gallery to my girlfriend last night while i was sleeping. another user added my wife's phone did that last night and mine did it the night before. when her phone texted me her gallery, it didn't show up on her end or vice versa. users are saying that it's an issue with samsung messages. the default messagiing app on t messages, default. some say buggy after a t-mobile update meant to make sending pictures easier. in a statement samsung has reviewed this matter thoroughly over the past few days. however, there were no hardware or software issues found to be relevant to this particular case. we will continue to investigate these issues further. so while we're not exactly sure
8:20 am
when this issue will be revolved, one twitter user wrote, thankfully all the photos on my phone are memes or ridiculously bad photos of my dog or cat being cute. t-mobile did not respond for comment but did tell cnbc this is not a t-mobile issue. >> interesting. an interesting conversation. the other day i was sitting in a hotel, somebody with air drop sometimes you can send it to the wrong person mpl i saw all these couple pictures. i said, excuse me, i'm sure you don't want me to have these. >> after you scroll through them. >> i didn't accept them. it happens, you have to be careful. let's get to "pop start." first up, congratulations in order, david foster and katharine mcphee are engaged. the pair on romantic getaway in italy when foster popped the question. sharing with a friend on instagram, she said he did it at the top of a mountain.
8:21 am
totally dark, only stars. thankfully he didn't push me off the cliff. he said it was one or the other. in the end he spared me. the pair had been previously married and known each other since mcphee was on "american idol" in 2006. our congratulations go out to the happy couple. up next justin timberlake, the singer, is on his "man of the woods" tour. that hasn't stopped him from surprising fans with new music. yesterday j.t. released a new song called "soulmate." ♪ i want to be your soul mate let me put my soul on yours let me pull you up out your body into mine ♪ ♪ let me be your soul mate for the night just for the night ♪ >> that's a song of the summer contender right there. >> it probably will be, anything he puts out. especially now. this is separate from his "man of the woods" album. so we'll see how it plays out
8:22 am
this summer. last but not least, we have more news on the upcoming "top gun." >> that's a good look for you? >> do you like it? no. last week "top gun" was on the search for an actor to play goose's son. miles teller won the coveted role. he confirmed the news retweeting variety's exclusive, writing i feel the need. "top gun" set to come out july 2019. >> props to you for reading prompter with sunglasses. >> can you keep going? >> daly kick. an exciting day for world cup watchers tuesday. we start sweden versus switzerland. this gets confusing, sweden advances quarterfinal knocking out switzerland 1-0. it was that goal that had some people feeling bad for switzerland. during 66th minute, the player
8:23 am
kicked the ball towards the goal. the ball was deflected to the top of the nick by the swiss player leaving their goalkeeper unable to block it. he realizes this mistake immediately. in a touching moment after the game, swedish players went up to a disappointed player to console him as his lone deflective goal won sweden their spot in the quarterfinals. >> can you imagine? that's heartbreaking. >> onto england versus colombia, knocking out colombia in nail biting shoot-out. fans celebrated their big win at pubs across the country, beer and celebrating players. as it turns out a northern european carbon dioxide shortage is leading to a beer supply shortage in the uk. >> what? >> while england advances to the quarterfinals, they can't waste the beer so they have to hang onto their beer. i'm going to scotland in a few weeks. there's no beer? >> they will have beer for you by then. >> finally a good-bye to
8:24 am
remember. japan eliminated from the tournament monday after a devastating loss to belgium but that didn't stop the team for being grateful for their time in russia. they left their locker room absolutely spotless after the game cleaning every corner of the room. they even left a note in the middle that reads thank you in russian. >> and they lost. >> they lost. >> this is after, remember a couple weeks ago, japanese fans cleaned up the stadium, too. remember that? these fans are the best. >> they are neat. very, very neat. world cup picks back up with quarterfinals on friday. >> $10 if you keep on the glasses. >> i will. i like them. >> accept the challenge? >> how long? >> 30 minutes. >> we have a lot of show left. >> we're going outside for the last half hour. >> dylan dryer, stick around, she's going to wear the sunglasses for the rest of the broadcast. everything you know or think you know about boring traditional barbecue fare, we're grilling up a feast more delicious than the classics. also our friends from the united
8:25 am
states air force ceremonial band, they are setting the mood outside. we're going to listen to more of that and join them. but first your local news. i )m
8:26 am
this year )s 4th of july is not strictly about bar-b-cu good morning, it's 8:26. your fourth of july is not strictly about parades and fireworks. there's a protest under way particularly what we've seen. organizers have a clear ceremony posing the separation an arrests along the border. and the fireworks tonight at the airport to make sure no flights take off or arrive between 10:00 and 12:00 tonight. now, it's looking great out
8:27 am
there. we've been air since 4:30, and since then, no major accidents. i did see this one pop up in the south bay. take a look at your bay bridge toll plaza. no cars in sight. just a couple issues of mass transit. on the 8, no service because of the holiday, and sunday schedule and the vta, you can follow on on twitter. chris. >> thank you. we have more local news coming up in just half an hour. happy fourth of july, folks. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> all right. 8:30 now wednesday morning, round of applause for them. we have our united states air force ceremonial brass. welcome. that was absolutely fact. we're in the mood this morning. >> we're going to have more later this morning. this is the 19th year -- >> yes. >> 19th year. colonel, thank you so much. colonel larry, you've been coming here almost 19 years. >> this is our 19th year, my 7th year. we're so happy to be here to represent those in the military around the globe keeping us safe, keeping us free. it's our honor to be here. >> a little birdie told us you're retiring. >> my last year here. i retire in january. it's been an absolutely stunning career. i'm so proud to be here with
8:32 am
these incredible musicians and airmen. >> thank you. >> big round of applause. you're more than welcome to come back. >> you're like a second family. thank you for everything you do for the country. thank you. >> more from the band in a few moments. meanwhile we have some other big concert news this morning. get ready. multi-nominated one repub on the plaza july 13th. they just dropped a new single. can you hear it nine days from now. a reminder, lady antebellum taking over the stage this friday. go to to sign up for fan pass and join us for free on the plaza. >> is $20 on the line. >> $20 bucks. >> this is why i'm wearing sunglasses. awesome crowd moment. where is lisa and mike from clearwater, florida. over here? hi, guys? how are you doing? happy fourth of july.
8:33 am
we hear you're also celebrating something else. what's the big anniversary? >> 26 years. >> 26 wonderful years, right? >> yes. >> your son, you want to say hi to him. >> hi, cody. >> in order to celebrate fourth of july and your anniversary, we want to give you two tickets to the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular. can you hang around through tonight? there you go. i don't know if you have to bring those big tickets or not. happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> before fireworks get going, we're all about red, white, and blue, we have elizabeth here with smart ideas to spruce up outdoor faces and make a great fashion impression. she'll be pouring drinks, too. >> after that time to get grilling but leave boring burgers and hot dogs wintwist.
8:34 am
duos your femme family will love. >> i love that duo. the macy's fireworks spectacular on nbc, back for its 42nd year, by the way. 3,000 pyrotechnics fired off per minute, fireworks reaching up to 1,000 feet in the air. 50 technicians standing by to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. >> my new favorite duo, mat eisman, akbar gbaja-biamila. they are co-hosting the big show. good morning. >> good morning. >> please tell me you're wearing this all day. >> costume changes going on. it's going to be crazy. >> somebody said this the biggest fireworks spectacular since millennium. >> we are kicking the tires and lighting fires. 75,000 shells, you mentioned 3,000 per minute. just so my mom knows, they are not letting me near any of these fireworks. >> it's a 25-minute show, pyrotechnic show. we talk about it's going to be beautiful. we did it last year.
8:35 am
it was amazing. we just saw how big the presence of it. a lot of people in attendance, we can't wait for it. >> the lineup, kelly clarkson, blake shelton, who are you most excited to see? >> harlem gospel choir. >> american authors from new york but definitely for me, kelly clarkson. >> is that the highest you can get your voice. >> it's from the 40-year-old virgin. i love kelly clarkson. we're not singing again, just so everybody knows. we're going to have a great time. a great way to celebrate. we want to give a shout out to the men and women of the armed forces who keep us safe. they are the ones who make this possible. >> "american ninja warrior" going into it's tenth season. >> it's crazy. >> what can we expect. >> a lot of new and old athletes coming in and old hands. it's been amazing. we see the women continue to dominate as well. it's been special. >> we have great stories. we're going to minneapolis this
8:36 am
morning, we have a story, when we first met her she was in a wheelchair. they weren't sure she was going to be living. this season she's getting on the floor. see it monday night. >> you have my kids jumping all over the couches. >> thank you very much. matt, akbar, i should say they are not going very far. we can catch them on megyn kelly. >> with dylan. >> airs 9:00 central nbc. if you can't be here in person, tune in at 8:00 sfral to see macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular live right here on nbc. >> let's try. how about another check of the forecast. >> a good day for glasses. >> i want my 20 bucks. >> you look like "top gun." >> that's why i'm wearing them. that's the story. this all makes so much sense now. the heat is on for fourth of july. we are looking at temperatures to still stay in the 70s and 80s by 10:00 tonight for most of the
8:37 am
country. the humidity is going to be high as well. couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms possible through the great lakes, also down along golf course, so keep an eye out for that if you are enjoying some activities inside. here in new york city, it will be partly clear. if there is a strong north and west of the good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're enjoying some cooler weather for today. it will get hot for the inland areas tomorrow. reaching the 90s. and the weekend will be in the mid-90s. for san francisco, we'll have to watch out for clouds and fog tonight in time for the fireworks and partly cloudy skies tomorrow but it will be clearing out for the weekend as we warm up. low 70s for saturday and then low 60s by next tuesday. >> and that's your latest forecast. i feel ridiculous. >> no. you're wearing the part well.
8:38 am
up next add color to your fourth of july, elizabeth here with creative ideas for table settings and fashion finds you'll be wearing today as w
8:39 am
8:40 am
red, white, and blue we want to help you make summer entertaining as festive as possible from home and fashion finds. elizabeth here with ideas to show off stars and stripes all summer long. good morning to you. >> happy 4th. >> you know what i like about this, you can use it on the 4th but it's classic, you can use it all summer long. >> went with classic. july 4th is shopping day. start off table, plates are melamine, i love gingham, a classic summer motif, you can
8:41 am
use them throughout. these are super fun, wine sippy cups so they keep wine. they are from a company called vin to go. you can get different color tops for them and they keep your wine the exact color you want. speaking of drinks, i love this drink dispenser, it's acrylic so it won't break, light, three pieces, from crate & barrel, $24. napkins, we personalized these for you. these are from a company called zazzle. this takes more time. they spruce it up. >> because it's plaid you can use it throughout the year. >> outdoor from world market. i love it, from a company in louisville, kentucky, my hometown. >> there you go. >> delineate your space. outdoor rugs are a great thing to use.
8:42 am
>> over here? >> nice to have comfortable seating areas. pillows, can you get all of these from places like target, pier one, world market. i love these. these are cozies. >> look at this. >> how cute is this? >> those are from zazzle. they keep your soda the exact temperature you want. poofs, indoor/outdoor, great for outside. you want shade. this is from world market. nice because it's striped inside. >> games on the lawn. >> cornhole. we have lisa first in her outfit. one thing you can do for fourth of july, do with accessories. we have cute little festive earrings and also the scarf which is really cute and the shoes which are from rocket dog. accessories and shoes really cute. whitney in draper jane star dress. that's festive. can you wear it all the time.
8:43 am
also wearing espadrilles. they are playing cornhole from lisa is from the south so she knows how to play cornhole. she's really good. >> let's not forget about giselle. >> next up we have cute giselle over here. >> hi, giselle, happy 4th. >> she's wearing a dress from tea collection. i love her espadrilles. those are waterproof. she can walk in the water. they are from sea star beachwear. she can go from boat to water to pool. >> those are adorable. >> if she is in the pool we have giant floats from a giant company called colonel pickles. those are cute. >> never disappoint. >> from target also. >> you got that all in there. happy 4th to you and you, giselle. next grilling up star spangled feast for the 4th. we have ribs, as american as it gets. th
8:44 am
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with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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>> announcer: "today" food brought to you by bush's beans, black beans, bush makes them all. >> firing up the grill for festive 4th. no matter where you're celebrating, we have the makings of an epic holiday dinner from ribs to rib-eye. look who is here to help. this is quite the pairing by the way. this is going to be a great cooking. >> i didn't know what you were doing. >> she have sunny anderson. >> number one restaurant in new york city. >> my sister. >> you've gotta go. >> happy fourth of july. >> we're going to come down there. >> let me get on the grill. anthony, let's start with you. what are we starting with here. >> prime rib steak. sometimes we take this in a full rib, salt it, put it in the oven
8:47 am
for a couple hours. it would get soft, succulent, like a roasted type situation. i've cut it off the bone. i'm going to salt this very easily, and i'm going to bring it over here to the grill. as you can see i've already got grill marks here. we're going to cook this probably 15 or 20 minutes on each side. it doesn't have to be roaring, keep it very simple. let it rest for 15 minutes. >> got to let is rest. >> if you don't let it rest, it's oozy and ugly. >> peppers you're using. >> everybody is used to jalapenos. depending on the side you have to cut them, take out the seeds, you don't know how spicy they will be. these are calabian peppers. >> spicy. >> medium spicy, nothing crazy. you're going to cook this off for a couple of minutes. we're going to add a little
8:48 am
sugar to this. we're going to add a little red wine vin dpegar to this and let cook down for 15 minutes. this is eventually what it's going to look like. medium spice. put that on top of the steak. delicious. >> rib-eye spicy peppers. >> unbelievable. >> can i get this on the menu over there. >> any time you want. save me a piece of steak. >> yes, sir. >> miss anderson, good to see you. >> yes. >> ribs two ways. >> ribs two ways. some beef ribs and pork ribs. >> which one is your preference? >> ribs. come on, craig, act like you know. >> start with the beef. >> this is my chili chili chili sauce for my beef ribs. the reason why i call it chili chili chili, three chilies. simple. one tablespoon of red chili flakes. this is next to sriracha in the store. three cups of chili sauce. pour that in there.
8:49 am
cook that down until it's nice, like a little bit of a deeper red if you can see right here. >> how long are we talking? >> 15, 20 minutes on medium high. you're going to pour a little bit off and then smell this. you know what this is. >> a little beer. >> a little beer. a little beer goes in. that's our basting liquid. >> does it matter what kind of beer? >> i like to do a pilsner, don't go into stout zone. >> somebody that doesn't like beer, what do you swap out of apple cyber. >> look at the ladies. >> eating it up. dylan over there in her tom cruise shades. >> you've got a fork over here. i don't know what the fork is for. >> don't pretend. >> going to cover this up, get it on the grill for four to five hours, 200 degree grill, all sandwiched up. 20 minutes before it's done, start basting with full blast of chili sauce. >> is it true you use water while basting. >> yes.
8:50 am
beneath the grill you want to put a pan with liquid, aromatics, juices drip down so you don't get a flashback from the fire, creates warm, moist environment which breaks down connective tissue so you can have the good chew on your ribs. there's that one. i'll show you how to make herbed mayo sauce for pork ribs. >> different sauce. >> start with herbs, parsley, rosemary, thyme. chop them down. get them in a pot, apple cyber vinegar, brown sugar, mustard, wing sauce, butter and hot sauce together. >> more beer. >> more beer, garl iblg, igarli. same thing, brush it down before you get them on the grill. the grill should be 200, 225 degrees. that's going to get you at that four to five-hour point. you're going to start basting around four to five-hour mark.
8:51 am
>> i'm going to try to make myself useful. >> recipe up? >> it's available on the website now pesto pasta or potato salad. i show you the dressing and you can use it for pasta or potatoes. >> what's the verdict, ladies? >> i could eat all the meat. >> peppers. >> i'm a new fan. >> spicy but works. >> dylan, i just have one question, do you feel the need? the need for speed. >> thanks to both of you again. all these recipes and more. >> happy 4th. >> come on, man. >>
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
and on this fourth of july, our viewers are celebrating loved ones who share a birthday with our country. so let's get to them. kara's sassy and silly daughter turned two. her mom said she's her firecracker. her brother hopes to play for the mets right there. matthew, a sergeant in the air force today celebrating his birthday. it doesn't get much more patriotic than that. we thank you for your service. couldn't do by without celebrating 100 birthdays as well. let's spin around those smucker's jars and say happy 100th birthday from jean korbin from middletown, kentucky. she's a huge baseball fan and loves to hang out with four grandkids and 11 great grandkids. john, this active guy from missouri. loves to hit the golf course and
8:55 am
scored a hole in one when he was 90. happy 100 betty, former radio talk show host. last year she received jures doctorate degree from hastings college of law. john mccoy served during world war ii and we thank you for your service, sir. mr. david mcbride, sr., are houston, texas, also 100, married to the love of his life for 50 years. la tuna but not least, 102nd birthday to ethel mackwirth. she loves giving back to her community and used to serve as a girl scouts leader. don't forget if you know someone celebrating milestone anniversary tell us about them at >> that's nice. >> i'm a man of my word. here is your 20 bucks. she won this. >> pay up nice.
8:56 am
>> i got my 20. >> you got your 20. >> who did you borrow that electr from? >> sheinelle. >> you're welcome. finally united states air force ceremonial brass once again, their 19th year joining us on fourth of july. they have been performing patriotic songs all morning long. they are closing out the show with "this is my country." megyn kelly after your local news. first ceremonial brass take it away and happy fourth of july. i away and happy fourth of july. i for some people .. the 4th of good morning. just a few minutes before 9:00. i'm kris sanchez. for some people, the fourth of july is about more than just barbecue parades and fireworks. today at noon there is a protest planned similar to ones we've seen at the i.c.e. detention center. the only one in the bay area. organizers plan to hold a prayer ceremony to oppose family separation and arrests along the
8:57 am
mexico border. meanwhile, if you're going to take in a south bay fireworks show tonight there's a pretty good chance you won't see any airplanes at the same time. san jose is working to make sure no flights take off between 9:30 and 10:00. so the fireworks are uninterrupted. getting you ready for the fourth of july festivities in our midday newscast. if you want to find out what to do tonight head over to n with a list of events. firefighters a short time ago did update the countywide fire burping east, turns out more homes are threatened. right now that number is 1300. fortunately, no homes are destroyed. for a premium airplan.
8:58 am
but they wouldn )t let him sit in it.. our consumer unit investigates the )bungled booking. ) and - kari gets us ready for another hot weekend. she updates her forecast overnight. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to . good morning, everyone.
8:59 am
9:00 am
welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. happy independence day. joining ple to celebrate all things red, white, and blue, our friends from -- wait for it. >> "american ninja warrior." >> yes. matt iseman, akbar gbaja-biamila, come on out. >> thank you. >> you've got the right colors on. >> this is great. >> the trouble with


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