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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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do your thing, with energy upgrade california. word iit's proven.ound. no other gasoline gets you better mileage than chevron with techron. chevron with techron. care for your car. you gotta love that. a hectic night for firefighters and police. this is video in the south bay, taken within the last 30-minutes, from our skyranger crews racing to contain a fire -- right near levi )s stadium. this is near north first street and 237 in san jose. as of right now... we don )t know what sparked this fire... but we did see police swarm a e acvity and the fire are connected. we have calls out to the san jose fire department to learn more.
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we have these problems every year...and its confusing. in many communities -- even the fireworks labeled "safe" and legal -- are illegal. all of contra costa county is a "fireworks free zone" -- but we still see this... plenty of backyard firworks. this is happening in pittsburg. a special 4th of july fireworks task force has been busy. nbc bay area )s thom jensen is n pittsburg where the fireworks have been exploding through the night. thom?
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are cracking down on fireworks. historically -- san jose has been a problem. this is a live look. firefighters and police are out in full force. they )re also revising a tactic. the city of san jose has updated its illegal fireworks reporting page. you now have to attach videos or images to complaints. and you have to do it by sunday. there might be a lot of complaints. this is what skyranger saw late tonight. last year the city was sharply criticized for issuing 500- dollar fines to several people...but those people claim they never used illegal fireworks...and were wrongly targeted. ultimately -- with no actual evidence..the city canceled the fines. it was impressive ...this
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professional and legal fireworks show,not far from san jose international , did not disappoint. this was the view from discovery meadow courtesy of the rotary club of san jose. in an unusual move, the airport shut down its runways for half an hour tonight, from 9:30 to 10. the f-a-a... making sure legal shows like this one don )t cause trouble for planes departing or arriving from sjc. how about the bay area )s biggest fireworks show? san francisco lit up w/ the annual show at pier 39. it could been seen from miles away. beatufig celebrates it )s 242nd birthday. nbc bay area )s jean elle is at pier 39 on this magical night. jean?
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new at 11: no holiday for this burglar. take a look... security camera video -- given to us by a business owner who tells us this man broke into her office this morning and a few of her neighboring busiensses as well. the twist in htis styory...
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is how he broke in. they believe he spent hours ransaking their offices after using powertools to saw thru the walls.. nbc bay area )s sergio quintana is in san jose w/ the details. some mandatory evacuations
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some mandatory evacuations were lifted as of 7 pm tonight in the "county fire neal fire sn even more of ad on the blaze. the fire now at 27-percent containment up from the 25- percent 5 o )clock. the wildfire broke out saturday, east of lake berryessa -- in napa and yolo county. the fire has burned 86- thousand acres. the controversy in san leandro continues. the city manager is stepping down. the east bay times is reporting chris zapata )s last day will be tuesday.
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his departure comes just weeks after an independent investigator found allegations against him of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct were not credible. zapata will receive a 350 thousand dollar severance. the chants to abolish "ice" were loud and clear on this 4th of july holiday. san francisco )s "occupy ice " encampment has doubled since yesterday. protesters have taken over the sidewalk in front of federal agency )s offices. the demonstration in response to administration )s imra respects the rights of all people to voice their opinion without interference, but it is monitoring ) the situation and will make modifications to ensure operations resume appropriately. still ahead: a change of plans -- a fast. the new threat that )s forcing rescuers to rethink how they )re going to free that youh soccer team... trapped in a cave in thailand.
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also: an unexpected trip bk in time. the surprise a bay area couple uncovered during a bathroom remodel that has the internet buzzing tonight. and as we head to break, a look a
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just into our newsroom: back in the bay area after an exhausting ordeal. a united airlines flight finally lands at sfo -- after experiencing maintenance issues in zurich, switzerland. the problems took a while to fix. so much so, that when the plane finally did take off -- it had to stop at "washington dulles airport" for a crew change. united airlines issued a statement apologizing for the inconvience. the clock is ticking. that youth soccer team needs a way out of that cave in thailand -- and fast. this is video of medical teams on the ground , rehearsing rescue drills, that involve ferrying "injured patients" from the cave, to ambulances. tonight, there )s a new hitch:te threat of monsoon rains ...expected to hit the area by the end of the week. that )s forcing rescuers to come up with different ways
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to get the 12 trapped boys and their coach out of the flooded cave. nbc )s janis mackey frayer reports from thailand. it was a dramatic scene...the
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it was a dramatic scene...the woman who climbed the statue of liberty this afternoon. police say 44-year-old "therese okoumou" from staten island -- will face misdeameanor charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, and interfering with government functions. she climbed nearly 25-feet to the base of the statue -- and said she wouldn )t come down until immigrant families are reunited. it took police four hours to remove her. all visitors were evacuated from liberty island during the rescue operation. you might have enjoyed the fireworks tonight... but your four legged family
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members... not so much. the loud booms can spook dogs and cats... leading to runaways. that )s why contra costa county animal services has teamed up with a company that uses facial recognition technology to reunite lost pets with their owners. the free app is called finding rover. the app. it will then try to find a match of your photo in the animal services database. in the days after july 4th, the number of strays coming to the contra costa animal shelters typically doubles. not just fireworks... plenty of patriotism around the bay area today -- including the annual "kiwanis danville parade." thousands lined the streets to take part in this popular fourth of july tradition. nbc bay area was among the 100 groups who participated... we rolled out our storm ranger. in the south bay: some great old-time transportation motored down "the alameda" for san jose )s
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11th annual, "rose, white, and blue" parade. and after the parade, there was food and music. and morgan hill may not be "a big city", but it )s annual july 4th parade has a long history. at 142 years old, it )s one of the oldest celebrationsnthe wes here )s chief meteorologist
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bottle, but a message in a bathroom. the surprising thing a bay area couple found during a remodel. and we have jimmy. happening now: the )county fire ) in napa and yolo counties -- is just one of 60 burning across the country.
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crews in colorado, utah, and oregon are also working to get conrol of fires. most are in drought- stricken areas. go to nbc bay area for the latest. for a premium airplane seat... but they wouldn )t let him sit in it.. our consumer unit investigates the )bungled booking. ) and - kari gets us ready for another hot weekend. she updates her forecast overnight. two foranked number one for best
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public university... according to u-s news and world report. the magazine published its annual list of best schools and for the first time ever, "u-c berkeley " and "u-c-l-a " are tied for the best public university in the country used to be just cal. in the overall category -- cal and ucla rank 21st. stanford tied for 5th this year with columbia and m-i-t.
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"princeton" ranked number one overall -- for the 7th year in a row. the saying goes - expect the unexpected when renovating. jcoin their bathroom walls.san )alex and jessica monney ) were in the middle of remodeling when they discovered a note left by the previous homeowners - more than 20 years ago. it said, "if you )re reading this, that means you )re remodeling the bathroom again. what )s wrong with the way we did it?" there )s also a picture of the couple and a pet rabbit. the couple says they will carry on the tradition by writing their own message in the walls. raj adlib sports tease
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras.
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since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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a perefct 4th of july tradition... you spend the day -- at the ballpark. the giants in denver -- taking on the rockies. rookie pitcher "andrew suarez" goes 7 strong innings...his only mistake -- a monsterous homer by colorado )s chris iannetta. for the 2nd night in a row, the giants offense falls flat rockies win 1-0. the a )s are one of the hottest teams in baseball. at the coliseum this afternoon... b8: stephen piscotty -- amadaor valley high -- a bases loaded double. that )s the game winner he a )s have won 14 of their lat 17 games. they beat the padres -- 4 to 2. a big announcement from the curry family on this fourth of july -- it )s a boy. late today -- steph and ayesha curry -- posted this picture on instagram of their brand new baby boy -- canon. canon w.
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jack curry he was born monday, july 2nd. his big sisters... riley and ryan... of course thrilled. canon is eligable for the nba draft in 2036. more sights and sounds from this fourth of july -- next. before we gtonight: o another look at the fireworks
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shows that lit up the skies over san francisco and san jose. happy fourth of july. good night.
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