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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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to the east coast. that is what is happening today in the bay. thank you for join g ing us on s sleepy thursday morning. hope you had a great holiday. >> we will be back at 11:00 for the bay area news. join thus thursday if you are off and if not, have a good one. good morning. lady liberty lockdown. a domon straighter protesting the separation of migrant families takes things to another level, scaling the statue of liberty with police in hot pursuit, evacuating tourists and causing a spectacle on live tv. this morning how the dramatic standoff came to an end triple threat. scorching heat from coast to coast fuelling dangerous wildfires and flooding in. in the drought stricken west, the blazes threatening more than 100 million people from california to colorado, while in the east the question is there any relief in sight. live with the latest. race against time. new fears this morning about
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more flooding on the way in thailand as rescue workers deliver food and medical supplies to the boys' soccer team trapped in that flooded cave now for 12 days. we'll talk to one of the divers on the rescue team. those stories, plus it happened again. a couple in critical condition in the uk after being exposed to a toxic nerve agent close to where the former russian spy was targeted. love in the air. we'll talk to the man now known as punky plain guy about the unexpected matchup and budding romance that went viral. and winner, winner hot dog dinner. joey chestnut con cored nathan's annual contest once again. they're joining us live to tell us how they're relishing their big win and what joey has to say about the counting controversy. today is thursday, july 5, 2018. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. craig is filling in while savannah enjoys a couple of days off. how was your 4th? >> fantastic. in fact i caught some of the fireworks on television. >> did you? >> yes. i saw the new york celebration, the skies over manhattan filled with what some suggested was the greatest sky works spectacular since the millennial. >> americans nation wood celebrated the 4th of july. in new york it wasn't just fireworks capturing the attention. tourists were evacuated as a woman protesting separation of migrant families scaled the statue of liberty. this morning she is in cuss tuesdayy after a dramatic standoff with police at one of the country's most iconic locations. nbc's stephanie goss is in lower manhattan with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the statue of liberty normally
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gets a lot of attention on the 4th of july but not like this. for about two-and-a-half hours people stopped barbecuing and were staring at their phones as the woman scaled the statue. there was incredibly tight security on the ground. when she started climbing, law enforcement responded quickly. high drama, high up on lady liberty. >> news 4 at 4:00 continuing to follow breaking news out it liberty state park, a woman scaling the statue of liberty. >> reporter: a two-and-a-half hour game of cat and mouse on one of the nation's most treasured monuments. >> one female on the statue of liberty. >> reporter: officials say they gave the woman a chance to cooperate and come down on her own, but a federal source described her as insubordinate and uncooperative. >> at first she wasn't friendly with us. >> reporter: a law enforcement official telling wnbc she planned to stay until all of the children have been released. an apparent reference to the 2,000 plus migrant children separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border since april. >> this is going to be very interesting. she does not look like she's
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ready to give up. >> reporter: authorities eventually moved in, capturing the woman underneath the statue of liberty's right foot. >> we took our time to basically get a dialogue with her and get a rapport with her so she would trust us. >> reporter: it was the culmination of an afternoon of protests. earlier police arrested seven protesters who unfurled a banner that said "abolish i.c.e.," the u.s. immigration and enforcement agency. they say the climber had no connection to the protest. >> we support her and understand the feeling that motivated her to do it. >> reporter: liberty island had to be evacuated on one of the most popular days to visit. >> park rangers came running and screaming everybody get out, everybody get out. >> we didn't spend more than ten minutes there. it was just nothing. >> i think there's a right way of protesting, a legal way of protesting, and she just ruined our whole trip. >> reporter: this morning police are identifying the 44-year-old woman. her name is therese patricia
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ocoumou. she is charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and interfering with a government function. she will be in federal court later this afternoon. >> thanks, steph. to the holiday heat wave bringing a triple threat coast to coast. oppressive temperatures in the east starting to drop, but across the country heat of a different kind, fuelling wildfires in multiple states and floods, destroying homes, threatening lives and forcing thousands to find safer ground. we have it all covered for you this morning. dylan has the all important forecast but we start with nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer in los angeles. >> good morning. there was no break for firefighters out west. the stifling conditions out here are perfect for a firestorm. the heat you have been feeling out east, well, now it is headed out west. bottom line, it is heating up in more ways than one here. these are the fireworks crews are facing today on the front lines, explosive conditions
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across the west, forcing thousands to flee flames from california to colorado. in the mountains, three hours outside of denver, the most destructive five this year insin rating over 100 homes, and crews are losing more ground every day. the spring fire charring 95,000 acres. >> we don't have fires now, we have mega fires. >> reporter: in all, 60 large uncontained wildfires are sweeping across 11 western states. outside salt lake city, new evacuation orders, hundreds of homes in danger. >> i just hope to god that these people get out and nobody loses their life over this. >> reporter: with drought-like conditions fuelling fires across california, this blaze in wine country could burn for months. tinderbox conditions across the region -- forcing several cities to cancel fireworks shows.
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instead, drones illuminate the sky where this was the only safe way to celebrate. soon, firefighters will feel the heat in a different way. that summer sizzle that cooked the eastern seaboard is moving west. >> i'm afraid for old people and young kids. it is pretty hot and it is pretty dangerous. >> reporter: after more than 100 million faced heat advisories or warning from new york city to lexington, kentucky, in texas heat-driven thunderstorms triggered widespread flooding, cancelling 4th of july celebrations. now dangerous temperatures will soon stifle southern california. >> we've got a timer set so that every time we forget it reminds us, get sunscreen on 'em. >> reporter: a hot holiday to remember as the west feels the heat on the coastline and the fire lines. with some fire crews stretched thin in parts of the west, this
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weekend many cities across the region will break records. the los angeles area will face heat in the triple digits. even along the coast it will be well into the 90s. back to you guys. >> oh, good luck with that. thanks, miguel. >> the question is though when can any of us expect relief. dillon is in for al. good morning. >> good morning, guys. for the eastern half of the country, we are going to get a break starting tomorrow. today though we do still have excessive heat warning and advisories in effect for 58 million people, and it is all because of this dome of high pressure that has been sitting tight over the eastern half of the country for the entire week. but what is going to happen as we go into tomorrow, it is going to slide to the west. so that's going to pump up the heat for the southwest, and it is a very dry heat. so with temperatures up around 100 degrees and hardly any humidity, that's the conditions firefighters are dealing with there. so high temperatures today. once again we will be well into the 90s. the humidity is very high, so that's only goibviously going t
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it feel higher. chicago will feel like 100 today. memphis will feel like 108. but starting tomorrow, a cold front is going to slide to the east, and watch what it does for the weekend. detroit, friday, saturday, sunday, highs in the mid 80s. new york city, lower 80s on sunday. in kansas city we'll wipe out the humidity so 80s will feel like 80. guys. >> dillon, thank you. turning now to the latest on the desperate mission in thailand to save a soccer team trapped in a cave for nearly two weeks now. >> rescue teams delivering food, water and medicine are also setting up an internet cable so the boys can talk to their parents. >> thai emergency crews are preing for t preparing for eventual rescue. >> since the boys can't swim, they started some rudimentary training with full face diving masks so they don't have to use
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the complicated scuba gear. we will talk with one of the divers involved in the rescue mission, but first nbc's chief global correspondent is at the cave with the latest. bill, what is the scene this morning, bill neely. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, craig. half a mile beneath me here are 12 boys trying to be brave, desperate to be free, but not out of danger yet. here at the very entrance to the cave rescuers -- and we've seen dozens of them arriving just within the last few minutes -- are working furiously to try to find a way to free the boys. they are also looking at the skies because of the monsoon rains start again, these boys could be in trouble. they are drilling and digging, and it is desperate because it is a race against time. pumping water out of the caves before the rain fills them again. deep inside, new images of a soccer team the world is watching. 12 boys and their coach rapid in
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space blanket, their spirits high, navy divers laughing with them. what do you say to your fans, says one? everyone is watching. one boy gives a victory sign. a doctor treats their cuts, then one by one they send a message to their parents. i'm in good health, he says. none of the boys can swim. they're now getting a crash course on how to use underwater masks. the risks all around them are clear. divers wading through muddy floodwater. it took six hours to reach the boys, he says, and six hours back. a 30-strong american team, part of the rescue force. >> this is very technical and very advanced. >> and dangerous? >> yes. >> reporter: they are pumping millions of gallons of water out of the caves every day. meanwhile, up on the his, up to 30 teams are looking for holes
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or shafts they could use to wench the boys out. that could be the safest option, drilling a shaft a half mile down into the cave. that way the boys would avoid wading and floating at least 2.5 miles to the cave entrance. some passageways are even too narrow for scuba gear. rescuers are doing drills, practicing for the moment the boys are brought out, a moment their families watching the new video can't wait for. it is like he's been given a new life, says one mother. thai officials say the boys may not come out together. some are weaker than others, but they're alive and they're smiling, and tens of millions are smiling with them. well, helicopters have been circling here, again looking for those holes into the caves because apparently the boys said they could hear dogs barking. telephone cables being run into
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the cave so the boys can talk to and possibly even see their parents, and today the boys have been asking about the soccer world cup and who is winning. well, so far here they are, they're winning, and i think the millions who are watching hope it stays that way. hoda, craig. >> bill, thanks. this is a diver assisting the rescue efforts. he joins us this morning from bangkok. good morning. >> good morning. >> talk us through this, because this is obviously such a harrowing situation. weather is obviously a key factor right now, so talk us through how important the timing is. >> well, the timing is very important because on, one, the storm coming in and heavy rain starting, then the cave could possibly fully flood and it will be really hard to get people to go in and resupply or try to get them out. >> i want to ask you about
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training. i mean do you believe that it is possible to train these boys who had little to eat, they don't know how to swim, they've never been scuba diving, can we honestly expect we can train them to the point they're going to be able to complete this journey that's apparently even difficult for experienced divers? >> well, actually we don't need to train them to be a cuba diver, all right. we just need to train them to know how to use the equipment and how to breathe from the scuba equipment, either using the full face mask or using the regular regulator, all right. so they don't need to be fully certified scuba diving. >> one of the options they're talking about is waiting, actually supplying the young boys with water, with food, with blankets, with everything they need and just waiting for months until the rainy season is over. do you think that that is like a viable option? >> i truly don't think that is
7:15 am
viable option, but it is the worst case scenario. i mean i believe military has been -- you know, have the seals team to stay with them, prepare them. the medic team is ready, and they give them food and make sure they're healthy. so the worst case scenario, the seal team is going to be in there all the way through. they're not going to leave them behind. but to wait until the water going down for months and months, that is going to be a big if in between, right. so because if the cave is fully flooded they can lose communication and almost impossible to send the resupplies. >> how do you think this ultimately plays out? >> well, right now from what i understand, they tried to pump out the water as much as they can and they will monitor very closely on the water level.
7:16 am
so if the water levels is low enough for them to actually be able to float out and just do a little bit of scuba -- you know, using the scuba equipment, i think that is the solution that they will take. but this is just my opinion, but i'm pretty sure the seals team, they have a really good plan in place and they just, you know, right now kind of monitor the water level and get ready because they have to evaluate the boys' health as well before they take them out. >> we wish you all the best of luck. the eyes of the world are on you guys. we wish you the best of luck. thank you. to washington nowhere president trump hosted an independence day party for veterans and their families, but today it is back to work as you makes headway narrowing his list of supreme court candidates. nbc national correspondent peter alexander at the white house with the latest on that. hey, peter. >> reporter: hey.
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that announcement is due monday, but president trump said he would make up his mind by the end of this week. over the holiday aides tell me, speaking on the phone with advisors, about the supreme court selection, the president often putting the premium on a personal connection when it comes to decisions like this. overnight these fireworks only a preview as president trump gets set to name his supreme court nominee. those political pyrotechnics heating up despite the president making no mention of his imminent decision, hosting service members and families for the 4th of july. >> thank you for keeping america safe, strong, proud, mighty and free. >> reporter: the president's list of contenders down to seven. >> these are very talented people, brilliant people, and i think you're going to really love it. >> reporter: two appeals court judges getting much of the buzz and scrutiny, one viewed by critics as too conservative, the other not conservative nut. brett kavanaugh has ties to two past presidents.
7:18 am
>> mr. president, i am honored to have served you and the presidency. >> reporter: but as a judge, conservative critics argue kavanaugh didn't go far enough in his opinions on abortion and obamacare. amy coney barrett would be the youngest justice at 46 and first woman named to the court by a republican president in nearly 40 years. >> i will send to the senate the nomination of judge sandra deo connor. >> reporter: barrett, a catholic, is embraced by conservatives. she fended off criticism during the last confirmation hearing that her faith would affect her legal judgment. >> when we read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. >> reporter: the senate will have the final say, and already pressure is building on red state democrats home for the holiday to oppose any presidential pick. also, this morning secretary of
7:19 am
state mike pompeo is en route to north korea for another meeting with dictator kim jong-un, his first visit since last month's summit in singapore, trying to turn what the president discussed into something more solid. the trump administration trying to erase growing september simp north korea is serious about getting rid of nuclear weapons, just as u.s. intelligence officials believe pyongyang is trying to deceive the u.s., secretly making more fuel for nuclear weapons in recent months. >> thank you. >> let's check in with the weather. >> we have a cold front producing gusty storms through parts of the great lakes and we could see heavy pockets of rain that could lead to flooding in pennsylvania. also showers and storms along the gulf coast. we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. ♪ come here! oh my...
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(applause) ♪ (vocalizing) (dad, over phone) just like that? (vocalizing continues) good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are in for nice weather today although it is startinging out cloudy outside in san jose. this is going to clear out and the high temperatures heading up to 83 and 90 in concord. for napa expect a high of 84 and 64 in san francisco. it will be as warm as 89 degrees for the inland areas today and humid 90 degrees tomorrow with the mostly cloudy skies. hot for the weekend and unshine up to 95 this saturday. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. that's your latest forecast. >> dillon, thank you. two more people exposed in
7:21 am
britain to a nerve agent that sickened a former russian spy and his daughter. police are looking for new includes. >> if you are going for a boat road, a must-see checklist to help you and your family stay safe on the water. first, this is "today" on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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fire-roasted and steel-cut, with a bold yet smooth taste. new 1850 coffee. begin boldly. the fourth of july may be over .. but there are still concerns about people lighting ille >> good morning at a 7:26. i'm marcus washington. the fourth of july may be over, but there is still a concern of people lighting illegal firewor fireworks. you can saw a small grassfire there in san jose north. and officialsing asking everyone to report illegal activities with the fireworks. crews spotted hundreds of illegal locations including pittsburgh. san jose county is a fireworks-free zone, but firefighters admit it does not stop people. and now, a look at the weather with kari hall. >> yes, it is too dry to the
7:27 am
light up fireworks around the bare area. and looking outside with a low clouds around san francisco, it is a nice and cool start, and the high is going to reach up to 64 degrees and 84 in oakland and napa and 83 today in san jose. and it is going to be heating up with more clouds moving in for the weekend tomorrow, and highs in the mid-90s and for san francisco expect it to be as warm as 72 this saturday and then some 60s in the rest of the forecast. what is happening on the roads now, vianey? >> well, not much. we have managed to steer clear of other sig alerts ever since that one was canceled on the bay bridge early on. and so there is a number of delays on the bay bridge with the metering lights on, and so you are looking at 9 minutes in westbound on the richmond and san ma ta toe is about 22
7:28 am
minut minutes. and the bay bridge is definitely seeing some bumper-to-bumper. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. we will have another update in 30 minutes. i'm marcus washington. we will see you then. >> state health code allows 30 minutes to transport food from vehicles to restaurants. we saw some companies taking risky shortcuts. how dangerous the transport food many this way? >> potentially thousands of people die every year from a airborne illnesses from food. >> are you worried that people could be sick from eating that? >> yes, i do.
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♪ back now. 7:30, thursday morning, july 5th. craig is here. savannah is enjoying time off. that, of course, is the statue of liberty. things are now back to normal after a pretty dramatic incident yesterday. >> lady liberty. we'll have more on that in a bit. we start this half hour with a check of the headlines starting with the july 4th scare. >> climber in custody. >> one female on the backside of the statue of liberty. >> reporter: a demonstrator scales the statue of liberty while protesting the separation of migrant families. tourists evacuated from the landmark as the multi--hour standoff ends with an arrest. summer sizzle. >> it is pretty dangerous. >> scary hot temperatures
7:31 am
scorching the country from coast-to-coast as dangerous wildfires burn their way across the west. millions threatened with no end in sight. >> i just hope to god that these people get out and nobody loses their life over this. ticking clock. that soccer team trapped underground in a thai cave receiving food and medical care, now being taught how to dive. >> they may not bring all of the boys out at the same time. it will depend on conditions, how strong they are and whether rescuers believe they can pull it off. spilt bourbon blues. a kentucky warehouse buckles, sending expensive barrels of bourbon crashing to the ground. the full collapse coming weeks after the structure partially failed. and wedding crasher. >> oh! >> scary moments when a falling tree branch barely misses a newlywed couple celebrating their wedding. today thursday, july 5, 2018. >> yikes. >> everybody is okay we always
7:32 am
like to say. wow. >> i will say, you know, i'm glad it worked out well, but the new groom there, he didn't seem overly concerned about his bride. >> uh-oh. >> he got up and he bolted. every man for himself. we have another story to tell you about. this one is a "today" exclusive. a lot of you may have seen the controversial picture showing american tess thompson with the giraffe she killed in south africa in june of last year. that image caused a lot of outrage on line. tomorrow she will be here to explain her side of the story exclusively on "today." >> should be a fascinating conversation. we start this half hour with a mystery baffling investigators in britain this morning. a couple is critically ill there. police say they were exposed to the same deadly nerve agent that nearly killed a former russian spy and his daughter earlier this year. nbc's kellie cobiella with the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, craig. police declared it a major incident.
7:33 am
they brought in counterterrorism investigators because two people, two british citizens are in critical condition this morning at this hospital after being exposed to the same deadly nerve agent that caused a diplomatic crisis back in march. this morning high stakes espionage comes back to a quiet part of england. two people hospitalized in critical condition after being exposed to a soviet era nerve agent, the same deadly poison used to target a russian double agent at a location miles away earlier this years. >> we can confirm that the man and woman have been exposed to the nerve agent novachok which has been identified as the same agent that contaminated others. >> sturgis allegedly collapsed in a home over the weekend and was taken to the hospital.
7:34 am
hours later rowley called for ill in the same location. their friend called for help when rowley began foaming at the mouth. >> he got up and started acting weird. he said he felt he had been poisoned. >> reporter: the agent causing him to sweat profusely with pinpoint pupils before he collapsed. police have cordoned off five locations they believe the fair visited including a building in salisbury only a four-minute walk from the restaurant where former russian spy sergei scrip ill ate before he collapsed in march. russia was the prime suspect, charges the kremlin still denies. this morning british counterintelligence says there's no evidence they were specifically targeted and they can't say how they were poisoned. the nerve agent can be used as liquid or powder and spread on
7:35 am
everyday objects, causing officials to previously advise the public to wash clothes and clean glasses and phones if they were in the areas. now residents here are once again on edge. >> i speak to the police and obviously they can't comment. all you want to know is are you safe, do you have to do anything, is your family going to be safe, is there going to be a further escalation. >> so, kelly, do police think that the two were targeted or do they think perhaps it was somehow an accident? >> of. >> reporter: well, craig, they're not ruling out that the -- they may have been targeted, but it really doesn't look like that's the case. there's nothing in their background that would suggest they would be involved in intelligence or be a target of this kind of attack, and it is much more likely that this was just accidentally exposure to trace amounts of the poison. there was a long decontamination, four months long after the attack on the scripils, but the concern now is
7:36 am
finding where these two were exposed to this, finding the source of this latest contamination. craig. >> it is a bizarre story. kellie ko kell kellie there for us in england. >> dylan now. >> it is the heat in the southwest that will be the next big story with heat watches and warning in effect for 33 million people across the southwest. temperatures today will be on the rise, but it is really friday and saturday where we will see most of our warmest temperatures. so today we're looking for a high in phoenix of 116 degrees. l.a. today, about 87. reno, 90 degrees. salt lake city, close to 100 with an actual temperature of 98. on friday we are looking for highs well above 100. fresno, 101. salt lake city, 102. tucson, 105. as we go into saturday we will keep the temperatures above 100. vegas, 109. phoenix, 112. yuma, arizona about 110. it is likely we will break if not tie some records in parts of
7:37 am
the southwest on friday. l.a., we're forecasting a high of 99. the old record was 94. yuma should tie a record. then on saturday we are still looking at us being close to record-high temperatures, not so much in yuma but good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it is going to be heating up for the inland areas heading into theday and the coast and staying cool with the coasts slow to clear, and we have a wide range of temperatures reaching 61 in half moon bay and 64 in san francisco and 84 in napa, and oakland is 73, and 87 in livermore. with the highs reaching the upper 80s, we will see the increasing humidity tomorrow. and the humidity goes down and the temperatures up this saturday saturday. >> and that is the latest forecast. st. >> thanks, dylan. >> still ahead, we are hearing from the so-called -- what do they call this guy?
7:38 am
>> the hunky plain guy. >> we will hear from him next about the next phase of the epic in-flight love story that has us all hooked. >> love that. joey "jaws" chestnut at it again, but this time with a side of controversy. we will talk to the hot dog eating victor about his latest victory. >> plus dine and cash. how some restaurants are changing in a dramatic way to keep up with the big boom in delivery orders. >> we are talking boat safety. >> hi, i'm jeff rosin. so many of us hitting the water this holiday week, but after the terrifying boat explosion in the bahamas, the simple tips to protect yourself before you come out here and the one lifeline you may have if you go overboard, next. breyers natural vanilla.
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mmm. mmm. mmm! yeah, chocolate! chocolatey. crunch into chocolatey gr-r-r-reatness. they're gr-r-r-reat! this morning on rosin reports the u.s. coast guard is issuing an urgent warning for everyone planning on boating this holiday week after the deadly boat explosion. today jeff rossen is in l.a. with what you need to know before you get on a boat. >> we're getting word overnight of several new boat accidents. at least six of them across the country from texas to north carolina. connecticut to tennessee. boats flipping over. crashing into each other, and sending people into the water. several have now died. then you see these images from this week and it makes you think what would you do if you were thrown overboard? with so many of us hitting the water, we want to get answers.
7:44 am
this morning a simple checklist before you go out. >> the video is terrifying. this charter boat carrying 10 american tourists in the bahamas exploding and bursting into flames. tourists from another flame rushing to help, but it was too late. one woman killed. nine others injured. the cause of the explosion still under investigation. but the tragedy is drawing new attention to boating accidents. >> may day may day. we're sinking. >> reporter: now the coast guard issuing a new alert that this holiday week is prime time for those boating accidents. in fact, there are 4,000 boating accidents every year. but there are things you can do to lower your risk both here on the dock before you even get on the boat and also while you're out on the open water. let me hop on here to show you. this is gregg from the u.s. coast guard. let's run down the checklist. what's the first thing you should look for on a boat. >> a fire extinguisher is great
7:45 am
and ensure you have the right one for the size of vessel you're on. life vests important. how do you know a life vest is approved? >> you want to ensure it has the u.s. coast guard approval stamped on every life jacket you have. >> reporter: if it doesn't have this, don't use it. >> this one is not as fashionable. the different styles with the horse collars, it will go around your head and keep your head up if you fall unconscious. >> reporter: they're so important 83% of boaters who drown aren't wearing a life vest. now we head out into the open water. there's a checklist out here too. >> reporter: they're saying boats should have distress signals. >> yes. here's an example of an air horn. >> reporter: just buy these in the story. you can hear it pretty far. >> pretty far over open water. >> reporter: and you were saying visual aids. >> that's a standard flair you
7:46 am
can have on a boat. it's really easy for people who know nothing about this like me. you do this. you twist this off like that. and then you want to point this away from you and you go like this. like that. you hold this like this, and day or night these are rated for, somebody can see you're in trouble. but if you do go overboard, there's another lifeline you can use. this is a water proof pouch for your phone. they cost about $20. if you go overboard and wear this around your neck, technically your phone should not get wet and you can still call for help. by the way, this is my personal phone. i'm going to jump in. we're going to make sure this works. some of the brands like this, look, it floats right on the surface. and it's still also around your neck but it floats right up and you can actually still call. the phone is still working.
7:47 am
you can call 9-1-1 for help if you have service. life-saving tips when tragedy strikes in the middle of nowhere. here is another great tip about life vest. i know it's enough about the life vest, but they save lives, i promise. here's a good way to check to make sure it fits you properly. first, you want to make sure the life jacket fits snug against you. you should be able to breathe. then i love this. raise your arms like this. straight up in the air like you just scored a touchdown. if the life jacket hits your chin or ears, it's too big or too close. this fits me perfectly. here's a quick note about your kids. adult life vests do not work on kids. they need their own child life vest. it's a common misconception and it's the same test for kids. arms up in the air. it should never reach the face. >> that's good to know. >> timely, useful advice. thank you. look at jeff getting up earlier than usual.
7:48 am
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good morning w. we are starting out with some clouds at 7:56 and take a look outside of san francisco and not seeing too much of the bay ear grand temperatures are spreading out to today and staying cool for coast and the inland area and hotter to dday compared to yesterday. concord is the hotter spot reaching 90 and 90 in mer conco. and we are looking at upper 80s and low 90s in san jose. and the humidity is going to go down for the weekend, but it is turningt hotter reaching 95 on saturday and still not much more cooler as we go back the work next week. san francisco is going to be much more comfortable though looking at the mid-60s and low 70s for saturday and going into next week wx reback in the 60s.
7:57 am
let's get an update on the morning commute with vianey. >> after the fender benders cleared out, we are starting to see the regular morning commute backups and that means slowing along 880 and for the east bay. the south bay is looking clear, but i want to show you a couple of spots out there on 680 to 580 and vargas road, and 580 to 880 is not too bad at 10 minutes. and the metering lights are no longer on at the bay bridge, and you can clearly see the road. >> thank you, vianey. the fourth of july may be over, but concerns over people setting off illegal fireworks. we have seen of the overnight fires and none of them confirmed to be tied to the fireworks with the big warmup coming, and the bay area authorities are asking if you are seeing the illegal fireworks, report it. we have the full information on the web page. and rip currents are expected to roll into the bay area from now and the week ae&
7:58 am
some of the waves could top over 10 feet. on the twitter feed lin knock ful -- on the twitter feed link to get the full details. we will have more news in an hour. and showing up statewide how one neighborhood is fighting back and how the weigh in. and do you use the frequent flier miles? advice before it is too late.
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, risky rescue. emergency crews in a race against time as they work furiously to save the 12 soccer players and they've coach trapped inside a cave for nearly two weeks. how will they get the young boys out safely? we're live in thailand with the latest. and love is in the air. how a simple request to swap seats on a plane led to a love story going viral. >> we were sitting behind so we could see them crossing each other right in the center. >> we were right behind them. >> the world tuning in, needing to know, could a fairy tale ending be in sight?
8:01 am
and chow down champions, joey jaws chestnut and miki sudo. >> a five-time champion at nathans. >> are recovering here on our plaza after once again winning the nathan's hot dog eating contest feasting on a combined total of 111 franks. how do they do it year after year? we'll ask them today, thursday, july 5th, 2018. >> we're on a new york adventure. >> i'm here with my beautiful wife, kathy, from tennessee. >> we're here from virginia. >> my son is making straight aiz, and he wanted to go to the today show. >> from texas and georgia, it's
8:02 am
our girl's trip. >> from shreveport, louisiana. >> this is my dream come true. >> those are your people, hoda kotb, louisiana. >> thank you for being with us on this thursday morning. what a crowd out there. craig is pitching in today. by the way, if people come down tomorrow, lady antebellum. a lot going on. a busy morning. let's get to the news at 8: starting with a different type of show on display on the fourth. lady liberty locked down after a woman scaled the statue. the move ending in dramatic standoff with police. stephanie gosk has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you're in new york city on the fourth of july, lady liberty is an obvious stop. the tourists really had the visits disrupted yesterday when this woman decided to scale the
8:03 am
statue. there was already incredible security on the ground because of the holiday. and law enforcement responded quickly. this morning they are naming her. she is going to be in court later on today. she's facing multiple federal charges including trespassing, and interfering with a government function. she could face some jail time because of it. although, they are misdemeanors. when law enforcement confronted her on the statue she apparently told them according to our affiliate that she wanted to stay up there until all the children had been released. an apparent reference to the more than 2000 children separated from their children at the u.s./mexico border since april. there were other disruptions that day. protests at the statue of liberty over immigration, but those people say she was actually not affiliated with them. hoda, back to you. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. let's turn to the race
8:04 am
against time in thailand where rescue crews are on a desperate mission there to save that soccer team that's been trapped deep inside a cave for nearly two weeks now. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is at the cave with the latest on the rescue mission. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're right. it's a race against time. and this is ground zero. this is right outside the main cave entrance where those boys are. you can see how busy it is in the background. oxygen tanks arriving. more divers and rescuers. and a half mile beneath me are 12 boys trying to be brave. there is new video of them. they are, of course, desparate to be free but they're not out of danger yet. with them are a number of navy divers and doctors trying to keep their spirits up, treating their cuts. they are also trying to work out what option is best. they are pumping millions of gallons of water out of that cave. but, of course, the boys can't
8:05 am
swim, so anything in water, even wading through it, really dangerous. helicopters have been in the air looking for holes that they might winch the boys through, and there are about 30 rescue teams looking for holes for any kind of shaft, and they are putting telephone cables now into the cave so the boys can speak to their parents, maybe even see them on a video link. and the boys have been asking questions about the soccer world cup and who is winning. so far, craig, they are winning and it is a rescue effort the whole world is watching. >> indeed, we are. bill for us in thailand. bill, thank you. wild weather is packing a triple punch this holiday week from coast to coast. in houston heavy rainfall flooded the streets harkening back to hurricane harvey last summer. rescue crews attended to stranded drivers. here in the east stifling temperatures are beginning to drop for the more than 100
8:06 am
million people who are under advisories and warnings. the heat wave is making its way out west where at least 60 large uncontained fires are threatening lives and destroying homes and forcing people to seek safer ground. the july 4th th holiday turned tragic in alabama where two people are dead and at least four others hurt after a boat collision on a river. officials believe seven were on the boats when they collided. first responders attended to the scene making sure everyone was accounted for and receiving treatment. an investigation is ongoing. jumpists are arriving at the at the capital gazette's office to step in for the staff members killed in last week's shooting. they received offers from the entire journalism community after five people were killed when a gunman opened fire in the
8:07 am
news room. jarrod ramos was accused. the paper had been publishing regularly in the wake of the shooting. >> good to see so many rushing to help out fellow journalists. this would be a good time for a boost. >> yes. it was an emotional july 4th for a father of three and his family in florida. they attended the parade without dad. luke melonthin was serving for a year in africa. he missed so many milestones. but what happened was he decided to come home and surprise the family. he walked in the sprad. take a look as he finally spots his kids and his family runs to embrace him. daddy's home. >> those never get old. >> we just live here in this moment. i mean, just run that on the
8:08 am
loop. if you ever feel not so good, that's a good run to run on the loop. >> coming up does anyone go out to eat anymore? we're going to show you how the restaurant industry is changing itself as more customers choose delivery or dining out. up next, a seat swap on a plane that led to a serious connection. >> from the moment we kind of buckled our seat belts until we touched down on the ground, the conversation just kind of took off. >> don't you love love? we're hearing from one of the plane's passengers whose we all want white teeth. you know doc how can i get whiter, brighter teeth. and the dentist really has to say let's take a step back and talk about protecting your enamel. it's important to look after your enamel because it's the foundation for white teeth. i believe dentists will recommend pronamel strong and bright because it's two fold. it strengthens your enamel, but then also it polishes away stains for whiter teeth.
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8:12 am
panera. food as it should be. panera. behr presents: ordinary versus overachiever. behr premium plus, "behr" through it all with a top-rated paint at a great price. find it exclusively at the home depot. we're back. we love this story. it's one of those examples of good things happen when you least expect them. >> they do. we all know a lot of things can go wrong on a plane. we've seen the cell phone videos but a woman who asked to switch seats on her flight manages to be a match maker.
8:13 am
this morning we're hearing from one of the love birds. >> we love love. >> i'm happy to bring you a love story. we love this one. you might call it just a plane love story. get it? two people randomly seated together and things take off and the entire chance encounter was chronicled by another couple on social media as it evolved into a modern day fairy tale. once upon time on a flight from new york to dallas. >> we asked a woman to switch seats so we could sit together. >> houston wanted to sit with his girlfriend on the four-hour flight. the woman, helen who asked that we not use her last name said yes but joked she might want to switch back if she didn't approve of her new seat mate. at this point, a lot of people would chuckle and move on. but not these two. >> we were like what if she met a handsome dude? >> what are the odds? apparently on this flight, pretty good.
8:14 am
helen sat down next to model and former pro soccer player. >> from the moment he buckled our seat belts until we touched down on the ground, the conversation just kind of took off. >> reporter: for these two, the soap opera in front of them was better than my movie. rosie posting play by play on twitter. this is where their elbows started touching. we were sitting behind. we could see them crossing each other in the center. >> no detail was missed. >> i would give him a little elbow. >> yeah. yeah. if anything happened, if they brushed hands, she'd be like -- >> reporter: this flight of fancy has been liked by tlhree quarters of a million people riveted by the budding relationship. >> they're going to fall in love and get married and have babies. >> reporter: could you sum up what you think of held snn. >> she's a very, very, very lovely girl.
8:15 am
for attractive and beautiful, and has a lot to say for herself and very intelligent. helen referred not to be interviewed for the story. he says she's a very private person but he says they spoke and they're planning to meet up again soon. a fairy tale ending? >> only time will tell, i think. >> how about that? >> i love it. everybody is buzzing about this. >> is this -- >> including twitter. >> oh, yeah. >> his family is just genetic or something. his brother is a sports analyst currently covering the world cup. when he found the viral thread he tweeted, quotes on face time with my brother trying to find out if i'll have a sister-in-law soon. he's been christened plane bae. to summarize the meetup at 35,000 feet. >> we got to get helen. >> helen is a little shy. i think this is a lot. i think eventually she's going
8:16 am
to have to -- >> why are you so suspicious of love? >> i don't know. i respect her privacy. inquiring minds want to know. >> have a moment. >> but seriously. they sit down. they're both single and hot and they -- >> that's the cutest thing. and i love the other couple so much. >> you want to be their friends. >> you do. all right. turning to today's consumer in today's high-tech hyper busy tv binge watching world, people are less interested in leaving their homes to eat out. >> that's hurt business and a lot of restaurants. for other restaurants, it's fueling growth. we have more on how the industry is adapting to meet diners' demands. >> reporter: zach has made a name for himself with his refined authentic, italian cuisi cuisine. his restaurant is a hot spot in the trendy l.a. dining scene.
8:17 am
when it came time to grow, his next restaurant was built with delivery in mind. >> 30% to 30% of the food made is probably going to go out the front door and consumed elsewhere. >> reporter: the entire restaurant menu to restaurant caters to delivery. >> it's larger than a 46 -seat restaurant is bigger than needed. >> reporter: more and more hungry people are choosing to tap the app using more than a dozen apps specializing in food delivery to trade dining out for dining in. in chicago there's another dimension to delivery. virtual menus. he opened his pizza place in 2015. in 2016 uber eats reached out. >> they said can you do fried chi chicken? we do chicken wings. i said yeah, we'll take over
8:18 am
that project. >> reporter: simon started his chicken kitchen, his virtual restaurant delivery only. sourced out of his pizza joint. >> at this point the fried chicken is more successful. >> reporter: so successful he's now expanded. >> we have it on an uber flat form. we have virtual restaurants. that's the chicken kitchen, a burger joint. when customers are seeing new items on a virtual menu, they're thinking it's a different restaurant. >> reporter: the trend is expected to grow. some experts projecting a nearly 80% surge over the next five years. and it's knot just a luxury but a necessity for restaurant owners, especially in big cities where rising minimum wages and regulations make it harder to make a profit. >> delivery is not icing on the ac cake as much as it's becoming for some concepts, a necessity to serve more than the 45 seats
8:19 am
home we have. >> reporter: bringing fine dining home. >> do you use one? >> i do use them. we like it. it's easier, quick. >> especially in new york. >> especially in new york. >> shall we check the weather again? >> are you ready for a break. we'll get relief into friday. today it's going to happen across the midwest. chicago you'll see a good chance of thunderstorms today. same for indiana. most of ohio through michigan too. we aren't looking at widespread severe storms but some of these could produce heavier downpours, especially across pennsylvania. watch it has it moves east. it's going to act like a squeegee and get rid of the humidity. drop temperatures down to the low to mid 80s with hardly any humidity. it will feel like low to mid 80s. friday evening, the possibility of stronger storms and dangerous lightning. again, we could see 1 to that's a look at the weather across the country.
8:20 am
now, here's a peak out your window. >> and temperatures remain on the cool side. san francisco right now, nice live look. we've got some areas with fog here and there. temperatures remain comfortable. 61 degrees for san jose. 57 for oakland. san francisco, 65, or 64 rather. up in santa rosa, 53. now, your microclimate highs for today, a very wide range, from 64 in san francisco, all the way to 90 in concord areas, down near the south bay, temperatures will top out into the 80s. if you're heading out the door, don't forget you can catch us on sir ius radio channel xm 8. for a lot of people napping is an essential part of their day for a quick recharge. studies showing napping can increase your alertness and boost your mood. this morning a debate on social media about exactly how long that nap is supposed to be. it kicked off with this simple question. how long is a nap? responses keep pouring in with
8:21 am
various lengths of time. this person tweeting two hours max. john says ideal lap length is 27 minutes. trinity saying napping for that long would be a tease and only make me more tired. others not too concerned with the time on the clock as long as i wake up the same day, it's a nap. we asked on twitter, what is the optimal nap length? less than an hour wins at 58%. more than an hour at 42 %. according to our wellness team, the correct answer is 30 minutes or under. they wrote most people who enter deep sleep during a nap wake up feeling disoriented or worse than before they took the nap in the first place. you want the under 30 minutes. if you're looking to squeeze in a nap during the day, the latest fitness trend is called napper-sizing. it's a little stretching and a nap within 45 minutes. and then you're a new person. >> i'm a good hour and a half
8:22 am
napper. i like a couple dreams. >> do you wake up groggy? >> yeah, but i do after 25 minutes too. might as well stretch it. >> how long is yours. >> i try to do short ones, less than 30. >> unless it's wine day wednesday. then it's four hours. >> pop start. look at how the stars celebrated the fourth of july. kim kardashian west took a whack at wake boarding. she said it's harder than it looks. eventually she said get the hang of it. that looks like fun. alex rodriguez and jennifer lopez celebrated together and belted out "time of my life". later that night they had sparklers. nothing beats the way tom brady celebrated, however. >> there's a bear. >> what? >> oh, wow. >> is he clapping?
8:23 am
scaring it away? >> run. >> he was on a family trip in montana. a bear crossing the path. that's a little too close for your franchise quarterback. >> aren't you supposed to run? >> not tom brady. he doesn't run from bears. >> too early? >> good. >> another rising star that celebrated the holiday week. sully the vet dog. bush's new service dog. see him walking alongside the president. sully is a huge fan of the socks and posing with his new toy, sully says he feels like the luckiest pupper in the world. cool stuff there for sure. "seinfeld," today is the 29th anniversary of the show's premier. to celebrate we teamed up with an exclusive look at what his apartment might look like today. a modern day appearance while
8:24 am
still incorporating a few of the mo men toes from the show. a one bedroom apartment was about 1500 bucks a month then. today it would go for over $2700. to read more about the apartment makeover, we have itted a curries welcomed their third child this week. they shared the news on instagram. our beautiful baby boy joined us earlier than we thought and we couldn't be more excited and grateful. he was born july 2nd. congratulations to the family. he's signed to the l.a. lakers to play with lebron. congratulations to them. >> you got a click? >> i do have a daily click. there's a new internet challenge. it's called what the fluff challenge. here's how it works.
8:25 am
>> what? >> a lot of time on our hands, don't we, folks? >> there he is. >> yeah. you hold up a blanket in front of your dog. you play peekaboo. when they're getting used to you popping your head out, you disappear leaving the dog a little bit confused but then comes the fails just like any internet challenge. one came out of sydney, australia. that one landed right on the dog's head. that's not nice. that just left the dog confused. this challenge didn't go as planned. this woman here miscalculating how much space she had to go on the blanket. she just hits the door frame. that's going to leave a mark. still ahead, the unofficial king and queen oi )m ...
8:26 am
firefighters are making some good good morn. it's 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. firefighters are making some good headway on two wildfires and doing it ahead of the next round of hot weather. authorities now lifted some evacuations from the county wildfire burn area east of lake bariesa. now 30% contained, which is up 25% from yesterday. the fire burned about 86,000 acres so far. meanwhile, in lake county, firefighters say the pawnee fire is almost fully under control. this morning, it's listed as 92% contained. it burned 15,000 acres. though no homes were destroyed. and now all evacuation orders are lifted. we want to get a look at your
8:27 am
traffic picture this morning. >> we did have a couple of incidents earlier. now the roads are overall pretty good in terms of your morning traffic. we are seeing the typical slow spots along 880. also some slow spots around 85. for now, your east bay drive doing well. southbound 680, looking at about 11 minutes. a live look outside at the toll plaza. you can see there are no metering lights on at this hour. which means we've got some free roads out there. bridge drive times, westbound 580, looking at 10 minutes. >> more local news in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back now. 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's july 5th, 2018, as we say hello to this fantastic post holiday crowd here on the plaza. we're just a day away from a fantastic concert. grammy winning lady antebellum taking over our citi concert stage tomorrow. >> i love them. you love them? >> they're great musically and some of the nicest folks in the business. >> right. she just had a baby. hold on. we've got a surprise. a crowd home. now, we scoured the trocrowd wh has who has the most talent. we think we found her.
8:31 am
her name is ellington. where are you from? >> georgia. >> she's a baton twirler, twirling since she's two. would you mind twirling a little bit for us? >> sure. >> okay. take it away. >> snow and inice job. >> you were incredible. how about that? >> and she's doing it without shoes on. thank you, sweetie. you were great. awesome. >> never a doubt. >> that's amazing. coming up, no fourth of july celebration is complete without hot dogs. speeshl with you're joey jaws chestnut or mickey ki sudo.
8:32 am
summer means it's time to tackle the to do list. when it comes to chores, how much is your time worth? our resident financial expert has guidance on when to hire out or just save money and do it yourself. >> we'll meet a young couple turning their love of peaches into a booming business and jocelyn delling adams is here sharing her favorite recipes from sweet summer fruit. >> best peaches, south carolina. >> you say everything is the best in south carolina. >> every independence day the world's best eaters converge for their shot at winning history. that's the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> the contest has taken on a life of its own. this year no different with added drama at the finish line. take a look. >> a fourth of july tradition topped with intrigue. the nathan's hot dog eating contest quick kicked off by miki
8:33 am
sudo. then eating icon joey jaws chestnut. devouring hot dog by the dozen. >> 64 thrown down. >> but judges miscounted totals creating a stir online. espn tweeting electronic counters need to be brought in to competitive eating. the counters did not see that joey and carmen were consuming hot dogs from newly delivered plates. the new total 74. breaking his old world record and relishing the victory. the champs are here with the chairman of the contest. big round of applause. so first of all, let me start with you, joey. how does it feel the day after
8:34 am
you scarf down the hot dogs? >> i don't feel great, but i feel amazing i won and got a new record. honestly, like a marathon runner, you feel like garbage after your marathon. >> it was a controversy. the judges said you'd eaten 64. people said he didn't break the record. turns out they missed a plate. were you counting as you were going? did you look at the numbers? >> it took every ounce in me to not stop. i wanted to stop and yell at the guys counting, but anybody who knows me knows that -- they said i ate six in the first minute. >> please. >> joey knew, and the commissioner of major league eating was there. he knew. they were so concerned that joey and carmen would eat too many they had a stack of plates ahead. they were missing plates in the back. those were the counters, not the judges. when the judges came in, we got it. >> the counters, not to oversimplify it, they have one
8:35 am
job. right? they're counting the hot dogs going in the mouth. >> that is exactly what i said. you have one job. >> let's talk to miki. you have a technique when you eat these. what is it? how do you do it? >> typically i eat two hot dogs, two meats followed by two buns and rinse and repeat. that's about it. >> i can't believe you're in a dress right now. >> this is the third dress i tried on today. >> how many hot dogs could you eat right now if you needed to? >> enough to win. >> thank you so much. congratulations. >> congrats. i'm sure we'll see you back here next year as well. >> how about a check on the weather? >> i found somebody on the plaza -- i'm good. can we point out these girls here? they just told me that you road a bike from where to where? >> oregon to new york. >> on a bike. how long did it take you? >> 51 days. >> why were you doing it?
8:36 am
>> we were raising water for clean water in developing countries. >> good job to you guys. it's incredible. oregon to new york city on a bike, and it has been hot, too. good for you guys. and let's look at what we can expect going into the next couple of days. the strong storms up and down the east coast on friday all because of a cold front that's going to make it significantly less humid as we go into the weekend. although on the flip side, we are looking at excessive heat warnings to build into the southwest. that's for friday and for saturday. record high temperatures are likely as well. we'll still see unsettled weather along the gulf coast on saturday. for sunday it really looked good for most of the eastern two-thirds of the country. sunny, low humidity. temperatures low to mid that's a look at the weather across your country. now, here's a peak out your window. >> check out a nice shot of the san francisco golden gate bridge. you can see, we've got some light fog out there. looks a little cloudy. we are expecting some comfortable temperatures. but it's going to be a very wide range as we head into the
8:37 am
afternoon. san francisco currently at 64 degrees. san jose, 61 degrees. overall, your highs for the day will be anywhere between 60, 65 for the coast. as we head further inladd, up to the 90s. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. thank you. next, time to get to summer projects you've been putting off. next, how to decide when to diy and when to pay somebody else. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
your money is brought to you by behr premium plus interior paint. family friendly, disaster proof. back now, 8:59 with a tough question. should i pay or should i mow when it comes to a task or chore you despise, would you rather hire out or do it yourself and
8:40 am
save money? when is outsourcing help for every day life worth it? today we have a guest with the latest. how are you? >> good morning. >> all of us battle this. >> we do. >> certain things we're like should i do this? should i try to get someone else to do it for me? our time matters, doesn't it? >> right. and when we look at limited resources, we're always talking act how money is limited but time is truly the limited resource. right? we have only 24 hours in a day. and we are more time-starved than ever before. there's been a lot of research on this. it affects our health. it affect our happiness. when we don't have time we don't exercise and eat right. it takes its toll. research has shown you don't have to spend a fortune to make a difference. >> i was going to say a lot of people are going to say i'm not a movie star. i don't have tons of money. i'm not going to hire people. i can't afford it. >> $40 was the amount tested. $40. and it made a difference. so when it comes to should you do it yourself or should you
8:41 am
hire out, there are two filters to look at. the first is do i hate this or love it? and the second is the cost. we're going to take a deeper dive into both of those if i can -- >> what are the things people hate the most? >> house work, cooking, shopping, yard work, gardening. but the more important question is what do you hate? like, i hate gardening because i kill everything. i like to cook. that wouldn't make sense for me. you also have to look at your relationship. about a quarter of people who got divorced said it was actually house work that they fight about most often. divorce is -- i know. i've been there. divorce is expensive. hire somebody to clean your house and don't get divorced. >> i can't believe that's one of the main reasons people get divorced. i didn't know that. >> that's what they say. look at it in terms of those things and then look at the cost. >> the actual cost. sometimes in your brain you think that's going to cost a fortune. >> right. and you need to know what an
8:42 am
hour of your own time is worth. many people don't have any idea. if you work hour by hour, you know, but the easy math on this, take your annual salary, divide it by -- lop off the last three zeros and divide by two. if you earn $50,000 a year, get rid of the last three zeros, $25 an hour. so if something costs less than that, that's kind of a good barometer, but i don't want people to think oh, my god, i should off load everything that costs less than 25 an hour, because when we offload too much, we start to feel like we don't have enough control over that particular area of our life, and that can give us some of the same feelings of unhappiness. >> and some people don't know they're worth monetarily -- they're not stay at home moms. they call them work at home moms because they work so hard but women like that should think about taking things off their plate. >> i think a babysitter is one of these great things.
8:43 am
hiring out for a couple of hours, and we know from these time starvation studies that it's moms who are actually the most time-starved of all. >> no kidding. >> yeah. i was surprised to see there's one thing that makes people happier than anything else if they can get rid of it. it's a shorter commute. and when you think about trading time for money, this is a big tradeoff. >> how do you do that? >> it's something to keep in mind the next time you're thinking about moving. i'm not saying pack up and go somewhere closer, but work a day from home if you can get your employer to green light that. ask for a little bit of flex time. if you're moving, it might be worthying of a little smaller place for a shorter distance to work. >> all makes sense. jean, thank you so much. coming up, the taste of summer. we have an author sharing some of her sweetest recipes of
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
this morning on "today," food. a couple on a mission to get the sweetest and most flavorful peaches into people's hands all over the country. it's an idea that came to fruition with the help of social media and word of mouth. a peach of an idea turned this old truck into a business machine. >> a good peach when you bite in, the flesh of that peach is going to be juicy. you're going to taste the sweet and tart combination. >> jessica and steven imagined a way to get freshly picked georgia peaches across state lines and into the hands of people who wanted them. peach trucks started as a hobby. it was steven and i nights and weekends just selling peaches from his hometown orchard and thinking we've got a great
8:47 am
product and we think our neighborhood will like it. >> quickly the 30 boxes we sold turned into 60 and 120. everybody is coming back and bringing their friends. >> reporter: social media and word of mouth brought crowds to local farmer's markets and roadside stands. the roses planted a seed and watched it grow. >> we started a with 240 tops over a six and a half week period. ohio, pennsylvania, michigan. >> reporter: expecting to sell millions of peaches in july and august, people lining up to take their own bite out of summer. >> it's a taste they haven't had in years and years. it brings back old memories. >> reporter: the duo breathing new life into georgia's most beloved symbol and this family farm. >> we don't really know anything but peaches. it's who we are. >> reporter: first cousins are fifth generation peach farmers
8:48 am
and friends of steven. >> we shipped a few boxes one year and then palets and then it caught. and now it's a phenomenon. >> it's been neat to be a part of this fifth generation peach farm. to be a big part of the revitallization of the georgia peach. >> the georgia peach council tells us the peach truck is revitalizing family farms like that. this year's tour is the biggest yet. some stops crowds upwards of a thousand waiting in line to buy their very own peaches. here with juicy recipes for your summer, jocelyn delk-adams. creator of grand baby cakes. always good to have you. >> we have great stuff for peaches. we're making two dishes. we're doing a brown sugar short cake with beaches as the star
8:49 am
and we start with the brown sugar which is going to be the star in the peaches. we're going to get started on the biscuits. make this in a food processer. >> why? >> it's easier. i've got my dry ingredients in here. quickly pulse to kind of combine everything, and then i want to add in my butter. make sure the butter is cold. >> cold butter. >> cold fat, whatever you use, make sure it's cold. >> you didn't skimp on the butter. >> don't talk to me about baking anything healthy. you want to pulse that and then you're going to add wet ingredients. sour cream and it makes tbiscuis rich and delicious. >> how thick is that dough? >> about an inch thick. it's a high biscuit. i'm going to cut them out, and then you just -- i love that. right? it's so easy. and then you just place it right
8:50 am
on your parchment-lined baking sheet. i'm going to use a little egg wash. i love to add that nice golden color on top and a little raw sugar. >> and then throw it in the oven for how long in. >> throw it in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes. >> see how easy you made it look? >> there it is. pop it. all right. yep. then it goes in the oven. they come out like -- you enjoying these? >> we can't handle you. >> my big mama is smiling right now. she taught me biscuits. you kind of pull these together. you have peaches right here. we put a little orange juice in here and brown sugar. mix that all together. >> i want to make sure we get to the second recipe. >> whipped cream and they come out perfectly. >> what about the skillet dish? >> this is our skillet cake. we have carmel. this is a dump cake. it's super easy to make.
8:51 am
i put peaches right in the center, and then i'm going to layer this with carmel sauce. you can buy this from the grocery store. >> layer it. >> oh, yeah. going in. going in. some peach nectar. >> easy to find that? >> you can use apple juice if you can't find it. it's fine. >> what about the crust? >> some cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla and cake mix. easy. easy. >> in a box? >> in a box. >> okay. >> more butter. this is summer. i know this is not a beach body recipe, but this is delicious. pop it in the oven and take it out and it's gorgeous. >> that's it in i can't believe that. >> this is nice. thank you very much. >> it's good. >> jocelyn, thank you. >> so good. >> for all the recipes head to first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
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we're going to celebrate birthdays. >> i have a stomach full of peaches. let's spin around the jars and say a happy 100th birthday toing a agnus lion. she says the secret to longevity is a glass of wine every day. mr. walter of east kororange ne jersey is celebrating 100 years. jean, a world traveler from connecticut worked as a new york city kindergarten teacher for 40 years. and imakulat, 101 years.
8:55 am
john villa is 101 years old. an active guy from south field michigan. he's a huge lester holt fan and never misses the nightly news forecast. last but not least, happy 101st birthday to milley antrilli. she says she's been drinking her own green juice for 81 years. if you know someone celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, tell us about them at in the fourth hour, sheinelle jones is going to host with me. and a medical mystery. this woman spent a month with hoo hallucinations with no diagnosis until a simple test. it saved her life. craig is over there hanging with
8:56 am
meghan. >> you need to grab a peach pie in the fourth hour and bring it for the fourth of july may be or the fourth of july may be over .. b good morning. i'm kris sanchez. it is 8:56. the fourth of july may be over but there are still worries about people lighting illegal fireworks. last night, nbc sky ranger caught a small grass fire in san jose on first street. investigators are not confirm weathering this is the result of illegal fireworks but they're asking everyone to report illegal fireworks activity.
8:57 am
not just in the south bay, crews spotted hundreds of illegal explosions last night, including in pittsburgh. contra costa county is a fireworks free zone although firefighters admit that does not always make people stop. happening now, with another big warm-up on the way, authorities are being extra vigilant about trying to prevent illegal fireworks fires. bob riddell is talking with emergency dispatchers about that concern and he will have a live report on our midday newscast at 11:00. you can also link to the story on our page and rip currents are expected to roll into the bay area between now and rest of the weekend. most of it is a result of hurricane fabio. meteorologist kari hall tells us some waves could top out near 15 feet. you can find more in our twitter feed. >> stay connected to your world, wherever the world takes you, get the nbc bay area app. the ba
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stations, showing up statewide. the way one neighborhood )s a bike battle brewing across the bay area. >> stations showing up statewide. the way one neighborhood's fighting back and your chance to weigh in. plus, do you use your frequent flyer miles? new advice before it's too late. >> nbc bay area responds.
8:59 am
we'll help solve your consumer problems.
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good morning. welcome to the program. i'm megyn kelly. did you have a good fourth of july? in the northeast it was hot and humid. it was like a steam room. it was a great time to be with family or for some on national tv, hosting an independence day spectacular like two of my panelists today. the guys from -- >> american ninja warrior. >>


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