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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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high hopes for an online tool. but some told us they couldn't get through after taping the culprits. >> follow them to their address, showed the license plate number, tried to upload the video, and the whole thing crashed. >> reporter: fire officials tonight want to speculate on why they didn't get through. but they got 1,364 reports on july 3rd. >> we still suspect we will be seeing illegal f 8th. >> reporter: sifti which ones warrant a citation, we'll tell you how long that may take and some of the more drastic measures some want the city to take. >> not just a bay area problem. this was los angeles last night. south of downtown. we posted this entire video clip
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on our facebook page. to see our bonus content and special reports, go ahead and like thens abo nbc bay area pag. an auto mechanic may lose a hand after he tried to set off a large firework he found inside a dumpster. a co-worker warned him not to do it, but he did. and they heard a loud boom. three people were rushed to the hospital after suffering injuries. one had surgery today after a firecracker went off in his hand. the burn center says recovery from these types of injuries really does tend to be long and painful. >> this could lead to life-threatening injuries. sometimes they may need toor a physical and occupational therapy. >> newark does not allow the sale of safe and sane fireworks.
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the v.a says there really is no such thing. we asked the city if they plan to stop the sale of fireworks. beefed up patrols led to a lot of dui arrests. there were 389 dui arrests during the maximum enforcement period statewide. at least 18 people were killed in crashes. nearly half of them were not wearing seat belts. concerning news from local families. an alameda county golf coach is accused of sexually assaulting his students. kei kenny kim shown here is facing charges. all the victims were underaged girls. he was based in sunol and taught at various other golf facilities throughout the bay area. a lot of explaining for the oakland police after a bizarre case involving a thief, a dog and police vehicle. one of the civilian police
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service technicians was assisting at a crime scene when a woman and dog came walking by. the woman and her dog suddenly jumped in the technician's car and took off. the police tracked her down across the bay in san francisco. the woman has been arrested, the dog which you see there is being cared for by animal services. an antioch neighborhood woke up to a loud bang, but it wasn't left over fireworks, it was gunshots. two women were shot in their home around 4:30 in the morning. the victims are a mother and adult daughter. one survived shall the other didn't. melissa colorado joins us live where police are on the search for a suspect and trying to figure out what happened. >> reporter: this is a working class neighborhood, and it's really shaken up a lot of people. i spoke to a neighbor who doesn't want to go on camera. she woke up when she heard a number of gun shots coming from that house you see right there. he dialed 911 to report it.
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minutes later, she heard one of the victims dot same a the samee says she heard the victim tell the police dispatcher, "hurry, hurry, please hurry." >> something you see on tv. >> reporter: the detectives weren't actors. as antioch police gathered evidence from this home on the 4400 block of delta fair boulevard. >> it's something that doesn't happen on this street at all. so living here six years is like very terrifying. >> reporter: antioch police say two african-american women were shot at this home around 4:30 a.m. the 55-year-old and 28-year-old victims were mother and daughter. one was rushed to the hospital and the other died. investigators covered her body, as it laid outside of the family's garage. >> it's pretty quiet. they did keep to themselves. >> reporter: he says the
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28-year-old had a little boy. he'd often see riding his tricycle. >> the kid liked my motorcycle. i hope the kid's okay. >> reporter: we're still waiting on police to tell us whether the deceased is the mother or the daughter. we saw someone pick up the little boy who could be as young as 3. it's unclear what that little boy may have witnessed this morning. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. national headlines, another shakeup at the white house. after months of speculation, epa chief scott pruitt is out. president trump announcing the change btweet, i have accepted the resignation of scott pruitt. the president added pruitt has done an outstanding job. however, pruitt has been mired in controversy from questionable
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purchases. unprecedented security, first class air travel, an official visit to morocco and upgraded lease for a high-end suv, a sound-proof phone booth and the list goes on. >> and even among some in that republican base that has been so beholden to the president there were cracks, because they saw a bigger picture. >> pruitt's out of a job but not necessarily out of the woods. an investigation into whether he's violated ethics laws will continue. also today, a win for california and loss for president trump. a judge mostly upheld california's sanctuary laws. the justice department claimed california was obstructing federal law, but judge mendez wrote refusing to help is not the same as impeding. republicans are disappointed. >> certainly, we understand that
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people want to protect immigrants, i understand that. but i think people don't want to protect criminals, illegal aliens who have committed very serious crimes. >> it wasn't complete loss for the white house. employers may allow immigration officials onto their property. and a camp of activists remainsna place. this is outside san francisco's field i.c.e. office. several political groups, including occupy sf are calling for i.c.e. to be abolished. they also want families who were separated to be reunited. several similar camps have been erected in other u.s. cities. cal fire says the weather isn't helping crews contain the blaze. the blaze east of berryessa, in napa and yolo counties. the evacuation orders are people
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living west of 16. firefighters are gaining some ground. the fires are 30% contained, up from 27% last night. amazingly, none of the threatened homes have burned. the you're looking at nasa satellite images taken every day since sunday. you can see how they exploded on monday and kept growing at an alarming rate all the way through yesterday. get ready for a big change beginning tomorrow. driving in san francisco will be a lot different. the mta plans to make a critical change to the van ness corridor. no more turns except for a couple spots. christie, this is going to be a big change for a lot of us. >> reporter: absolutely. it today we've been watching. as soon as this light turns
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green, drivers stack up in the intersection, trying to make that left turn, that ends tomorrow, leaves just two places where drivers can turn left. you can hear a steady stream of horns as drivers turn quickly from van ness to hays. she is weighing her options since starting tomorrow she can no longer make that turn. she's not looking forward to it as she's watched construction for the improvement project. >> it's clogged up. we're going to put a red lana the center. the 47 and the 49. we're apr we're anticipating savings up to 32%. >> reporter: they say left turns are where many pedestrian injuries occur, so this should make things safer.
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>> if allows us to retime the traffic signals. >> reporter: they are advising drivers of the changes, and more changes are on the way. >> we do warn people to allow themselves extra time. beginning july 12th, actually, we're going to shift construction westward. >> reporter: they say tomorrow they will have parking control officers out here helping to direct traffic. the two places you can still make a left turn off van ness are off of broadway and lombard. christie smi news. still to come, preying on people just trying to pay their property taxes. what to look for in the latest scam showing up in the bay area. >> also the boys are still trapped. the mistake volunteers made trying to help that team trapped
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in a flooded cave in thailand. big changes coming our way. look at the clouds. i'll let you know how much of that is headed for the bay area. that update in seven minutes. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax.
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ rescue those 12 boys and their soccer coach stranded inside a flooded cave in thailand. a setback for crews trying to rescue those 12 boys and their soccer coach stranded inside of that flooded cave in
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thailand. volunteers inadvertently pumped water back into the cave. more rain is forecast for this weekend, putting pressure on rescuers to formulate a plan. they have been trapped inside that cave for 11 days. beware of a new scam. you can get the information for free, but now one company is trying to make you pay for that information. >> it's all about your property taxes and it's targeting homeowners in santa clara county. i just got my tax information in the mail. there is timing here. >> yeah, the timing is part of the problem. it's a scam disguising itself as a legitimate letter likely arriving in your mailbox. here's how to tell the difference. in an already head-spinning market, homeowners have a scam to worry about. a letter offering information
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about your property value and a property deed for $89. >> they're really attempting to deceive the public. >> reporter: larry stone showed us a redacted version of the letter. it's going out to homeowners who can get a deed for $6 and the property information for free. >> so they mail to these folks, offering to provide them with information, which is available for free, 24/7 on the assessment website or here in our office. >> reporter: the timing is bad, too, close to 500,000 owners are getting legitimate letters from the county this week about their home's assessed value. the letters come from a company calling itself local property office. and this is coming from southern california? >> yes, the address where it's coming from is southern california, and it looks like a government document. >> it looks like a government document, but look closely, letters from the assessor's
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office have an official government seal and don't demand payment. new information on the killing of a san francisco security guide. police have released a mug shot of the man arrested in connection to that deadly hooting. cardale coleman was arrested. the guard was patrolling near candlestick point. the they haven't revealed a motive at this point. police looking into how a woman's body ended up in a creek. that's skyranger video showing 73rd and bancroft. right now police are not releasing how the person may have died. it's the 5th of july, and normally, we see a surge in lost pets who get spooked by fireworks and run away from home. but a positive report. the peninsula humane society saw the most number of strays, six dogs and lthree cats last not.
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san francisco had two dogs and one cat brought in. the number of strays is significantly down compared to other years. contra costa animal control is one of those seeing a drop. but so far there have been no reunions from the "finding rover" app, that new facial recognition site we told you about that helps reunite pets with their owners. fourth of july celebrations aren't quite over. drones will be lighting up the sky. because intel is launching drones. it's the first-ever drone fireworks display at travis air force base. the show was planned for last night but postponed because of high winds, but it will happen tonight. i think it's at 9:00. >> should be cool. >> if you can't get enough of fireworks displays, we've posted a site with all the displays across the area at other website. would no longer need a fireworks forecast, but here
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comes the weekend and some heat. >> hotter temperatures, but big changes on friday that might throw you guys a little bit of a curveball. i want you to be prepared for it. let's take a look at our micro climate forecast. and it is complicated. look at all it ththis happening the weather map. it all plays together. and what's going to be happening on friday. we have a system to the north, hotter air with this system to the south, circulation around both of these, pulling in moisture from tropical storm fabio. we can see that, right now on the satellite radar picture. this tongue of moisture sticking out right towards central california, producing a little shower activity to the central coast. for us as we head to tomorrow, impacts, seven to 12-foot waves. rip currents, very dangerous, not advised to go in the water at our beaches. slight humidity, cloud could have on the increase and stray
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lightning as well. a lot happening as we hit your friday forecast. there is one particular model that's kind of juicing things up a little bit. i think it's overdoing it for the bay area, but we're definitely going to be watching out for maybe showers early tomorrow morning. it is an extremely slight chance. the biggest thing is that cloud cover. we get the clouds to start, temperatures in the 60s and more cloud cover for the north bay, san francisco and the east bay as well. i want to take you back to the future cast just to kind of underscore the point that the clouds are going to linger, even into 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. partly sunny to mostly sunny sky. a touch of humidity. will feel a little strange outside. and once we hit about 6:00 at night, we'll start to see the cloud cover trying to break on out of here. with the clouds, temperatures are going to be hot, it's not
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our typical summertime day. you can see across the south bay, 90 in morgan hill, 91 in gilroy. 90s in concord, pleasanton. and we'll have the clouds hanging on for the peninsula, 77 in san mateo, and tomorrow, san francisco getting in on milder air. that's where it's going feel the strangest. and 84 in sonoma, 78 in mill valley. i do think things will improve once we hit saturday's forecast. less in the way of cloud cover. less in the way of humidity. it 2 in san franciswill lose cl. but i think we'll stay through 90s in tuesday next week and we'll start to drop down once we
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hit wednesday's forecast. plenty of stuff happening out there in the pacific. any one who says summer in the bay yare area is absolutely wro. >> i like your header. it's complicated. >> thanks, jeff. coming up at 5:00, a popular east bay restaurant forced to close, but it's doing something special for anyone who wants one last meal. we'll explain. headlines again.
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border patrol agents detained "luis duarte )s" parents for almost a month. the situation inspired his college admissi happening now, a college admission essay has been
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inspired by the border. and he's been accepted to stanford. we'll be back with more news in a moment.
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a house f sends an east bay woman to the hospital and leaves five other people without a home. you can see the house on hayes street fully engulfed. firefighters did arrive quickly. it broke out about 344:30 in th
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morgu morning. sadly, a dog died in that fire. fireworks weren't the only thing lighting up the sky. in tahoe, the barge caught on fire. a very popular restaurant with sweeping views of the bay is closing down. but there is good news in all of this, one last meal for free. salute evita will be closing. risingts forcing her to close. it's emblematic of what's happening across the pay arebay. tonight and tomorrow, all meals are free. >> she's such a pillar of that community. cute alert coming up.
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a fox caught on camera, playing with a tennis ball, we'll show it to you when we come back. lea.
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that story and mor tonight at 6:00, a frightening trend among elderly couples, and it has south bay leaders taking action, that's
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coming up at our 6:00 newscast. some are obsessed by soccer and the world cup, but some are into tennis, this fox was caught on camera playing with a tennis ball. this is at the livermore auto mall. how it it got there is it's so close to those hills. at one point, the fox stopped and looked around and thought, gee, this would be so much more fun if someone played with me. >> this isn't in wimbledon. this is in livermore. >> livermore. >> i feel like it's so rare to see a fox. >> i see them in my back yard. >> really? >> one time i came out and there inside, too. no thank you. >>na >> that is good video. we have a lot of things coming our way. >> we have tropical storm fabio well to the south.
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look it at that moistu look at that moisture. we only have an extremely slight chance for us. i think the biggest impact will be humidity tomorrow and warming temperatures in san francisco, 71, also notice the waves at the coast because of the tropical storm will be 7-15 feet. not advised to go into our water waters -- by saturday, we clear out. them we're down to 90 once we hit sunday. let's focus on the weekend. >> humid and 90 tomorrow like miami. >> not quite that humid. but, you'll notice it. >> i can't go outside because of my hair. >> it gets fuzzy? that's going to do it for news at 5:00. kate snow's sitting in for lester holt. >> we'll see you at 6:00
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breaking news tonight, the embattled chief of the epa is out, scott pruit facing scandals and spending taxpayer money stepping down today. supreme court suspense, president trump narrowing down finalists. desperate hours, rescuers facing a critical decision to save the soccer team trapped in a cave. >> it's zero visibility. it's a confined space. >> the clock ticking before monsoon rain. on the front lines, infernos raging and scorching heat is adding fuel to the flames. nearly 90 million under heat triggering flash floods in a major american city. a mother to the rescue shooting a carjacker trying to


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