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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of newark where it might cost one man his finger. emergencies all across the bay area. people were rushed to area hospitals after using illegal fireworks. an antioch auto mechanic could lose his hand after finding and land lighting an unspent fireworks. >> the injuries were very traumatic. >> reporter: a man lost a finger after using illegal fireworks. the victim's father told me his son had surgery today at san jose's valley medical center. >> we do get fireworks burn and injury every year because of on fourth of july fireworks. >> reporter: the nurse manager says treatment and therapy for fireworks i paiurul. and newark's so-called safe and sane fireworks are legal. that city's mayor suggests there are no plans to change the
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rules, even with two of the city's residents severely injured in the past two years. the burn center says there is no such thing as safe and sane. >> even those sparklers can cause severe jars, too. >> reporter: the nurse manager says even those safe and sane fireworks can reach temperatures upwards of 1200 degrees. there may still be unlit fireworks on the street. if you run into them, wacall 31 that's 311, and someone will pick them up. we'll take you to the sky and show you what we saw. sky range irg skyranger got a clear look of several illegal fireworks. how well did it work? coming up at 6:30, robert handa looks at issues with the website
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and why some say san jose looked like a war zone last night. an alarming trend among elderly people. the county is issuing a warning and asking for help. the district attorney says the number of murder suicides among elderly couple sois on the rise. >> reporter: the office has now notified ten major elder care groups in the bay area about that's findings so that professionals can keep an eye on patients who may be prone to this type of violence. last july, at a home in saratoga, tragedy for a former seagate executive and his wife. the 81-year-old man reportedly shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself. a murder/suicide that santa clara county says is becoming more common. >> it's the fourth year in the row where we've had an elder suicide. it's a small number statistically, but it's a huge number in terms of the human
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cost. >> reporter: at least one murder/suicide a year involving an elderly c t so far this year. it has the district attorney's office so concerned that they've septemb septemb sent letters to several organizations, including the alzheimer's association. there are major red flags to watch for. >> withdrawing, change in mood or personality, someone who is always easygoing is easily getting frustrated. when you see those signs, you should talk about them e. >> reporter: according to the county, there's a similar pattern of behavior. notes and in t notes evidencedft feelings of depair. >> reporter: another disturbing finding, this year's death toll is more than the average in santa clara county over the past 22 years. anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. achlt it is unsettling, an
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alameda county golf coach accused of sexually assaulting his students. kenny kim is accused, and the victims were underage girls. i was based in sunol and taught at various other golf facilities throughout the bay area. the fires continue to rage across the western united states and that includes in our own back yard. the napa fire and yolo. people living west of the lake/yoe r lake/yolo county line are told to leave. it's torched 86,000 acres. the cooler air is not helping to fan the blames, and the forecast ahead is worrisome. >> right now we're in a cooling trend u but we'but we're lookin triple digits going into next week. we're going back into the same
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situations as the last two weekends promoted it those fires. >> it could be a grim few days ahead. the flames are 30% contained. many homes and structures are threatened, but so far none have burned. this fire started nearly two weeks ago and has destroyed 22 structures. one firefighter injured and 16 structures burn the. it's a huge blow for the trump administration. a federal judge reject ed the administration's effort to free several several sanctuary law us. i know you spoke to imdwrapts rights groups and they don't think it's total victory. >> reporter: they don't feel it's a total victory but feel gadabout the fact that the centerpiece ever the sanctuary state law was in fact a part of this that was validated, at
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least for the time being by a judge today, which means that local police departments and governments don't have to cooperate with federal i.c.e. operations. again, for now. but this legal battle is going to play out over the coming weeks and months. >> we are upholding this as a victory among advocates who have been pushing for immigrant rights across california. >> reporter: the crowds have coiled through major cities, as the prayers -- ♪ we are a land of many colors >> reporter: have popped up in town centers, small and laurge, pleading for new immigration policy, and for a day at least, california's undocumented immigrant population got a beast. >> the measure is constitutional, that it passes legal muss ter. >> reporter: kevin delyonne reacted to a judge's refusal to pump the brakes on most sanctuary law, opining that it
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isn't the same way as standing in the way. >> for us, we see this as a vindication, that a judge and a court has found that the state of california has the right to implement our own loss. >> reporter: recent bay area i.c.e. operations have netted hundreds of arrests. >> california's poollicy of becoming a sanctuary state, and that they don't want to cooperate with law enforcement when it comes to illegal immigration, i think that's a mistake u. >> reporter: in a victory for the state, the judge paused one law that required asking for a warrant. tad's decision rejected a
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preliminary instructiojunction. from san francisco, sam brock. an encampment of protesters is still outside an area i.c.e. office. they want families reunited, which were separated at the border. several encampments have been popping up in other cities. and this involved a police, a dog and a vehicle. one of their detectives was assisting at a crime scene when a william aoman and dog came wa. the woman jumped in the technician's car, with her dog. they were surprised to find that dog right there in the back seat. the light shows in the skies not over yet. tonight, a high-it tech unique show is going to be over the
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skies in fairfield. and a much-loved restaurant is going out with a bang. the heart h-warming way the owns are saying good-bye showers, even humidity. what's next for the weekend in about seven minutes. oakland.
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this morning, a woman )s body ws found in a creek. our skyranger was overhead -- near 73rd and bancroft, about
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a mile east of the oakland coliseum. oakland. this morning, a woman's body was found in a creek. our skyranger was overhead, around 73 and bancroft, a mile east of the oakland coliseum. right now, police are not giving us any details on how the woman died or possible suspects. so who shot them and why? a neighborhood on edge after a mother and adult daughter were shot in their home early this morning. one survived, the other died. melissa colorado joins us outside the home and they say there was a little boy inside the home, too. >> reporter: there was a little boy who could have been as young as 3. and one neighbor says she woke up to the sound of gunshots coming from this home right behind me. she was able to dial 911, but it was so quiet at 4:30 in the morning that the neighbor says she could make out the sound of someone falling to the ground and a person telling police over the phone to hurry. >> there's always something going on near this street, but
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yeah, this is kind of scare eye, rig -- scary in this neighborhood. >> reporter: ming nguyen became a father pour tfor the second t recently, but it wasn't his newborn's cries that woke him up. two african-american women were shot in their home. neighbors say the 55 year old and 28 year old were mother and daughter. one was rushed to the hospital, the other died. investigators covered her body, which was found just outside the family's garage. >> it was shocking to see this. a gurney coming out early in the morning, white sheet and all that is correct something y that, something that you see on tv. >> we said highe to each other. >> reporter: the two had moved in several months ago. >> we gave them some cupcakes,
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that's how we initially hit it off. >> reporter: the 28 year old had a little boy who he'd often see riding his bicycle. >> he liked my motorcycle. i hope the kid's okay. >> reporter: neighbors tell may me they saw child protective services pick you wille up th service pick services pick up that child. police have released a mug shot in the shooting of a security guard. here it is, the man connected to that shooting. cardale coleman was taken into custody early tuesday morning. we have monday, just after the shooting. the security guard was patrolling the alice dprifgriff
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housing project. patrols led to a lot of dui arrests. there were 389 dui arrests during the 30-hour maximum enforcement period statewide, the equivalent of one arrest every five minutes. at least 18 people, sadly killed in crashes, and nearly half of those were not wearing seat belts. a sign of the times. fireworks are so yesterday. and tonight, a light show featuring drones, this was supposed to happen last night. what you're looking at here, the drone show. intel plans to send 500 of that's drones into the sky above the travis air force base in just a couple hours. this is strictly for military families, it will be a lot quieter than your typical display. intel initially presented this at the winter molympics in sout korea. a restaurant with beautiful
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views of the sbay is going to close. it is closing tomorrow. the italian restaurant tlafooie there for three decades. the owner says the landlord is raising rents and forcing her to close. before she closes for good she wants to give back to the community. so today and tomorrow all meals are pre. the -- free. she faced eviction in 2013 for a development project but it was saved then. this time she says good-bye is so hard. >> nice. jeff ranieri here talking about our weekend warmup. did you throw in a very slim ch showers. the bigger impacts would be cloud cover, the humidity tomorrow and hot temperatures. wi when we get that combination, it's going to feel strange.
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right now in our live sky camera network, lots of blue sky out here in the east bay. that's mt. diablo, sand ing up over 3,000 feet. you'll notice some clouds. we're down to 86 right now. by 9:00, 11:00, we'll see clouds filter in, and that will stay with us in to tomorrow mourng. it is now you tropical storm fabio. there's no way this is going to make landfall in california. it's heading out to the pacific, what wei what we call a storm for the fish. you see that plume of moisture streaming up into southern california. a few showers near the southern coastline. and that moisture imparting some
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humidity humidity. we are calling for overcast skies. we'll be at 91 in concord, 90 at livermore, not too bad at san jose at 84. and you've got your cool 62 in half moon bay. so the heat, humidity with us tomorrow. and the overcast skies. we'll stay with these 90s until about tuesday next week and then back to 80s once we get to wednesday and thursday. coming up at 6:48, we'll have a look at when we could see showers get close to the coastline. see you then.
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one of san francisco's busiest streets about to get a bit more chaotic. the reason drivers are going to be seeing big changes starting tomorrow. a caltrain hit and kil
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pedestrian in redwood city. happening now on our digital platforms, a cal train hit and killed a ped in redwood city. trains were stopped for about 30 minutes. the northbound track has
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reopened. an ohio state wrestler has come forward in an abuse skecandal. y
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san francisco roadway, and it all starts tomorrow. it may be really, really me messy. a big change sh comiis coming t major intersection. >> the makeover of van ness is complete. let's go to christie smith. >> reporter: well, raj, drivers making the turn here do stack up in the intersection. so mak it safer for people crossing the street and overall make traffic flow better, but the idea of losing another place to ness do drivers. cc carp yoe is weighing her options. she won't be able to make a left
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turn northbound onto hayes. you can hear horns as drivers try to turn. cc has watched construction spread for the van ness construction project. >> the 47 and the 49, we're anticipating time savings up to 32%. >> reporter: this is where many injuries occur. it allows them to retime signals and improve traffic know.miguy' place. there are more changes to come. >> we do warn people to allow themselves extra time beginning july 12th, actually. we're going to shift construction southward. on van ness and mission.
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>> reporter: there are still two places where drivers can make that turn, broadway and lombard. we're told sfmta will have parking control officers out here tomorrow to help direct traffic. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. amazon is trying to attract a new tactic. the company is bringing whole foods into the mix. they recently bought whole foods. a couple weeks from now, amazon prime day, whole foods will be offering deep discounts to prime meo as a way to boost thousands of online items. the new incentive comes after the price of a prime membership was hiked. and a cabinet member of
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president trump has stepped down. and a system designed to help crackdown on all those illegal fireworks in san jose is being questioned yet again. what neighbors are saying after last night's wild scene in the sky. ♪ strummed guitar
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see,.,.but also - -very illagal. from oakland to san san jose... right now at 6:30, spectacular to see but also very illegal, from oakland to san francisco to san jose. no lack of fireworks last night.
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all cities vowed to crackdown on the illegal fireworks. san jose updated its website for people to report neighbors, but it didn't seem to really work. >> robert, it was truly chaotic last night. what happened with the system? >> reporter: well, city officials say it's hard to evaluate a program that is essentially in its first year, especially when the use of illegal fireworks is so relentless. in this district, you can see all this debris left over from the ill laegal shows, and there a lot of lingering fear and anger that comes with it. it was a fear that hovered over many neighborhoods. >> i stayed at home with the hose on just in case. >> reporter: for many, each illeg illegal firework was another fire threat to their homes and neighborhoods. and the constant explosive sounds were jarring with quite a few people telling us they
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thought it was gunfire. the view from skyranger somehows how spread out it was throughout the south bay. >> literally being in a war zone, the house shaking, explosions, every variation of it. >> reporter: many people had high hopes for an online tool for residents to report and send images of illegal fireworks, but some couldn't get through. >> follow them to the address, showed the mailbox, their l license plate number and tried to upload it and it crashed. >> reporter: they point out the city online tool got 1,364 reports from june to july1800 o alone. >> they doing what we ask them to do, snap, click, report. >> reporter: they are sifting through the reports to see which ones warrant a $500 citation. and the tool will be up until july 8. one of the things they want to
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point out is that the lack of arrests is something they know residents are kied of upset about. and they will be speaking out when the city council evaluates this program next month. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> clearly it wasn't just san jose. the skies over los angeles just as wild. that's la you're looking at. that's south of downtown. we posted that video on our facebook page. to see our bonus content you can like the nbc bay area facebook page. even legal fireworks can be desjardins ru dangerous. this barge caught fire hours after the show ended. they put a boom in the water so debris wouldn't pollute the lake. a word of warning if you own a home in the south bay. look closely at your mail because someone is trying to scam you. let's bring in scott budman who
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joins us with the details. >> this scam tries to get you to pay for something you can get for free, and the trickery starts with a legitimate-looking letter that might be sitting in your mailbox right now. if you own your home you know about property taxes. but here's something you might not know yet. letters are being sent to property owners in the south bay, offering information about your property value and a property deed for $89. don't buy it. >> they're really attempting to deceive the public. >> reporter: santa clara county assessor larry stone says the letter is a scam. property owners can get a deed to their home for $6. they can get the information for free. >> most people don't know that moi most information we have available in government offices is available to the public. >> reporter: it comes from a company calling itself "local property office."
6:32 pm
close to half a million south bay property owners are getting legitimate letters from the county this week about their home's assessed value. as far as you though, this know coming from southern california. >> it is coming from southern california and it looks like a government document. >> letters from the assessor's office have the official government seal and don't demand payment. >> good to know. thank you, scott. a new net neutrality bill is moving forward. lawmakers have come to an agreement. the fnew bill is in response to the fcc's decision. this california bill goes further. >> this is going to be a fight u the telecom and cable companies are, they fight hard.
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they are effective, and we are confident they are going to oppose this strongly until the end. >> the bill will be amended in august and sent to the assembly floor. scott pruitt is out, making this the latest shakeup in the trump cabinet, the president tweeting that he has accepted his resignation. pruitt's controversial spending includes unprecedented 24/7 security, a visit to morocco, an upgraded lease for his high-end suv, in all more than $4 million of taxpayer money. >> even among some in the republican base so beholden to the president, there were cracks beginning, because they saw a bigger picture. >> mr. pruitt is out of a job but not necessarily out of the woods. an investigation into whether he violated ethic laws will
6:34 pm
continue. the president is in montana campaigning for the republican candidate for senate there. donald trump won montana's three electoral votes, but they have a democratic senator who may be a key in the battle for the next supreme court justice. >> i think what the american people need to be concerned about is that we're talking about changing the balance on the supreme court that's requesting to affer rights. >> president trump says he will announce his choice on monday night night. there are new precautions in england after a couple was exposed to novichok. the same toxin that almost killed a former russian spy and his daughter in march.
6:35 pm
police have blocked out the areas that that couple visited. >> now the race to save that soccer team trapped in a cave. the 12 boys and coach have been trapped in the flooded cave nearly two weeks. they are getting a crash course on scuba diving, but the risk could be deadly. it is six hours long. difficult for even the most experienced driv experienced divers. rescuers are pumping and drilling water out as much out as they can. today a setback. volunteers inadvertently pumped water back into the cave. a deadly accident in mexico. 17 people killed and 31 injured after explosions ripped through a fireworks workshop, north of mexico city. four firefighters and two police officers are among the dead. they were killed responding to the explosion. it happened in the city known
6:36 pm
for manufacturing fiefxe fireworks. two years ago a blast at the same fireworks market killed 42 people. up ahead, a presidential visit for one of the wa warrior biggest stars. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing,
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paramedics took o six people are without a home this evening after a fire in oakland early this morning. you can sigh tee the damage her hayes street. one woman was taken to the hospital for burnsnd cause. usually on the fifth of july we see a spike inrom home. the humane society saw the most number of vastrays, six dogs an three cats were brought in. many shelters say the number of strays is significantly down,
6:39 pm
compare to the pa compared to past years. contra costa county has seen a drop. but they have had no reunions from the finding rover app. netflix is testing a new plan that may make prices go up. it is called ultra. it allows users to stream ultra high-definition video on four devices at the same time. it would cost $17 a month. right now ulta is only being tested in europe. leave it to draymond green to make headlines on vacation. he is on a european and middle i.c.e. vacation. last nate ight he met with the israeli president rivlin. he said it's not every day you get to meet an all-star. the president says sometimes he stays up late to watch the warriors. >> so the president decided to
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might dre mohammeaymond. fire danger is going to stay here as we head through the upcoming weekend. but the big talk is the cloud cover to the south. he paid extra for premium seats to cross the pacific but spent 15 hours in economy class. i'm chris camora, nbc bay area responds, next. gilroy man who p
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seats... on a long flight. but he ended up in economy class. well, tonight we respond to a man in gilroy who paid for premium seats on a long flight, but he ended up, ooh, you paid for premium. >> but he ended up in economy. chris camora looked into the
6:43 pm
bungle. >> he planned a trip to australia and wanted to spend the 15-hour flight in relative comfort. he booked through just fly for qantas. he paid for a premium economy seat. but when he checked in, qantas told him he was booked in regular economy with the rest of us. after he returned to gilroy, he called justfly repeatedly to ask for a refund. the travel agency didn't respond, so he turned to us. we asked them to review the case. and a spokesman says this has clearly been a mistake on our part. we'll use this to improve. just fly then gave him a $2200 refund. this is the second time we've haep helped justfly customers.
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if you book through a travel site, make one phone call immediately after you're ticketed. call the airline yourself, reconfirm the dates, times and the seats you're expecting. if you're not getting exactly what you paid for, get that travel site back on the line and settle the discrepancy before you leave. you can also call us, 888-996-tips or visit >> a simple and valuable tip. this might be the best video of the night. cell phone video from livermore. you know what that is there? >> it's a fox! >> just hanging out. >> he's playing ball. >> a tennis ball. where do you think this is, in the foothills? >> that's the auto mall. >> that's the livermore auto mall. >> right off of 580. >> maybe the fox is in the market for the car. the fox is having a great time. >> it's next to the hills. >> i like their tails, they're
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so fluffy, right? >> very cute. jeff ranieri is here to take us from cute to hot. >> it's going to be warming up the next couple days, and the big thing we are tracking is cloud could ha cloud cover increasing. looking back off towards san francisco, beautiful shot of the city tonight, you can see it's not crystal clarear. that is subtropical moisture you're seeing off in the distance that will be impacting our forecast. in san francisco, 63 degrees, dropping down to the upper 50s in the next couple hours. let's take you to the south in san jose and you can see at the top of the screen, high-level cloud cover beginning to push on through. and wel and we'll also be noticing a touch of humidity. right now, it currently is 81 degrees, and you can see numbers will be dropping to the 60s once
6:46 pm
we hit 9:00, 10:00, also 11:00 tonight. i want to take to you a pattern responsible for the cloud cover, the humidity. you'll see there's a lot of stuff happening on this weather map. but if you haven't seen this before, hang tight. we have a system off to the north, hotter system off to the south. circulation around this is helping to pull in moisture from dr tropical storm fabio. overall, this is going to increase the clouds and bring us a chance of showers near the coastline. a little bit of shower activity in southern california, and that cloud cover beginning to move on up. biggest impacts, i think, waves7-12 feet, also rip currents, slight humidity and the cloud could have on t the -- cloud cover on the
6:47 pm
increase. it's doing a decent job of showing moisture in the atmosphere around 2:30 in the morning. we'll have the doppler radar fired up and looking for a small chance of an isolated shower near the coastline. the biggest impact would be widespread cloud cover from the north bay to the south bay. temperatures in the 60s from the south bay to the tri valley and also looking it at the clouds from the north bay to the east bay. it's going to feel kind of strange outside. i know it's hard for us to get through some of these changes when we've got the clouds and heat bubbling up together. by the afternoon tomorrow, clouds try to break up a little bit. so we'll have breaks of sun in thayer. on -- there. we'll see clouds trying to clear out by 6:00 p.m. the humidity and clouds rolling across, it will feel weird.
6:48 pm
ly -- low 90s for concord. and for the peninsula, 80 in redwood city. and for the north bay, maybe you're going to wine country, three-day weekend coming your way, lucky you, 86 in napa and 84 in sonoma. san francisco sees the clouds start to push out once we hit saturday's forecast. mild, 72 degrees. and for cities away from the coast line, we lose any humidity and the clouds on saturday. but temperatures do go hotter in the forecast up to 95. and low the 90s into next tuesd. so big thing tomorrow would be the heat, little bit of humidity and the clouds, shower chances minimal right how, but we'll
6:49 pm
watch that forecast for last-minute changes. >> our producer said feel free to ask jeff about the color of his tie. >> you guys like the yellow. >> it's a sunshine color. >> i knew today when i put it on you guys would be -- oh, high gosh. coming up, basketball and hip-hop come together to form a new way of playing the game. colin resch explains, coming up. when ice cube rolls into town... it )s something big.
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when ice cube rolls into town... it )s something big. hip hop -- and hoops... ice cube -- has started a new 3- on-3 league. >>okay. when ice cube rolls into town, it's a big deal. hip-hop and hoops. ice cube has started a new three on three basketball league. >> it comes to oracle arena tomorrow night. tickets are still available, but probably not for the front row. here's colin resch. >> reporter: former nba stars like warrior fan favorite stievn jackson and davis will be in oracle for the three on three, but first things first, a clinic here at the boys and girls club.
6:53 pm
jerome "junk yard dog" williams carved out a career for himself. he was admired for hard work, tenacity and act to motivate, attributes he uses every day as part of the young three. >> we're not wasting anytime giving back to the community. we're right here in the churches city, partnering with boys and girls clubs to get at the heart of the kids that need it the most. >> reporter: drexler says youth involvement was among their top priorities. >> get these kids off the couch, off the computer, go outside, to your local boys and girls club or y, play three on three basketball, get some exercise. >> reporter: and just by doing that, that's kids are being rewarded with front-row seats. it is the brain schachild of ic cube.
6:54 pm
>> when i saw kobe bryant score 60 points in his last game, said, man, there's got to be some way you can see guys like this play again. >> reporter: just over a year later, ice cube's vision became reality. today he views this creation as his best work ever. >> i can't tell you what it does to the self-esteem of these athletes who were on the bench stage. they lack uook up, they're reti. eyyou just don't know what it ds for these guys' spirit. it's bigger than me. so it's one of the biggest things i've ever done in my career. >> reporter: friday's game starts at 4:00. colin resch, nbc bay area. >> cool to see ice cube in town. tonight at 11:00, disturbing discoveries. the gruesome find made in one south bay neighborhood that has
6:55 pm
pet owners on alert. a new breakfast option. dunkin' donuts opens a new store in still in. it is relatively new in the bay area. the first one opened in walnut creek two years ago, but the dunkin' donuts are the bomb of donuts. o ooh, good. >> doughnut holes are some. chocolate. or jelly filled. >> not that jeff and i would know. >> you looked at this camera like you were hoping they bring them in. >> you never now. you never know. >> how a we looking before we go? >> clouds moving in from the south. tropical storm fabio is moving away from california but mo moisture streaming in close to us. high waves, 7-10 feet. and in the 60s as we hit sunday,
6:56 pm
monday and tuesday. 90 tomorrow. a little strength in the humidity. and then we are at a hot 95 degrees. no matter the weather, donuts are good. >> humidity is doughnut weather. >> yes. >> a little iced coffee to go with that. >> just in time for the opening. >> the coffee's supposed to be really good there. >> i file likeeel like i work fa little wit right now. >> see you at 11:00.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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now on "extra."
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j. lo and a. rod's car pool karaoke. mariah's 4th of july tease. >> this is a clothes pin. >> okay. >> how the stars spent independence day. >> the couple trying to prove they're not divorcing. and what happened when donald trump jr. took his new girlfriend to the white house. heather locklear's new legal nightmare. who's threatening to sue her at the roughest time of her life. >> our new mission impossible fallout exclusive. >> the journey his team goes through, there are huge stakes. >> sneak peak of tom cruise going all henry carve el in spy eddie cibrian and rachel bilson.


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