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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? don't miss the 4th of july specials, with the last chance for final closeout savings on the queen c2 mattress. now only $599, save $300. it's the lowest price ever. ends sunday. visit for a store near you. good evening. i'm raj mathai. we begin with breaking news in santa barbara county. evacuations under way because of this. you can see this fast-moving fire. this is a live picture from our nbc chopper in santahat we know. a house caught fire. it quickly spread to vegetation and then on to other homes. the fire chief just now giving us an update. he says this is out of control and spreading down the hill toward the city of goleta. again, these are live pictures from santa barbara county.
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difficult to watch this. as you can see, that one house right there in engulfed in flames. this is just north of santa barbara. these hills filled with homes. this will certainly be a long night, maybe a long week ahead for firefighters. we'll show you video just in to our newsroom. a different perspective, a different anging le these fires what's making matters worse, not just high heat but intense winds. we expect more evacuations and more crews. eerily reminiscent of what we saw in wine cast octo i southern california? >> well, it is terrifying. right now this very moment, people are trying to get what they can to just get out and get out safe. we have had the hot temperatures all day long, all-time record-setting heat. still a hot 98 degrees. we wanted to put a map perspective on this. we know a lot of you have family and friends in southern
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california. there's santa barbara right there. here's goleta. the fire started in the hills of goleta. right now winds out of the north at 10, but it's gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour, and that is the big fear. why these evacuations are happening, because those flames could spread all the way through goleta as we'll see those winds staying up tonight. zero percent containment of course. we're hearing it's around cathedral oaks and cambridge drive where the most immediate and pressing issues are right now. here's the problem. we are still at a hot 94 tomorrow. winds out of the northeast, 10 to 20. we likely could see this get a lot worse unfortunately. i'll be followingon and we'll h me updates coming up. >> stay close. we'll check back in a few minutes. again, let's take a look at our nbc chopper live in the goleta area just north of santa barbara. it's not just one structure or two. there are dozens of structures on at this hour. here's what we'll do. we'll continue to monitor this situation down in santa barbara
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county throughout this newscast. there's also damage near san diego. several homes have been destroyed there, but there is good news. late tonight, firefighters are making progress. this is east of san diego in alpine right along interstate 8. ian cull joins us with the latest on that fire. >> reporter: tonight one firefighter is recovering from burns to his face. he'll be released tomorrow. also tonight, people who live there are returning to the aftermath. as to other fires in san diego county prommpts hundreds of people to evacuate. wildfire ripping through the country side and homes in alpine east of san diego. firefighters say at a critical rate of speed, intense heat, dry conditions, high winds fueling the flames. at one point, closing down i-8, decimating this neighborhood block. one man says he and his wife were watching tv and caught off guard, they had a minute to get out. >> i basically was dodgi fng fi
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the road, and i basically just drove to the place where there was the least flames. >> yeah. >> and it worked. >> reporter: first responders immediately evacuating a mobile home park and set up an evacuation center. the governor declaring a state of emergency for san diego county to help mobilize resources. this man came to help spray down a friend's property. >> they said it was right there coming this way with the wind. so we got over here, and sure enough it was at our back door. >> reporter: two more fires burning late tonight at camp pendleton, scorching 400 acres and 750 homes were evacuated. it's now 40% contained. late tonight, cal fire says the alpine fire has stopped spreading and is just 5% contained. investigators now trying to find out what caused these fires and exactly how many homes in alpine are gone. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> we will get back to our fire coverage in just a few moments..
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the world is awaiting their next move. this is a live look outside of that cave where that youth soccer team is trapped. and rescuers are strategizing how to free those 12 young boys and their coach. it is now saturday afternoon in thailand. things appear to be calm outside, but deep inside that cave, it's a different story. the race is on to rescue those boys before the floodwaters rise or oxygen levels fall. it is a dangerous operation, and tonight help is on the way from the bay area. among the people getting involved, tesla's ceo elon musk. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from sfo with who is headed there to tie lapd ahailand and plan to ? >> reporter: that'g out of sfo tomorrow night, and tesla founder elon musk is sending out a group of engineers. theyo're a thailand to help out a situation where time is running out.
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>> the thai government never expected this to be this big. >> reporter: the crisis is international. and now a bay area interpreter is on her way to thailand to help 12 boys and their coach trapped in a cave. >> i was very excited about the news when the boys were found, and it was a celebration at the beginning. and now i'm very, very worried. >> reporter: worried along with the rest of the world. she will be in thailand tuesday helping to bridge the language gap between officials, divers, and journalists. she speaks thai and four other languages. >> this is an opportunity for me to help my country and also to use my language skill in this kind of situation. >> reporter: a situation where oxygen levels are falling and rescuers are worried about the incoming rain. the boys and their coach are communicating for the first time through letters they sent through divers.
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the coach apologizing to their parents, saying the crew is taking good care of them. and some of the boys are requesting their favorite foods. another one saying, i love you all. please don't forget to host my birthday. and a final note saying he will help at the shop every day he's free. i'll be out there soon. tesla founder elon musk is sending engineers with a plan to pump water from the cave with a special battery pack. he also has plans to place an inflatable tube underwater to create a tunnel. the interpreter is aware of all of this, and she's focused on m. >> it is our mission to get the boys out safely. >> reporter: at sfo, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. there are many prayers f that we hope those boys will be able to capitalize on. the president of fifa has invited the team to attend the
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world cup final in russia. that's on july 15th. despite th situation inside that cave, those boys have been asking about the world cup matches. new at 11:00, a two-day crime spree is over. milpitas police announcing they've arrested 28-year-old icy flores seen here. he's accused of sexually assaulting four women in san jose and one in milpitas on sunday and monday. one of the victims is a 17-year-old girl. flores was arrested on monday just after that fifth assault. a tragic ending to a shooting in antioch. a mother and daughter who were shot while they were asleep in their home have died. the shooting happened around 4:30 yesterday morning on delta fair boulevard, which is near turner elementary school. the mother, belinda scott, died at the scene. her daughter was taken to the . neighbors told us that ardoin's young son was in the house during the shooting but was not
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hurt. no arrests have been made quite yet. this was the day to honor the life of a teenage girl who sparked a national debate on dying. jahi mcmath was laid to rest today. family and friends gathered at the gospel church in oakland. five years ago you might remember jahi went into cardiac arrest after complications from surgery. she was 13 at the time. doctors at oakland's children's hospital declared her brain dead, a decision her family refused to accept. instead they moved jahi to new jersey, a state with more lenient laws on brain death. >> my daughter did not die. if she was going to pass, she should have passed right here in the state of california. >> reporter: jahi's mother says her daughter died of liver failure. they are suing the state of california and alameda county to he this just in. not the camp experience they were expecting. camp mather in san francisco's golden gate park had to suddenly
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close after a gastrointestinal outbreak hit campers and staff this week. it's the first time in the camp's 94-year history they've had to close like this. no word if that camp will reopen again this season. still ahead here at 11:00, we continue to follow our breaking news in santa barbara county. these are live pictures from our nbc chopper. this fire raging out of control, and this is just the beginning. this is in the hills near goleta just north of santa barbara. i'll have the wind forecast on that fire, and after a hot 94 in concord today, we're down to 74. but temperatures go even warmer tomorrow. we'll let you know where it gets close to 100 coming up in just a few minutes. and how about an ice cold beer. how much would you pay for that beer at the giants game? the sticker shock that some giants fans are experiencing tonight at at&t park.
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we continue to follow our breaking news. just north of santa barbara, what you're seeing here, our nbc
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chopper liv pictus in the city of goleta. the early estimate from cal fire, this is 35 acres and dozens of homes either destroyed or damaged. you can see one of the many homes here engulfed in flames. hard to watch this happen, especially on live tv. a lot of people are evacuated. hundreds of evacuations. that will last through the night and perhaps into the weekend. as a point of reference, again, this is goleta north of santa barbara. this is right near the college town of isla vistand uc santa barbara. that fire is burning down the hill toward the town and closer to that campus of ucsb. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the newscast and into the overnight hours, into the weekend as well. back here at home and new at 11:00, sticker shock at the ballpark. how much is too much to pay for a beer? this debate isn't anything new, but we do have a new price tag at at&t park. would you believe 20 bucks for a cold brew? nbc bay area's jean elle joins us from the ballpark. jean, it had better be good
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beer. >> reporter: i heard that a lot tonight, raj. i also learned a lot about beer lovers. it seems craft beer fans will pay just about anything for the beer they love. i talked with a lot of giants fans who say $19.25 is too much for a beer. they don't care how big it is. they want more bang for their buck. food is part of the fun at the giants game. crab sandwiches are grilling, and the beer is flowing. but the wilcox family from truckee, a night at the ballpark is a family tradition. >> we love baseball. we love this park. and we just love the whole experience, including the food and the drinks. to f >> probably $500, $600. >> reporter: they call it a yes spend a couple hundred bucks. night, with one exception. paying $19.25 for a 22-ounce cup of craft beer. >> that's a lot of beer, and that's a lot of money for one beer. so it's painful enough to spend whatever it is, $10.99 for one
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beer. >> it's expensive, and i don't just -- they can do it, you know. it's what the market will bear. >> reporter: there are several cheaper options. we did find a much smaller domestic beer for $8.25. die hard craft beer fans are digging deep. >> it's $25 with gratuity. >> reporter: for some, paying top collar for a bdollar for a specialty beer is okay. >> there's a lot of it, so okay. >> every year it goes up and i kind of choose to selectively really not pay attention to how much. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. a hectic scene in san francisco. a crash involving a muni bus and a semi-truck. three people were taken to the hospital. it happened just before the evening rush hour right there on market street near the center b.a.r.t. station. investigators are still trying to determine what caused this crash. you see it there were that fedex truck. also more police along this
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tourist hot spot weeks after a hit-and-run driver seriously injured a driver on the embarcadero. sfpd is beefing up patrol. they said it was scheduled before that hit-and-run to make sure pedestrians, cyclists and drivers are safe. as for that driver, he's still in the hospital. >> we will be stopping people and the very least will be speaking with them, advising them, and issuing citations when it's appropriate. >> according to the city's travel association, a convention has decided to cancelfrancisco' atmosphere. dirtyfe well, north bay firefighters extra help fighting wildfires. the sonoma county water district wants to install eight cameras like this one. county supervisors are expected to approve the plan next month. now, the cameras can see 60 miles away during the day and about 100 miles away at night. lookout cameras are already being used in lake tahoe and san diego. this camera is part of the tahoe
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system. it's 80 miles away from the county fire but still captured the blaze. and a fire on the other end of california now rages in two states. the klamath fire started yesterday in horn brook. earlier tonight flames crossed over to the oregon side. sadly, the fire has claimed one life. flames jumped interstate 5 yesterday forcing lanes to be shut down in both directions this morning. right now, it's 5% contained. back to our breaking news in goleta. live pictures from our nbc chopper. this is just north of santa barbara as we bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're talking about wind gusts. i don't know if it was 30 to 40 miles per hour, and that intense heat down there. this could be a long few days down there. >> certainly you can see with the chopper is kind of zooming all over. when it was in on the closer shots, you can see how that wind is fanning the flames. the flames really going in all different directions as we've seen gusts hitting around 40 miles per hour, possibly some
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isolated gusts of 50 plus. it's making it so unpredictable for the firefighters out there right now. you have to wonder a lot of people this time of night, you're in bed. you're maybe asleep. you smell the smoke. you start getting the calls, the reverse 911s, and panic sets in. we hope, of course, everybody got out safely. >> we saw it with the wine country fires. it happened in the late hours of the night. we hope they're able to be communicating. it's not just one. it's several spots in a square mile radius. >> yeah. it's going to be extremely tough. so we are, of course, tracking the conditions right on down into southern california. we've put a map perspective on that, and we're going to be able to give you a closer look just in case you have friends or family in southern california. just bear with us here. with this breaking news come in, we're just trying to get everything lined up. you can see on my weather computer right now, santa barbara is located right here. and then there's goleta just off
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to the north of that area. and you can see the fire started in the hills of goleta. winds right now are sustained at 10 miles per hour. but it's those gusts that come up, 15 to 40 miles per hour that are pushing the flames right towards downtown goleta. you've also got santa barbara airport there right near the coast, also ucsb. the problem with this fire is it stays gusty tomorrow. winds northeast 10 to 20 and still a hot forecast of 94 degrees. so this is going to be a fire that will likely continue to be tracking of course into tomorrow. let's hope they get a handle on it in the next couple of hours. now, the forecast does look at least promising to get us out of this super hot weather for southern california. you can see right here in goleta by monday, we're down to 85. then eventually some 70s next week. you can count on us, nbcbayarea.c, also our sister station in california, knbc, for the latest updates and head to let's bring you back into our
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own weather. tomorrow morning we start off mostly clear. temperatures in the 60s. not too bad of a start across the bay area. we're looking still at some 50s in san francisco. a little chilly to start. as we head through the day those numbers are going to be rising and fast. our fire danger will be increasing with some drier air moving in. in fact, some of the heat from southern today will be slowly making it closer to us. that's why we've pushed up temperatures a couple more degrees. 97 in morgan hill. 98 in gilroy. notice theum down to 28%. we will be close to 100 here for parts of the east bay. it's going to feel like it outside. antioch up to 98. danville, 98.pleanton also 95 be the highest. still have the bay breeze in oakland, though. that's why you're down to 80. we keep this down along the p z peninsula. 63 in half moon hey. san francisco, 70s from the embarcadero right through the mission. for the north bay, napa, 93
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degrees. sonoma at 90. my extended forecast does have things cooling off by sunday down to 69 in san francisco. holding with those 60s through the next seven days. and for cities away from the coastline, you're down to 94 on sunday. still hot and fire danger. then eventually we do see things drop off to 80s once we hit next wednesday, thursday, and friday's forecast. so it is an extremely dangerous night down there in southern california. not only where that fire is, but much of that area is still in the 90s for temperatures. >> even at this hour? >> right now, yes. >> okay. we'll cross our fingers for them. up next here at 11:00, the extra security at local concert venue that some are calling an invasion of privacy. breaks her silence. your sneak peak of robin wright )s reaction - to the sexual assault allegations. plus: (billed ( for a repairmas mistakes! plumbing problems push an east bay family to ask for
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help. )today in the bay. ) 4:30 to 7.
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a special guest at an upcoming concert at the shoreline amphitheater. you might be seeing a drone hovering above. the mountain view police department says it's testing out a drone to help with security at a concert in a few weeks at shoreline. police say drones could help them search for missing children, mitigate traffic, and even prevent car break-ins. some people are worried aboutiv. >> personally my relationship with drones is that they've been used to exploit privacy. so i don't really trust their presence. >> mountain view police tells us one drone will be flownring the not fly over the crowd or nearby homes or businesses. all right. are you ready to dunk? an east coast favorite, dunkin' donuts, is in san jose. everyone is slapping fives. the doors opened early this morning to a very long line. in fact, there were lines throughout the day and evening. this is in south san jose on snell avenue. dunkin' donuts is relatively new to the bay area.
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the first one out here opened up a couple years ago in walnut creek. there's also a location in half moon bay. we're back in a moment with the giants and a's. stay with us. ♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help
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we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪
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okay. we talked about the new $20
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beers at at&t park earlier. now let's tal actual game itself. orange friday at the ballpark, and the giants needed a big win in a big way. the cardinals in town. maybe this is her first ever baseball game. she looks very cute. bottom of the seventh, the giants needed some magic and they got it from andrew mccutchen. he delivers the game winning run. look at hunter pence hustling around to score. the giants snap their four-game losing streak. they beat the cardinals 3-2. the red hot a's cooled off a bit, kicking off a road trip in cleveland, ohio. paul blackburn from heritage high school in brentwood gets roughed up. jose ramirez with a two-run double right into that corner in right field. the indians blow out the athletics tonight, 10-4 your final. what we saw today was a thing of beauty. a great match between brazil and belgium. the world cup is now down to just 16. get ready for an early wake-up call tomorrow. here's gabriel sotelo from
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telemundo 48. >> that's right. no surprise the 2-0 victory over uruguay, but how about this game. an own goal in the corner kick. then at the 31st, a combination european side a 2-0 lead. br pull one back, but it wasn't enough. belgium is on to the semifinals. two more games to go in the quarterfinals. our coverage begins at 6:30 a.m. sweden will try and get past england who has a top scorer in the cop with harry kane with six goals. then at 10:30, the home team, russia, will take on croatia. that's it for your copa mundial fix of the day. we're back in a moment on that breaking news news. live pictures now just north of santa barbara. this fire raging out of control.
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several homes already destroyed. we're back in a moment.
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if you're just now joining
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us, we've been following our breaking news. just north of santa barbara, these are live pictures from our nbc chopper in the city of goleta. hundreds of people have already been evacuated. you can see as our helicopter jumps from fire to fire just the breadth and the scope of all of this. this is not just in onela location. dozens of homes have already been destroyed. this is about five miles from the ucsb campus. there is zero containment at this hour. we bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, as we watch this together, really the concerns i would imagine heading into the overnight hours, the teerature. it's still about, what, 90 degrees down there right now? >> yeah. it's actually closer to about 98 degrees still in that area. humidity in the single digits. we're seeing winds anywhere from 20 to about 50 miles per hour. it's going to stay that way overnight. still hot 90s tomorrow and winds that could still reach 50 miles per hour in the fire zone. so you've got to imagine there's some panic going on there. people are trying to get out. they were probably asleep in
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some cases. it's out of control as we've been hearing. >> you can see our helicopter there just really giving you an idea of that area. again, we'll continue to follow this throughout the evening or throughout the overnight hours and have an update on our morning newscast. again, this is a fire in goleta just north of santa barbara. thanks for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." ot ght, join jimmy and his guests -- jada pinkett smith, bryce dallas howard, comedian nikki glaser,


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