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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 9, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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today in santa rosa 89 degrees. it was between winchester and convention center. they are able to run trains. the bad news they will be significantly slower. it will be about 5 miles per hour. that will prevent d delay for the system. it will improve tracks through the area. it is getting toward it is bay bridge. farther north richmond westbound
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580 is very clear. >> it we are going back to breaking news. this incredible story we have all been following. while you were sleeping divers pulled this. on sunday crews say four of the 12 boys spent more than two weeks under ground. they considered the healthiest. the rain is threatening the flood that cave. it could take three or four days to rescue all 12 boys and their soccer coach. listen how they are doing it. they are moving along a teather. all of them will have oxygen tanks. we'll monitor this all morning long and we'll bring you updates. >> new this morning police arrest protesters that first
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started gathering a week ago in downtown san francisco. we are live outside of ice headquarters with what lead up to it all. good morning, pete. >> of course it started about a week ago. you can see it is all cleared out. i was going to show you new video from overnight. you can see police rieght behin me. it is due to specific restrictions about sidewalk camping in the area. the groups were advised about this as they continue to set up the encampment in down ton san francisco. since last week the impact of
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traffic was very minimal on the area. things were certainly going to change this morning. sheer police expanding on this earlier this morning. >> the midweek holiday con tri butded to lower flow of traffic this block is being reopened to coincited with resumption of regular traffic patterns beginning monday morning. tonight is the night we will learn president trump's pick for supreme court justice.
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>> i'm getting very close to making a final decision. i believe this person will do a great job. >> on a short list all federal judges including brett kfrom washington, reasons ready to legitimize see all good options. >> republicans are holding four lottery tickets and all of them are winners. >> i think they would be fine justices of the supreme court. i think he has to think about who is easiest to get confirmed here. >> they worry it could change americans lives on issues like
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abortion, health care and more. >> this next nominee will be the swing vote and equally important to -- the millions of americans who receive preexisting conditions. it is to confirm a new justice from the november midterm elections. nbc news, washington. developing in japan more than 100 people are dead after what people are calling historic amounts of rain.
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>> it is near oil and gas operations. 5:06. tonight city council members will talk about putting micro wireless technology on top of light polls. tech companies are trying to do this. here is what the current proposal would put them in. the city says another company is also interested. the kmaul cell technology. they will update to wireless ordnance to include how the process will work. and right now we are getting a little bit of light.
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it's 59 degrees right now in the south by. the peninsula at 58. it is 59 in the tri valley. it is a 54 as you get ready head out. the drive through fremont you'll enjoy clear skies, temperatures at 60 degrees and making it into the mid-80 sz. martin es at 94 at what's going on? i do is a pool to report. we hope it's nothing more than a puddle right now. this is north 101.
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you see that little blip there. there is minor flooding. it is near slowing all the way off to the right. this is a different spot than we saw a few weeks ago. there was a busted drain there and they didn't have the pump running. some minor slowing. a few folks lining up there. a top number, 14 minutes, highway 402. over on the peninsula here is north 101. we are looking at a smooth drive. remember it gets hit with sun liechlgt keep. back to you. >> thanks. coming up next i would have
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i'll break down what we can what listen. >> we'll take a look coming up. and later, lined to snag spot at some of the most prestige use public schools, the way it is impacting school districts.
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mike traffic tease good morning. it's 5:12. the rain continues for the next couple of days. we'll talk about higher humidity and weekend coming up in about five minutes. and a great direction across the water. this is san mateo bridge. we are talking one or two incidents. we'll give you a look at that coming up. >> and a very happy monday to
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you. >> stocks are set to bounce higher on the open despite the fact that we slapped china with new trade tariffs. part of that was caused by the latest jobs report. solid growth has the u.s. adding $213,000 jobs in june. just as importantly they raised from the last month. a separate report says the city of san francisco added 19,000 jobs in past year pressuring april to april. nearly all of them in tech or tech related businesses. warning problems that facebook may bleed into other companies. people mistrust facebook after all of its problems with losing data and whatnot. they say if we are not careful
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it could cause him to mistrust in general. nbc is part owner. you tube under pressure to do something about all of the dangerous videos, young people taking risks to get views. this is called high on life. three of its members were killed last week. you may have seen people dangling off of skyscrapers and whatnot. a young man was killed on thursday falling from a building in new york taping that. people are asking you tube maybe this is not something we should encourage. you were showing video of that guy jumping. >> and they are shows. i think mtv has a show. >> it is horrifying. >> use good judgment. >> which means don't dangle from buildings. happening today opening statements begin in a landmark
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case about a chemical weed killer. a man with months to live is blaming monsanto. he claims they didn't disclose the widely used herbacide that causes cancer. there is question of whether or not it is a carcinogen. monsanto faces almost 4,000 cases involving round up weed killer. this morning the holiday fire is burning and mostly contained. many evacuated families were allow today see if their homes were still standing. the fire destroyed 13 homes and blackened 100 areas. we spoke to one family whose is
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now surrounded. >> both of those have this one up in flames. >> it's the hand of god. it's your luck of whether or not your house will be saved or not. >> that fire is 85% contained. now the focus is to repair power lines. happening now puerto rico bracing for heavy wind and rain. the good news is the storm was briefly a hurricane. puerto rico went into a state of emergency. of course hurricane maria devastate that had island. we don't know exactly how many people died. many don't even have power. here is one man helping in remote areas. >> wind and rain expected
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through tonight they really need a break there. >> yeah. we'll see it every year. >> even though it is the remnants it could produce wind speeds of 40 to 60 miles per hour. when it is downgraded a lot of people let their guard dune litt -- down a little bit at home. we are looking at all clear skies this morning as you get ready to step out the door. a beautiful sunrise as we start out this monday. we are looking at our transit forecast. it will be at 57 degrees as you step out the door. upper 60s later this morning. we are at 67 in oakland and low 70s by early afternoon. south bay up to 95 and 98 in gilroy. we will still have a wide range
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in temperatures all about location today with oakland reaching 76 and 93 in antioch. it is 63 and 82 in paloalto. for the north bay up to 89 degrees. it will be a hot day. as we go through the week we are looking at hot weather. let me know what you're planning to do this weekend as we head into the weekend coming up in about 20 minutes we'll take a look at our weekend forecast and places you may be headed to. as we look at our seven day forecast with low 90s today, tomorrow and wednesday. it comes down a couple of degrees but not much. we won't see that we'll be watching for tropical moisture moving into the bay area. looking at low 70s for today in
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san francisco. upper 60s the rest of the week. you an update on that flooding in san jose? >> it is certainly not because of the rain. we are talking about we don't know what. i saw a lot of slowing. it is sort of abruptly changed from time to time. i'm guessing they may have this much slowing. we'll track that again and chp will let us know if we have to keep any lanes closed permanently right now. it is because of water on the roadway. it sounds like a large puddle. it did grow in the other spot. we have seen a few spots where a drain has stopped working. it was for seepage there.
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it is coming up from the south county. no delays there. a mild back up there. this is north 680. shouldn't be a problem. i'll track that. the rest of it coming across. this is moving just fine. no delay out of antioch right now. this shows westbound 580. a nice treat. these agencies are looking great. vta, chris will talk about the update. we did have a deadly crash there yesterday. trains are restored. it will be slow between winchester and convention center. we'll follow up in a few minutes. back to you guys. coming up here on today in the bay protecting your car this summer, the spike in thefts and
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way you can keep valuables away from thieves.
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filed against disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. these charges are tied to a third woman .. who accuses weinstein of sex crimes in 2006. 5:23. these charges against weinstein accused him of sex crimes in 2006. they include two counts of
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predatory sexual assault. he could receive a maximum sentence of life in prison. more and more peoples lying about where they live to get their kids in better schools. the paper says the fraud cases are on the rise. a couple of years ago there were just 34 cases. this past school year, 53. a group reminding us something we already know. do not leave stuff in your car. in case no one ever told you, lock your doors all the time. break ins are a huge problem t.
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average rate is one every three minutes. you could get a glimpse of self-driving cars. it is for the automated vehicle symposium. there may be more mountain lions than there have been in years. it seems to answer the questions of certainty. the last time y2k was several years away. it will be the state's most details ever. >> i they they are beautiful but
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scary at the same time. all right. 5:25 for you. chaos on an east bay freeway. >> the smoke was so bad. everyone stopped. people started getting out on the freeway with their families. >> i'll tell you about the frantic moment as people try to flee from a fast moving wild fire. . >> you hear a crunch like a loud bank. i didn't know if it was bombs or what. i see the train just like crunching like a tin can. a train slammed into a car killing two people. we have more on the impact it is having from a morning commute. >> you can see a few people on the road. we'll get you up to the minute the minute you get up.
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good morning and thank you let's take a peek outside. it should be a nice day ahead. good morning. >> right now we want to go to kari hall. it is a good view of what we can
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expect. >> it will be a great day but it will warm up from the upper 60s to low 70s today. san jose 86 and san francisco get ready for a high of 70. it will be a really nice day. this continues through the week. i do have signs of change at a bay bridge. >> we are looking at the fast track lanes. >> it isn't happening for almost ten minutes now. cash lanes bring you cash.
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no delays down the east shore freeway. look at that. there is a big puddle blocking your slow lane. >> back to you. >> all right. a train running again. crews cleared the tracks about 40 minutes ago. >> we are live this morning. you already saw training running out there? >> with t investigation is
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ongoing. in the last half hour we did see training running through this area. if you're a commuter it will be slower even though you won't have to take the bus bridges. they are now cancelled. it shows it dragging the car more than 100 yards. witnesses say it appears that the driver who die aid long with his passenger may have been try to go beat the train. >> yous happened to sew this train turning.
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>> i just looked and i seen this crunching li crunching like a tin can. >> 20 people were on the light rail train. this is not one of the locations included. today in the bay. >> all right. thank you. 5:33 right now. we want to go to a developing story. imagine driving home and seeing this right here. a massive fire on 580 in livermore. firefighters still trying to contain those flames.
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>> we did hear about one flare up out here. we are off of i-580. this area now being used to hand out supplies to firefighters and also as a briefing site this morning. one concern here. >> and there it is. you can hear those blowing grasses, the winds blowing through the grasses. it is a major concern out here. those winds fanning the flames to cross the extremely dry and deep grasses and weeds. one driver said drivers were
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blinded by smoke. >> people started getting out on the freeways with their families. they satd drivers began turning around making matters even worse. >> the interstate was opened by about 12:30. it is about 40% contained. there was promising news this morning when some of the crews that were headed this way to help out were recalled because they thought they had a good handle on this.
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>> these are live pictures where the boys are being treated. they saved and seven are still in the cave plus their coach. >> the entire mission could take three or four days to complete. the today show is monitoring everything that is happening. the today show starts at 7:00 right after today in the bay. >> happening today oakland leaders take action, new action to try to solve a series of fires which have destroyed large developments. they want to better protect future projects. you may remember a fire destroyed a large construction project. today the mayor will join police
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and fire leaders. now to a disturbing story we continue to follow. today the 29-year-old brentwood man accused of killing his own mother will face a judge. math shoe redman seen here was arrested last week just before 4th of july. police say they found his mother, 54-year-old redman dead an to bathroom floor. details could be revealed in court today. >> now to a bizarre burglary investigation. police say there may be a connection between a naked man breaking into homes and a homeowner caught on surveillance last year. a woman sent these pictures to police. she says he came to her house and expoedsed himself. she filed a report with police but he was never arrested. officers say it's similar to what's been reported in recent
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weeks. people have called to say a naked man broke into their homes. one of those cases that man broke into a home and exposed himself to a teenaged girl inside. an rv community is being ordered off the land bay city. rules say people cannot park overnight at the marina. many who live there say they have no place to go. >> it is one of the only spots we can come to where we don't get hassled by the police and other people. yeah. i don't know what we are going to do actually to be completely honest. >> he says she working on finding another spot for people to park. new details. it seems they finally getting down to the nitty-gritty.
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according to the chronical leasing deals could include stores you may or may not know. one kantds the businesses would likely open by january. well, some would say they need to know but i'm happy. a little build north of 680. chp is on scene. reports are there is a large puddle. it is not glowing over the last hour. it has been there. chp flashing lights causing slowing. we'll continue to track that. they supposed to get out there and help with water on the
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roadways. in the middle cash lanes starting to slowly build. a lighter flow of traffic. for san francisco it will be the same for the weekend we just had with low 70s by the end of the weekend. if you plan ongoing to the trivalley or shopping this weekend it will be in the upper 80s for much of the weekend and
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still cool for the coast. santa cruz reaching the upper 60s all weekend long and for the sierra. we are looking at low 80s there and mostly sunny skies. if you're going to la this weekend upper 70s coming out of the 90s we just had and the unbearable heat. we'll talk about what's ahead for the south bay. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> all right. thank you. 5:41. coming up next an nbc news exclusive. i didn't really -- i didn't know the man. i knew the incredible craftsman that he is. >> this morning house of cards star breaks her silence on the kevin spacey scandal and what she is revealing about the show's final season. and today is the day president trump says he will announce his supreme court pick.
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that's when today in the bay continues.
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it's 5:44. we get a live look outside and go to east san jose. upper 60s at 9:00. we are looking at upper 80s again today. so another one. so try to stay cool.
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we are looking ahead coming up in less than five minutes. we are looking at a huge flow of traffic across the bay bridge. i'm looking for any signs of slowing. i may have b seeing brakes. sounds good. thank you. it is a quarter to 6:00 right now. robin wright says she didn't really know kevin spacey. >> it is in between set-ups where we would giggle. >> i didn't really -- i didn't know the man. >> the full interview airs at 7:40 this morning right here on
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today in the bay. telling investors they plan to pay significant amounts to the north bay wild fires. some believe that's not enough. they plan to make a statement against pg and e later today and also plan on calling lawmakers. insiders say he hasn't necessarily picked which one. the money is on brett kavanaugh. congress gets back to work today after its july 4th resent.
5:47 am
the b-- recess. it is hazy. you have heard the problems jordan faces and many democrats don't want nancy pelosi to take the gavel again. there is pressure to let someone else, someone younger have a turn. the president did say he woulds live up to his promise. he also said the presidents are -- this morning he tweeted that complaint again along with
5:48 am
complaints with trade about europe. it is a busy day in washington. we will continue to cover it on twitter. you can follow me online. >> thank you. as easy as one, two, three. >> he made it look easy. it landed three of the most famous jumps. two of those jumps he actually crashed him.
5:49 am
>> it was very shallow. >> yeah. so i think a lot of people will be doing that. it will be very warm over these next few days. we are starting out with cool temperatures and upper 50s as you head out the door. this is three windows and a clear sunrise across the board. this is as we look live in san francisco. it is a little bit cooler fn the north bay. on your way out here is a look at our san jose temperature trend. it will be a morning with a light jacket. by noontime we are already at 81 degrees. you may get that sandwich abdomen head back to the office. it will be hotter in concord today up to 94 degrees at 3:00.
5:50 am
our inland areas will be very warm as we see some of our south bay temperatures in the upper 80s. low 90s for the trivalley as well. it is upper 80s for the north bay. as you get started you need a jacket. later on today you'll be comfortable wearing a sleeveless shirt or short sleeves. it will feel very much like summer. it was such a high scoring game yesterday. hopefully it continues into tonight and upper 60s at first pitch. as we look at our temperatures for the rest of the week it is looking good but yes, very summer like. above normal for this time of year. we could start to see humidity creeping in on friday. it is like we are stuck in a pattern where we have the same weather over and over again. san francisco mostly in the up are 60s.
5:51 am
you have a possible problem on the bay bridge. >> yeah. i have been tracking this shot. it is kind of zoomed out here. the taillights were slowing a bit. there were reports. a bridge crew has been heading out there. it looks pretty smooth. this is starting to slow around mid-span. there may be activity quickly trying to clear that crash or disabled vehicle from a slow lane.
5:52 am
there's no rain in the area. the back up has start today build because of that disabled vehicle. >> thank you, mike. coming up on today in the bay, have you been bitten yet? the ticks are causing problems for the backyard barbecues. >> got to be careful. ntsb investigators at a crash. the crash killed one person. the helicopter went down on a house on sunday. the pilot is still missing. starbucks getting rid of plastic straws. you'll start to see recycleables and lids and paper straws. they will be the first to see the changes in the fall. we'll be back right after this break with more. it's 5:52. i didn )t even need ao
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wake up this morning. vacation was good for me. go to my facebook page and give me tips on how you keep feeling restful... after you come back to work. you might have to take the stairs if you )re riding bart this morning. crews are making major repairs on one of the escalators at the montgomery station. this is th it is 5:55 for you.
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crews are making major repairs. this is the escalator at market and 2nd street end of the station. bart says the escalator will be out of service until august 1st. new this morning dr. burnout could lead to a lot of medical mistakes. they surveyed 7,000 doctors and found more than half had victims of burnouts. it is important to make sure ticks don't hang out in your backyard. an easy way is to manage those. >> it could be a thrill to see a beautiful fawn walking through
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the yard. when you realize they may be leaving ticks as they pass through it suddenly takes on new meaning. >> try to make your yard less appeal to go animals. choose your landscaping wisely. less foliage will mean less ticks. added mulch or gravel is said to be helpful. might be time far paycheck check up especially if you're owed federal tax this is year.
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we talked a lot about the opiod crisis. we'll hear from chronic pain patients who say they are suffering because of the battle against opioid. they are having a hard time getting painkillers. the company says it will reimburse customers. you'll need to send a chat message through the app and include your receipt as well as the movie title, show time and theater. it came at a bad time as marvel's latest hit film hit theaters. ant man dominated on its opening
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weekend. getting them out, to save the youth soccer team trapped in a thailand cave. plus police shut down a large protester, the reason they say it needed to end. . and supreme court showdown, what we are learning about the president's top choices. today in the bay continues right now. and a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. mike will have your traffic in just a moment. we want to get a check of the weather with carry. you say it will be another pleasant day.
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>> yeah. it is heating up over the next couple of days. >> we are having trouble hearing her. we take a live look outside. kind of hazy skies right now. we have a look at the morning commute. >> i did that -- no. don't want to hear about it. one lane there. one lane closure. if it wasn't for this one lane clezed we would have no problems. north 101. still there. the department of transportation to come and whatever is causing that water to be there. it is not growing but it is growing as far as the back up goes. meanwhile here is the back up. it is sloy


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