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tv   Today  NBC  July 9, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> bring the shades today and the sunscreen. we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. make it a great one. we are back. good morning. breaking overnight. new rescue. just this morning, another child four more children pulled to safety from that cave in thailand as divers resume their dangerous operation to bring those boys and their coach back to the surface. the complex mission a race against time and those heavy rains. as doctors reveal the first rescued boys are healthy and hungry. we're live with the very latest. supreme decision. president trump set to unveil
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his supreme court nominee during a national address tonight. the list narrowed down to the final four, but the president not tipping his hand. >> they're excellent. you can't go wrong. nerve agent murder. a british woman dies one week after being exposed to the same type of poison used on a former russian spy in england. scotland yard now investigating. all that, plus "today" exclusive. robin wright speaking out for the first time about sexual assault allegations against her former "house of cards" co star, kevin spacey. >> i didn't know the man. i knew the incredible craftsman that he is. >> and the future of her hit show. honoring evel. >> evel knievel. >> an extreme sports star pays tribute to evel knievel in las vegas, nailing three of his most famous jumps. >> look at that! and prince luis' big day. the royal family stepping out for the christening of its newest member. today, monday, july 9th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. bright and early monday morning. and we've got some good news to start this morning. >> we certainly do. that breaking news on the risky rescue mission that is unfolding right now in thailand and being watched by the world. >> that's right. as we mentioned, a new operation got under way overnight for the remaining boys and their coach, still trapped inside that cave. an official says four more boys were brought out just this morning, bringing the total to eight so far. >> each boy who is rescued wears a full-face oxygen mask and is tethered to two divers as they make their way through miles of twisting passageways and flooded chambers. >> and adding to the operation's urgency, there were more heavy downpours overnight. thankfully, though, crews say water levels did not rise inside the cave. >> we are also learning more about the first four boys who are rescued.
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one official saying they are strong, they are safe and receiving medical attention at a nearby hospital. >> we've got complete coverage, including our interview with one of the divers involved in this mission. but let's start with nbc's chief global correspondent, bill neely, at the scene. bill, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. and a great morning for four more thai teenagers who had been freed. they were taken out by medical teams along the road behind me, and they are now being looked after in the hospital. meanwhile, divers have been underground once again risking their lives. four boys freed today. eight in total. five lives yet to be saved. today, again, freedom for four more boys. first, one ambulance with a fifth freed boy. then in the dark, three more. today more success. four freed, a repeat of yesterday's moment. the end of a nightmare for one
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small boy carried on a gurney to a waiting helicopter. then off to the hospital. a doctor glimpsed for a moment, treated him in the ambulance. another helicopter poised for the second of four boys. and today the divers are doing it all again. a battle against water and time on a route that's already proved a death trap. today to the boys will be taken out two by two, guided by elite divers for more than two miles. the first four boys chosen were the strongest, say commanders. the youngest to go just 13 years old. the aunt of one of them saying, i haven't laughed for a long time. today i'm happy. this is d-day, said the commander, launching the rescue. we have to act now. less than eight hours after it started, the boys emerged. two hours later, a second pair. four were free. three of the boys who had been freed went to this school.
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three more students are still trapped. but today their friends are relieved. >> good feeling. >> reporter: it's a good feeling. >> yeah. >> reporter: on the day his friends disappeared, one boy had skipped soccer practice to watch the world cup on tv. the boys' friends say this is the place they want to take them when they're all free. after that, it's fried chicken. one diver told nbc news, the boys yesterday were totally calm. their escape route widened just hours before as rescuers drilled through cave walls. but it was a rescue made urgent by falling oxygen levels in the caves and falling rain outside. the commander said today, the same team of 90 divers are underground again. the remaining boys and their coach yearning to see the sunshine. their lives still hanging in the balance. well, no sunshine here. now it's night fall. operations have been suspended
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for the day. the biggest obstacle today, not really what you would think. not physical. it's tiredness and complacency. it can kill divers. never mind weakened boys. and the other thing that was interesting, he said the rainfall yesterday didn't really affect the caves, because they drilled into the cave walls. they removed boulders, and they actually redirected the water away from the cave system. a really extraordinary operation. we expect it will restart with the same team of 90 divers at around the same time tomorrow morning. remember, five individuals down there, four boys and their coach still to be rescued. a really extraordinary successful operation already. back to you guys. >> incredible feat of engineering. >> certainly. >> to say nothing of the courage of these divers. bill, thank you.
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now we are joined on the phone by ivan, a danish diver who took part in sunday's rescue. ivan, good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> it's so great to hear your voice. i can't imagine what it was like in that moment when you were in the cave and you saw the first young boy emerge. tell us a little bit about that, what the children's demeanor was like. >> caller: well, as you said yourself, they -- considering their situation they have been through the last two weeks, they were very, very calm. they are some incredibly strong kids. considering they have been through what can only be thought to be an absolute nightmare for these guys. >> absolutely. and ivan, you're one of the divers, you've been in that cave. so you have such a unique perspective. can you tell us what it is like down there? and what's involved in getting out young boys in this frail condition, many of whom can't even swim. >> caller: well, the challenge -- the main challenge is that we're dealing with, as you say yourself, young kids that are in no way trained to do
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cave diving. cave diving requires a lot of training, and it's still dangerous, even for the best cave divers. so the major challenge here is to make sure that these kids don't start to panic. because i would expect anybody who is not trained for this kind of diving to look at this as an extremely fearful event. so, yes, keeping the boys in good mental health so they don't panic. because panic will create a lot of problems for us inside the cave. >> take it a step further. because for those of us who have never been in a cave, never done cave diving and never will, why -- what is it? is it because it's small, it's dark, it's hard to navigate? explain what it is that makes it so difficult. >> caller: well, it's exactly everything you said. it's small, it's hard to navigate, it's obviously being inside a cave. it's pitch-black, unless you have artificial lights with you. and there are some narrow
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passages. so far a cave diver, this is something that we cave divers enjoy. we think it's challenging and exciting to explore these caves. these young boys were exploring the cave while they were still dry and due to the flood, they got cold, so, yeah -- it's very -- >> how much of this is under water? how much of the time are they actually submerged? >> caller: at the moment, it's less and less. so when the operation started, which is now two weeks ago, pretty much the entire cave was under water, and the flow from inside the cave to the entry was very, very high, making it impossible even for cave divers to actually swim into the cave. the only way we could get into the cave was to hold on to rocks and drag us along. now due to the enormous amount of engineers we have onsite who have installed water pumps many places in the cave, and the water is now getting sucked out of the cave, it is getting easier and easier every hour to
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get in and out. >> and in some places, are you really just -- you're almost submerging the boys and kind of pushing them out along the line? that's what it looks like. >> caller: there are several places where the diver and the boys will have to go under water, that is correct. >> all right, ivan. thank you for your perspective. thanks so much. >> appreciate it. >> caller: you're welcome. and now for more on the first boys to be brought out of that cave and how they're doing this morning, we go to nbc's janis mackey frayer, also in thailand. she's got that part of the story. janis, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. one after another, we watched those ambulances come down this street where there's a make shift helipad, taking them to the hospital, stabilizing their vital signs, making sure they have no signs of hypothermia so that their real recovery can begin. at this hospital in chiang rai,
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the entire eighth floor is reserved for the care. it's where the four exhausted boys are in a sterilized isolation unit, being medically assessed and allowed no physical contact with their families until doctors say so. hospital officials won't reveal how they're doing, but the condition of one is said to be causing concern. their order of evacuation decided by a medic inside the cave. the healthiest went first. but after so many days of darkness, cold and little food, they still face a tricky recovery. >> they are lucky to be in there together, 13 boys together. and if they are in there alone, this would be very desperate. >> reporter: days ago, the boys sent letters to their families about what they wanted when they were freed. favorite foods like pork barbecue. one boy joked, teacher, don't give us lots of homework. another wrote, don't worry about us now. i miss everyone.
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i want to go back now. infection remains the primary concern, so when they go home, at this point, really isn't clear. but what an incredible step to be taking towards that journey home. people have been captivated by this story. i think every parent has probably been watching and seeing their kid's face and the darkness of that cave. so a real elation that they're coming home. savannah, hoda, back to you. >> janis, thank you very much. we'll have much more on these ongoing rescue efforts throughout the morning. another major story we are following, who will be president trump's supreme court pick. henee in a prime time address tonight, and nbc news has learned the list is down to four possible candidates. we have in-depth coverage. nbc national correspondent, peter alexander, is at the white house. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a source familiar with this process tells me it is a jump ball, who the president picks tonight. president trump acknowledging as much, telling reporters he'll make up his mind by noon today.
7:13 am
and with this decision still up in the air, the white house war room aides here tell me is preparing to roll out for each of the possible contenders. president trump preparing to pull back the curtain on his supreme court pick, still building suspense ahead of tonight's prime time reveal. >> i'm getting very close to making a final decision. and i believe this person will do a great job. >> reporter: a source with firsthand knowledge of the selection process telling nbc news, the president's greatest focus is on appeals court judges, brett kavanaugh of washington, d.c., and thomas hardiman of pennsylvania. but the source insists, mr. trump hasn't ruled out any. final contenders that also includes amy coney barrett and raymond kethledge. >> let's say it's the four people. they're excellent, everyone. you can't go wrong. >> reporter: some of those finalists spotted sunday, going about their lives on the eve of a historic announcement. the president over the weekend hosting fox news personality, sean hannity, at his new jersey golf club. also getting input from advisers, friends and senate leaders.
7:14 am
ahead of a fierce confirmation battle. >> i do think the president has to think about it. who is the easiest to get confirmed here. >> reporter: behind the scenes, senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, making that same argument to the president. this conservative ad already playing on cable tv. >> extremists will lie and attack the nominee. but don't be fooled. president trump's list includes the best of the best. >> reporter: senate democrats including three from red states who supported mr. trump's first court pick, neil gorsuch, facing pressure to resist this one. >> obviously, each senator understands this is an historic decision. it will decide the future of this court for a generation or more. and so i know they'll look carefully at each nominee. >> reporter: of those top two contenders, thomas hardiman's last confirm medication vote to the appeals court was unanimous. that included democrats. brett kavanaugh's confirmation could get slowed down if senators want to review his lengthy record as a judge, as well as presidential documents that would have crossed his desk when he worked for president
7:15 am
george w. bush. hoda? >> all right. peter alexander at the white house, thanks. let's drill down on this. more on what we need to know about the president's front runners. nbc's pete williams is on the story this morning. hi, pete, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, any one of these would be more conservative than justice kennedy, retiring at the end of the month. brett kavanaugh the only ivy leaguer on the list. yale and yale law something president trump said is important. former kennedy law clerk. on the plus side, an appeals court judge in washington, potential down side, years of working for president george w. bush, who trump has frequently criticized. thomas hardiman was a finalist last year when the president chose gorsuch. first in his family to attend college, he drove a taxi the summer before law school. on the third court of appeals. in pennsylvania. and so is the president's sister, who has put in a good word for him. raymond kethledge also a former kennedy clerk, midwesterner, growing up in michigan, appeals
7:16 am
court judge for ten years. conservatives applaud two recent rulings against the irs and the eeoc. last year, he wrote a book with an army officer about the importance of solitude, something he gets in his office in a converted barn overlooking lake huron. and amy coney barrett, the only woman on the list, the youngest at 46, former scalia clerk, admired as a devout catholic, but questions about whether that would influence her judging have galvanized her supporter. a potential negative for her is that she's only been a judge for about eight months, and has no other government experience. savannah, hoda? >> pete williams at the court, thank you. and again, the president will unveil his supreme court pick tonight. nbc news will have special live coverage that starts at 9:00 eastern time. we have a lot more to get to this morning, including a murder investigation launched by scotland yard. this after the death of a woman who came in contact with the same deadly nerve agent used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter. nbc's kelly cobiella has the very latest on this story.
7:17 am
hey, kelly, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. britain's emergency committee will meet yet again today on this, and britain's prime minister, theresa may, was tweeting about it overnight, writing, i'm appalled and shocked by the death of dawn sturgis, adding police and security officials are working urgently to establish the facts of this incident. this morning, london's metropolitan police are calling this a murder investigation. police confirmed, 44-year-old british national, dawn sturgis, died sunday, eight days after being exposed to novachuck, a military grade nerve agent. officials say it was the same poison used on sergei skripal and his daughter earlier this year. sturgis was seen in a convenience store hours before they collapsed. >> i saw dawn being taken out on
7:18 am
a stretcher and she didn't look very well. >> reporter: police later confirmed the pair were exposed to novachuck after handling a contaminated item. >> the death is desperately sad news. we will work with the police to give them all the support they need. >> reporter: in a statement, assistant commissioner for counterterrorism, neil bassu, calling this a reckless and barbaric act. while rally remains in critical condition, police aren't sure if the november novichok that poisoned him and killed sturgis is part of the same batch used against the former russian spy and his daughter. the british government believes russia was behind the attempted assassination of the skripals, an accusation the kremlin strongly denies. meanwhile, investigators say there is no evidence rally or sturgis were specifically targeted. today british police said they believe the latest victims handled the container, holding the deadly nerve agent. and the kremlin is speaking out about this once again, offering condolences, but saying the
7:19 am
investigation is britain's problem. savannah, hoda? >> kelly cobiella, thank you. let us get our first check of the weather and al is back. >> al is back! >> hey! good to see you guys, and good to see you. thanks for getting your weather from us. we're taking a look right now at what's going on in thailand, and one of the reasons they want to get those kids out or besides everything else. we've got more heavy rain coming. they could pick up another 1 to 2 inches moving into tomorrow afternoon. as we look also right now at puerto rico, they finally have their live radar back, just in time for the remnants of beryl to come sweeping across the island. it's about to be bringing heavy rain, and there could be mudslides as this system pushes across. we're going to be watching this as it makes its way. we could see anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain, the eastern ends of the island could be upwards of 5 inches and as it makes its way further west from the dominican republic on into haiti, we could have very heavy rains there, as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next
7:20 am
30 seconds. good morning. it's a nice sunny start to our day. we take a live look outside in san jose. temperatures in the low 60s. we are hearding to the upper 80s. high up to 87 degrees. look how hot it will be, 95 degrees and 90s for the tri
7:21 am
valley. 90s in the forecast for much of the week. it doesn't cool down even into the weekend. coming up in the next half hour, a hurricane off the north carolina coast later today. we'll tell you about that. >> all right, al. thanks. coming back, heading back to thailand on an update on this morning's dangerous mission to pull more poise out of the cave. >> today an exclusive, robin wright opening up for the first time about her scandal surrounding "house of cards" co-star kevin spacey. >> this last year i think has shined a light in a new way to allow us to start a new conversation. >> and our conversation on spacy's departure, the show's new season and more, but fst this iirs year, i am sorry about that.
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. both directions of interstate 580 through the altamont pass are open again. this after a fast moving grass fire .. that we learned on good morn to go you. both directions are open again after a fast moving grass fire on 580. it is fully contained. it started yesterday afternoon. it puburned about 600 acres. some cars having to turn around going the wrong way. traffic came the a halt. no reported injuries. firefighters don't know how that fire started. 580 fully open again in time for this morning's commute. all right. let's check that forecast. another hot one ahead? >> yes.
7:27 am
it will be hot for the inland valleys. we take a live look outside. a nice cool morning as you get ready to head out. we are in the upper 70s heading into the mid-to upper 80s in the south bay today. inland valleys looking at the 90s. oakland up through san francisco. low 90s continuing through the forecast through much of the week. not much cooling for the weekend. let's get an update on the commute. >> looking a pretty smooth drive. relatively light volume. we have had a couple of light crashes. southbound 680 is where this crash seems to be for it to report. one lane blocked. we have mild flowing. south bay it is great. a thumbing up there from the flooding. we haven't had anymore water on the roadways.
7:28 am
it is 35 from highway 4 to the back up at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
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kids, busy jobs in seattle, washington. they can never escape the feeling there should be more to life. te welcome back, everybody. 7:30 on the west coast on a monday morning, july 9th, with new images from the scene of that daring rescue operation in thailand. four boys pulled alive from that underwater cave, just this morning. rescued in all. we have the latest on what's unfolding in thailand in a live report. but first a check of the other headlines of the morning. judgment day. >> i'm getting very close to making a final decision. >> president trump set to pick a new supreme court nominee tonight in a decision that will influence the direction of the court for decades.
7:31 am
>> let's say it's the four people. but they're excellent. everyone. you can't go wrong. the trump administration likely submits tomorrow's court-ordered deadline to return all migrant children under the age of 5 with their parents. this according to the aclu. >> they will begin looking for the parents in this country, and abroad. but it's critical the government use the resources available. road rage. an out of control wildfire shutting down a freeway in northern california, forcing drivers to flee, as firefighters race to contain blazes across the west that have destroyed dozens of homes. and they're off! thousands take to the streets for the annual running of the bulls in spain. a tradition that's left nearly a dozen hurt so far this year. and pure evel. >> yeah!
7:32 am
>> daredevil, travis kastronis replicates three of evel knievel's most famous jumps in las vegas. >> one night, and it's done! >> jumping over cars, buses and fountains. today, monday, july 9th, 2018. >> looked pretty good. >> i know. on all of those. wow. all right. we are going to get back to that cave rescue operation in thailand. and this morning's newest rescue, bill neely was right there. good morning again. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, hoda. and a great morning for four more thai teenagers who have been pulled out of the cave behind me and are now being treated at the hospital. and you can probably see, the operation is wrapping up for the night. we've got soldiers, doctors, divers leaving, and supplies going in for tomorrow's operation. but so far, eight teenagers have been freed. five lives yet to be saved.
7:33 am
after nearly 17 days trapped in a flooded cave, eight boys remain in the dark, with nothing but the sound of rushing water. and the reassuring words of the divers they're with. stories of heroism and hope are beginning to emerge. 90 divers, 40 thai and 50 foreign experts, are spearheading the mission. the thai navy s.e.a.l.s posting this symbol of unity online. the message? we, the thai and foreign teams, will bring the wild boars' soccer team home. and they are bringing them home. updating the world of their progress, posting, the fourth wild boar is out of the cave. >> the minds of the divers are something that isn't talked about. >> reporter: tim taylor, a deep ocean explorer, featured on the national geographic and nova documentary, "extreme cave diving." he says he knows what these divers are going through. >> put yourself in their shoes. if you were given a child, someone's child, and you had to
7:34 am
bring them through this maze, and labyrinth, and you're responsible for bringing them out alive. if it goes one way, you're a hero. if it goes the other way, you're living with the results the rest of your life. that's a burden on any rescuer. >> reporter: this tale is similar to other stories of disappearance, discovery and rescue. like the 2010 rescue of 33 trapped chilean miners. and in 1987, baby jessica, who spent 58 hours stuck in a well. >> this is live. we're watching these people's lives, and we're hoping and praying for them. and we want the best for them. >> reporter: for now, the thai navy s.e.a.l.s are keeping that hope alive. the hope that all the boys will soon breathe fresh air and see the sunshine once again. and those navy s.e.a.l.s have just posted on their facebook page the numbers one to eight and the word hoo-ya, which
7:35 am
probably doesn't need any translation at all. one said the boys were remarkably calm when they emerged. pretty remarkable when you think they spent two-and-a-half hours with face masks on. he also said the biggest danger today for the divers -- well, two dangers. tiredness and complacency. after all the euphoria yesterday. it's over for tonight. we expect it to resume in the morning. back to you. >> all right. bill neely. thank you. we'll take a turn now and get another check of the weather from mr. roker. >> oh, thank you, savannah. and we're watching another tropical storm off of our southeast coast. this is tropical storm chris, 200 miles south-southeast of cape hatteras, drifting south right now. and most of those rain bands are staying offshore. a few may make the outer banks. and as that system develops, we look for it to become a category 1 storm sometime early wednesday morning. and then continue off the coast. and just skirt along maybe to pass nova scotia.
7:36 am
no big problems. the biggest problem is going to be especially for folks going out into the water from montauk all the way to charleston. swells, dangerous surf. rip current conditions. and we could see a band or two of some thunderstorms making their way along the outer banks. good morning. cool coastal temperatures for half-moon bay. still hot for san jose. up to 87 there. into the rest of the week it's still going to be hot and still looking at a cool coast and hot valley temperatures. 90s still on wednesday and slightly cooler by the end of the week. >> and that's your latest weather. hat is your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. still to come, the new controversy at the miss america pageant over the decision to end the swim suit competition. >> live at buckingham palace as
7:37 am
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from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares. gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? exclusive interview with actress robin wright, the star of hit
7:42 am
netflix series "house of cards." >> the show returns for the sixth and final season this fall but without kevin spacey. he was fired after sexual misconduct allegations. last week he faced additional new allegations. we sat down with robin wright just prior to those allegations and i asked her how that real life drama has affected the "house of cards" team. >> i think we were all surprised, of course. ultimately saddened. we forged ahead. we were so thankful we were able to complete the series as planned. >> this fall the popular netflix political drama "house of cards" returns for its sixth and final season, but it will be without one of its biggest stars, kevin spacy, who played president frank underwood after spacy faced allegations of sexual misconduct last year. >> was there anything in all the years of working with them that made you think something like this was possible?
7:43 am
>> we were co-workers, really. we weren't -- if he ever socialized outside of work. respectful, professional relationship. he was so great with me. there was never disrespect to me. so that's my personal experience. that's the only thing i feel that i have the right to talk about. >> following the accusations by actor anthony rapp, spacey issued a statement saying he didn't remember the encounter that he says would have happened more than 30 years ago adding, if i did behave then as he describes, i owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been inappropriate, drunken behavior. >> has he tried to reach out, or have you tried to reach out? >> no. i haven't heard from him, and i don't even know how to reach him. >> was there any kind of red flag or anything that would have made you think this is possible.
7:44 am
>> kevin and i know each other between action and cut and in between setups where we would giggle. i didn't really -- i didn't know the man. i knew the fbl crafincredible c that he is. >> do you feel like netflix did the right thing cutting ties. >> i don't know how to comment on that. i think at that time the shock was so intense all over the nation for many reasons, many stories, many people, i think that everybody felt it was respect f respectful to back off. >> we're just getting started. >> now as "house of cards" prepares to release its final season this fall, robin wright's character, clare underwood is president. >> this an edited scene. >> wright is taking on an additional role herself, director of the series finale.
7:45 am
michael kelly and constance zimmer co-star in the series and part of the original cast with spacey. >> the first table read, that was -- it was always robin, kevin, and me at the head of the table. the first time we sat down it was me and robin. both of us looked at each other and it was like, wow, you know. we're doing this. >> i also think what people don't realize is we already knew that this season, the final season before all of this happened. >> happy independence day to me. >> we have seen this earthquake of the #metoo movement. and you've been in this business a long time. have you experienced harassment? >> of course. who hasn't. >> right. >> this is a bigger, broader issue, i think, which is
7:46 am
seduction, i don't care who you are, it's about power. once you overpower someone, that person then becomes vulnerable. and this last year i think has shined a light in a new way to allow us to start a new conversation. so we just need to shift the paradigm. >> fascinating interview. >> well, it's interesting. can you imagine, it was really the 2011 them for this show. the season ended, and then this earthquake happens. kevin spacey is out. i think the whole cast feels really good about being able to complete the series and tie up some loose ends. yes, i tried to get some information about what happens to these characters. we'll have a lot more of our interview coming up this fall closer to the time when it's released. >> this was already supposed to be the final season. i didn't know that. >> actually, she had already become president, turned to the camera and said, "it's my turn."
7:47 am
them it all happened. i guess it kind of worked in terms of the show as well. we should mention we did reach out to kevin spacey's team for comment, we did not hear back. we will have more from robin and her "house of cards" castmates when her sixth and final season of the show is released on netflix. you've got to wait. it's this fall. still ahead, the clash inside the miss america pageant over its new swim suit-free direction, but first these messages. [music playing] across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at discover magnum double caramel...
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7:56. a live look as we start out with cool temperatures. it will heat up fast. we'll be topping out at 87 degrees today. 93 in livermore. it will be in the 60s and 70s. inland temperatures will not change over the next few days only coming dune couple of degrees. by the end of the week there might be slightly more clouds by friday and this weekend is still going to be very warm with upper 80s and low 90s for san francisco. mostly 60s for the rest of the week. we may see the return of a little bit of patches of fog through the next several mornings. let's get an update on the
7:57 am
commute. >> overall we'll get a smooth drive. you have your slowest spots. over on the peninsula recovering the earlier crash. it we'll have good recovery headed down towards 380. it is slowing as you expect. >> it is the grass fire on the -- you can link to more on the back to -- story on our home page. >> activists held a week long protest. >> it is in the heart of the financial district. >> police wanted the area
7:58 am
cleared before the work force began. another update in half an hour. reaction to the president )s supreme court pick. scott mcgrew has analysis... and looks at the confirmation fight ahead. plus: trying to break up - with your dating service? advice if you want to (stop ( your search for )the one. )
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, new rescues. divers save four more boys from that flooded cave in thailand,
8:01 am
además, una celebración real. and a royal celebration. all eyes are on prince louis as will and kate's youngest gets ready to be christened from news this morning on who the god parents he are to why the queen won't be attending. your royal roundup today, monday, july 9th, 2018. >> 1, 2, 3 -- ♪ >> we are the early family from forms, florida. >> and we got up early -- >> to be on "today"! >> we chose to be here from mississippi! >> we are best friends from boston, massachusetts! woo! >> i'm here with my beautiful daughter! >> a shoutout to all our friends back in minnesota! >> we traveled from van detailia, ohio. >> for my 15th birthday. >> we came to say -- >> happy birthday, reilly! >> and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today."
8:02 am
it's monday morning, and we're so happy to have you with us. great crowd, sun shining. and a great start to a new week. >> we can't wait to get out there and say hello to everybody. we'll be out in a few. >> we will. lots to get to, including your news at 8:00, and what's happening in thailand. divers have launched phase two of that daring cave rescue. already more success in bringing the trapped boys out alive. nbc's chief global correspondent, bill neely, is on the scene for us, watching it closely. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. another successful day here. four boys freed and two hours more quickly than yesterday. so eight freed all together and now being treated at the hospital. the operations over here for tonight, you can probably see supplies going in. but the divers getting a night's rest, preparing for tomorrow to go back underground to save more lives. this morning, more light at the end of the tunnel. four more boys freed after more
8:03 am
than two weeks in a dangerous thai cave complex. now being treated in the hospital. right now, eight boys freed. five lives still to be saved. an international team of 90 world-class divers working together in difficult conditions. the same divers from the first mission are also conducting today's operation. their experience and knowledge of the caves unmatched. thai authorities say overnight, monsoon rains did not raise water levels in the cave. this gripping life and death drama is being watched by people around the world. on sunday, the decision made to get the boys out immediately. conditions inside the cave, the best they could be. the water levels relatively low. after days of good weather and constant draining. some stretches of the nearly two-mile journey even walkable. but a new round of rains in the forecast forced them to take emergency action. on sunday, four soccer players were brought safely to the surface and whisked to a local
8:04 am
hospital. it took hours to get them out. two divers assigned to help each boy, the lead diver actually tethered to the child and carrying an oxygen tank with a line supplying air to a full-sized mask. one diver involved in the effort said the tricky operation went surprisingly well. adding, they were expecting bad things to happen and they did not. the mission paused overnight, because workers used up all of their oxygen and needed time to reset the tanks. monday morning, local time, crews got back at it in a race against rain, a race against time. and thailand's prime minister is now visiting those boys in the hospital. one interesting detail, the four boys who were freed yesterday asked for their favorite food, which is pretty spicy, and the doctors refused to give it to them. apparently, their stomach not quite ready for that yet.
8:05 am
but the operations here will resume tomorrow morning. they're hoping to get all five out tomorrow. savannah? >> bill neely, thank you very much. for more on the most pressing medical concerns for the boys who have been rescued and for the ones who remain trapped, let's bring in nbc dr. natalie azar. we're so grateful so many of the boys have come out. and i was thinking about their medical conditions. if they have food and water and fresh air, are they going to be okay for the most part? >> i think the expectation, hoda, is everyone will be okay in time. the most immediate pressing concern is when they come out of the mouth of the cave, it's just their overall stability. they do their vital signs, what is their blood pressure, making sure they're not hypothermic, their body temperature isn't too low. they're oxygenating okay. then comes the challenging part in the hospital. now they're screening for infections. there is some unique susceptible in a cave setting for certain lung diseases, as well as contaminated water. they have to check their nutritional status. and something we have been covering as well is the psychological impact of this and
8:06 am
their risk for post traumatic stress disorder. >> and, of course, they're starving, but think can't just go and bring in their favorite foods. you have to take it slowly. >> absolutely. sort of this go low, go slow kind of thing. yeah. there is something called refeeding syndrome. it can happen the first couple of days. too much nutritional supplementation early on after a period of not eating can be dangerous, can cause some life-threatening electro light imbalances and what not. there is a protocol to doing this. i'm sure that the doctors and health care workers on hand know what to do. the kids will be eating their favorite foods, i'm sure. >> dr. azar, thank you so much. >> thank you. well, the president announces his nominee tonight to replace retiring supreme court justice, anthony kennedy. the president declared on sunday that, quote, you can't go wrong with any of his final contenders. a source tells nbc news, the president's greatest focus is on appeals court judge brett kavanaugh, washington, d.c., and
8:07 am
thomas hardiman of pennsylvania. also believed to be on the short list are appeals judges raymond kethledge and amy coney barrett. democrats are uniting for a fight. nbc news will have special live coverage of the supreme court pick. it starts tonight at 9:00 eastern time. also this morning, in el paso, texas, a police officer is under investigation after a viral video appeared to show him pointing his gun at a group of children. the officer was responding thursday to a report of trespassing. the video begins during a confrontation with a young man. we do not know what happened before this video was shot when several boys began yelling at the officer. he appears to point his gun at them. orders them to back up. officials say one adult and a minor were arrested for interfering with the duties of a police officer. that police officer has been placed on desk duty. >> that's the news. we should get a boost. >> you want to do a boost? i like this a lot. an nfl star recently signed a multimillion dollar contract extension and wanted to share
8:08 am
his good fortune with the people he loved the most. marquise goodwin recently surprised his mom and sister who has cerebral palsy with a new house. he took their blind folds off one at a time. his mom was overcome with emotion. she broke down in tears. goodwin shared the video on youtube. it's in slow motion. and by the way, it's worth every single second with the caption, "i love you so much, mama, thank you for everything, especially blessing me." the football star and former olympic athlete says his sister has been a great source of inspiration and motivation throughout his career. >> look at those smiles. and i love how they have the red carpet out. rolled out the red carpet for mom. lots more ahead this morning, including new drama over the decision to cut swim suits from the miss america pageant. could a revolt be in the works. and the royal family coming together today for prince louis' christening. why it has special meaning for william and kate. after this.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
the organization announced original june 5th that miss america was replacing the swimsuit and evening gown competition with an extended on-stage interview. some state leaders are fighting back, saying it's just not the same without those swim suits. this morning, a not so crowning moment for the miss america organization. the nearly 100-year-old institution fiercely divided after the organization's recent #metoo era decision to eliminate the swimsuit portion of the annual competition. the change now prompting more than 20 state pageant leaders to call for the resignation of the new miss america board. which includes chairwoman and former fox news anchor, gretchen carlson. while some state pageant leaders do support the swimsuit competition, they say their disapproval of the board actually stems from its lack of transparency. >> this has actually nothing to do with the swimsuit competition being taken out. even though they're trying to sway it that way, that that's why we're upset.
8:14 am
it isn't. >> reporter: one leader saying executives told them the board decided to retire swim suits after it was given an ultimatum. >> we were told that abc would not tell advise the miss america pageant if there was a swimsuit competition, which is not true. >> reporter: this morning in a statement to nbc news, the miss america organization denying that claim, saying in part, it is patently false to allege that miss america claimed that the elimination of the swimsuit competition was a prerequisite to airing the telecast on abc. there were, however, extensive production company and creative partner negotiations in which the elimination of swimsuit was noted as a prerequisite to partner with mao. the miss america organization still regrouping after e-mails surfaced last december, showing former ceo, sam haskell and others, mocking the intelligence, looks and sex lives of pageant winners, forcing he and others to resign. this morning more than 30 winners have added their names
8:15 am
to a letter in support of the new board. >> miss new york! >> including mallory hagan who won the title in 2013. she believes the swimsuit competition belongs in the pageant's past. >> progress means that challenges are going to have to be met. and what's happening right now is that we have a new board and new leadership and new ideas in order to move miss america into 2018, and beyond. >> reporter: but not all former miss america winners agree with the changing times. >> this isn't about objectifying women. and i think people oversensationalize the swimsuit competition and miss america over and over again. when in reality, there's nothing that a woman can't do and we can do it in a swimsuit and heels. >> in march, the board voted unanimously to retire the swimsuit competition, telling us, as with any transition, there are those who find it hard to accept change. guys. >> hmmm. >> all right, kristen. >> there you go.
8:16 am
>> thank you! >> how about that weather, al? >> wow! >> swimsuit season! >> you guys are nothing on -- maybe they'll add a weather competition. see how that works out. well, we are looking right now at some showers down through the southwest. monsoon season starting in the southwest. and we've got chris swirling off the coast of north carolina. we've got heavy rain also for the gulf today. heat, humidity, fueling these storms. we've got a stationary front. that stalled front will finally dissipate tomorrow so the showers will get weaker, but they'll be more widespread. rainfall amounts generally about an inch, 2 inches in eastern texas. otherwise relatively light as you get on into florida. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be hot again today and a lot of sunshine for the inland areas. reaching up to 92 degrees and still very hot for the middle of the week through the middle of the week. as we get closer towards the weekend there will be a few more
8:17 am
clouds and slightly more humidity but overall really our temperatures don't change that much and for san francisco, 70s today and upper 60s closer to the weekend. savannah? >> i love how you said that. and actually, your british accent, perfectly segues us into royal roundup. and there is a lot to cover today. >> a busy week for the royal family kicks off today with a special event for their youngest member, prince louis. nbc's kelly cobiella has it from buckingham palace. >> reporter: buckingham palace, all the palaces in london, very busy places this week. the royal family has a jam-packed week, starting today with that very special occasion for one of the youngest in line to the throne. it's a royal celebration today as the family gathers for prince louis' christening. the two-and-a-half month old
8:18 am
baby will be christened at st. james' palace, the same place where meghan markle was baptized in march. and friends and family of will and kate, including guy pelley and kate's cousin, lucy middleton. missing from the list, prince louie's new aunt megan, and pippa, spotted purchasing a hat, presumably for louis' big day. also this morning, news that louis' great grandmother, queen elizabeth, will not be attending, citing a busy week ahead. today's date, july 9th, already has royal significance. the queen's engagement to prince phillip was announced on this day 71 years ago. tomorrow marking the 100th anniversary of the royal air force. the family set to gather for a celebration at westminster abby, as newlyweds prince harry and meghan markle head to ireland for their first official trip as
8:19 am
duke and duchess of us sussex. >> they'll be attending engagements for community sport, and the history of ireland. it's an official visit. they will get to see a lot of the country and the people of dublin. it's very high-profile visit. >> reporter: big-time visit for them. first, they'll be on that iconic balcony at buckingham palace tomorrow afternoon, along with the rest of the royal family for a celebration of the royal air force. and later today, after the christening, will and kate will be hosting a very small party, get-together, to celebrate the christening, serving their wedding cake, guys. quick quiz on how old that cake is? >> 2011. >> yeah. she knows. >> seven years. >> yes. >> reporter: seven-year-old british fruit cake. >> oh, it's fruit cake? >> then it's fresh! >> then it's fresh, says roker. all right, kelly, thank you so much. carson made his way over to the orange room, because, you know,
8:20 am
it's not just the christening happening in london. it's wimbledon as well. >> it is, guys. serena williams competing since giving birth to alexis olympia ten months ago. over the weekend, williams was focused on a different milestone. she shared this very personal parenting moment here, tweeting, she took her first steps. i was training and missed it. i cried. many parents can relate to that sinking feeling and rallied around the tennis star online, including our friend, chrissy teigen, who is omnipotent online, it seems. she is practicing, so you can see the real one. and adding, i missed first steps because a grandparent was in front of me. jamie posts, it doesn't count until mommy sees it. nothing counts until mommy sees it. and alexis, this instagram picture so cute. #wimbledonready. this isn't the first emotional parenting moment williams shared. she opened up about decisions to stop breastfeeding early.
8:21 am
she advanced to the round at 16 at wimbledon and is as i mentioned on the court today. have you guys missed any parenting milestones? >> of course not. i think you do. little words. you just have to repress it. >> yeah. >> just run home. what about you? >> i like that it doesn't count until a parent witnesses. >> yeah. >> yeah. i missed my youngest's first haircut because i got locked out of my car at a gas station. i forgot the key. i turned it on and turned my car -- and realized the key was back at home. >> oh! >> yeah. >> i missed first steps. i got stuck on an escalator. it stopped right there. >> glad you're okay, al. how about "pop start?" it seems like justin bieber may have been, well, i guess he's a taken man now. according to tmz, the singer proposed to his girlfriend, haylee baldwin, in the bahamas. the pair were an item a few years ago, split in 2016, but recently rekindled that romance. justin's dad, jeremy, seemed to
8:22 am
confirm the news on instagram, posting a photo of justin with a caption, proud is an understatement, excited for the next chapter. baldwin sporting a ring. we reached out to both bieber and see baldwin's reps for comment and have not heard back. next, wonder woman swooped in with some good work, lifting spirits on friday. gal gadot at the children's hospital in virginia, took the time to step away from filming and visit doctors and patients. one woman thanked her for bringing her super powers to the kids at work. so great. a lot of big smiles on those faces. by the way, wonder woman, 1984, will hit theaters november 2019. >> can't wait. and finally, our own hoda kotb had a big weekend. you were in delaware, of course, having a book signing. a lot of fans came out for your -- "i've loved you since forever" signing.
8:23 am
and we saw one surprise. former vice president joe biden. >> it was so weird. >> he and his wife, dr. jill biden. were you shocked? >> totally. i didn't know what was going on when i heard the crowd getting excited. i was like, did something happen? and there they were. >> brought flowers? >> it's joe biden! it's joe biden. >> good legs. that's nice. >> are you guys close? >> no! he just came. i guess -- >> a delaware resident. you were in the neighborhood. so cool. >> cool surprise. the crowd went crazy for him. you do have a "daly kick"? >> four final teams, france, belgium, croatian and england. the semifinals tomorrow. england beat sweden 2-0. they took their celebration to, where else, the swedish retailer, ikea. you can see them jumping on beds, they were throwing pillows. rubbing their victory in with a chant, even. here's the great part of the story. ikea just good sports, tweeting, we're aware of a small group of fans celebrating the result in
8:24 am
one of our stores. in celebration, we put one of the nation's biggest dishes, fish and chips on offer for just one euro. england fans also getting creative. the phrase has been seen on ice cream cones, in coffee cups. one guy texted on his arm. >> oh, man. >> we'll see if the trophy gets one step closer to home when england takes on croatia on wednesday. look for continuing coverage of the world cup on our sister network, telemundo. >> exciting. >> yeah. getting good. >> all right. by the way, you can find more of our favorite stories this morning by downloading the "today" app. just go to the app store on your mobile device. just ahead, are you struggling to pay for college? jean chatzky is here with ways for your family to manage all that debt. and we're cooking with the teen prodigy who is taking the food world by storm. all of this is coming up after your local news. i )m ...
8:25 am
8:26 am
v-t-a has now made enough repairs to resume full train service between good morning, it's 8:26, full train service between campbell and san jose, this follows yesterday's frighten and deadly crash when a light rail train plowed into a car. two people in the car died and 20 people were riding the train. some did have minor injuries and the investigation is still under way. witnesses told us that they thought that the driver 6 that car may have been trying to beat the train. the service started in time for this morning's commute. let's head over to mike inouye. >> we had a relatively smooth and light volume of traffic today. most recently a traffic break southbound 28 o just off 680 and
8:27 am
101 to move a car from the center divide to the shoulder. the rest of the northbound commute really good. slow for west 237. probably the worst of it right now through that portion of the bay and slow still across the b dumb b dumbarton bridge. south 680 at 24, no problems. the upper east shore freeway smoothing out and backup at the toll plaza, metering lights still on. slow through oakland but nothing serious. look at the north bay, moving very well. >> and we'll have another local update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a monday morning. a beautiful summer morning here on the plaza. and do we have a crowd? or what? and we scoured the crowd, and we found some beautiful people. and there is a woman who we do not believe is turning 70 today. >> no, i'm asking for i.d. >> i see carol from columbus, ohio. hang on. your daughter surprised you? so what was the -- what did you guys do? tell us. >> we surprised her. we brought -- we said we're going to give her a gift. we gave her the gift and we took her for her 70th birthday to new york for the first time.
8:31 am
>> well, happy birthday. we're so happy that you came to spend it with us. on three, everybody, say happy birthday to carol. 1, 2, 3! >> happy birthday, carol! >> happy birthday. happy 70th. oh, and by the way -- >> is she the cutest. i'm in love with carol. >> i have a question for everybody. do you remember where you were six years ago today? >> on the plaza right here. >> if you are savannah guthrie, it was your first day hosting the show. >> oh! >> it happens to be today. six years ago, first day on the plaza. we scoured some of our archives. can you believe it's been six years? >> no. i was a nervous little person right there. >> look at that. well, congratulations, savannah. >> thank you! >> six years today. >> i love that. coming up, paying for college certainly strikes fear in the hearts of lots of parents. but there is a smart way to go into debt. and miss jean chatzky is here to explain. >> also here, known as the
8:32 am
justin bieber of food, this child prodigy chef, be flynn mcgary, 19 years old, will share with us a signature dish from his menu. >> and miss megyn, you have something good coming up. >> do you ever have that feeling, maybe i'll just chuck it owl and sail around the world. i'll go off the grid and see how that works out. we have a family that did it. same feeling. they left washington state, ten years later with their three kids, who are all in the single digits when they started, they're still at it. they'll explain -- still sailing around the world. and they're going to explain. these are americans who are going to talk about, how do they educate the kids, socialize the kids. one is now going off to college. we'll explain what that's going to be like for him as they get him ready. it's a fascinated story and may or may not make you actually want to do it. >> yeah. they're like -- they're going to be on land. >> getting hair and makeup right now. they look like -- where am i? >> who are you? >> what's happening? >> like contiki.
8:33 am
>> you have a check of the weather? >> sure. let's show what we have happening as we look at the week ahead. sunny and warm in the northeast. fire danger continues out west. summer storms through the gulf. in the midweek, pleasant weather continuing in the northeast through the great lakes. some severe storms in the western great lakes. scattered storms through the gulf. and then as we get through the latter part of the week, it's going to be nice. local downpours through the gulf and warm in the pacific good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got hot weather for the inland valleys and that continues through at least the middle of the week. it only comes down a few degrees by the end of the week into the weekend but we keep that sunshine except for friday we may have a few more clouds moving in. san francisco expect a high of 70 today and upper 60s the rest of the week. for the next few mornings we may see the return of low clouds and fog for just a little while but clearing out for sunshine for the afternoon.
8:34 am
>> tirico. >> i'm back. >> i knew the day would come. >> i didn't bring my hat. so thank you for matching our coif here. >> my nemesis is back. >> the real reason that mike tirico is here is because of the 147th open championships. he's off in scotland next week and before making the journey, he stopped by and you brought the claret jug with you. >> the oldest trophy in golf. it's kind of like the stanley cup. we see the stanley cup when teams win in the national hockey league, their names go on it, they get to keep it. this trophy goes back to 1873. great story. when this tournament started in 1860, if you won it three times in a row, you won the belt, which was made of fine moroccan leather, you might want to know. then after the belt was retired, because somebody won it three times, they said what are we going to give them? they came up with this. it's been around for 150 years. >> there's guys with white gloves who set it up. but it's not always treated with
8:35 am
white glove service when people have it. >> not at all. there's maybe been a beverage or two or 100 in there. >> the claret? >> exactly, the claret. >> the swedes last year having a swig out of it. >> henrik water-skiing. stewart cink put corn in it. everything has been in there and then some. >> who do you like next week. >> we saw jordan spieth with willie on "sunday today" yesterday. he's always a favorite. we have the young names like justin thomas, rory mcilroy is still out there and rickie fowler. and the old guys, quote, unquote, tiger and phil. tiger woods playing better. >> this tournament would probably be a likely chance for tiger to get his next major. i believe it was his last. >> winning the open. he won the u.s. open in '06 -- '08, excuse me, his last. he's won this multiple times. he's won it three times. this is a very difficult golf course.
8:36 am
you have to have everything together at carnoustie in scotland. it's 65 degrees there. >> across the street is starbucks, mike. you want to take the claret jug -- >> we'll find something else. >> be sure and check out the action from the open. it starts july 19th on the golf channel. and right here on nbc. mike tirico, always good to see you. >> great. >> savannah? >> thank you so much. in the meantime, we are beginning a new two-part series, paying for college today. consider this. right now 44 million americans have a total of nearly $1.5 trillion in student loans. that's more than all credit card debt combined. the average college loan debt for 2017 grads is nearly $40,000. and women, by the way, hold more of this debt than men. today financial editor, jean chatzky is starting us off with what we need to know when getting into debt. good morning, jean. >> good morning. >> i mean, education is priceless, but not really. >> exactly. >> so we have to start saving now. >> well, and when your kids are
8:37 am
little is the best way to do it. i actually like a three-pronged strategy. so first, start with small contributions from the time they're really little. if you can put away just $50 a month from the time that they are born until they go to college, you're going to have $20,000 if it grows at an average rate. so that's a good start. but then later on, friends and family. so get your parents and your aunts and your uncles and your cousins in the habit of making a gift to college instead of just giving them stuff. >> so smart. >> you can do this throughout their lives. there are two websites that can help you with this. one is gift of the other is leaf but if you've got a college savings account, you can also just tell them -- give you a check and you can put it in. and the third is, rewards programs. so we are all in all these loyalty programs. there's one just for college. it's called you promise. i had 1,000 bucks in my account by the time my kids went to school, which is substantial. and you can get a credit card
8:38 am
that contributes to college savings, fidelity issues a couple of those. >> and then the other issue -- those were interesting ideas. i never heard of any of that. but then there are special accounts, the 529s, tell us about those. >> both are specifically for college. the money grows tax-free, which is great. i like 529s better, because you can put more money in them, and because 30 states give you a tax deduction for making your contribution. you don't have to contribute to your state's plan, but that's a good place to start. so, again, two websites to look at for ratings of these plans. morning star rates these sites and saving for rates the plans, so you can find the best one for you. >> you also say it's important to talk to your kids. >> yeah. >> okay, we can't afford that. >> well, there's some really interesting research about what kids understand. half of them do not understand how much they're borrowing and what it's going to cost them at the end. and they also don't understand
8:39 am
how much college costs. and just to put it in perspective, a year at a community college, that's about $5,000, just for tuition. a moderate budget at a public in-state school, $25,000. and if you go private, a moderate budget is about $50,000. kids need to understand that they should cast a very wide net when they are applying to school so that they go someplace that wants them enough to have them, that they're going to give them some money. and we want that money to come in the form of scholarships and grants rather than loans if at all possible. >> but people will often have to take out debt and not all debt is created equal. >> exactly. there are federal student loans and there are private student loans. and we know, again, people don't take out their federal loans first before they dip into the private market, because they don't know that they should. but the federal loans are a.,
8:40 am
cheaper, and b., on the back end, they come with a lot of really helpful repayment provisions, so that you can tie your repayment to your income and do other things that just make it easier on the back end. but the overall message, just minimize that borrowing as much as you can, and if your kids want to help, tell them to get good grades so they'll get a lot more of that merit aid. >> another reason to get good grades. >> yeah. >> jean, thank you so much. it's good information. we're going to have more on our website and tomorrow we focus on tips for getting out of debt. and someone will get some help paying off their loans. just ahead this morning, al's very candid conversation with hollywood legend and emmy, grammy and oscar and tony winner -- is that the g.o.a.t. they call it, i think. rita moren
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're back with "today" living legends. al, you have the privilege of spending the afternoon with rita
8:43 am
morena, i didn't know was 86 years old. >> i'm telling you, she is unbelievable. i love this woman. from her breakout performance in "west side story" to more recent roles in television shows like jane the virgin, one day at a time. rita morena more excited than ever to be performing proving age is really just a number for this icon. >> the big guns. >> this the hardware. >> rita moreno in "west side story." >> more than 50 years ago rita moreno won an academy award for her role in "west side story" pushing a once closed doors ajar. the 86-year-old says the launch pad for a career that would include performances in the king and i, the ritz, and most recently a reboot of norm aan leer's one day at a time. i'm watching this year's oscars. there you are.
8:44 am
it's not until afterward we find out -- >> it's a 56-year-old dress from 1962 when i won the oscar. >> were you surprised at the reaction? >> i had no idea it would make every wire service, every magazine, with a picture of me and my daughter in the dress. imagine a puerto rican kid. >> you came here in the 1930s, you were five years old. what was that like? >> it was very difficult. when you start calling a little kid, a little kid a spick and garlic mouth. i didn't know what that meant but i knew there was something wrong with me because certain people didn't like me on sight. >> you end up in "west side story." what did that mean for your career? >> one oscar and one golden globes. guess what, for seven years i didn't do another movie. >> why? >> i had played the ultimate
8:45 am
hispanic character, and it's all i was offered after the movie, which is all i had been offered before the movie. >> how did that make you feel? >> oh, it pro my heart. even to this day, i get offered stuff that's offensive. >> you've got an emmy, a grammy, an oscar, a tony. very few people have the egoa. >> in the final analysis that's not what it's all about. so many good things have happened for me and i'm doing it without a man in my life. >> would you consider dating somebody. >> i don't think i've ever been asked. i'll tell you what, married, i would rather eat glass. you find that musing. >> why do you say that? >> i adored my husband, we were matter married 46 years. the last 15 were difficult. had i had the courage, i probably would have left it. >> you've been pretty open about
8:46 am
your relationship with marlon brando. how did that relationship affect you? >> well, i tried to take my life at some point finally. so not well. >> yeah. >> there are women who just love bad boys. i think he was my bad boy. >> you have been a pathfinder. you have blazed a trail. >> they call me in the community, the pioneer. you can stand or fall, you can sink or swim. i have always chosen, and maybe it's in my character, i have chosen to swim. >> you know, so many -- such a generation knows her from the electric company, hey, you guys. she's just amazing. she could get a nomination this thursday when the emmys come out for "one day at a time." >> i can't believe she's so revealing, so open, just put it all out there. >> she's amazing. >> coming up next, a young
8:47 am
culinary rock star just opened his restaurant at the ripe old age of 19. we're going to do some cooking with him but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
oh, my god, how sweet is that. welcome back this morning on "today" food. we have a prodigy in the kitchen, talking about flynn mcgary. he appeared on the "today" show, cooked alongside the chef. he's 19. you know what he's done, opened a restaurant in the city called gem. welcome. is this for real. do you really have your own restaurant at 19. >> yes, it's actually happening. >> you're the boss, rupp the place? >> everything. >> what's it like when you look back at the interview as a kid here? >> it's funny to see. it's been such a long -- it's
8:50 am
kind of crazy i was fine being on here at 13. to hear my voice is probably even funnier. >> how do you like being a boss in a restaurant? i'm sure you have to order people around and do boss things. >> everyone gets what's going on. if they are coming to the restaurant they already understand they are going to have to listen to me. i think everyone is understanding of it. >> congratulations. how about if we get cooking. what are we going to make today? >> lettuce cups filled with braised pork. to start we're going to toast spices, coriander, fennel and black pepper. we're just going to toast them and get the oils going and get them fragrant. >> that's on low. do you it on low. >> idot on lodo it on low. i made the mistake and put it on high and everything burns in five seconds. low and slow is easy. then-of- pork shoulder.
8:51 am
can you use whatever you want for this dish. it's kind of like something that's a good amount of fat you can braise for a long time. the idea is you have all these spices and flavors and you want it to infuse into the meat. >> did you learn cooking from your folks? >> no. my parents aren't really good at cooking, which was sort of the inspiration to start doing it. >> you guys, he turned his bedroom into like a little kitchen and started making dishes. >> delicious, by the way. >> thank you. i wanted to cook and everyone else -- close my door. >> so you did your thing. >> in my room. >> put this in. >> stick this in a dutch oven. we're going to add -- >> beer? >> this issi cider. cider cooks down and add juiciness and acidity will make it not super heavy. this is soy sauce. >> brown sugar. >> all the toasted stuff. >> all the toasted spices, cover
8:52 am
this. >> how long does this go? >> i let it go four, 500, 4, 500, until it pulls apart nicely. it looks like this when it's done. shrinks. carmamelize caramelizes. >> looks so good. pull it apart with your hands. >> you can use your hands or idot nicely with two forks. i put on gloves and do it with my hands. >> what do your friends think about the fact you have a restaurant at 19 and you're doing all this stuff? >> i think everyone at this point -- it's been long enough, this is what he does. the restaurant was just sort of bound to happen eventually. >> okay. >> so we're going to take our shredded meat and sear it in a pan. >> so good. >> it's amazing. >> really nice flavor. >> delicious. >> are your buddies trying to hit you up for a busboy jobs?
8:53 am
>> every once in a while they are like do you have openings. >> what's it like to be a chef that gets carded. >> depends where you go. so you heat it up, want a little crisp on it. some lime juice to kind of brighten it up. this the cooking liquid from the pork just to get everything -- >> how did you learn all these recipes if your parents weren't into cooking? were you studying recipes? >> i studied on the internet and books and worked at restaurants. >> delicious. outstanding. congrats on your restaurant, congrats on everything. it's called gem. get this recipe head to get this recipe head to toda
8:54 am
8:55 am
( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open! only at disney california adventure park. . the fourth hour is back. you know who has just flown in
8:56 am
from scotland, kathie lee gifford. it's our first show in a month so we're back together. >> megyn kelly is up next. we're going to show you down. >> thanks to flynn. >> the restaurant called gem in new york city. we'll have much more of "today" after a check ofi )m - -... both directions of interstate 580 good morning, it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. both directions of interstate 580 through the altamont pass are open after fast moving grass fire burned 600 acres. at one point it crossed the freeway and cars turned around and went the wrong way as traffic ground to a halt. during "today in the bay," we
8:57 am
heard from firefighters who told us the fire is fully contained. no reports of injuries and right now firefighters don't know how the fire started. happening now, we have a crew talking to firefighters who are looking deeper into how things got so tense that drivers turned around on the freeway. we'll have a live report in our midday newscast. police this morning clear the area in san francisco where activists held a week-long protest. they camped out in front of an i.c.e. office in the heart of the financial district. police are not revealing the number of arrests but they wanted to clear it out before the workweek started. a link to the full story this morning on our twitter feed. starbucks deciding to stick it to the plastic straw. their plan to ditch plastic straws in two years and what they plan to use instead. we'll have more news coming up in an hour. tomorrow: brand new
8:58 am
reaction to the president )s supreme court pick. scott mcgrew has analysis... and looks at the confirmation fight ahead. plus: trying to break up - with your dating service? advice if you want to (stop ( your search for )the one. )
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we begin with the story gripping the world. a dangerous mission under way in thailand right now to save these 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave. nbc's bill neely is there with the very latest. >> a fifth soccer player inside an ambulance after more than two weeks inside a cave. this the moment they are hoping to repeat today, one many feared would never come. the end of a nightmare for one small boy carried on a gurney to a waiting helicopter, then off


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