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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 12, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, chaos and confusion as president trump makes new waves and new claims on his way out, again angering our closest world allies. and tonight protests as they roll out the red carpet in london. fireworks as the top fbi agent who sent anti-trump text messages is grilled before congress. >> mr. chairman, order. >> stormy daniels arrested after a strip show that police said went too far. the charges already dropped. her attorney said she was set up. hate crime charges for a man caught on camera berating a woman over a puerto rico flag on her shirt. >> you should not be wearing that in the united states of america. >> a police officer who stood by and didn't step in to help now off the force. an american tourist celebrating her wedding anniversary murdered in mexico.
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new concerns tonight about violence on summer vacation. and a sale so popular it triggered mayhem. lines wrapped around malls. thousands of disappointed kids turned away. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening as we welcome our viewers in the west. president trump is in london tonight with a swirl in his wake in brussels over what was and wasn't agreed to at this week's nato meetings. to hear the president tell it, it was mission accomplished, that he successfully squeezed his european counterparts to spend even more on defense. but some of those allies are pushing back, offering a different account tonight. this evening, the president and first lady are being hosted by britain's prime minister theresa may and her husband as the two leaders prepare for their own tough talks amidst the u.k.'s political turmoil. nbc's kristen welker is in london tonight. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: lets tester, good
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evening to you. president trump may be in britain but some key allies expressing concerns their tensions with mr. trump could be playing right into vladimir putin's hands. in a hastily arranged news conference this morning, the president tried to claim victory, saying nato allies have agreed to his demand for a big increase in military spending. >> they have raised an additional $33 billion that's been put up by the various countries, not including the united states. >> reporter: but moments later, french psi denied mr. trump's claim and reaffirmed all allies are still committed to paying 2% over the next decade, targets that were previously agreed upon. amid the confusion and chaos, mr. trump reaffirming his commitment. >> i believe in nato. nato now is really a fine tuned machine. people are paying money that they never paid before. >> reporter: tough talk that may also be aimed at showing
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strength ahead of his one on one with russian president vladimir putin. the president is under pressure to press putin on election meddling, something mr. trump said he'll do. >> all i can do is say, did you, and don't do it again. but he may deny it. >> reporter: but the president may have only added to concerns by seeming to leave the door open to recognizing russia's 2014 annexation of crimea, a move western allies say violates international law. >> they just opened a big bridge that was started years ago. they built i think a submarine port, substantially added billions of dollars. >> reporter: and when asked if he can get along with putin? >> he's a competitor. he's been very nice to me the times i've met him. i've been nice to him. he's a competitor. >> reporter: that prompting this sharp rebuke. >> he's anot a competitor, he i our enemy. >> reporter: setting the table for what could be a fiery face to face. kristen welker, nbc news, london. >> reporter: i'm hallie jackson in london where pomp and
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protests are greeting president trump before a queen's tea tomorrow as the u.k. rolls out the red carpet literally in front of the palace. but outside it ? >> i don't think he quite realizes people are against him. >> i think that those people, they like me a lot. >> reporter: a fire thrower, now stepping into a political tinder box with theresa may's government disintegrating. she's pushing a controversial path forward for brexit. but if may hoped for a hand to sell her plan, she's not quite getting it. late tonight the president telling the sun newspaper? >> i actually told theresa may how to do it, but she didn't agree. she didn't listen to me. >> reporter: foreign secretary hunt replaced johnson who was replace ed in brexit this week. does president trump need to come out and issue a strong statement in support of prime minister may? >> he said some things that are supportive. >> reporter: you're satisfied with what he said on brexit?
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>> he is being very leader who right from the start has said that brexit presents great opportunities for this country. >> reporter: the state of the special relationship is? >> i think it's a very healthy one. >> reporter: and that was on full display tonight. to allies hand in hand. hallie jackson, nbc news, london. >> on another front tonight, north korean officials did not show up for a meeting with the u.s. at the dmz today to discuss returning u.s. soldiers' remains from the korean war. that is according to south korean media. that meeting is now rescheduled for sunday. president trump released a letter from joourp kim jong-un july 6 hailing their singapore summit the letter is dated before kim declined to see secretary of state mike pompeo during his visit last week. it was a fiery day on capitol hill as an fbi agent sent critical text messages testified before congress. republicans see the texts as political bias, he defended his
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role in the russia investigation and the clinton e-mail probe. the tensions boiling over in a bitter battle. here's nbc's kasie hunt. >> do you swear the testimony -- >> reporter: the intense fireworks starting just moments after fbi agent peter strzok was sworn in. >> mr. chairman, order. >> reporter: lawmakers shouting over each other while strzok who investigated hillary clinton's e-mails and led the probe into possible russian collusion testified about his anti-trump text messages. >> not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took. >> reporter: but for republicans, it's proof of bias. forcing strzok to read some of his anti-trump messages with fbi lawyer lisa page with whom he was having an affair. >> miss page said, not ever going to become president, right? right? >> no, no, he's not, we'll stop it. >> reporter: strzok trying to explain. >> it was in response to a series of events that included then candidate trump insulting
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the immigrant family of a fallen war hero. and my presumption, based on that horrible,hathe americanot somebody demonstrating that behavior to be president of the united states. >> reporter: in one of the most heated exchanges, strzok insisting he was not removed from the mueller investigation over bias. >> i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed. i don't give a dam what you appreciate, agent strzok. i don't appreciate having an fbi agent with an unprecedented level with animus working on two investigations during 2016. >> reporter: democrats blasting the hearing as a show trial, defending strzok and the legitimacy of the mueller vegts. >> here are the individuals would who have already admitted their guilt. >> reporter: next in the hot seat lisa page testifying tomorrow behind closed doors. kasie hunt, nbc news, the>>e ar porn star stormy daniels in the midst of her legal battle with president trump. daniels' charge after a strip performance a police officer said went too far.
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but just hours later those charges have already been dropped and her lawyer says she was set up. here's nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: it's not the glamor pic that propelled stormy daniels to porn prominence. this mug shot taken overnight, the adult film star booked after allegedly fondling female customers and pressing three under cover vice detectives into her chest at this ohio strip club. topless and wearing a g-string grabbing heads, two of them women before she began smacking their face with bare breasts. it can be illegal for dancers to touch patrons. they were at theman trafficking institution. >> my attorney and i are committed to making sure everyone finds out the truth. >> reporter: daniels is locked in a legal battle over the hush money she received during the campaign for her alleged sexual encounter with donald trump, allegations he's denied. daniels' attorney blasting her arrest as a set up and
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politically motivated arguing it wreaks of desperation. >> i can state notoriety and bu for the fact that she has taken on one of the most powerful men in the world, she would not have been arrested. >> reporter: after posting $6,000 in bail, daniels was released. the prosecutor hours later dismissing the charges. peter alexander, nbc news. >> tonight prosecutors in chicago have announced hate crime charges against a man who was caught on camera berating a woman over a puerto rican flag on her shirt. the video seen by millions, there has been anger over that confrontation and the police officer seen standing by not stepping in to help. tonight that officer is off the force. we get the latest from nbc's ron with two counts of m in this now viral video charged that in the united stat >> okay. >> reporter: 62-year-old timothy captured on video berating a woman in an illinois park for wearing a t-shirt with a puerto rican flag on it. >> okay. yes, i am a citizen.
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>> are you a united states citizen? >> can you please get away from me? >> reporter: telling an officer. >> officer, i'm renting this area and he's asking me about a shirt i'm wearing. >> reporter: the officer failed to intervene. >> officer, i feel highly uncomfortable. can you please grab him? >> reporter: despite her pleas for help. >> he's not even grabbing him. >> reporter: that officer has resigned. puerto rico's governor saying he was appalled and shocked by the incident. puerto rico, a u.s. territory, its residents american citizens. >> can you plee step away from me, sir? >> reporter: mia, the woman in the video said she hopes it helps educate people about racism in america. ron mott, nbc news, chicago. >> now to some shocking new allegations being leveled again nfl star shawn mccoy, denying he attacked an ex-girlfriend who was allegedly injured in a home invasion at a property mccoy
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owns. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story. we want to warn you some of the images in the story are disturbing. >> reporter: tonight newly released 911 calls reveal the panic after a break-in at this home in suburban atlanta owned by buffalo bills running back sean mccoy. >> were weapons involved or mentioned, ma'am? >> yes, i got hit in the face. oh, my god. >> reporter: the brutal attack by an unknown assailant left mccoy's ex-girlfriend who was living there severely beaten and hospitalized. >> he took my jewelry off my -- i mean my diamond bracelet off my wrist. he kept asking for jewelry. >> reporter: in an instagram post since deleted he blames mccoy calling him the devil and an animal. for the record mccoy fired back the totally baseless claims against me are completely false. furthermore, i have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months. court records showed mccoy had been trying to evict her from his home for more than a year.
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police aren't saying whether he may have somehow been involved in the break-in. the lawyer tells us his client is now out of the hospital. in a statement, the nfl says it is reviewing the case. the players association had no comment. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, milton, georgia. >> tonight, swift sao pauloout for papa john, the man who built a pizza empire resigning from his own company after admitting to using a racial slur. his apology not enough to save his position as chairman, and the face of the wildly successful chain he started. we get more now from nbc's kerry sanders. >> i'm john schnatter, papa john. >> reporter: tonight papa john is gone. john schnatter stepping down as chairman of the company he started three decades ago in a broom closet in his father's indiana tavern. the controversy stemming from racial slurs he used during a conference call two months ago. schnatter acknowledging trying to justify previous negative comments he made about nfl players taking a knee, saying,
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colonel sanders called blacks the n word and complaining the kfc founder never faced public backlash. ironically, the call's intent was to prevent future p.r. disasters. schnatter apologizing saying simply stated, racism has no place in our society. >> i don't think there's no coming back from a comment like that. it's been said. you're aware. you're grown. >> reporter: others upset schnatter remained on the board of a company that took a $2.93 billion slice of the nation's pizza market last year. a and so if he uses the n word, ethically -- >> embarrasses everyone in the company. >> reporter: the challenge, his face and name are synonymous with the company. >> this could be a major set back for the brand. >> reporter: now, papa john's will need to move forward without papa john. kerry sanders, nbc news, west palm beach, florida. >> one of the most horrific murder cases in our nation's history has been reopened. a decade after it was closed.
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federal prosecutors are relaunching the investigation into the 1955 killing of emmett till. the crime so disturbing it galvanized the civil rights movement. nbc's ra meme a ellis on the new effort to find justice for till. >> reporter: it was one mother's nightmare she insisted the world had to see. her 14-year-old son, emmett till's tortured body was found in a mississippi river after he was accused of flirting with a white woman. now, 63 years later, the justice department is reopening the case after receiving unspecified new information. there's speculation it's connected to a book published a year ago. >> i cooperated fully with the fbi's investigation and i was happy to do so and i gave them all my research materials including my interview with carolyn bryant. >> reporter: in his book, timothy tyson revealed that carolyn bryant, who testified that emmet whistled at her, admitted it was a lie. >> she said that nothing that
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boy did could ever justify what happened to him. >> reporter: bryant's husband and brother-in-law were charged and acquitted back in 1955 by an all-white jury. later they confessed to a reporter knowing they couldn't be retried. both are now dead. emmet's cousin who was with him the night he was kidnapped told me last year the family wanted the case reopened. can you forgive? >> oh, yes, i can't afford hate. hate is for the hater. i can't carry that. >> reporter: regardless of whether charges are ever filed, the new investigation means emmett till has not been forgotten. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >> we'll take a short break here and still ahead, vacation horror. an american tourist celebrating the first wedding anniversary in mexico when tragedy struck. also the toy store that led to truly unbearable lines.
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we're back now with some fresh concerns about summer vacations south of the border after an american woman
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celebrating her wedding anniversary was killed in mexico city while leaving a restaurant. the 27-year-old woman was in an upscale shopping area when she was hit by gunfire. apparently meant for someone else. we get details from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: just days before her murder, tatiana shared this photo from her wedding. the 27-year-old was celebrating her first anniversary with her husband when she was shot leaving a restaurant in mexico city. >> a year ago we were worried about selecting wedding flowers. now a year later we're ordering flowers for her funeral. >> reporter: in a ritzy neighborhood, she was hit by a stray bullet during a drive-by shooting targeting someone else. >> she felt comfortable going to mexico. she knew about the people. she knew about the culture. she knew about the traditions. >> reporter: mexico has a murder rate nearly four times that of the u.s. this may, a homicide every 15
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minutes. even at popular beach destinations, americans have been warned of violence. the u.s. government has issued "do not travel advisories" for five mexican states. many crimes connected to gun violence. >> i live in chicago. you know, we're sensitized to this. this is the worst experience a parent could ever have. >> reporter: tonight during the height of summer vacation, the murder of an american in a country where the government insists it's safe. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> there is much more to tell you about tonight, including terrifying moments when a shopping mall suddenly comes crashing down. also, the emmy nominations are out. did your favorites make the cut?
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a frightening scene caught on camera in mexico when a brand-new mall suddenly gives way, part of a luxury shopping center which opened in mexico
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city just four months ago comes tumbling down in a giant cloud of dust. amazingly officials say no one was hurt. if you went out for some summer shopping, you may have noticed huge lines today because bailed-a-bear stores were holding a special pay your age sales promotion. turned out it was so massive it was canceled out of, quote crowd and safety concerns. the company says it gave vouchers out to disappointed kids. the nominations are out for the 70th primetime emmy awards and for the first time in 70 years, hbo does not lead the pack. netflix got the most nominations with 112. hbo came in secretary with 108, and nbc was third with 78. among the nominated shows, "game of thrones" which got the most with 22, west world, and saturday night live was close behind with 21. and in our spotlight tonight, millions are obsessed with celebrities and athletes. inside the hottest game on the planet coming up next. our skyrae
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race to get him out. plus, the dangerous discovery near a runway at sfo.... and now the feds are on the case. it )s a story you )ll only see here. next at 6 finally tonight, we're shining our spotlight on the smash hit video game that has 100 million people across the globe obsessed. you're either playing it or you probably know someone who is. and with the eagerly awaited new chapter rolling out today, our gadi schwartz takes us inside the credible virtual world of fortnight. >> reporter: fogame so popular features are starting to pop up in the real world. a giant hamburger in california. la as the dances everyone seems to be doing like at the world cup, called fortnight. the game's object, outshoot opponents to be the last person standing on the island. along the way, skydive out of a
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bus. chop down trees. have dance parties. >> it's hard to stop. it's different every time you play. >> reporter: among the 125 million players worldwide, the sandsy brothers who say they love it because it connects them to their friends no matter where they're at. they're in rhode island and i'm in the u.k. i'm by the tower of london, we should drop into tilted towers. as we build forts and take cover, the game can be addict. how much fortnight do you think is too much? >> three hours. >> three hours a day. >> reporter: their mom says she has a love/hate relationship with their playing. >> fortnight is a guaranteed way for my kids to be entertained. the downside is also a guaranteed way for them to argue.>> reporter: another fami where the world of fortnight ha. gadi schwartz, nbc news, london. >> before you reach for your phones, let me say we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. that is nightly news for this thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us and nbc news,
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thank you for watching and good night. we )re following breaking: an active rescue in the east bay. our skyrange right now at 6:00 we are following breaking news. you can see it here, an active rescue in the east bay. our sky ranger is live overhead in union city. what you're seeing there, firefighters trying to rescue a man stuck in that giant industrial cement mixer. nth whi 880 at a business called u.s. pipe. now no word yet t ot stuck in t but he's been in there nearly two hours. this is dry cement, this is on whipple avenue in union city. good evening and thanks for being with us here at 6:00. i'm raj mathai.
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>> new information on the story we first broke in our 5:00 newscast. sfo is investigating an illegal drone found near a runway. federal agents are getting involved. nbc bay area is near sfo with more on the dangerous combination of drones and airplanes. anser? >> reporter: yeah, any size drone can be a problem for planes attempting to land. this drone may have gotten in the way of a plane attempting to land. the feds are now investigating. >> this was an intentional act. it's a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: nbc bay area's aviation expert mike


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