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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 16, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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president trump and russian president vladimir putin met today in helsinki. right now at 11:00, the world watching as president trump and russian president vladimir putin meet today in helsinki. president trump saying that we're turning a new page in u.s./russian relations. >> a productive dialogue is not only good for the united states and good for russia, but it is good for the world. >> there was no collusion in the presidential election. good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we have a special report on the high-stakes meeting all morning on "today in the bay." here's some of the big headlines. president trump said vladimir putin made a, quote, strong and
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powerful denial on meddling in the 2016 election. both say there was no collusion. and putin told the world the cold war is over. nbc's jay gray live in finland site of that meeting. these comments already generating some swift backlash, jay. >> reporter: yeah. laura, marcus, they really are echoing not only here across helsinki but to washington tonight. look. both of the leaders have left the presidential palace behind me. air force one in the air and on the way home after an explosive european tour for the president. president trump one on one with russian president vladimir putin for more than two hours. >> i think it's a good start. very, very good start for everybody. >> reporter: that start with only the leaders and their translators in the room lasting longer than expected before extended to include advisers
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saying they discussed a wide range of issues. >> the disagreements between our two countries are well-known and president putin and i discussed them at length today. >> reporter: disagreements including russian's cyber assault on the 2016 election. >> i have get confidence in the intelligence people but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> reporter: president trump refusing to blame russia for election interference. >> i have president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: politicians from both parties blasting the president's comments. republican senator flake tweeting this is shameful and both leaders labeled it a success. president trump suggesting the two will meet again and often. yeah, no indication of when the
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next meeting may occur but, again, both of these leaders saying they felt like the talks were productive. it's interesting the see how this fallout continues as the president makes his way home now. marcus, laura? >> we'll continue to follow. jay gray, thank you very much. of course, we'll continue to break into programming if more news develops. lester holt anchoring nightly news from helsinki. a federal judge temporarily halting deportations of families reunited with their separate -- and were separated by the trump administration. the aclu filed paper work saying it was concerned of rumors of mass deportations following the reunifications. lawyers asked that they be stalled at least a week after those families were reunified to ensure that no family's being improperly deported. the trump administration said it completed reunifying all eligible children under 5 and working to reunite the rest of
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the children. be ready for anything and everything if you're taking a tour of the bay area. wide range of microclimates. pack a sweater or shorts depending on where you are. live look from the san bruno camera this morning. see the fog rolling in there. meteorologist cakari hall with look at it even at the golden gate behind you. >> we are not seeing this all around the bay area. this is what we had all weekend long. a narrow strip of fog over the golden gate bridge and the bay and a view from tiburon you can see that elsewhere all clear with that fog right over the golden gate bridge and parts of the bay. meanwhile, you work your way inland. we have some sunshine. clear skies and temperatures are starting to heat up going to campbell. we'll see those highs reaching into the low 80s which is exactly where we should be for this time in july. and then as we go into the evening a nice little cool down, an ocean breeze kicking in and by 9:00 we are at 73 degrees. as we take a look at all of our
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microclimates and range in temperatures anywhere from 67 degrees in half moon bay to 73 degrees in oakland. 93 in antioch and 95 today in ukiah. through the forecast, more of a spread out like this through the week. a look at that what to expect in the forecast. >> sounds great. thank you. new at 11:00, a citizens arrest put this man in jail. people at a petaluma apartment complex says ramirez was touching himself inappropriately on a balcony overlooking the complex's pool. now the latest on an intense wildfire near yosemite which has turned deadly. ferguson fire along the river west of yosemite national park quadrupled in size over the week. 9,000 acres have burned and hardly any containment. for now, the yosemite is open but parts of highway 140 are closed and crews expected to
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retrieve the remains of a bulldozer operate varney dying saturday when the bulldozer rolled over. the body is in steepster ra ter. the 36-year-old of mariposa was a second generation firefighter, leaves behind a wife and two young children. the lines at the dmv seem to be getting worse and could change. starting today some offices in the bay area opening an hour earlier to try to deal with the higher demand. nbc's bay area bob redell joins us live at the san jose dmv. we have all waited in the lines before, bob. >> reporter: yes. and there were long lines this morning. good morning to you, laura. anyone going to the dmv, one thing you dread outside of the paper work is the long lines. that's why the dmv in san jose and another are opening hours earlier to help people get through the offices faster so
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the two offices we are speaking of are the san jose driver's license processing center here on center road and the oakland-claremont. 7:00 a.m. four days a week except for wednesday opening at 9:00 a.m. on top of the two offices opening earlier, 14 bay area dmv offices with saturday service 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., beginning on august 4th. as far as the workforce goes, dmv plans to hire 400 new employees, statewide to handle the long lines. with the agency already hiring 166 people this month. one reason why we're seeing the long lines is seeing an increase in the people applying for the real i.d.s. a spokesperson also says if you are in the office by 5:00 people will help you until 7:00 at night. we spoke to two people getting here early to take advantage of the new office hours. >> i mean, hopefully they could execute all the new real i.d.s
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quick and get everybody in and out in a timely fashion. we'll see. >> i would imagine that it has to do because now they're requiring i.d. cards and that takes longer and i don't think they prepared enough to be able to foresee the amount of people and people that they're going to need to take care of it. >> reporter: to help yourself speed up the process when you do arrive on location to any dmv office, the dmv recommends your documents, paperwork, in order and if possible make an appointment. lessen the wait time. bob rebel, nbc bay area news. very sorry. i'm very thank you so -- >> new video this morning of a rescued thai soccer team thanking the divers who saved them. 12 boys and their coach recovering in the hospital while sitting in their beds, the boys thanked the rescuers and mentioned how they can't wait to eat their favorite foods like
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crispy pork and rice. on saturday, the thai health minister said the boys and coach will be released from the hospital this week. well, coming up, more for you. what's on the wait list? amazon hoping to make all of your prime daydreams come true. before you buy, watch this. ever buy an item on amazon because it offers protection from scammers? be careful how you pay for this item. there are more than 2 million third party sellers on the amazon sites. if a seller asks you to pay with amazon gift cards instead of amazon pay, don't do it. amazon's guarantee does not cover purchases made by giving gift cards or by giving card information directly to third party vendors. never send money to an amazon seller outside of the amazon
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website or app. the only safe way to buy something from an amazon seller is to pay through amazon. this way, if you don't get the product you ordered you can work with amazon to get a full refund. have a problem or tip? give us a call. or submit online. we respond to every call and inquiry. after a shooting in con.
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three people are in custody. well, at least one person is hurt after a shooting in concord. three people are in custody. this happened near san miguel and hanford just before midnight. the victim didn't need to go to the hospital. no other details on how this all started. today the trial continues for the person accused of killing a small dog by throwing it off of a seven-story building in san francisco. prosecutors are presenting video and audio evidence to the jury
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taken by a parking lot security device. they argue the man broke into a car, grabbed the dog and tossed it over the ledge. state public health teams will do tests at the hunters point naval shipyard involving what's called surface scans in that area where hundreds of people now live. back in may, two workers were sentenced to eight months in prison for falsifying cleanup records. taking a look right now. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. the s&p 500, nasdaq both down. the dow up slightly about 16 points. amazon hits record high as border markets struggles. >> interesting to watch that stock today. amazon prime day is here promising deep discounts on over a million items but are you getting the best deal? critics say it's just a made-up
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holiday to generate sales in an otherwise slow time for retail. more than 100 million people now subscribe to prime but the question for shoppers is, are these deals really that good? and how's amazon changing the way other major retailers are dolling out the deal? nbc's jo ling kent reports. >> reporter: this morning, it's like christmas in july as retailers are pulling out all the stops to compete with amazon's prime day. ebays with up to 60% off electronics, k mart with clothing and shoes and 25% at target beauty and personal care. deep discounts comes as amazon threaten it is competition, the sales are expected to skyrocket 30% this year alone. >> the best deals this year for amazon prime day will be on the 578 zon branded products, that's amazon's kindle, the echo speakers, fire stick. >> reporter: now music, too.
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turning up the heat on streaming services like spotify and apple music by offering a big discount on amazon music unlimited. this year, you'll also see reduced prices at the grocery store. for the first time, shoppers get 10% off on hundreds of items at whole foods. >> this is like a super bowl. >> reporter: neil lindsey is the executive in terms of prime and marketing and took us inside the command center where the online retail giant is analyzing every step of prime day and how items are shipped and what you will see on social media. >> we train all year for events like this. >> reporter: prime day was created in 2015 as a way to mark amazon's 20th anniversary but now some question the legitimacy. while it does drum up sales in a slow month for retail many question whether it's more about marketing than the money. >> we work hard on prime day to be the best deal for customers. >> reporter: amazon says it benefits brands large and small.
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>> 50% of everything worldwide is by small and medium-sized enterprises. >> reporter: it's not all bad news for competitors. adobe says others saw sales jump 35% on prime day last year. >> jo ling kent reporting there. keep in mind, get the deals you have to be an amazon prime subscriber coming with an annual fee of $119. ac transit bus driver facing charges for a gun to work speaking out for the first time about why he feared for his life. in may, the sheriff's deputies arrested steven williams at the start of the shift. williams notified management he was carrying a gun to protect himself after receiving threats of a passenger. he and other drivers say that the job has become more dangerous in recent years and that the district is doing very little to protect them. >> the sense of, oh, this is real, this is serious, i need to take this serious, i could get injured out there and hurt. >> so tonight at 11:00, the
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driver tells senior investigator reporter vicki wen that prompted him to arm himself at work and she asked the district why they're waiting for security measures. if you have a story for investigative unit, give them a call, 888-996-tips or an e-mail. that is nbc bay investigate. the san francisco conservatory of flowers is bracing for a rare beauty with a rare stench. the corpse flower expected to bloom this week and video of last year when another plant was in bloom. true to its name, the flowers emit an odor like rotting flesh. the plant on display in the conservatory of flowers and only bloom once every seven to ten years. so there's the chance if you want to smell it in person. >> best time we don't have smell-o-vision. >> they were so close to the flower taking pictures of it, i
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mean, i can't imagine what the smell is like. >> that photographer deserves a raise. >> absolutely. yeah. you want to take pictures of the beautiful parts of the bay area where we see all kinds of weather, including some fog near the coast as we can see that just offshore from woodside over the water. we are going to keep the foggy beaches and inland all clear and starting to warm up with the live look outside in sunol going to see more sunshine throughout the day. our temperatures will be warming up. palo alto with sunshine now and our temperatures heading into the low 80s for today. it's going to be a nice one for parts of the bay area but all depending on your location because let's go to martinez where we'll go from 82 degrees at 1:00 to 92 degrees at 4:00. so the jump in temperatures will be fast but it will also cool off fast, too. so we'll go from the low 90s during the middle of the day to about 83 degrees at 7:00. so our temperatures in the 90s
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will be just for a little while but those are the hours that you need to avoid being out there and being active. maybe just hang out for a little bit in some air conditioning and the temperatures heat up. mid-90s for the south county. 92 in east san jose and 86 in downtown san jose. we'll see the high in walnut creek, 92 degrees there. 73 in oakland. 83 in fremont. we see the wide range of temperatures once again because of the marine layer keeping the coastal areas cool. and then as you work your way inland those temperatures start to heat up. in san francisco, we still have that ocean breeze keeping it comfortable. winds coming in from the west and water temperature still in the mid-50s. the high reaching about 71 degrees today in the mission district. and for the north bay, looking at anywhere from some upper 60s for point reyes and hotter further north. going to santa cruz today, lucky you. you will have beautiful weather. highs in the low 70s.
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some breezy winds and only in the 70s for a couple of hours. and then a heads up going to yosemite. we have the ferguson fire. this is the look at a live camera with a lot of smoke. it's been trapped in the valleys so it's going to possibly remain there with some poor air quality until they get some more containment on that fire. and our temperatures there in the mid to upper 70s. another chance of lightning in the forecast on wednesday. and that's possibly what may have caused that fire but, of course, cal fire looking into that. we are going to see some low to mid-90s over the next couple of days inland. upper 80s toward the end of the week and back in the 90s for the weekend. not much of a change in san francisco with 70s in the forecast all week long. we'll take another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. >> all right. looking forward to it, kari. coming up, an interesting light show in the south bay where we think these drones are headed to. skyrocketing housing
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a new option for homeowners on the peninsula to save cash.
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media... i just posted this interesting video about why
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mosquito well, welcome back. you know, we're all active on social media. i posted a very interesting video of why mosquitos suck your blood. now, if you have the stomach for it, go to the facebook page and push play. very interesting there. >> now i feel like they're all over. that sound in the middle of the night. okay. we are staying on top of what's trending online and nbc bay mike inouye joins us with what to do now that the world cup is over. >> not showing that mosquito video but this is colin resch. this is not soccer world cup or football but talking about, well, here's colin resch. here's at&t park and here's a floating rugby pitch. that's what we're focusing. let me show you a story of danny barrett on team usa. he's a big guy, the prop. let's show you the video. he interviewed danny about may,
11:25 am
back in may he was talking about when's coming up this weekend, world cup sevens, that's rugby world cup and this is danny over there. he was out at at&t park. danny is playing for team usa so first of all unlike the world cup we have a team in this one. >> all right. >> so danny played for cal and local boy, raised in pacifica. wanted to be a giant and playing at the home of the giants with the rest of the team usa sevens team. this is going to be really cool. instead of teams of seven that play 40-minute halves -- sorry. teams of 15 this is a smaller team, 7 each. seven-minute halves. faster, smaller amount of players on the team and the field and go faster. that was introduced i think to most of the public in rio olympics. it is a rough sport. my friends ben and my cousin wayne played for college and they're big guys, the smallest on the team. >> they usually are. >> so that's what's coming up. shift focus from one pitch to the other. >> they kind of get dirty in
11:26 am
that sport. >> maybe they'll have an endorsement of tide. keep up with that and updating on the developments throughout the week of the tournament, activities from the international teams and of course all the other information you need and want to know on nbc bay >> okay. >> watching now. but not before this. this is video to brighten up your morning. we can watch it all day. really cool there. this is beautiful footage of intel's drone light show. overnight photographer happened to see the drones last night lighting up the sky and we think practice of the 50th anniversary on wednesday and performed a light show last night attempting to break a world record and used drones in a light show at travis air force base for independence day. coming up, she survived a 200-foot plunge off a california cliff. her amazing story of survival and hear from hikers that found her. lost
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well, now to a remarkable story of survival after a woman lost control of her car, careening off a cliff on the california coast. and that was just the beginning of her ordeal. >> 23-year-old angela hernandez survived the plunge and how she then stayed alive for a week that's truly amazing. miguel amalguer has her story. >> reporter: this morning, her family says it's a miracle angela hernandez is alive. >> we just found word that my sister was found. >> reporter: the 23-year-old rescued friday from the bottom of this steep cliff in big sur, california, where she survived for a week after her white jeep accidentally careened over the edge and plunged 200 feet on to
11:30 am
the rocky beach below. hernandez describing her ordeal on facebook overnight along with these pictures before the accident saying i was still in my car and i could feel water rising over my knees. every bone in my body hurt. i was able to break out of my car and jump into the ocean. i swam to the shore. >> i heard a faint cry for help and we both turned and we saw angela standing in the rocks. >> getting a report of a vehicle injury. >> reporter: law enforcement says hernandez had been driving from her home in portland, oregon, down the coast to see her family in southern california. on the way, she texted with them from this grocery store parking lot. then, angela simply van initialled. the last sighting of her jeep, this still photo from a gas station security camera near big sur. >> she told us that she was along highway 1. she saw an animal cross in front of her. she naturally swerved to the
11:31 am
right. there's no shoulder so the vehicle went down a cliff. >> reporter: amazingly, hernandez survived the impact of the 20-story drop and was able to crawl to safety. for the next week, she lived in the makeshift camp she set up near the beach. surviving using her smarts. posting, i'd walk up and down the beach in search of another human being. i'd climb on rocks to avoid the sharp sand, walk along the shore to avoid the hot rocks. i found a high spot i was able to climb. >> she actually found a hose from the vehicle and used that as a straw to drink water from a natural spring nearby. >> reporter: then, a miracle. chelsea and chad moore were hiking in the area when they heard angela's cries for help and found her. bruised with an injured shoulder but coherent. >> she could talk, listen, respond, walk. >> she said that she woke up that morning and knew it was going to be a good day. and i think i started crying.
11:32 am
>> reporter: rescue teams had to hoist angela up the cliff with ropes, they air lifted her to the hospital. battered and bruised, hernandez enduring multiple injuries which included a brain hemorrhage, fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, broken collarbones, and ruptured blood vessels in her hands. >> it's day seven and you guys all helped us through the whole thing and angela will be okay. i'm so happy. i'm so happy. >> gosh. what a story. miguel amalguer reporting there. angela's family said she is healing better than expected and call her a warrior for surviving that ordeal. you stau injuries there. they have set up a go fund me page to pay for the medical expenses. legal battle of a weed killi killing chemical continues in san francisco. a former groundskeeper with terminal cancer blame it is condition on the long-time use of round-up weed killer claiming
11:33 am
that the company monsanto knew that the main chemical is a carcinogen. this could be a bell weather case because it's facing hundreds of other similar lawsuits. the plaintiff may take the stand as soon as tomorrow. san francisco police commissioner wants to be part of the final say in the current department reforms. the state's justice department is overseeing sfpd's reform. they're reviewing nearly 300 recommendations. the examiner reports that the police commission will vote on an updated agreement wednesday. you might see more drones in the north bay skies. marin's largest crime fighting force will reportly aedly add ds in the next three months. a spokesperson says the sheriff's office plans to use up to four unmanned aerial systems. the devices have not been purchased but opponents want public approval before it moves forward. alameda county firefighter is recovering this morning after
11:34 am
a pit bull attacked him over the week. he's expected to be okay. the firefighter responded to a house fire in san leandro on saturday where 20 pit bulls lived. after the flames were put out, the battalion chief was talking to a 15-year-old holding a dog on a leash. suddenly, that pit bull attacked him biting him on the side of the face. he was rushed to the hospital and later transferred to stanford medical center for reconstructive surgery. the sheriff's department is investigating the dog owners for animal abuse. you should haven't to worry about someone breaking into your home on vacation. lafayette police department offering free vacation home checks this summer. the police department tells us they're keeping an eye on about 30 to 40 homes. officers try to swing by every day, check on the doors, windows and gates and then send you a text or e-mail to let you know your home is safe and secure. new this morning, we talked to police about why they're doing
11:35 am
this. >> for us, it's really about giving our citizens a peace of mind. you know? you go on vacation, enjoying the family, last thing want to do is come home to a disaster, water leak, a fire or you had someone break into your home. >> how do you sign up? if you live in lafayette, notify the police department the dates of the vacation, address and contact info. log on to love for details and lafayette isn't the only city offering this. yours might, as well. check with the local police department. san francisco's new mayor breed sworn in last week and delivered a speech and that is not the speech that she was planning to deliver. the chronicle report that is that sun was blinding the three teleprompters and didn't want to look down during the first speech and had to wing that 15-minute speech as best as she
11:36 am
could remember. she is the first african-american mayor of san francisco. the recreational pot business is coming to pittsburg soon. recreational pot is legal here since the beginning of the year. a program letting poorest students rent bikes for free may be going away. the examiner reports the city doesn't want taxpayer money to come to ride share companies. lyft bought it providing the bikes on campus. supervisor tells the paper public money should not support a company. investigators now looking for clues what caused an incident on board a flight in europe over the weekend. passengers suffered severe nausea and bleeding from the ears as that pilot had to descend very fast and make an emergency landing in germany.
11:37 am
here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: terror at 37,000 feet. >> not fun. not fun, guys. >> reporter: two hours into flight, a rush of cold air screaming alarms and falling oxygen masks. with passengers describing sudden nausea, headaches and bleeding from the ears, nose and mouth. >> the plane plummets and everybody can feel it. babies were screaming. and then the blairing emergency descent. >> reporter: roxanne and sierra on board from dublin to croatia. the plane was in trouble. >> i just kept thinking of, you know, my family and my boyfriend and what they would think and how they would feel and that soon i'm not going to exist on this world anymore. >> reporter: at that altitude, passengers who aren't wearing oxygen masks can lose consciousness in seconds. the pilots had to get down fast.
11:38 am
dropping 26,000 feet in just 7 minutes. >> we have been falling for seven minutes literally falling. they haven't said anything. >> you can't count on everybody having properly put their oxygen mask on so you want to be very sure, very careful, to get the airplane down as quickly as you can into thick air that people can breathe. >> reporter: once on the ground in germany, 33 of the 189 passengers were taken to area hospitals. others stuck overnight in the airport complained of little food or information and just a few cots to sleep on. ryanair apologized blaming the incident on in-flight depressurization and admitting to a shortage of available accommodation. the passengers rebooked on another flight the next morning. >> that was tom costello reporting there. frightening for those people. other news this midday, elon musk twitter tirade is catching attention. it all started when british
11:39 am
diver who helped rescue the soccer team trapped in a cave slammed musk's plan for a kid-sized submarine to get them to safety. the diver said it was no chance of working. musk who posted a number of videos and tweets showing it being built and tested in a pool in l.a. took to twitter saying he'll post a video of the mini sub through the cave with no issues and called the diver a pedophile. the tweets have since been deleted. move over, barbecue becky. meet coupon carl. a man who called police on a woman is trending on social media. >> tell them i'm be here when they arrive. waiting for thome arrive. >> the real name is mori mat son. he works in chicago. he was captured on video calling police after camilla hudson tried to use a coupon. he thought it was fake. hudson waited until police arrived to explain the
11:40 am
situation. cvs apologized to hudson. a latest incident of a white person calling police on a black person to go viral. a barbecue becky and permit patty in seattle made national headlines. have you seen this? it might be a new vacation destination. you might see a tiny island forming in hawaii off the big island and it's all because of that lava flow. you may remember kilauea erupted back in may and that lava still flowing right now and some of it is actually going into the ocean. scientists say that the molten rock probably built up under the water creating the island. the u.s. geological survey says it's about 30 feet across. well, former president barack obama in kenya today to help launch a sister's new foundation. she is opening a center for knowledge, learning and
11:41 am
excellence where the community can have access to the internet as well as a library. mr. obama will fly to south africa tomorrow where he'll speak at the 16th annual nelson mandela lecture. happening today -- >> right now. >> a look at the forecast. >> kari checking it out for us all morning and a warm day today? >> oh yeah. warm in spots. as we go to los gatos for the tptd tre temperature trend, the rest of the day, a nice cool down this evening. just kind of weather to see throughout the rest of the week and talk about that coming up next. public access to consumer complaints could be slammed behind closed doors. but you can speak up. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how when nbc bay area responds next. day to compl
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11:43 am
11:44 am
and financial well, nbc bay area responds to complaints every day about banks and financial services. >> after today, taxpayers may lose access to a tool. you can tell washington what you think about that idea. >> talking about the consumer financial protection bureau taking complaints of consumers like you and investigates them. complaint records are kept in a public database. banks don't like, neither does the white house. president trump contends the bureau has too much power, directed the administration to dismantle the cfpb.
11:45 am
consumer advocates say that's a serious problem. >> we need organizations like that to protect consumers. they were put in place after the financial crisis to protect consumers and for them to be defunded and deregulated at this point is terrible. >> your access to the complaint database could be cut off soon. washington is asking what taxpayers want and you can tell the government how you feel about that. until midnight tonight. public comments can be submitted online and made it easy for you. head to nbc bay you will find a link there. you can also share your complaints about bachnks or anything else with us. call us 888-996-tips. seems like no major complaints today weather-wise. not bad. >> not bad at allment taking a drive change your weather and we're going to have the microclimates in full effect. let's take a live look outside
11:46 am
in half moon bay where it's cloudy, cool. only in the upper 50s right nowment and then you make the way to healdsburg it's sunny and comfortable. right now, livermore at 75 degrees and we know it's heading towards noon soitd's goi it's g continue to warm up. warmest spot, morgan hill. 80 degrees right now. we just saw that change. getting a look at what to expect as we go through concord, the rest of the day, it will be at 83 degrees at 1:00. so if you're going to be heading out for a late lunch it is going to start to warm up out there. and then we'll have the air conditioner on full blast at 4:00. it'll be 91 degrees. but we won't stay there for long and hit the low 90s and then come back into the 80s for the rest of the day. then as we look at all of our high temperatures, the south county is where we will have the warmest temperatures for the
11:47 am
south bay. and milpitas of 85 degrees and those winds coming in from the northwest. as we go toward the east bay, hayward up to 76 degrees. and then 93 in antioch today. livermore 92 degrees. and mostly cloudy, still in half moon bay. seeing that throughout the day with some clearing and redwood city 81 degrees. 78 degrees in san mateo. san francisco, low 60s and low 70s for the mission district. and temperatures also hitting the upper 80s to low 90s for the inland valleys and the north bay. if you've been sneezing and eyes have been itching, you're probably allergic to grass pollen. only thing recently on our pollen report and it's going to stay that way. as we go through the afternoon commute and we're going to see these temperatures in antioch, very hot. reaching the mid-90s there. right along highway 4 it is going to be definitely very hot and then cooling down into the
11:48 am
mid-80s this evening. are you following me on facebook? i'm meteorologist kari hall. let me know what you're doing this weekend and you may get a personalized forecast. we'll add that into the weekend events that i do every morning on "today in the bay" at 5:30 and 6:30 and then also going to see some very warm temperatures over the next couple of days. heading into the weekend. heats up once again and back in the low 90s and san francisco stays in the 70s all week long so yeah. that's what we'll be doing throughout the week. talking about the weekend plans, making it through the work week. >> sounds good. warming up again. coming up here, serena williams with a special message to all the moms out there. her words after not clinching the title in wimbledon. star ser
11:49 am
11:50 am
a champion for )working moms, ) everywhere. well, since become agnew mom tennis star serena williams is a champion for working moms
11:51 am
everywhere. wimbledon was the fourth tournament since giving birth to her daughter. >> after she lost she had this encouraging message for all moms. i was, quote, playing out there for you. here's nbc's shanell jones. >> reporter: a true champion in the face of defeat. >> i was really happy to get this far. >> reporter: 23-time grand slam champion serena williams is winning for an emotional message, just moments after her loss in the wimbledon final to angelique kerber. >> for all the moms out there, i was playing for you today and i tried but -- >> reporter: the emotion not only on center court but in the stands. famous fans, there to cheer her on. duchess meghan markles tearing up and kate middleton in the royal box. >> so much to look forward to. i'm just getting started. >> shon da rhimes tweeting epic
11:52 am
day with incredible grace. seshowed us what a legend is made of. other celebrities showing their support. tyra banks tweeting, to all us new mommies, you won. williams has been opening up on instagram of fearing for her life writing days after our baby girl was born, i kissed my wife good-bye before surgery and beneather of us now if she would be coming back. williams suffered complications of the emergency c-section including a pulmonary embolism. we just wanted her to survive. ten months latter, she is in the wimbledon final. she will be holding a trophy again soon. she has the greatest one waiting for at home for her. >> it was my journey and as hard as it was i wouldn't want to change my journey. >> reporter: williams husband fighting for paid leave writing for these early months of my daughter's life, i knew i needed to be present with my family, a
11:53 am
privilege that unfortunately many parents in this country are not afforded. williams has been honest about the struggles with being a working mom, a challenge she's taking on with her family beside her every game, every set, every match. >> i had such a long struggle to come back and it was really difficult and honestly i feel like if i can do it they can do it. >> that little baby's face, you know you can do it. williams will get another shot at winning the 24th grand slam tight until a few weeks at the u.s. open in new york. >> i loved how her husband said she has the best trophy at home. >> no better title than being a mom. >> all right. we'll be back.
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11:56 am
the nerve of this guy. he's literally going 1 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. i mean -- guy's easily 100. he shouldn't be out on the roadways to begin with. and trying to talk to him. he snapped at me. i don't know what this guy's deal is. >> and look. >> come on, grandpa. i got places to be. >> most of us stuck behind that guy before but crawling along the road at a turtle's pace. it literally happened in florida to that deputy.
11:57 am
the turtle is doing fine. the deputy tailed him for 20 minutes before the animal turned off into a wooded area. i just say out the car -- >> help him along? >>dy that on a trail recently a. turtle in the middle of the walking trail. move along. >> did you help mihm along? >> yeah. kind of away from the creek. you know? help a friend out. >> there you go. >> help us out with the forecast. >> all right. it is going to be hot. ducking in the shell trying to get away from all of this heat and it continues the rest of the week. >> make like a rabbit today to the air conditioning. hey, thank you for joining us. next newscast at 5:00. >> don't forget to join us for "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. of course, you can get the information we have for the day at nbc bay thank you for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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11:59 am
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we are live, in five, four, three, two, one. >> it is just me, that's all i can be. for all the mom out there that's playing for you today and i tried. angelique kerber played really well. >> just give her the crown already. queen serena. that's very sweet. it moved everyone. welcome to "access live." >> kit is off today. scott evans is here and brian and our nina parker as well. welcom


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