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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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putin. tonight, rallies across the country are held to quote -- more fallout from president trump's meeting with vladamir putin. tonight, rallies across the country are held to "confront corruption." >> as the president backtracks, millioning s of americans are marching forward. tonight, one of those rallies was in san jose. ian cole is with us with the message and the latest spin from the white house. ian? >> reporter: protesters say they immediately organized these rallies right after the helsinki
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summit. their message was clear and around the country. they are fed up. ♪ america >> reporter: outside city hall, a rally of people angry with the trump administration over what they call putting russia before the american people. >> this would have been unfathomable to most people, including most of the gop, two years ago. >> reporter: it's one of 100 rallies like it around the country tonight. earlier today, president trump asked whether he believes russi democracy. >> is russia still targeting the u.s. elections. >> reporter: he seemed to break from the intelligence community, but hours later, the white house said he was misunderstood. >> the president said thank you very much and was saying no to answering questions. we believe that the threat still exists, which is why we are taking steps to prevent it. >> reporter: tonight, the kremlin is asking to interrogate former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfall. he's now a stanford professor.
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the white house says the president didn't rule it out. congressman swalwell saying, you turn him over to putin, you can count on me and millions others to swiftly make you an ex-president. mcfall responding to russia on rachel mad do you tonight. >> insinuating that i and other americans were part of the conspiracy. we're criminals. and you just have to push back on crazy stuff like that. it's in not just in the interest of people like me and others, but the american national interest. >> reporter: the push here to make a change in the midterm. >> the next few months, the election in november is crucial. >> ian, thank you. dozens of rallies were held across the country this evening. here's a look at the thousands posting photos and videos to social media. follow us on facebook and twitter as this develops.
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following some breaking news. reports that the test structure that collapsed at the army base in southern monterey county. according to the spokesperson for the base, a helicopter landing kicked up winds, which caused a tent structure to collapse. initial reports said a number of people died, but base officials are saying there are no reported fatalities. we're still gathering information and we'll bring you an update as soon as we know more. a moving reunion at sfo. within the last 30 minutes, that redwood city man you're seeing there, who hasn't seen his wife and daughter since he left gueal his arms again. tonight, they're all together. cheryl herd joins us live from
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sfo. what a heartwarming moment to see them together. >> reporter: yes, it was. and walter lopez was shaking before he saw his wife tonight. as you said, they haven't seen each other in four years, and he told us tonight that he thought that this day would never happen. but it did happen. just 30 minutes ago here at sfo. his 5-year-old daughter, darlene, and mother were separated in may, just to give you a little background. they are from guatemala. lopez has been in the u.s. for four years. her husband says he fears for her life and her country and took the chance to come here to america once they crossed the border into americaco in may, they were caught and separated. the 5-year-old sent to arizona, her mother to texas. first time yesterday. now that the government is ordering reunification for
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families, this family is together again. tor: t there's no way or words to describe how excited he is to be able to reunite with them tonight. it's been 55 days, and yesterday receiving that call has been amazing and he's excited to get to see them again and to know that they're together. i feel way better now that we're together. she's so big and beautiful. >> reporter: this family has been through a lot of legal wrangling. clara has to wear an ankle monitor while heo i through the immigration process to be able to stay here. reporting live at sfo, im zuck
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appearing to defend holocaust deniers. >> i'm jewish, and there's a set of people who deny that the holocaust happened, right? i find that deeply offensive. but at the end of the day, i don't believe that our platform should take that down because i think that there are things that different people get wrong, either -- i don't think that they're intentionally getting it wrong -- >> in the case of the holocaust they might be. >> the comments were made on the podcast with kara swisher. zuckerberg was smexplaining why facebook does not rve postsat d. ust deniers.oesn't mean the part of highway 101 shut down. new details of the explosion at the kaiser permanente offices. it involves a tanker truck.
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we know how it happened with that delivery. how is the driver? >> reporter: he is in the hospital tonight with significant injuries. this explosion this afternoon happened in the back of this kaiser permanente facility. it was so powerful, it was felt throughout this huge two-story building. >> i didn't hear the explosion. we all felt it. the building shook. >> reporter: that's what it was like inside this medical building when the explosion happened about 2:30 this afternoon. this truck, delivering liquid oxygen into a storage contain, suddenly an explosion and fire. no word on what went wrong. >> we evacuated and locked down the medical facility and then shut down highway 101. >> reporter: witnesses say first responders arrived in in their
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emergency training to work. >> we all did what we were trained to do and just came together, got the patients out that we needed to get out. >> reporter: an overwhelming response by police and chp. >> we knew that under the worst case scenario, we had a 300 foot down wind concern. >> reporter: highway 101 closed in both directions for more than 90 minutes. crews raced to cap the liquid oxygen leak. this facility is about one mile from the big kaiser hospital here in santa rosa, which was not affected by what happened here today. as far as reopening tomorrow, this building has to inspection. new at 11:00, surveillance photos. police want you to seeis.suspec. in april, four suspects walked into a business on 11th street
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and robbed people at gunpoint. the suspects got away with cash, watches and cell phones. there's a $7500 reward to help catch these criminals. the crime caught on video in berkeley. a mob of young men shoved a 72-year-old man to the ground and then beat him. it happened on mlk way near addison across from the berkeley police department. this happened on july 6th. investigators say the attack was unprovok unprovoked. >> they didn't make any demands for property or anything like that. and then they ran off. and we're hoping that people will see the video and be able to identify the van that was seen leaving the area. >> and that van, take a look. possibly a nissan quest. if you have any information, call berkeley pd. fireworks sparked the grant fire in alameda county. it started just days after the
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fourth of july. investigators say a teenager was playing with fireworks on the side of the road when it sparked a small grass fire that grew. the fire grew so much it shut down 580 in both directions for several hours. 480 acres burned. the teen did turn himself in to police. the sheriff office now pushing for prosecution. it's considered the most prestigious award given to an african-american. tonight, former mayor willie brown was the recipient. and former president bill clinton was there to honor him. this was the naacp convention held in san antonio. mayor brown received the spin garn metal, an award for the noblist achievement by an african-american. the two-term mayor of san francisco is regarded as the most influential black politician of the 20thpredent c
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mayor brown perfectly. >> it's hard to think of him without a smile on your face and a spring in your step. he's the youngest 84-year-old man i know. and he will never shut up and sit down. >> well said. very good friends they are. also on hand, you see her in the red dress tonight to support her predecessor, lay your london breed. ahead, the owner of a flower shot being robbed at gunpoint > they are heading home after their sy racle rescue. we'll hea i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. thunderstorms off to the south. i'll have the updated bay area rain chances coming up. after a
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the 12 boys recued from that cave --
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a lot of smiles in thailand after a week in the hospital, those 12 boys, rescued from that cave, are headed home. they have plenty to say about the 2 1/2 weeks they were stuck in that flooded cave. here's janice mackie frayer in thailand. >> reporter: tonight, the teens the world has been cheering for. smiling in their uniforms and back playing soccer, revealing for the first time how they survived those ten days they were lost inside the cave. "i tried not to think about food so i didn't get 11 is the youngest in the group. they talked about what they called a miracle. >> how many of you? 13? brilliant. >> reporter: it was captured the world's attention. >> you speak english? >> a little.
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>> "i heard people talking and wasn't sure it was a hallucination." their faces now showing little trace of their terrifying ordeal, describing how they licked water off walls to stay alive and conserved batteries in their one flashlight. at the press conference, they hugged family and friends, and mourned the former navy s.e.a.l. thai diver that died "i want to be a professional soccer player,dom says, but i also want to be a navy s.e.a.l." >> you must be very excited to get him home. his grandmother who raises him, tells us they're just thankful he's getting a second chance at life. a hero's welcome played out 13
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times here, where the boys are finally home. elon musk is apologizing to one of the british divers who helped in that thai rescue cave. musk called the rescue diver a pedophi pedophile after he called out musk. the british diver threatened to sue. musk eventually apologized for his actions saying they were vagueless tweets. one of the last flower shops in vallejo is having a tough time staying in business. it's been robbed twice in three months. in april, the shop owner was robbed at gunpoint. it was caught on surveillance tape. the gunman got away with cash from the register. she just wants the crimes to stop. >> if i didn't have all my
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employees here, i don't know that i would keep it open, you know? but everybody relies on this business to live. and so, you know, i've got to keep that in perspective. but it's frustrating. >> she says she caught the robber off guard by asking for a hug. and he said yes, with a gun in hand. trying to catch a peeper, two peeping tom investigations under way in two bay area cities. police are hoping that these images will help identify them. this man was looking into a bedroom window in a home near johnson park wednesday night. the man who lives at the home calls police. when they arrived, the peeper was nowhere to be found. a man peered through a window at a home near uc berkeley. okay. it's not going to happen. the proposition to break california into three separate
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states is off the november ballot. the california supreme court blocked the measure this afternoon. legendary capitalist tim draper is spearheading the proposal. opponents argue that making california three separate states would involve reviving the state constitution, and any revision needs support of 2/3 of the state legislature before the public could vote. draper has 30 days to respond to today's ruling. we want to show you a look at the first cars driving that first section of highway 1 here for the first time in a year. it was changed after a landslide that wiped out a large section of the highway, choking off complete access on the highway. caltrans spent 14 months and $54 million to clean up and realign the section. >> it's very gratifying.
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we understand that everybody on both the north and the south of the slide, it's really impacted their lives for the last year and a half. >> there will be an official ribbon cuttingn friday. >> maybe we'll take storm changer to go through it. >> on friday, we may be tracking some thunderstorms. >> what about the weekend? >> we do some sunshine coming our way. with y let's take a look at your microclimate forecast. keep your eyes on the bottom of the screen. that's where the thunderstorms are located. brought us humidity and cloud cover, getting sparked off by low pressure to the south, high pressure to the east. we'll have more in our updated chances coming up, but i want to bring us into your thursday morning forecast. this is what we're used to near this time of the year.
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fog near the peninsula and 61. more low clouds here for the north bay and east bay. and in san francisco, not only the fog, but the drizzle. 50s and 60s, but by the afternoon, high clouds passing on through. in the south bay, that will put us warm. morgan hill, gilroy, low 90s. cupertino 88. hottest weather, the more you go away from the bay, as well for the east bay. 97 if antioch. 98 in danville. you can see how all this heat gets trapped back here in those interior valleys. then over the east bay hills and you're comfortable in hayward at 80. oakland, 75. best weather tomorrow across the peninsula. san mateo, 77. we have a few 70s in san francisco. that's right here for the embarcadero. where that ocean breeze is the
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strongest, we'll be down to 65 in the outer sunset. for the north bay, a little bit of everything. 77 in mill valley. you head away from that, and you're at a warmer 90 in nevado. we talked about the thunderstorm chances and the bulk will stay to the south and east of us. through the day for tomorrow, we're dry. once we hit 8:00 p.m., thunderstorms develop to the south and east of us. we'll be watching the radar for anything that moves close to us. friday, we'll hold on to a lingering chance with the best possibility of a stray shower in the afternoon, maybe an isolated lightning strike. what we've done on my seven-day forecast, just a couple of lightning bolts here on thursday and friday to let you know we're watching out for that chance. this weekend, upper 60s and l 70s. also, less humidity this weekend. down to low 90s and not too hot as we start off next week's forecast. upper 80s and low 90s.
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we'll be tracking. we'll let you know about anything that comes your way. >> we're getting closer to the weekend, too. up next, car fires caught on camera. the federal investigation under way after hundreds of reports of engines bursting into flames in some popular vehicles. happening now, breaking news out of ft. hunter. we've learned that at least 22 people were hurt after a helicopter that was landing at the base kicked up wind that uscollapse. the those injuries are minor and being treated on site. two people have been taken to the hospital in fresno. base officials are saying there are no reported deaths. we'll be back with more. the help one peninsula man needed... and how you can avoid his mistake. plus - kari )s got an early look at your weekend forecast... so you can start making plans. today in the bay - 4:30 to 7.
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today in the bay - 4:30 to 7. ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open! only at disney california adventure park.
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various kia models are bursting into flames...across a troublting trend for a popular car company. various kia vehicles have been bursting into flames. people are driving them, too. more than a million kia cars are under reca2011 to 2014 models. consumer advocates say the fire danger deserves a recall. >> we say make sure you bring a firething burning, it's probably your car. >>respond, but up next, the raiders firing another long-time and popular employee. we'll tell you that story next. ♪
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there's a lot of volkswagen in every volkswagen. during volkswagen smile and drive days, you can lease a value-packed 2018 tiguan s for just $189 a month. ut the door. today, the raiders made another questionable move that's upsetting a l of fans ay,hey fi radio announcer. and today they fired tom flores. seems like they're doing everything they can to distance themselves from oakland.
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but they have at least one more season in oakland before moving to las vegas. tom flores dates back decades. as a player, and for the past 20 years as the team's radio host. much more news with the warriors. tomorrow morning, damarcus cousins will be introduced by the team in oakland. the all-star ceer signed a one-year deal for just over $5 million. he's currently rehabbing from a torn achilles, which could keep him out of the lineup until december or january. as we've been telling you, some of the best rugby teams and players in the world are here. a couple players grew up here in the bay area. danny barrett is from pacifica and was a star at cal. both are now on the team usa, which is one of the top teams.
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>> it's a kid's game. it's always going to be a kid's game. for us, we just want to just go out, have a good time, play at home, play in front of family and friends. >> team usa's first match, friday night at at&t park. >> these dudes are tough. and the women too. back in a moment with a slice of oakland on jimmy fallon tonight.
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a bit of "oak-town" on jimmy fallon tonight. from the bay area to broadway, a bit of oak town on jimmy fallon tonight. >> everyone, please welcome david. ♪ >> yes, how nice to be digs on the tonight show. the oakland native who won a tony award for his role in "hamilto "hamilton." the movie navigates their relationship, their friendship, personal lives, and the trending gentrification of the bay area. it opens in theaters friday. >> that looks good. >> he was so awesome in "hamilto "hamilton." >> he should be good on jimmy fallon tonight. >> oh, yeah, with that outfit.
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>> enjoy the tonight show. thanks for joining us.


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