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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 19, 2018 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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two. president trump changes his tune once again. why he is holding vladimir putin accountable in the wake of the summit in helsinki. >> the growing childrens after two children were attacke while swimming in new york. >> dunkin donuts has more than just coffee. the new beer from the breakfast chain. >> the touching moment has fans talking this morning. early today starts now. great to be with you. we begin with trump reversing course once more. he is now saying he does in fact
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hold vladimir putin presidential election said he believes hisge >> you s that russia meddled in the electibe i would say that that is true, yeah. >> y condemned putin specifically. do you hold him personally responsible? >> i would because he's in charge of the country just like i consider myself responsible for things that happen in this country. as the leader of a country, you would have to hold him responsible, yes. >> that are flies in the face of almost everything he said prior. capitulating when faced with the opportunity to place blame on putin even when standing next to him early this week, instead showing discord and confusion on who was behind the attempted hackinga more than one occasion
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going back almost two years. >> it might be russia. could becod be if you remember . it could be north korea. it could be a lot of pounds, okay? >> i think it was russia, but w countries and other people. >> you don't think it's phoney that they tried to meddle in the election? >> i don't know. it could have been china or a lot of different groups. >> while he said it is russia and putin interferes, here's what he said whether he thinks the kremlin is still trying to attack the u.s. >> thank you very much, no. >> the white house press secretary sarah sanders trying to clean up that moment insisting he was saying no as in no more questions. the moment is not sitting well with intel officials. here was christopher wray
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refuting the claim asserting to nbc's lester holt that russia is actively working against the united states. >> the intelligence community's assessment has not changed. my view has not changed. russia attempted to interfere with the last election and that engage in malign influence operations to this day. >> meanwhile another major headline is playing out after the white house didn't real out the possibility of questioning american citizens including the former ambassador to are ushia, michael mcfaul. it appeared to be trumped upcharges out of moscow. it's one the state department calls absolutely absurd this morning. ambassador mcfaul said he is floored by the white house's consideration. >> what i was totally flabbergasted by was that the white house would not defend me.
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i'm an american citizen and i g five years. it would have been so easy to bat it back. >> sarah sanders said she will get back to us regarding putin's request. >> the russian grad student working to advance the kremlin agenda will remain behind bars until her trial. maria butina is too greatly of a flight risk. she joined the nra to cozy up to influentialns a tried to trade sex for access to a political group. outside the court following the case. >> the fbi said two years ago she was making a name for herself as a college student and gun enthusiast hoping to further relations with russia. her every move was directed by a russian government official; close ally of vladimir putin.
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she hit in plain sight to get close to republicans, unaware that the fbi was watching her. >> the russians for decades have been trying to penetrate washington circles. this is very reminiscent of the 10 russian illegals, the sleeper agents arrested several years ago, but this was a speed version of that. >> at a 2015 trump event in las vegas, she asked a question. >> if you would be elected as a president, what would be the foreign policy in relationships with my country. >> she offered sex for access to an unnamed political group. the fbi arrested her last weekend when she was packing up to move. she pleaded not guilty.ey said because she can slip into the russawian r said she is no fligt risk and has known for months she was under investigation. >> she is not an agent of the russian government and she is
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innocent of the charges brought against her. she is a young student seeking to make her way in america. >> she is not changed with being a spy, but she was part of a covert campaign to influence american politics. nbc news at federal court in washington. >> two stories out of pennsylvania overnight. firefighters are battling a massive fire at our lady of angels catholic school. flame can be seen shooting from the roof and neighbors heard a boom before it broke out. authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. in philadelphia police are on a. police were told that two young children were in the lincoln navigator, but they later found them with another family member. police described the suspects as two males. with a beard and a oer withirth and a hat. >> wildfires fuelled by
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scorchingy. while trying to subdue the one person was killed oregon flame. fire ballooned to 45,000 acres prompting evacuations and a wild live emergency. that's just one of 160 fires. in neighboring california, fire crews are working 24-hour shifts to contain the ferguson fire. it is charring over 17,000 acres and inching close to yosemite national park. surrounding areas have been evacuated. >> two children are recovering after being bitten by the same shark in new york. the 13-year-old boy was attacked around noon while reportedly boogie boarding. they spotted him stumbling out of the water and first responders said they removed a n length nd attack described it i and suffered deep cuts to her leg. beaches were close said for the day yesterday.
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>> that are is so scary. at least it cooled down here. very scary. >> the biggest names in sports were honored at the espy awards. danica patrick became the first woman to awards. she was hosting the newest laker, lebron james. >> lebron is the newest los angeles transplant. los angeles transplant is also what he googles when he needs new hair. that's okay. lebron, he host and made fun of me, too. i would say even. j.r. smith would say we are up by one. >> in the biggest awards, snowboarder chloe kim won best ma athlete and kate becken sale accepted on behalf offal ex
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ovechkin. the jimmy v award for perseverance as he battles oral cancer leaving few dry eyes. >> if you have somebody out there suffering, it doesn't have to be cancer. it could be somebody not having a good day. your mom or dad or grandparents. what you say to them, the smile that you have on your face could be what makes the difference the next day. always, always persevere. never ever give up. >> the best coach award was awarded to three hero coaches killed in the mass shooting in stoneman douglas high school. >> 141 gymnasts who survived sexual abuse by larry nasser took the stage. closing out the night as the arthur ashe courage award. >> to all the survivors out there, don't let anyone rewrite your story. your truth does matter. you matter.
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and you are not alone. >> let's get a check on the mid-week weather with michelle grossman. >> we are looking great in the northeast. very, very pleasant. the southeast not so much. a front is parked over the area bringing rounds of showers and thunderstorms especially in the afternoon hours. that will be the case today and also tomorrow. as we look over theext n forecast in terms of rainfall amounts, we are looking at up to three inches of rain in som e h 80s and looking really, really nice. then by the weekend we are looking at rain in the northeast. >> thank you, michelle. fast forwarding, brett kavanaugh
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has a full schedule of one on one meetings. bob corker and jeff flake. >> the city of charlotte has been selected to host the 2020 election. the selection will be approved at the sunler meeting in austin. it will be held at the spectrum center. >> more than 130,000 comic book fans will be at the convention center and many in costume to kickoff this year. early today is back in a couple of minutes. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys 'hoits done? please. are changing the way they fight it. it's a difft kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain
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>> a newly introduced senate bill would explore ways to issue warnings through netflix, hulu and spotify. they want to inform americans with the false missile alert that sent hawaii into a panic. in addition sounding the alarm, it makes it harder to issue false warnings and prevent federal alerts on your phones. >> the controversy over family separations at the border. the trump administration released details to reunify those over age 5 with their parents. they successfully reunified all under 5 despite missing a court ordered deadline. they face a new deadline of july 26th to complete the process. for more let's go to tracie potts in washington. good morning. >> good morning. what that means is the government has one week to
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reunify all of these children who were separated from their families at the boarder and they have a plan to do so. this is what hhs said they will do to get the kids and the parents back together. number one, criminal background checks on the parent who is are in custody claiming to be parents of children. are there red flags or concerns that this could be a case of trafficking? then they will determine d ba into their custody.child. they are going do an inperson interview in those reunification centers and others and finally next thursday's deadline. >> still ahead, dunkin donuts is joel's latest milestone at madison square garden. you are watching early today. b joel's latest milestone at
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in today's quick hits, dunkin donuts is venturing into beer to launch a coffee flavored brew. it will be called dunkin donuts porter and expected to be released in the fall. >> attention snack lovers. lays is about to release eight
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new flavors as part of the tastes of america. some include deep dish pizza, chili conqueso, new england lobster roll and chili. >> great to have them here at home. >> this is the 30th year of the game and antonio brown will be one of seven players with a rating of 99. we will have to see if he is affected by the madden curse. billy joel just hit another career mil performances of any arttsproclaimed july 18y fellow y. legend bruce springsteen joining joel on stage during that performance. on his own is such a force, but when he collaborates and performs with other people, i saw elton john with him and it was amazing. >> too much to imagine. i was one of the 100 concert goers. the best. >> up early in the morning for early today.
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>> that's right. a chicago teacher was left stunned after complete strangers on the flight gave her over $500 to help low income students. the first grade teacher said she was talking about how she and other teachers would help student who is couldn't afford supplies. she said soon a man behind her handed her $500 in cash and others gave her $20 and a $10 bill. she plans to ut to help students with reading comprehension. so much flying rage and then a story lake this. >> and rage across the board with people out of control. this is exactly what we need. friendly skies we are seeing. the "america's got talent" judges held their breath in a fiery performance. during the second part, he blind folded himself and attempted to catch his wife and everyone's worst fear came true.
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i'm michelle grossman in for bill. the place to be will be the northeast. picture perfect conditions and temperatures normal for this time of yearshington. in the south, looking at triple-digits. we'll be right back. you got it from your parents.n protect you from milli onprotect your skin. walgreens pharmacists and beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now all walgreens brand sun care products are buy one get one half off. now all walgreens brand sun care products only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast,
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parents can order soda for their children, but they hope they will make style changes. >> caught on camera, a man is spotted walking up with worg oft the car drove off and drir is n critical condition. the storeowner faces changes including attempted second-degree murder. >> a new study looking at over 1,000 people hospitalized for mania. they have one thing in common. over three times as likely to say they ate cured meats generally in meat sticks and beef jerky compared to those who didn't have a psychiatric disorder. they may not be the direct cause, but the nitrates used to cure and process meat my worsen the symptoms for some people. that's so random and bizarre to have that connection. >> i'm in big trouble between beef jerky and pepperoni.
4:27 am
i have major concerns. >> throw salaamy in there, too. >> so y fly like iron man, suit that anyone can learn to fly. it is made up of engines that ct if you are the adventurous type want to take flight, it will and only for about minutes. set you back nearly $450,000. what happens in the 10th minute? >> hope you are not above water. >> harry styles helped one fan write her story in an unbelievable way. >> tina. she's gay! >> after spotting these signs at his concert, styles stopped the show to help a young fan named grace come out to her mother tina on video. tina was overshowed and embraced her daughter with love encould you remembering her to be wh.
4:28 am
the face of a mom who is so proud. it is such a big deal to have that moment, even more so with harry styles one of his song? i'm hip. i'm with the young . i know what's going on. >> thanks for waking up with us. your n>>ew
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well, good morning to you. it's thursday. a lot of people call it friday eve. taking a live l san jose this morning as we get started with our day. thanks for starting your morning with us here on today in the bay. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast. >> it starts out with mild temperatures again as you get ready to head out. mostly low 60s in the south bay and sgiflts elsewhere around the bay area. let's check out the hot temperatures of martinez today. it won't be as hot as it's been. 65 degrees at 8:00.
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at lunchtime, 82 degrees. upper 80s at 2:00 today. here's a look at the highs for today. mid 90s for livermore. 75


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