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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 19, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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answers after a man is shot dead in contra costa county. police had shut down a major right now at 11:00, questions but few answers after a man is shot dead in contra costa county. police have shut down a street overnight into the morning. good morning. thanks for joining us us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we brought you this story all morning on today in the bay. bob, what can you tell us now? >> reporter: well, good morning to you. sheriff's office has reopened on san pablo dam road.
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they are still busy on the property located on the 4800 block. they found a man who was shot. he was lying in the driveway behind the sheriff's vehicle by the blue tarp. he ended up dying from his injuries. he is 22 years old. they are not releasing his name. the sheriff's department search and rescue team arrived on scene to help search. the property is so large. it includes a creek and ravine in the back. not clear what deputies are hoping to find. three properties are all owned by the same family, according to someone we spoke with who used to live here. the sheriff's office has begun to search the individual addresses for possible evidence. the man was shot 10:45 last night. when deputies arrived, they performed cpr. but as i mentioned, he did not survive his injuries. the sheriff's office has recovered a handgun. they also are interviewing a number of people but have not
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identified a suspect or made any arrests. 6 reporting live, bob redell. san jose police are telling us about a major bust. officers sent us these photos saying officers executed seven search warrants across the city. 51 gaming machines were seized along with $350,000 in cash. here's another look at the machines seized. these were located inside storefronts or behind legitimate businesses. you can follow@newsdamian and watch reports tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. cool in the morning, warm by afternoon. we have hit that july stretch. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge as you see right now. foggy there. the fog is sticking around >> reporter: that's what is keeping the areas cool.
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half moon bay, 57 degrees there. it is much cooler along the coast. san francisco, 65 degrees. 67 in palo alto. 77 in san jose. you can see the temperatures already starting to spread out. it may feel a little bit more humid. it's still going to be pretty hot in concord today with temperatures quickly making it into the upper 90s by this afternoon. and then it gets into the lower 90s as we get ready to head out around dinner time. and then taking the dog out one last time today during the evening it will start to come back into the 70s. but we are all going to have a spread in temperatures from the mid-60s to the upper 90s for some of the inland valleys. and noticing some higher humidity. we can see scattered showers and even a few lightning strikes nearby but not yet moving into the bay area.
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monsoonal moisture surges back in a few minutes. the president himself three days now after the summit said he did confront vladimir putin over election interference. now, this was the first we heard of this as trump sat down for an interview last night with cbs. >> do you hold him personally responsible? >> well, i would. because he's in charge of the country, just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country. so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible. yes. i let him know we can't have this, we're not going to have it. and that's the way it's going to be. >> had anyone known this was the case, it could have headed off all of that criticism trump received after the summit cows
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of cowt on owing to putin. it would have been the logical time to step forward and say he indeed had confronted the russian leader. here's nancy pelosi this morning. president trump obviously seemed frightened in the presence of putin. what was he afraid of? what is putin blackmailing president trump with? personally, politically, or financially. whatever it is, it is a level of blackmail that the american people cannot afford. putin appears to be president trump's puppeteer. that day in helsinki, he shined the light on the strength. >> eric swalwell who subpoenaed the american translator, but that idea was voted down.
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in other news, questioning whether nato should come to the defense of montenegro. that little country is abuzz this morning. it is helping defend america in af afghanistan. it has fewer residents than san francisco. the fellow in the white hair is phopb montenegro's prime minister. he said it doesn't matter if you're big or small but how you cherish freedom, solidarity and democracy. if he looks familiar, it is because you will recall the first meeting in which he appears to shove the prime minister aside. same fellow. we assume that is a coincidence. >> very interesting to watch this all unfold. >> thanks, scott. our other top stories for you now. the suspect in the rideshare rapist case pleads guilty.
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he is accused of picking up women and sexual assaulting them. lyft fired him after the investigations came to light. the crimes happened when he was off duty. the district attorney said his dna linked him to four victims going back to 2013. also in the city, a new concept version of public restrooms. the idea is replacing all of those hulking green public toilets you see dotting the city. we dropped in the image of the first design released last month. it looks a little bit like a space ship if you look at it. it is reportedly getting the thumbs up in city reviews. ultimately, signers will have to sign off on the overhaul. nearly two dozen soldiers got hurt last night when a tent collapsed at fort hunter liggett. a helicopter scooped up too much
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wind. two were airlifted, the rest had minor injuries mark zuckerberg is apologizing after he appeared to defend holocaust deniers. he was explaining why facebook does not remove posts that deny the holocaust. take a listen. >> i'm jewish. and there's a set of people who deny that the holocaust happened. i find that deeply offensive, but at the end of the day, i don't believe that our platform should take that down because i think that there are things that different people get wrong, either -- i don't think they're intentionally getting it wrong. >> in the case of the holocaust deniers they might be. >> he later apologized saying he did not mean to defend the intent of the holocaust
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kaufters. >> steam pine explosion in new york city. it happened in the flat iron district. the steam might have contained asbestos. surrounding buildings were evacuated. no one was serious live injured. city officials say that pipe was installed back in 1932. much more for you, including the espy awards. filled with sports highlights. last night was different. an emotional night for athletes, a show of solidarity that took people's breath away. are you hit with a huge utility bill? we can help you out. kris sanche
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question of the day ) from the nbc bay area control room with the production team hey there. kris sanchez in the nbc bay area technical operations center with our question of the day. we're still talking about whether or not mark zuckerberg should have used the holocaust deniers as his example of what content facebook chooses to leave up and take down.
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i posted a poll on twitter. you can take a look at it here asking whether or not holocaust denial posts should be removable under facebook's takedown policy. so far about 74% of you say, yes, delete it. 26% so say no. one commenter does say, hey, he used a really bad analogy. perhaps he should have thought of something else. we like it when you join the conversation. you can find me on twitter, instagram, facebook. i am where you are. kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> a lot of people are talking about this, thanks. emotional night at the espy's. most moving, tributes to victims of school shootings and sexual assault. here's nbc's craig melvin >> reporter: bravery and heroism
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taking center stage at the espy awards. hundreds of athletes who accuse larry nassar of sexual assault abuse honored with the arthur ashe award. 141 survivors filling the stage, unified, with a clear goal. >> we are here on this stage to present an image for the world to see. a portrait of survival. a new vision of courage. >> we encourage those suffering to hold tight to your faith and stand tall when speaking your truth. because i'm here to tell you that you cannot silence the strong forever. >> aly raisman offering a message of support to survivors everywhere. >> if we choose to listen and we choose to act with empathy, we can draw strength from each other. we may suffer alone, but we survive together.
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thank you. >> reporter: the espy's posthumanously honoring three coaches from stoneman douglas high school who died trying to protect students in the parkland shooting. >> in their own ways, each will never be forgotten. aaron feis, scott beigel and chris hixon sharing the award for best coach. accepting the honor, members their families. >> the issue of gun violence and what happened at our school isn't a political issue. it's a human issue. >> reporter: bonner stressing that he hoped the parkland tragedy would help lead to change. >> more dialogue, a deeper understanding amongst students, educators and parents and officials. and ultimately action towards a solution for safe schools all
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across america. and there you have it. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange right now is a downturn. we're seeing lows on the dow, as well as the nasdaq. stocks remain near their lows after criticism of president trump toward the federal reserve. comcast announcing this morning it would not pursue the purchase of the movie studio 21st century fox. it allows disney to make good on its $71 billion offer for the studio. comcast, instead, will bid on awe different part of the fox empire, sky. it is a parent company of this television station. ford is recalling half a million cars and suvs because they can roll away unexpectedly. we're talking about fusions and escapes. ford says equipment, which attaches the gear shifter cable to the transmission, can detach.
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so far there's been no crashes or injuries. but ford is telling owners to use the parking brake until the problem is fixed. your next trip to the dmv could be shorter than you think. you can now fill out the driver's license and state i.d. application forms online. the first thing you have to do is create an account on the dmv website, type in your information, fill out those forms, and you're good to go. now, you still have to actually go to finish applying. but the new online forms will get you home a little bit fas r faster. is your job causing you to gain weight? a lot of on american workers think so. a new career builder survey finds 57% of nation's workforce believe they're overweight. most people say they have gained weight because they're sitting at their desk most of the day and too tired to exercise once they get home. you've got to get up and get moving. >> get up and get moving -- ♪ get up and get moving
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it would be nice to take your work computer outside. we have nice weather in parts of the bay area. here's a live look outside in san francisco where the fog still lingers over part of the city, mostly over the bay, the golden gate bridge. it is starting to clear out. all clear skies as we look outside at san jose. a few clouds here and there. overall we're looking pretty good. at 8:00, as you are winding down from the day and getting ready to head inside, it's going to be 80 degrees. it will be 76. now, it won't cool down much today because of the higher humidity. that will make it feel even hotter in martinez where temperatures go up to 92 degrees during the middle of the day. at 7:00, we're at 83 degrees.
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74 at 9:00 this evening. let's get a look at all our temperatures around the bay area. and the highs today will be up to 88 degrees in cupertino. morgan hill, expect a high of 93. east bay, up to 91. livermore, 95. oakland stays at a comfortable 75 degrees. looking at half moon bay, we saw the clouds earlier for the coast. it's only going to reach up to 66 there. redwood city, 81 degrees. and 71 in the mission district. winds still breezy coming from the west at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. north bay up to 90 today in nevado. i talked about the humidity. let's talk about what's going on here. the big story is we have this monsoonal moisture moving in. so far we are just seeing some clouds moving in on the satellite and radar. some of the showers have been staying just to our south and
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then moving offshore. but as we go into the rest of the day, there will be the chance there could be a few lightning strikes as the moisture moves into the bay area. this originates in the desert southwest. it is basically a shift in the wind bringing in some higher humidity in spots is that don't normally see it. in the bay area right now, we're still all clear. that may change as we go through the day. this shows the humidity and the colors that change show how elevated the humidity will be. so when we see the yellows and the oranges, that indicates that there will be some much more humid air in place. but by the end of the weekend, our humidity drops and we go back to what we're used to seeing around and feeling here around the bay area. if you're going out there to the giants and the a's game, the battle of the bay, our own marcus washington will be singing the national anthem. and we'll have some great weather in oakland.
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but once again, it will be a little bit more humid. so maybe that will effect your vocal chords, marcus. if you're going to santa cruz this weekend, it will be a nice one for going to the beaches. definitely cooler temperatures there compared to the valleys. and i'll have a look at more of what's going on around the bay area and the forecast. that's coming to us later. laura and marcus >> i think that would be good for your voice. >> i'm thinking so. i'm hoping so. we'll see. coming up, are you feeling lucky? mega millions lottery fever taking over the country. the big jackpot will have you planning your dream life. a warning for parents about a popular children's toy. researchers found that some fake slime products contained toxic levels that can cause serious illness and in fertility later in life.
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they were available on amazon. the company has removed them from sale >> starbucks just opened its first ever store that will be operating 100% in american sign language. streets. the community effort to clean up the roads in one bay area city. and kari hall is tracking another hot forecast.. what you can expect for your weekend.
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join us tomorrow from
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all of our reporters are posting about their storie welcome back. be sure to follow us on twitter
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and facebook. all of our reporters posting their stories today. michaels writes about the roads. marcus and i share other headlines. mine talks about that slime recall. it's a serious one. some brands can cause in fertility in children. so check that out. i just tweeted about it. >> just like that, we're always staying on top of what's happening online. mike inouye talks about the intersection of law enforcement and social media. >> that's how i justified my web surfing after the 7:00 a.m. hour. social media, guys. arrive with trends, memes. you remember call me maybe. of course you remember that. and the sports teams, including some olympians. various lawmakers, this is san francisco's chp.
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i want to to just give this a listen here. you know what song this is, right? ♪ when the lights go down in the city ♪ >> this is pretty long. they used four different songs. >> i like this. that's great. >> so they have a little choreography with the motorcycles going on. >> this is pharrell. very stereotypical. happy doughnuts. this is one of them. >> cute. >> and then they change it up. >> this is the one i heard. >> this is how the popo really does it by the bay. >> check it out. this is coming across the bay bridge.
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>> too short. oakland's own too short. coming from the oakland side. of course that's cool for the locals. they have to end of course with an uplifting song again. this is really good video gravy. they have the whole engel side division. >> that's great. >> it is great. last week the mission district. >> i'm really proud of them. >> this is he really good. >> across the country we have been seeing different ones. that is pretty good.
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>> that's cool stuff. >> did you tweet that out? >> i will tweet it out, put it on facebook so everybody gets that. the other video i showed yo from earlier last week is on our web paige, search law enforcement or lip sync challenge to find that article as well. lots of stuff on there. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. cannabis crisis in california. new laws mean marijuana needs to be tested by labs before it's sold. the one problem that could put shops out of business.
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trouble keeping marijuana on the shelves this summer...but not welcome back to our midday broadcast. pot shops may have trouble keeping marijuana on the shelves this summer, but not for the reasons you may think. >> new regulations have them go
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undergo extensive lab testing. but a lack of certified labs are keeping some of the shelves bare. >> we have seen about a ten-fold increase in inbound inquiries. >> the new testing requirements are creating a backlog at marijuana lapse like steep hill in berkeley. it is 1 of 31 in california, a state with more than 400 licensed retailers. chief revenue officer tony daniels said he doesn't expect demand to subside any time soon. so they are hiring 200 workers by the ends of the year and moving into a bigger building. >> it looks like a hockey stick right now. cannabis is here to stay. jgenie is out of the body. other labs are experiencing turnaround delays.
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kevin reed said the lab he works with is taking several days longer to get his weed back to him, forcing him to leave inventory in quarantine while he waits for the test results. while he waits, he worries. >> we're going to have a lot of empty shelves. we're going to do what we can to get the shelves full again as quickly as possible. >> some in the industry worry this latest set of regulations will drive out mom and pop retailers and lead to bigger names driving california's cannabis industry. a tanker driver is in a north bay hospital this morning seriously hurt in an explosion. it happened in santa rosa. the tanker driver was delivering liquid oxygen to kaiser medical office when a leak caused that explosion. witnesses say it was powerful. >> we all did what we were trained to do and just came together, got the patients out that we needed to get out.
11:33 am
>> patients and employees of the medical build hg to evacuate. highway 101 was shut down two hours. >> one of the last flower shops in vallejo is having a tough time staying in business. it has been robbed twice in three months. the last one happened yesterday. the shop owner linda was robbed at gunpoint. this was caught on surveillance camera. the masked gunman got away with cash from the register. linda just wants the crimes to stop. >> if i didn't have all of my employees here, i don't know that i would keep it open. but everybody relies on this business to live. i have to keep that in perspective. it's frustrating. >> b and b floral has been in business 30 years. the blaze started just days after the fourth of july near altamonte pass. investigators say a teenager was playing with fireworks when one
11:34 am
sparked a small grass fire and it grew. it shut down 580 both directions for several hours. 480 acres in fact, burned. the teenager turned himself into police. the sheriff's office is pushing for prosecution saying the teenager was reckless firefighters are arriving to keep the ferguson fire from reaching yosemite park. it is keeping visitors from reaching the park. three miles is all that separates the park from the fire that has already killed one firefighter. since friday, it has burned more than 31 square miles and now threatens 100 buildings. it is 7% contained. due to heavy smoke, a hazardous air alert is issued. an emotional reunion for migrants at sfo. walter lopez, his wife and their 5-year-old daughter saw each other for the first time in 4 years. he is from guatemala and has
11:35 am
been living in the u.s. his wife and daughter were separated in may when they crossed the border. the 5-year-old was september to arizona when the mother was kept in texas. mother and daughter were reunited for the first time yesterday. then they traveled to san francisco to join walter. >> translator: there's no way or words to describe how excited he is to be able to reunite with them tonight. it's been 55 days since he has known they've been separated. yesterday receiving that call has been amazing. he's really excited just to see them again and know they are together. >> it's not clear if any are facing deportation. walter tells us he's going to fight for his family to remain in the united states together. fighting to reunite migrant families will be back at the richmond i.c.e. detention center. protesters will deliver teddy bears for the children, along with hundreds of signatures calling for their release. >> and funeral arrangements are now being made for a transgender
11:36 am
male student in san francisco who took his life. at first when his family who disowned him didn't claim the body, the community came together and raised money for the dignified funeral. he came out as a transgender man last fall. he struggled with prejudice that he faced. dane spent much of his time at the queer resource center. this is on campus. when it closed for the summer, dane felt he had nowhere to go. >> it is tragic that it took the death of dane to think, oh, there might be a problem after all. he didn't feel safe anywhere else. this was his safety. this was his community. and we took it away from him. >> so far more than $23,000 has been raised for his funeral. we should mention his mother will now attend funeral services
11:37 am
being planned right now. you may have noticed two apartment towers going up in san jose. this morning we are learning two dozen workers were forced to work without pay. the labor department the ordered full power partners to pay $250,000 to 22 employees. an investigation found an unlicense said subcontractor was actually responsible for mistreating workers. >> well, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. wow, look at all that traffic there. the bay area transportation leaders are eyeing more than 500 projects meant to improve transportation and/or air quality. today is the deadline if you would like to provide your input. once all the public comments are krdz, the commission will schedule to approve a final outlook. that's coming up in late september >> an elevator program at bart is such a hit with riders it is now being considered. there are attendants at two
11:38 am
spots. pal street and civic center. they work to make sure elevators are clean and usable. it's actually worked. the program was supposed to last only six months but now it is sticking around through november. >> have you seen them this summer months? yeah. not just for us humans, more likely to be out and about. snake sightings, including rattle snakes are a lot more common. here's the latest proof we have for you right here. santa clara county sheriff's office put out this video relocating this rattler last night from a family's yard in cupertino. it did not bite anyone. they typically try to avoid humans. the number of reported bites are higher may through september. >> keep a distance there. the united states leading the world in unprovoked shark attacks with more than 50 already this year. >> just this week, two kids bitten while playing in the
11:39 am
water in long island in new york. >> reporter: this morning paulina is scheduled for surgery at good sam hospital. the 12-year-old attacked by a shark on a popular beach on new york's fireeye land. she knows what happened to her could have been much worse. >> i could have lost a leg, but i didn't. >> lola was stand anything waist-deep water. she saw a shadow but could not believe it was a shark. >> i figured, she got brushed by something and it scared her. and she was freaking out until i saw her come out of the water. >> then you saw blood? >> i saw the puncture wounds before i saw the blood. >> lola was treated and released from the hospital. after a surplg on reviewed photos of the wound, he decided she should come back. >> she will have scars. the most likely outcome is she will recover fully.
11:40 am
>> minutes after lola was bitten, another attack happened just four miles away. a 13-year-old boy also pweubittn the leg and treated by paramedics. >> they confirmed also not only was it a shark bite but they found one of the teeth still inside the boy. >> soon after the attacks, local fisherman caught this shark nearby. and another one also hooked and dragged on shore. wildlife officials say there's no evidence linking either shark to the attacks. that means everyone needs to be on alert in the water. >> you don't expect sharks to be here. >> when you find out they are? >> it's very scary. >> so letting her back in the water? >> very scary, yeah. i don't think we'll be doing that. >> will the pollina family go back in the water? >> yes. >> not me. >> me and lola will. >> interesting there. all right. so what can we expect weather wise today? you have been telling us a warmup in some areas along the
11:41 am
coastline. a little bit cooler. >> cooler for the coast, hotter for the inland areas. in san jose, we're going to willow glen to see our temperatures that will be reaching into the mid-80s. what's different about today? it feels a little bit more sticky. we'll talk about that coming up next. a debit card is hacked. and $2,000 vanishes. i'm consumer investigator chris qaa muirra.
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distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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well, nbc bay area responds to a man whose attempt to avoid hackers. >> he asked our team to help. >> it's more important than ever to keep your financial data safe. and that's why david said he started using prepaid debit cards. he hoped that would shield his bank information from thieves. but he said some of the prepaid cards he had were hacked and used by someone else. and $2,200 vanished. david says he filed fraud claims with the issuer, us bank. when he didn't get a response, he called us. they got back to us right away. it wouldn't comment but offered to work with david to resolve his complaint. a few days later, david told us
11:45 am
he got a check for $2,200, pus an apology. prepaid cards are convenient but you may not get the same protections as you would with a real debit or credit card through your bank. if your card is lost or stolen, you could lose everything. there could be large fees. as always, create a pin to keep it safe. never load a card with more money than you can afford to lose. 888-996-tips. or >> thanks, chris. >> checking the forecast with kerry right now. we have had cool starts in the morning but warmup by arch. >> especially for the valleys. we are really feeling that heat. that's what we will see as we go into the weekend. we are seeing our weather on repeat every single day. as you step out there may be something different that you notice that we're not used to.
11:46 am
we are feeling higher humidity as we take a live look outside. dublin, we see that same sunshine we have seen the past several days. and then as we look at what to expect temperaturewise, it's still going to be hot. we will be 84 by noon. 89 degrees. see how fast the temperatures are warming. up to 94 at 3:00 today. and then at about 88 degrees, a lot more people heading to the transit station. we are going to take a look at all of these highs around the bay area. up to 92 will be the high in gilroy. milpitas, expect a high of 85 degrees. looking at the spread for parts of the east bay, tri-valley, into the delta, upper 90s there again this afternoon. danville will be one of the hotter spots, reaching 98 degrees today. hayward, 80 degrees there.
11:47 am
83 in embarcadero. one place where you can find cooler air will be half moon bay. any of our coastal beaches will stay mostly in the 60s and not a lot of clearing here as we go through the day as the fog stays just offshore. we could see that on the satellite and radar. another thing i wanted to point out, we have some monsoonal moisture moving in. this is causing higher humidity. it comes from the desert southwest. every now and then we get waves of this during the summertime. but notice what's happening just to the south and east of fresno. over parts of the sierra, we are seeing lightning strikes. and this is because all of that humidity and the moisture rises with the air. sometimes we get some thunderstorms every now and then with that rain evaporating
11:48 am
before it hits the ground. we still have lightning strikes. a lot of lightning building up in the atmosphere. as we bring it closer to home, still no clouds. we will have a chance of some of that lightning heading through tomorrow as well as the weekend. so we see the yellows and the reds briefly for today and tomorrow. by saturday and sunday, the humidity will be dropping. so just in case you're wondering before you make weekend plans, it won't be as humid. we'll have to get through this next 24 hours. and you may wrap up -- start out your weekend with a look at the summer concert series in the park happening in pleasanton. as the music starts, we'll be at 77 degrees. you may break out in a sweat quite easily. saturday we have the obon festival. as you make plans for the weekend, follow me on facebook.
11:49 am
meteorologist karihall. we look at our seven-day inland forecast. low 90s the next couple of days. really not much of a cooldown as we go into next week. in san francisco, we're looking at highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. i'll keep you up to date on that chance of lightning, marcus laura. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. the thai soccer team is finally back with their families. a special place they all went before heading back home. e thair
11:50 am
11:51 am
the thai soccer boys and their coach began their first day back home with their families since t welcome back, everyone. the thai soccer boys and their coach began their first day back home with their families since they were rescued from the flooded cave. >> we have more on their trip to the buddhist temple to pray for protection from misfortunes. >> the teen's first day back at
11:52 am
home started here at a monday stare. for a ceremony to pray for protection and offer thanks for a second chance a lot life. >> translator: i'm so happy to be at home and sleep in my own bed, who turned 13 inside the cave. >> what did you guys talk about? >> translator: we talked only about food. the more we talked about it the hungrier we got. their extraordinary story of being lost, then found, rescued, now reunited, has kept the entire world rooting for this team. appearing relaxed for the cameras yesterday to reveal how they survived, that they licked water from the cave's walls and used rocks to dry to dig a way out. >> how many are there? 13? >> reporter: until day 10 when two british divers found them, a day the boys described as a miracle. when it was time to get out, the team decided who would get out. choosing not the strongest or weakest but the boys who lived
11:53 am
farther away. we were thinking we would have to ride our bicycles home, said the coach. none of them realizing that ambulances, helicopters and the world's attention were waiting. families are now being urged by psychologists to shield the boys. >> so the government says don't talk to anybody. >> reporter: but across this town, there are 13 heroes welcomes. reunions with family and friends, joy, and relief. their parents tell me they want them to have a normal life, that they will remind them they're not superstars or heroes. just boys who got lost in awe cave with an extraordinary story to tell. >> that is amazing. they chose who to go first based on who had lived fartherest away because they thought they would have to ride their bikes home. this next story considered one of the most prestigious
11:54 am
given to an african-american. former mayor willie brown was a recipient. >> this was held in san antonio. mayor brown received the springer medal, it awards the highest and noblest achievement by an african-american. it is the most influential of the late 20th century. past winners, jackie robinson. >> it is not hard to think about him without a spring in your step. he's the youngest 84-year-old man i know. and he will never shut up and sit down. >> we'll be right back. then maya
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millions ticket -- the jackpot has soared to 422- million dollars. >> all right. so are you really lucky out there? maybe you should go buy a mega millions ticket. it soared to $422 million >> you know why? no one won tuesday night's drawing. next one is tomorrow night. there are numbers you can start dreaming about now. you have two options if you are the only winner. 25% from each check goes to uncle sam. or the lump sump of $254 million. >> and you have a better chance
11:58 am
of being struck by lightning. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one! what a moment last night as 141 abuse survivors bravely take the stage at last night's espy award awards. welcome to "access live" and we have the red carpet and raud owe personalities as wellment and it is a great moment for all of the women to come out on the stage, and 141 wome


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