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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:35pm PDT

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thanks for being with us on friday. >> he is the man who is supposed to police the san jose police. today the officers are calling for him to resign or be fired. the police union says the city independent police auditor is anything but indpen. he even took part in an antipolice rally. we broke the story on twitter this morning. live. the auditor is denying the accusations. >> that's right. things have been building for white a while. today emotions finally erupted. the police yin was already on edge after complained last week the auditor didn't take action when a jail inmate allegedly threatened to shoot police. now the idea the auditor took place in an antipolice event was the last straw. >> reporter: it was a police promoted numerous officers today. there was a cloud over the department celebration. today the police officers union condemned the city independent
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police auditor. ve his involvement with a group an officer involved shooting. displaying a picture posing with protestors. today poa leaders demand he resign. >> he has no business continuing the charade of being a neutral third party. over seeing this plid police department. >> he says he attended a pregathering. insisting he was doing his job. >> showing up to observe and listen. it's community out reach. it's appreciated by community mbers. it builds trust. but it doesn't mean i adopt the message or endorse it. >> it's the latest in the series of complaints. including one last week when as reported he was accused of not inmate who say he planned to shoot an officer in the face. the poa is not convinced he's
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impartial and the police chief is not convinced either. >> the repeated act of disrespect. for this process to work the rank and file needs to have safe and trust in the system. and they don't. >> now he told me he has no intention of resigning. his contract running until 2020. the poa sent the complaint to city hall. where the mayor both said in statements they're very worried about his credibility. >> okay. thank you. robert tweeted about this story. if you want to follow him. >> for struggling families an unpaid parking ticket can somet. there's a solution for low income drivers stuck in this vicious scycle. rindushi it forward. with the>> we're here i that.
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three different parking signs on the same pole. giving drivers different instructions. you can imagine it's confusing. they might drive or park in the wrong place. they come back to a $175 parking ticket. on the windshield. for some families that's just too much money. for the city of richmond is come up with an affordable option. >> this is a working community. >> she works every day with adults in richmond. struggling to get out of the cycle of poverty. sometimes it's not the matter of finding a job. but getting to that job. >> imagine a system taking away your car. the one thing you need to get to the job. >> a cycle many low income californiaens find themselves in. unpaid parking ticket can lead to stacked late fees. as those pile up the dmv can refuse to register or renew a car or license. >> often we get trapped in this situation. where it's so difficult to pay
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the way out. >> a way out is on its way. this year a new state law goes into effect. which gives low income drivers without standing parking fines a chance to repay through a payment plan. >> it's important. especially for hard working people. people that are struggling to pay bills. >> the city counsel approved the in order nance that sets up the payment program. papts can be $25 a month. >> drive without registration. you can be arrested. and so the reason why this is so good is because when you can't pay it, you can make a payment plan. >> if it goads into effect, every parking citationd will have information about the payment plan. and how to qualify. >> you'll be able to register and go to work and cool. to make a living. >> now this ordnance does require a second reading and council member. she says that low income drivers here and richmond might be able
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to take advantage of the program as early as september. >> okay. thank you. if you're looking for a job you may want to start in the south bay. new numbers from the employment development department show santa collar ra nearly tripled the rest of the state when it came to new jobs last month. the county gained 2,900 new positions. while much of the focus has been on the tech sector. medical and construction fields have a will the of openings. experts say construction maybe the biggest growth industry. >> the contractors are telling me we have three or four years ahead of us. it's unusual. we have sneemnever seen this wa >> a booming job market is worth celebrating. the next challenge will be finding enough affordable housing for all new employees. >> it'see for yores. now it's making progress. car break ins are down.
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20%. the district attorney says it's mostly thanks to good research. the break ins so frustrating for all of us. what's being done? >> that's right. frustrating and can be very expensive. under cover officers they say they busted two men who are allegedly trying to break into cars in the parking lot of a grocery store. not much bigger than this. we're told there hasn't been a single reported break in in the grocery store parking lot since. >> from laptops and cell phones to passports. car burglars have gotten away with valuable property. and it's been happening at epidemic levels in san francisco. >> i always tlik maek sure my cell phone and wallet is out of sight. >> a hidden camera investigation back in january gave us a glimpse at how quick it happens. >> we make surerythg is in trun.
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other than that you can't do anything. >> the san francisco district attorney offered up some fwood news. car break ins are down 20%. and prosecution is up. >> what dwe is started looking at patterns of crime in the area. >> investigators have been targeting car break in hot spots. and some case ts setting up under cover officers to catch criminals in the act. one hot spot the parking lot of a safe way. in san francisco. >> it doesn't surprise me that any parking lot would be a hot spot. >> police arrested two men. both have been convicted of felony autoburglary. >> what made the case so strong was the fact that we were able to identify many other cases. that were connected to the same people. >> like you heard from some of the folks in the story. the district attorney says the most important piece of advice is obvious. is never leave anything in plain sight in your vehicle. even if you think it's not valuable.
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>> thank you. new information about an east bay fire chief attacked by a pit bull at a fire. he's home from the hospital. the chief is a 20 year veteran. on saturday he helped save a girl and her dog from a fire in her home. after that rescue the girl lost control of the one of the pit bulls and it attacked him biting him in the face. he was rushed to the hospital and under went emergency surgery. today he went home in good spirits. however doctors say he has a long road of recovery. >> new evacuations in the sierra. the ferguson fire continues to burn. it started exactly it fully contained. cal fire says it's consumed more than 22,000 acres. containment is holding steady at 7%. two more mobile home parks are being evacuated. along with small pockets of
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homes west. the air quality has labeled unhealthy. look at the video here. this is the parks live web cam. and the tower and cliff there can hardly see. if you can escape the smoky air think again. this happens occasionally. with nearby fires. the usual blue summer skies are gray. national weather service says expect these conditions from mammoth lake to sparks nevada. of the smoke comes with the warning to avoid strenuous out door activity. >> hit man for hire operation drawing criminal interest from around the world. the man right in the middle of it didn't even know what he started. he created a site to help others boost web hits into 2005. that became a magnet for would be murders. so he used the information he says to save lives. a surreal story from nevada.
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>> in center road in the criminal spider web. that was supposed to spoof crime. not inspire it. >> my site is parody. it has been. >> bob is the master mind. whose rent a hit man site went live. for security and web traffic services. initially. >> there are no services offered on the web site. we're a problem resolution specialist. you can take that as any way you want. >> you can only imagine in his shock. when the father of three discovered some people t site as an open invitation to hire a murder. >> how could they think it's real? >> how could they. that's the million dollar question. >> the murder for hire requests from britain. indonesia and the u.s. were real enough to warrant turning over to police. which led to convictions. >> how many lives did you save?
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>> as of right now. 114. >> the number maybe growing. he received a request two days ago from a young man in virginia. wanting his entire family killed. the site says this is parody. >> it is the end of the line for san francisco streets. the reason the avenue is being shut down. >> also from africa to the uk to new zealand and in between the global rug by community has taken over at&t park. why the fans say it's a perfect way for americans to get into the sport. i'm chief meteorologist. that monsoon moisture blowing up thunderstorms through the over t couple d
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the body a grim discovery. the body of an adult male was found at central park. that's right off kylie boulevard. there were no obvious signs of foul play. and it's not suspicious. it's too early in the investigation to determine the cause och death. flightening moments at a clinic today. he started feeling ill. a hazmat team responded. they investigated but found nothing dangerous. so the building was declared
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safe. one person was taken to the hospital. >> golfers baek at the links for the fist time in weeks. the golf course in san francisco reopened today. it had been closed since the fire destroyed a clubhouse july 2. food service is limited. but a clubhouse is temporarily in place. near the ocean. the cause of the fire is urn investigation. >> think of it as football without helmets. or pads. you have to be ultra tough. the rug by world cup sevens kicked off in san francisco. it's the first time the championship is being held in the united states. they transformed at&t park from a baseball diamond into a rug by pitch. we're at the ballpark with the excitement of the first time event. >> these matches are fast and
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exciting. the atmosphere is a celebration and game put together. decked out in clothes from their home country or favorite team. we went to the dug out store. with all the people down here what are they shopping for? it turns out this is one of the popular items. >> they came to cheer rug by teams representing 28 nations. >> tomorrow england. and here to support the team. >> at&t park in san francisco has been temporarily transformed. the baseball diamond is now a rug by pitch. >> to house the world cup in american soil for the first time it's special. >> stephanie is with the world cup sevens tournament. 40 teams both men and women. playing this weekend. she says rug by has been an emerging sport in the u.s. and california and the bay area are hot beds for it. >> it's so exciting about sevens is it is accessible.
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it's fast and moving quick. and you can understand how the game works. we feel this is a great introduction to the sport. for the american people. >> i hope that it comes back. i would come. i flew from texas. >> a lively atmosphere. tom took a turn tossing the ball. he used to play. >> it's turning your body more than just using your arm strength. >> at the dug out store, fans bought gear and giants gear too. taking in a historic moment in the city. >> back here live the matches do go well into the evening. something to keep in mind if you're driving down here. they're expecting at least is available. >> okay. thank you. it is has been in the works for years the closure happened today in san francisco.
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permanently closed to automobiles this morning. going forward it will be a scenic trail for walkers and cyclists. drivers can access lincoln boulevard. plans for the closure date back to 2003. i love walking there. >> it's beautiful. >> foggy tonight. >> a little bit. moving back in. this weekend is going to set us up with comfortable temperatures. above average. let's take you into the forecast. we are just minutes away from a game right here on nbc bay area at 6:30. the giants at the athletics. the coliseum tonight right around 70 degrees for the first pitch. we have marcus washington doing the national anthem. our very own from the morning team. and night. fter the game. show. if you live near the coliseum you can get a view. let's take you into saturday. we have some areas of patchy clouds and 60s for the south
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bay. it's really what we have been used to lately. more also fog at times and low clouds for the north bay san francisco. and the east bay. we start with a nice cool breeze. we hit the afternoon tomorrow it's still going to get warm and a little bit above average. the good news is not extremely hot. the hottest day will stay off to the east. and the area of high pressure pumping up thunderstorms into the sierra right now is still going to bring thunderstorms tomorrow. and that's why i'm calling for humidity to linger in our saturday forecast. if you can get over the fact it's going to feel sticky outside. you have a nice saturday coming your way. 92 morgan hill. san jose 87. no triple digits in the east bay. we're at 91 pittsburg. 93 concord. and where the bay breeze in effect you are looking good in oakland at 75. peninsula 82. redwood city, san francisco low
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70s. to the mission. if you're headed out to get a view of the rug be i world cup or want to be near the action. temperatures in the low 70s. that game also on nbc bay area tomorrow at noon. you can tune in and we'll have the coverage. for the north bay 85. let's bring you to the extended forecast in san francisco. upper 60s on sunday. and also more upper 60s and low. we're at 90 sunday. slightly cooler and a down back again as we head throughout next weeks no triple digits. forecast. rather stable trend. the next several days. what's this set up we have here? >> this is the a's giants bobble head. >> i love that. >> for tonight. so cute. >> lieu seal and stomper. >> you are like vip.
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how did you get this? >> they send it to us. a news room. >> i didn't get one. >> check were mailbox. >> or go to the game. >> super cute. >> speaking of which we're counting down to first pitch. about 15 minutes from now. giants and a's. we'll tell you why one notable giants in the hospital tonight. that's a good thing, though.
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you know the bay bridge series is back on. there's a live look at the coliseum. where the a's and giants kick off the second part of the season. it will be a lot of people there today. >> beg crowd. one major change for the giants no brand don belt. his wife had a healthy baby boy. august belt is his name. named after his college coach who passed away. nine pounds, nine ounces. >> wow. >> more on the game. bring in john miller. >> the giants and the a's post all star portion of the season
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begins tonight. right here in oakland. last weekend in san francisco. the athletics won two out of three. they are great at coming from behind late in games and they are real tough. the bull pen is lights out. that's the key to the series. the giants need to be able to shut the a's down in the seventh and eighth and ninth. they came back late in the game. they have been doing it all year. they are the best in the game. and oakland has a pretty big back three. that have been shutting the game down. the 38 and 0. haven't lost game when they have a lead. stay away from the back end of the bull pen. the giants to win they need to stay away from them and hold the a's. >> all star the closer. and they have been sensational. the giants with the rookie tonight. up against the veteran jackson. >> okay.
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thank you. because of the game you can watch american anyone ninja war your on cozy tv. >> we have a vip at the game. morning anchor marcus washington singing the national anthem. he's so good. he has done it before. they invited him back. that was a sound check. now we have rightrvous. >> we'll send it over to marcus >> he's a pro. washington singing the national anthem. and back to john in the broadcast booth. >> go marcus! distance relationship.
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tonight the giants and a's reconvene on the eastern side, at the coliseum. hello, i'm jon miller with duane kuiper. rodriguez has been sensational. >> he has been. one of the things is his
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curveball, he has commanded it as well as a young kid can do. he elevates a lot of times when he wants to which sets up the curveball. if he can do what he was doing at the break for the giants, i think this is the perfect guy to have on the mound coming out of the k. now for the athletics, the well traveled edwin jackson. a formerumingsed around from tem to team to team but he's a lot of success against giants. >> he has. and he's had more success in at&t than outside of at&t. for whatever reason, he doesn't steam pitch as well against giants when he is in his own home park. but he has a new cutter. he can match any hitting, scouting report. it could be a close game
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tonight. >> so best to have the league going into the late innings with a league late. we're going to come back on the eastern side of the bay. the giant and the athletics' line-ups and first pitch when we begin.
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we're in oakland as the athletics take field. the giants' lineup now is brought to you by southwest airlines. low fares with nothing to hide. that's transparency. steven duggar leads off. ahelp hanson at second. andrew mccutchen who has had a lot of success against edwin jackson. brandon crawford hitting clean-up. buster posey is the catcher hitting fifth. pablo sandoval to first. brandon belt is not in the line-up, on paternity leave. he and his wife haley are awaiting the birth of


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