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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 31, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> and i'm raj mathai. the fires are not going away. in fact, they are spreading. on the front lines it is slow going. the two relentless fires to the north of us, the mendocino complex fire, mendocino and lake counties. tonight more manpower is making its way into this zone. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in lake county where the fire, jodi, is just not letting up. >> reporter: unfortunately, raj, it is not. right behind us you can see one of the more than half a dozen houses that have been destroyed in this fire. interestingly enough, the house right next door is still standing, but the threat is far from over. firefighters in lake and mendocino counties are struggling to get the upper hand on two stubborn fires. the mendocino complex fires have now charred nearly 75,000 acres, fo 20,000 people from their homes. >> upper lake is threatened.
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some is lakeport, so is finley, kelseyville. all of those we're concerned about. >> reporter: this fire has done quite a bit of property damage. as you can see, several cars and at least seven houses have burned, but so far nobody has been killed. >> our number one goal is to save lives. that is the first and foremost priority we have, and the best way to save lives and keep people safe is to get them away from it. that's the reason for the evacuations. we're doing that so people stay alive. hters have their work cut out for them. falling trees and fire debris, along with hilly, rugged terrain, are making it tough. but more resources are pouring in. this strike team from the bay area just arrived to join the fire fight. >> you know, we're here to helpe can, as long as it takes. >> reporter: those evacuated met with local leaders this morning to get an update. this man says he nearly lost his house yesterday, but thanks to
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firefighters it is still standing. >> cal fire protect it in a fierce fight yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: again, 75,000 acres now left in ash, and this fire is so far just 12% contained. the wind is starting to pick up again, and tonight is going to be another tough battle. reporting live from lake county, i'm jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> a long road ahead. thank you, jodi. from mendocino county we move north to the enormous fire burning near redding. the carr fire most destructive fire in california history. some people are allowed to return to their homes right now, however not all, and that had some evacuees frustrated. the flames have leveled nearly 900 homes and killed six people. 20 people were reported missing earlier today, but we've just learned 16 of those people were located with the help of social media. four though still remain unaccounted.
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tonight the fire is 27% contained. crews spent the day aggressively trying to protect the town of lewiston. joining us live from redding at 6:30 with the latest. raj. >> the fires stretches from redding to yosemite. will the weather help in the fire fight? let's bring? chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with where the flames are spreading the most. jeff. >> as we get a look i want to start closest to home in the mendocino fire complex. where the fires are growing the most right now based on satellite heat detection data, and you can see the fire near kelseyville. it the grow on the eastern side, but it seems like firefighters are at least holding back some of the flames, but that's really where most of the hot spots are at the current moment.eire near continues to also spread here on the north and also the eastern side. right now 93 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 13. so it is not that gusty, but hu 15%. temperatures tomorrow overall do
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cool off. instead of upper 90s for highs we're going town to 95. winds not that gusty again, some good news o, out of the west at 12, but the humidity remains at 14%. now let's bring you up to the areas where they're currently holding back these fire lines. you can see right on rodello road, also highland springs road, that's where the latest data shows that fire is continuing to spread closer. off to the north, the carr fire in redding, tomorrow still a hot 102 degrees with most of the fire growth here on the eastern side. we'll have more in our bay area weather forecast coming up at 6:19 tonight. >> we'll see you shortly. other headl f tonight, we continue to follow the developing story in mexico. you can see some of the photos 101 people has crashed, but at this hour we are told every person on that plane survived. that plane crashed shortly after takeoff in durango, mexico this afternoon.
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it was headed from durango to mexico city. here is a picture of the plane from a previous flight. it is the erj-190. today there were 97 passengers and four crew members on board. officials say weather could have played a role in bringing this plane down. it was raining in that area earlier today. new at 6:00, the bay area's record-high housing costs may be about to jump even more, and some say it is because of president trump's new tariffs on imported lumber and steel. nbc bay area's favreau is live with a look at how the policy is hitting home in the south bay. marianne. >> reporter: for example, when construction on this new apartment building in downtown hher than he rents they charge first estimated to make up for the higher costs of lumber. even the cost of a new garage door could go up. the bay area's housing market is booming, but now builders are
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faced with escalating 's new ction costs because ofra tariffs on imported lumber from canada. >> ever since the tariffs on lumber imports from canada were put in place, we've seen the price of lumber go up dramatically in the u.s. >> reporter: just how much? >> in the past year or so we have seen an increase in lumber costs of 40% to 50%, and the effects of that are rippling through homebuilders, obviously through decreased margins. >> reporter: construction industry analysts say that decreased margin will costs. here at global wood source in campbell, the cost of cin. >> there's a lot of demand for 2x 4 nowoi up. >> reporter: it is not just lumber. tariffs are also running up the price of imported steel and aluminum. developers say those costs likely will be passed on to home
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buyers. when you combine that with the growing cost of land, labor and regulatory fees, housing industry analysts expect even more bay area residents will end up shutout of the housing market in the near future. the tariffs on canadian lumber average about 20%, but there are other factors, including disease of the trees, fires and a shortage of truckers that are also driving up the cost of lumber here in the united states. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, "nbc bay area ."> our investigative unit learned the san francisco deputy whose gun was stolen from his car last week was a 20-year dep handgun was not secured in a lockbox when it was stolen from his personal car. this happened in front of his car in fairfield. now, just last month another deputy's unsecured gun was taken from his car outside of a fitness center in penole.
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the sheriff says she has issued two reminders to the staff about locking up their guns and doesn't know why it keeps happening. >> if i knew the answer to that, maybe i could do a better job of preventing it, but i have to say i think it is the individual deputies are not paying attention as they should. >> as for the deputy? he has been assigned to the jail in a position where he's not allowed to carry a gun. well, she is a rising star in the world of politics and she's here in town. alexandria ocasio-cortez is in the bay area tonight and there's a lot of buzz surrounding her evt.she is a member of the democratic socialists of america, and tonight she has fundraisers in san francisco's mission district. one event sold out so quickly the organizers moved it to a larger venue where it sold out immediately again. she stunned the political world by beating a long-time democrat during new york's 14th congressional district p just last month. >> another bombshell announcement from facebook today. the social media company told congress it has uncovered a new attempt to influence the
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november midterm elections. facebook says it discovered 17 fake facebook accounts and seven instagram accounts responsible for more than 9500 posts with hundreds of thousands of reactions. the cyber experts say there are signs the accounts could be linked to the same group blamed for tampering with the 2016 presidential election. a russian department known as the internet research agency or i.r.a. >> and we discovered that some of the accounts and pages had been connected with known i.r.a. accounts at some point. >> so i will be introducing thursday a sanctions bill against russia that has everything but the kitchen sink in it. it will be the sanctions bill demanding more information from facebook about the phoney accounts and what the company is doing to stop them. on top of those fake profiles, facebook uncovered about 150 false ads. tomorrow there will be a lot of tears but also some laughter and a lot of love.
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the most notable 49ers in franchise history will reunite in san francisco. they'll honor the life of legendary wide receiver dwight clark. his catch, the catch that launched that 49ers dynasty back in 1982. delivering the eulogy is former team owner eddie dibartilo. dwight clark spent his final months living in montana. his ashes are spread at the ranch along with a memorial and the goalpost they brought in from candlestick park. he wasn't just the 49ers owner, he says dwight clark was like a brother to him. >> i don't think there was a person throughout his entire career that didn't like him. he had names for guys and, you know, he -- he was the type of person that made a really tough game fun. he and joe were like my two younger brothers.
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i mean, you know, there's only like ten years difference in age, and he was just a very special, special person. you don't meet a lot of these people in your lifetime, especially in the business that i was in. >> they're expecting more than 400 people at fwras cathedral tomorrow in the city, including joe montana, who eddie d was referring to, jerry rice, ronnie lot, hughey lewis, leader nancy pelosi and former mayor willie brown. we are also working on a tribute to dwight clark, a documentary that will debut october 21st after the 49ers play the rams. we should mention the preseason begins this thursday night on nbc bay area. it is the bears and ravens in the hall of fame game. our coverage kicks off at 5:00. still to come, free speech or endangering the public? the new-age gun debate sparked
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by silicon valley technology also, buses versus bicyclists, the fight brewing in an east bay community comfortable 79 in san jose right now. we will have a full look at the forecast tomorrow. plus, if the smoke is getting to you, i will have stips tips on help battle the smoke lingering in the air. that's in about six minutes.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar,tatis, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment.
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together, we're building a better california. be able to download a blueprint to make a gun, using a 3-d printer. it was almost a done deal. starting tomorrow anyone would be able to download a blueprint to make a gun using a 3d
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printer, but late this afternoon a federal judge stepped in and temporarily blocked the whole deal. nbc bay area's sam brock joins us live from the san francisco public library which has one of those 3d printers. sam. >> reporter: yeah, janell, using 3d printers, you find 3d printers here at a library, you find them at homes and in businesses. the reality is that this settlement of a longstanding legal case would allow someone to use a machine like this to make plastic version of any kind of weapon on the market. so leaders here at san francisco city hall and gun reform advocates heard about this, they stood on the steps earlier today and said it is outrageous and they plan on pushing back. on the defense distributed website, founder cody wilson has already declared victory. the home page reads, the age of the downloadable gun formally begins. >> as long as you have the right to keep and bear arms, you are the right to make them. >> reporter: and making them now
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means a mouse clip and a key swipe that will get you instructions for printing any legal gun. all of this the result of a justice department decision to settle a long-running court battle. >> and they will now allow those blueprints to be made available online, despite the threat this poses to all of us, and this insanity starts tomorrow. >> reporter: hours after san francisco supervisor katherine stephanie's remarks today, a federal judge temporarily blocked the deal. but for some, that's not enough. standing next to mothers who have lost viol, vowed to champion legislation p prevn safrancisco. >> it is not free speech within reason. it is, yes, protect the first amendment, but not when it is going to cause bodily harm or injury to the public. that's something in constitutional law that you balance that. >> reporter: the san francisco-based electronic frontier foundation disagrees. in a 2015 court filing, the civil liberties group wrote, quote, the first amendment toss not permit the government to
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criminalize online speech on a certain topic and then decide on a case-by-case basis which speech to license, without any binding standards, fixed deadlines or judicial review. and complicating the matter, the president's own response today on twitter about this. president trump said, quote, i am looking into 3d plastic guns being sold to the public. already spoke to nra, doesn't seem to make much sense. and it is the president's own administration that gave the green light on these downloads in the first place. as a result, what we've seen are 21 attorneys general from around the country going ahead and writing a letter to the state department and to the justice department, imploring them to rescind this settlement, and that includes california's. reporting live from the public library here in san francisco, sam brock, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you so much, sam. a popular website is being accused of false advertising. angie's list helps people find anything from handyman to doctors, but san francisco district attorney george gascone
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claims the company mislead customers. he filed a lawsuit claiming that angie's list falsely tells customers that its service providers go through background check. the d.a. says it only checks out business owners and managers, not the service providers going into your home. one of the most scenic and popular bike rides in the bay area is also one of the most dangerous. cyclists say buses -- you see one of them there -- are too big for the road and nearly hitting them. this is happening on mount diablo. the cyclists shared this video with us and they're demanding changes. nbc bay area's thom jensen joins us in walnut cream with the details. thom. >> reporter: raj, this bicycling group and the bicyclists we talked to today who have been coming up here for years and years say this has only recently become a bigger and bigger problem. bigger and bigger vehicles, especially buses, trying to shaver these maneuvers, the twists and turns on mount diablo road with bicyclists. a charter bus filled with
6:19 pm
children from a pleasanton youth program tries to maneuver the twists and turns on mount tee b diablo. unable to make the curve, it crosses the yellow lines into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing a bicyclist. >> the bus was completely over the double line and in my lane, so i had very little room to make the turn. >> reporter: rosie sipes says she thinks she is lucky she is here to talk about it and wants something done to keep buses off the mountain. the driver of this charter bus told the man who shot the video of those close calls with cyclists this was his first time driving on mount diablo and it would likely be his last. >> i wouldn't put my kid on this bus, number one. i wouldn't want to be on the bus that's going up this mountain. >> reporter: hundreds of bicyclists climb the mountain every day, and on the weekend that number could reach over 700, all trying to share the narrow road with cars, trucks and buses. >> it is just too dangerous. >> reporter: brad roberts, who has pedestrian willed up and
6:20 pm
coasted down tee ab low for ten years, says maybe there should be size limits for vehicles on the road. >> if you go into the -- over the yellow line, it is so twisty, you never know what is coming up on the other side. >> reporter: fortunately for rosie sipes, someone warned her the bus was coming around the curve. >> thank goodness somebody had warned me to stay to the right because if i did not do that on that morning, it definitely would have been a tragedy i believe. >> reporter: now, here at the base of mount diablo where we are right now at the kiosk, the parks department does hand out pamphlets tothem about sharing h cyclists and how dangerous it is up here with the curves on this road, but that cyclist group says with all of the warning it doesn't really matter. it is not going to help. they really have to limit these buses from being on the road. they're 40-feet long and 8 1/2 to 10-feet wide. we're live near mount diablo, thom jensen, "nbc bay area news."
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>> thom, that video was concerning to look at. where thom was at mount diablo, it looks beautiful. getting better there in terms of the haze? >> we are seeing the on- shore flow starting to come in, and that is helping with some of the smoke across the bay area right now, but it is still smoky out there for parts of the north and the east bay. as we get a look from our contra costa county camera, it, again, is improving from about an hour ago when you couldn't even see mount diablo, but that cooler, foggy breeze is starting to help out. now, the air quality looks like it will stay the worst in the north and, again, the east bay th do expect some moderate d levels of smoke for the peninsula and also the south bay. if the smoke is getting to you from the nearby fires, it is just some common sense stuff you may have already been thinking about, but i wanted to throw out some tips here for you. limit your outdoor exposure, that's the number one thing you can do. put your ac on recirculate so it is not continually bringing in the dirty air. you can get a n 95 mask to filter out the smoke particles.
6:22 pm
limit the high sugar foods. sugar is an inflammatory and can tax your respiratory system even more. we are looking at some improvement once we hit sunday's forecast with breezier wind coming in from the ocean and cooler temperatures. so, again, by sunday i think the smoke will begin to improve for us. we to have some fog once we hit tomorrow morning near the coast, also through the bay. by the afternoon we get sunshine with the haze from the nearby fires, and it is a little cooler. low 90s here for the interior valleys, closer to the bay it will be 84 in san jose. we are looking at 64 in san francisco. we'll have a nice, long look at all of these changes on the seven-day forecast coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> we will see you shortly. thank you, jeff. up next, santana, green bay, arrowsmith, will this be the day the music died? the reason a legendary berkley recording studio is closing its doors.
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and ride share companies - including uber and lyft. there is a teal tonight to end a new battle between san francisco and rideshare companies including uber and
6:26 pm
lyft. the city was planning to put a measure on the november ballot to tax rideshares in the city. now the two sides have cut a deal. the city will scrap the local measure and uber and lyft will support a state rideshare tax. that proposal would generate $30 million a year for san francisco transit projects. >> as chair of the county transportation authority, that's a huge step forward. we have billions of dollars in deferred transportation needs in san francisco. this is a big step in the right direction. >> tonight both uber and lyft issued statements in support of this deal. some legendary names in music recordeut now the music has stopped at a well-known reporting student wrote in the east bay. we're talking about the fantasy studios in berkley. the owner says recording technology has changed so much over the past decade that studios like this can no longer survive. fantasy studios opened on 10th street in 1971. who's recorded here? well, creedence clearwater
6:27 pm
revival, journey, santana, tony bennet and green day. >> wow. anxious to get back home? the signal people in redding are waiting for as a destructive fire rages nearby.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. growing )carr fire )... is bearing down on a new town, in shasta county. while crews do all they can to push back, in other areas, some evacuees are allowed to return back home. new town in shasta county. in other areas, some evacuees are allowed to return home.
6:30 pm
meantime, law enforcement is facing another big problem, crime. yeah, specifically looting. a number of people have been arrested and, sadly, it is something we saw during our fire coverage last year. let's bring in nbc bay area cheryl hurd who joins us in redding with the latest. cheryl. >> reporter: well, in this neighborhood you can see why people are concerned about looting. look at this home. it is destroyed, but right over there you see homes still standing with valuables inside. law enforcement tonight saying they will not tolerate looting. as fire crews from all over the state work to contain the massive carr fire just outside of redding, law enforcement officials have another battle on their hands, looting. >> most looters, they're looking for something that's very easily to get and, you know, they're going to look through the windows first. if they see it out in plain open, in plain view, they're going the break that window, break that door, take it and run. >> reporter: chp along with other agencies are helping redding police with 24-hour
6:31 pm
patrols in areas where homes are standing with valuables inside. crimes of opportunity are not what this community needs right now. the carr fire is still burning out of roll. >> crews are still continuing to make progress. we've got a little more containment, so things are a little more optimistic, but, you know, we still have a major, you know, fight still ahead of us. >> reporter: a major fight because wildfires like this are so unpredictable. >> today the majority of our efforts are being put on that side of the fire just because we want to protect the town of lewiston. >> reporter: as crews watched the movement of this fire, some families are being bet back into their homes while others are being told they have to be patient a little while longer. >> i have chickens in there. i don't know if they're okay or not. when we left, we just left the coop open and had to go. but we would like to go home.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: 68,000 people were evacuated from this area at the height of this fire. no real numbers yet on how many people were let back in. reporting live in redding, i'm cheryl hurd, "nbc bay area news." closer to home, firefighters are having trouble getting the upper hand on what is called the mendocino complex fire. it is burning in mendocino and lake counties, and tonight it is only 12% contained. hilly, rugged terrain and falling trees are making it difficult for firefighters. 12,000 people are currently evacuated. so far flames have destroyed at least seven homes.ap these fires b escape the air. cal fire says as the mendocino complex fires continues to grow, air quality will continue to get worse. you can see some of the video here. that hair filled with the thick smoke and ash. this is near the town fnt line. people there say it is hard to breathe if you are outside for a long time. >> i suggest that staying
6:33 pm
indoors. if you want to wear a mask just to keep the fine particulate matter out, it is just -- it is not good to breathe if you don't have to. >> tonight air quality management says parts of the county fire -- parts of the county, excuse me, are seeing very unhealthy and hazardous conditions. poor air quality is forcing more camp sites to close near yosemite national park. the ferguson fire filled the air with thick, potentially hazard us smoke. that fire ravaged nearly 60,000 acres and is 33% contained. camp tawonga and camp mather are closed. they're not threatened by the fire but the air is too poor for tourists. those two camps along with yosemite valley hope to open on sunday. yosemite valley has been shut down for a week. it is subject to change based on containment of the ferguson fire. our coverage of the fires continues online, including an interactive map which shows
6:34 pm
which homes were destroyed in the shasta county fire. that's at the man who led the campaign for president trump is now on trial, accused of millions of dollars in tax fraud and bank fraud. today at a federal courthouse in virginia, paul manafort became the first person to face a jury as part of robert mueller's investigation. nbc's blayne alexander has the latest on today's jury selection and what comes next. >> reporter: once the man in charge of donald trump's presidential campaign -- >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. >> reporter: -- today paul manafort on trial. it is the first related to special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation, but not focusing on that but on millions of dollars urearned as a consultant for the ukrainian government. >> this will be the first time an official body, namely a jury,
6:35 pm
is going to decide, sort of give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the fact finding and evidence that mueller is presenting. >> reporter: prosecutors likely will not even mention the words russia and collusion during the trial, but today president trump is, tweeting this new twist on a familiar claim. collusion is not a crime, but that doesn't matter because there was no collusion. today the white house distancing itself from the trial. >> but, remember, it has nothing to do with the campaign. >> reporter: and the president himself recently downplaying the role of the campaign manager who helped him secure the nomination. blayne alexander, nbc news, alexandria, virginia today an alarming claim from top federal immigration officials who are defending the trump administration's family separation policy. they say hundreds of migrant parents willingly left their children behind. now, the senate judiciary committee is handling the hearing. an executive associate director
6:36 pm
at the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement told senators today what the agency has -- has records documenting decision goes by hundreds of immigrants to leave without their children. several lawmakers expressed doubt about that claim and were angry over the policy in general. >> we can have border security without bullying. we can be safe without treating toddlers as terrorists. >> it is the policies of president trump and attorney general jeff sessions, may essentially orphan hundredst ch >> i.c.e. officials also denied reports some children suffered abuse at government detention facilities. about 650 children remain separated from their parents. the community of roughly 1500 people near the university of iowa now searching for a missing student from the bay mh what helps them find her. 20-year-old molly tib ets is from oakland. she disappeared from the small town of brooklyn, iowa nearly
6:37 pm
two weeks ago. molly went on a run, then sent a snapchat message to her boyfriend from his house before she disappear. officials say her boyfriend is not a suspect. he was working a construction job 100 miles away. local law enforcement asking the community to be on the lookout for any clues. >> i can assure you, our focus right now is to find molly. we need to find molly. so anything you can do or anybody in the community can to do help us do that, that would be very much appreciated. >> the fbi took over the search last week and is now trying to access the data on her fitbit. investigators are hopeful it will provide them with a break in this case, but they acknowledge tim> taking prid e community, police in antioch thought they caught a graffiti artist. he was actually using his personal time to clean these boxes. the department posted photos of the man doing a good deed on its
6:38 pm
facebook page to show an example of a good neighbor. they also thanked him for taking the time and the initiative to keep the streets clean. should voters make the decision? the move cupertino city leaders could make a move that could mean a tax hit for apple. cuperto
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
vote on whether to restr well, in just a few minutes the cupertino city council is due to vote on whether to restructure the tax on large employers. as you can imagine, it is a vote that apple is paying close attention to as the largest company in that city. cupertino is considering a bed of the company's buildings. theha generate a lot more tax revenue for the city. apple has about 14,000 employees in cupertino. if the council approves moving forward tonight, the measure would go on the november ballot. we've been covering this for several weeks now, and now another story regarding tesla going the extra mile to build more model 3s. that's their new model.
6:41 pm
tesla is moving workers from its service centers and solar business to the car plant, the factory in fremont. it is even flying in out-of-state employee. the goal is to build 5,000 model 3 sedans each week. it comes as the report shows tesla owners are facing longer wait times for repairs because so many service personnel are busy at the factory in fremont. be aware new lights are up and running on 680 east of fremont. drivers entering on this on ramp have to wait for theight during the peak commute. the highway is already metered in the southbound direction. jeff ranieri is back with us to talk about the fire coverage. we also are going into august 1st tomorrow. >> i think you are excited about this. >> i am. >> school is around the corner for the kids as well. >> coming up in a couple of week goes. look at this, the fog is moving into san francisco. that is helping to at least clear out the bay area air quality right now, and
6:42 pm
59 degrees. we will talk more about your morning forecast and an update on the fires in a few minutes. home warranties promise peace of mind, but what happens when you're not satisfied with the service. ? i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area respond next. ? i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area respond next. ? i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area respond next. s nex.
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a home warranty, but then nbc bay area responds to a man in dublin who bought a home warranty but changed his mind. >> he was supposed to get a refund but couldn't. let's bring in chris chmura with what we did. were we able to help him? >> we were. he paid 1500 for the home warranty. he was frustrated when the company denied claims that he thought should have been paid. so james cancelled the coverage and according to his contract, he was supposed to get a prorated refund, but he didn't get anything despite attempts since march. well, that's when he turned to us for help. we contacted secure home warranty and james received a prorated refund totaling $963.
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in a statement, secure home warranty didn't explain the delay in james' refund. it just said it was processing the refund as per the terms and conditions of the customer's service agreement. we attempted to follow-up with secure home warranty a little later on after another nbc bay area viewer told us they on not get hold of the company. well, now its phone number is disconnected and its website is about home warranties. you need to read through those contracts very carefully. please consider the policy. this is really important, look for those co-pays and deductibles. they can add up fast. please, please, please make sure you fully understand what's covered and what's not before you buy in. the exclusions might surprise you. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. the number is 888-996-tips or online a they call it a warranty, but
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really it is insurance. like all insurance, you have to read through the policy before you sign on, please. >> read the fine print. thanks, chris. >> always. how many times a week do i say that? >> seven times a week easily. >> see you guys. >> thank you, chris. the raiders continued training camp in napa but their new home in las vegas is starting to take shape. are they still really going the leave us? >> uh-huh. >> is that the deal today? the clark county twitter page releasing this video, showing the progress of that dome stadium there right near the strip in las vegas. that raiders new stadium is expected to be completed iy of 2020, that's two years from no the raiders will play this season and most likely next season at the oakland coliseum, but then they're off for good to the desert. >> okay. >> i'm not sure what we're all going to do without the team. >> i guess we'll have to visit las vegas. such a bummer, las vegas. >> it is too hot there. >> yeah, i know. the players, i mean no matter when they're doing whatever, it will be warmer than oakland there in vegas.
6:47 pm
look at our micro accumulate forecast and we have slight cooling coming our way as we head throughout tomorrow, but we are still tracking some smoke moving into the bay area. i do want to give you the latest on both of the larger fires we're tracking off to our north, just in case you have family or friends near these fires. the carr fire near redding, we're still at 104 degrees for the high tomorrow, but once we hit sunday, i know it doesn't seem like much, but we will be down to 95 degrees. that's some of the coolestaveee triple-digit heat event throughout much of the central ranch and river fire, known as the mendocino fire complex, 96 tomorrow. but look at this, by sunday and monday we're down to the mid 80 overall, 10 to about 15 miles per hour. no major wind event either expect heading throughout the next three to five days. we are tracking it all at let's take you into the morning forecast for tomorrow. we get the low clouds, the fog
6:48 pm
back. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. so if you have respiratory problems from the smoke, the morning will be the best time to get out and at least get some cleaner air in here. you will see in san francisco we have that typical fog back and a chilly 55. a few areas of smoke will begin to filter into the north bay first, and 57 degrees through tomorrow. we do see a little bit of cooling. still going to be a warm to hot day through the bay. we're tracking 94 here in morga hill. then you get closer to the water, you are a cooler 82 in cupertino, 84 in san jose. you will notice the difference in the east bay. we are at 91 in antioch, 90 in concord. over to fremont, you are at 84. 70 here in oakland. i think still some of the most perfect weather. you are getting so lucky for the first of august through the peninsula. we are only at 75 in redwood city. also 72 in san mateo. san francisco, we get the cool breeze coming on in, westerly winds at 18 miles per hour. this will put us at 60 in the outer sunset. over to the embarcadero, 63.
6:49 pm
for the north bay, wide-ranging temperatures, 58 at point reyes. 80 in mill valley with a slight ocean breeze. ukiah will be at 96, so a little bit of everything for the north bay. keep 60s heading through the next seven days, likely cloud cover increasing on sunday with a system to our north, and a nice start for w ntk. for inland valleys, the cities away from the coastline, as we talked about smoke tomorrow, temperatures down a little bit. at 89 onmonsoonal moisture to the south. we're not expecting thunderstorms right now but we will be closely watching doppler radar. by sunday, down to 87 degrees. so far it does not look too hot as we start off the beginning of next week with upper 80s. so for august, the first week of august, raj, janell, everyone at home, no triple digits. if we're likely to have triple
6:50 pm
digits, it will be in august. that looks nice. >> you have to issue a breaking news alert for that. thank you, jeff. up next, we will check in with 49ers' kicker robbie gold and his skills not only on the football field but swimming the golf club. colin refresh joins us from training camp next. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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this afternoon -- the okay. big day in baseball. not just for the giants and a's, but the trade deadline came and went and the a's and giants no deals, they didn't do anything. the giants and padres play a matinee down south. brandon crawford delivered the game-winning run in the tenth inning as the giants win their third straight game and beat the padres 9-2 the 49ers down in santa clara. so many stories happening at the nfl training camp. >> not just football either. have you heard about the 49ers' kicker and trick shot? here is nbc bay area's colin resch with the 49ers update from santa clara. >> reporter: the faithful out in
6:54 pm
full force for today's practice, and for those concentrating on richard sherman's every move, he gave them this to clap about. physical pierre garcon gets him off balance and off route and picks jimmy garoppolo, a good day from what we saw from number 25. sherman prides himself on his athleticism. the same can be said for kicker robbie gould. yeah, you heard me right. he may spend a lot of his time standing and watching -- >> it looks a lot like this. like this, yeah. >> reporter: but maybe all of that extra time allows him to visualize doing this. >> oh, my gosh! >> bam! >> a lot of people don't think kickers are athletes, so, you know, honestly just flip it up and with a driver turn around and let it rip. so try to show these guys that, you know, kickers are punters, athletes, too. >> reporter: a few slots away, former nfl coach and current arizona state head coach herm edwards taking notice.
6:55 pm
>> who said a kicker wasn't an athlete? gosh almighty. >> reporter: put on by oakland-based golf app 18 birdies at lake tahoe's american century championship a few weeks ago, it was gould's first foray into trick shot golf. with tanya taray feeding his strikes -- gould ripped off hit afterur sw drives. try it? on robbie gould today. >> i can name someone who p it like you try trick shots on your own? >> probably not because i will hurt myself. >> reporter: i'm not buying it. in santa clara, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> impressive. tonight at 11:00, more trouble for men men countdo foo
6:56 pm
county. this fire has burned 200 acres since it broke out late this afternoon. it is north of the mendocino complex fire burning near clear lake. a live report from jodi hernandez tonight at 11:00. >> what are you seeing in the next 12 hours, jeff? >> still looking at temperatures tomorrow in the 90s. no big wind event. winds will be 10 to about 15 miles per hour. we will see the smoke filter down to the bay area as well. some humidity, thunderstorms to the south over the next two days. by this weekend, on sunday that's the day firefighters across the state will be getting a break with cooler temperatures. >> that's good to hear. thanks for joining usac here he at 11:00. bye, folks.
6:57 pm
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"extra" ♪ now on "extra." kim kardashian's naked phone
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call with the president. >> i was kind of bugging out. >> kim's confession. >> is she really a billionaire? >> and from the street to back stage. all new video from her big night at kimmel. supermodel, super mom, super brave. >> chrissy teigen gets real about snapping back after baby. >> this is my body. >> new complications for demi lova why she's still hospitalized a week after her suspected overdose as the stars send her support. >> a lot of people are praying for you, demi lovato.


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