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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 2, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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standards. i )m kris sanchez -- laura and marcus are off. scott -- let )s walk folks through this. on emission standards. scott, let's start walking through this. >> to understand what happened today, there are kind of two things you need to know up front. first is california gets to do what it wants when it comes to emissions and fuel efficiency standards. we have the toughest in the country. second, back when barack obama was president he said all cars would have to be really fuel efficient by 2020, 41 miles per gallon and 54 miles per gallon by 2045. this morning the trump administration said those goals were too hard and it is going to
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back down on how fuel efficient cars have to be. more importantly, to the u.s. and to us is that the white house also wants to take away california's ability to set its standards. california is critical to this white house strategy. 14 states, 15 if you include us, follow california's standards. if the trump administration wants to lower future standards for the rest of the nation that would mean car companies have to build two kinds of cars, the cars for these states and then the cars for the rest of them. obviously, car companies hate that idea. get rid of the california standards and every state has the same lower standard. you build one kind of car. that is the argument. governor brown has not been pleased to hear any of this. he said today's action is a betrayal and an assault on the
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health of americans everywhere. >> with language like that it is obvious that california -- >> there was a lawsuit put into place. we knew this was coming so california launched the lawsuit back in may to stop it joined by the other states pointed out, as well. if that is successful the white house can still set new standards. we would continue to go our own way and there would be two types of every car. >> except that there wouldn't be because auto makers will try to sell cars in california. >> they have never done that in the past and they don't want to start now. >> we will keep watching it. >> we want to know what you think. do you think california should be able to set its own standards? we would love to get your opinion. also new evacuation orders are in place in lake county as the fire continues to burn.
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cal fire began evacuating a remote area a few hours ago. the fire is two fires burning in both counties. nbc bay area shows us what is left behind. >> reporter: we are getting a much better look at the fire damage done to neighborhoods like this one here in lake county. you can see massive amounts of fire retardants dumped on trees and homes in an effort to keep the fire from spreading. here you can see how close the fire line came to some homes. this land has burned. firefighters were able to protect the house. i have been speaking to fire officialalize week. they say one of the top priorities has been to save as many homes as possible. this neighborhood is still under a mandatory evacuation. though the fire is out we have seen crews checking for flare
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ups because as we know spot fires have been an issue. in fact, of the two new fires burning, cal fire has confirmed that one started as a spot fire. if you look across the field you can see air quality is still pretty bad out here. in fact, the lake county air quality management district issued an alert two days ago saying air quality was near hazardous levels. we have been out here for the past week and there seems to be a slight change in the air quality. that can be due to change in winds or progress being made in putting out the fire. cal fire says it is likely next week before they reach full containment. >> the carr fire, a lot of detail. 1,060 homes have been destroyed if you can even imagine. more than 125,000 acres have burned so far. the fire is 35% contained.
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full containment expected next week. you can track the carr fire and all fires burning at our home page let's bring in vianey arana. what are firefighters facing out there? >> we have the winds shifting. the reason for that is we have a ridge of high pressure that has been keeping us hot. it is kind of moving in a different direction and breaking apart. it is going to cool slightly but it will not help. anytime there is a change in direction that means the winds are picking up. the main effected areas are going to be the fire zones in the carr fire. low humidity is expected below 20%. as far as the complex area we are expecting for that fire watch to kick in tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. through the weekend. that means that the continued hot poor air quality is expected to remain lingering over the bay
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area for the next several days especially considering that the winds are expected to kick up gusting upwards of 35 plus miles per hour. we'll see a shift in that. it will continue to blow some smoke in our direction, as well. something to keep in mind as we head out this weekend for any plans. we are still expecting to see warmer temperatures especially for the fire zones. i will have an update on what the rest of the bay area is expecting coming up in about 15 minutes. when our reporters are not on air they are updating the fires online. jodi hernandez goes on facebook live all the time with updates. you will see the stories in your news feed. did you feel it? a 2.9 earthquake hit near antioch around 1010:00 this morning. we also have a real time map up on so you can check that out, as well. a violent death of nia wilson stunned a community.
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she was stabbed to death while at a b.a.r.t. station. bob ridell is live. >> reporter: the family of nia wilson will hold a viewing a couple of hours from now at this funeral home and have the funeral late tomorrow morning at a local church here in town. the family has hired a law firm. this firm is going to sue b.a.r.t. they say that their argument is that this murder was foreseeable and preventable. they argue, they alleged that the suspect was a fare jumping transient. they believe he entered b.a.r.t. without paying and b.a.r.t. should have recognized that and stopped him. on sunday he allegedly slashed the neck of nia wilson.
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the lawsuit alleges he jumped on to b.a.r.t. the next day and that next day they arrested him at the pleasant hills station. the lawsuit alleges that other criminals freely come and go on b.a.r.t. because of a lack of security. we just spoke to oakland mayor about this. even though this crime falls under the jurisdiction of b.a.r.t. police it did happen within her city limits. >> do you think b.a.r.t. can do more to stop the fare jumpers which the suspect is accused of being and if he had been caught maybe he wouldn't have been on the platform? >> any public agency that goes through a trauma -- i certainly know this from experience -- is really responsible for learning from that trauma and making improvements and doing better, doing everything within your power to prevent this type of tragedy from ever happening
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again. >> b.a.r.t. did release a statement in response to the impending lawsuit. it reads nothing is more important than the safety of our riders and employees. in the last several years b.a.r.t. has launched a multi-prong approach. b.a.r.t. notes they have more than 4,000 surveillance cameras in operation and that increased police patrols have led to a 40% increase in arrests last year. reporting live here in oakland, bob ridell, nbc bay area news. a man who police arrested for acting erratically died while in police custody. he was arrested yesterday. police say that man was put into an ambulance where he stopped breathing and then was rushed to a hospital and that is where he died a short time later.
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the coroner is not yet releasing that man's name. apple is now worth a trillion dollars. 1.0005 trillion to be exact, the first time in history a company has reached that mark. the company turned in very solid financial results on wednesday. you multiply the value of the shares times the number of shares out there and you get a trillion dollars. in the meantime, the markets have largely had a tough day of it. the dow has finally turned positive this after china announced they would have new tariffs on the new tariffs we announced against china. so the tariff war continues. in regard to violence in oakland, the mayor is filing for reelection. she announced her plans to run again for mayor in november more than a year ago. today she filed paperwork and
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took the oath. schaaf says she is running again because there is a lot left for her to do in oakland. >> i feel very good about the promises i made four years ago and have kept. there are many things that continue to need more work. one is city services just being more responsive, picking the garbage up in the neighborhoods, insuring that our neighborhoods are clean. that is something that we will continue to focus on more. >> schaaf will face a crowded field this november. at least six other candidates have announced that they are running for mayor. she first took office in 2015. coming up, is tesla playing games? the new feature the car maker wants to put in its vehicles. oakland in the spot light. we will show you how the bay area city is shining bright in a special story. and also on our social media pages we help you out if you are dealing with high bills from
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your internet provider. eported
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wright- patterson air force base in ohio. breaking news for you just into the news room. these are live pictures from wright patterson air force base in dayton, ohio. there are reports that a man has barricaded himself on the fourth floor of the hospital and he is armed. this is an enormous air force base, more than 27,000 people work at this base. that is all the information we have right now. we will obviously continue to monitor it and bring you updates the second they are available. now to our other top stories we are following for you.
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two oakland police officers were injured while chasing after an armed robbery suspect. this happened around 1:00 this morning. police say the suspect crashed his car into a patrol car just a few blocks away from fifth avenue and 880. that suspect, a passenger in the car and two officers were all transported to a hospital and are all in stable condition. the trump administration wants to ask people about their citizenship status in the 2020 census. we talked about this before. today san francisco mayor london breed will hold a press conference urging people to speak out against the idea. many posed the question which was dropped from the survey back in 1950 because the fear is that people will not participate in the census which could lead to massive under counts in california. and palo alto is synchronizing its lights to move through the city faster.
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this is between middlefield road. if you take this road during the afternoon commute you know it is a parking lot and the lights have a lot to do with it. the city estimates the new plan will cut spent time in -- time spent in traffic by as much as 40%. those lights should be up and running in a few weeks and you might make it home in time for dinner. tesla might be adding video games to the car consols. musk says he hopes adding titles will make people just enjoy the car that much better. the driving controls will actually be linked to the steering wheel of the car. don't be distracted by this announcement, this comes shortly and deliberately hours after tesla said the car company once again lost money. there is serious concern about tesla's cash burn and how much money it has left. elon musk says tesla will be
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profitable permanently by the end of september. cisco is buying up a cyber security firm worth $2.35 billion. last year cisco bought dynamics for $3.7 billion. cisco keeps acquiring companies to boost its cloud services. air bnb going up because of a new tax, the city and air bnb agreed on a 10% occupancy task for reservations. similar agreements exist between air bnb and several other cities. and now a story that you would normally only see on as one of our social media pages. you would never mistake oakland for hollywood. the city is in the spot light with several new movies highlighting the opening.
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>> oakland is an unpolished gem. >> i'm so excited that we are on the map. >> they recognize the streets. they recognize the locales and the businesses. >> reporter: by some accounts it all started in 2013. it was a story about oakland directed by an oakland native. >> he ended up making "black panther". >> reporter: that story begins in oakland. >> oakland, california comes up on the screen people went crazy. they were cheering and screaming. it set all time records. it was the highest grossing film. >> reporter: he is playing two new films set here in oakland. >> i have three days left on this probation. >> reporter: it is the work of two oakland natives. it's a dark comedy that tackles
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some tough topics. >> wow. my stomach is so -- i thought it was amazing. >> i thought it was awesome. >> it's very powerful. >> i feel like it showed a lot of the diversity and a lot of the ways it is changing. >> i think it showed a part of oakland that is in transition. >> reporter: sorry to bother you is a different sort of comedy. >> you want to make some money here, use your white voice. >> reporter: the humor is light but the issues are heavy. >> it was very intense for me. it kind of blew my mind. i haven't laughed that much in a long time. >> i hope that people don't walk away and feel like that was a good movie and that is it. >> here is the starting salary.
11:21 am
>> i will have to get new suits. >> reporter: some voices have been missing from hollywood and now that is beginning to change. >> it is an emergence of oakland as a birth place for really cutting edge young film makers and a locale for the films. >> reporter: where audiences are thrilled. >> i recognize a lot of places. it's cool to see it. >> i love seeing all the places i know. >> reporter: they are not the only ones who are just a little bit star struck. >> all of the film makers grew up in oakland and came to the movies here their entire lives. so for them to be able to premiere their film in the theater and have their names on the marquis is a big deal. earlier this week he posted a story that is about a store selling eight dollar lemonade.
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>> i did see "sorry to bother you" like two days ago. i did not know barely anything about it going in other than the word of mouth. it takes a turn in the middle. if you have seen it you know what i'm talking about where i just -- it's very -- >> don't spill the beans. >> you go in and they completely shock you. >> it's like going to see pretty woman and turns out to be about faith hill. >> the movie will be a great place to head to because we are still deal wg poor air quality. you may want to keep it indoors. i want to show you this nice picture of san francisco. we started out with very cloudy conditions. we had the nice fog holding on tight. now the temperatures are rather comfortable at about 54.
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concord into the 70s. nice and clear right now. wind speeds at about 12 miles per hour. if we head to the livermore area we are at about 72 degrees. you recolle you can see we have a nice haze going on. there is a combination of clouds and still some smoke in the area because of all the wild fires. we have emeryville 61 degrees. we have some cloud cover out there. we have a change coming just in time for the weekend. it will be in the form of a ridge of high pressure that is going to be falling apart thanks to an upper level low just off the coast. your air quality for the next 24 hours is going to be moderate. but with the shift in the wind speed let's talk about it. we have the ridge of high pressure that brought a very hot july. and now we have this upper level low that is sitting off the coast with the shift in the wind pattern, that will kick up some of the winds as we head towards the weekend. that is not going to be very good news especially in the fire
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zone area. so just as we head in towards saturday and sunday there will be fire watches in place. there is already a fire watch in place for the reading area. humidity very low at about 27%. it has been a low recovery overnight. typically that is our best chance of seeing a recovery. right now 80 degrees, at least wind speeds have calmed down just a lit. humidity remains low and it is still very dry. as i mentioned into the weekend the winds will kick up which is why they have issued fire watches in place through saturday and possibly into sunday. your daytime high for today in san jose expect temperatures in the 80s. you will notice as the ridge of high pressure inches in we will have a slight cooling trend in san francisco temperatures in the 60s. and for inland areas we go from more 90s and triple digit heat to now 80s which will be a lot more comfortable but still on the side of hazy.
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something to keep in mind. >> thank you very much. coming up, you have probably seen it trend on social media, dragon's breath is growing in popularity. the new health warning says people thinking about giving it a try -- >> i will listen for that. happening now top u.s. intelligence officials are reaffirming that russia is interfering in the upcoming elections. they made that announcement from the white house. this is in contrast to president trump who has been reluctant to blame russia for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. we will be right back right after the break. remembering ni.
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it )s a new desert fad - found t take a look at this. this is something i had not heard of until this morning, called dragon's breath. it is a new dessert fad found in some ice cream stores. it is nitrogen infused cereal puffs. you can breathe out the vapor. some parents are worried about potential health issues from children who suffer from asthma. one florida mother said it triggered a severe asthma attack for her son. >> if you breathe that cold air in there is a chance it is cold enough to freeze the water that might be in your lungs. >> we have sold thousands of them since january and never had an issue. >> reporter: the ice cream shop
11:29 am
owner said he posted his own disclaimer. as you can see from the video probably not a good idea if you have them. scientists say there is also a chance dragon's breath could contain residual like wud nitrognit -- liquid nitrogen.
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11:31 am
iowa" student, missing for new information is coming to light in the desperate search for a university of iowa student missing now for more than two weeks. mollie tibbets is from the bay area but is studying in iowa. >> she is sweet, kind, extremely lovable. >> reporter: 20-year-old dalton jack describing mollie tibbets his girlfriend of three years who vanished without a trace. >> initially it was shock.
11:32 am
it gets harder day by day. you miss her more than anything in the world. >> reporter: overnight hundreds gathered in a vigil for the missing university of iowa student last seen on her nightly jog. mollie's family believe she returned to the house and used the computer but investigators remain tight lipped on the timeline of her disappearance. >> do you believe she disappeared on the run or after she returned home? >> that is one of those details that i'm not going to discuss today. >> overnight nbc news confirming a response to a possible sighting of mollie at this truck stop. it remains unclear if it resulted in any lead as the tireless search for mollie intensifies, investigators hope data from her fit bit may provide clues to her whereabouts. >> we are looking at all technology as it relates to mollie. we are looking to generate leads based on that technology.
11:33 am
>> reporter: investigators do not consider mollie's boyfriend a suspect. he was working a construction job 100 miles away. jack says he hasn't heard from mollie since that night when she sent him a snap chat message. >> i opened it at about 10:30. >> reporter: jack holding out hope for her safe return. >> the only thing that comes into your head when you are -- i personally don't want to believe something bad happened. i don't want to think about that. >> the reward for the safe return of mollie tibbets will likely come to at least $148,000. that announcement expected at a press conference a little later today. san jose police department's new crime fighting tool lands its first arrest. the suspected bank robber is behind bars this morning. police accuse him of robbing the bank yesterday afternoon.
11:34 am
a crucial factor in the arrest was the new helicopter. we told you all about it and gave you a tour last week. police say it was doing a presentation at the san jose police academy when officers heard the bank robbery call come in. the chopper helped track down the suspect to the airport. they say he was arrested in the parking lot of terminal b. three of the biggest cities are uniting to combat the housing crisis. they gathered together for a town hall. mayors say it is time for big companies and smaller cities to join the effort to fix the housing problem. >> using a combination of transportation dollars as incentives as well as probably some fees for those cities that are expanding their job base without expanding housing i think would go a long way. >> high job growth to housing
11:35 am
growth and holding these companies accountable. >> all the mayors are also turning to tech for a solution to the electric scooter controversy. the popular ride is curved in san francisco. mayor licardo is hoping that there can be a prevention from operating on the sidewalk. also in san jose thinking about doing away with express service from vta. officials say it would save money. a shakeup in santa rosa at the sight of one of the most dramatic stories to come. the press democrat reports that graham rutherford is no longer the principal at cardinal newman high school. the paper reports duties will be split between a team of six
11:36 am
administrators. he led cardinal newman for 35 years including last year when the flames destroyed the campus. the school's football team won the north bay league title. president trump says jeff sessions should put an end to the mueller russia probe again putting the attorney in the spot light. the trial of the campaign manager continues. peter alexander has more. >> reporter: president trump ignoring questions after his clearest call yet to end the russia inquiry. >> are you ordering the mueller investigation to be shut down. >> reporter: unloading on the investigation insisting jeff sessions should stopped the rigged witch hunt right now. democrats argue the president has crossed a legal line. >> there is right now a clearly credible case of obstruction of justice against the president of the united states. >> reporter: even some republicans warning the president to pull back. >> the president's tweet is
11:37 am
unfortunate. i think it is inappropriate for him to be commenting on an ongoing investigation. >> but the white house is brushing off the back lash insisting president trump was only expressing his personal view. >> it's not an order. it's the president's opinion. the president is not obstructing. he is fighting back. >> reporter: a source close to the president saying mr. trump is constantly bashing sessions in private. he simply can't get sessions out of his mind. legal experts say there is no chance sessions would reverse course and take back that recusal. as the attorney general told congress last year he had no choice but to step aside citing justice department policy. >> department employees should not participate in investigations of a campaign if they serve as a campaign adviser. >> reporter: also in the trial of the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort
11:38 am
prosecutors zeroing in on the lavish lifestyle and presented a $15,000 ostrich jacket and $18,000 python coat. prosecutors indicating they expect to wrap up the case by next week. the president fuming about it on twitter describing the manafort case as a hoax. that is the latest from here at the white house. in decision 2018 new numbers show democrat gaven newson with a big financial lead in the race for governor. he has seven times more money than his opponent. the "l.a. times" looked through campaign finance reports filed this week and showed he has more than $11 million in the bank. former white house press secretary sean spicer will be in san francisco today. spicer will be promoting his new book about his short and turbulent tenure at the white house. spicer will be at the memorial theater at 5:30 tonight.
11:39 am
in los angeleserse trader joe's reopened its doors nearly two weeks after a deadly shootout there. that is when a suspect who was being chased by officers ran into the store. an employee was killed. she was struck by police fire as officers were shooting on the suspect. the man did eventually release all of the hostages and surrendered. now bombshell allegations rocking the world of college football. ohio state's urban meyer placed on administrative leave. joe frier has the details. >> reporter: one of the most storied programs in college football history sidelining its legendary coach. the ohio state university placing urban meyer on paid administrative leave after text messages surfaced raising
11:40 am
allegations he know about domestic violence against zach smith three years ago and did not report them. nbc news has not verified those texts. coaches are required to report knowledge of intimate violence under title 9. >> if meyer did violate the contracts then i think there will be no other option than to dismiss him as head coach. >> reporter: the story offers evidence about police reports dating back to 2015 in ohio and 2009 in florida. among that evidence, text messages from zach smith's ex wife to the wife of coach urban meyer that shows her bruised and bleeding and pleading for help. courtney smith says she told coach meyer's wife shelly about the abuse. >> i told shelly. i sent her some pictures. i spoke to her on the phone. she was going to have to tell urban. i said that is fine. you should tell him. >> did she come back to you and tell you that she did tell
11:41 am
urban? >> she did not. she did not. she would reach out to me, ask me how i'm doing, tell me she was worried that if i needed anything she was there, asked me if i had a protective order. >> reporter: college football fans reacting to the news. >> the issue goes beyond sports. it's not just about football. >> reporter: coach meyer issued a statement that reads in part i agree that being on leave during this inquiry will facilitate its completion. i eagerly look forward to the resolution of this matter. he addressed the charges last week after the firing of the assistant coach. >> i was never told about anything. i never had a conversation about it. so i know nothing about it. >> all these people have all this information yet urban meyer somehow doesn't know about this? i find that impossible to believe. >> smith's lawyer said in a statement zach smith wants to be
11:42 am
as transparent and honest as possible but it is not going to be done today through the media and went on to tell the columbus dispatch that even though he advised his client to be up front about the domestic violence charges he did not tell coach meyer. >> he is one of the highest paid coaches in college football earning nearly $8 million a year. nbc news reached out to all parties involved in the allegations but did not hear back. the university did release a statement saying it would not comment on the smith situation calling it a personnel matter. i think i still said it wrong. coming up, let's check in because of the weekend coming. >> especially when you are planning your outdoor activities, right now hazy skies, comfortable temperatures in the 70s. we are still dealing with a lot of smoke from the wildfires. i will have all the details on how this may impact your weekend forecast and maybe slight cool
11:43 am
down on the way coming up. i'm consumer investigator. a loved one's death shouldn't trigger a dispute with your health insurance company. it did for one family and we took action. nbc bay area responds next.
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shocking health insurance bill. it could not have come at a worse time. ju nbc bay area responds to a family faced with a shocking health insurance bill. >> just weeks after the unexpected death of a father and a husband, consumer investigator is here to explain. >> her husband died of a sudden heart attack in february. april called the health insurance company to let it know steve it died. within three weeks she received a surprising notice. the insurance company said it had under billed the family for two years. it was now demanding payment of nearly $10,000. >> that's a large amount of money to expect somebody to come up with after 27 months of telling them this is what your bill is going to be. >> april got nowhere challenging the bill on her own so she asked us to step in. we contacted the insurance company and had question for the state because we wondered if
11:47 am
this can happen to families like yours. we will have the answers tonight at 8:00. if you have a medical billing problem or any other consumer issue please call us or visit i'll join you again tonight at 8:00 after the nfl hall of fame game. we want to know whether we should spend time outside this weekend or perhaps head to the movies as scott suggested earlier. >> it's a bit of a tricky situation because it depends where you are. we have a little bit of cooling on the way. depending where you spend the weekend that will factor in a lot of components. san jose 74 degrees. we have a combination of sun and clouds. we will see temperatures very similar to what you have seen since yesterday. we do have a change on the way. san francisco woke up to cloud
11:48 am
cover. wind speeds are nice and light. beautiful clear skies, but as we head into the next couple of hours you have to keep in mind that we are dealing with moderate to poor air quality especially for the north bay because of the active wildfires that are burning. as the winds begin to shift and the smoke continues to blow this could change within the weekend. i want to get to some of that, as well. let's get to upcoming changes you can expect as we head in towards the weekend. all week long we have this ridge of high pressure, the big h in the distance now. the reason for that is because by sunday this is going to get pushed off and this is going to be pushed off by a low. what will happen is that will bring a change in the wind pattern and kick up the wind especially for the fire zone area. temperatures will be slightly
11:49 am
cooler. further inland we are still tracking triple digit heat. that will be an interesting change in the forecast. as far as the car fire, the weather right now is 88 degrees. if you notice the wind speeds are nice and calm. there is a fire watch in place. the reason for this is because just as we head in towards tonight and the weekend with that change in the weather pattern it will kick up a lot of winds and that will bring an area of concern especially because we are dealing with the low humidity. as far as the complex fire you can see temperatures at about 80 degrees. the winds are still kind of blowing. we are expecting the shift to be from the west southwest. we are going to see slight cooling and our temperatures top out into the 60s for the coast. near the south bay 82 and further into the trivalley we are talking upper 80s and 90s holding on tight for the weekend. over the next seven days no major changes for san francisco. we will notice some morning
11:50 am
clouds once again expected as we head in towards tomorrow and into saturday and sunday, as well. we will keep temperatures in the 60s. as far as inland temperatures go we will keep hazy skies for the entire weekend and see the return of 90s. by saturday and sunday breezy conditions make their return and temperatures drop down only topping into the upper 80s before we see the ridge of high pressure start to dominate in the forecast bringing us right back up into the 90s. back to you. coming up next, the reason some people have a problem with "insatiable." . game on! the much talked about head-to- head, winner-take-all match-
11:51 am
11:52 am
up between tiger woods and phil mickelson will take place in a much talked about head to head winner take all match between tiger woods and phil mickelson will happen in
11:53 am
november. the winner will walk away with as much as $100 million. the exact date and size is being nailed down. tiger and phil have been rivals for years. this match is sure to draw plenty of attention. i know my dad will be watching. a new netflix show raising eyebrows. critics say it glorifies eating disorders. it is called "insatiable." there are people calling for it to be cancelled. a picture of reese witherspoon throwing ice cream at meryl streep is going viral. fans will be excited to see this. streep is joining the cast. witherspoon responding to someone who shared the picture online --
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kicks off. happening today south bay fair lovers can't wait, the santa clara county fair kicks off. there are changes this year, one of the long awaited returns. >> you have to go back several decades. angelo's sons are bringing back the old recipe for pepper steak and you can find it. also eddie money will perform
11:57 am
saturday night. >> i know we will talk about the states. >> i missed it. >> good weather. this weekend santa clara -- >> san jose area will have great weather. i know i have been talking about the smoke. the san jose area can see good air quality. that is great news for us. the san francisco temperatures over the next seven days, no major changes. it will stay relatively comfortable in the 60s. i have a bit of a change going into the weekend. we are talking about a decrease of a few degrees with highs only in the 80s. however, the shift in the weather pattern will pick up breezy weather conditions. >> thanks. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. we will be back with you.
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♪ >> we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> there is a war going on. it's a war of words between kim kardashian and tyson beckford. kit is off. scott evans and comedian brian here. it has been a week for kim kardashian. >> yeah. >> we talked about this week getting slammed for some say glorifying anorexia and her sister says kim you're skinny. she's getting backlash from the lbgt and black communities as well for a clap back to tyson


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