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tv   Today  NBC  August 3, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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that's what's happening "today in the bay". >> join us for nbc news bay yir at 11:00, have a spectacular friday. good morning, breaking overnight, on the verge, a dam in virginia about to break. residents forced to flee, and it keeps on pouring. those heavy rains and high winds now threatening millions from the carolinas to new england. this morning, the severe storms are moving up the east coast and al is tracking it all. mixed messages, president trump telling supporters one thing. >> now we're being hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax, okay? >> but hours earlier, his own top intelligence officials sounding a major alarm, the russian threat is real, and actively coming after the u.s. election. >> our democracy itself is in the cross-hairs. >> we are live at the white house.
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growing scandal. did a highly paid legendary college football coach know one of his assistants was allegedly beating his wife? the action ohio state is taking this morning. >> i do believe he knew and instead, he chose to help the abuser. those stories. plus desperate plea, what the mother of the missing university of iowa student is saying this morning. >> if someone abducted her, we are pleading with you to please release her. unexpected gift. fixer-upper star joanna gaines getting candid about becoming a new mom at age 40. and buffalo stance. >> oh no, oh no, oh no. >> the man caught on camera taunting a large bison. inside yellow stone national park. >> oh god, no, no, i can't watch! >> the park now investigating what they're calling reckless, dangerous and illegal behavior, "today" friday, august 3rd, 2018.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a friday morning and it's a wet one over a lot of the country this morning. >> a lot of people are paying attention to this story. it's a big one. >> if you're traveling you'll want to hear al's forecast and there's breaking news on the weather overnight. heavy rain triggered evacuations in central virginia over fears that a dam there could fail. the downpour is part of a massive system impacting tens of millions up and down the east coast, as mentioned, we'll get to al in a moment. let's go right to the scene where the breaking news is happening. nbc's anne thompson is where there were tornado warnings overnight in queens. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. take a look at some of the damage here that happened overnight. this is the result of a series
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of really strong thunderstorms that pounded the east coast. i'm talking driving rain, violent winds. here in queens, they think a tornado went through this area, and the national weather service will be out later today to see if indeed that is the case. meanwhile, in lynchburg, virginia, all eyes are on that dam that could burst. overnight in lynchburg, virginia, officials ordering evacuations, fearing the college lake dam could fail. after days of torrential rains. the area dealing with rising waters, getting slammed with another six inches of rain in just a few hours. first responders using inflatable boats to rescue families from flooded homes. if the dam is compromised, water levels could top 17 feet in just minutes. about 140 miles north in fairfax county, virginia, a group of firemen carrying a motorist to safety from a car swept away by rapidly moving floodwaters.
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in college point, queens, cleanup is under way this morning after a possible tornado touched down, ripping trees from their roots. >> i've been in this town my whole life. i've never seen anything like this before, never even heard of a tornado here. >> reporter: local linemen already in the air trying to restore power knocked out by the storm, and last night in new jersey the severe weather forcing thousands of fans of beyonce and jay-z's fans to seek shelter inside the venue, but not even the bad weather could stop the dynamic duo, taking the stage at 11:00 last night, the superstar couple performed for more than two hours. beyonce thanking the fans for not letting the rain stop the night. now up and down the east coast, there are some scattered power outages this morning, and today's task will be to clean up messes like this one in queens, and figure out just what caused this beyond the strong winds that came through here, and
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answer the question, was this really a tornado? hoda and savannah? >> anne, thank you. a lot of people are traveling this weekend. al, what can you tell us about the storms today? >> well, we're going to be looking at another repeat of what we've been seeing. this is lynchburg and you can see the heavy rain coming through. well bad news, we're going to be looking at even more heavy rain today. could be another one to two, maybe three inches of rain in this area. in fact, there is now a flash flood warning in effect for that area right now. 36 million people are under some sort of flash flood watch or flood warning from georgia all the way on up into new england. here is what's going on. this system is a slow mover. there's not much going on as far as getting some relief, so there's a risk for flooding in the mid-atlantic states and the northeast today, all this moisture funneling up today into tonight, and then storms redevelop again tomorrow, four more isolated heavy thunderstorms during the afternoon, flooding a possibility. we're looking the heaviest
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amounts along the southeastern atlantic coast and also up into the northeast where we could see anywhere from another two to four inches hourly rainfall rates one to two inches possible, guys, so flooding is going to be a big problem stretching from the mid-atlantic all the way into new england. back to you. >> going to be a wet one, al. we'll check back in. also this morning, more conflicting messages on russia from the president and his administration. during a late night rally last night, the president defended his recent meeting with vladimir putin and called russia investigation a hoax again but just hours earlier, his top national security officials were warning that russia, the threat is real and they're continuing to target u.s. elections. we've got complete coverage. we'll start at the white house with nbc's peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. the mega rally overnight providing the president a perfect opportunity to punctuate the point made by his national security team just hours earlier using his presidential mega
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phone to denounce new russian attacks against u.s. elections but on stage three months out from the midterms he didn't say a word about the threat, and again dismissed the russia investigation as a hoax. president trump in pennsylvania overnight once again trashing the special counsel's investigation. >> now we're being hindered by the russian hoax. >> reporter: the difference this time, his comments coming just hours after his own national security and intelligence team sounded the alarm about russia's efforts to interfere in the upcoming elections. >> we acknowledge the threat. it is real. it is continuing, and we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate election that the american people can have trust in. >> our democracy itself is in the cross-hairs. >> russia attempted to interfere with the last election and continues to engage and malign influence operations to this day. >> reporter: the officials insisting their orders came from the top. >> the president has specifically directed us to make the matter of election meddling
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and securing our election process a top priority. >> reporter: that behind the scenes direction about russia and the election coming ahead of the president's very public display in pennsylvania about the russian investigation. >> it's a hoax, okay? >> reporter: and while white house officials offered few specifics. >> the scope of this foreign influence threat is both broad and deep. >> reporter: since the first time they've come together to publicly address the threat, and their response. top democrat senator warner tweeting "glad to see the white house finally do something about election security. now if only it was actually backed up by anything the president has said or done on russia." just two weeks ago at the helsinki summit, mr. trump downplayed russian election meddling, appearing to side with vladimir putin over his own intelligence team. >> i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> reporter: the director of national intelligence admitting he's still in the dark about what happened in that private
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meeting between the president and putin. >> i'm not in a position to either understand fully or talk about what happened at helsinki. >> reporter: overnight, mr. trump still defending his performance with putin. >> they wanted me to walk up here is the podium here, they wanted me to walk up and go like this [ bleep ]. they wanted me to go up and have a boxing match. i said, whatever happened to diplomacy? >> so peter, you're at the white house, you cover it every day. what's going on there, because there was this extraordinary show of strength from the administration, all of the national security cabinet members and officials there saying hey, this russia threat, it's real. that's what they said, and then the president says something to his supporters totally different. >> reporter: yes, savannah, that's right, we've never seen a line-up like the one we saw yesterday, i was right there in the front row for it. white house adviser telling me the president instructed the officials to tell the american
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people what they're doing to defend u.s. elections but it raises this question, why he hasn't said all this himself. i think at times, it really feels like there are two governments working independent of each other right now, the intelligence teams, as we saw raising red flags, trying to crack down on russian interference, and then the president repeatedly publicly undermining their efforts, those close to mr. trump tell me that he can't separate his fury about the investigation into possible links between russian officials and his campaign from what remains undisputed, the fact that russia attacked the u.s. elections in 2016 and the fact that it appears to be trying to do it again. savannah? >> peter, thank you very much. also speaking out this morning, the president's daughter and senior adviser, ivanka trump publicly addressing some key and controversial issues facing the administration. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: hey hoda, good morning to you. ivanka trump is one of her father's closest advisers and she counsels him on a range of
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issues but always behind closed doors. in fact, we've almost never heard her distance herself from her dad, until now. this morning, a rare public father/daughter divide, ivanka trump appearing to distance herself from the administration, acknowledging the crisis over family separations at the border impacted her personally. >> that was a low point for me as well. i feel very strongly about that, and i am very vehemently against family separation. >> reporter: despite disagreeing with her father's zero tolerance policy privately, ivanka never pushed back publicly until it had already been reversed. the first daughter now saying immigration is an issue that hits home. >> i am a daughter of an immigrant. my mother grew up in communist czech republic, but we are a
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country of laws, so you know, she came to this country legally. >> reporter: in another apparent break, ivanka trump making it clear she doesn't see the media as the enemy of the people, one of the terms president trump uses to energize his supporters. >> the enemy, the enemy of the people i call them. >> do you think the media is the enemy of the people? >> no, i do not. >> reporter: mr. trump trying to clarify, tweeting "she correctly said no. it is the fake news, which is a large percentage of the media, that is the enemy of the people." critics making the connection that when the president says "fake news" he's actually talking about coverage he finds unflattering. his tweet from may seeming to support those claims, "91% of the network news about me is negative, fake." last night the president was at it again before a cheering crowd. >> they can make anything bad, because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news. i had a very nice life. i didn't need to be -- i used to get actually good press.
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>> reporter: the president's press secretary on thursday seeming to support her boss' heated rhetoric. >> the media continues to ratchet up the verbal assault against the president, and everyone in this administration. >> reporter: you did not say in the course of the remarks that you just made that the press is not the enemy of the people. >> i've addressed this question and my personal feelings. i'm here to speak on behalf of the president. he made his comments clear. >> reporter: ivanka's comments setting her apart from her father, an apparent divide no longer behind closed doors. >> ivanka said she's vehemently against family separation but a lot of people are criticizing her for not actually doing more. >> reporter: that's right, hoda and critics are saying why did it take her so long to speak out and why isn't she actually doing more. one key women's group tweeting we ask you to take action now. based on our reporting ivanka trump does tell her dad when she disagrees with him.
7:14 am
for example they disagree on the environment but that's an issue where he stuck to his guns. she was asked how she sees her role in the white house and she said where i disagree with my father he knows it and i express myself with total candor." >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. in the meantime, the reward for the safe return of a university of iowa student missing for more than two weeks has been increased dramatically and her family is making a new plea to anybody who has information in this case. nbc's blake mccoy has been on it for us. blake, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. make no mistake, these parents believe their daughter is alive. they are holding on to that hope, and they call this new six-figure reward another tool in their arsenal to bring mollie home. >> we believe that mollie is still alive and if someone has abducted her, we are pleading
7:15 am
with you to, please, release her. >> reporter: the family of mollie tibbetts offering a desperate plea and big reward for the 21-year-old's safe return, $172,000 and counting, donations flooding in from coast to coast. >> this is another tool in our arsenal. we're providing this fund to provide some financial incentive for someone who is otherwise reluctant to come forward. >> reporter: searches of corn fields and pig farms have so far turned up no sign of the missing college student. she was last seen on a jog in brooklyn, iowa, more than two weeks ago. wayne cheney says he was questioned by authorities. >> i don't even remember what they asked me. >> reporter: cheney has been found guilty of stalking in the past and says investigators took photos inside his home. >> it's just a waste of time i thought, but oh well. >> reporter: officials remaining tight lipped but confirming they did look into a possible
7:16 am
sighting at this missouri rest stop last week and ruled it out. it wasn't mollie. her family is determined to push forward. >> every day, i feel mollie's presence with me, you know, sometimes i just feel her setting on my shoulder, and i don't know that i have the strength in me, but mollie's lending me her strength every day, every night. >> we wake up every day at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning to fight, and laura's fighting, the boys are fighting, dalton's fighting, everybody in this community is fighting to get her back. >> blake, we've heard from the parents. what about law enforcement? they've been pretty tight-lipped, as i understand it. >> reporter: yes, the last time we heard from them was on tuesday. another press conference is set for this morning but they already warned us unless they think a piece of information will directly lead to mollie's return, they are not going to release it, that includes basic information about the time line surrounding her disappearance. they simply say that they believe it's in mollie's best interests to say as little as possible right now. >> no doubt they are working hard at it. blake thank you very much. the fbi is pressing ahead with its search for a 12-year-old girl apparently
7:17 am
kidnapped from reagan national airport. the girl was visiting with a group from china. after arriving at the airport, she walked off with a middle aged woman, both changed clothes and disappeared from security cameras. police say they left in a white infiniti with new york state license plates. they believe they say the girl is in extreme danger. 7:17, we've been talking a lot about the weather. you've got the lead story this morning. we got a lot to talk about. >> we sure do. let's show you what's going on around the rest of the country. we've got monsoonal moisture in the southwest that's going to bring rain, severe storms in the northern plains and the severe storms firing up here in the northeast. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. sents: ordinary versus overachiever. a lot of paints say they can do the job, but just one can "behr" through it all.
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behr premium plus, a top rated interior paint at a great price. family friendly, disaster proof. find it exclusively at the home depot. here's a reason why we have a smoke advisory for our north and east bay locations. 59 and a shift in winds bringing the smoke. low 90s inland around concord. temperatures this weekend will drop a little bit on sunday, then high pressure builds back. temperatures are set to climb. could be closing in on 100 degrees by next wednesday. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up, a new twist in the scandal surrounding ohio state football coach urban meyer. what the university is now doing about the troubling allegations against him. plus, a new warning tied to your health and your money.
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what some insurers could be doing to ensure you pay more. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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it cleans away odors. because the things you love the most can stink. and try febreze small spaces to clean away odors for up to 30 days. breathe happy with febreze. in the last few minutes cal-fire gave us an update on the t 7:26. in just the last few minutes, cal fire gave us an update. the latest number is for the men mendocino complex fire. it's 30% contained. also, the number of homes destroyed jumped to 41 from just 16 last night. 47 other structures are also destroyed. the number of acres burned is now at 153,000, with thousands of homes still under threat. as for the carr fire in shasta county, the numbers there changed less dramatically. that fire is 40% contained. we know that weather is going to
7:27 am
be factor for firefighters today? red flag warnings to the left and the change to the wind has brought smoke into the bay area. you see it there in concord. hazy skies with our temperature starting to trend warmer. 90s inland. 80s in san jose. 60s closer to san francisco. we're planning on a slightly cooler finish to the weekend as the sea breeze picks up. look at the temperatures by the middle of next week, approaching wednesday, red flag warnings up, lake county up towards the carr fire through 11:00 saturday. we've got a couple of fender benders popping up in the south bay and parts of the peninsula. the one that's causing delays is that earlier crash on southbound 880 at industrial parkway. you see the traffic has definitely gotten a lot better in that area. i would still say to hop on whipple road after industrial.
7:28 am
a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. thank you very much. we'll have more local news for you in a half hour.
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7:30 am
good morning, 7:30 now on a friday morning, august 3rd, 2018. check that out. dark skies looming over new york. we've been talking about this all morning. storms expected up and down the east coast. if you're traveling, you're going to want to tune in. al's got his forecast coming up straight ahead. somebody's traveling and someone's going to be listening to al. >> we'll all be watching it closely. we begin this half hour and the check of "today's" headlines, new england under flash flood watches this morning and the most urgent situation at this hour near lynchburg, virginia. overnight, heavy rain raised water levels behind the dam on college lake and triggered fears the dam could fail.
7:31 am
evacuations were ordered, water started overflowing onto roadways. the national weather service warned that a complete failure of the dam could put lynchburg underwater in a matter of minutes. president trump is sending out new mixed signals on russia, despite an urgent warning from his own national security team. late night rally in pennsylvania, the president defended his recent summit with russian president vladimir putin and also mocked the special counsel's russia probe, said it was a hoax and said he's being hindered by what he called that russian hoax. the president did not mention russia's latest efforts to interfere in the u.s. elections, even though his own national security team had warned him just hours earlier of the new threats from that country and other adversaries. long time pro wrestling star kane is declaring victory in thursday's race for mayor in knox county, tennessee, with most of the votes counted, the republican whose real name is glenn jacobs had a huge lead over his democratic rival.
7:32 am
there is the office pictures, he also runs a real estate and insurance company. he said last night his decision to run was met at first with resounding laughter from many. kane would be the second high-profile wrestler to win office, we all remember jesse "the body" ventura the former governor of minnesota. apple has reached an historic milestone. the tech giant has become the first publicly-traded u.s. company to be valued at $1 trillion. its fortunes boosted by the tremendous success of the iphone. in a memo to employees tim cook said the financial achievement is something to be proud of, but he said innovation and staying true to the company's core values are more important. the company started in co-founder steve jobs' garage back in 1976. now generates annual revenues greater than the economic outputs of entire countries such as portugal and new zealand. from the department of really, really bad ideas, check this one out.
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traffic was stopped at yellowstone national park to let a bison cross the road but one man decided to get out and taunt the animal. watch this. he runs up, flexes his muscle, what he apparently did not know is this is bison mating season. >> oh no indeed. >> it is. i didn't know it either but i'm not standing in front of the bison. the animal shows its dominance, nobody got hurt but park officials don't think it's funny. they say this behavior is reckless and illegal and they point out, again, that bison can run three times faster than most people. >> okay, that ended the way you thought it would. the guy running and the bison in charge. >> i'm glad it ended that way, absolutely. also this morning, we are learning more about that growing scandal involving one of the biggest names in college football. ohio state's coach urban meyer, and what he knew about allegations of domestic abuse against a member of his staff. nbc's morgan radford is on the columbus campus for us this morning. hey, morgan, good morning.
7:34 am
>> reporter: hoda, good morning. ohio state coach urban meyer is a legend among these college football circles but this morning is he in hot water after university trustees appointed an independent board to find out whether, one, he knew about the abuse allegations facing his assistant coach, zach smith, and two, whether he did anything about it. >> i do believe he knew, and instead, he chose to help the abuser. >> reporter: courtney smith says for years, her ex-husband, ohio state assistant football coach, zach smith, physically abused her, and believes his boss, legendary head coach, urban meyer, knew about it and did nothing. meyer, put on paid leave, after text messages and photos surfaced, raising the possibility that he knew about the domestic violence accusations three years ago and didn't report them. smith says she filed multiple police reports, including one in 2009 that reads in part "the defendant grabbed the victim by her t-shirt, picked her up and threw her into the bedroom wall.
7:35 am
the victim is pregnant with the defendant's child." but smith didn't press charges against her then husband. she spoke with earlier this week. >> i was pressured by his family and urban meyer's attorney. i was basically told, if you don't drop the charges, he's never going to coach again, and he's never hit you before. >> reporter: in 2015, smith says she texted photos of her bruised and bloodied body to meyer's wife, shelley, who allegedly wrote back "just want you to be safe. do you have restraining order? he scares me." nbc news has not verified these texts. >> she said she'd have to tell urban. i said that's fine, you know? you should tell urban. >> reporter: college football writer brett mcmurphy said smith also shared her abuse with the wives of multiple members of meyer's staff. >> i think they will be able to prove that urban meyer knew about the domestic violence incidents in 2015. >> reporter: zach smith has
7:36 am
never been charged with domestic abuse. his attorney says he wants to set the record straight in court, saying "once he gets his chance to tell his side of events, don't be surprised when it is corroborated by every police who ever responded to ms. smith's calls." but last month, a judge granted courtney smith a restraining order against her ex-husband for domestic violence protection. meyer addressed the accusations of abuse from 2015 last week, after smith was fired. >> i was never told about anything, never anything came to light. i never had a conversation about it, so i know nothing about that. >> reporter: in a statement, meyer said "i agree that being on leave during this inquiry will facilitate its completion." on the walls of the athletic center meyer's motto including the words "treat women with respect." courtney smith says she wishes he'd followed his own advice. >> i hope that, in the future, he never, ever, ever turns his head away again.
7:37 am
>> so morgan, i guess the question is, what is the future of urban meyer? do you think that his job's in jeopardy? >> reporter: well, hoda, according to his $7.6 million per year contract he's actually required to report any breach of the university's code of sexual misconduct policy, but that means he could stand to lose his job. in the meantime, the athletics department released a statement saying "the university is committed to supporting our student athletes as they prepare for the upcoming semester, and anyone who wants to watch more of courtney smith's full interview can do so at" hoda? >> thank you. let's head over to al, the man of the morning, with all this weather. >> we've seen a lot of climate change going on. the american meteorological society issues a state of the climate report every year. 2017 we've had record high amounts of carbon dioxide concentration, highest levels in the ice core that date back
7:38 am
thousands of years. sea level rise is the highest on record for global sea level rise, rising at 1.2 inches per decade, which of course causes flooding along the coast. warming planet, it's the warmest non-el nino year on record, the third warmest year overall, in fact the last four years have been the warmest on record, and of course, that leads to melting sea ice. arctic sea ice is at a maximum record low and the lowest daily value on record, all told, it shows we're seeing more climate change continuing at a rapid pace. that's what' we've got low clouds around san francisco at 53. san jose, no low clouds, in the 60s right now. a lot of smoke pouring into concord. we have a smoke advisory up in the new york and east bay.
7:39 am
winds are aloft that picked up out of the north. inland, 80s and 90s, 60s and 70s around san francisco. we'll see more of the same as we go into the weekend, trending cooler on sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, fixer-upper star and proud new mama joanna gaines gets candid about having a baby at who. also ahead, steve jobs' daughter breaks her silence. what she's revealing for the first time about their troubled relationship. plus feeling the heat? al's date with the so-called wings of death. >> he looks ready for it. coming up next, are you tired of paying sky-high prices for health insurance? for health insurance? why your internet oh, milk. another breakfast, for health insurance? why your internet another dilemma. am i willing to pay the price for loving you? you'll make my morning, but ruin my day. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid. it's delicious 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose.
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♪ gr♪ mudlifters! ♪ saucelifters! all oxi combines the power of active stainlifters to deliver up to 4x the cleaning power to fight your family's toughest stains. ♪ the stainlifter that's 'all. try it now! this morning on "in-depth" today an eye-opening warning from privacy experts. >> all that personal information being collected, frankly, on all of us, turns out insurance companies are using it, too, to
7:44 am
get this, help determine how much we all pay. nbc's tom costello has been looking into it. tom, good morning. >> good morning. the companies that gather up personal information on all of us call it social determinants of health, and whether you like it or not, your daily behaviors are being tracked, recorded and analyzed to determine whether you are a good health insurance risk. think just for a moment what your personal information says about you. on your driver's license, age, weight, height and address. on your credit history, income, rent, mortgage, bills, and whether you pay on time. your social media post could include your education, newly married, new baby, divorced, sports activities, and political leanings. your smart tv tracks your viewing habits, the internet tracks your web surfing, your rest band tracks your pulse and exercise active, your pharmacy card tracks your personal care items. your magazine subscriptions show an interest in cooking, hunting
7:45 am
or cycling. all of it a gold mine for insurance data analyzers who are buying it all up. >> the data included people who had knitting, crocheting, who might have had certain mailings, who had different eating habits, whether they be meat eaters or vegetarian eaters. >> reporter: erin kaufman was hired by a major insurer to analyze the personal information collected on millions of americans and compare how those activities affect their health. who gave their permission? >> nobody. not a single person told me i am allowed to look at their personal life, nobody gave me permission. >> reporter: kaufman thought it was unethical and quit. the health insurance industry tells nbc news the data isn't used to set premiums. instead "plans use this data to create new programs designed to help people in their communities become more healthy, to help bring premiums down for consumers, not up." but could it? >> single women who buy plus
7:46 am
size clothing they say are predicted to be more depressed. >> reporter: propublica investigative writer marshall allen has done a deep dive on the information data brokers are collecting on all of us. >> then they're being used by the insurance industry to try and predict how much we cost, so they're using nonmedical information to try and make predictions about our medical care. >> reporter: we all overshare so much, often by clicking "yes" to an app's user agreement. former homeland security secretary michael chertoff says we all need to read the fine print and even say, no. >> we need to have clear and informed consent. it can't be a consent that's obtained because you don't have a realistic choice, and you should have control over the use of your data, even after it's generated. >> the insurance industry insists setting premiums is highly regulated at the state level, but one of the companies that gathers data on all of us is lexus nexus.
7:47 am
you can ask for your own full report on you, so i did, and this is it. it is 400 pages of my life, old addresses, dating back to when i was in college, phone numbers, addresses, mortgages, rental units, credit cards, even hunting and fishing licenses, everything, education is included here. if i'd ever been divorced or arrested, that would be included, and this is all legally collected on all of us. also by the way, social media accounts. it's eye-opening and it's the kind of information that insurance companies are using. ladies, back to you. >> wow. >> that is -- >> tom's is 400 pages. ours is like 800. gosh, that's and eye-opener. straight ahead the daughter of apple founder steve jobs, talking for the first time about dear great-great grandfather, you made moonshine in a backwoods still. smuggled booze and dodged the law. even when they brought you in,
7:48 am
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all good morning, a familiar sight around san francisco with the fog there. temperatures in the 50s right now. sea breeze will keep daytime highs in the mid60s. clear skies in san jose. there's a research of smoke moving north to south across the bay area. up towards the north bay today, under a smoke advisory. smoke pollution levels likely in those communities as winds are out of the northwest. highs later on today, 90s around the tri valley. n mid80s around san jose. seven-day forecast brings us a slightly stronger sea breeze on sunday leading to brief
7:57 am
coolingism locooling. upper 90s towards the middle of next week. we have issues along 280. you can see our sensor picking up slowing in the south bay. this is causing delays at woodside road. the right-hand shoulder does remain blocked. you can see slowing there. our bridge drive times have been pretty smooth this morning. a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have not seen the metering lights on at all. happening now, the young woman killed in what authorities say was a random standing on a b.a.r.t. platform will be buried today. bob redell will have a live report at our midday newscast. conditions are getting worse for firefighters in mendocino. containment levels have gone down to 30% this morning. now we know 41 homes were destroyed.
7:58 am
go to our twitterfeed for more details. we'll have more local news for you in just a half hour. the newe debuted at s-j-c. plus-- a bruno mars fan didn )t "count on" his concert being postponed. our consumer team helps "finesse" a solution for a ticket holder! join us monday from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today" coming up, a white house divide the president takes aim at the russian investigation. >> it's a hoax, okay. >> his security and intelligence team speaks out about russian interference. >> israel is continuing -- >> we're live at the white house. plus breaking her silence. steve jobs' daughter opens up for the first time about their troubled relationship. what she is revealing about the man behind apple as the company makes financial history this week.
8:01 am
fifth time is a charm. "fixer upper" star says things are different the fifth time around. today, friday, august 3rd, 2018. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> celebrating 22 years with my best friend. >> she is turning 8. >> my 50th birthday. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> 59 today, 60 tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> is that a artist down there? >> somebody celebrating birthday eve. >> thank you for being with us on a friday morning. lots to get to. here is the news at 8:00, the
8:02 am
president and administration delivering conflicting messages. the president slamming the russian hoax and earlier in the day his whole national security team sounded a new alarm saying the russian threat is real. peter alexander at the white house with more. >> hours after the warning from the intelligence community at the white house raising red flag that is russia is at it again. the president didn't say a word to the u.s. elections. a grievance fest last night, president trump forceibly criticized the russia investigation again. >> reporter: once again trashing the special council investigation. >> we are being hindered by the russia hoax. >> hours after the intelligence team sounded the alarm about russia's efforts to interfere if the upcoming elections.
8:03 am
>> we acknowledge the threat and it is real and continuing and we are doing what we can to have a legitimate election that the american people can have trust in. >> the democracy is in the crosshairs. >> russia attempted to interfere in the last investigation and continues to interfere till this day. >> the orders came from the top. >> the president directed us to make the matter of the election meddling and securing our election process a top priority. >> that behind the scenes direction about russia and the election coming ahead of the president's public display in pennsylvania about the russia investigation. it's a hoax. >> reporter: white house officials offered few specifics. >> the scope is broad and deep. >> reporter: the first time they came together to come together and address the threat.
8:04 am
>> glad to see the white house do something about election security. now if it was backed up by anything the president has said or done. >> bed minister property for the next few days and the first daughter ivanka trump a long time adviser to her father. distancing herself and describing it as a low point. she never pushed back publicly until it was already reversed. maki making clear that unlike her father, she does not view the media as the enemy of the people. he call it is the fake news that's the enemy of the people savannah. >> peter thank you. fears of a dam failure growing in virginia this morning. threatens millions across the east coast. emergency evacuations ordered
8:05 am
with heavy rain and forcing water to rise. the situation can become dyer. a complete failure of the dam could put lynchburg under water in a matter of minutes. the search on for a 12-year-old girl who was abducted from the airport. she met with a middle-aged woman and changed clothes and left without struggle in a white infinity. the fbi is insolved in the search and the girl is believed to be in extreme danger zbler d-- brookstone filed for bankruptcy closing one hundred mall outlets.
8:06 am
they struggled to compete with amazon and will hold on to the three dozen airport locations that do a good business for travel gear and pillows and books. >> where am i going to get my alarm clock key chain. i need a boost. >> i got a great one. a man in texas managed to capture a stunning photo of a cloud formation that people leave looks like an angel. it looks like a spectacular -- the beams of light coming through cloud -- he said that moment said it was a special moment that god is always with hi him. he thought everybody needs a boost. >> beautiful angel in the sky. coming up, "fixer upper"
8:07 am
jolanna gaines pregnant. steves jobs' daughter opens up about a complicated relationship. coming up after this. new cars? oh, yeah. sports cars? indeed. a big ol' boat-like car? permission to come aboard! what about a car that's all (makes awkward car noises) hgnnnn-nn-nn-nnnn-ayy-ayyy i don't see why not. what about, let's say... oh, i don't know, a purple van with a painting of a wizard just shooting lightning out of his fingers riding a unicorn sneezing rainbows? definitely. just asking for a friend. yea, i figured. (whispered to camera) wow. it's not four walls whand an address.? it's you. and all the things inside you weave together. things that tell a story no one else could tell. because you're not cookie cutter. not just one thing.
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8:10 am
we are back with today's talker an would be bagser baback and from johanna gaines. natalie is on that story. >> no secret, i'm a huge fan. a bundle of joy, baby cruise. the surprise pregnancy and the impact and why being a new mom is different this time around. >> i told chip, this is like it's all new all over. >> in a very personal new essay in the fall issue of "magnolia journal" she opens up about being a new mom at 40. as much as we joke about the possibility i believed i was done. >> an adventure of lifetime. >> reflects on the timely
8:11 am
decision to end their hit hgtv show "fixer upper." >> it was a close of a beautiful chapter our lives. they got the news weeks later. joking about the term, writing i heard the phrase jergerratric pregnancy at my age. >> what are the ages? >> 13 to 8. >> with a never expanding empire, online store, furniture line, and bakery. she felt more worn out than her other four. >> i walk and i breathe so heavy and she calls this baby an unexpected gift. this pregnancy forced me to truly rest and i don't know if i
8:12 am
would have allowed myself to take a break if it weren't for this baby. saying her family is her priority adding that being a mom is easier the fifth time around thanks to her wiz asdom and experience. i'm more comfortable in my own skin, sure that i can do this and confident that i was made for this very thing in this very season. >> johanna said the way they responded, the big kids celebrated and anticipated the baby arrival in the best way and i loved every minute of it. >> the best surprise. thank you so much. when she had having a baby at 40. >> i'm like that young. >> and there's so many things about being an older mom and she
8:13 am
nailed it. >> it is a blessing no matter when and there are great things about being a young mom. it is great to be an older mom. >> i'm 52 and had a baby and you know what that baby is? that baby is right on time. whenever you have the baby is the right time to have it. >> it is meant to be. >> if you want to download it, text today to 66866. all of the 6s and 8s -- maybe getting glasses next time. >> your forecast today. >> a lot of triple digits on the map. the pacific northwest is cooling down and a break of the heat. portland, 71 and las vegas, 108. phoenix 109 and denver 92 degrees and temperatures pop back up into the 90s out west
8:14 am
and triple digits in vegas and the heat returning in the east with the humidity cranked up. boston, 88 and brunswick upper 80s. saturday, chicago at 93. philly almost 90. and 91 in tallahassee. here in new york city, 90s with high humidity. same in raleigh. memphis in the 90s. indianapolis in 90s and chicago that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> a change of the winds bringing some smoke into concord. you see temperatures in the low 60s. we have a smoke advisory north and east bay today due to air quality suffering from those fires to the north, shift in the winds bringing smoke in our direction. inland in the low 90s. around the trivalley out towards cop co concord as well. 80s, san jose. weekend, cooling sunday, but
8:15 am
that's the exception, as temperatures start to climb, high pressure strengthens towards the middle of next week. and>> that is your and that is your latest weather. this is exciting. >> who? >> savannah zeller is in for carson this morning. stay tuned on snap chat. good morning, savannah. >> good morning, guys, i'm so excited to be here. got something fun for you today, it's a mascot's job to keep the energy high and hype up the crowds. and jay kept that mentality when he posted this behind the scenes pic of himself in his bas kin robbins getup. he writes, wake up hustlers, let's get this bread, no days off. 400,000 likes and retweets and it kicked off a whole mascot movement. here's adam in his chick fill agear, rise and grind. the grind never stops.
8:16 am
this hershey bar is always on the job making a quick phone call. rita's italian ice takes a break on a bench. an actual dunkin donut hard at work in the city. social media users were motivated by the photos, given the mascot's credit for an exhausting job, even the djdiplo was inspired, sharing pics on instagram. >> in the hot summer, those outfits, not a lot of ventilation. >> the baskin robbins mascot looks like on a day like today. >> change based on the weather? >> pop chart for us? >> i do. first up, by now, everyone knows about the in my feelings dance challenge, right, guys? it started when this young man came up with a dance to drake's newest song and challenged others to submit their own dance videos. it went viral and spurred everyone from sierra to will smith to join in on the craze. and just last night, drake
8:17 am
released the official music video for in my feelings, in which he believes he dreamt the entire thing, take a look. >> this kid from new york that spits when he talks all the time did some dance to it and then the world did the dance, and will smith was there. nobody would stop. it was terrible. >> you're going to be all right. >> i don't care who he is. drake, sir, we're ready for you. >> that's chiggy himself making a cameo appearance in drake's music video. it's already racked up 6 million views. up next, ray romano sat down with jimmy fallon on the tonight show, and couldn't help but ask if he caught jon hamm's impression of him. here's ham's take on him golfing.
8:18 am
oh, come on. oh, be right. >> romano laughed off the impression, but was quick to defend himself and hit back at ham. take a look. >> it's like a double insult. because -- well, he's making fun of my voice. and he's making fun of my golf game right now. i don't hit that many bad shots. he's talking about a time when we played golf together. he's handsome, and he's funny. here's jon hamm, hitting a bad golf shot. go ahead, do the thing. i don't give a [ bleep ] i look like this. >> and your in pop start this morning, al. >> what? >> yesterday, the youtube show hot ones released their episode featuring al roker, in case you're not particular with the show, hot ones is a web show while they eat hot and hotter chicken wings, al took on the
8:19 am
challenge while sean evans asked him about highlights in his career. rokerthon came up, and al revealed a fun fact about this one. >> i will tell you an interesting story about that. we had never done anything like that. after i got my first break, after a couple hours, had to use the restroom. except our audio guy forgot to turn the mic off. so i believe i'm the first guy to actually live stream on the internet. >> and in case you were wondering, yes, al, did complete the hot wings challenge. that was cool. how did you feel? >> i was sweating for about an hour. it was crazy. >> it was fun. john evans is a lot of fun. it was a really fun thing. >> is it true after you drink something hot, not drink water, but bread. >> bread or milk. >> to watch the full video, head to and one more thing, hoda and kathie lee got a surprise.
8:20 am
>> i had a surprise for both of you. now, we talked about lupe. so lupe's in the house. >> what? >> i doubled up and i got a spriz, a surprise, and jennifer's here too. >> what? >> they're in the house. >> hoda, you and kathie lee walked over to jennifer. >> it was awesome. she in the commercial break give us the dirt on the relationship. >> who? >> a-rod had his version, the very first date wasn't really -- he didn't think it was a date. just friends. and she was setting it straight. and i know everything, and i can't reveal anything because it was a commercial. >> all off the record. >> awesome. >> she dropped a bomb like that, you know the true story. >> the story. >> one thing. >> can't do it. we've got to trust. >> hot wings here. >> thanks, guys, that's your pop start. >> good job. >> thank you, thank you. walking and talking. >> you nailed it.
8:21 am
thank you. well, we mentioned apple historic milestone earlier, become the first publicly traded company to be valued at $1 trillion. >> the same day we heard from the founder's daughter. gadi schwartz has more. >> we've been hearing a lot about that trillion dollar milestone. there's one voice sharing a completely different story about the man behind apple steve jobs, his first daughter breaking the silence what it was like growing up in the shadow of a billionaire who once pretended not to be her father. >> thanks for coming this morning. >> steve jobs may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten. the genius behind apple, now the most profitable company the world has ever known. >> keep improving it every year or two, coming out with a new version, and it's gotten incredibly good. but behind his public persona, a dark past explored on the big screen. >> my dad named a computer after me. >> i'm not your -- actually, you know what a coincidence is, lisa?
8:22 am
>> steve jobs is a father depicted in aaron sorkin's film chronicled. >> when you're a father, that's what's supposed to be the best part of you. and it's cost me two decades of agony, steve, that it is for you. the worst. >> now for the first time his first daughter lisa brennan jobs is talking about the man she knew, in excerpts from her new book "small fry," describes a father who after she was born told people it's not my kid until a dna test forced him to pay child support. apple went public, and her father was worth more than $200 million. lisa, who lived with her mother, describing her father as aloof, curt and stingy when she visited him as a teenager, she asked if she could have his porsche.
8:23 am
his first computer, the precursor to the macintosh meant lisa. >> it standards for local integration systems architecture-l-i-s-a, it's a coincidence. >> you about done? >> in real life his denial was reportedly more direct. lisa asks if it was named for her, jobs replies, nope, sorry, kid, the truth only coming out when bono asked him about the name. lisa writing then bono asked, so was the lisa computer named after her? jobs hesitated, looked down at his plate for a long moment and said, yeah, it was. she goes on to say i studied my father's face. what had changed? why had he admitted it now after all these years. of course it was named after me, i thought then. his lie seemed preposterous now. that's the first time he said yes i told bono, thank you for asking. >> interesting to note, in
8:24 am
interviews, aaron sorkin called lisa the haeroheroine of his st jobs family. it's the first time the public will hear the story. her book is due out in september. guys, back to you. >> gadi, thank you. >> so interesting, because, of course, people ionize steve jobs. to hear that story from her, it's devastating. >> it really is, and revealing. i had no idea about any of that. >> coming up. savannah, did you see what was over there? this is the segment we call steals and deals. i put the steal in it. i take everything. actually, speaking of technology, this is all about innovation. what is this? >> this is a -- i have an ear piece in there. >> stay tuned. >> now, i can't hear. >> this is a wireless ear bud. >> what? >> i know. it's a wireless ear bud. more innovations, more exciting steals and deals you won't believe.
8:25 am
>> screaming deals coming up after your local news. i )m ...
8:26 am
a final farewell today .. for a woman killed in a br good morning, everyone, it's 8:26. a final farewell today for a woman killed in a brutal stabbing in the east bay. family and friends are holding the funeral for 18-year-old wilson. she was killed in what police call a random act at the bart station july 22nd. the police arrested the suspected attacker. attorneys for the suspect's attorney believe he jumped a gate prior to boarding the plane where wilson and her attacker first encountered each other. the funeral service is in oakland at 11:00 a.m. let's get a check of traffic. >> major delays still coming out of the east bay and also still seeing some slowing along 280 due to an earlier crash a long
8:27 am
southbound 280 at woodside road. right-hand shoulder was blocked. now another crash at tennyson road. it's definitely affecting drive times. major slowing along southbound 880. you're looking at 21 minutes. from northbound 238 from 580 to 880, a smooth commute. also a smooth commute in the south bay. northbound and southbound moving nicely. no metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. current conditions, westbound 80 towards the bay bridge, a delay because of an earlier crash. >> all right, thank you. we'll have more local news coming up in a half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we are back, 8:30 on this beautiful friday morning, august 3rd, 2018. we are saying hello to a very happy crowd. it is the weekend eve and we want to remind you that we've got a big concert coming up on the plaza. >> that is correct, jason mraz is one week from today. you have one week to pick one of his songs, yes, you, you at home. i won't give up, the remedy, or unlonely, just tweet the song name with the hashtag and then use #jasonmraztoday and tune in
8:31 am
next friday or come here and you'll see the winning song performed live. >> we have a big crowd and you have a crowd moment. >> i'm looking for grandma. where is grandma? here she is. >> hi y'all. >> hi, how are you? now what's your name? everyone calls you grandma. >> estella. >> estella, you are beautiful. >> thank you, you are, too. >> i can brag on you a little bit? >> yes, you can. >> how many children do you have? >> 18. >> 18 children. how old are you? >> 91. >> how many grandkids? she's like, i'm checking the sign. i'll tell you, 50. and you have 81 great grandkids. you are amazing. >> thank you. >> have the kids all ever come over at one time? that's a lot. i'm not going to do the math, but that's a lot. >> 18 great, great grandkids. >> i understand you were a crossing guard for years. >> yes, west side community, river side high school. >> where is that? >> i'm still working.
8:32 am
>> you're still working as a crossing guard? >> yes. >> this is amazing. you look fabulous. what do you do to stay in great shape? >> i work. i still work. >> she's beautiful. i think hoda has a little something for you. we did hear you were a crossing guard. >> today loves grandma" your own crossing guard vest so you could wear it when you help the kids cross. >> okay. thank you. >> what a pleasure. >> you are beautiful. >> what a pleasure! >> can we call you grandma, too? >> yes, you can. >> thank you, grandma, you're lovely. >> we love you, grandma, take care. >> how awesome is that? >> how cool was that? >> she has 18 children! >> that is insane. >> she's amazing. >> and awesome. >> so amazing. just ahead this morning an innovative new steals and deals. the other savannah told me i have to get in on this. jill martin has unbelievable deals on how things you wonder you lived without including
8:33 am
convertible lug large. reremember the leonard nimoy hosted show "in search of." zachary quinto explores the unexplained and here to tell us all about his adventures. first, al roker, you're hosting megyn kelly today with who are your sidekicks? >> jacob soboroff and keir simmons or as one of our audience members called us piers morgan. things get out of hand when the three of us hit the runway to model the latest summer fashions. >> oh my god, i'm looking forward to that. >> fanny pack that goes around the shoulder? >> it's a spare tire actually. and keir wearing black socks. >> oh, no, no, no. mr. roker, give us the weather before you go. >> let's look at your weekend forecast. check it out. here's your weekend outlook for tomorrow, heavy rain in the northeast, showers along the southeastern atlantic coast, hot and humid through the mid
8:34 am
mississippi river valleys, triple threat digit heat out west, and sunday, sunday! it continues the sunshine report turns to the northeast, stormy conditions through the central plains, sunshine down through that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right now, seeing fog in san francisco, cool temperatures later on, highs only in the 60s. haziy skies in san jose, already climbing into the mid-60s. unfortunately, smoke around concord. towards mt. diablo. 61. we have a smoke advisory for the north and east bay locations today as the winds have shifted, bringing more of the smoke from the complex into the bay area. 80s to low 90s. 60s and 70s bay side. as we move into the weekend. >> got a big crowd, want to make sure everybody gets on. want to make sure you can take us with you, just go to today sirius xm channel 108, you can
8:35 am
listen all day long. all right, made it around the horn! so vanna! >> i love it, al is getting his steps in this morning. we promised a special innovative edition of steals and deals. jill martin will join us and is joining us currently. she has some ingenious and inventive items at exclusive prices, so innovation, just like clever stuff? >> hi, cool things we found, maybe you haven't heard of. we wanted to bring it to you and why not at a deal. this one you're really going to like. this is great if you're traveling, you go shopping, and then you have stuff to bring back. the retail luggage is $180, one piece expands to all the sizes. it starts like this, like we were' looking at the bottom ones and as you unzip it, it becomes bigger. >> wow. >> right, it becomes from this, you do a little bit more shopping, goes to this, goes to something, goes to this. as you unzip it, it becomes
8:36 am
larger. >> this one piece is getting bigger, not the three pieces are folded and stuffed. >> exactly. >> so very cool. >> very innovative. what is the price? >> the retail $180, the deal $38, 79% off, water resistant, stores easily. all choices on >> a feat of engineering. >> the sphinx portable razor, retail $46. this is used for touch-ups. if we could get a close-up, up here, the retail is $46. it goes from a razor to a water spray so you get a little water on your leg for a touchup, and then to a pre-shape gel that you could put on your leg. >> like a balm? >> like a balm. so it's all-in-one and another razor when you want to replace it. very cool. >> i am so tempted to try this out live but i won't want people to have the image forever. >> we do not want that living on you forever. no, don't do it, savannah. so the retail $46, the deal $19.
8:37 am
that's 59% off. >> all right, just shave enough on the go. what do we have over here? >> okay, this is cool. lot of people have seen this but i don't think we've seen the combination of the design plus the ring plus the set. the retail is $47 i think this is do you use this or hoda use this? >> carson definitely does. >> you put your finger in it so you can hold it. leslie says she uses this as a stand as well. >> really cute designs. >> it attaches to the back, which could attach to any phone, plus you get one of these really cool cases. >> it can be totally flat if you want it flat and put it in a purse. give us the price. >> $18.62% off. >> does it come with the different siszs? >> go on to make sure. i still have the 4 so i don't know if they still have it for me, but as we're moving up in the world. not for flip phones. this is the extreme time
8:38 am
bluetooth ear bud, retail $69.99. it's a wireless ear bud connected up to 30 feet away, it's four hours on one charge, you get one in a box. it's supposed to be used as a bluetooth like a phone so you're not getting two ear buds. >> it's not ear phones to listen to music to, it's more to talk. >> you get one in a case. you could buy two but i want to stress when you buy it and pick your color you're only getting one. >> can you pick left or right ear? >> that is a good question and i believe that is on, and we will get the answer to that. mazz, if you know in my ear to say that, i didn't think of that question. retail $69.99, the deal is $15, that's 79% off and i'll make sure -- it's right ear only. thank you, mazz, on that one. >> good. >> i didn't think of that. >> i'm a lefty. that's why i thought about it. i'm left-eared. >> these are uppants. the retail $115, and these have
8:39 am
built-in control panels in them, so basically gives you that lift without having to wear spanx. it gives you support. check them out on, the retail $115, the deal $35, that's 70% off and they fit both legs of yours. >> jill is like don't stump know anymore. jill, thank you so much. let's run through the products another time. we have the luggage from biaggi, those sphynx razors on the know, the phone cases with the rings from casery, the ear bud sing xtreme time, and the uppants with compression for your belly. promo code for all the deals is "innovative." you can snag them all and get all the details on jilly awesome steals and deals, thank you coming up next, a wish granted for al, catching up with one of his dreams, "i dream of
8:40 am
jeannie" star barbara eden. but first this is "today" on nbc. distance relationship.
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click, call or visit a store today. we are back with "today living legends." al, you got to head out west and sit with barbara eden. >> dream come true. what a terrific afternoon. talking about love, loss and of course the role in "i dream of jeanni genie requestthat made her a hollywood icon. is this a genie barbie? >> yes. >> genie? >> reporter: long before she was a genie in a bottle, 86-year-old barbara eden was a darling of the silver screen, acting beside elvis presley in the 1960 film "flaming star" and from the terrace that same year with paul newman. "i dream of genie" debuting in 1965 and running for five
8:43 am
seasons that made eden one of the greatest pop icons of the time. people who are known for an iconic role -- >> how are you feeling, master? >> reporter: some people they worry that it typecast them. you embraced genie to this day. >> she's very easy to live with. no, i'm proud of her. isn't it lucky that i had one character that people remember. >> reporter: when you read the script for genie, what were your first thoughts? >> they were testing all the very tall bruinette etbrunettes script arrived and i called my agent and a sai said, are you s they know what i look like? he said i think so, because they made an offer. >> reporter: do you think today they could do "i dream of genie" because of some people said oh, this was too sexist or she was subservient? >> of course you could. the sexists or subservient part is so ridiculous. this is a classical theme. this is a me too genie.
8:44 am
>> reporter: have you ever thought about what your three wishes would be? >> of course, darling. world peace. >> how's about taking me up to your room? >> reporter: you had a fair number of admirers from jfk to others. what was that like? >> i'm so square. with jfk, i didn't even know until i had the note in my pocket. >> reporter: is this true, that he gave you his phone number and slipped it in your pocket? >> someone did. >> reporter: did you ever call the number? >> no! no. goodness sake. >> barbara eden -- >> reporter: when you look at the cavalcade of roles that you've played, any one that stands out more than others? >> i'm looking for the ropriet the andy griffith show" and i loved working with that group of men and "the seven faces of dr. lao." >> you headlined a christmas special, went to the persian gulf war.
8:45 am
that seems to be a big part of why you are life, that you returned the favors that you've been given. >> i think that's important. it's just a wonderful feeling. >> reporter: i know you've had to deal with pain. your son passing of a drug overdose. how do you deal with that? >> you know, you don't really deal with it. he was very smart and funny and kind. i mean, we heard about drugs, but you always think it's the other person. believe me, it's not. it's pervasive. if parents don't recognize it early enough, you can't do anything about it. we didn't recognize it. >> reporter: what would barbara eden today tell barbara eden back when she was 25 years old? >> too many things. well, i will tell you what i have tried to learn all my life, and i'm still trying to learn, is to have patience. >> reporter: but maybe not being satisfied is what's driven you and made you who you are today.
8:46 am
>> that could be. people, everyone around me is what made me what i am today. >> reporter: so brar bra, i got to get back to new york. could you get me back there with a little magic? >> oh, of course. i'd be happy to. >> cute touch, al roker! >> couldn't resist! >> she still has got it, does it so well. >> by the way, she's turning 87 later this month. >> wow! that was terrific, thanks. >> happy birthday. just ahead, jackary quinto. >> jackary? >> i said zachary. >> people searching for a baby name, jackary. >> i said zachary. it's zachary. >> i'll explain. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> in search of my name. >> that's what i said.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
aliens, the lost city of atlantis, bigfoot, some of the most timeless mysteries in the world, but now they may have finally met their match. zachary quinto leads the hunt for answers in search of in tonight's episode he explores the monsters of the deep. take a look. >> the creatures i'm looking for are masters at blending in with their environment. and will see you, long before you will see them. it's nearly impossible to know where the dangers are. at any moment, something you don't see can lunge out and attack you. i'm in shallow water here, at depths of almost 50 feet, but even here, lethal creatures can hide. >> zach, good morning. >> good morning. >> you were in there. >> i went down. i dolearned how to scuba dive f
8:50 am
this show and i'm not a big ocean so that's kind of major for me. >> you always had a curious mind, always been interested in these kind of things. was that sort of why you took this project on in the first place? >> i was really -- of course the original series is so associated with leonard nimoy, my dear departed friend. when the opportunity was presented to me i was excited about diving in, so to speak, but i wanted to make sure -- he was in the studio in a kind of -- i wanted to be on the ground. >> you wanted to get in it. what places did you go? >> australia, greece, italy, the uk, morocco, we were all over the world. i learned how to scuba dive, i went sky diving. it was an adventure for me and i get to bring the audience along and explore the different mysteries. >> people who believe in aliens, actually seeing that, or they believe in time travel. >> yes. >> so you go out there, do you actually talk to folks? >> i do. i learned a lot about journalistic objectivity. >> you do. >> listening to people's stories
8:51 am
and sometimes they're really far-fetched, and my job was to give them a platform to tell their stories and not to lay my own beliefs or judgments on top of them. >> so a lot of times will you hear someone say i saw an alien or whatever. do you guys look for solid proof as the history channel's thing about science? >> the show is really a convergence between science and the human experience. so we present each topic from both perspectives. so we talk to experts, we talk to scientists, and then we talk to regular people who have had experiences in whatever the search is on that particular episode. >> so when someone talks about time travel or aliens, did you meet them and go you know what, actually maybe. maybe that's the case. >> the aliens, we interviewed three people who claim to have been abducted by aliens or have had alien encounters, none of them had met each other or known anything about each other and the similarities between their stories were shocking. >> what do you mean? >> i mean like just the first time they were visited as children, and then years of dormancy and they started happening again and then the physical experience that they
8:52 am
had of being abducted. i mean, it was -- i left with a more open mind, but nothing presented concrete evidence. i really learned about myself, that i need proof. >> okay, you need proof. >> i leaned more toward the scientific side of things, i would say. >> you got a couple other projects cooking. what about star trek, the new one coming out. >> we're waiting on a script right now. they brought a director on board who is an incredible woman i've been fortunate enough to work with before. >> a first time a woman directed? >> s.j. clarkson, yes. and we're waiting for the logistics of it as things happen. >> you play a good spock. >> thanks. >> you and leonard nimoy were friends? >> very good friends. we were very close for the last decade of his life, after i met him. >> he got to see you play the part, too? >> he did, yeah. >> what did he say? >> the role opposite one another in a time jump. he was incredibly supportive always and i never would have imagined that our connection would be so strong personally, you know. it was such a creative bond, but then he really became a dear,
8:53 am
dear friend. >> congrats, your last run on boys in the band on broadway. >> one more show. crazy. feels like we were just here yesterday talking about the beginning of the experience. now it's coming to an end. >> got anything else in the hopper coming up? >> i'm going to take a trip out of town first. >> take a break. >> excited about everything that lies ahead. >> i'm sure you'll be back. >> i hope so. always good to see you. >> what did you say? >> zachary. >> i said zachary! >> you did not. >> i did! >> name changed to jackary. >> roll the tape! >> thank you, zachary, catch "in search of" tonight on history channel. first this is "today" on nbc. i did say california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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willie, i don't know if you've been following jackary gate. >> i'd like to hear. >> just ahead, jackary quinto -- >> jackary. >> that wasn't even a dispute! >> not oeven close. >> always go to the tape. coming up this great mila k. you talked to her earlier this week, got to spend some time with her, from the soviet union, great family story. just a wonderful person. >> going to breaking news on the bay bridge. we've got a sig alert issued. we've got several lanes blocked, three lanes blocked to a crash involving a semi and a motorcycle rider. it appears emergency crews are on the way and we're hearing reports that motorcycle rider may be trapped. heavy delays as of right now. we've got our chopper overhead. you can see picture there. we're seeing some of the traffic
8:57 am
kind of roll by. we've got our sky ranger and as of right now, chp does not have an estimated time on when this is expected to completely reopen. heavy delays from the maze to that exit are upwards of two hours in the area. we're hoping everybody's okay in this crash, but definitely plan for delays. scott. >> happening right now, the young woman killed when what authorities say was a random stabbing on an east bay bart platform is buried today. the funeral starts at 11:00 a.m. a live report in our midday newscast. conditions getting worse for firefighters on the front lines of the complex fire in lake and mendicino counties. containment went down overnight. that means the fire is getting better, from 39% to 30%. we'll have more news coming up at 11:00. the new technology aboe
8:58 am
debuted at s-j-c. plus-- a bruno mars fan didn )t "count on" his concert being postponed. our consumer team helps "finesse" a solution for a ticket holder! join us monday from 4:30 to 7.
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and a happy friday, everybody! this is a friday crowd. i'm al roker. >> i'm keir simmons. >> i'm jacob soboroff. megyn kelly is on vacation this week. don't worry she'll be back on monday. >> it's friday so let oes get our bro show on! i'm excited about this, because i don't think there isn't a person out there who doesn't love ruth bader ginsburg. >> rbg! >> 85 years old, and she revealed she has no plans to retire. she w t


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