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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 17, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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♪ ♪ you make me feel you make me feel you make me feel ♪ ♪ like a natural woman and that she did. the one and only aretha franklin. this morning we'll take a look at her immeasurable impact on the millions who loved this legendary woman. the man who led the bin laden raid calls out trump to revoke his security clearance too. and this morning a dozen follow. an interview with elon musk as he says he's in the --
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and few surprise performances too. "early today" starts right now. good friday morning. >> unmatched. timeless inspiration, glimpse of the divine. those are some of the words being used to describe the queen of soul. aretha franklin passed away at her home in detroit from pank a reattic cancer. >> as it continue play across the nation the globe. looks back at aretha's extraordinary life. ♪ >> reporter: there has never been a voice like hers. the undisputed queen of soul, aretha franklin. ♪ chain chain chain >> reporter: we know her songs so well.
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all it takes is the first few notes and we can sing the rest by heart ♪ does he love me i want to know ♪ >> it is amazing to find what it is singers do for people. >> reporter: aretha louise franklin was born in memphis. her dad a baptist minister, her mom a singer. their home wasn't always happy or stable and music was her outlet. she started out performing in church. >> my formal training was my ear. >> reporter: at 14 she recorded her first album. by then she was pregnant with her second job and teen age motherhood temporarily stalled her career. but by her early 20s she ehad her first top 10 hit. ♪ the way i love you >> reporter: i never loved a man.
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"respect" followed a few months later and a star was born. >> everybody wants respect. even little 3 year olds want respect. >> reporter: she was a diva and a trail blazer who used her voice to crash through rising against the back drop of the civil rights movement. ♪ >> reporter: there was a rough patch in the '70s but franklin found a memorable way to make a comeback. ♪ freedom freedom >> reporter: athanks to her power, range and style, she's remained an icon every since. recording so many signature hits, it's impossible to say a favorite. >> they're like my children. i love them all but there are somes i like a little more than
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others. >> reporter: and a presidential medal of freedom. ♪ i fly away >> reporter: it was franklin's voice that was the sound track to so many cultural milestones from martin luther king jr.'s memorial service to president obama's inauguration. twice divorced and a mother off four, franklin was fiercely protective of her privacy. in later years preferring to spend most of her time at kenne centeras special. franklin brought the house down, later calling it one of the best nights of her life and reminding the world she will always be the queen. >> i love what i do and i just wouldn't be doing anything else. i thought what would i have
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done? ♪ >> what a life. thank you, lester, for that report. >> and there's perhaps no better way to honor the queen of soul than with her music. her music quickly dominated the charts. fellow musicians, fans and beyond are sharing what she meant to them from detroit and around it world. in detroit with the reaction. >> reporter: good morning, philip. of course she was born in 19 -- in memphis. but detroit was her home and they loved her right back. they're unmourning but they're red a to celebrate her life. inside walks, from open doors at windows, her soulful sound rang out all ardetroit.
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>> she said she would never retire. she didn't retire, she just decided to rest in peace. >> reporter: outside the baptist church her father was pastor, her voice first soared people gather in her honor. >> her music was always good music. just good music. >> reporter: reverend jesse jackson stopped by, recalling her as a civil rights activist. in harlem a marquee goodbye. >> she represented someone so strong and so determined to show who she was and orchestrate that through her music. >> reporter: fair twaoel a star in l.a. online an out pouring of love and respect. dianna ross calling her a golden spirit. patty labelle said her music was the sound track to the aretha. rest in heaven and you will be
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sorely missed.deoit's home town gone, her songs ever lasting. before word of her passing spread around detroit, that shrine continues to grow as people come to pay their respects to the queen of soul. funeral pending. this one of president trump pfsz daughter in hraurbgs offering her a high-paying job after she was fired from the administration. >> i think we can work something out where we keep you right along those lines, specifically let me see. ivent even added up the numbers. but we're talking 15 k a month. >> reporter: in an interview, newman thdz job offer was an attempt to buy her silence.
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for more in washington. good morning. >> lara trump also saying thing i couldn't see have in your back pocket. we can't have that all positive. omarosa telling craig melvin she took that to mean she could not say anything against the president. just a note omarosa shaurd four clip tpruplz a recording that was a longer conversation. nbc has heard the full recording. she of course is mare teed erick trump. she says i am absolutely shocked and saddened by her betrayal and violation on a deeply personal level. i hope it's all worth it for you, omarosa, because some things you can't put a price on. she goes on to say she stands by her statement the recording. >> i have been able to verify
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every single thing i put in the book and every single time the trump people challenge me, i bring the receipts. i'm not going bullied and i'm going to toe to toe with with him. believe me, my tapes are better than theirs. >> you're going to release more tape stphz. >> i will if i have to. i'll do what i need protect myself. more fallout after president trump stripped john brennan of his security clearance. 12 other officials all slamming the move in a formal letter writing we all agree that the president's action regarding john brennan has nothing to do with who should and should not hold security clearances and everything an attempt to stifle free speech.
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notably absent from the letter is director woolsey. a person familiar with the effort says woolsey was asked to sign on but hadn't responded by the time the letter came out. and this after a scathing review by inman who over saw the osama bin laden raid. >> mr. president, is it appropriate to punish your critic stphz. >> reporter: tell thing wall street journal he stripped the security clearance of john brennan and threatened to revoke others. "i call it a rigged witch hunt. it is a sham. and these people led it. so it's something that has to be done." and "mr. trump's claims off no collusion are, in a wash". >> we're better than this.
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we have to be better than this. >> reporter: a show of solidarity -- and calling brennan a man of unparalleled integrity, honor and goating the president. i would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well. >> look, i thought it was a banana republic kind of thing and i don't like it. >> clearance. >> reporter: but some defend thing president include thi and burr adding if quote "the president has full authority to revoke his security clearance." and he's not alone. >> i acatually believe it was about time because brennan has been very out spoken for a guy
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dealing in the national security interests as he was. >> reporter: the president's been trying to turn a page from the controversy swirl uping aro omarosa's a92 book. they're threatening to sue but they're firing back. and let's tkpwt an early check on your weather. >> already watching showers and storms all the way down towards memphis and this is going to continue this afternoon. we have one little area that hawse a chance of severe weather. almost down to new york city. we could get wind damage from the storms. we're going to get pauses air delays. and some of the storms will
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continue into saturday. richmond to washington d.c. but look how hot you're going to be eand humid. weekend forecast coming up. >> that's what we like to hear, bill. week two of the nfl preseason began with a a wreding ator lambeau field. she married her man, justin. who's huge steelers fan. >> pwepb roethlisberger still out, they jumped out to an early lead and kept their foot on the gas as went on to beat the steelers. >> tom braid threw two
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now all sun care products are buy one get one 50% off. new this morning elon musk opening up tpr the first time about his tumultuous year. ongoing production woes with the model three. the billionaire said quote this past year has beenareer. was exkraougsiating." federal investigators are lookingnt suggested he take tesla private. he said an attempt at transparency. they're calling it the worst possible imagine. they have found bodies of a missing pregnant mother and her
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missing daughters. local media reports chris watt led investigators to where he dumped the bodies, where he once worked and admitted to killing 34-year-old and their two kids. he is currently being held in jail without bond until his next scheduled hearing tuesday. the military parade has been la.rerts of soaring estimated costs. siting an anonymous source. much higher the -- jection -- projection. >> i have received an estimate of 10 million or 92 million.
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the black widow herself, scarlet johannson this year's
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♪ ♪ you make me feel you make me feel you make me feel ♪ ♪ like a natural woman >> that was ariana grande and the roots paying tribute to the queen of soul, aretha franklin. and endless tributes like celine dion calling her the most soulful, inspirational singer of our time." and the mother of whitney houston paid a heart-felt 50 bren, my soul rejoices that i was able to walk through her life."
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becoming an anthem for social movement, reverend jessy jackson calling her a love no bounds. and tomorrow's day happens to be the 18th day of the eighth month of the year of 2018 and expected to be the busiest wedding day of the year. according to weddingekend's pri over $1 billion. the site says it has a lot to d. it sells 08/01/18 they cop they can get. we're already looking ahead to monday, some of us are. the eye popping opening from none other than hit rapper and
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brand new mother, cardi b. it will double as the tpeursz live performance since welcoming her daughter. she got this honor as most nominated artist. the vid van guard award, which is the highest honor they give that's set to go eto asians to . this is all asian movie made by a major studio in over 20 years. and "mile 22" makes its debut today. the flick stars mark wahlberg as a cia operative. thanks for watching "ely"a big fire response in
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pleasanton. good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. today in the bay )s bob redell just got on scene. bob -- good morning. thanks for joining us.
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i'm marcus washington. what have we found out? ding


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