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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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they report that the app would let users browse collection of items they follow and buy them directly from within the app. more than 25 million businesses have instagram accounts and 2 million advertised. a shopping app could be a big revenue opportunity for instagram's parent company which of course is facebook. right now leaving early, a looming lawsuit could inflate tensions between oakland and the raiders. and the future of marijuana in the east bay, some key questions one city may answer tonight. plus breaking now a pickup truck crashes into a tv station, the reason why police think it may not be an accident and the concerning item left behind. today in the bay continues right now.
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good wednesday morning to you as we start this hump day for us. thanks for starting your day with us. >> we are pushing ourselves up and over. laura is off this morning. nice to have some cooler temperatures. >> yes. >> get over the hump. temperatures are taking a dip. we are going have cooler weather for the inland parts of the bay area. it will be really nice. let's get a look outside in san jose as you get ready to make your way out the door. it will be mostly clear. upper 50s to start. willow glenn in the low 70s. lunch outside today and it is going to be a very nice afternoon. a look at all of our micro climates. upper 80s and 64 in san francisco. you're tracking now a pretty quiet commute. >> that's right. >> we talk about the midpoint of the week we have to get through that morning commute. we are just getting started with that.
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the south bay a little slowing. over at the east bay and southbound 880 it slows a bit. this is scheduled towards 7:00 a.m. the speed sensors are starting the light up. so far they were scheduled for the pick up. so keep this in mind. the rest of the north bay looks great. early slowing around antioch. it is not too bad. sbre we have a delay. it is being addressed out of livermore. the rest of the agencies including bart reporting no delays. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. that is not just a bad parking job you're seeing there on your screen. police say it looks like the driver of the pickup truck repeatedly rammed into the fox
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studio in dallas. that on the ground around it is a mess of papers. we don't flow what the papers are though. the fox station reports that the man that crashed into the side of the building jumped out of the truck and began ranting. there was also a suspicious bag left behind. the bomb squad was called in. dallas police took him into custody. we'll see what it is he was doing when this happened. new developments on a story a lot of people are talking about this morning. you can see it right here. the raiders may move to las vegas. the city took a big step forward to sue the team. we are live this morning at the coliseum. what's all of this? what's next? >> yeah. good morning to you. look, this anti-trust lawsuit against the nfl and raiders could drop in the next few days. it could happen before the monday football opener.
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this is all new information we are getting from the san francisco chronical saying it could be followed in the next couple of days. they say they could win -- the city could win up to $500 million in damages due to this move by the raiders. the raiders are currently there fle gauchuatio -- in negotiations. obviously this lawsuit could effect the negotiations on that front. also the city could lose out on potentially $9 million if the raiders decide to leave early. i want to point out there are folks that oppose this lawsuit including a that says that the raiders could counter sue when it comes to this issue. a city council member saying it could hurt the chances of giving oakland another team. the city and alameda county are on the hook for $75 million.
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we could hear more on this lawsuit in the next couple of days. today in the bay. >> a lot of people not going to be happy about these. >> neater waither way. nfl season starts tomorrow night. the philadelphia eagles play the falcons. you with watch right here and after the game they will bring you the day's news. happening now in the east bay a warning from alameda police. they are investigating several attempted sexual assaults in recent weeks. the latest happened yesterday. police believe the same man may be responsible. so far no arrests. crews later this morning plan to remove a plane wreckage of a small plane. it happened yesterday near palo alto.
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his two passengers survived. both are badly injured though. the pilot was a volunteer. the crash left other pilots stunned. >> it's a tragic thing. a guy was doing a good deed and doing it at his own expense. he paid the ultimate price. that is very painful. >> investigators say it bounced a few times trying to land. that's when the pilot tried to pull up. that plane ended up crashes into a lagoon. happening today leaders will meet to talk about legalized pot sales. the city council meets tonight. it doesn't allow pot sales. if they decide to do this they will decide how many marijuana related businesses will be allowed. the workshops in april,
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neighbors are concerned about crime and say the marijuana would be too easy. looking for a few good volunteers -- actually they want about a thousand good volunteers. it is all part of a walnut creek tradition. it is what happened on october 13th. leaders want to tackle more than 55 projects. you can find out if you want to be one of them at the city's web site. as you make your way out the door this morning it lab cool one. grab a jacket. temperatures start out in the upper 50s. we have a lot of sunshine. it will be a very nice day, comfortable with highs reaching into the upper 70s and low 80s. if you have a plans first pitch will be at 7:05. it will be chilly out there. only 61 degrees. add in a brisk wind and it will
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feel cooler than that. skies will stay cooler. here are the highs for today. livermore high of 86 today and 88 in morgan hill. san jose 88 degrees. we'll be in the mid-60s in san francisco. you're tracking a new delay? >> that's right. it has a delay out of livermore. a minor delay. the agencies are reporting on time and we'll continue to monitor that. the bay bridge with metering lights on.
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next it is complicated. >> i think not at the time. >> an exclusive interview with steve jobs. >> silicon valley back to washington. we'll give you a preview coming up. and at 6:25 a look at these puppies. the bay area premier of a mu movie and why we are so excited for it here. you're watching today in the bay.
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chase, make more of what's yours. right now we see a marine layer starting to roll in across the bay area. a live look outside and heading to coampbell with our temperatue trend. looking at upper 70s for today. we have a live update about what was tropical storm gor ddon. that's coming up in about five minutes. good morning to you. i have a lot for you this
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morning. amazon is now a trillion company. shares in nike fell about 3% after that kaepernick controversy. back in the news. the tesla ceo attacking the british cave diver calling him a child rapist. he helped rescue the boys trapped in the cave in chi lath earlier this year. he called him a pedo short for pedophile. tech companies back there washington today to testify jack
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dorsey, we'll talk to discuss how their companies are defending themselves about foreign influence in the upcoming midterm elections. > dorsey will then talk about which accounts should be suspended and which should be cancelled. conservatives claim they are being censored on twitter. this go fund me page is far young man who was apparently killed after an accident. making it as best we know the first death involving in new electric scooters. they say pieces of the scooter was found next to him. the wall street journal which took the lead in reporting about it said the fraudulent company is dissolving. this woman claims she developed a way of testing a drop of blood
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for diseases and conditions. she and another man faced criminal charges. she is due in court on october 1st. this has been a long story. i suspect it will be a long story we report for a long time in the future. >> definitely in october. >> thanks. new this morning seven years after steve jobs death, details behind his life are still in mystery even after two eye owning bio picks. his daughter opens up about their complicated relationship and how it came full circle at the end of jobs life. >> at the very end he was so apologetic about the times we had missed together. the thing he kept saying, i owe you one and i'm so sorry. >> did you forgive him? >> not at the time. i felt a little bit paralyzed. >> do you forgive him now? >> in many ways, yes.
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i understand him more. >> how she also talks about the challenges posed by her larger than life father who originally tried to deny paternity. the book the called small fry. we are starting out with a marine layer that keeps it cool. here is a live look outside this morning as you get ready to make your way out the door. already busy. the issues with the air quality still continues. we have drifts of smoke coming in. we will have moderate air quality for the bay area. as we head over to the bart station making the way out the door a cool start. mostly clear skies as we go through the day. by 10:00 at 66 degrees.
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at noon 76 degrees. it will warm up a few more degrees from there. overall really nice. as we head out for school this morning it is going to be one with a few clouds through about 9:00. no issues as far as visibility we are heading up to 82 degrees which is about normal for early september. we are looking good here. inland valleys reaching into the upper 80s. oakland up to 72 degrees. it is 78 in santa rosa and san francisco. our high temperatures for some of our warmer spots reach into the mid-80s. it is about to get hotter. our temperatures quickly ramp up into the mid-90s by the end of the week. so less of that on shore wind cooling us off. it will be hot, sunny, hazy heading into the weekend. that only happens for a couple
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of days. we are heading back to more normal temperatures. san francisco looking at mid-60s and low 70s in time for the weekend. here the an update on tropical depression gordon. it made land fall. we head over to jay gray. a lot of people in mississippi, how is it looking there? >> hey, it is turning into a beautiful beachside morning here. we have clouds as you can see. no wind, no surf to speak of, certainly no rain. a much different scene here than overnight for so many along the gulf coast. had gordon moving over and gusts up to 80 miles per hour. the driving rain as well. we have seen flooding in low lieding areas. power outages were extensive across the region.
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crews got out. they got to work as quickly as they could overnight. they still have more than 20,000 people without power in alabama alone. gordon has moved inland and slowed down a bit. it is expandsining. it will cause problems. this storm is going to move through the south and up to the midwest. it is there where the rain will cause those problems because they have already been dealing with significant flooding across that region. to so gordon not quite done at this point. >> thank you. >> yes. we'll continue to watch the rain bands that will be moving across parts of alabama and m t mississippi. we get an update on the morning commute let's head over to mike. >> yeah. concerns we don't have to deal with any of that weather especially right now. we do have to deal with delays.
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a new crash and this one heading over towards antioch. here is san jose. a nice light build northbound 101. no surprises there. palo alto shows mostly at speed for the freeway. back to you. coming up next, keeping the climate clean, why some say a
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new plan would actually make it harder to breathe. mailboxes are an easy target for thieves. it's a free service for postal service that sends you an e-mail alert when envelopes and packages are headed your way. you can sign up online. our web site has a link, you can also call us 888-996-tips. and ellen tweeting about her new season. you can watch fleetwood mac performing two of their three songs. you with watch ellen right here at 4:00 today and stick around for nbc bay area news at 5:00.
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fast, reliable internet is crucial. does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt.
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our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens... (snaps fingers) you stay up and running. we lost power... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet for a low price. call now. comcast business. beyond fast. new zero-waste initiative. it )s part of the city )s plan o eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by the year 20-50. she )s also supposed to announce plans to create some kind of new clean energy facility. she is scheduled to announce plans for some kind of new clean facility. it is part of a build up to next week's global climate. >> they promise the event will be global.
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leaders from around the world will be there. it is a three day summit which begins one week from today. speaking of clie plmate cha experts looking for ways to reduce devastating impact. they say to fight fire they have to use fire. climate experts met last night. some of them say california needs to reduce fire fuel with more controlled burns. right now a bill is on the governor's desk that would help make that happen. it would provide $35 million a year for controlled burns. >> so you can put a controlled burn and you can take out some of the fuel and keep the trees you want and kill some of the trees you want to kill. it makes a big difference. >> some are worried about how it could effect air quality and health here in the bay area. >> what's better than a red carpet premier? how about one including ten
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little puppies. >> yeah. they say don't do scenes with kids or dogs. i know why. ten puppies in training will be on hand for tonight's premier of pick of the litter. it follows the proesz pro sesz in grooming a guide dog. the film make rs used to work here. their last documentary was called fat kid begins. a woman attacked on her way to a bart station, the search for the people responsible. a violent tragedy, an officer suspected of killing his own wife inside a store, what we are learning about the couple
6:27 am
involved, plus. >> everybody is scared to open their doors. >> people in one south bay kplunkplu community terrified. the steps they are taking to stop and fight back. and a high speed chase here in the bay area, nbc bay area capturing the cars whizzing past. we'll show you how it ended. goou
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for joining us. i )m kris sanchez -- in for laura. and i )m marcus washington. keeping track of what we can expect weather wise. >> cooler but hazy with mostly sunny skies. -- we are cooler compared to the weather over the weekend. here is a look. morgan hill reaching 88 and 83. napa let's talk about the weekend. a look at a new crash now. >> we did get word of a new
6:31 am
crash. over here it was originally reported in a far right lane. off 238 heading towards the san mateo bridge. ticking north of oakland we are holding steady. a little over here no mayor problems. it slows a bit at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is from the richmond back to you. all right. thanks. we have breaking news to tell you about. this plane you're looking at at
6:32 am
jfk where 100 passengers on board that plane were feeling sick. this plane was coming from dubai. the cdc is being brought in. this plane will not deboard there. they will go on board that plane there to check everything out with those patients. there are 500 people on board. we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as soon as they come in. all right. we want to tell you about a high speed chase that happened just after we went on air at 4:30 this morning has now been called off. >> a crew caught part of that on interstate 680. it was going northbound. speeds were more than 100 miles
6:33 am
per hour. that chase started in the south bay. chp tells us officers eventually called off that chase on 780. that driver still on the loose this morning. this morning continuing crime concerns. today people living near the most recent attack will talk about ways to stay safer. bob is live with what happened and what's happening today. over the weekend a woman was attacked in a car robbery. she told us she has a lot of bruises but she will be okay. it was around 9:30 saturday night she was unloading her
6:34 am
groceries from her car he witnessed the attack from his balcony. >> that's when i knew it, they are going to get her. i feel useless because i wanted to run but i couldn't do it right here. i got to run all the way right there. i can't do it. they attended a town meeting. two days later you had the attack here at the apartment complex. it does have security cameras. it is not clear what if anything they might here saturday night.
6:35 am
reporting live here, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. new for you this morning, police are looking for a man who they say stabbed a woman. that suspect considered dangerous. here is is the picture of the suspect. police say he is clean shaven at this point. he attacked a woman in her 70s. this was yesterday morning. developing this morning friends are stunned after chp officer shot and killed his own wife before turning the gun on himself. she owned a crossfit gym and did spots on local television two nights ago her husband confronted her in a nutrition
6:36 am
store and shot his wife after a struggle and shot the own are in the arm. looking for two people that tried to kidnap a woman. it happened around 5:00 in the morning. she was walking towards a bart station and a sedan pulled up next to her. they were wearing masks and tried to force the woman inside of the car. she was able to get away. a truck carrying glass accidentally spilled a load all over. >> not a nice site. check all of that out covering
6:37 am
that roadway. that spill spread over the roadway for about 100 yards. that spill really caused some trouble for those drivers and flattened tires there. the load of glass was not properly secured, which is why that happened. so certain lay hold up for traffic there. >> yeah. flat tires. imagine driving through that. all right. nothing like that right now. that's good news. it is a very pleasant drive. it shows the northbound push. we see the east bay.
6:38 am
i north of the crash you have an easy drive. highway 4 is the worst of it. it sticks around. traffic moving smoothly and talking about drifts of smoke coming through the area. you can see the south tower. there is another tower. we just can't see it. low cloud covering around what it would be without low clouds. >> it wouldn't be summer in san francisco. >> that fog continues through the weekend. we'll see why we have the cool coastal weather. we'll have the valley start to heat up. here is your forecast. look at 92 degrees. get ready for another spike sm n temperatures chls we'll see more of the same.
6:39 am
this we venn on castro street. our weather will be really nice getting near 80 degrees just in time for the weekend. if your plans include going to the sierra it's looking good. highs reaching into the upper 70s and we'll keep the sun hien the -- sunshine there as well. friday reaching 94 degrees. it will be a little more comfortable for the rest of the weekend. sunday 88 degrees. if you have beach plans going all the way down it will be in the mid-80s. so some pretty decent beach weather there with mostly sunny skies saturday. the warmest day of reaching 85 degrees. if you want to keep it closer to home keep it closer. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. >> all right. thanks. 6:39 right now. a high speed chase in the south
6:40 am
bay, the crime spree the young suspects may be involved in. the inclusive prank some texas teens pulled on mcdonald's winning them praise today. white house insiders say the white house is crazy town. let's take you out to new york city where the dow industrials are down. you're watching today in the bay. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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the )divorce ) between in the upper 50s and cloudy to start. enjoy this cool down. i'll talk about that coming up in five minutes. still under 30 minutes. a back up at the bay bridge. no problems. we'll talk about the south bay coming up. it is 6:43. it may set up for an early departure. the chronical reports that oakland leaders are ready to launch a lawsuit against seeking $500 million there damages. that suit would come as both sides try to hammer out the
6:44 am
tempora temporary. millions of dollars in revenue may be hanging in balance. police tell us the chase started around midnight when officers tried to stop a car tied to an investigation. the driver took off. later the suspects tried to make a break for it in san jose. officers managed to arrest the suspects. they are all minor. a southern california woman killed during a police chase says newly released video is only raising new questions.
6:45 am
we are hear to ask the los angeles police department to turn out of evidence so we can move on with our life. >> the lapd says the investigation could take up to a year. happening today supreme court nominee should actually get to answer questions. protesters -- police say they arrested 70 protesters
6:46 am
yesterday. it is to write his new book called fear. he did not know the title ahead of time. in the book he says the president calls jeff sessions a mental retard. those are the words the president allegedly used. i apologize for using the term. he also said sessions was a dumb southerner. woodward also reports that he was going to pull the united states out of nafta but his top economic adviser stole the paper that would do it off the president's desk. that's the reason we are still in that today. the president says woodward is lying about all of this. he has written many books and he said he has tapes of many of his
6:47 am
interviews. he responded he asked permission including the president's closest adviser kellyanne conway that came on the phone. >> a young woman from boston has unseat unseated congressman. it is reasonable to assume that presly will become the first after aft african american woman. a young woman of color defeating a long-time congressman. the other big thing in washington today other than hearing for brett are going to
6:48 am
testify down the hall. google's ceo was invited. here we see live pictures. that's chair set up for the google ceo. here we see an opening statement. expect three seats and two silicon valley executives. >> all right. thank you very much. new for you this morning, you have to give these guys credit for pulling an epic fast one. >> these two guys live in a houston suburb where their local mcdonald's hangs a lot of posters. there are no asian people in any of those photos. they bought a secondhand mcdonald's yun form and quietly hung it in mid-july. they only posted this video the sunday after the restaurant got word of the prank.
6:49 am
pranksters are becoming an internet hit. they righted a wrong. >> yeah. >> we should feature that. >> it wasn't anything negative. it was just more inclusion. >> he is like now we are really here. >> i notice a lot of places don't have any picture up either. >> we'll take your head shots and plaster them all over. >> yeah. >> while he is busy doing that let's get a look at our forecast this morning. starting out with low clouds rolling across the bay area. look at that shot this morning. it will clear up. we'll have slightly better air quality. moderate air quality all across the bay area today. now, as we look at the hazy skies maybe you want to catch public transit. head out to san jose. it will be in the upper 50s as you make your way out the door heading to work or school.
6:50 am
it is 60 degrees at 8:00. it will be really nice. this morning it is very comfortable. you do need a jacket with upper 50s to start. we'll have a very nice day in concord with our high temperature there reaching 87 degrees. livermore 86 san francisco keeps it cool and breezy. you have a little bit less heading towards the end of the week as temperatures heat up. as we step out the door this morning don't forget the sunglasses. it's also a good day to continue wearing the summer gear. it feels very warm out there. it will be chilly out there. temperatures in the low 60s. that will get cooler than that with a brisk wind it will feel cooler. make sure you're dressed nice and warm. temperatures will be warming up over the next few days. high pressure moves in.
6:51 am
it causes the air to sink. as it sinks it warms up. look at high temperatures up to 94 for inland valleys. 92 on saturday. we get the return of our cooler ocean breezes by the end of the week into early next week. we are looking at highs in the low 70s in san francisco for friday and saturday. as we head over to mike if you're done plastering your pictures how is it looking? >> i am trying to get them to be plastered here as well. i have been talking about this crash southbound 880. chp called a special traffic alert. that's the latest update. chp reported it. because of you our friends have reported it. this report came in from mr. derrickson. you can also get a special nbc
6:52 am
bay area with the nbc logo and be a team member and we can give you a personal shout out as well. rlly reports came in. as we get back out we'll show you how the rest of the commute shapes up. clear by the time you pass the san mateo bridge. south bay little build. traditional pattern ton eaon th bay. it is 87. i'll show you that little build that we have. we move up. no back up at the curve. you're over 20 minutes, almost half than hour now. this is the reason the peninsula. up next, your local headlines including breaking ne news. a double decker jet under quarantine after it laned in new york. why the cdc being told to board
6:53 am
the plane. a big recall for high bride car drivers. and be careful what you eat for breakfast this morning. you might want to clear out the pantry. gambling will bring in millions of dollars. they say the league could rake in more than $2 billion a year. they in a few hours jon kyl will be taking over for the rest of senator john mccain's term. we'll be right back. welcome to the xfinity store.
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and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel here are the top stories on today in the bay-- (breaking news (jfk airport in new york welcome back. the time is 6:56. at jfk breaking news, a plane just landed from dubai. it is a double decker airbus 380. it holds about 500 people. right now 100 people say they are sick. that plane is on the tarmac not going to the terminal because there is concern whatever is happening could be contagious. cdc will assess the passengers and see what it is that made them sick. at this point they are all being kept ton plane. we'll bring it to you bringing more information throughout the morning as we find out more. s a, breaking news we first
6:57 am
bragt you at 5:00 this morning a pickup truck repeatedly rammed into that fox studio. the man crashed into the side of the billiuilding repeatedly. everything on the ground, sheets of paper, a suspicious bag was also left behind. the bomb squad was called in. the suspect is in custody. now go other stories the high speed chase brought you is now called off. our crew caught part of it as it passed through danville on interstate 680. it started in the south bay. a pickup truck was going northbound at speeds more than 100 miles per hour. they tell us officers eventually called off this chase somewhere past with the driver still on the run. willow glenn concerned neighbors plan to pleat later today after a in crime.
6:58 am
it was outside of an parmt building. it happened over the holiday weekend. they want beef up security there. robbers attacked that woman. she is expected to be okay. happening today leaders in martinez will meet to talk about legalized pot sales. city council meets tonight. they don't allow pot sales right now but they will have to decide how many marijuana related businesses will be allowed within the city limits. neighbors expressed their concerns about crime and whether it would be too eesz si for kids to get. toyota plan to recall about 1 million vehicles. if you drive this you want to know this. that's wiring issue that could pose a fire risk. one of 1 million cars under recall, 192,000 prius models
6:59 am
effected in the u.s. i tweeted a link. you can check it out for yourself. more people are getting sick after eating honey smack cereal. there is a salmonella contamination. 30 more people got sick bringing the overall number to more than 130. some stores are still selling this item. the outbreak happened in july. we want to get a check of your weather. its will get hotter by the end of the week. >> we are looking at hayward. >> quickly takes a map. they just cleared all lanes. that's what's happening. we'll be back.
7:00 am
>> more coming up at 11:00 for you. we'll have much more news for you as well as your weather. thanks for starting your wednesday morning with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. (música). good morning. breaking overnight. roaring ashore. tropical storm gordon makes landfall and turns deadly. the gulf coast lashed with high winds and heavy rain. >> seriously, we've got to get out of here. >> yeah, i know. >> this morning tens of thousands without power. millions facing a major flood threat. straight ahead, al on where this storm is headed. something to fear? overnight the president on a tear trying to control the damage from an explosive new book, the legendary reporter who broke watergate bob woodward with an insider's account of the trump white house. the extraordinary lengths ep


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