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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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to have the role models to get there alone. wasn'e he essentially plucked me out of obscurity. he's the one who said, "hey man, this is your life, this is what you need to do." nobody can do it alone. the more help you can get along the way, the faster you can achieve your goals. i'm in it to fly. help people achieve their dreams. speak for those who can not. whatever you're in it for... ...we're in it together. right now at 11:00, the fbi already taking action. what we're learning about the investigation of brett kavanaugh. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. and thank you for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. nbc news reports the white house is limiting the investigation. tonight the president is responding. witnesses already contacted the day after mr. trump ordered that investigation. nbc bay area's marianne favro is here with developments.
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>> reporter: terry, nbc news has learned that the white house is limiting who agents can talk to, leaving out one of the three women who has come forward. president trump left the white house late this afternoon on day one of the new fbi background check he ordered on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> i think it's going very well. the fbi, as you know, is all over, talking to everybody. >> reporter: multiple sources tell nbc news the white house has limited the bureau to pursue only claims made by christine blasey ford and deborah ramirez, but not allegations from julie swetnick, who is represented by president trump critic michael avenatti. >> i can imagine that the fbi is in a box if they were only asked to interview "x" number of people. and, remember, those interviews he'll continue to cooperate. meanwhile today, a date for the women's march was announced.
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jenny higgins is president of the women's march bay area. she believes the confirmation process will result in an even bigger turnout in january. >> i think it's more important in the sense it's a time to listen to women. we need to get out there. we need to show that we're not going to be quiet. we're not going to be silent. we're standing up for each other. it's time to listen, to believe women, and to trust women. >> reporter: both the national and bay area women's marches are now going to be held in january, on the 19th. and in a tweet tonight, president trump said he is appr news. >> you can expect plenty more in depth coverage of the kavanaugh investigation tomorrow morning on "meet the press" with chuck todd. tune in right here on nbc after "today in the bay". our other top story tonight, a change in the forecast is coming. let's take a live look over san francisco where we can see those thick clouds hovering over the
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city. something we haven't seen in a while is coming -- rain. >> that's right, rain. this video is showers in parts of the north bay. let's check in with vianey. >> that's actually video from marin county. thank you for that video. we encourage you guys to send us what you're seeing outside of your window. right now we have our own mobile doppler radar sitting on top of san bruno mountain. now, this first system right now is far off to the north. we're talking far northern california right now. but we ar expecting another round of showers to move in through tonight. as far as rain totals so far, within the past good amount of rainfall. mount tam, nearly a half an inch, but just over a quarter. hills burlg, just over a tenth.
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123457 point reyes, below a tenth of an inch. i'll have a closer look at that futurecast in about 15 minutes. as those showers move in, you can track the forecast with our free nbc bay area app. get updates on the conditions right down to your neighborhood. how about another turn for the worse? tesla's ceo elon musk has reached a proposed settlement on fraud charges, but it's coming at a big price both financially and personally for musk. as part of the deal with the securities and exchange commission, musk is going to have to step down temporarily as chairman of tesla. but he is being allowed to remain ceo. in addition, both tesla and musk fraud lawsuit llion each in filed thursday in which the sec accused themisleading the semarkred funding to take tesla private. the proposed settlement is subject to court approval. continuing coverage now of two cracked beams that certainly
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affected commuters. materials needed to repair the beams in san francisco's new transit center arrived today. tomorrow, crews are expected to get to work shoring up the problem that has cast a shadow over the center's grand opening. those busy fremont streets and the transit center will be closed at least through next week. bus service is temporarily operating out of the old transbay terminal at howard and main. it's still not clear what caused those cracks. a live look at sfo right now where it's been a frustrating day for travelersec that's just since last night. 114 flights havefligs delayed. the issue is maintenance on a major runway intersection. run way one-right, the departure runway, was set 11:00. run way 28-left, which handles arrivals, is expected to be shut down until 7:00 tomorrow morning. passengers are not happy about these last-minute changes. >> it just turned into a disaster. i got a call at 6:00 a.m., but everything had been canceled and
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rebooked and then i had to switch airlines. >> nbc bay area's aviation expert mike mccarron says bay area airports are forced to fit in repairs in that small window after the summer rush but before the start of the rainy season. last call won't be pushed any later after the governor vetoed the idea. but the push to boost bay area night life continues. a change could be on the horizon. nbc bay area's quintana is live in san francisco's castro district with the story. sergio. >> reporter: anoushah, the author of that bill is state senator scott wiener. the castro is his home turf. night life lasting till 4:00 a.m. could actually be a boon for many of the businesses here. on any given saturday night, cocktails in the castro are on order. >> night life is really important in california. >> reporter: tonight, state senator scott wiener says he's looking to the next governor to sign off on his bill that would
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push last call till 4:00 a.m. and he's hoping his fellow san francisco city hall alum will be in the governor's office next year. >> i've known gavin newsom for 20 years. i've talked to him about many things. i do know that gavin understands night life. >> lieutenant governor and democratic candidate gavin newsom is leading his republican rival john cox in the polls, and regardless of who wins, state senator wiener says his bill had bipartisan support when it passes. some of hisdisappointed. >> why not? people work hard and at the end of the day we deserve to enjoy life. >> reporter: in a statement provided by the governor's office, brown explained his ax. i believe we have enough mischief from midnight to 2:00 without adding two more hours of mayhem. >> i have enormous respect for governor brown. he's a great governor, but i respectfully disagree with him here. >> reporter: there are 23 states
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that allow capitol alcohol to b beyond 2:00 a.m. >> sergio, thank you very much. fire and ice. it's a combination that searched part of a very popular bay area sports bar. al a fire at ricky's sports theater and grill started at just after 1:00 in an icees this was outside the bar. the fire extended up the ball and overhead. the fire crews got there and were able to stop itm ad five more minutes and it bo hwo have been inside. thank god it wasn't. >> reporter: no injuries as a result of the fire, and the bar reopened at 10:30 this morning, just nine hours after the fire. the san lee an doe sports bar has been around since 1946 and it's a designated hangout for oakland raiders fans. dozens of animal rights protesters arrested at a chicken ranch in petaluma this
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afternoon. sheriff's deputies say about 200 protesters pulled off the coordinated demonstration. members of direct action everywhere descended on mccoy's poultry services. they started taking chickens out of large sheds. organizers told responding deputies they had a legal right to rescue the abused animals and get them medical care. deputies disagreed. they arrested 67 people. on the ocean shore. a san diego beach is closed tonight after a shark attacked a 13-year-old boy. the family released this photo of the boy, but they are not releasing any names here. he was diving for lobster off the coast of encinitas when that shark attacked. some kayakers nearby heard him screaming and they rushed over to help. >> when he got bit, he didn't swim towards the shore. he panicked and started swimming towards, you know, us. >> i started paddling towards them and there was a big old, you know, wake of blood behind him. >> that boy was airlifted to the
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hospital. he remains in critical condition. the main injuries are to his back. beaches in the area are closed until monday morning. we have new video to show you tonight of the aftermath of a series of strong earthquakes in indonesia. this drone footage shows some of the damage caused by yesterday's 7.5 quake and tsunami. absolutely devastating. thousands of buildings destroyed. more than 400 people are dead and many more injured. this is video of the moment the tsunami hit. strong aftershocks continue to rock the region. despite the danger, rescuers are working to save those trapped in the debris and the flooding. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 11:00, turning artificial intelligence into the classroom. the new technology developed right here in the bay area that suld help prevent shootings. >>arge festival in new york city.
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what if police could get realtime video of a school shooting? could it save lives? could it prevent a deadly shooting? that's the goal of a new san francisco startup. a look at the new technology just launched two days ago. >> this is athena. i see you have a gun. please stop committing an offense. >> reporter: what you are looking at is a demonstration of new technology designed to use artificial intelligence to detect weapons. >> the system can detect guns, knives, people fighting. >> reporter: the san francisco bay startup behind the athena security, believes it might help prevent school shootings. how does it work? the company's chief technology is
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detected, an alert would go directly to police and school officials via text message or an app. they can click on and get realtime video of what's happening, saving valuable time and possibly saving the lives of students who are injured. >> at minimum, worst case scenario in our product, the ambulance would get there quick enough. >> reporter: best case scenario, possibly even prevent a shooting. >> i have already called the police and they are on their way. >> it's helpful to get the police and emergency responders on the way quicker. >> reporter: we asked nationally recognized school shooting expert mike dorn to weigh in. he cautions the system may not work in every situation. >> most fatalities, most people shot are shot in the first 60 seconds. >> reporter: and he worries whether there will be the manpower on the other end to monitor the alerts. >> very few police departments are able to do live monitoring of that type of system effectively while they run a dispatch center. >> reporter: the system just launched last week and so far is in just one school in pennsylvania. cost? $100 per month per camera.
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we showed the prototype to some bay area parents. >> i think that's perfect. i think we need that. i think it's been long overdue. >> reporter: who say they like it even if it might be a bit pricey. >> they can get some extra money from the taxes. it's for the good of the kids and the school. >> reporter: i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. tonight, people forced to take cover and calleactions of people who were spooked after a security barrier fell at a festival in new york city. nearly 60,000 people gathered in central park for the global citizen festival. the event encourages festival al issues and features musicians like cardi b, janelle monae, and coldplay. the band's frontman, chris martin, tried to calm everyone down. >> nobody is trying to hurt anybody. you're all safe, okay? okay? what's your name?
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>> everybody relax, calm down. it was a barrier collapse. there was not shots fired. we're going to try -- hope flip the show is going to go on. >> this comes just two days before the anniversary of the mass shooting in las vegas. a year ago on monday, 58 people were killed after a gunman opened firentry music concert. driving athome. the giants may not have much luck against the dodgers today, but at least one fan came out with a big win. she is leaving the park with buster posey's truck. yes, his truck. the giants catcher started a contest last month raising money for children's cancer research. they meet and greet on the field. a chance to be honored during his 2018 toyota ony. tacoma. and the winner, dawn olyphant. not only is she a huge giants fan, but she lost her 15-year-old son to cancer back in 2009. >> even if i didn't win,
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somebody was benefiting from my donation. so for me, i felt like a winner regardless. >> the contest raised about $114,000. that money goes to the ucsf benioff children's hospital. a loyal clouut otherwise a pretty nice day. >> nice and cool but really if you were nowhere near the far north bay, it didn't seem like approaching. down here in the south bay we had cloudy skies but the temperatures in the 70s. however, we're not in the clear of that rain just yet. if you didn't see it today, you're going to get a chance to see it fairly soon. right now in san francisco, this is a live look. you can see the city lights looking beautiful out there. look at satellite radar right now. you can see those showers really far off to the north. we've also got our very own mobile doppler radar. storm ranger is up and scanning on top of san bruno mountain
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because we've got another system expected to approach. in terms of rainfall, our very last significant rain was more than five months ago, back on april 16th. so definitely very nice sight i toeflts, not very significant unt tam, just over a quarter of an inch. down through santa rosa and point reyes, less than a tenth of an inch. we are expecting another tenth of an inch tonight. temperatures nice and cool down to the south bay, 63 degrees. check out san francisco at about 62 degrees. if you're wondering if we've got an increase in temperatures for tomorrow, well, they're going to be very similar for today. we've got another approaching low. tomorrow's high, 75 degrees for san jose. 70 through oakland. into the interior valleys, 77 degrees. let's talk about the next chance of seeing some rain. we'll still keep the chances of seeing pop-up showers until about 7:30 tomorrow.
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after that we clear out quite nicely and for the most part dry out completely. that second cold front approaching monday makes its way mainly off the west. if i forward this time line, you can see up here tuesday is going to be the greatest chance of having the system become more organized and widespread all the way from the north bay down through the south bay. here's a look at your futurecast right there. as of now, the models showing a range of about possibly upwards of an inch, but mainly for the north bay. that is actually using our euro model. the next seven days beer going to fare out nicely in terms of temperatures. i personally am excited about the rain coming. >> look at all those rain drops. thank you. baseball getting ready to swing into the playoffs but we begin with some basketball news. >> the warriors starting their journey to three titles hopefully in four years tonight. we've got basketball to show you. it's back at oracle. highlights from golden state's
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preseason opener. that's coming up next here in sports.
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good evening again. brodie brazil here at the xfinity sports desk. the biggest show in sports resuming tonight at oracle as the warriors began preseason activities against the t wolves on their quest for a third nba title in a four-year span. let's get you right into the highlights. second quarter, quinn cook up the court. andre iguodala, one hand alley-oop. now in the second half, draymond green with a nice full-court pass toin durant. the slam there for the birthday boy on his 30th. but the warriors lose this game. i don't think anybody's worried. 114-110. baseball in san francisco, the dodgers can clinch a playoff spot with a victory this afternoon. tied in the eighth. manny machado off the wall in right. the go-ahead run comes in to score. the dodgers never look back.
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10-6. and, yeah, the champagne stinging in san francisco to see the dodgers do that in the visiting clubhouse. how about the a's down in socal taking on their division rival, the angels, who are well out of playoff contention. first inning, skrkhris davis wasting no time. that's number 48 on the season. the a's win 5-2. he would love to get two dingers tomorrow and get to50. that will do it for sports here on a saturday night. we'll have more news right after these messages. tbest wifi experience,ng plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile.
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music's royalty took to the stage tonight at levi's stadium in santa clara. thousands of people including terry -- just kidding. terry wasn't there. >> i was here.
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>> came out to see queen bey and jay-z for their on the run two tour. surprised her mom with concert tickets for her birthday. thrilled to see the superstars together again. >> i love that their love is very real. even though they went through a lot of problems, i love that beyonce, she could put that in her album and talk about it openly with her fans and then, you know, they're still together at their recently released collaboration, and fans were crazy in love with their performances. those tickets were not cheap. >> where did you see that? >> they were upwards of $400 on the web. >> "saturday night live" season premiere, it's next. musical guest kanye west. you don't want to miss it.
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