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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 4, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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everyville cam good morning and thank you for joining us. good morning. a live look from our emeryville camera. you see a few people on the road starting their day. mike will have a look at your commute in jus a moment. first, a look at the weather. first, i want to say, thank you for starting your day with us. i'm marcus washington. >> thank you. i'm laura garcia. let's check in with kari hall. >> stormranger showing that even though the roads may still be a little damp from overnight showers, things have since quieted down, cleared out and we'll see this for a little while longer. as you head out the door, martinez, it's going to feel very humid. our temperatures start out in the 60s. we're only heading into the low 70s today as a cold front sweeps
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through and that will help dry out the air. here's a look at the futurecast. we'll see a quick-moving shower especially in the north bay. mike, you're checking in once again on highway 17. >> i wanted to make sure you caught my humid faces. i don't like humid. the road weather index not reporting any major roadways with slick conditions but chp gave us that quick note. a couple issues reported for san mateo. looks like there may be a crash at 92 at 101. i'll check on that once chp arrives there. they arrived highway 17 north bound. before you get to the summit, there was a crash blocking one lane. i think the crew arrived but not getting confirmation on lanes clear. south county looks great over there highway 101. chp did talk about damp conditions. the bay bridge is a mild backup
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for the cash lanes but no surprises. now to a top story where we're watching washington closely as top senate leaders in the judiciary committee are expected to receive that fbi investigation into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh any moment now. peter alexander reporting that the fbi contacted nine out of the ten people listed. the interviews do not corroborate sexual misconduct allegations against brett kavanaugh. >> we're covering this breaking news story from all angle. kris sanchez is in palo alto but we begin with tracie potts live on capitol hill. >> reporter: of the nine in the report, six have been identified to us. the other three we're not sure. and it's not clear that this report will ever be public.
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the fbi's background check into sexual misconduct allegation against brett kavanaugh is ready. that process begins the process have whether kavanaugh will sit on the u.s. supreme court. republicans plan to take a final vote this weekend. the white house has already seen the report early this morning. a spokesman said they're fully confident kavanaugh will be confirmed. the fbi is expected to summarize its interviews with accuser deborah ramirez and classmates. they did not speak with judge kavanaugh or his first accuser, christine blasey ford. >> how did he get home? i don't remember. >> reporter: president trump under fire fromrepublicans for d her testimony. >> it's not right. >> i thought his commence were
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disgraceful. >> reprehensible. >> appalling. >> just wrong. >> reporter: the white house is defending the president. >> the president was just stating the facts. >> reporter: facts as lawmakers prepare to vote. we've heard overnight from dr. ford's attorneys. they are saying that they are profounding disappointed that she was not interviewed. of course, neither was judge kavanaugh. they also think those who directed this inquiry, according to the statement overnight, weren't really looking for the truth. live from washington, i'm tracie potts. as she just mentioned, the fbi did not question christine blasey ford as part of the additional background check but supporters keep saying what they believe, we believe protests in the many weeks and just rallies of support, kris.
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>> reporter: a lot of shows of support here in palo alto where christine blasey ford lives with her family but where we don't know if she's returned in the last couple of weeks during this whole hubbub. sex assault survivors will make their own statement as the fbi briefs the senate on the report. they plan to account duct tape their mouths shut. that there be a stark contrast to the protests we saw last night. supporters of christine blasey ford gathered in morgan hill to show support for her and to show their frustrations that some of the senators still don't believe her nor the other we'll who have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against brett kavanaugh. some supporters shouted from their car in support of kavanaugh. >> it feels good not to feel alone. just some place to be angry together. >> i don't find that acceptable
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from our judiciary committee and i definitely don't find it acceptable from mr. kavanaugh. >> reporter: this morning at 9:00 are when those supporters and sexual assault survivors will duct tape their mouths shut. that will be in front of the schwab building in san francisco which is known to donate to republican causes. >> thank you. as we mentioned, we're keeping an eye on washington all morning. our coverage continues with scott mcgrew in his checks and balances segment at 5:45. authorities in millbrae this morning revealing few details about a man who died after a violent confrontation with deputies. investigators still have a lot to sort out. it 911 abo busut m el camino real. the san mateo sheriff's office says the man ahe firstdeputy. as that deputy tried to remove
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him from traffic. at some point the deputy tased one witness says the man got up and kept moving. >> i kept saying to him, you know, just sit down, don't do this. sit down. and he continued to run down the street. he had a look of either he was -- to me it was either mentally challenged or he was on something. >> that's when the officer pretty much jumped on him, when they all fell. >> the responding deputies also deployed their tasers. investigators say mace was used. still an unidentified man died at the hospital. one deputy injured in the mayhem was also taken to the hospital. we don't know his condition this morning. fairfield police this morning offering $500 reward for credible information about guns at or near schools in the city. this isn't a new program but this morning police say they're reminding people about it after a huge spike in threats against schools. the reward will only be handed out if information leads to an arrest.
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people can either call huge dr bust will hit land. the coast guard will dock their catch. take a look at what 22,000 pounds of cocaine looks like. inside these bundles is pure cocaine. it was seized by the coast guard and is worth an estimated $300 million. the bundles cover almost the entire deck of the boat based out of alameda. the drugs were seized from eight different smuggling boats in the east pacific between late august and september. they were indexed and wrapped in plastic. the crew, it's all hands on deck there. >> it goes for hours so we just make sure that we are upteve th need out there. >> authorities arrested 23 suspected smugglers and all the cocaine will be handed over to and eventually destroyed. four words you may want favite a's fans this morning -- don't worry, we'll
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get them next year. >> always next year. how about remembering the a's remarkable run this season as opposed to the not so great wild card game. fans gathered for a viewing party to cheer them to victory. the bronx bombers started off with a bang and didn't let up, winning 7-2. >> it's always been like that, underdog team. and then this season no one expected anything and we get this. it's like, i mean, you can't get better than this. >> want bad at all. the a's will be remembered for being the first team ever to reach the postseason with starting with the lowest ever payroll. >> the a's w theinding start of hockey season. welof weather as well. as we takeling
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smoothly as we start out. it's going to be a muggy start to the day. then we're heading into the low 70s for the afternoon. that's it. we are going to also take a look at san jose as we are going to see some mid-60s as you walk the kids to school and partly cloudy skies and then some low 70s for early afternoon. it's going to be breezy as well. i was talking about one last shot of rain. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike will get you out the door with a look at roads that may still be slick and an update for san mateo. >> chp had incident rep at 92. it's off the roadway. no injuries. no slowing. i'll clear that. the south ba tri-valley, east bay, a little slow. coco county, no delays. we look at one area marked the
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golden gate, you're at speed and much dryer conditions. right now, reports of a motorcycle stalled or having some sort of problem traveling north. you see no problem for the traffic flowing here and i can't see anything. nope, those flashing lights. that's just because of the cars coming across the light poles. that's an optical illusion. the san mateo bridge, a great flow and great view of the high rise. 5:11. still ahead, it's breast cancer awareness month. it takes a look at chances of older weapon developing other health issues after beating breast cancer. the red hot american e knight was a music mogul in the '90s. today he could be sentenced. you could save energy
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the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, free home delivery. as we go through the day, our temperature will stay 70 degrees. we'll talk about the cooler weather set to move into the bay area and look ahead to the weekend in less than five minutes. san jose, 101 down here
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moving smoothly. the northbound side around 280, a crash reported. i don't see slowing on our sensors and i don't see slowing on the map but i'll give you an update. of course, i'm always on the lookout. a very good morning. happy thursday to you. markets continue to do really well. the dow hit a new intraday record yesterday. watch barnes&noble. they trade under the symbol books, bks. it may sell itself to a bigger company today. redwood city gardens will open the nasdaq on its first day trading today after ipo'ing last night at $19 a fol there. moredt 3.9% unemployment. a very low number. wages have started to go up finally as well. the downside to good jobs news is it may inspire the fed to raise interest rates even further. thursday fed chair powell said the fed had a long way to go
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yet. mattress firm is this close to bankruptcy. mattress firm brought up all of those sleeptrain stores. there are 23 locations in the south bay alone. tech experts recommend you stop using your facebook log-in to log into other services like uber, instagram, spotify, pintere pinterest, expedia, after that massive hack last week. because facebook has not been clear about the extent of the attack, more than just your facebook account is at risk. he writes, when i see the blue facebook button offering an easy way to sign up for this or that digital doodad, i'm not tapping it. i trust farhad. he's a friend of mine but i trust his judgment entirely. >> i never do. >> for those who do, you can go into your facebook settings and see what's authorized to use your facebook login.
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obviously, if you're going to do a new login, make it complex. protect yourself that way. but turn it off. >> i think keeple things separate. >> good idea. >> welcome back, by the way. >> thank you. it was a long vacation and i really enjoyed it. >> he's all refreshed. today is national taco day. where are we going to lunch? celebrating with the $5 deal for you. customers at dell taco can buy one beef taco and get one free. if you're feeling hungry, on the border is offering unlimited ground beef or chicken tacos for 9 bucks. for dessert, cold stone creamery will h waffle taco ice cream all day. >> $9, all you can eat?
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>> yeah. >> interesting. >> do they know how much -- >> how many tacos do you think you could eat? >> more than $9 worth. >> really? >> depends on the size. >> it really does. >> some people had a lot of rain or nothing at all. as we take a live look outside in san j before you head out. as of now, the roads are all dry there. as we look at evergreen, we're headed to east san jose with temperatures that are going to be in the mid-60s. not only throughout the morning but pretty much throughout the day. it doesn't warm up very much. it's going to feel very sticky as you head out. then it will gradually dry out. as you head out the door in brentwood this morning, we're looking at still some puddles left over on the roads from the rain that we had yesterday and then some temperatures in the 60s. at noon we're at 70 degrees but it will be mostly cloudy.
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we'll have one last shot of rain moving through. it feels sticky out there as we look at the frizz factor. yes, it's a frizzy hair day. don't even bother. just pull it back in a ponytail. as my friend kris sanchez says, bun and run. it will be muggy and cool this afternoon. as we look at high temperatures, really nice. once again it will feel humid until this afternoon. we'll also have a slight chance of some rain moving through. very spotty showers, especially for the northsome go into later today. changing weather. as you make plans to head into it will all be drying out as we fleet week air show, it will be in the low 60s tomorrow. still breezy. then turning windy as we head towards the end of the weekend as our temperatures go up. for the inland area as we go from 74 today to 84 by the end of the weekend. staying mostly in the 80s next week. heading over to mike, you have another update for highway 17? >> it's the good kind.
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chp, says don't worry about it. they've cleared that from their report. still, kari has been talking about that, you may have slicker roadways left over. keep in mind and, of course, obey the speed limit. it's a smooth drive at the speed limit without coco county with the buildup starting at the toll plaza. no problems getting across the bridge right now into san francisco. farther north we're looking at the build. just a slight build in the volume that's subtle. for 580 getting across richmond into san rafael. kari talked about fleet week. there's that closure for fremont street around the salesforce transit center. because of that forced around and many mapping utilities are still mapping folks through the area to get to activities at fleet week for embarcadero. caltrans stops service on saturday at the bay shore station. you have to take a bus into the city. that's a change as well. back to you. coming up, the american humane society has picked its
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hero dog of the year. we'll introduce you to the pup who has an amazing survival story. that's coming up next. another premiere night on nbc and we have a sneak peek of tonight's episode of "will & grace." it's coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay." a judge may decide if thers
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enough evidence to send a san jose state student accused in at 5:24, happening today, a judge may decide if there's
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enough evidence to send a san jose state student accused in two sexual assault attempts to trial. investigators say he made sexual advances to two male classmates and tried to take advantage of them. when the victims refused, they say he tried to choke them. investigators say both victims fought off the attacks. he pleaded not guilty in july. in just a few hours, suge knig. to voluntary manslaughter for he pleaded no contest last month running over and killing a compton businessman four years ago. knight's plea deal calls for him to serve 22 years in prison on the voluntary manslaughter and another six years because this is his third strike. the san francisco police department is now requiring officers to refer to transgender, gender variant and gender nonbinary individuals by their preferred pronouns. the department passed that policy late last night. as the san francisco examiner
5:25 am
reports, it also requires officers to ask individuals what gender officer they would prefer perform a search. former police commission president theresa sparks, a transgender woman, pushed for that policy. 5:25. a new study reveals some good for older women with breast cancer. researchers at georgetown university found most women do not have any pblems after their treatment. who did h gene umber of women linked to alzheimer's disease. the american humane sty qua its 2018 american hero dog. golden retriever from arizona as >> let's introduce you to 4-year-old chichi. she's a therapy dog. she was abused, felony a trash bag with legs bound and left for dead in south korea but she was rescued, survived, even beating cancer. today she lives with her adopted family in phoenix and goes
5:26 am
around inspiring people. she'll be awarded her 2018 hero dog title on the hallmark channel later this month. >> way to go. it's a big night on nbc tonight. first "will & grace" returns with a brand-new season. >> and ross "frfrom "friends" i guest star. >> mor cupcake shops than porno theaters in my hat world?od. >> david schwimmer returns without the rest of his "friends." he's expected to be in several episodes. here's grace, or debra messing, talking about working with david. >> i'm having a ball with him. he plays noah, otherwise known as the upper west side curmudgeon. he is playing a character that is as far away from ross geller on "friends" as you can possibly get. >> this will be a very different
5:27 am
schwimmer than we're used to. you can catch the season premiere right here on nbc bay area at 9:00 tonight. followed by "i feel bad" at 9:30 and "law and order: special victims unit," one of my favorite shows and stay tuned for nbc bay area news. a tourist shot in san francisco. what he says he saw this man running that made him start recording. you may want to look up in the skies as fleet week activities kick into high gear. that's come up in a live report. it's 5:27. you're watching "today in the bay." do you hear that
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we )re watching washington, d.c. very closely. earlier this morning -- the fbi released it )s report on breaking news this thursday morning. we're watching washington, d.c., very closely. yesterday early morning the fbi released the information on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. we are learning the fbi interviewed nine people. we ccott mcgrew in our "checks & balances" segment. let's head over to meteorologist kari hall getting the forecast for today. you say the rain is slowly creeping out of the area. >> we have one last shot of rain moving through, especially the north bay before dryer air moves in. right now it feels so sticky. as you get ready to head out the door in san jose, it will be at 62 degrees for your morning
5:31 am
commute. still mostly cloudy. at noon we're at 70 degrees. heading out in walnut creek it's going to be at 64 degrees at 7:00. then looking at low 70s by early afternoon buttill a mix of sun and clouds. we'll have one last shot of rain moving through. we can see that on futurecast. we'll get a closer look at this and look at the we're right on schedule with the commute, mike. >> that's right. i'll call it like it is. it's straight-up sticky.backup. metering lights turned on about 5:20. all the lanes filled in. fast track was the first to fill in and that's a typical pattern coming down the maze. we'll see a smoother flow into san francisco. coco county, no problems. a little slowing just shows up in pittsburg out of indian bay point. no problems for the north bay
5:32 am
peninsula. shows easier drive. we're looking at a smooth drive in the south bay with a little build at 101 at 680. thank you. a thief runs off after snashisnash i snatching a purse in a busy part of san francisco. as he tries to take off, a tourist takes a video. >> i can only imagine this was a scary moment for that man filming all this. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus busy intersection at market and o'farrell. you'll see in this cell phone video, it happened pretty fast. >> reporter: the video was captured on the cell phone by scott ford. he posted it to his twitter account. he describes himself as a social media travel expert. he tells the san francisco gate that he was in town for just a
5:33 am
few hours and that's when he witnessed a thief snatching a bag from a woman and running off in this area near market and oe faci o'farrell. he claims at one point he tried to stop the thief. san francisco gate says san francisco police could not confirm the details in his account. the fbi did release an annual report not too long ago. we did cover that story that shows that san francisco ranked number one in u.s. for property crimes in 2017, but sfpd does tell us the crimes are trending down in 2018. now, we did cover that story in detail not too long ago. we have more coverage of that on our website at we're live in san francisco, pete suritos. the aclu filing a lawsuit against the san francisco police department today claiming it is infected with a culture of racism. the suit suggests that
5:34 am
undercover officers targeted african-american officers in the tenderloin during drug busts during 2014 and '15. the lawsuit cites the text messaging scandal within the office. officers exchanged racist and sexist texts back in 2011. nine officers were fired from the department because of that scandal. san francisco muni workers are accusing one manager of crossing that line. that manager is apparently still on the job. "the examiner" spoke with muni fare inspectors who say he groped one worker and created a anonymously fearing retaliation. 5:35. happening tonight, spraying to stop the spread of the west nile virus in south santa clara valley. starting at 11:00 tonight, crews will treat the areas around highland avenue about two miles from the san martin airport.
5:35 am
it will take about three hours. if you live in that area, close your windows and stay indoors until that treatment is over. here's something else you can do. if you have any water that's been standing and collecting, make sure to dump it out. so, we're wearing black y. are we in mourning for our a's? >> a little bit. >> maybe so. we can't win them all. >> no. probably what many of you sports fans were saying when you woke up this morning, not only did the a's lose the wild card game but our sharks so far not living up to the hype. at least not just yet. we can say that. the sharks opened the season last night at s.a.p. center against anaheim and it's just one game. but they kind of disappeared in the third quarter. sharks led 2-1 and then gave up three goals in the last 20 minutes of the game losing 5-2. their star there, the new one, erik karlsson still positive. >> it's nice to get this one out, even though we didn't get
5:36 am
the result we wanted. we can't look at it as a failure. we have to move forward. we'll come back tomorrow and work on the things we need to and build on the team. >> the sharks don't have much time to be down because they head to southern california for a game against skies over the bay will be filled with a roaring sounds of the pleblue angels as fleet wee kicks into gear later today. >> bob redell outside oakland international airport with a look at the events taking place over the next few days. should be a fun day there, bob. >> reporter: it will be. good morning. yes, at 1:00 this afternoon some of the navy's best aviators will fire up the fighter jets, take off from oakland international for a flight over the bay, a practice run before the actual air show. this is a good opportunity for you if you're out and about today to see them doing their practice runs before all the crowds show up for the actual air shows tomorrow, saturday and sunday. we want to show you what it's like to ride in one of these
5:37 am
high-perfoce this is video of my colleague vicky who was invited to ride in the backseat earlier this week. she had a blast. she told m clo to passing out all the "g" forces but remained conscious. she only vomited two times, which in my book is a win. we shot this video yesterday. that one that looks like aircraft carrier is "uss bonham richard." it can handle helicopters on the deck and brand-new lightning fighter that can take off and land vertically. i've been on one of these ships. if you haven't been on one, it's worth a visit. the "uss manchester" is unusual with the trihold design. and "uss vancouver," a halifax
5:38 am
friga frigate. the vessels willing heading back out to see tomorrow for the parade of ships under the golden gate bridge before noon. that's kind of the kickoff of the fleet week weekend. it's quite a sight. the air show featuring blue angels is tomorrow through sunday at noon. around a million people are expected around the bay to watch this. this is something we see every year. just a little tidbit. if you're out in the east bay, i've done this with my daughters over the years, you don't have to go into san francisco. you'll get the view, with a lot of traffic. stop at treasure island, look at treasure island towards the sed it's just as great a view. if you live in the east bay, you don't have to go all the way into the city. >> look at that, fleet week tips. giving us a great tour. mind-blowing, that's what you are, bob. >> the bob with his own sound
5:39 am
effects. that's great. getting off the bay bridge, you have the reroute, which will complicate things. looking at the bay. no surprise for our travel as far as the speed sensors go. hayward, i'll zoom into south bound little slowing. that's starting to develop. chp is arriving on scene. looks like there's a lot of damage to the car. hoping for no damage to people. we'll follow that with chp. a nice drive through the travel times, and the maze and bay bridge has the metering lights. >> looking green. looking good. >> looking like the weekend. almost. >> getting close. >> we call this friday junior as we get ready for the weekend, making plans. as we look at saturday's forecast, it will be nice with highs reaching into the upper 70s. mostly sunny skies. the bay at 72 degrees. the coast reaching the mid-60s. on sunday also looking great but the winds, well, that's going to be the other story.
5:40 am
inland valleys are going to have those high wind gusts as our temperatures heat up into the low 80s. we'll be in the low 70s for the bay and upper 60s for the coast. if you're going to the air show o be breezy out there, cool tomorrow. saturday looking nice, 65 degrees. windy on sunday with a high of 72 degrees. so, really nice and warm. also on saturday in san jose, if you want to stay away from tt t. the rock 'n' roll half marathon in san jose downtown. starts out cool with upper 50s and then reaching into the low 70s. also hardly strictly bluegrass happening in san francisco at golden gate park. it's going to be a busy weekend in san francisco. wrapping up the weekend on sunday. we'll see the high temperatures reaching 71 degrees by the middle of the day. we'll talk about today's temperature trend. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to, it kari. 4:41. the fight to repeal california's gas tax may be running out of
5:41 am
fuel as major supporters of the measure are slowly backing away. we'll tell you why next. new this morning -- this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from $899, during sleep number's fall sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. life. to the fullest. the time is 5:44. let's go outside in fremont with still some clouds lingering this morning and feeling humid. steady there through s and
5:44 am
late morning and then reaching into the low 70s with sun peeking out just a bit. we'll feel the humidity drop as we go through the day. still a lot more changes in our weather. more on that coming up in less than five minutes. live look at san jose highway 101. picking u the volume a little bit. some folks tapping brakes. this is right on schedule for your first slowdown and then clear again. we'll show you those patternsba breaking news from capitol hill this morning. the fbi has ended its investigation into brett kavanaugh days before the deadline. the white house has a copy of that investigation as does the senate judiciary committee. the public's not supposed to see this. we do know the fbi interviewed nine people as part of its investigation. we know the names of six. mark judge, leland keyser, p.j.smyth, deborah ramirez, tim
5:45 am
guadette. christine blasey ford says mark judge was in the room, an eyewitness. ford is not on the list. it's our understanding the fbi did not talk to ford nor to brett kavanaugh, though they testified for hours under oath. so, apparently that was sufficient for investigators. we don't know what the report says but judge kavanaugh supporters say the report goes his way. mitch mcconnell promised to plow through kavanaugh's nomination even before the investigation started and has scheduled a vote for friday. >> there will be time for members to be briefed and a review of the supplemental material before friday's cloture vote. i'm filing cloture on judge kavanaugh's nomination this evening so the vote can move forward as i indicated earlier. >> the white house has indicated it's pleased with the fbi report as well. a spokesperson there says the
5:46 am
president is, quote, confident the senate will confirm kavanaugh to the supreme court. president trump just tweeted, kavanaugh's great life cannot be ruined by mean and despicable democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations. now, this is not over yet. several republicans senators voiced their displeasure of the president's treatment of dr. ford at that rally in mississippi. it's not impossible that would be enough to sway their vote. we're going to know very soon. polls show a majority of americans disapprove of kavanaugh on the court but in these partisan times, what matters is individual congressional districts, wanot what a majority of americans want. the "today" show will have full coverage coming up at 7:00. we'll continue to update you on twitter as this moves forward today. >> a lot to follow. thank you very much. 5:47. a push to repeal california's gas tax is losing financial
5:47 am
support. the measure falls behind in the polls. campaign finance statements show several reform groups have cash on hand but aren't spending it on any more ads. a lik voters oppose the ballot measure with 39% in favor. so, imagine hiring someone to clean your home but then you come home to find they actually trashed your house. >> that was one woman's case in new york city. that was not the only thing trashed when she got home. so were her cleaners. they both wound up passed out on her couch. at least that's where she says both were when a friend came to pick up the keys. when the homeowner later returned after work, she found one of those cleaners there still passed out on the floor. that's when she called police. >> they spent 45 minutes getting her together enough to put her in an ambulance. she was too drunk to put her flip-flops on. >> wow.
5:48 am
>> okay. now, all of this happened back in august. the homeowner says she paid the service $250 plus tip, not including the alcohol she unknowingly gave to them free of charge. >> wait. she still paid them? >> maybe she paid beforehand. >> can you imagine that? >> hopefully your morning isn't starting out like that. we'll still have a slight chance of rain moving through. here's a look at stormranger, our mobile doppler radar. we still have it parked on san bruno mountain as things are quiet as you get ready to head out the door at the roads may be wet from showers we had yesterday, especially during those evening hours. check out the seven-day forecast. it's already up at the bottom of the screen. i'll be watching out for one last chance of some rain, especially for the north bay that could sweep through later on this morning. as we see, our futurecast
5:49 am
plotting a couple of spotty showers for sonoma as well as parts of marin county as well. that may move into the peninsula. the rest of us not going to see much in the way of rain as the cold front moves through. it will feel muggy until the dry air moves in. today we'll stay in the 60s and 70s across the bay area. reachn the mid-70s. as you're getting dressed and starting out the day, you'll need a jacket, especially if it still feels cool to you as our temperatures start out in the low 60s. pants will keep you comfortable today as well. as you make your way out to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, we'll be in the low 60s. our temperatures hold steady. we won't get much of a warm-up again as clouds linger over the bay area. once again, looking out for that rain chance, especially farther to the north. we're getting ready for a warm-up here. and our winds shift out of the
5:50 am
north and is that will bring our high temperatures up to 84 degrees. that warm and windy weather will bring the concern of fire danger. hopefully the rain we just had will reduce that risk. as we go into next week, low 80s. san francisco staying in the 60s. warming up a bit on sunday. mike, you're tracking two crashes? >> i am. one over here, very top of the screen for folks out of brentwood. it's in the intersection but there's traffic control in the area right now. at least you'll know about it. over here we're looking at the dublin interchange. it's moving smoothly where we typically see that arrow. the slowdown typically build there. a in hayward, 880 may be blocked for one lane. we'll continue to track that. the rest of the area, highway 4 slows a little more out of pittsburg and bay point and
5:51 am
concord, slowing for the upper shore. metering lights at the bay bridge. you have your standard backup out of the maze. farther north we're seeing the build. the fast track lanes and hov moving smoothly, no backup. getting across into the north bay. 101 in palo alto. the volume is j s inyou. a scare in the air for a los angeles flight heading to australia. what forced that plane to make a mayday call. officers come under heavy gunfire. seven officers hit, one killed. how the suspect was brought down. first happening now -- soccer superstar cristiano ronaldo has been left off portugal's national soccer team. he's fighting sexual assault allegations. yesterday the 33-year-old denied allegations that he raped a woman in 2009 in las vegas. police have reopened an investigation. more news after the break. carol
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
officers come under heavy gunfire while trying to serve a welcome back. developing now in south carolina, officers come under heavy gunfire while trying to serve a search warrant. seven officers were hit, one killed. it happened in the city of florence outside of colombia. the suspect is in custody
5:55 am
following a two-hour standoff outside his home yesterday. investigators aren't releasing his name or a motive. >> pray for these officers and speedy recovery. pray for the family who lost the bravest police officer that i have ever known. >> police say children were inside the home with the suspect at the time. they were unharmed. new video showing the aftermath of a fiery school bus crash in texas. you can see that bus lying on its side there, adjacent to the telephone pole. emergency door open, smoke rising. dozens of students were on board. three were taken to the hospital and it's unclear what caused yesterday's accident. today counselors will be at the school to help kids cope. a growing mystery in maine. the search is on to find a beloved school teacher who vanished in the middle of the night. investigators are growing
5:56 am
desperate looking through the woods near her home. for four days there's been no sign of kristin westra. her husband says his wife was anxious and stressed when she went to bed. he woke up in the early morning and says she was gone and he thought she went to sleep in another room. her cell phone, purse and keys were all at home. >> my wife is loved dearly. >> friends and family members have set up a search website hoping to gain clues as to where she might be. a united airlines flight from los angeles is forced to make a mayday call before landing at australia's busiest airport. police activated a full emergency response. some roads around sydney's airport were closed due to caution. in a statement united says,
5:57 am
quote, this was a precautionary procedure and at no time were passengers at risk. the airline also added passengers on board were completely unaware of the issue. the plane was followed to the gate by emergency services as a precaution. new video shows the moment a private jet crashed while attempts to land at a south carolina airport. the jet heading to tampa, florida, crashed last week killing the pilot and co-pilot and injuring two passengers. in the video you saw the plane goes off the end of a runway, through a fence and down a steep embankment. the plane crashed into the ground nose-first. nbc is also learning from the faa that neither pilot nor co-pilot had property credentials to fly that jet. 5:58. first lady melania trump is arriving in malawi. the focus of that trip is her interest in child welfare. . the first lady is expected to
5:58 am
tour classrooms, observe an english lesson, meet teachers and donate textbooks and soccer balls. she also plans to meet malawi's first lady. mrs. trump will end her trip with two more stops in kenya and egypt. 5:58 right now. the u.s. is sending aid to indonesia following the deadly earthquake and tsunami. the death toll stands over 1,400 people. as the serve for the missing goes on, food and supplies are running out. right now 350,000 people have no running water or electricity. the red cross is also sending in supplies which are expected to arrive tomorrow. breaking now on capitol hill -- senate leaders are gearing up to get their first look at the fbi's report on brett kavanaugh. how the view of the findings on the sex assault allegations could impact the vote on the supreme court nominee. plus: a d he kept swinging away like, leave me alone, what are you doing? >> a deadly police confrontation in the bay area. the questions now being raised
5:59 am
about what went wrong. and when the coast guard will be docking with a huge catch after major drug bay." d thanks for joining us. we continue this morning at k i'm marcus washin. kari right now. mike has a look at the commute. but the rain is moving on you the. >> the rain is moving on you to dry out as well. but for some of us, there may be one last round of rain. let's get you out the door with a look outside in dublin as the roads dry out after some overnight showers and that morning commute from brentwood looks like it will start out with humid conditions, low 60s. you'll see those clouds rolling by throughout the morning. it's going to be a cooler day. only some low 70s. in the south bay we're going to get the kids on the way to school with some temperatures in the mid-60s and mostly cloudy
6:00 am
skies. starting to see the sun breaking out by early afternoon. i'll have a look wle forecast and what to expect for the weekend coming up. mike gets with a look at that commute. >>brentwood crash still reported, camino diablo. there's tic help you get around safely there. meanwhile in san jose, we're


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