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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 5, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent this this country. >> why don't we document water and see if it floats. >> enough. enough already. let's vote. >> i will be voting no on judge kavanaugh. >> with a senate vote just hours away, judge brett kavanau releases a tell-all on his emotional testimony where he went after the clintons among others and the title? "i am an independent impartial judge clm. >> then to a scene all too familiar these days, parents and rief supplies are desperatelykend tsunami. >> a consumer alert over ground beef that has sickened affleck thank you following 40 days in rehab. clean in a revealing message and "early today" starts right now. >> still great being back with
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you on this friday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> look who we have here. great to have you back. >> helping out a little bit our friends at msnbc so if you don't see me at this desk, doing the shuttle back and forth between studios. >> you have been immersed in the trump and kavanaugh stuff. >> lot of headlines, lot of head lines we're covering. >> borrow those videos sometime? >> back for that friday. >> what do you say we get started with the entree here today. the critical first test for the senate as it takes its initial full vote on whether to confirm judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. a final vote could come as soon as tomorrow. senators spent thursday reviewing the fbi's report on kavanaugh. republicans saying it shows no corroboration of the sexual miscondu misconduct allegations against him. a statement reiterated in executive summary of that report. democrats are insisting this report was an incomplete sham. >> some critics also raising concerns about kavanaugh's temperament during his testimony last week. now among them retired justice john paul stevens.
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>> he has demonstrated a potential bias involving enough potential litigants before the court that he would not be able to perform his full responsibilities. and i think there is merit in that criticism and that the senators should really pay attention to it. >> kavanaugh addressing his temperament in the "wall street journal" op-ed writing, i might have been too emotional at times and i said a few things i should not have said. i hope everyone can understand that i was there as a son, husband and dad. across d.c. leading to 302 arrests. among them amy schumer who participated in sit-in on the floor of the senate building. we get more now from nbc's peter alexander >> reporter: those protesting on the supreme court against brett kavanaugh. >> shut it down. shut it down. >> kavanaugh has got to go.
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>> reporter: tensions on capitol hill, too, where they are blasting the fbi background investigation. these women confronting utah republican orrin hatch. >> don't you wave your hand at me. i waived my hand at you. >> will you grow up? >> you grow up. >> reporter: all day senators filing into a secure room reserved for classified briefings. getting their first look at the fbi's findings that will likely determine kavanaugh's fate. two crucial republican senators seemed satisfied with the report. susan collins to be a very thorough investigation and >> jefjeff flag who called for the investigation saying it offered no corroboration. saying heidi heitkamp is announcing her decision. >> i will be voting no on judge kavanaugh. >> republicans saying the findings vindicate kavanaugh. >> for goodness sake this is the america. nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent. in this country.
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>> so why don't we dunk him in water and see if he floats? enough, enough already. let's vote. >> reporter: democrats slamming the five day investigation as intentionally restricted and incomplete. >> democrats agreed that the investigation scope should be limited. we do not agree that the white house should tie the fbi's hands. >> i'm not allowed to discuss it. the public can't see it. it's a complete sham. >> reporter: in total, fbi agents contacted ten potential witnesses, interviewing nine. among those not interviewed, kavanaugh and his accuser christine blasey ford whose allegations he denies. ford's legal team denouncing what they call the, quote, investigation as a stain on the process, on the fbi, and on our american ideal of justice. can the white house say to hatricans right now t did aetti these claims? >> anybody that pushes back on the fact that dr. ford wasn't given ample opportunity to make her case and state her case has been living in a cave. >> reporter: getting off air force one in minnesota,
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president trump greeting supporters and praising his pick. >> i think he's doing very well. the judge is doing well, right? >> yeah. >> peter alexander for that report. >> and all eyes will be on a few critical undecided senators in this morning's vote. with the senate split, 51 republicans to 49 democrats, the gop can only afford to lose one vote with the tie breaker going to vice-president mike pence. could scales? nbc's tracie potts tell us how it couldho are the senators we should watch today? >> reporter: four people you need to watch, the one undecided democrat you just saw, joe manchin of west virginia, he had sahahe, if he sides with republicans, could tip the scales here. you're also looking at senators susan collins, lisa murkowski, and jeff flake. all republicans who have said that they were undecided on this
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nomination and wanted to see the outcome of the investigation. now, we haven't heard from murkowski, but we have heard from collins and flake after they viewed the results with flake saying he didn't see anything here that corroborated these allegations. and senator collins saying she did think that thevote, but it leaningnomination. does indicate that they may be if that's the case, it could be up to lisa murkowski and joe decide whether or not this nomination goes forward. >> we'll be reading tea leaves all day long, tracie, thank you. >> it is a race against time in indonesia as crews desperately search for survivors one week after the country was hit by an earthquake and tsunami. the death toll continuing to climb overnight. officials now say over 1500 were killed in the disaster. let's go to our london bureau
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where nbc's sarah harman is standing by with the latest. sarah, that number is expected to rise even more. >> hi, frances. that's right. it's almost certain to rise unfortunately because in part one week on, we still don't know the fate of many people who were trapped in the remote outlying villages. the focus now is turning from searching for survivors to recovering bodies. it seems increasingly unlikely that anyone is going to be pulled out of this rubble alive. our teams on the ground in palu have been watching increasingly desperate search efforts. yesterday a french rescue team was digging at a collapsed hotel in palu. the team believed they detected a survivor who was trapped in the rubble. their sensors picked up what seemed to be a heartbeat. however, they had to stop digging as night fell and when they returned in the morning, there was no longer any heartbeat they could find. it is believed around 40 people are still missing from that hotel alone. there are signs of progress,
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though, however slow. electricity has been restored to palu. some businesses have reopened. and aid is trickling -- excuse me, trickling in. indonesia's vice-president says it's going to take at least two years to rebuild. guys? >> wow, all right. sarah, thank you for the update. >> caught on camera, a ye erupt violent brawl in virginia. it wasn't the players fighting. it was the adults. it is hardly the first time we've seen coaches and parents behaving badly on the field. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren with more. >> reporter: a post-game handshake gone terribly wrong. the coaches' fists flying. an all-out brawl in front of 9 and 10-year-olds. steven sauliers posted this video, grown men fighting at a peewee football game. please make this go viral. >> i want these coaches to see, hey, look, your players are looking at your actions. look what you've done. >> reporter: the coaches apologizing for the poor display of sportsmanship in front of those we were expected to mentor.
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>> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: it is an isolated incident. the problem so pervasive referee brian bar low started this website posting videos of parents behaving badly. >> when people see themselves, they change their own dynamics. >> reporter: the hope that viral videos like this one might get parents to act their age. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> first lady melania trump is in kenya this morning, the third stop of her solo trip to africa. mrs. trump spent the earlier part of the day visiting with some baby eph at nairobi national park even taking time to feed one of them. she will visit an orphanage later today and expected to attend a theater performance with first lady margaret ke in, yata. >> videos up load today social media, roads looked like rushing rivers submerging cars along the way. unfortunately this sicilian city
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hasn't seen the end of the downpour. more severe weather is expected and an alert issued. >> something we'll be talking about with nbc meteorologist bill karins. some pop up showers and storms, right? >> a lot of rain over the weekend. snow in minnesota, a big contrast between the northern plains and what's happening in the midful tdle of the country all the warmth and heat. we have a slight risk of flash flooding. the area south of madison is a moderate risk of flash flooding. look what happens through sunday . rainfall totals estimate from our computers over the next three days, this area of pink that's 4 inches of rain from wichita to just west of oklahoma city and wichita fall to summer in many areas. look at little rock today, 90.
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memphis 91. over the weekend some people will be grabbing the jackets, other people will be wearing the flip-flops. big contrast. >> a lot of us are split these days. bill, thank you. >> patriots star tom brady showed us why he is one of if not the greatest quarterback in nfl history. last night against indianapolis brady became the third quarterback only between brett favre and peyton manning he made the 500th pass touchdown, the 71st different receiver. he led new england8- colts. >> one of the biggest sports stars, ronaldo. check your beef for a massive beef recall.
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have gotten sick in the outbreak. the products including ground beef came from an arizona company and were packaged between july 26 and september 7. for a complete list you can go to our facebook page. >> leading the news this morning one of the world's biggest athletes sidelined by a serious accusation this morning. las vegas police have reopened an investigation into 2009 report from a woman who says she was raped by soccer superstar cristiano ronaldo. ronaldo has denied the allegation but he is facing heat from sponsors. in a statement nike said, we are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations. nbc's miguel alm r latest. >> reporter: the most popular athlete on the planet, soccer superstar cristiano ronaldo may be facing the biggest challenge of his life off the field. the 33-year-old sidelined from portugal's national team as he faces a rape allegation in the u.s. >> she suffers depression, major
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depression. >> reporter: last of all, the attorney for katherine mallorca says his client was raped after drinks and dancing at the palms casino in 2009. a civil suit claims he pulled her into the bedroom and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse. she said she was sodomized screaming, no, no, no, >> in our legal system, you can't give her back what she's lost. i wish we could say what occurred on june 13th, 2009, did not occur. >> reporter: with vegas police reopening the investigation, in 2010 mallorca and ronaldo reached a $375,000 nondisclosure settlement her attorney wants thrown out. ronaldo taking to social media. >> fake, fake news. >> before releasing a statement reading in part, i firmly deny the accusations. rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that i am and believe in. one of the rich est athletes on
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i under estimate this guy. i'm preparing, my weight is good. tonight i have to make weight and it's like after tomorrow, after tomorrow, i am focused on after tomorrow. after we will see. we're going talk after this fight. >> i don't really care about his mentality, what he's thinking. i do not give --. i am coming to put a hole in this man's skull, dent my knuckle into his orbital bone and that's what i'm going to do. >> yeah, he's passionate. some fighting words right there. this saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern in las v kabib puts his undefeated record on the line against connor mcgregor. the highly anticipated fight is set to air live on pay per view. but connor mcgregor, it's a lot of money for these pay per views, over 100 bucks. he's a show man. >> you saw it there, very clear. you didn't get it what he wants to do >> number one smack talker in all of sports. >> some people eat ittal up.
4:20 am
here's a touching moment that will make you feel good on this friday. >> i want to keep doing these things with you and helping you as much as i can because i know you helped me. so will you marry me? >> yes. >> obviously a proposal. this is why it's so special. after going deaf due to bacterial meningitis, 27-year-old hayward was able to hear again thanks to a coke lee ar implant. one of the first things he heard was that, even more special when you hear for the first time there. >> that is special. you know his family is saying, how come haven't popped the question? i've been saying, i've been saying. he couldn't hear me before. we have to go. congratulations to they have. all right it has been said money isn't everything, right? but if your kid shreds your cash, you're going to have some second thoughts here. that's what happened to a couple in utah. their toddler shredded more than
4:21 am
a thousand dollars. ben bell nap, cute kid now, got football season tickets from his parents. so in an effort to pay them back he started saving all that money in an envelope. but before he could surprise his parents with the money, it went missing and they later found the torn up bills in the waste bin. my goodness. there's some good news here. luckily the treasury department said they could soon redeem all, some of the cash. we'll see. >> for now it looks like something you'd pack some -- pack a package i can't imagine happening. mor ahead including proof that som can you see it? >> what is that there? that, do i? actu, harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. and, now there's new crest gum and enamel repair... it gives you clinically proven healthier gums
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brett [ bleep ] during [ bleep ], when he was in college. >> so he took his brett, and they were kind of two guys [ bleep ]ing. it was -- >> yi saw one tonight. strong tough cookie, i wouldn't want to [ bleep ] him. he said, mr. president, he's crying. he said, thank you for [ bleep ]ing our [ bleep ]. >> i thought kavanaugh was treated like crap. [ booing ] well, [ b ] too tiim willie geist to see what's coming up on sunday. >> good to see you. my guest is actor riz ahmed. how he became a hip-hop head growing up in great britain. his break out role in the "star wars" movies and why he says despite his famous face he still is regularly pulled aside by tsa at airports as a muslim man.
4:27 am
our sunday sit down with riz ahmed plus latest news and politics this "sunday today." set the dvr and watch us any time. back to you not, frances and phillip. see you tusunday morning. >> you got it, willie. see you sunday. >> ben affleck is breaking his silence after spending 40 days at a rehab that silt. the 46-year-old actor addictio lifelong and difficult star th his friends, family and fans who have helped him through this. and says he hopes to one day do the s oeers who affleck reentered rehab in august after reaching out to his esge for help. sometimes that's the most difficult thing to do reach out for help. >> once you get it is to stay on track with along with support from everybody else. >> tough to go through especially after a divorce as
4:28 am
well. >> a lot can say yes, it happened to me. but not while boarding air force one. look at the president go up the stairs. now look at his foot on the left side. he seemed to have a small piece of paper stuck to his shoe as he climbed the stairs in minneapolis. our crack team analysis agree it is either toilet tissue or paper napkin. so you can say next time it happens to you whether on a date or job interview, you figure it out yourself or somebody points it out to you, at least you're not the president and at least it's not on camera. >s. this might be the only paper trail we'll get. thanks for watching "early today." i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. your news continues right here on nbc.fleet week takes to the
4:29 am
today. ad lib live picture of golde and good friday morning to you. taking to the skies today a live look at the golden gate bridge, not too much going on now.
4:30 am
wait until later today. thank you so much for beginning your morning here with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we have very good news if you went to bed dreading your highway 17 commute. mike has that in a minute. it's the weekend so we want to get the forecast. >> i also have good's g weekend. live look outside in fremont this morning as you get ready to head out it's cooler than it was yesterday at this time, mostly clear skies and as we head toward noon we'll beki in at hi reaching into the mid-70s for the south bay, upper 70s


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