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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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spilled across 680, so that's a huge issue, about an hour delay. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with more live local news. good morning. breaking news. the vote. good morning. breaking news, the vote. today is the day senators will stand and be counted for or against brett kavanaugh. tensions at a boiling point. with protesters descending on capitol hill again today, brett kavanaugh out with an extraordinary op ed admitting some of his testimony went too far but fighting for his nomination. will it convince this list of unwavering senators. the uncertainly on capitol hill at this hour. crews refusing to give up the search for possible survivors one week after that
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devastating earthquake in indonesia. ellen speaks in an interview opening up about being the victim of sexual abuse when she was a teenager. >> we are really vulnerable at that age, and we trust. and then when you are violated, you don't know what to do. >> our candid sit down on the one year anniversary of the story that started a movement. all that, plus deeply concerned nike's words suggesting it could be on the verge of severing ties with a soccer star amid disturbing rape allegations. gas prices soaring coast to coast. what's driving them to the highest level in nearly 40 years. and what a start. the milwaukee brewers defeat the colorado rockies in an extra inning thriller. while the dodgers crush the braves.
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a beginning to baseball's postseason with four games, including the red sox and yankees renewing their rivalry today, october 5th, 2018. from nbc news, this is today with savannah guthrie and hoda kotbe. >> welcome to today. nice to have you with us on a friday morning. and this is the day on capitol hill. >> it is a very big day. our top story, the heated show down over brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. >> this has divided our country. people choosing sides, capitol hill police today bracing for a repeat of this scene, a sea of protesters at the heart senate office building yesterday that led to the arrests of hundreds. >> we're also hearing directly from the nominee brett kavanaugh writing an op ed in the wall street journal to explain his behavior during last week's hearing saying i was subjected
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to wrongful and vicious allegations. my time in high school and college ridiculously distorted. i said a few things i should not have said. >> with the first vote in the senate set for this morning, his fate seems to rest with these three or four senators. one undecided democrat among them. we've got it all covered. we'll start with peter alexander on the hill for us this morning. he's been there every step of this nomination. peter, good morning. >> good morning to you. that critical vote on brett kavanaugh expected to happen within the next 30 minutes. and today the judge is making his closing argument. that new op ed posted overnight trying to back peddle from his emotional at times testimony last week saying that good fwang americans can count on him being even keeled, open minded and independent. on the eve of today's key senate vote one week after his testimony. >> this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and
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orchestrated political hit. as we all know, in the united states political system of the early 2000s, what goes around comes around. >> president trump's supreme court nominee now expressing regret for his words. in a wall street journal op ed, brett kavanaugh writes i was very emotional last thursday, more so than i have ever been. i might have been too emotional at times, adding i know that my tone was sharp and i said a few things i should not have said. i open everyone can understand i was there as a son, husband and dad. the president in minnesota late thursday standing by his pick. >> you see what's going on in congress right now with one of the most respected people potentially, hopefully supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. >> the focus this morning on four key senators who are still
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undecided, collins, murkowski and flake and democrat joe manchin from west virginia. sue s jeff flake, who originally called for the new investigation saying it offered no additional corroborating information to back up sexual misconduct allegations against brett kavanaugh. republican leaders insisting the report vindicates brett kavanaugh who has denied the allegation. >> for goodness sake, this is the united states of america. nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent in this country. >>ing the white house blocked the fbi from interviewing witnesses. >> it looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation that was limited. perhaps by the white house. >> and now a retired supreme court justice is speaking out, john paul stevens, a lifelong republican appointed by gerald ford and took the liberal side on several key rulings. stevens who once supported brett kavanaugh now saying he does not
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belong on the court, questioning brett kavanaugh's temperament. >> i think his performance during the hearings caused me to change my mind. >> overnight, more protests near the supreme court. >> let us say we will not be bullied. we will not be shut up. we will speak our truth. >> hours after hundreds of dm demonstrators convened on capitol hill. >> don't you waive your hand at me. i waive my hand at you! >> when you grow up. >> when i grow up? >> 300 people arrested. including comedian amy schumer. >> white house officials saying they are confident they will have the votes to appoint brett kavanaugh. it is highly unusual for a supreme court nominee to post a column on his own behalf and it
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shows real concerns how this vote could go either way. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> more on what to expect and what could be the unexpected, we will turn to chuck todd and casey hunt on capitol hill. casey, let's start with you. this is a test vote today, but it really in effect is kind of the whole ball game and there is a lot of uncertainty, right? >> this is make or break for judge brett kavanaugh. although, they will have to do an additional vote saturday. this is completely uncertain at this point and that is very unusual on capitol hill. all day yesterday, these three undecided republicans, flake, murkowski and collins were going in and out of that secure room to read this report and came out saying close to nothing. so we still don't know where they stand. and i will say to the point that peter was just making, there has been an increasing sense that the temperament and impartiality
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questions are having an impact on this. it may explain the op ed, that this may be one of the main concerns of susan collins in particular as she tries to decide coming up here in a few hours. >> we have all seen the lists now of the waivers, the fence sitters, the people we feel we don't know what they will do. could there be surprises today? are there other names we should be looking at? >> one other person to put on there and casey hunt has been put on there as well is corey gardener. he put on a statement last night saying he still supports judge brett kavanaugh. but his re-election is in 2020, another senate up in 2020, a republican in a presidential swing state is joni ernst of iowa. both of them are senators that may end up having to deal with this vote in two years politically, deal with this vote in a presidential swing state. and particularly with a corey
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gardener in colorado, colorado is still a swing state, but it's been an anti-trump state. those republicans have really turned on the president, more so than in other swing states here. so, you know, look, some senators vote what they think. some senators vote what they believe their constituents think. >> the heads will be counted today. but this wall street journal op ed, you wonder who the audience was. was it the united states senate? was it people at home? what kind of effect is it having there? >> i think it has to be the united states senate. it is the only audience that really matters at this hour. and again my sources have been pointing to this as something that was causing last minute problems potentially for brett kavanaugh. don't forget, he and his team have been in very careful touch with the senators who are going to matter here. don't think for a second that they are not working this every minute of every day behind the scenes.
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i will just say, though, savannah, one thing that i do think is very important here is just how emotional as well this decision is going to be, especially for the women in the senate. this has less to do with the op ed. but there are protesters behind me. they have been out here in front of the capitol hill literally all night long. the women -- there were survivors of sexual violence in senator lisa murkowski's office for hours yesterday. they came out of her office crying. this is really weighing very heavily on, in particular, collins and murkowski for those reasons. i do think it is important we don't lose sight of that. >> we'll be watching. thank you so much. a programming note, we will have special coverage of this morning's vote. >> it has been one week since that devastating earthquake in indonesia. crews are struggling to reach the hard hitting area. bill is there with the latest. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys.
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at exactly this hour a week ago this place was turned upside down. you can see the rescue efforts going on here now. the earth simply rose up and moved several hundred yards smashing everything in this suburb to pieces. houses, cars over here, family photographs everywhere. bodies still buried in the rubble. overnight there was hope of a rescue, a french team stunned by what they heard in the rubble of a hotel. . under the mangled concrete of this hotel, four rescue dogs detected signs of life, an acoustic sensor confirmed a heart beat in the rubble. for french rescuers and one victim's sister waiting overnight, it was a possible miracle. >> i hope the rescue is quickly and they find my sister. >> but it was not to be. this morning nothing. the heart beat they had detected
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in this rubble had stopped. at a second hotel where dozens are still trapped, relatives wait in agony. she was here with her husband, parents and daughter celebrating their wedding anniversary. she took these photos minutes before the quake buried them. >> life must go on. >> minutes later she watched as her mother's body was brought out of the rubble. she lost both her parents and her husband. too late from this family who came from south korea to mourn their son and brother, an international para gliding champion, killed just hours after their beach front competition. all around them a waste land. the debris is from hundreds of yards away. exactly a week ago, solid ground here turned to liquid, and everything was churned like a blender.
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>> well, the death toll here is now over 1,500. the indonesian government says it doesn't need foreign help, no u.s. transport planes, no american hospital ship. but people in more remote areas are crying out for help. they say they have been abandoned. well certainly this suburb will be abandoned. there is simply no life here to save. so from this very grim place, back to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> craig is joining us now with another story. >> ladies good morning to you. las vegas police confirming they are investigating rape allegations against one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. he claims he is being targeted because of his fame and fortune. one of the biggest sponsors is weighing in. more on that. this is a big story. >> it is. the alleged victim claimed she was raped back in 2009, which he firmly denies.
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she says she was intimidated by his team of fixers to settle allegations with a payout in a nondisclosure deal, but inspired she says by the me too movement, she's moving forward with her claim. >> he's widely considered the most popular athlete on the planet. >> i'm chrreynaldo. >> and one of the world's richest. but this morning, ronaldo says his fame and fortune make him a target. accused of rape in the u.s., the 33-year-old has been sidelined from portugal's national team, taking to social media to defend himself. >> fake, fake news. >> she found strength and courage in the me too movement. >> the attorney for her says ronaldo raped his client after parties in 2009.
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a civil suit claims he pulled the plaintiff on to a bed and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse. she says she was sodomized screaming no, no, no. the impact of her injuries have probably the best way to say it disabled her, have impaired her ability to advocate for herself. >> with las vegas police investigating the claim, she had reached a $375,000 nondisclosure settlement with ronaldo in 2010 that her attorney says should now be void. in a statement ronaldo says he rejects the allegations, saying in part i firmly deny the accusations being issued against me. rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything i am and believe in. nike saying it is deeply concerned by the allegations. the world's biggest superstar accused of crossing the line
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while he says it's the accuser trying to cash in on his fame. >> forbes magazine says he is estimated to be worth some $400 million. his deal with nike which he eludes to could be a deal of a lifetime is valued at upwards of a billion dollars over the next several decades. of course all of that could be on the line, guys, if police determine these allegations are credible. >> thank you. now to the latest stop on melania trump's first trip abroad as first lady. she arrived in kenya where she is spending time at a national park. we are in nairobi with more on that. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: yeah. wildlife is really one of the things that kenya is most known for. and today mrs. trump got the full safari experience in the vast nairobi national park you can see here behind me and spent the morning with rescued baby elephants.
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>> breakfast with the elephants, first lady maelania trump gettig up close and personal with them, trying her hand at feeding the animals before taking in the breath taking view at the nairobi national park, home to giraffes, zebras and impal las. tours the piles of ivory ash from symbolic burns. kenya is making progress against poaching. >> how old is this one? this or felephant will limp for rest of his life. but most of the animals are victims of habitat loss and draught. >> do you think the trump administration is doing the right thing for elephants? >> to some extent i'm afraid i think they're not doing enough. the trade on ivory should be stopped completely. >> the president called elephant hunting a horror show in a tweet.
7:18 am
yet, his administration reversed a ban on elephant parts, allowing them into the u.s. on a case-by-case basis. the first lady is steering clear of politics and policy, dancing with singing children at an orphanage and connecting with the little ones. a sign referencing the president's comment. but this week the first lady is inspirie ining plenty of good w enjoying warm welcomes and smiles in return. >> at that children's orphanage some of the workers told mrs. trump that the children are often over looked and it was a big step that mrs. trump visited today. >> kelly, thanks so much. >> let us get our first check of the weather. dillon is in for al this morning because al will be on broadway this morning.
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>> we do have a lot of rain through parts of the upper midwest moving into wisconsin and northern illinois. we also have some snowfalling through northern minnesota. we have some flash flood watching because the rain will be heavy at times and will produce flooding into northern illinois. so it's this frontal system also the dividing line. we will see some heavy rain move back in this evening tonight into chicago and it will continue to move into indiana and ohio. how much rain are we looking at? through sunday, three to four inches of rain into southwest oklahoma. that's a look at the weather across the country. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. beautiful sunrise over san francisco and no clouds in sight. we're going to have some lower humidity today and our high temperatures there reaching up to 64 degrees. we'll be up to 70 in oakland and 74 in san jose. inland valleys reaching into the upper 70s, and then as we go into the weekend, it's going to be warming up several more degrees and by the end of the weekend, are going to feel some gusty winds, highs in the low 80s and gradually cooling off next week. and that's your latest forecast. all right dillon thank you. coming up our wide ranging
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conversation with ellen degeneres. >> before i stop doing the show some day i hope that i am empowering women. we just have to not be adequate anymore. >> what she shared with us about her abuse as a teenager. the me too movement one year later we will take an in-depth look at how things changed and where things go from here with
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layer up with fleece for the family and save on cuddl duds sheets plus, you'll get $10 kohl's cash for every $50 spent on all of your favorite national brands! this weekend - only at kohl's. breaking news: a tough morning for commuters on interstate 680. good morning, 7:26. tough morning for commuters on interstate 680. the southbound direction down to one lane. this is after a big rig crash that literally dumped tons of sand near dublin. it was a hit-and-run but no major injuries. mike inouye followed that commute all morning long on "today in the bay." he has the latest on that commute and mike, it should stay pretty rough for a while. >> very, very rough right now. we're hearing marcus 1:00 p.m. cal trans and chp told us when they think the lanes will possibly reopen, possibly. there is a spill and a crash investigation that continues here, delayed about an hour through that section, just through pleasanton.
7:27 am
meanwhile 84 or stanley are good options coming out of the altamont, dublin and livermore. the rest of the bay shows that typical friday, so that's thank goodness for the rest of the bay. south 880 slows and north 101. north 87 kurter in a new crash leaves one vehicle in the middleful the roadway. kirker pass road was reopened for one lane traveling away from highway 4. more folks travel west through pittsburg and bay point, that causes extra slowing for friday. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on but they are moving through the maze. kari? >> we are at least feeling some cooler temperatures across the bay area. clear skies, live look outside in san jose where a high temperature headed up to 74 degrees. upper 70s for the inland valleys and some mid-60s for the coast. going into the weekend, it's going to turn windy especially starting tomorrow through sunday as temperatures warm up and the dry northerly wind could increase our fire danger as we go into next week it gradually cools off. looking at highs in the upper
7:28 am
70s by next wednesday. marcus? >> looking forward to it. we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i'm marcus washington. do you hear that? no. it's quiet. too quiet.
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oh, it's 7:30. if you are a baseball fan, that is where you want to be tonight. fenway park in boston. the red sox and yankees are going to meet in the postseason. its first time in 14 years. >> you will remember the last time they did this 14 years ago the red sox came back down 3-0. had to win four straight. >> look at mark traub, one of our floor directors who is in love with the yankees. >> i know. >> who is wishing for something else and look at dillon. >> it is going to be a studio divided. >> it usually is, being a red sox fan in new york never works. >> country divided. more of that later.
7:31 am
first senators will be taking a crucial vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. the focus is on four senators who still say they are undecide, sue an collins, lisa murkowski and jeff flake and democrat joe manchin. republican leaders insist the latest fbi report vindicates kavanaugh of the sexual assault allegations against him. kavanaugh himself now expressing regret for his tone during last week's hearing saying he might have been too emotional. >> some bad news for commuters this morning. gas prizes are on the rise. experts warn they could hit the highest level in four years. right now the national average is $2.91 a gallon. but $3 gas may be just days away as global demand starts to exceed supply. how is that going to impact you? a two car family will pay about $500 more for gas this year than last. the nobel peace prize was awarded this morning to two people who worked to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon
7:32 am
of war. dennis is a doctor who treated thousands of women and girls affected by sexual violence in congo. and nadia is a member of iraq's minuterity. she has spoken out about her kidnapping and sexual assault at the hands of isis in 2014. after she escaped she was named a united nations good will ambassador. they were prized for courageously combatting war crimes and seeking just for the victims. >> meanwhile, if you happened to catch ellen yesterday, you recognize one of her guests, savanna guthrie was there and, then you interviewed her. >> i did her show and then i got to interview her. this was the 16th season of ellen, her hit show. there was a lot to talk about. we had some laughs but as you are about to see our conferring then touring a serious turn. >>. i want to peer into your psyche why do you enjoy pranks and art
7:33 am
discomfort so much? >> it doesn't seem like it's just me. everyone seems to enjoy it equally. i mean it's not like if i am sitting here doing something and no one is responding to it. >> and you chased me around with a frog. i have a fear of frogs. >> it wasn't a real frog. i wouldn't have done that to a frog. it was a -- that would be instrumentsful for a frog. >> i was sweating and crying. >> i know you were. >> and you enjoyed that? >> of course, yes. of course. >> what is that about you? >> i'm not sure. it's for sure, immaturity. i mean, that's -- >> it's been 16 seasons of >> oh! >> with ellen degeneres, the groundbreaking comedian turned actress. >> i'm gay. >> turned talk show host. even has her own life-style brand and now a new clothing line. ellen is always on the move literally. you have a lot of side hustles because you also have this house
7:34 am
flipping thing that you and portia do. >> it is not house flipping. we buy a house, and we love it in and we get bored, so if i find something else and we make money it turns out why not move to another house? >> that's flipping. >> okay. >> but it's not intentional. >> i was reading an interview you did recently. you said you knew when you were young that you would be famous or that fame was important to you to achieve. >> yeah. no, i didn't think i would be famous but my parents were very, very i would say almost obsessed with -- i mean a lot of people are interested in fame. but we didn't have money and we never owned a home. we lived in apartments. we would go to open houses every sunday. we could never afford a house. as a kid i thought that was going to be my house. now i just buy as many houses as i can. >> i wonder how you feel about fame now.
7:35 am
we don't know each other very well but i always think when i see you in person there is a certain shyness about you. >> i'm not kind of a, you know, need attention person. i guess i'm shy. but i think what i think about fame now is people start out in this business, they start out trying to get love or approval. it doesn't fill a void. i mean you have to fill that yourself. you have to know you are good enough and a solid person without someone else's approval. >> this year, ellen has found new purpose through a foundation created in her name, a 60th birthday give from portia derossi her wife of ten years. >> she asked what would you do if you weren't in this business? i said i would like to work with endangered species. now we are building the ellen degeneres campus with the diane fossi foundation. >> she said you would remark at
7:36 am
this is an nbc news special report. >> good day from washington. we're coming on the air just as a critical test vote is getting underway on the senate that could make or break the confirmation of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. if the vote passes, that will stop the clock up to a 30 hour debate under senate rules before a final vote can be held. let's take you to the floor. >> mr. alexander. >> i. >> i. >> mr. bennet. >> no. >> mr. blumenthal? >> mr. blunt? >> mr. brooker? mr. bozeman? >> mr. brown?
7:37 am
mr. berg? >> mrs. cantwell? >> mr. carper? mr. casey? mr. cassidy? ms. collins? mr. coonz? mr. corker? mr. cornin? ms. cortez-masto? mr. cotton? mr. crepo? mr. cruz? mr. danes? mr. donaldly? >> what you are watching is the first of what could be two votes. this is a test vote or a procedural vote.
7:38 am
it is the vote to end the process we have been witnessing of debate and moving towards a final vote on the confirmation of brett kavanaugh. let's go tod casey hunt right nw at the capital. >> lester, this is the critical test vote, as you point out. it is a situation where if there are two republicans and all democrats who vote no, then this nomination will not go forward. but at this hour, there are indications that the final vote on brett kavanaugh could actually be different than this procedural vote. we still need to hear from critical undecided senators, lisa murkowski, jeff flake and joe manchin. susan collins will vote yes on this vote and announce her final vote at 3:00 p.m. there is speculation here on capitol hill. that means it is unlikely she will change her vote. if that means that she will be a
7:39 am
yes, but we do not have that confirmed at this point. this is a little bit -- >> yeah, go ahead. >> i'm sorry, lester. this is something that we haven't seen as much lately, but in the past, it hasn't been uncommon for people to vote to move a nomination or a bill forward and then switch up and vote the other way on final passage. so it seems as though this drama, unless again we get two no votes on this from republicans and joe manchin also sides with them that this drama will extend into another day. >> that sounds like drama beside you. what's happening there? >> these protesters, some of them were out here when i was on the air this morning. they were here overnight this morning and they set up a speaker system and are continuing this protest, this atmosphere we've seen on capitol hill all week. i do think some people are surprised susan collins decided to draw this out in part because
7:40 am
the environment has just been so tense and relentless. people are under a lot of pressure, being confronted by people with emotional and difficult stories and a lot of people have been looking to try and bring that to an end or a conclusion, but it doesn't look like susan collins is read y fo that yet. >> let me bring in chuck todd and andrea mitchell watching alongside us. the thought has been this vote will mirror what we will see tomorrow. >> not necessarily. this was the 60 vote threshold. what this is is the breaking of the filibuster vote. look, john mccain is probably the most recent example where somebody voted yes to advance debate and no on final passage. that was over the repeal and replace of health care. look, when you look at jeff
7:41 am
flake, we have the four. i put put them in most likely to least leekly. lisa murkowski seems the least likely to vote for him. there is some reasons why she may vote no. collins and manchin will vote the same way. the truly unknown here is jeff flake. all these people will be yes today, but i think tomorrow -- and don't discount there are some wobblier republicans that haven't gotten a lot of attention. >> this is about christine blasey ford to some extent. but some other issues came out. and the issue of judicial temperament, andrea, judge brett kavanaugh wrote a op ed in the wall street journal this morning directly taking on and kind of expressing some regret. >> exactly. and saying that perhaps he was too emotional, too passionate. explaining he was defending himself and his family. that was a tell. that told you his white house
7:42 am
and team felt they had this issue out there, that it was not just the fbi not corroborating dr. ford's allegations because frankly they didn't interview the witnesses who could have corroborated and they had perhaps an unusual and unrealistic standard of when you have a she said against a he said. many would argue she had enough evidence. she was evidence. that's what many of our legal experts have been saying. you have to decide who do you believe. but the fact is his temperament, which he partly apologized for, was not in ad libs or not in challenging senators. it was actually in his written statement where he went so political where he talked about the left wing conspiracy, so memorably what goes around comes around. that was skrifte scripted by hi. that has disturbed jeff flake and others as well who may be influenced by something else.
7:43 am
>> so, chuck, will there be questions with that in mind that are reluctant questions. >> we know of one that let that show, corey gardener, republican from colorado. colorado very much a swing state that in normal times, but it has shown a stronger anti-trump streak. the republicans in colorado less comfortable with the trump era. and corey gardener is up for re-election in the president election year, 2020. but there is something else going on here in fairness to these senators on the republican side of the aisle. the baby boomer men in the senate, republicans are comfortable with this vote and ready to take on. lindsey graham of that generation. the younger set, rubio, gardener, tim scott, ben sasse who have teenagers at home that are a different generation. they hate this vote.
7:44 am
they will vote yes politically, but it is painful for them personally. >> and one other quick thing, john paul stevens overnight saying that he was initially in favor of judge brett kavanaugh and now is against because of his demeanor and his belligerent ways. >> we will listen back on the floor now. we are hearing some of the noes. >> durbin, feinstein, harris, heinrick, kaine, leyhi, murkowski, murphy, murry, nelson, peters, shots, smith, tester, udall. >> so lisa murkowski a no as you just heard there.
7:45 am
>> mr. sanders, no. mr. lee, aye. ms. hasson, no. >> let me bring in casey hunt right now. casey, explain where we are now. >> of course. just to reset here, we now know where our four undecided senators are on this procedural motion to move forward. senator collins voting yes. senator flake voting yes. senator manchin voting yes. senator murkowski voting no. so again that means that this vote will likely be cleared and
7:46 am
our policy here at nbc news is not to report the outcome of a vote until after it's been closed. so just to give our viewers that caveat, but right now it does look like it is on track for this to continue forward. so justice brett kavanaugh's -- excuse me, judge brett kavanaugh's nomination does not look like it will be stopped here this morning. instead the drama will shift to this potential final vote. susan collins scheduled to announce how she is going to vote at 3:00 this afternoon. so there has been something of a -- and i have been texting with my sources about this in the last couple of minutes, that there is some sort of game of you go first, no, you go first among these undecided senators. they have been feeling each other out to figure out what they are going to do. senate murkowski sent a firm signal here. she is a no. it would be different to see a world she would vote yes on
7:47 am
final passage. but she has taken the first leap, and perhaps that is an invitation to others to follow behind her. joe manchin, a democrat, is in a difficult situation. previously you might have split a vote to try to have things both ways. but that can also come back to bite you from a political sense because as some politicians have experienced then your opponent could argue you were for something before you were against it. so this does i think indicate that senator manchin were clearly is feeling the pressure, which of course we knew. so i think the bottom line here is that this does seem to be on the whole a positive step for judge brett kavanaugh, but we don't have a final answer yet. lester. >> chuck, talk about the pressure over the next 24 hours on those key folks. >> now we're down to three. you take murkowski off.
7:48 am
you don't vote no and then yes. i would be shocked if it happened in this case. like i said, she had multiple issues. and for what it's worth, mitch mcconnell's whip staff, they were always counting on her. they assumed a no before a yes. so they are going to keep marching forward. collins and manchin, i think joe manchin doesn't want to be 50. if it's a 50/50 tie -- >> you get the headlines. >> yes. and joe manchin is thinking long and hard about that. he's not alone. i think susan collins -- by the way, someone else who is up in 2020. no one likes being 50 on the controversial vote. >> keep in mind, the vote is still open because you are looking at the floor right now. the vote is still open and these numbers could move. but right now it looks positive
7:49 am
for judge brett kavanaugh on this step. >> on lisa murkowski, one thing that may have influenced her -- >> she is a former republican, not some liberal democrat. >> but also lisa murkowski is not on judiciary. very much with lisa murkowski in mind dug up an opinion where he had come out against the heights of hawaiis and native americans in alaska, rights to benefits, federal benefits. she made a big issue of that in the first stage of the hearings. and that could have been very influential backstage as well with lisa murkowski. >> let's go to peter alexander at the white house where peter, i assume, all televisions are tuned to what we're watching. >> that's likely. right now the president not in the oval office, but he's right at the white house right now certainly watching, as are others.
7:50 am
brett kavanaugh's biggest advocate don mcgahn is in that chamber right now. i'm told by the officials there they remain cautiously optimistic right now that brett kavanaugh will pass. the president making his closing arguments of sorts a short time ago on twitter, not making the case for judge brett kavanaugh but attacking some of those protesters we have own over the 24 hours saying the rude elevators are paid professionals. don't fall for it. also, look at all the professionally made signs. these are not signs made in the basement from love #troublemakers. so the president certainly going right after some of those protesters, many of whom are sexual assault survivors. one of the women saying that no one can pay off someone's lived experienced. i think this is going to be a
7:51 am
very tense next 24 to 30 hours. those protesters with at least 300 of them arrested yesterday expect to stick around . to the point you have been talking about on joe manchin, white house officials said their confident level is about a 70 to 80. they feel good about collins and flake. they had a clear message to joe manchin saying if you want to sker re-election you vote yes. it is a deeply red state. if you want to start a knife fight, you vote no. >> the political calculation hanging over all this. all right. let's go todaysy hunt right now. casey nearing the end of the vote? >> it seems that we are. what you are seeing now is the sort of stragglers, if you will. the people that got to the floor a little bit late coming up and indicating how they want to vote. but at this point, we basically know what the outcome is. this drama is essentially going to proceed for another day. and i do want to point to you
7:52 am
can see on the screen. i am assuming our viewers can see this. i'm actually watching a live feed of the floor itself. but all of the senators seem to be or most of them anyway are seated behind their assigned desks in the chamber. i just want to underscore that that's very unusual. let's listen in. >> as a reminder to our guests in the galleries, expressions of approval or disapproval are not permitted in the senate galleries. on this vote, the yeahs are 51. the noes are 49. the motion is agreed to. >> and there you have it. it moves on to the next step. this was a procedural step but an important one because it moves it forward to a final vote we expect tomorrow on the confirmation of brett kavanaugh. what happens between now and then? i will throw it to both of you? >> i think susan collins is the key here.
7:53 am
at the end of the day, i think i can't imagine joe manchin voting yes if susan collins votes no. and there you go. that's the ball game and we will find out at 3:00 this afternoon. >> 3:00 this afternoon eastern time is going to be a very big moment. susan collins had said that brett kavanaugh had satisfied her on her threshold issue, which was whether or not he would consider roe settled law. some people disagreed. but in their personal meetings she was very comfortable with that and she was comfortable also, she said, with the level of detail in that fbi supplemental report. so all of the signals from her was that she had a comfort factor with him. but there is a lot of pressure from maine. the newspaper in portland came out against it. and this is really a very tough issue for her. >> can i just tell you? but on both sides of it there is
7:54 am
a very strong conservative to the primary e welcolectorate in. he's always won because of re-election. lisa murkowski she lost a republican primary once and ran as a write in. that is not easy to get somebody to write in. she is as bulletproof of a senator as there is in the united states senate in that she has already proven. she certainly has her own comfort level. she knows how to survive. susan collins has never been through this. >> can i say a word about heidi. she said she was a former attorney general and has counseled and dealt with victims of sexual assault and really believed dr. ford. that was her issue.
7:55 am
as her brother said yesterday, said she is going to have to face herself in the morning every morning when she brushes her teeth and she had to be comfortable with herself. >> can i just reemphasize that? we all sit here and pick these people apart as two dimensional figures. i go back to the discomfort i have learned from my own reporting about some of the younger republican senators who are conservatives and in some ways more conservative than brett kavanaugh. but they live in america. they realize what's happening. they're uncomfortable. they are taking this more personally. i think this is becoming a more personalized vote for many. >> we saw polling that suggested democrats are being hurt leading into the midterm elections by this. that the enthusiasm level has dropped and it moved in republican favor. >> i would say, no, it's more of
7:56 am
republicans have caught up, their enthusiasm level. >> do democrats fight the fight now? >> i think it doesn't matter what the electeds want to do. the base wants to fight. this is what's happened to our politics. just remember. i actually think that the senate here is really just a mirror imagine of what's actually happening in the two bases. why is brett kavanaugh suddenly such a galvanizing force for the right? most of the trump conservatives didn't like him in the beginning because he was a bushy. this is what -- we are in a cold civil war politically between the bases of these two parties. i think that is what's animating this. so, you know, it could mean that we end up just having a very high turn out election where energy is on both sides and that benefits the republicans in senate races, but it benefits democrats in these house races. >> and in the past, the supreme
7:57 am
court as a voting issue has not been an energizing issue. so this shows the republicans are energized and that's why they are narrowing the race in these races that are trending toward the democrats. >> we should note brett kavanaugh is not there yet but has passed a major hurdle in this key procedural vote. 51-49 yes moving it forward to this final vote. let me go to pete williams right now. the supreme court as you have been reporting is back at work. if things continue in brett kavanaugh's favor, how soon could he be on the court. >> tuesday. because monday is a holiday. we have seen this happen before where supreme court justices are confirmed and once the term is already begun for the supreme court, they have to take two oaths of office. they have to take the constitutional office that anybody else in the federal government takes and they take a judicial oath. but that could be done in a closet somewhere or in a cab on
7:58 am
the way up to the supreme court. it doesn't have to be a formal ceremony. the ceremony where they formally welcome the justice, that could happen later. neil gorsuch came on at the last minute last year and his wasn't until later. if he is confirmed on saturday, he could be on the supreme court saturday. >> the rest of the court has been watching what we have been watching, the renewed investigation, the results. how does that affect how business would be conducted among the nine. >> i think that's very hard to say. i think -- i think that undoubtedly they would, as a formal matter, welcome in. he'd be a fully confirmed member of the court if he in fact is confirmed. he gets a vote like anybody else. i think it would take them a while to get to know how to deal with him. some of them already know him because, of course, he's a judge just a few blocks down the street at the d.c. court of appeals and some of them served with him. he's no stranger to most members
7:59 am
of the court. but they read the papers like anybody else. it would take a while to work these things out. there is an old expression that every time you get a new j justice, you get a new court. >> we are talking about this vote tomorrow. the real drama will be at 3:00 this afternoon. is there any surprise here where we're at? >> i think whatever susan collins says could be the decisive factor. of course not totally because if she says that she is voting for him, then we have to see what jeff flake is going to do on final passage. >> thanks to you both. we will be talking along the way here. we will have full coverage throughout the day on msnbc. i'll have a complete wrap up. for now i'm lester holt in washington.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, breaking news, tensions running high on capitol hill. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, catch has got to go. >> the embattled supreme court nominee making a final plea in a "wall street journal" op ed. what happens this morning? we are live in washington with the latest. plus, speaking out. >> when the ball hit my eye, my sight, it's finished for me. >> the ryder cup fan who was blinded after being hit in the eye boy a golf ball opens up
8:01 am
about that terrifying ordeal. this morning, the action she is take against the tournament as her injury put spectator safety in the pot light. it's always sunny in california. our puppy with a purpose heads to los angeles to spend a day with carson on the set of the voice. >> coaches i want you to meet sonny. this is sonny our guide dog at the "today" show. >> how sonny stole the show "today" october 5th 2018. >> i'm here for my 70 birthday. >> hao senior my grandma from charleston. >> celebrating half a century of marriage. >> i am turning 65 and fab laws. woo! >> we love you, christian. >> teachers from ball on the state college. >> nine kids at home. three months free, who has got
8:02 am
the kids? not me. >> we need those t-shirts. >> welcome back to "today." why are are they smiling? why are they cheering? it's friday and we're right there with you. >> i saw a sign that said i can't wait to see al roker on broadway tonight. let's get right to the news at 8:00. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is expecting some regrets ahead of today's crucial votes ahead of his national confirmation fight. peter alexander joins was the latest. >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh getting good news, by a 51-49 margin kavanaugh advanced to a full senate vote likely to take place tomorrow. murkowski on this early vote was a no, but collin, flake and manchin were all yeses. it comes as cavanaugh is trying
8:03 am
to backpedal from his more political testimony last week. one week after his partisan-infused testimony. >> this whole two-week effort has been a kalt calculated and orchestrated political hit. as we all know in the united states political system of the early 2000s, what goes around comes around. >> reporter: president trump's supreme court nominee expressing regrets, many scripted, that ignited con seshs about his judicial temperament. in a headline "i am an independent i'm martial judge." kavanaugh writes i might have been too emotional at times saying i know my tone was sharp and i said a few things i should not have said. i hope everyone can understand i was there as a son, husband and and dad. the president in minnesota thursday standing by his pick. >> you see what's going on in congress right now with one of
8:04 am
the most respected people potentially, hopefully supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. >> reporter: the focus this morning on four key senators who are still undecided. republicans collings, myrrh coy ski and flaet and joe manchin from deep red west virginia. susan collins saying she's satisfied with the fbi findings saying it appears to be a very thorough investigation and jeff flake who called for the investigation saying it offered no additional corroborating information to back up sexual misconduct allegations against cavanaugh. cavanaugh has denied the allegations. >> for goodness sakes, this is the united states of america. nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent in this country. >> democrats arguing the white house blocked the fbi from interviewing many potential witnesses. >> it looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation that was limited perhaps by the white house.
8:05 am
>> now a retired supreme court justice is speaking out, john paul stevens who took the liberal side on several key rulings. stephens who once supported kavanaugh now saying he doesn't belong on the court, questioning his temperament. >> i think his performance during the hearings caused me to change my mind. >> just moments ago, even as that piece was running, the president has now tweeted reaction to the senate's vote saying very proud of the u.s. senate for voting yes to advance the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh. white house officials telling me they remain cautiously optimistic that cavanaugh will be confirmed, but the new op-ed speaks volumes, demonstrates real concerns this could still go either way. >> peter, thank you. one week after a major earthquake and tsunami struck indonesia, the official death toll has risen to above 1500. residents are still fining victims buried under the mud.
8:06 am
relief supplies and medical help arriving from overseas. some electricity has been restored. however, the country's vice president says full recovery will take at least two years. >> if you didn't catch the major league baseball playoffs last night, you missed a good one. >> the milwaukee brewers needed extra innings to get over the colorado rockies. game one of the national league: game two later today. meanwhile the l.a. dodgers, no problem at all with the the atlanta braves. peterson hitting the home run in the first inning and that would be all they needed. the dodgers go on to win that 6-0. the american league teams get under way tonight. the big one we're all watching, of course, yankees/red sox and
8:07 am
the astros taking on the indians. >> an awesome start. >> i got a boost for you. a california sheriff's deputy is getting a lot of love online. he went the extra mile. he got a call about an elderly woman in a motorized wheelchair blocking traffic. her battery died. the chair wouldn't sit in the police cough. you know what the officer did? he pushed her home, a full mile while his partner was driving along nearby joking that he needed to pick up the pace a little bit. going the extra mile. >> good for him. still ahead, fighting for himself and his family, ben affleck opening up about his battle with alcohol addiction. >> the golf fan blinded in one eye after being hit by a ball at the ryder cup. she's speaking out about what happened and her plans to sue. that's right after this. ♪the more we are together the better we'll be♪
8:08 am
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>> this is the moment korean remand's life changed forever. if the ball had taken even a slightly different path, she could have died. she's passionate about golf, a player herself. the ryder cup challenge in paris last week was the dream ticket. korean and her husband raphael were in the audience. >> i'm not sure what that hit. >> reporter: the next moment she was on the ground surrounded by medics, hit in the eye and blinded by a golf ball traveling at over 100 miles per hour. >> when the ball hit my eye, my eye explodes. >> reporter: koepka was told after the game was over. >> it's a tragic accident, what happened. i mean, i'm heart broken. i'm all messed up inside.
8:15 am
>> that stray shot has changed corrine's life forever. >> my question is how to live now with only one eye. >> her husband, rafael, had to break the news to her. his voice breaking with emotion. >> it was a difficult time. it's difficult. difficult. the doctor told me that she is very, very big damage in her eye and she would never recover her sight. but she was stronger than me. >> corrine says she is not blaming koepka. >> from the player, there is no fault. i'm just angry about the organization and all the marshals. >> claiming the marshals did not warn spectators when the ball went off course. there was a lackey of safety warns and officials did not check on her or visit the hospital. ryder cup officials dispute that
8:16 am
claim saying the marshals called the ball. >> up into the gallery, i believe. >> tickets warn of inherent risk and they offered to help after the incident. the doctor told raphael, if the ball had hit her head in a different place, she could have died. corrine is determined to sue. >> i don't want to change all the rules in golf. i just want them to improve the safety rules. >> extraordinary strength of character. how about this, guys, corrine says despite what happened she still plans to play golf and hopes to improve her handicap. >> all right, thank you so much. you guys are golf fans. >> it is unfortunate. >> it's scary. even just playing a round of golf when you're out playing yourself -- >> that particular hole, the 6th hole is a reachable hole for golfers. the only thing i think they could have warned spectators of is they would attempt the drive
8:17 am
the green. this is a potential danger zone they are really bombing it. >> we have a check of the weather miss dylan. >> we have a big mix of temperatures across the country. we have a cold front draped through the middle of the country. that's what's dividing the temps. ahead of it, it's unseasonably warm. temperatures running to ten to 15 degrees above average. atlanta 91 for a high. raleigh 88. st. louis 90 degrees. on saturday, cleveland is in the lower 80s. nashville is in the lower 90s. norfolk, virginia, 78 degrees. on the flip side on back side temperatures are running five to 15 degrees below average, bismarck, north dakota only 39 degrees for a high. that's 24 degrees below average. duluth about 44 degrees. on saturday the cool air settles that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in for a really nice day across the bay area with some sunshine and lower humidity.
8:18 am
it's going to be cool and breezy in san francisco with a high of 64 degrees and time for the air show today, going to be up to 70 in oakland and 74, san jose, and pa palo alto. going throughout the weekend, our winds will continue to increase and temperatures going up as well. sunday, we're reaching the peek of our warmth with a high of 83 and cooling down next week. and that's your latest forecast. >> carson in the orange room with a bizarre one. >> go with me. police in gilbert, minnesota are warping the residents of the ultimate party fowl. where is al roker when i need them. there is a group roaming the area unable to control their alcohol. angry birds. drunk birds. the frost caused berries to ferment and they are eating them.
8:19 am
they're eating these berries and behaving just like i do on saturday night. police expressed concerns about the tipsy birds saying the police department has received several reports of birds that appear to be quote under the influence. they're flying into windows, cars and acting confused. there is no need to call law enforcement about these birds they should sober up within a period of time end quote. social media users quite amused. roxy writes, this is the kind of news i want to see in my feed. chris posts i am disappointed the sober birds are letting their friends fly drunk. that's a good one. and minnesota is lit. there you have it. it turns out minnesota isn't the only place dealing with these berry wasted burns. in oregon they have drunk tanks where people can leave the birds until they soaper up.
8:20 am
>> now there is a 30-day program for them. >> this is in the run forth the best orange room hit ever. >> it is. >> officials also said you can help the birds by giving them coffee. no, by putting decals on your windows and contacting an animal rescue center. i don't want to be insensitive to the bird lovers out there. don't write me. this is actually a psa. don't write me about it. there is a rescue center. if you see a bird drunk, take him to the center. take care of him. >> wipe that smile off your face. >> do they get a hangover? >> i -- >> a legit question. >> curious. >> carson loves this story. >> so much going on in my head. let's move on to pop start. because of "the voice," you know my deal, if i'm not here i am in l.a., right. >> yeah. >> i have got the tale of two cities. when i'm in l.a. i miss everybody here. i want to bring so many of you with me to "the voice." but you all can't go with me but sonny, our puppy with the purpose spent the day with me on
8:21 am
the set of "the voice." all the coaches agree sonny here is the real star. sonny and i have a good thing going but our playtime has to wait when i'm hosting "the voice" in los angeles. needless to say, he misses me. so sonny traveled cross country, his very first plane ride and first trip to the west coast eager to see the other studio i call home, universal studios. sonny, come. come. hi buddy. hi buddy. oh, i missed you. hi buddy. let me show you guys around here. i gave sonny and olivia the grand tour. we are on the universal lot. this is where we shoot "the voice." this is also where they shoot many, many movies. they will come in and light all this up, bring in bus loads of extras and make these streets come alive. yes, you are doing so good. we headed inside "the voice" sound stage.
8:22 am
look. closed set, sonny, but you are getting the inside scoop, buddy. come on. so sonny could check out my trailer. sonny come on in. look. this is where i take all my naps and relax. look, i read all my scripts here for "the voice." and look my whole family is here. there is my children, and look, sonny, there you are. he showed me what he has been learning from the guide dog foundation. sonny, bring. good job, sonny. what do you want to watch? sonny, can you push? good job. i have one more thing for you. check this out, buddy. yeah. it is official now. hear that? it's the audience. do you want to meet the coaches? leash. good job. let's go. we headed backstage to meet up with adam levine, blake shelton, kelly clarkson and jennifer hudson. guys, i wanted you to meet
8:23 am
sonny. >> i was there at the "today" show. >> you met sonny when he was eight weeks old. >> nice to have another male on the group that's potty trained. >> sonny, come here. can you sit, can you sit. shake. shake, good, pound it, pound it. oh, yeah. pretty good, right? >> pound it buddy, pound it. >> that's a smart dog. >> he is. >> yeah. >> i feel like we need a mascot, like a voice dog. >> let's get a picture. >> you better rock those glasses, sonny. >> it's unanimous. all of the coaches are team sonny. four chairs turned for sonny. sonny showing his voice pride. we had a good time. catch a new episode of "the voice" here on nbc on mondays
8:24 am
and tuesdays. next one is monday 8:00 central on the peacock. we had a great time happening with our puppy with the purpose. >> did he have a favorite? >> kelly for sure. they had history. kelly was here. >> it was cute to see all he could do. >> he's learning a lot. reese witherspoon and her husband were selected to read to their son's class as the readers of the week. they took the roles seriously dressing up as the characters from the book series their reading from. eventually the pair took off the heads of their costumes, looks like she enjoyed being a mystery reader. a plus for what they put into that assignment. ben affleck is speaking out for the first time since entering rehab in august. after next's ex jennifer garner literally drove him to the treatment center of alcohol al
8:25 am
dix. he released a statement on instagram on the progress he has made, writing quote, battling any addiction and alive long and difficult struggle. because of that, one is never really in or out of treatment. it is a full-time commitment. i am fighting for myself and my family. ben also reiterated getting help is a sign of courage not weakness or failure. we are all certainly glad he is getting help and wish him nothing but the best. >> you have a daily click for us? >> i do. fans of toy story have grown to love and adore slinky, a dog whose front and back ends are held together by the slinky, and his torso stretches and makes the clanking sound. it's adorable. one father took his love and made this custom costume for his son and niece. beckham and audrey both just turned 1.
8:26 am
they are already crushing the halloween game right there. >> adorable. >> they had the costume at disneyland and people were freaking out. couldn't get enough of it. there it is. >> that is so cute. chassis post is here with i )m ... breaking news: a tough mornin but first your local news. good morn, it's 8:26. a really tough morning on interstate 680. the southbound direction snarled after a big-rig crash dumped tons of sand near dublin. the chp now says this was a hit and run crash that resulted from two cars driving recklessly. no major injuries in this one, but a very painful commute. all morning long as mike inouye's been tracking. what a rough friday. >> yes, 27 tons of sand spread across the roadway. as well as two big rigs. well, two trailers there, you saw that. 64,000 pounds of sand has to be removed. we're hearing 1:00 p.m. when
8:27 am
they can reopen the lanes. southbound isn't completely closed. you're able to get by on the surface lane. that's why you have the slowing coming out of san ramone. folks are hearing about it and moving towards 580 and cast thr valley area. livermore, 84. a lighter flow keeps things moving towards this portion of the bay outside the trivalley. we have no real problems. a number of crashes reporting around the y. lanes are still open for 880. north 280, a new crash moving to the shoulder but there's more pronounced slowing. back to you. >> more local news coming up for you.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
al roker is going to make his debut on broadway tonight. he is performing this the hit
8:31 am
musical "waitress" for the next six weeks. >> he has been practicing. >> he has been working so hard. he has a solo musical performance. we heard the practice. it is very good. he even dances. if you are in new york this fall, check it out. support al, head over to waitress. by the way, al, good luck, and also al is going to be with us every morning because test energizer bunny. >> we are going to see al tonight. that's going to be fun on his opening night. >> good luck buddy. coming up, who is ready for some football fun? we will show you where to find the coolest gadgets and gear to throw the ultimate tailgate. speaking of football. it is time for our crowd moment. where are ashley and abel? what? hello. whose birthday is it? >> mine. >> you are turning how old? >> 30. >> where are you from? >> from houston. >> you are spending your birthday in new york because -- >> it is her first time here. >> it is my first time here. i love you a all so much. we are excited right now.
8:32 am
>> we thought we would celebrate your birthday. thanks to the nfl and nbc sports we are giving you four tickets to an nfl game, and a whole -- check that out. who is your team? >> houston texans. >> the texans, baby. >> 100%. >> have fun this weekend. happy birthday. and thank you for coming to see us, guys. >> thank you so much. >> that was a good one. >> not so bad. happy birthday abel. rita wilson was here to help us kick off pink power day. this morning she'll perform a song from her brand new alum. housekeeping, we want to let you know what we have planned on "today" the next week. shaquille o'neal is going to be here on thursday to co-host our 8:30 half hour. just like shaq, things are going to be larger than life.
8:33 am
>> next thursday, october 11th we will celebrate the international day of the girl. a special event on our plaza. michelle obama will be here. hoda and i will talk to her about life after the white house, the importance of education for girls around the world. >> we have kelly clarkson that day, jennifer hudson, megan trainer. the three of them will put on a live concert in front of an audience of girls from all around the country. come down to the plaza on thursday. it's going to be one of those days to remember. >> we are going to bring our first, too. boys are also allowed. >> going to be a heck of a morning. before we get to all of that, how about a final check of the weather. >> yes, it feels like fall out here. >> this sunday night football weather is brought to you by verizon, the unlimited plan you need on the network you deserve. >> as i was saying, feels like fall out here. but it is going to warm up once again this weekend. let's look at what's going on across the country this weekend. and we are going to see warm temperatures well above average
8:34 am
down across the southeast on saturday, heavy rain though does starts to move into arkansas and southwestern oklahoma where we could see up to three to five inches of rain. mountain snow by sunday across the northern rockies, the highest elevations could see one to two feet of snow. looking at flood threat in the southern plains. above average temperatures in the east, 80s and 90s along the gulf coa that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> we've got some nice weather on the way for the bay area this weekend. with some lower humidity, a lot of sunshine, we're heading up to 77 degrees for the inland valley. slightly warmer tomorrow and breezy. and the gusty winds as we go towards sunday. this could also increase the fire danger, so we'll be watching out for that, especially for inland hills. high temperatures reaching the low 80s and gradually cooling off next week, back into the upper 70s. for san francisco, looks like it will be a nice weekend with sunshine and highs in the 60s.
8:35 am
80 degrees for the temp. that is sunday night, football night in america right here on nbc. we get started at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> we move from football to baseball. this is the best time of the year, the major league postseason is underway. >> there is another league playing right now with some of the most devoted players that you will ever meet you. >> won't find them in massive stadiums. what you will find is a passion for the game that matches anyone in the big leagues. it was all started by one young man who just wanted to play ball. ♪ they gather on a dusty ball field, baking in the georgia sun.
8:36 am
there are hits. runs. definitely some errors. but what sets this game apart is what the players bring to it. most of the players have special needs. >> i was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. speech issues, sensory issues, anxiety issues. >> that's taylor duncan. he's 22. he's not just a player. he's the coach. he's the commissioner and, oh, he is also the founder of the alternative baseball commission. >> when did you fall in love with the game? >> i fell in love with it around the time that i was 4 and 5. >> reporter: taylor wanted to play ball, but some coaches would not let him. >> it was basically win at all costs. once he knew that i had autism, he basically wanted me to quit the team. >> reporter: most people would have given up, but taylor isn't most people. he decided to start his own team. then he created his own league for players like him. >> it would seem to me this is
8:37 am
about more than just baseball. >> of course it's more than just the sport of baseball itself, america's pastime. but it can grow character. it can grow social skills. the unpredictability of the sport itself can teach these people how to deal with certain situations in real life. >> jimmy young had no connection to the special needs community when he was asked to play a pickup game with taylor's team. now he coaches one of the other teams in this growing league. >> when they first came, we started them off hitting on a tee. now we can pitch them overhand. we might not be able to throw them 70 or 80 miles an hour, but we can throw them overhand and they can hit the ball. >> the volunteers and parents get just as much out of it as the players. just ask scott arnold who brings his son tyler. >> all of these kids are like sons to me. that's what gets here. >> what's your favorite part? >> hitting and pitching. >> i hear you are a pretty good pitcher.
8:38 am
>> uh-huh, yeah. >> taylor will be the first to tell you that none of this would be possible without the love and support of his mom, cindy. how difficult was it rearing a child who has autism? >> it's been hard. it's been really hard. his dad and i separated when -- before he was diagnosed at the age of 4. i devoted life to him. you know, it just had to be that way. >> it seems to be paying off, though? >> it is paying off. it's remarkable to me to think where he has come from and where he's at. >> you have come a long way from a kid that -- >> thank you. >> -- couldn't get picked up by a little league team. >> a lot of times in my life i have been told no you can't do this, no you are not able, no it is not possible. but i can tell you with the right support and the right opportunities, you can really go anywhere. >> where taylor is happiest is on the baseball diamond. it's no wonder that when you round the bases you end up at a
8:39 am
place called home. have you ever seen one of those coaches that wouldn't let you play back in the day? >> no, but i would like to see their face when they see me on the "today" show. >> beautiful. >> cool kid. one of the coolest kids i have met in a while. the alternative baseball organization now has ten teams mostly in the southeast. new teams forming in colorado and new jersey. taylor says he would like to see this span the entire country. >> this may have given him a big head start. i love his confidence. you can see how he blossomed. >> there is something about baseball that really brings people together of it is individual but a team sport at the same time. >> the kids who play it, the parents tell me a lot of them look forward to it every day, the highlight of their day every day. >> shout out to mom. poured herself into him and it paid off. >> coming up next, another sport we love -- >> we are back to football. >> eating. >> this is the part of football i can get into. jackie post has everything we need for the ultimate tailgate
8:40 am
weekend. first, this is "today" on nbc. jackie post has everything we need for the
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back with my we are back with my favorite segment, stuff we love. this morning, you need for the ultimate tail game. just in time for sunday night's big game. it is here on nbc, cowboys and houston texans. big battle. we have great gadgets, gear and goodies. hi. >> are you ready for some football? >> you always have the most fun stuff. starting here, what is this? >> starting with these guys just to make it clear that your family has the most spirit on the block why not try an inflatable nfl lawn helmet? these babies light up at night so there will be no mistaking that your family has the spirit. find them at starting at $59. all your favorite teams. savanna, you are going to love this.
8:43 am
>> my tushy gets cold. >> this is looks like a mild mannered stadium seat. it is heated and has a massaging feature. so you will never get cold -- >> or bored. >> or bored. $89. you might recognize -- >> this is maddie, my honorary little sister, a producer at the show and maddie. >> maddie is a green bay super fan she knows whether she is tailgating or homegating. she is wearing this adorable vintage t. just in case you weren't sure who she was rooting for, check out the sneakers. green bay sneakers from now our favorite four-legged fan. >> scooby, show it off, this is our moment. >> scooby is wearing a matching jersey, $17. >> so cute.
8:44 am
>> you guys are the cutest. >> thank you so much. >> bye, buddy. >> look we have a cheerleading outfit, too. >> look at that. >> let's talk about these sports carts. >> carson in his natural environment. >> watching beast mode run the ball. khalil mack. rivers is going to throw deep. we are going to need the secondary to be there. i think we will, we are off the a slow start but we have got to win. >> these are called under the weather sports pods. this takes spectating to a whole new level, right? these are incredible. great for the football mom and for tailgating. >> look at him. >> carson -- >> yes. >> if we can gently get you to step out. >> i don't know if i can stand up, but i'll try. he is giving maddie a run for her money in a head to toe raiders suit here. >> if i can go back and get
8:45 am
remarried this is what i would wear. i love you. >> you can have this tie, jacket and pants for $129 from amazon. >> it's flattering as well. >> worth every penny. >> totally flattering. >> carson you are a good sport. but you a also modelling another jeepious invention. >> the foe bell prize was awarded but it should have gone to tho this invention. >> it is called the go plate. >> can't drink, though. >> why tailgate with two hands when you can tailgate with one, right? this is a good deal, here. let's go raiders! let's go. >> where do you get the ga plate. >>, $9.99. and doesn't carson look awesome? >> yeah! >> did you show us this? or what's next? >> this is the collapsable tailgate table. i call it the portable party. >> seriously. >> because you pop this baby and fill with it snacks and drinks
8:46 am
and tail gate it. >> i would treat it like a truck. i love that baby. 30 seconds. >> the gorm aia smokeless grill. it cuts out 90% of smoke. great for tailgating or home gating. this is the crock pot, nfl cook and carry slow cooker. you can even take out the little stone wear in there and put it in the fridge or take to it the table. >> portable. >> and lastly, brooklyn piggies. ger may pigs in a blanket. >> fantastic. >> really good. >> gourmet sausage. four flavors. >> this is like a chicken sausage. >> sausage and original. so good. >> can you do a twirl one more time while i read the tease. you look so darned good. >> if you want more on this or want you to got your hands on this tailgating gear, go to our website. we are going to have great music. a performance from rita wilson.
8:47 am
first this is "today" on nbc. california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> welcome back. singer song writer and actress rita wilson just released her third album, called pigger picture. and we are happy to have her perform the title track for us. ladies and gentlemen, rita wilson. ♪ ♪ took an old scrap book off a closet shelf ♪ ♪ dusted off the cover, dusted off myself ♪ ♪ laid it in my lap, and i opened it up ♪ ♪ to find who i am and who i was ♪ ♪ wonder woman cape on a
8:50 am
wide-eyed girl ♪ ♪ dreams too big for a small town world ♪ ♪ faded red ribbon from my first track meet ♪ ♪ second place never was enough for me ♪ ♪ you want to win, but you compromise ♪ ♪ you lose yourself in all the lies ♪ ♪ until you are someone you hardly recognize ♪ ♪ oh, they say it you can go forward when you are looking back ♪ ♪ but i'm hoping there are some answers hidden somewhere in the past ♪ ♪ every snapshot memory missing piece just might put me back together ♪ ♪ help me see the bigger
8:51 am
picture ♪ ♪ white corps sandal, senior prom ♪ ♪ christmas from the year that i lost my mom ♪ ♪ wedding day, waving from the back of the car ♪ ♪ before broken vows and broken hearts ♪ ♪ now i'm years and years removed from the world of hurt i can't undone ♪ ♪ lost and searching for some kind of clue ♪ ♪ oh, they say you can't move forward when you are looking back ♪ ♪ but i am hoping there's some answers hidden somewhere in the past ♪ ♪ every snapshot memory missing piece just might put me back
8:52 am
together ♪ ♪ help me see the girl i thought i was isn't lost in yesterday ♪ ♪ am i strong enough to turn another page ♪ ♪ they say you can't move forward when you are looking back ♪ ♪ but i found a couple answers hidden right here in my past ♪ ♪ every snapshot memory missing piece just might put me back together ♪ ♪ help me see the bigger pict e picture ♪ ♪ oh, the bigger picture ♪ took an old scrap book off the
8:53 am
closet shelf ♪ >> rita wilson. thank you again. her new album, bigger picture is out now. we are back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. way to stay connected.
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when you download the xfi app today. i can't stop looking at this outfit. >> why would you change? >> church is going to be interesting on sunday. >> father bob. >> if you showed up in that your wife would bury you in it. >> carson is going to be buried in that suit some day. i think that's totally perfect. coming up on sunday, we are going to be busy with the confirmation vote with judge kavanaugh. we have a great conversation
8:56 am
with an actor, and hip hop actor, he is in the marvel film "venom". he won an emmy for night of the hbo series. riz ahmed. that's in addition to everything else on sunday. >> and we have a saturday show. we are talking flu good morning. chris sanchez here with you. that continuing breaking news, a really rough commute for folks on interstate 680. the southbound direction stalled because of a big rig crash that dumped nearly tons and tons of sand near dublin. chp now says this was a hit and run crash involving two cars driving recklessly. no major injuries, but the
8:57 am
commute is just about bad enough to make you cry. mike inouye watching it all morn long. >> we don't have reports of official crying but i empathize. southbound 680, tons and tons, 24 tons of sand reported spread across the roadway, along with two rigs. the trailers that were carrying it. they have a very slow drive south 680 and now 580 bunching up. this friday had not seen a commute slowing through the area, but now all these roadways coming down off of 580, also 84, a lot of surface street traffic. continuing possibly until 1:00 p.m. >> sure hope your day gets better. we have more local news coming up for you in just a bit. have a great morning. a look bact
8:58 am
destructive wildfires to hit the north bay. the residents ) road to recover. plus- ?what should be in your )go bag ) if you )re toldo get out?! our consumer team prepares you for the worst. monday morning from 4:30 to 7. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. monday morning from 4:30 to 7. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is
9:00 am
ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. good morning, i'm megyn kelly. joining me today, we have nbc's gadi schwartz, and dylan dreyer, and akbar, co-host of -- >> american ninja warrior. >> nothing i love more than that soundtrack. welcome, everybody. it's hard to believe, would you believe it today marks one year since the me too movement started to get rolling. it was october 5th of last year when the "new york times" published its bombshell article detailing decades of


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