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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 7, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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call me stupid. but i loved bill hall jr. till the day i die. dangerous weathers lead to this.. brush fires... that put right now at 11:00, dangerous weather conditions lead to this, brushfires that put communities on high alert. a big concern now the smoke that enshrouded the bay area. news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> we begin with a weather alert tonight. the fires burning today are taking a big toll on air quality. and hazy conditions produced a gorgeous sunset, but danger remained. check in with rob mayeda who is tracking the air quality. we have a look at what he can expect into the workweek. >> watching air quality. at times falling ash from the sky picked up by the regional
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network and our storm ranger. you see on our radar, that plume right there extending from concord into walnut creek, danville to the south toward castro valley. even toward fremont ash being detected by the radar. you can see the smoke plume pushed by the bands, narrow wind through the south bay, down into santa cruz. and look how quickly the air quality deteriorated around the bay area. some good air quality around danville to unhealthy, 50 points higher than the standard spare the air day for a spare the air day. san jose, the air quality getting pretty bad. even down into santa cruz, unhealthy. the index in the red above 150. tomorrow we'll begin the workweek with a smoke advisory so the central bay and south bay. and unfortunately, the red flag warning extended a little later now into monday morning. a full look at the hour-by-hour forecast coming up in about 12 minutes. >> okay, rob, we'll see you then. thank you. a wind-driven fire has burned more than 4,000 acres
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near suisun city. sky ranger was over the flames this afternoon. the winds have died down significantly in the past few hours, and that has helped firefighters gain some ground. right now the fire is 70% contained. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live from solano county with the plans tonight. marianne? >> reporter: well, you can see behind me there is a chp officer stationed here to make sure no one drives back into the areas where there are active fire lines. firefighters tonight confirm that one home was destroyed. the people who lived in it are okay. in fact, i spoke with their son, and he told me that his parents were able to ride out the fire in another section of their property. crews heading to the fire lines tonight are dealing with much less wind than they faced earlier today. flames pushed by 40-mile-an-hour winds consumed a home, and this structure in just seconds, and went on to burn at least one
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other building. a fire also torched at least two cars. crews are welcoming the calmer weather conditions tonight. >> the fire pretty much ran out into the marsh. so that's problematic in that we can't get to it in the marsh, but there are no more structures that we know of that are in front of it. >> reporter: the fire started shortly before 11:00 this morning south of travis air force base, and jumped highway 12, forcing it to briefly close. >> literally looked like it is coming from the marsh. >> tricia is nervous as she watches it get closer to her home. >> all night, into the morning. in my head, that can easily blow over here. >> reporter: here on scully road, a close call as flames came within feet of a home. hours of attack from the air and on the ground paid off. right now this fire is burning in mashland, and firefighters say that's a little bit
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difficult because they can't get into those areas with their equipment. tonight they're going to flank the fire and keep a close eye on it for hot spots. reporting live in suisun city, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. a fire burning near morgan hill shut down southbound lanes on highway 101 for nearly an hour this afternoon. this is what it looked like for drivers on the other side. flames coming right up to the edge of the freeway, as you see right there, the 62 acre fire started off monterey road and coyote creek drive. that fire is 50% contained now. the short distance from the fires marianne was talking about, another brushfire erupted this morning. this off 505 north of vacaville and a video posted on snapchat shows flames burning on the side of the interstate. at one point all lanes of southbound 505 were closed. everything back to normal for many hours now. a total of 50 acres burned there. tomorrow marks one year since the devastating north bay
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wildfires. this weekend many people took time to remember the victims and to focus on the recovery. nbc bay area's sergei quintana has more now. >> reporter: nearly a year ago, sonoma plaza was teaming with residents who were told to evacuate but didn't exactly know where to go. tonight people came together to look back on what they survived. on the night the fires tore through the north bay, rachel hundley was mayor of sonoma. she says her life has never been the same. >> for me, the experience of suddenly carrying the weight of not only the 11,000 people that live in the city and their safety, but the entire valley of just feeling like i was potentially responsible for everybody. >> reporter: during tonight's ceremony, they rang the town hall bell 44 times in honor of the people who were killed in the northern california firestorm. and for those who survive but lost their home, it's difficult to not having the same home
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anymore. >> fire brain, a friend of mine who calls it, who lost her house. she goes around and reaches for things that she has been reaching for her whole life and they're not there. >> reporter: margie maynard helps organize the event which includes the dedication of the sculpture outside the hall. ♪ music and prayer was a major part of the gathering at cardell newman high school in santa rosa. that school had been heavily damaged in the fires. first responders across the north bay were honored, and people who survived share their stories. >> your finances change, the way that you structured your life in every area was different in one day. >> i've got young kids and dealing with a process of grief with them. we're still dealing with that. >> these events are a way for communities to look at how much they had progressed since the fire, but of course they're also an opportunity to see how much more needs to be done to fully rebuild. in sonoma, i'm sergei quintana,
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nbc bay area news. napa county marking one year since the wildfires with the test of its new emergency notification system. on tuesday morning, the county's office of emergency services send out a cell phone test alert that test is 9:30 a.m. you don't sign up for these alerts. they're supposed to go to all cell phones in range of a geo targeted zone. sonoma county recently tested its system, and it sounds places where the messages failed because of cell towers or other gingriches. you can count on us to bring in coverage of the wildfire remembrances. tune in tomorrow. our coverage begins at 4:30. bart checked out its shake system. it's designed to detect major earthquakes so trains can be slowed before a disaster strikes. trains are planned for a slowdown tomorrow around 11:00 in the morning. that's for the test. all trains in all stations will broadcast an alert to passengers
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to simulate the early morning alarm. after the test they'll join lawmakers and seismologists to talk about expanding the system. the goal is to one day have it rung across the entire west coast. one phase of the repair work on san francisco's new transit center is set to end this week. things are on track to reopen fremont street friday. then the focus will be on shoring up first street. the good news is traffic on first street will not be affected during the day. it will only shut down overnight. cracked beams have not been found on that side, but it has a very similar design to problem spots along fremont street. brett kavanaugh is now a supreme court justice and ready to take his seat on tuesday. the political ripple effects from his contentious fight are just being felt as both liberals and conservative voters look ahead to november's midterm elections and how their senators voted on this controversial
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confirmation. already sworn? as a supreme court justice, brett kavanaugh joins the high court tuesday, but the fallout continues after a bitter partisan fight. >> it's going to be on the supreme court with a huge chain and a big asterisk after his name. >> reporter: president trump and other republicans are celebrating. >> i'm happy that those who tried to destroy his life fell short. i'm glad those who tried to overturn the rule of law and replace it with mob rule. >> reporter: some are being targeted in their reelection bid. maine senator susan collins says she voted yes because she believes accuser christine blasey ford had the wrong man. >> i do not believe that brett kavanaugh was her assailant. so i do believe that she was assaulted. i don't know by whom. >> reporter: democrat heidi heitkamp from the red state north dakota said she couldn't back kavanaugh after his fiery performance before the senate judiciary committee, even if it
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costs her in november. >> even if you don't believe or believe dr. ford, the other issue is one of temperament. the other one is an issue of impartiality. >> is confirmed. >> reporter: in the end, the gop got kavanaugh through by a two-vote margin, the closest vote for a supreme court justice since 1881. president trump will hold a formal swearing in ceremony for justice kavanaugh tomorrow night at the white house. the night before he takes his seton high court. coming up next, it is the nation's deadliest crash in nearly a decade. a tragic limo ride. what investigators know tonight. plus a bright flare lighting up the night sky. did you see it? a lot a lot of people did here in the bay area. footage from this spacex launch and landing, next. >> that was a wild sight in the skies, and so is this for 11:00
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in san francisco. it is 70 degrees. dry conditions, breeze in the hilltops. how long these fire conditions will stick around for a workweek forecast when we come right back. a look back at one of the t destructive wildfires to hit the north bay. the residents ) road to recover. plus- ?what should be in your )go bag ) if you )re toldo get out?! our consumer team prepares you for the worst. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
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>> remarkable to see every time. there it goes. spacex sent another rocket into space earlier tonight. the falcon 9 launched from vandenberg air force base. it carried an argentinean satellite into orbit. then about 40 minutes later, the rocket landed back at the base for the first time. >> that's the amazing part, i think. >> it's incredible. on previous missions the falcon 9 has touched back down, but that happened in a ship in the pacific ocean, and that's only part of the story. people all across california were buzzing about this show in the sky, many pulling out phones to film. it's amazing. people heard it too. another viewer sent in this picture of the rocket. that's a great picture, a great shot. it's just incredible. and a clear night down there. it was supposed to be a fun saturday afternoon for a group of friends celebrating a birthday in upstate new york,
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but the suv limo they were riding in crashed, killing everyone on board and two pedestrians. 20 people are dead in what's being called the deadliest crash in a decade. nbc's matt bradley has the latest. >> reporter: in a matter of moments, a 30th birthday party turned to tragedy. >> a multivehicle motor vehicle accident. >> reporter: an suv limousine carrying 18 people careened off a new york state highway near albany. >> everyone who was inside the limousine was killed. >> reporter: the limo, a 2001 ford excursion sped down a hill and through a parking lot and collided with a parked car. two pedestrians in the parking lot were killed. >> i heard some screaming, and just it looked serious because people were just, you know, running back and forth. >> reporter: the snarled wreckage ended up in a nearby creek bed. state officials declined comment on whether the driver had been drinking, refusing to answer questions about what might have caused this tragic accident. >> i've been on the board for 12 years, and this is one of the
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biggest losses of life, loss of lives that we've seen in a long, long time. >> reporter: saying they won't release the victims' names until autopsies are complete. but some family members are already speaking out. >> i -- i can't believe it. you know, it's hard to wrap your head around. >> reporter: barbara douglas said four of her niece, all sisters, were among the dead. >> they were smart and they were beautiful, and they were -- they lived life to the fullest. >> reporter: the collision said to be the worst highway accident since 2009 is now the focus of a federal investigation. the ntsb sent a go team to the site. >> you may remember a deadly limo fire in the bay area led to new laws. five women died after the limo they were riding in caught fire on the san mateo bridge back in 2013. the victims were trapped inside the limo. the cause of the fire was considered accidental, but in the aftermath, the state enacted laws, including a requirement
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that limos are equipped with two rear side doors as well as pop-out window. drivers are also required to go over safety policies with their passengers. we are getting our first look at the damage caused by yesterday's 5.9 earthquake in haiti. at least 12 people died in this quake. nearly 200 were injured. a lot of buildings and homes destroyed. the magnitude 5.2 aftershock today caused even more problems. new at 11:00, bill cosby's legal battle continues. the actor's lawyers have asked a pennsylvania court to overturn his conviction and prison sentence. they say it was string of errors in his sexual assault case including no proof that cosby was arrested within the 12-year time limit to file the charges. they also say cosby is not a violent predator who needs to be in prison because he is now 81 years old and he is blind. cosby is serving a sentence of three to ten years for three counts of aggravated indecent
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assault. happening tomorrow, california's two candidates for governor go head to head in a radio debate. it is the first and like i will only time the two will debate before the election. democrat gavin newsom and republican john cox set to appear at 10:00 a.m. the event is billed more as a conversation than a strict debate with time limits. a second north korea summit is in the works. secretary of state mike pompeo met early this morning with north korean dictator kim jong-un in pyongyang. the two reportedly talked about a second summit between president trump and mr. kim. no date or place announced, but pompeo described his visit as a good trip. he also said the north agreed to allow inspectors into a key nuclear testing site the rogue nation previously claimed was destroyed. we return now to our coverage of the north bay wildfires, and tonight a very special congratulation, complete with wild animals. >> safari west in santa rosa was right in the path of the tubbs
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fire. these are photos of that scene that night. guests at the wildlife preserve were evacuated as well as most of the staff. the owner wouldn't leave, stayed behind, working to help save the animals. tonight people gathered for a party to celebrate the park's 25th anniversary and the fact that every animal survived that fire. >> those are some of the good news stories that come back as we look on a year since that fire. it's hard to believe it's been a year already. >> and the conditions, it's october. >> usually out of the driest time of the year. and the wind pattern really sets the stage. the dry gusty winds, you talked about them last night. and it contributed to the rate of the spread of the fires and you're going to be surprised by the numbers you're going seattle. it is 11:00 at night. it is still 76 degrees in napa, 70 in san francisco. and 67 in san jose. and look at the wind speeds. that's the story, mixing down that warmer dry air aloft down into napa. wind speeds at 20 miles per hour. notice the arrows. they're pointing out of the
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north to offshore that is not the marine air and fog. instead it's very hot and dry conditions that we see across the hilltops, and the humidity levels, again, 17% at 11:00 at night. 24% in livermore and out towards fairfield. no relief overnight. things will stay breezy and dry. red warnings up through 9:00 and 11:00. here is a reason why. another roundup of gusty winds picking up probably around midmorning tomorrow, especially in the north bay, you see the wind speeds picking up. good news towards the afternoon. wind speeds start to come down slightly, but the wind direction from monday will still be pretty dry out of the north. so our temperatures as we start the morning, the wind will like i will only cool into the 60s. mid- to upper 50s in some of the wind sheltered areas. and highs tomorrow climbing to the low to mid-80s from san jose into morgan hill and gilroy. 87 in los gatos there a little less wind and temperatures warming up for monday afternoon.
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85 in concord and livermore. upper 70s from oakland into hayward and castro valley. peninsula temperatures in the 70s to the 80s. half moon bay upper 60s. another day of mid-70s around san francisco, and north bay temperatures in the 80s. it's part of that monday forecast. now, we should begin to see the wind back off a bit. the culprit with the gusty winds, strong high pressure to the west. area of low pressure across nevada starts to lift to the east. so less wind on tuesday. briefly, winds turning back onshore for the middle part of the week. and then the weather turns a bit more interesting around thursday. another area of low pressure drop downs from north to south. might see some sierra showers. also interesting, look at the lower right-hand portion of the screen that will be tropical storm sergio which will make a run up toward southern arizona. right now this area of low pressure looks like it's going to direct the rain off to the south and the east of us. but notice high pressure building back in. and look at the wind arrows again. unfortunately, late thursday
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into friday, this pattern verifies another round of some gusty dry winds. not as strong as we're seeing. now but as long as the arrows are pointing offshore, high pressure to the west and low pressure to the south. the time of year for the dry north winds and offshore wind event continues in the seven-day forecast. so tomorrow, high fire danger, mainly for the first half of the day. north winds pushing some smoke across the bay area. wind shift should help our air quality and cool us off just briefly on wednesday. we'll have to watch that pattern potentially resetting again thursday and friday. no real signs of any significant rain in the seven to ten-day outlook. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, rob. still to come, a pop-up restaurant problem. bay area entrepreneurs hoping for a solution for one issue that has east bay leaders looking for answers. plus, the poor air quality. not enough to stop people from lacing up their running shoes. we'll show you the rocking good time in the south bay.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before.
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now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. the future of pop-up restaurants in alameda clinton be discussed at an important meeting tomorrow. new proposed rules and a timeline on the rules at a hearing. last month pop-ups were given a break until the county would hold efforts to shut them down while leaders came up with a permitting process. the issue is that pop-ups typically take over kitchens or food trucks which are already pirmed which is technically illegal. they want to find a way to ensure food safety giving food entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow their business. a big race rocking the streets of this weekend. thousands of people showing up for the 13th annual rock 'n roll marathon. the two-day event featuring bands along the route.
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they're playing live music there are a number of races for everyone, from kids to people in wheelchairs to hard-core runners. people ran in the 10 k, and there is a half marathon as well today. one man we spoke to has been coming out to the race for eight years. >> the spirit of san jose now, you know, when they first came on, it drew a lot of people, and it just keeps growing and growing and growing. this is part of the city now. >> the rock 'n roll guy for a rock 'n roll marathon. the winner of the half marathon ran the route in just one hour and three minutes. >> that's fast. >> yeah. still to come, we've recapped some of tonight's top stories, including a brushfire that quickly spread because of windy conditions. stay with us. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage,
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tonight... recapping one of our top stories tonight... firefighters continue to battle a wildfire burning in solano county. recapping one of our top stories tonight, firefighters continue to battle a wildfire burning in solano county. >> the wind-driven fire scorched
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4,000 acres. right now cal fire says it is 70% contained. that. >> fire started just before 11:00 a.m., south of travis air force base. flames jumped highway 12. they forced a brief closure of the highway. the fire destroyed a home and two other structures. flames also torched two cars. one woman we spoke with said she was nervous as she watched the fire get close to her brand-new house. >> it looks really close, literally right over the hills. and the wind was vicious all night into the morning. though in my head, that can easily blow over here. >> tonight the fire is burning in harshland. so firefighters can't access some of the areas. crews plan to stay out there all night. take a toll on our air quality. this is before sunset this evening. you can see the haze in the distance there. rob highways got the forecast. that's coming up in just a few minutes. tomorrow marks one year since the devastating north bay wildfires. communities are still trying to
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heal, and this weekend several events were held to remember the victims and help the recovery. people gathered for a prayer service in santa rosa today that school is heavily damaged during the fire. first responders from across the north bay were honored at the event and a similar event was held in the sonoma plaza. california politicians have long championed themselves leaders in fighting climate change. but what if we told you those same politicians took millions of dollars from the oil and gas industry over the last decade and a half? >> well, it is happening by both democrats and republicans, and all the way up to governor brown. senior investigative reporter stephen stock follows the money. >> reporter: searching through campaign records dating back to 2001, we found the oil and gas industry gave $182 million to dozens of state politicians, plus both political parties as well as various political causes in sacramento. that's more money than hollywood, the banks, utilities, and even casinos. and it's more oil and gas money
11:31 pm
to the state election process here in california than in north dakota, montana, new mexico, and texas combined. >> it's an alliance dedicated to economic growth. >> stand united in advancing improvement. >> this summit is advancing the cause. >> we really need our elected officials to stand up. >> contra costa resident penny opal plant says all the talk and environmentally green images coming out of sacramento obscure the real role the oil and gas industry plays here in state politics. >> most people don't know how much money politicians are accepting from the fossil fuel lobby. >> plants participated in the recent global climate conference in san francisco. >> it's a powerful lobby. they have the big money to be able to do that. we don't. >> oil companies are among the top interest groups in
11:32 pm
california. >> daniel newman founded a group based in berkeley. >> these plants have a deciding in what laws get made that translates to ordinary viewers like you and me, which the help we tracked direct campaign distributions dating back to 2001 through june 30th of this year. we found $182 million which ranked california at the top of states where oil and gas political donations play a role. of that $182 million, our analysis shows $112 million went to support or defeat various ballot measures. another $61 million went to political action committee and the state democratic and republican parties. >> we don't have as much voice as interest-plagued oil companies who give millions of dollars a year. >> that puts oil and gas in the top eight of all special interest givers here in
11:33 pm
california, and it's more oil and gas money given to political causes in california than north dakota, montana, new mexico, and texas combined. all according to the national institute on money and politics. >> that's a lot of money. is that an inordinate amount of power here in sacramento? >> no. i think it's absolutely the political process we live. in. >> this is the president of the western states petroleum association, representing all the major oil and gas companies in arizona, california, nevada, oregon, and washington. >> i would say we've made great progress with being able to have a seat at the table with the environmentalists. >> reporter: she makes no apologies for the industry contributing to political causes and to candidates that it feels will best represent its interests. does the oil industry have jerry brown's ear? >> yeah, i think so. i think it would be fair to say. we are able to have a good conversation with the administration and with the agencies within it. >> the real challenge is the consumption of oil which is going up.
11:34 pm
>> reporter: we ask governor brown about all of this oil and gas campaign money during the climate change summit. >> you and state democrats have settled millions from the oil industry. so how can you be a climate leaderer if you do that? >> you know the politics runs on money. billions and billions of dollars. and all those people are in the industry. so that's probably what it is. i would say without doubt, california has the most aggressive green energy plan in the western hemisphere. >> when we tracked direct contributions from oil and gas, we found only about $159,000 going to the brown campaign since 2005. about $120,000 of those dollars came in one election cycle, his last campaign for governor. >> your campaign dating back to 2005 took $159,000 from oil and gas industry. is that at odds? >> is that all? i've raised about $15 million.
11:35 pm
that's a very small percentage. >> reporter: but the group consumer watchdog in this report contends that governor brown took even more money from oil and gas over the years. >> you take oil industry money you can't stop drilling in the state. that's the problem. >> reporter: jamie cort, president of watchdog said their report tracked $8.95 million in indirect contributions. through the state democratic party which then gave money to the governor. >> don't claim you're a climate lead fer you're not willing to stop fossil fuels and fossil fuel drilling. >> reporter: governor brown disputes this saying his record and the state's leadership in fighting climate change speaks for itself. >> does oil and gas industry have inordinate powers? >> no, not at all. they do have powers. not as much as the insurance companies. not as much as the labor unions. not as much as the plastic companies. >> the pharmaceuticals are higher? >> they've all got power. you got to be able to stand up and say no to people.
11:36 pm
but if you think you can run a campaign for governor and raise $100 million on chump change. >> despite a very public battle with the trump administration over oil drilling in federal waters off the california coast, governor brown's critics like jamie cort like to point out that the state has nearly three times as many offshore wells, more than 1400 in all that are currently in operation in state-controlled waters. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> and if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or go to our website, still to come, a protest with pets. why animals were brought in to this march across the pond. hidds
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we're getting a look inside recently opened exhibit that sheds light on what was once a hidden part of history. sally hemmings was one of president thomas jefferson's slaves. she gave birth to six of his children. until recently, there was almost no mention of her in the museum at monticello. now the exhibit dedicated to hemings dedicates more of her life. the museum is redoing some of the other exhibits with the goal of being moreinexclusive. what you might call an unusual political protest. it looks normal until you look down. near lay thousand dogs and their owners marching on parliament in london. and they're demanding a second vote on brexit. britain's plan to leave the european union. they called ate wolf rendum
11:39 pm
saying britain will suffer when it leaves the eu saying there will be a shortage of veterinarians and a rise in the cost of pet food. the march backed a wider campaign for british voters having a say on terms on the deal. >> a thousand dogs. what would you pack for a trip to hawaii? a bathing suit and some sunscreen. >> check, check. >> a redwood city went a different route. she recently returned to her hometown on the island of hawaii with something much heavier and much more meaningful. garvin thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: it was an unexpected donation in terms of amounts. when she decided to help out her old elementary school, she asked her neighbors and friends for some help. well, they responded. tenfold. >> that's good picture. >> reporter: when may rose menard looks back on her life, distance plays a big role. >> and that's the library. >> reporter: not only did she settle thousands of miles from
11:40 pm
her small hometown in hawaii, the journey from humble beginning to a successful career in silicon valley sometimes feels even farther. >> i grew up on the west side of kauai. and it's a town that today terms are marginalized. we were always poor. but back then, being poor was just a way of life for us. growing up on a plantation. >> reporter: but while poverty is in mae rose's path, a recent trip back homemade her realize it isn't for those living in kekaha today. in 1992, hurricane iniki devastated kauai. and while much of the island has come back all the way, kekaha and its elementary school have not. >> when i went home, and this is 20 years later, they still had sea shells left in the library.
11:41 pm
and i was shocked to see after so many years they had not put the books back. so i wanted to give back. and i didn't know how. but this is the simplest thing that came to mind was let's start with the books. let's fill this library. >> reporter: working with a friend, mae rose started spreading the word, asking for book donation, hoping maybe for 500. sam brought in a few, but then things grew bigger and bigger until mae rose had collected ten times what she had dreamed of. >> over 5,000. >> reporter: and just last month, those 5,000 books completed a 2500 mile journey from the bookshelves and basements of the bay area to the hands of some very grateful children in hawaii. mae rose says, though, this is just the first of much work she plans to do to help the students of kekaha, helping make their journey to success seem not so far. >> it's this golden thread of
11:42 pm
kind of saying with this happening, it's something that i've never felt, and it existed. it's meaningful. >> reporter: mae rose says the books are just the start of her involvement back in her hometown school. she is already working with some of the older kids on high school, helping them write essays so they can get into college. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. and approaching midnight now. surprisingly high temperatures for this time of night. san francisco still sitting at 70 degrees, and surprisingly low humidity levels. only 24% right now near dublin and livermore. more on our microclimate. when we come right back.
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the powerlines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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all it took was an alien - and lady gaga. an unlikely duo made box office history this weekend, and all it took was an alien and lady gaga. venom brought in $80 million in its opening weekend. and in second place is a "a star is born" starring lady gaga and bradley cooper. the movie set a record for the best october weekend in box office history. and coming in third is the animated movie "smallfoot" starting lebron james. >> all three getting pretty good reviews, actually. >> yeah. well, the hot air balloon festival got off to a very flat start this morning. it's the international balloon fiesta. it's incredible.
11:46 pm
it draws a million visitors to central new mexico every year, and pilots from around the world were expecting to fly more than 500 hot air balloons. >> this is file. >> this is from last year. this has to be from years past. it did not happen today. it was no-go. this morning they were not able to launch because of powerful winds int the upper atmosphere, and that year's festival, though is set to continue through next weekend. so hopefully the balloons will be able to launch tomorrow. if they have rob mayeda there in new mexico. that would have known all about it. >> you don't want strong winds in a hot air balloon. >> i saw one of your tweets today. mount st. helens had 70-mile-an-hour winds. >> well, yeah, they had 70-mile-per-hour winds, and mt. diablo up to 60. so certainty the wind advisories higher over the mountain peaks. we're still seeing the side effect of that. the very dry conditions. and that warm air aloft, mixing down to the surface. usually get the overnight inversions where the cool air settles into the valley. not the case right now. still 67 in san jose. it is still smoky outside. but not as bad as it was about
11:47 pm
three or four hours ago. and we will have a smoke advisory tomorrow through the central bay and south bay, provided any of the fires that are burning up towards solano county don't become resurgent overnight. so stay tuned to the forecast starting tomorrow morning on today in the bay to see if this forecast holds up. hopefully no new fire starts around the area. check out the temperatures. approaching midnight. 76 degrees in napa. that north wind is going. 17% humidity. that is extreme fire danger. again, humidity levels in the teens approaching midnight. not much relief from the dry and warm conditions, there and the wind speeds still out of the north at 20 miles per hour. we do think specifically to the north bay and the northern sacramento valley for tomorrow, right around 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning, might see wind speeds try to pick up again that is the reason why the red flag warning for the interior of northern california has been extended to 11:00 tomorrow morning. we might see that from the north
11:48 pm
bay as well. so stay tuned. now notice the red starts to go away. wind speeds starting to drop off. but still a dry wind for now. slowly turning onshore by this time tomorrow night. so for now, that red flag warning continues, and will likely see the dry conditions through about midday tomorrow. the morning temperatures where the winds are going will be in the 60s. 50s in some of the wind sheltered areas. and tomorrow's highs turning a bit warmer with a little less wind for the afternoon. highs in the mid to low 80s around the santa clara valleys, still with some areas of smoke. tri-valley up towards concord and the mid-80s. upper 70s around oakland to hayward. peninsula temperatures mostly in the 70s to maybe some low 80s closer to redwood city. and san francisco in the 70s again tomorrow. and north bay temperatures in the mid-80s. so the wind machine of the last 36 hours starts to weaken as low pressure now moves towards colorado and the plain. so that will give us a little taste of onshore breezes around wednesday. watch what happens as the
11:49 pm
computer models suggest by thursday and friday, another area of low pressure drops into southern california. might picks off some sierra showers. a lot of tropical moisture we think is going to head towards arizona. unfortunately high pressure could head back towards southern california. look at the arrows, something to watch closely for thursday and friday. the reason why the temperatures in the seven-day forecast will be making an upward swing again as we head towards next weekend. climatologically speaking, this is what we expect to see. unfortunately, the dry offshore wind patterns, looks like another one could be shaping up for next week, and still no signs of any rain in the forecast over the next seven days. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, rob. the niners, the raiders playing today. how did they do? dave feldman joins us with sports right after that break. at
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
ending injury. the good news, they did have a chance to take advantage of the winless cardinals at home. tj beathard trying to lead the niners to a win. first quarter, no score. second goal for the niner, beathard with a little shuffle to matt breida. touchdown. now for the missed extra point. niners up 6-0. the lead wouldn't last long. next play from scrimmage, josh rosen airing it out to christian kirk. 75 yards for the score. and the cardinals are up one. second quarter now. still 7-6 after a niners turnover. david johnson powers in for the touchdown. bam! cardinals up, 14-6. fourth quarter, same score. beathard, george kittle on the little screen, 45 yards. and the niners are in business. seven plays later, on a fourth and goal, beathard is going to roll out to the right. and hit a diving trench taylor,
11:53 pm
find him there in the corner. so the niners go for two to tie this game up. would they get it? no. knocked down by jones. remains 14-12 after a cardinals three and out, beathard stripped and the scoop for the score for the cardinals. it's josh barnes, one of five turnovers for the 49ers. arizona win, 28-18. 49ers drop to 1-4. raiders and chargers in southern california. stunned the silver and black. felt like a home game for the raiders. tied at three in the second. philip rivers almost loses, but slings it to eckard who does the rest. 44 yards and the chargers are up 7. derek carr finds mart active us have brya-- martavis bryant. l.a. recovered. third and goal. chargers, cashed in. melvin gordon, one-yard plunge.
11:54 pm
bolts up 17-3. they stop to take a photo. third quarter, oakland down 17. but trying to make a come back. first and goal, jon gruden may second guess this because he didn't give it to marshawn lynch. instead carr picked off in the end zone. raiders lose by a final of 26-10. the warriors hosted an open practice steph curry slung it over his head, not looking, and hit it. now we know he can shoot from way beyond the arc, but that even was ridiculous by steph standards. normally at least he is looking at the hoop. anything this guy can't do? bad news for the sharks as they announce joe thornton would be heading to the ir due to swelling in his knee. 39-year-old will miss at least a week and can return when the stars open the two-game home stand on the 18th. brewers/rockies. nlds action. the brewers up big. keon broxton lifts off.
11:55 pm
milwaukee sweeps the rockies to advance to the nlcs. and there is only one way to celebrate there. you got to -- milwaukee, right? you got to get beer dumped your honor head. that only makes sense. that's going to do it for sports. my name is dave feldman. we'll have more news after the break. stunts.... hundreds of fen
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
the air. and finally tonight, people in northern china were treated to see some daring stunts. hundreds of feet in the air. >> they're called skywalkers. no luke skywalkers, just skywalkers. they perform standing on the wings of biplanes. this was at an aviation festival in central china. they soar and swoop in formation together in the air.
11:58 pm
the two say they enjoy performing at sunset because of the breathtaking views. i'm not going to do that. all right. rob, weather-wise, god bless them. weather-wise -- >> we got some crazy stuff going on weather? >> here's the deal. we still have a red flag warning up through tomorrow morning, as you can see there. the temperatures staying quite warm and dry. stay tuned later in the weekend. things cool off a bit. might see offshore winds trying to make a comeback. >> thank you very much for joining us. have a great night and a great week. take care. >> good night.
11:59 pm
there comes a point when you realize the bathroom you used to love needs a makeover. let a professional rebath design consultant
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help craft the look you want. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel we spend two days with sean payton, from his condo to his car to the stadium to the sky. the saints head coach opens up like never before. >> when you say a year, they are trying to break you. >> on leading the team after the devastation of hurricane katrina -- >> we just had this whole thing as a young staff that we weren't not allowed to stay the k staff. >> and on the scandal that left them suspended for an entire season. >> it is one of the weak nesses in our commission in that there are too much emotion. when the penalty came down, it was just -- it was unprecedented. >> plus, we catch up with payton's players and his legendary mentor. >> aonly experience can get you that mentality. >> all of


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