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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 9, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the search for wanted man. a hand-cuffed driver manages to get away in the officer )s right now at 11:00, the search for a wanted man. a handcuffed driver manages to get away in an officer's patrol car, then dumps it. now police are going all out to find him. good morning to you, and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we have been following this story all morning long. once we found out about the patrol car, we sent up sky ranger and dispatched our crews. bob redell is live where the man ditched the squad car early this morning. bob, any luck in finding the suspect? >> reporter: not yet, marcus and laura. just spoke to a san jose police officer. they know who he is, but have
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not found him. they had dozens of officers from san jose, hayward and b.a.r.t. they set up a perimeter around this property home to a number of businesses and a very large parking lot here on the 23,000 block here in hayward. they along with a couple k-9s searched the area, looked inside rvs, went through the businesses, even checked a couple businesses across the street. but there is still no sign of this man. you're looking at his photo. andrew trujillo, a man police arrested around 5:20 this morning after they found him in a stolen semi truck. they handcuffed trujillo, placed him in the caged area of the squad car and continued on with their investigation. somehow trujillo was able to steal the squad car, take off and head north. as you can see in this video from nbc bay area sky ranger, he ditched that stolen police car in this parking lot. it's parked between a pickup truck and a banged up white suv. you can see that squad car
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there. here's a lady who works in one of the businesses at this property. >> someone i work with was here, heard a -- the way the sound carries, you can hear vehicles. you can tell someone came in way too fast. he stuck his nose out the door to see what was going on. he saw the car park, he saw the guy get out and run here towards the street. instead of watching the guy, he went to look at the car. realized, oh, wait. at the same time someone was coming out of one of the other businesses who called the officers. >> reporter: sjpd tells us all of the weapons in that stolen squad car are accounted for. here's another look at andrew trujillo, the suspect. he's about 5'11", was wearing a orange shirt with reflective stripes, blue jeans, gray shoes. again, police have not yet found him. as the officer mentioned just moments ago, they know who he is. reporting live in hayward, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the latest, bob. a shocker out of washington
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this morning. u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, is resigning. >> and scott mcgrew, this apparently caught the president off guard. >> that's right. that's what our reporters in the white house tell us, marcus. the obvious question is why. and i'll let ambassador haley speak for herself. >> i don't have anything set on where i'm going to go. i think that the main thing was, i was governor for six years, and we dealt with a hurricane, a thousand-year flood, a church shooting, a school shooting, it was a lot. and to do two years of russia and iran and north korea, it's been eight years of intense time, and i'm a believer in term limits. i think you have to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and allow someone else to do the job. so thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. >> it's been an honor of a lifetime. >> haley, along with defense secretary, james mattis, are very well thought of by democrats and republicans alike. and well thought of by world leaders who are looking for stability and clear signals from washington.
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now one group who may be pleased by this development is the russians. haley was very difficult on russian delegations in the united nations, taking them to task for support of syria and the poisoning of their former spy in great britain. she gave the russians no quarter. now, the immediate obvious question is, is this part of a plan to challenge president trump for the presidency in 2020? the answer there was a very big no. >> no, i am not running for 2020. i can promise you what i'll be doing is campaigning for this one. >> now, could she run for 2020? of course, she could. but that sound bite right there would be a pretty rough one to run if she then changes her mind. >> right. and she was pretty adamant about making that point known, because i think everybody was wondering. >> kind of assumed that's what she was doing. >> talked about in the news room when we heard about it. >> yep. >> interesting. she was a big influence, like you say. thanks, scott. >> you bet. now to your microclimate weather forecast.
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a live look outside in san rafael there. nice and clear for you. >> it's been pretty nice. getting a cooldown this week. but now things are going to ramp up again. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. following these ups and downs for us. >> this time of year, you can get just about anything. and right now it is all very nice around the bay area with some sunshine. and we have some fog here earlier, and that cooling fog will bring down our temperatures several more degrees as we look at where we are now. we're mostly in the mid 60s for san francisco and oakland. 69 degrees now in san jose and low 70s for the inland valleys. if you're getting ready to head out, we'll be around the fremont area and maybe around the b.a.r.t. springs station, in the upper 70s for the middle of the day. so you'll probably make plans to get out there and enjoy it. here's a look at our high for the afternoon. reaching 68 degrees in san francisco. 79 in santa rosa, and napa. and concord reaching 83 degrees.
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san jose looking at some upper 70s. now we'll give an update on hurricane michael. right now a category 2 hurricane. and this will continue to move off towards the north over the next couple of days. so for more information on that, i'll send it over to you, laura. >> yeah, certainly so, kari. because there is so much growing concern along the gulf coast, especially as hurricane michael is pushing closer to the shoreline. here's a live look at the radar track that kari was just showing you moments ago, as well. you see it out there churning in the ocean. it's a category 2 storm with the same winds of 100 miles per hour. it is tracking towards panama city beach. of course, florida. and that's where we join jay gray this afternoon with the latest. >> reporter: thousands are rushing away from the florida coast right now as michael starts to move in. >> let me be clear. hurricane michael is a monstrous storm, and the forecast is getting more dangerous. >> reporter: the massive storm is now a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 100
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miles per hour and expected to intensify before landfall. >> the storm is likely to strengthen to a category 3 over the next 12 to 24 hours. that is major hurricane status. >> reporter: the wind has already started to pick up. the surf is growing. and so is concern here. >> we want to get things done, get the propane, extra water, make sure everything is taken care of by the time the storm actually comes. >> reporter: michael is a triple threat. severe winds, driving rains and potentially devastating storm surge of 8 to 12 feet. >> hurricane michael is going to be a devastating storm. a part of florida that has not seen a storm of this magnitude in quite some time. >> reporter: evacuation orders are in place across the florida panhandle right now, and a state of emergency has already been declared in over 100 counties. >> spread the word. there's a hurricane. >> reporter: from alabama through georgia. jay gray, nbc news, panama city beach, florida. >> and we are tracking hurricane michael minute by minute. stay with us and nbc news for
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updates as they happen. you can also download our nbc bay area app. it's free for alerts on your smartphone. it's been one year since the wildfires devastated the north bay. less than two hours ago, napa emergency leaders tried out a new warning system. text messages were sent out to cell phones around napa county. maybe you got one. emergency officials have been working on new alert systems there across the north bay. and there truly are so many stories to tell you about from those fires. we've been gathering many of them for weeks now, and put them all together for our special called "wine country wildfires." it reairs saturday night at 3:00 p.m. election day just around the corner and today you can start voting early. san francisco voters could cast ballots at city hall, while san jose voters can head the registrar voters' office. both locations open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. during the week. if you want to vote by mail, the department of elections has started sending out those ballots. so make sure and look for them.
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also making headlines, hundreds of people improperly registered to vote. the dmv is blaming a processing error. between april and september, about 1,500 people were improperly registered after the state's new motor voter law took effect. a number of people are noncitizens, including canadian man who is a green cardholder, and in the united states legally. he was just trying to replace his driver's license. none of those people are here illegally, all are documented. the secretary of state's office is now deleting those registrations. this is the latest issue at the dmv. last month, the dmv made mistakes on about 23,000 voter registrations. coming up here on nbc bay area news at 11:00, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh is hearing his first case. the future of the court and how the president is going forward. plus, serious concerns about vaping at schools. the clues you need to watch out for as school leaders say more and more teenagers are smoking. .
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a person is recovering after being burned in a and top stories you need to hear about. a person is recovering after being burned in a house fire. we brought you live breaking coverage of that fire all morning long on today in the bay. that fire started around 2:00 a.m. on lancaster boulevard, not far from moss beach park on san mateo county coast. firefighters say three people inside made it out. a new twist in the seemingly endless battle to provide scooters in san francisco. it looks like lyft still wants to be a player. the san francisco saga surrounding dockless scooters is complicated. earlier this year, city leaders stopped it all together to come up with a plan. over the summer, the city granted one-year permits to two startups. they are asking to reconsider the decision. three companies filed an appeal, calling the bidding process unfair. and the bay area is one of the most challenging places to sail in the world. and the oracle founder wants to
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make sure everyone knows it. larry ellison is working to create a new sailing league, and there will be events here in the bay area. you might remember america's cup was held here in the bay area a couple of years ago. new supreme court justice, brett kavanaugh, is hearing cases before the court today after taking part in a ceremonial swearing in at the white house last night. both he and the president had a lot to say about the bitter battle that nearly derailed his nomination. but now president trump is looking to turn the passionate fight to get kavanaugh confirmed into a strong turnout by republicans for the mid terms. here's nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: a prime time victory lap after a bruising confirmation battle. president trump overseeing the ceremonial swearing in of brett kavanaugh. delivering a remarkable apology to the new supreme court justice. >> on behalf of our nation, i want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering
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you have been forced to endure. >> reporter: adding this pointed remark. >> our country, a man or a woman, must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. and with that, i must state that you, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: it's mr. trump's second appointment to the high court in less than two years. kavanaugh sworn in by retiring justice, anthony kennedy, for whom he once clerked. with all of his fellow justices looking on, kavanaugh delivering his own message to a nation divided over his new role. >> the supreme court is a team of nine. and i will always be a team player. >> reporter: and becoming emotional as he thanked his family and friends.
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>> lift up your friends, love your friends. i love all my friends. >> reporter: the new justice attempting to strike a unifying tone. >> my goal is to be a great justice for all americans. >> reporter: a stark contrast to his fiery defense over a week ago in the wake of a sexual assault allegation he denies. >> this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit. >> reporter: overnight, democrats lashing out, vowing to mobilize their base ahead of the mid terms, now just one month away. >> we stand together, and work together in the next 30 days, calling people out to go to the polls. >> reporter: but president trump is aiming to keep the momentum going, traveling to iowa, pennsylvania, ohio and kentucky this week alone. kristen welker reporting there. the president also taking aim at pop star taylor swift after she told fans on social media she
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plans to support democratic candidates in tennessee in the mid terms. all four newly hired law clerks are women. the opening bell there at the new york stock exchange. where stocks fell today as investors grappled with rising u.s. interest rates. and the dow actually fell about 25 points there. bay area facebook actually rose 1%. continuing coverage, no real end in sight yet to the bitter hotel strike involving bay area marriott hotel workers. workers first walked off the job six days ago. the union is vowing to stay away until a new labor deal is reached. locally, the strike is affecting more than half a dozen marriott-owned hotels in san francisco, san jose and oakland. it could affect two conferences this weekend in san francisco at the moscone center, including the anesthesiology conference and oracle's open world. you might not even know your child is vaping.
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that's why one santa clara school district is telling parents what to look for and what the hazards of vaping can be on growing bodies and brains. districts are struggling with kids showing up at school with the devices that are so owed or less and harmless looking that they're motivated to vape in school bathrooms and maybe even in class when the teacher is not looking. >> it dissipates so quickly, by the time the teacher turns around, it's gone. there's very little odor. there's -- so it's not like a regular cigarette or a marijuana joint, where it's very obvious and the smell lasts for a long time. >> morgan hill police officer talked with teachers and staff back in march and now the district wants to do the same with parents to make sure they know what to look out for. they suggest talking to teens about the legal impacts of vaping. watch purchases, especially online, where they can use a prepaid card and lie about their age to buy e cigarettes. and don't look for smoke to give
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them away. finally, examine charges with circular ports, with i is what many vapes use, even ones that look like usb. tonight's vaping meeting is at the morgan hill district office, free for all parents at 6:00 tonight. if you want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air today might be the great day to do that. we had that smoke in the air a couple days ago, but it moved out? >> it's starting to move out so the air quality is improving, definitely good news. temperatures are cooling off, as well. as we get a live look outside in oakland right now, as you get ready to head out, we've got beautiful sunshine and some fairly comfortable temperatures. right now in the mid 60s for much of the coast and parts of the inner bay. 69 now in san jose, and it's 72 in livermore and in antioch. look how much cooler now it is compared to yesterday at this time. in some spots, 15 degrees cooler. that's what it is right now in napa. and in san jose, 9 degrees cooler. oakland right now 12 degrees
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lower than 24 hours ago. so as we get a live look outside, it's such a nice day. we head over towards east san jose and evergreen. our normal temperature for this time of year is about 76 degrees. so we're still going to be above normal today. we're going to cool off several more degrees tomorrow before it heats up. if you're out and around san martine for the afternoon, we're also going to see highs reaching into the mid 70s there, and then a nice little breeze picking up this evening in concord. a little bit warmer with highs reaching into the low 80s. and then it does cool off fairly quickly. so we'll only be at about 80 degrees for a short period of time. as we look at our south bay temperatures, milpitas will reach 80 degrees and for the east bay, up to 83 degrees and in antioch. oakland, 74 degrees. along the peninsula, temperatures ranging anywhere from 65 at half moon bay to 80 in palo alto. and san francisco staying in the 60s today.
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so we're coming out of those 70s that we had the past couple of days and still some upper 70s for parts of the north bay. sonoma today reaching 77 degrees. now we've had a lot of our attention focused on the gulf of mexico, and hurricane michael. but there is something else i'm also keeping an eye on. hurricane sergio is expected to move towards the east over the next couple of days. and look at the track. right now it is a category 1 hurricane, and as we go through the week, this is going to be moving toward baja california, and could be bringing some soaking rains across parts of the desert southwest. so if you have travel plans, this could possibly affect that, especially if you're heading around cabo, as well. here at home, we're looking at temperatures that will be a little bit cooler for the next couple of days with some upper 70s. and then look at the weekend forecast. it's going to get hot again with some upper 80s. i am concerned about the potential of the fire danger as those gusty winds pick up.
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a lot of dry fuels over the bay area hills. we'll have more updates. you have to be really careful. and san francisco sees the clouds and fog returning tomorrow for a little while. we'll get more sunshine, slightly warmer temperatures in time for the weekend. we'll talk about some things going on, and another look at the forecast. it's coming up in a few minutes. laura and marcus? >> perfect. we'll look forward to it. coming up, how do you celebrate after you launch and land a spacecraft on the west coast? a look at the way elon musk is enjoying spacex's latest achievements. first, a list of nominees for the 2019 rock and roll hall of fame is diverse. it goes from '60s funk to '70s punch, '80s rock, and even '90s alternative. the museum is in cleveland and reveals 50 nominees this morning. six first time nominees, including stevie knicks. others include janet jackson, ll cool j, radiohead and rage against the machine. no matter how you define rock
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and roll, there is something for everyone. i'm going for janet jackson. because i'm nasty. more after the break. in an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care
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is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit to learn more. historic claremont club and spa in berkeley, claiming well, a bay area woman is suing the historic claremont club ask spa in berkeley, claiming a massage therapist sexually assaulted her during a visit to the spa. our investigative unit broke this story. the jane doe lawsuit accuses the hotel and therapist of
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negligence and sexual harassment. she says that when she went in december for the therapy group, the therapist actually groped her during a massage. the e-mails and documents obtained shows that she reported the incident to hotel management and oakland police. investigators left a voicemail with the hotel and never spoke to the massage therapist. >> he still is allowed to work there and i'm very concerned about him being able to sexually assault other patrons in the way he did me. >> the claremont declined our interview request but said a thorough and prompt investigation of this alleged incident was conducted and concluded months ago. oakland police saying that its investigation is still open. after we started asking questions, state investigators called the woman and says they are now looking at her claims. spacex now celebrating another successful launch and landing for its falcon 9 rocket. in case you missed it, sunday's
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launch lit up the skies in southern california. spacex founder elon musk also celebrated shortly after at the vandenberg air force base. the restaurant is posting photos of musk congratulating the team and even signing an astronaut helmet. >> cool. could cutting power save lives and property? we investigate the way some power companies are being proactive before fire hits.
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cal fire blaming pg&e's equipment for starting at least a dozen fires in six counties last fall. fierce winds knocked down power lines, pg&e failed to shut off sections of its power grid. >> that stands in stark contrast to what a san diego fire utility does during bad weather. we have a look at how the
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company cuts power in the name of safety. >> we keep a close eye at the moisture content there. >> reporter: in the foothills of san diego county, it's dry as a bone. san diego gas and electric, director of fire science, brian dagsteino says it can get up to 110 degrees in an area that hasn't seen rain for months. >> reporter: right in my hand. >> the vegetation is dry for many, many miles. >> reporter: he monitors weather conditions countywide with machines that measure wind speed, humidity and temperature. the information goes back to the utility's control center, where a team of scientists decides whether to deenergize power lines to keep them from sparking fires if they fall. he says it's always a last resort. but the utility has preemptively cut power to homes and businesses during 19 weather events since 2013. including last december's firestorm. >> any ignitions in the back country of san diego posed an
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immediate threat to life, to property. the safest thing to do was to deenergize. >> reporter: the company started laying plans to proactively cut power after massive fires in 2003 and 2007 wiped out thousands of homes and killed 17 people. >> california should be more aware of not only fire conditions, but the fact that if their power goes out, that it's a safer environment for everyone. >> reporter: craig clemons is director at the fire and weather research lab in san jose state. he says it's very similar to san diego. >> this is a climatological study of the wind event. >> reporter: just like the santa ana winds in southern california, he says fast-moving down slope winds called diablo winds, can create extremely dangerous fires up here. do you think utility companies should be deenergizing power lines in northern california? >> i think it's a great way to mitigate the risk.
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>> reporter: but pg&e only recently started to consider deenergizing. the company declined an interview request to discuss why it didn't cut power to its lines last october. in a statement, pg&e said proactively turning off power is a highly complex issue. and the threat of wildfire has fundamentally changed, impacting more people than ever before. the company says it's ready to flip the switch now and it's learning from san diego gas and electric. in your experience, can cutting power save lives? >> it is a cutough one to answe definitively. we're confident that had fires started in the back country of san diego in december, they definitely could have taken lives. >> reporter: in san diego county, liz wagner, nbc bay area news. >> and if you have a story for our investigative unit, give them a call. that number, 888-996-t-i-p-s, or visit
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and continued coverage now. still no sign, laura, of the person who shot a man to death inside his own bedroom. >> this is such an interesting story. we covered, of course, the story that broke overnight, yesterday, on "today" in t in the bay." officers arrived to find a man had been shot and killed. witnesses say they heard those gunshots just after midnight and one witness says they saw someone take off on a bicycle after the shooting. now police do not believe that shooting was random, marcus. >> and right now novato police are searching for a bank robber. take a close look at this photo taken from surveillance. investigators say that man walked into the u.s. bank on grant avenue and demanded money from the teller on friday. he took off in a blue chevrolet sedan. if you recognize this suspect here, you're asked to call novato police. gun shows at the contra costa county fairgrounds may soon become a thing of the past. supervisors today will debate banning any gun sales at the fairgrounds in antioch. this particular ban is more of a
11:33 am
challenge. that's because the fairgrounds is actually owned and operated by the state, not contra costa county. supporters of the ban argue, among other things, the fairgrounds is located right near antioch high school. the oakland diocese of the catholic church says it will release the names of all priests credibly accused of sexual abuse. they will also be launching an independent investigation into clergy sex abuse. the bishop of oakland diocese says the church has nothing to hide and releasing the names is the right thing to do. the first list of names will be released next month, and as we reported, the san jose diocese of the catholic church is set to do the same this month. police are looking for this man, who they say might be linked to a possible hate crime. it happened outside of a dentist office in san jose. you see the man is wearing a patriotic shirt with the word "usa" across it. it's in the surveillance tape. the doctor discovered a swastika and what appears to be the
11:34 am
letters kkk in her parking lot. it happened three days after she put up a sign in her office at camden and union. she feels she was targeted because of her name. >> i was stunned. i was shaken. i was also petrified. >> the counsel on american-islamic relations says there has been an uptick in crimes during the last two years. and we're learning more about the limo company behind that horrific crash in upstate new york that claimed the lives of 20 people. new york state police are now saying that the driver should have never been behind the wheel and that limo should have never been on the road. meanwhile, police recovered the air bag controlled module, sort of a black box for the limo, and investigators hope that it will tell them whether the driver braked just before impact. nbc's tom costello reports. >> reporter: state police say they have launched a criminal investigation into how 20 people died in that horrific crash on
11:35 am
saturday. the focus now on the limo company and its driver. police confirm, the stretch limo involved in the accident had failed its most recent inspection and should not have been on the road. federal records confirm, the company, prestige limousine chauffeur service, had failed four out of five inspections over the last two years. and the driver, 53-year-old scott sinicchia, who died in the crash, should not have been behind the wheel. >> no, it shouldn't have been on the road. >> reporter: ntsb investigators say they found no skid marks on the ground where the 2001 ford excursion limo apparently ran a stop sign, careened across a county highway and through a parking lot, where it hit a car and killed two pedestrians before slamming into a ravine. all 17 passengers and the driver died. witnesses say the limo appeared to have been speeding. >> if an entire engine block has moved back and basically crushed, moved back past the driver's seat, that would
11:36 am
indicate there was a lot of force and energy involved in that crash. >> reporter: among the victims in the limo, two newly wed couples and many close friends, all on their way to celebrate amy stein berg's 30th birthday at a local brewery. her husband, axel, had hired the limo so everyone could celebrate safely. >> i want to believe it was instant. and that he never knew what happened. >> reporter: corrina's older sister, amanda, also died. >> i think just having my sister around is what i'm going to miss the most. having her physically here. i was thinking i could really go for an amanda hug right now. >> reporter: this morning, the attorney representing the limo firm says the limos were safe. >> as far as we know, there were no mechanical issues with the vehicle. and any defects that did exist in the past, the owners went
11:37 am
through great pains to make sure those had been fixed. >> tom costello reporting there. state police say they're conducting autopsies on the victims, including a full toxicology report on the driver, looking for any evidence of drugs or alcohol. they're also looking at whether the stretch limo had been legally modified. and a strange twist. the owner of the limo company had worked as an fbi informant in several terror-related cases. state senator jerry hill authorized legislation here in california following a limo fire. this is on the san mateo bridge in 2013. five women in that bridal party died. the law requires a chp inspection of all modified limos every 13 months. that 2014 california law also requires limos to have two fire extinguishers on board at all times. house leaders in southern california raising new concerns about an epidemic being spread
11:38 am
by fleas. typhus is a bacterial disease that can be spread by lice. there are nearly 60 reported cases across l.a. county. experts say most patients are homeless. typhus is not the same as typhoid, which is a food-borne illness. ask death is extremely rare. city leaders renamed the airport's terminal one, after gay rights pioneer, harvey milk. today, airport leaders unveiled images of the upcoming redesign. this all includes new artwork and a signature exhibit honoring the one-time supervisor as part of the redesign, airport leaders will also talk about their new crowdsourcing campaign to displace historic artifacts. leaders working to make a dent in clearing trash from the ocean. the group known as ocean cleanup is heading to the great pacific garbage patch to collect plastic from the water. the area halfway between hawaii
11:39 am
and california. it's blanketed with discarded junk, including plastic bottles and bags. the nonprofit built a cleanup system. it was tested in bay area waters. this week, kanye west is set to meet with president donald trump at the white house. the "new york times" reporting west will speak with the president about job opportunities for former convicts and manufacturing jobs in chicago. this is west's hometown. you'll remember kanye's wife, kim kardashian, met with the president this year and convinced him to commute one woman's drug-related jail sentence. kanye west was on "saturday night live" a couple weeks ago wearing a make america great again hat. as the election nears, there are a lot of propositions to go through before deciding how to vote. ian cole focuses on proposition 10 that deals with affordable housing and rent control. >> that's proposition 10. it does the opposite of what it promises. >> reporter: you have seen the
11:40 am
campaign ads. >> take rental housing off the market. >> taking on our housing crisis by voting yes on 10. >> reporter: and now the fight over affordable housing and rent control gets closer to a conclusion. right now, a state law only allows for rent control on units built before 1995, and it's not allowed on single family homes. proposition 10 would repeal that, and allow cities and counties to regulate rents for any kind of housing. >> what's good for modesto, might not be good for san francisco. and passing prop 10 would allow local cities to come up with their own housing laws. >> reporter: the yes campaign argues prop 10 would help, as california's skyrocketing rents are pushing out people like teachers and those who grew up here. >> you have people who are working two to three jobs just to pay for more than 60% of their income into rent. and so right now is the time in order to, like, make sure that working families have safe and affordable housing. >> reporter: a no vote would keep the current system in
11:41 am
place. gustavo gonzalez is a realtor and landlord against prop 10. >> if you look at all the cities with rent control, they're almost the highest-priced rents. so how is that helping? it's not. >> reporter: he says if prop 10 passes, developers won't build as much housing, because their margins will decrease. and the inventory for renters will also go down. >> it's going to put rent control on pretty much everything or anything that the city feels is appropriate. and that's going to scare away our builders, which is the complete opposite of what we want. we want our builders building more housing, not less or no housing. >> no on 10. >> vote yes on 10. >> the election is november 6. ian cole, nbc bay area news. right now, we want to get a look at what's going on with the weather outside. kari, looking good for us? >> yes, i mean, look at these skies out there as we take that live look outside over the south bay. as we go to santa clara, the temperatures are going to be very comfortable today. and even slightly cooler
11:42 am
tomorrow. we'll talk about that and some hot weather in the forecast coming up next. more than 12 months after the fires, homeowners feel stuck. we explain why, and how their frustration can teach us all a little something. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura, nbc bay area responds, next. to north bay fire victims.
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year after the firestorm nbc bay area is responding to north bay fire victims one year after the firestorm destroyed so many homes.
11:45 am
>> consumer investigator, chris chmura, says survivors remain frustrated with the process of getting rebuilding money back from their insurance company. >> fire victims tell us insurance payments are still very inconsistent. you can see it in many neighborhoods. lots where insurance companies have not paid in full. but next door, new houses ready for move-in. where other insurance companies paid their claims promptly. >> i wish they did it for everyone, and i wish they did it in all aspects of our insurance. >> so what's standing in the way of full payout? more than a year after the fires? when unexpectedly complex process, and lots of paperwork. tonight at 6:00, why some insurance companies say it's necessary, and what all of us can do right now to try to prepare for the insurance battle so many people in the north bay are fighting. if you have a consumer complaint, please let us know. 888-996-tips. or visit
11:46 am i'll see you again tonight at 6:00. >> thanks, chris. let's check in with kari and a look at the forecast for today. pretty nice day we've been having. >> yeah, so nice. even a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. so i think a lot of people in the valleys will enjoy that. as we take a look outside, maybe you'll be heading to the beach. ocean beaches looking pretty nice where temperatures will stay in the 60s here. we'll be heating up just a little more for the inland areas. and then we can see high clouds moving by as we take a live look from twin peaks, san francisco. we can see that is going to be moving throughout the day. and giving us some interesting sky cover over the bay area. as you get ready to head out, though, we do still have the hazy conditions. still some light patches of smoke drifting by, because of the nearby brush fires that we have seen blowing around the bay area. now, the direction of the wind carries some of that smoke away from the peninsula, so that's one of the places where our air quality will be good. and we're still seeing those dark blue skies in the south
11:47 am
bay, heading over toward willow glen we'll be in the upper 70s for the afternoon. and that's just a few degrees above what's normal for this time of year. so we'll reach 77 degrees, hitting that high temperature at 4:00 this afternoon. and then cooling down into the low 70s by 7:00. as we get a look at our south bay microclimate and the highs we're going to see for today, in east san jose, morgan hill, expect a high of 82 degrees. it will be up to 83 in concord, martinez 79 degrees. and 77 today in hayward. redwood city reaching 78 degrees, and daly city, 69 degrees there. we'll be up to 67 in ingleside, outer sunset 66 degrees. and 76 in mill valley, santa rosa reaching 79 degrees. we have been giving a lot of updates on hurricane michael, and now we're starting to see that well-defined eye in the middle of the storm, showing that it could continue to strengthen. and that's exactly what the
11:48 am
forecast is calling for over the next couple of days. this could make it up to category 3 status before it moves into the florida panhandle. that's expected to make landfall. at this point it will be late wednesday evening and then quickly making a turn off towards the east on thursday and back out into the atlantic. and then as we look at what's happening in the pacific, we have category 1 hurricane sergio. this is expected to move off towards the east over the next couple of days. so right in its path will be very close to cabo. so this could bring in a lot of rainfall over the next couple of days, as it moves through by the weekend. this is something that we'll be keeping an eye on. as we look at our inland forecast, expect those high temperatures today in the low 80s, even cooler tomorrow. we can turn off the air conditioning and give it a couple of days of a break, because there will be some very warm weather returning. look at saturday. we're going to be blasting the ac once again as our high temperatures reach into the
11:49 am
upper 80s. and it will be about the same on sunday. and then for san francisco, it's going to be warming up, so looking forward to some more comfortable weather there going into saturday, sunday and monday. and, of course, we'll be keeping an eye on all of the tropics going on from the atlantic to the pacific. this is just a busy time of year, marcus and laura. >> no kidding. coming up, a mile an hour tierous death leaving kids paralyzed. the work towards a cure. folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all, as well as the power of google. let's go to with our waze app on iphone or android. in the bottom corner, there is a magnifying glass. click on that and then click on your name, your profile. scroll down to see teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community and how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after this break. every parents .
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11:52 am
16 states have reported cases of a mystery illness that can we have a child health warning every parent needs to hear. 16 states have reported cases of a mysterious illness that can cause partial paralysis in children. >> there's no cure, and some of those kids affected appear to have long-term disabilities. nbc's kristen dahlgren now with what families can do to prevent this. >> reporter: within a week, quentin hill went from being an active 7-year-old to a hospital bed, diagnosed with a rare polio-like illness and at least five other kids in minnesota also have. >> doctors are telling you, this is something we don't know much about. there is no known cure. that's when the bottom really seemed to drop out. >> reporter: it's called acute flaccid myelitis. >> it can cause hand foot mouth disease, common cold symptoms
11:53 am
and neurologic disease. >> reporter: in 2014, there were 120 cases in 34 states. in 2016, there was another spike. so far this year, there are 38 cases. including the recent cluster in minnesota. symptoms can include sudden limb weakness, drooping eyelids or face and trouble swallowing or slurred speech. in some cases, it can lead to paralysis or even death. doctors recommend hand washing to prevent virus spread. while they don't know if quintin will regain normal use of his arm, his parents say he's better. what's often called a 1 in a million illness, now striking fear in parents across the country. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> that is frightening. >> it is. >> be careful. we'll be right back. it's time for the ross fall dress event.
11:54 am
yeah? so you can find a party dress at a price yeah. that makes you want to celebrate. find the perfect dress for every occasion. it feels even better when you find it for less at the ross fall dress event. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. in on a bigger insurance payment when you need help the most. plus- live reports as hurricane michael begins lashing the florida coast when you wake up! today in the bay. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
11:56 am
good morning, it )s 7:26... i )m - -... family remember a san francisco woman considered a happening today, friends and family remember a san francisco woman considered really a pioneer in the city's street food movement. >> yeah, she will forever be remembered as the at thtamale l. she served tamales south of the market neighborhood and has been an institution for the late night crowds. she was reportedly about to open a new mission district restaurant. today a beloved bakery in san francisco's mission district is closing for good.
11:57 am
la-victoria bakery has been a staple in the city for more than 65 years. staff members say a family dispute is part of the reason for the closure, leaving many customers disappointed. the shop's baker plans to open another kitchen in the dog patch neighborhood. >> hmmm. >> two sad stories right before lunch time. >> right? exactly. there you go. so getting ready to head out, walk down to your favorite place to enjoy lunch, it's going to be a beautiful day outside. you're going to reach into the low 80s today inland, upper 70s in the forecast for the middle of the week. san francisco, 68 degrees today. breezy winds. and then slightly warmer for the weekend. >> i'll take it. >> looking good. well, good. because that's what we're offering. >> right? >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. but we'll be back tomorrow morning. >> starting at 4:30. you can always catch the latest information at have a great day.
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> you know what? now i don't have to try! >> ready? >> the red carpet is rolled out. it's going to be a great night. the amas are tonight. welcome to "access live." we have mike back with us. on the red carpet tonight for the amas. >> he's there. might have a front row seat. taylor swift to open the show. her first award show performance in three years. now, we know she's in the front row. here's the big deal. there's an empty seat beside her


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