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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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right now. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. a man who shot and killed a b.a.r.t. officer earlier this year will not face any charges. you may recall this body cam video. the video sparked a lot of anger from friends and family of the man shot another the west oakland b.a.r.t. station back in january. the officer was responding to gunshots across the street when he shot and killed 28-year-old celine tindall, the body cam showing the man wrestling him for a gun and the man shot and killed him. tonight the emotional response from that man's family. tom? >> reporter: you can see the body cam video and how all of this went down at the market behind us here. that report today finding that the officer was already in using
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his weapon that night and justified in self-defense and defense of others. a surprising that did not surprise the mother of the suspect, but she said it's one that leaves her deeply saddened. >> but i have been running and looking for answers from the time that my son was murdered january the 3rd, 2018. >> reporter: yolanda banks reid says the answer about why she got about why the officer shot and killed her son in january is not acceptable. >> i was devastated by the fact that i'm feeling what many mothers have felt. >> reporter: an officer-involved shooting investigative report released today that no charges should be filed. the district attorney nancy o'malley agreed. o'malley said the evidence does not support criminal charges. no further action will be taken.
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>> the family's attorney says evidence in the report is not conclusive. it actually proves the officers should not have fired his weapon. >> he did not see a gun in celine's hand at the time he shot him. >> reporter: his mom says she's a person of faith and is confident in the end justice will eventually be served. >> but in my heart, in my soul, he's already convicted because he's taken the life of my son. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. declined a comment for our story today on camera, but in a written statement told nbc bay area they stand by the report, too, that it showed that the officer was justified in using his we and shooting and killing mr. tindall that afternoon. the family has also filed a civil lawsuit in u.s. district court here, and their attorney says that he does not believe that today's decision will affect that lawsuit. we're live in oakland.
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tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, tom. two san jose police officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing after they shot and killed a man at the met class power plant and now for the first time we are seeing the moment that led up to the shooting. we want to warn you that this video may be unsettling. >> drop the weapon. drep the weapon. drop it! drop it. drop it! >> reporter: this is body cam footage from one of the police officers who shot thompson nguyen. we stopped the video because of its nature. nguyen suffered from mental illness and showed up at the plant armed with two hatchets, three pipes and seven knives and a sword. three different body cam videos were released. they all show the officers pleading with nguyen to stop, but he yells at the officers to shoot him. today a 44-page report by the santa clara county district attorney's office cleared those officers. >> we continue to follow a developing story in san
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francisco. another cracked window at the millennium tower. this time it's between the ninth and tenth floor of the luxury high rise on the fremont street side. this is the second cracked window since labor day. some engineers tell us this could be a direct result of pressure created by the tower that's leaning and sinking this. matters for the homeowners, and it matters for any pedestrians walking by. these windows could fall and shatter on the street level below. now the city has now ordered the millennium tower homeowner's association to install scaffolding on the sidewalks to protect pedestrians from any falling debris. new at 6:00, a potential change in immigration rules has a lot of people scrambling this evening. a new proposal by the trump administration would ban people on food stamps and section 8 housing from applying for a green card. this could put millions of people in california in a precarious spot. nbc bay area's damien tarullo
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joi -- damien trujillo joins us with some of the details. >> reporter: it's difficult to make ends meet here in san jose, living in expensive silicon valley, but now the new appropriapropsal by the trump administration fears that may make matters worse. they say they come to the land of opportunity for a chance at a better life but once here they need assistance in food, housing and healthcare to survive. many undocumented families receive this assistance mainly because they have children. now the department of homeland security is looking at taking away the ability to get their green cards if the immigrants receive government assistance. >> it's really concerning because it really targets low-income immigrants. >> reporter: immigrants say the new rules would force them to make difficult choices, ones that will affect their futures. >> they choose if their house is more important than the papers or their papers are more important than the house. >> reporter: maria says several
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of her family members will face that tough decision. the proposal is currently in a 60-day comments period until december 10th. >> public assistance helps people who can't work so they can buy food, but critics say immigrants are fleecing the american economy. they say immigrants should enter the country legally if they want its benefits. not surprised, she says, that immigrants are a constant target of a nation that was formed by them. >> they are here working, tax-paying and hard working people that are here in our country. they have their children who are most likely citizens that are living here. >> reporter: late this afternoon i heard from the head of the republican party in santa clara county. he says he disagrees with this new proposal that's here in this county. the latest from san jose, damian
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trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> an assault survivor tom emmons made a big demand. his legal team released a report accusing 212 priests accused of sexual misconduct in the bay area and he's calling on release information about the whereabouts and names of the clergy accused of sexual abuse. he says time for apology is over and time now for action. >> until every secret and archive sun covered we won't get to the truth. >> predator priests that they know about, that they have not told the public or the parishioners. they have not told the people. they have not told the public. >> the report comes days after the san jose diocese releases the names of 15 priests accused of abuse, but this report found more than twice that number. the diocese it is heartbroken to
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learn of the abuse and the will be reviewing the list. the san jose diocese will give the report a long, hard look. our investigative unit has spent months looking into the backgrounds of the accused priests and putting all the developing news into one place. vicky nguyen is here to show you how to find it. vicky? >> reporter: janell, our investigative unit is working with our digital team so you can find everything on our home page, once other click on the investigative unit tab. our main story will come up and this is where you can see where you might have missed on television and watch raw interviews and this is also where you can share your story. we've talked with three survivors of sexual abuse who have come forward hoping to help others. if you have a tip for us to investigate, submit it here. we ask for your name and phone number, and we want to assure you we won't make any of your story public unless you agree. if you skoal further down you'll see a list of priests with credible accusations of sexual
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abuse, all of this from the diocese of san jose. we're also going to be updating with new names from lawsuits like the one you just saw in sam's report. at the bottom of our page. you'll find this map of the bay area. just hover over the dot and you'll see names and locations of parishes where the priests serve. next month when the open diocese releases its list we'll update this map for you as the story of slernlgy sexual abuse continues to unfold. we'll have it all covered you on nbc bay area on air and online. >> vicky, thank you. powerful information right there on the website. builders of the san francisco's troubled transit center are under attack tonight. the city supervisors have voted man unanimously to withhold funding for phase two which brings train service to the bay area hub. mark matthews is outside the $2 billion salesforce transit center which remains closed because of the two cracked steel
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beams. mark? >> reporter: $2.2 billion, raj. can you see it is closed. there is caution tape over the transit center, and now temporarily at least the county's transportation authority, the supervisors have decided to withhold $9.7 million in a would have gone to design the train tracks and tunnel and bringing the trains from fourth and king to this downtown hub. this supervisor hub acknowledged this has been a rough year for the transbay power authority or pgpa. >> we're aware obviously of the cracked beams and painfully aware of the huge cost overruns and delays. >> reporter: the $2.2 billion transbay transit center found support beams cracked within days of its opening, and before the beams the project with its five-acre elevated park was six months behind schedule and 100 million over budget. today the executive director of
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the transbay joint powers authority was roughed up by supervisors who appeared to be gunning for his agency. >> just to be fair, it is changing. >> reporter: the director says that holding funds could cause delays which would add costs to the $6 billion project. >> a three-month pause would be approximately $50 million. a six-month pause would be roughly $100 million. >> reporter: when peskin called for the vote it was unanimous. aaron peskin wants a new agency to oversee construction of the tracks and tunnel from fourth and king to the train box that is 80 feet beneath the transbay transit center, and he's going to try and tie up the money to get it done. >> until we have an oversight and governmental struck tour that will work to deliver this project on time and on budget, you bet. >> reporter: commuters who don't want to see any delay in bringing the trains from fourth and king to downtown, they can't
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be happy with today's vote, and it is a vote to only temporarily withhold the $9.7 billion, but peskin plans to leverage the money, and the county is on the hook for the $350 million. if he with withhold that amount, it will be a much bigger hammer in his quest to get another agency to bring in the trains. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. >> torched in the middle of the night. two construction projects being forced to restart as investigators also looking into a cause. >> i'm chief meteorologist jump ranieri. we have rain and clouds moving into northern california. it will not mean any rainfall for us tonight. i'll tell you what we see in terms of rainfall. >> and will tonight be the night. $1.6 billion is up for grabs. we'll take you to a lucky san jose store where people are link up before tonight's big mega millions drawing.
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was itwas it arson?
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2 fires in oakland, at 2 separate housing was it a coincidence or was it arson? two fires in oakland at two separate housing projects under construction within an hour of each other. more from the first fire in west oakland with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: we've seen federal
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investigators going door-to-door and businesses and across the street from this townhouse development as they try to figure out how this morning's fire started. over the past two years several housing projects under construction in the bay area have burned down. the latest is this townhouse development in west oakland. this is drone video from the alameda county sheriff's office showing you the intense flames. >> we do not know whether this fire was caused by an arsonist but we do know that arsonists have been trying to burn down housing projects in oakland. >> about an hour after this morning's fire at the icehouse town homes on market street near grand, another report of a fire about a mile away on peralta. this one also at a housing project under construction. the ceo of the development home at the town home telling reporters about security measures they tried to put in place during construction. >> we specifically put cameras in place here given some of the
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concern that's been expressed in oakland relative to fires. >> the oakland fire department says a massive fire tore down at least four out of the six buildings on this construction site just before 2:00 this morning. this is video of the town homes burning from our nbc bay area sky ranger today. >> this fire quickly escalated from a second to a third, fourth and then eventually a fifth alarm response. >> reporter: embers from the flames blew east of the town homes and started two other smaller fires in a nearby neighborhood. more than 20 people had to be evacuated. this is video of that scene on isabella street from the oakland firefighter's local 55. >> and i just quickly grabbed them, you know, anwas like, hey, let's get out. >> reporter: back out here live we can still see smoke coming out from parts that have structure. pg&e reportedly shut down power to 2,000 people as a safety precaution this morning. nobody was seriously hurt or killed in the fire. oakland mayor libby schaaf is
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asking anyone with information about how it might have started to call police right away or their anonymous tip line. reporting live in west oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for that update. a man is recovering tonight from a shark attack. the coast guard says the shark bit him on his hand and wrists several times. it happened this morning near the fairlawn islands 30 miles west of san francisco. friends say the victim is ron elliott who is known for his underwater filmmaking no. word what he was doing when the shark attack happened. the coast guard helicopter flew him to stanford hospital. he's expected to be okay. >> what's the bottom line? you're not going to win, correct, but it's fun to dream, and actually maybe you will win. $1.6 billion tonight is the largest jackpot in lotto history. the drawing is less than a couple hours away. nbc bay area's marianne favro is at the lucky spot in san jose with a last-minute rush. tell us about.
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>> reporter: ernie's liquors is crazy busy inside. the line here is so long it's winding through the aisles and the reason people are coming here to buy their tickets is because they believe it's a lucky store because it sold the last winning mega millions jackpot ticket in july, and they are convince it had can happen again. convinced they will become billionaires tomorrow hundreds rushed to buy lotto tickets in san jose. at lunchtime officials said $85 now in mega millions tickets were sold in california every minute. the $1.6 billion jackpot was enough to convince bettera reyes to take a chance. >> first time ever to buy a ticket. >> reporter: many drove across town in san jose which sold a $a 543 winning mega millions ticket in july.
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the store owner won $1 million for selling it, but has been so busy he hasn't had time to enjoy it. it's been crazy for the last three, four days, especially the prize of $1.6 billion so it's been really crazy. people are like in lines all the way to the store. if you do win you'll have big decisions to make. take nearly $905 million in cash before taxes or the full $1.6 billion in annual payments over 30 years? then you'll have to decide what to do with all that money i probably would take a year vacation and explore the world. >> i would donate to various charities, especially ones in the care of animal. >> reporter: many are hoping they are holding a ticket to a better life. a lot of people walking out of the store tonight are telling me that they just purchased the winning ticket.
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if you haven't purchased a ticket you have until 7:45 tonight. i already got moy ticket, but i promise if i win, i'll give you the exclusive interview. >> we want a little more than that. >> forget the interview. >> we want a choung. >> so greedy. >> i would love to hear what she would want to do with that, too. >> so fun to day dream about winning. >> i was thinking about traveling the world and doing a forecast across the world. >> we would watch that. we'd tune in. >> i'd give you the bay area weather, cancun, all the satellite feeds getting there. >> let's do it. >> right now we're in the studio here in silicon valley so let's go and give you a live look at our microclimate forecast and take you down to san jose and giving you your mega millions or should we say mega billions ticket tonight and mostly clear skies, still haze in the atmosphere. you need the jacket if you're
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running out to get a ticket here. 64 degrees and notice how temperatures will be dropping as we head throughout the next few hours down to the 50s. let's brick you the san francisco and the big change is all that have cloud cover that we had this morning. it's now pushed back and cleared out. a nice sunset and we're right now down to 59 degrees, and some mid-50s here once we hit 11:00, but notice not much in the way of cloud cover tonight. that will set us up with a nice morning with a lot of sunshine. so a good start. by the afternoon we're seeing temperatures in the low to mid-70s for the north bay and head to san francisco, at 64 and oakland 68 and right back to the interior valleys and going up to 77 degrees. san jose 71 and morgan hill at 75. my extended forecast has hotter weather coming our way. we think it's good to happen here by friday and saturday, upper 80s. it doesn't last too long. we'll see some cooler 70s by next monday and tuesday but possibly some fire danger. no rainfall the next seven days or the next ten.
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all headed here to the pacific northwest. what's in store for november. more details tonight at 7:00. >> open for business. we'll take you to the amazon ghost store where you get what you need and walk right out the door.
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in an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks
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and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it. and it )s a "different" experience. there okay. are you ready for it? california's first amazon go store is now open in san francisco. a little different than what you're used to. not your typical store. there's no cashier at all. the store is located at 300 california in the financial district. here's how it works. you grab what you need, and you just walk out the front door. you get your eggs and milk, your kael, whatever. sensors charge your amazon account atematically. there are amazon go stores in chicago and seattle already. >> i'm excited and that's why i'm here. >> going to make something easier? >> yeah, i think so. >> wonder if they are able to scan everything you get. what if you walk out with your
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kael and they don't charge you? >> don't you have to weigh the kael, must be pre-weighed. >> amazon is opening a second store this winter near union square. >> cookies and not kael. >> two weeks out from the mid terms president trump dangles a new tax cut to entice voters, but can he deliver on the promise? >> also, hanging up her helmet. after 50 years of leading the city's bravest fire chief tells us her biggest accomplishment. c-
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s... so does election day. now, president right now at 6:30, as a my grant caravan moves closer to the u.s. so does election day. now president trump is using that issue to rally his base. president trump back in washington, d.c. returning briefly from the campaign trail trying to gain support ahead of the mid-term elections. >> two weeks away from today. the president sounded off on a variety of comments even contradicting some of his campaign talking points. >> reporter: taking questions this afternoon in the oval office, president trump addressed the murder of a "washington post" columnist apparently order by saudi officials. >> it was carried out poorly, and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups. so whoever thought of that idea i think is in big trouble. and they should be in big trouble. >> reporter: but he claimed saudi arabia as an ally and hinted he wants to go ahead with
6:31 pm
a high-priced arms deal. the presidents lund cut one of his newest campaign talking points, that middle eastern terrorists might be hiding in the my grant caravan. >> they could very well be. >> reporter: but there's no proof. >> there's no proof of anything, but they could very well be. >> reporter: and vice president pence contradicted the president's claims that democrats bank rolled the caravan. >> organized by leftist organizations and financed by venezuela, and we -- and as we've said. >> and the democrats maybe? and the democrats? >> well -- >> let me give you the pen back. >> reporter: the president also touted plans for a 10% tax cut. >> we're putting in a resolution probably this week. i think you folks know about it. >> reporter: but with congress on recess, the president acknowledged work on that tax cut will have to wait until after the mid-term elections. in washington, susan mcguinnes, nbc news. we mentioned two weeks to go until the elections.
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santa clara county officials say there's still a need for election workers. about 600 jobs are still available. the pay varies depending on the responsibility and right now nearly 880,000 people have registered to vote in santa clara county alone and if you missed yesterday's registration deadline you still have time. >> anybody that missed that deadline has the option of conditional voter registration which happens in the 14 days leading up to the election. it can happen at the r.o.v.'s office or happen at an early voting center and the early voting center is open this saturday. >> and that would be voter registration office. there's 53 early drop-off sites placed across the county. >> east bay representative barbara lee is feeling the burn. one of the democratic party leading figures is throwing his clout behind lee.
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senator bernie sanders is scheduled to attend a rally on saturday. the battle in that district is not at battle of red versus blue but blue versus green. the green party's wells is the only opposite and on sunday he'll join other northern california green party candidates at a rally in berkeley. there are a lot of issues on the ballot a couple weeks from now, and we've broken them down for you online, an easy and very good resource for you. check out our voter's guide at click on the elections tab at the top of the screen and we'll take you right to it. >> san francisco's fire chief is retiring and reflecting on her career. the chief will stay on with the department through the spring. she served with saf fire for 14 years and became chief 14 years ago. the chief says she's happy to
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see women embrace fire fighting as a career option. >> growing up in the '60s and '70s nobody that looked like me as a firefighter so to be able to plant that seed and put it in someone's head, little girls growing up, maybe i can be a firefighter some day. i'm proud of that. hayes-white was named firefighter of the year by the international association of fire chiefs. >> some people living in a san francisco high rise are still out of their homes tonight. we're talking about that fire that broke out on the 12th floor that damaged 30 apartments. this is rights off the embarcadero in the financial district. this is part of our breaking news coverage last night at 6:00. firefighters used some special training to pump water up to the flames and quickly knock them down. now there weren't any sprinklers in the apartments. the fire chief says they aren't a requirement because of when the high rise was built. thankfully no one was hurt. they are still trying to determine what sparked this fire. >> another fire in san francisco. this one claimed a woman's life and tonight investigators are
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trying to find out what sparked it. started at 3:30 in this the inner sunset district. when firefighters got there, they found the woman who collapsed after trying to escape. they performed cpr but it was too late. they still regret not being able to save everyone. >> feeling a little down that someone lost her life associated with this fire, you know, there's obviously five displaced residents when you come the hospital and they are grieving and we're grieving with them. sorry for their loss. the cause sun known, but the chief tells us there doesn't appear to be anything suspicious. police in contra costa county shot and killed a man after he kidnapped his estranged wife and baby. it came in as a 911 call about a domestic situation in pittsburgh. police say a man held his wife and baby at gunpoint and shot a relative who tried to intervene. the man then forced the wife and baby into his car and police followed them until he barricaded himself in a home.
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officers say when the man fired towards them, they then fired back and killed him. police are waiting to release the man's name until his family has been notified. >> thousands of union workers at the university of california israel on strike forcing medical centers to cancel appointments. >> over 4,000 appointments have already been impacted. the hardest hit locations are ucsf, mission bay and mt. zion facilities. the contract between the union and uc expired in december. the workers are demanding an 8% annual wage increase. uc says demand is, quote, unreasonable. sandra day o'connor, the first woman on the u.s. supreme court, says she has dementia. o'connor is 88 years old, retired and living in phoenix. the supreme court released a letter from her today which says she has the beginning stages of dementia and probably alzheimer's. o'connor says she'll live out
6:37 pm
her life surrounded by family and friends. we caught up with her son jay who lives in the north bay. he says his mom's decision to go public about her condition doesn't surprise him. she's always been vocal about alzheimer's. a sad day for giants fans. for nearly two decades hank greenwall's intelligence and dry wit were part of every giants broadcast. today the giants and their fans mourn as the longtime voice of the team passed away. the news broke this morning that greenwall dialed at the age of 83 yesterday following a long battle with heart and kidney complications. he was the giants lead broadcaster from 1979 to 1986 and then again from 1989 to 1996. giants president larry behr says he brought our game to life. >> san francisco's smallest home is up for sale. wait until you hear how much it's going for. that's next. across the bay areae
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noise. in just about 20 minutes - you can weigh in on how it )s impacting
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it's a big concern for a lot of people across the bade area. we're talking about airplane noise n.20 minutes you with kaye in on how it's impacting your neighborhood. congresswoman jackie spires with a town hall meeting at san bruno this evening. sfo says complaints about the noise have skyrocketed especially on the peninsula between 2015 and 2017 alone. there's been more than 17 million complaints. >> netflix needs more cash. the company plans to borrow another $2 billion to produce more original shows. the borrowing binge has been a surprise. netflix has been spending more cash than it has. since expanding into original programming with "house of cards." the company is already in debt by nearly $12 billion but it seems to be paying off. netflix picked up 7 million subscribers last quarter. also the company's stock is worth seven times more than it was five years ago. >> okay. forget the bay area. the best places to live and work for tech professionals isn't
6:41 pm
even on the west coast. at least according to the new study. the technology industry association says the best place is charlotte, north carolina, followed by raleigh. that's the research triangle and austin, texas. san jose was number four on the list followed by san francisco. the study ranks cities based on job openings, projected job growth and the cost of living. >> it's not beautiful but it has potential. that's what sell remembers saying about the smallest home now in san francisco. the shabby chic pale pink cottage in visitation valley is a whole $480 square feet big. 480 square feet. i don't know why they wrote it like that. >> like a hotel room. >> the fixer-upper sits on 2,500 square feet leaving room to expand. it's listed at $650,000, one of the most affordable homes in the city. not bad. >> yeah. >> looks spacious inside. >> there was a view, too. >> i know. >> a very nice view.
6:42 pm
>> big backyard. >> barbecue and have a good time. >> you own real estate in the bay area, right? >> got to get in. any time is a good time. >> right. >> to get in the market. >> take us through the san francisco forecast right now. >> let's get a look and see over the next ten days there's no chance of rain in the bay area. all of those best chances in the pacific northwest and we'll talk more about what's in store for november's temperature and rain outlook. that's coming up in about five minutes. also, from san quentin prison to the warrior, the former inmate getting a shot at chasing a dream he thought was gone. ioplay for the warriors.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
but his jopumnrey into pro basketball -- goes thge prison yard of san quention. his goal and dream is to play for the warriors but the journey goes through the prison yard of san quentin. >> a look now at his unlikely journey back to the court. >> when i was in clem, moy main thing was always to play professionally. >> reporter: the intersection of
6:45 pm
dreams and reality where harry smith found himself seven years ago. i was-ins an unhealthy relationship, but at the time i was playing balanced budget amendment i was in my junior year at san francisco state. >> reporter: through a series of bad choices, the aspiring student went from a college basketball court to a court of law. >> but i was convicted of domestic violence, and they sent me to prison for eight years. >> reporter: and this is where smith landed, viewing the bay, his dreams, the missed opportunities and the confines of san quentin prison. >> the transition was hard because i'm going from a college campus to being dropped off into a level three war zone. >> reporter: amid the clamor of prison life smith began to trace a new path. he started minstrich to young people and found religion and he found solace in the familiar game of basketball.
6:46 pm
>> basketball was may main avenue. >> reporter: every year members of the golden state warriors visited the prison to mentor inmates and to play a game against the prison team, the san quentin warriors. >> this is one of the not the biggest evends on the act and that day is a dream that the dream started reopening up. >> reporter: smith's play caught his attention and when he was released a few years ago after seven years behind bars the warriors offered him a chance to try out for its santa cruz farm team trading prison blues for blue and goal. >> my dream is that he gets to achieve his dream and the only thing i've ever wanted to see him do is make amends and help other people. >> reporter: while smith says making the warriors roster would be a dream, no longer his only dream. he spent his first few weeks of freedom mentoring young people about the power of choices.
6:47 pm
>> it's even bigger about living a dream. it's about aclaw-abiding citizen and awaits his next tryout, a rebound on the court of second chances. >> second chance at a first class life. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> he's hoping to do it. >> yeah, right track. >> jeff ranieri is here with us right now. look behind us. >> i know. >> beautiful sunset, jeff. >> i know a lot of folks are looking ahead towards halloween as we hit next week and also our long range rain and temperature outlook. we'll break all that down coming up in our micro climate forecast. the big thing you'll notice after all that have cloud cover this morning, we have totally cleared out. it's really a nice night out there. currently 59 degrees in san rafael, and notice through this
6:48 pm
evening not much in the way of cloud cover with temperatures dropping down to some cold levels, down to 49 degrees here once we hit 1:00 tomorrow morning. so not much fog right now. that's going to set us up with a really nice start as we hit your wednesday morning forecast. mostly clear for the south bay and 52 degrees. few bachie clouds and 535 and chill net tri-valley at 48. san francisco also just a little bit of patchy fog, but i think overall it's going to be a beautiful beginning to the day. over to the east bay we're starting off at 50. i do see temperatures warming up a few degrees as we move through tomorrow, but it won't be too hot. you'll see down here across the south bay. i'll put my forecast, the warmest here across gilroy at 76 and morgan hill at 75. you can see the trend as you get closer to the bay. a little bit of the bay breeze to keep us in the low 70s in downtown san jose and cupertino. contra costa and alameda counties, most of the heat trapped back into the interior valleys. up to the warmest in pittsburgh
6:49 pm
and concord and pleasanton at 75 and closer to the bay. you're at 68 here in oakland. the peninsula warming up just a couple of degrees, but, you know, overall, can't argue with 70 degrees in palo alto. san mateo 67 and san francisco significant in the 60s tomorrow. we don't see it warming up right yet. 66 here in the mission and 63 also in the marina, but when that wind kicks up out of the west at 20 miles per hour, certainly will feel like the 50s for tomorrow so take your jacket if you're headed to san francisco. marin, napa, the warmest is ukiah at 75 and santa rosa 73 right down to mill valley at 72. my extended forecast does have changes. heat building into san francisco once we hit friday and saturday's forecast. a little bit above average. low 70s here friday and saturday. it won't last long. temperatures will cool off into the 60s once we hit next monday and tuesday and the thing we're watching out here is wind into early next week that might issue a red flag fire warning so we'll
6:50 pm
be watching out for that. inland valleys, that's where the temperatures will start to bump us. once we hit friday and saturday we'll go from 78 tomorrow up to 89 on saturday and then we'll see the temperatures drop as we hit early next week. as you can see right here, there's no rainfall expected over the next seven days, so what about next month? as we move into november, you can see all of the southwest will have likely above average temperatures. the whole area in red and no hope for colder weather but what about rainfall. it looked like the best chances of rain would go to texas, southeast and also for the northeast. we'll likely see our rain averages near average to slightly below. look, if we can get one or two systems in here in november. best thing that would do for us is help to lower the fire danger so we're kind of waiting, watching and seeing at that point for the next storm. >> that would be key and halloween for the kid and parents. >> dry right now for halloween. >> thanks, jeff. >> thanks, jeff. >> up next, the warriors are off
6:51 pm
to another strong start and head coach steve kerr is focusing on something different than basketball. hmm. he joins colin for a one-on-one interview next. do you hear that? no. it's quiet. too quiet. xfinity home cameras. xfinity home gives you an extra pair of eyes to help watch over your family. plus, you have added peace of mind from 24/7 professional monitoring. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity customers, add xfinity home and get a great offer. plus, ask how to get free installation. call, go online, or demo in an xfinity store today.
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derek carr. after a disastrous 1-5 start and trading away two of their top players it's a tough time to be a raider. he said he still loves it. he reported to several reports about the team being fractured. the quarterback says he loves being a raider and the team will keep fighting despite all the negativity. the raiders do host the colts this sunday afternoon at the cole scheme. >> the warriors are off to a 3-1 start and today they have the day off. head coach steve was as guest speaker at usf. >> as we've gotten to know steve kerr the last four and a half years, one thing is abundantly clear, he's so much more of the coach of the best basketball team in the world. he had's as socially conscious as they come and why he gets asked to do things like this speaking series at usf where at 6:00 he sat down with a fun q&a with one of our favorites,
6:55 pm
former coach jennifer hazen. >> has it become harder and harder to compartmentalize your social life and the social advocacy part? >> that part is interesting especially where these days where there's a lot to the talk about socially, and i know i'm a basketball coach first and foremost and that's what i do every day. every day i think about the warriors and how we can get better, and i also recognize everybody has a responsibility to try to speak their mind, make their community better and do whatever they can to help others and help the process of, you know, whatever the process may be which these days to me is about getting people out to vote, making people aware of equal rights and -- and civility and -- and a lot of the things
6:56 pm
that have sort of gone haywire in our country over the last couple of years. >> so when you get an opportunity like tonight, what's the message you really want to get out there? >> well, i think the main message that i want to get out there is the power of the group, whether it's basketball or anything else, you know. you rely on each other when you're a part of a group trying to accomplish something. >> at the university of san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> well, coming at 11:00, we investigate mysterious deaths in police custody and the steps paramedics may have skipped that could have saved two lives. that's tonight at 11:00. before we go, the final word to jeff ranieri as we head into this evening and tomorrow morning. >> fog is starting to push back, so we don't think we'll see a super foege start as we move into tomorrow morning. temperatures will be cool, in the upper 40s to the low 50s. going to warm up by friday and saturday inland. upper 80s coming on back. >> more summer-like temperatures.
6:57 pm
>> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye.
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♪"extra" "extra" now on "extra," jen aniston roasts jen aniston. >> my husband that will never marry me because he's gay. >> from jen to julia, kaley to tracy posing for selfies celebrating their red carpet secret weapons. who is julia's fashion double? >> to twin it is to win it. >> plus meghan markle setting off a blue fashion frenzy and starting to show. robin wright's interview about her top secret wedding. >> you've still got that newlywed glow. >> the "house of cards" star on her younger new husband and


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