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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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degrees at 7:00 and mostly sunny skies throughout the day. mid-60s, still cooler than normal as you head out for a run around martinez. you might want to head to the gym. it's going to be chilly, with some low 50s and then warming up nicely today. we'll talk about all of our microclimates coming up and mike has a look at the morning commute, a few slow spots showing up. >> that's right, a lot of folks are still going to work today except for one winner, over 1.5 billion. northbound 101 and 87 showing a little bit for the south bay, typical there and coming in morgan hill the slowing out of san mr tain. passing by concord you're okay headed up toward silicon valley. highway 4 your typical slowing near pittsburg and bay point and we held steady with slowing for 242 and 680, down toward the walnut creek interchange. crash still reported on the shoulder here west 80 at hercules exit. no additional slowing, no problems, just a little build through san pablo.
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clear through richmond. you saw a little bit of fog registered on our road weather index north of san rafael. it's not proven to be a problem and the view here at the golden gate bridge shows you the easy drive and you can see those lights all the way across the span, great drive for the drivers from the north bay into the city. marcus? >> all right, thanks, mike. a national response team with the atf is expected in oakland this morning to investigate a suspicious fire that destroyed a condo complex under construction. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene. what are we expecting investigators to look for? >> reporter: marcus, oakland deputy fire chief said when the atf arrives later today, later this morning, they will be trying to find as much surveillance video as they can find and there could be a significant amount. the ceo of the company building the town homes in oakland said they did install a number of security cameras around the site because of previous suspicious fires at construction sites in oakland. the ice house complex which is where we're at here at west
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grand and filbert caught fire around 2:00 yesterday morning, grew to a five-alarm fire and became visible for many parts of the area. four of the six buildings on site burned down. embers started two other fires nearby. remarkably, no one was hurt. about an hour later, there was another fire that started, this was about a mile away at another housing development under construction on peralta. mayor libby schaaf who was at the scene says they don't know if an arsonist was behind the ice house fire but recognizes arsonists have been trying to burn down housing projects in oakland. over the past couple of years we reported on suspicious fires that burned down apartment buildings under construction in oakland, a possible backlash to the development and gentrification of the east bay. back out here live, the fire has been out here early this
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morning. it's not clear if they are still out here but opd has squad cars with their lights on to keep the site secure. the atf national response team expected out hours from now. reporting live in oakland, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. happening today, president trump is back on the campaign trail as two big international stories play out. the migrant caravan headed north and the investigation into a journalist's killing. tracie potts joining us live from washington with more and the tax cut the president also promised this week. good morning, tracie. >> good morning, laura. that may be put on the back burner until after the election. president trump is backing off some of the comments he made about who might be in that ka carav caravan. president trump heads to california for another rally. >> you're going to find middle eastern, you're going to find everything. >> reporter: after admitting there's no evidence that middle easterners are infiltrating a caravan of migrants headed for the border.
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>> there's no proof of anything. there's no proof of anything, but they could very well be. >> reporter: the implication that people who want to hurt americans are trying to sneak into the country. >> these people are hard-working people. they want to go over there and work. >> reporter: in fact, a former senior intelligence official tells nbc middle eastern and african immigrants make up less than 1% of border arrests last year. the president's also backing off his promise to unveil a 10% middle class tax cut next week. >> we'll start the work after, sometime after the mid terms. >> it could take weeks if not months of hearings, debates and internal negotiations to arrive at a tax cut plan. >> reporter: but he's bearing down on saudi arabia's involvement in the death of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. >> the coverup was one of the worst in the history of coverups. >> reporter: did the saudi government order it? that is the question. that is still under investigation. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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imagine you're taken to a deserted place like this by a deputy. >> he took me to a dirt road, insinuated he wanted to have sex. >> reporter: the sexual assault reported in record numbers. how do you fight back when you're handcuffed? >> i thought about getting out of the car and running away. >> reporter: we investigate why vulnerable women are left alone at the mercy of someone with a badge and a gun, thursday at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news," we investigate. short time ago!
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6:07 for you right now. it was a mystery up until a short time ago. someone in south carolina is a billion dollars richer. >> could you imagine? someone here in the bay area won big. last night's drawing hit $1.5 billion. here are the winning numbers. 28, 70, 5, 62, 65, and the mega ball number was 5.
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the single winner taking home a lump sum payment of more than $904 million. after taxes as much as $589 million. but in san francisco, one ticket matched five of six numbers leading to a pretty good payout. nbc bay area's pete suratos will be live at the local satisfy way store where the ticket was sold, yeah, at another safeway, coming up at 6:30. > for the second day, thousands of union workers at the university of california are striking. they are part of local 3299. the patient care technical workers say they're upset about the university outsourcing jobs to contract companies that pay workers less. nearly 39,000 workers plan to take part in the three-day strike. you might recall back in may, service workers at the university staged a three-day strike. happening today a push to keep students safe. the contra costa county safe school summit starts at 9:00 this morning held at the pleasant hill community center. it will talk about how to prepare and prevent violence
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including school shootings. 22 teams from 17 school districts and a local police department will take part in this. sandy hook promise will also attend today's summit. >> 6:08. jurors today resume deliberations in the fate of a san jose man accused of killing his parents in their evergreen home. testimony ended in the trial of hasib bin golumrabe. he is accused of shooting his mother and father in 2016. he represented himself at what at times was a bizarre and rambling defense. he could face 25 years to life in prison. snapchat is working to get users to the polls. the social media app saying it helped more than 400,000 people to register to vote. that company is saying many of the people are signed up through key battleground states like texas, florida and georgia. snapchat pushed its users who were 18 and older to register by
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adding a button doing so on the profile page and sent messages to each of those users. there are a lot of issues on the ballot this election. we've broken them down for you online. check out the voter's guide at just click on "elections "at the top of the screen and we'll take you to the section. 6:10 right now. in a developing story hurricane willa weakens to a tropical storm overnight. >> it is still packing a punch as it lashes parts of mexico with torrential rain and winds of up to 35 miles per hour. flash flooding is still possible even as the storm is expected to dissipate by this afternoon. over 4,000 people have been forced to evacuate. one tourist from oregon says he wasn't expecting to get caught up on vacation in a storm. >> when we checked in, they said it looks like it's going to be a three to five category hurricane, so we're just like, wow. kind of freaking us out.
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>> so far no deaths have been reported. willa producing heavy rain across parts of central mexico. the rain spreaded toward texas will be moving toward the fufl coast over the next few days. wide range of impacts there, here at home nice quiet weather, some mostly cloudy skies. live look in dublin with a chilly start across the bay area. if you're on your way out to the b.a.r.t. station it's only about 46 degrees to start out this morning, but look at the nice warmup today. we go from 46 to 71 by 1:00. so we'll get a look at our microclimates coming up and mike, you have a look at the morning commute, so far it looks like it's starting to slow down in some spots. >> which is right on schedule, kari, right on your typical pattern which might not be what everybody wants. everybody wants a clear commute but folks through the south bay, 87, 101 starting to show slowing. 87 not always slowing on a wednesday. we see that now headed into downtown for northbound side.
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over here in the tri valley we have a smooth drive. i want to point out at the news desk, sean is tracking this brush fire reported in to chp, mountain house at byron highway, and it is a small fire right now, but the potential is there, because there's a lot of fuel that could catch fire. we're tracking that, and it is near power lines. so far i'm letting drivers know, watch for some traffic up there. typical slowing out of the altamont pass. tri valley 680 south, 880 south through hayward typical slowing off of 580. san mateo bridge traffic building southbound 880 through hayward and across the peninsula. the bay bridge still about 22 minutes from highway 4 over to the bay bridge. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc global held quarters. here are today's top business head lines. stocks headed for a mixed open
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following better than expected corporate earnings reports. yesterday's session stocks recovered from a 500-point loss on the dow, but they still ended the day lower after earnings results from caterpillar and 3m disappointed investors. the dow closed at 25 u 191 and the nasdaq dropped 31 points to close at 7437. today investors are eyeing more earnings reports from companies like ford and two companies based in the silicon valley, microsoft and tesla, after the bell. more than 60% of americans say their finances have not improved under the trump economy, that's according to a survey. ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, 45% of americans say their finances remain the same and 17% said they are worse off since the 2016 presidential election, despite low unemployment rates, stock market gains and an increase in wages. when the results were divided among party lines republicans were likely to report an improvement in their financial
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situation, giving credit to the president, republicans in congress or both. a little restaurant news. mcdonald's is betting on breakfast to boost traffic and slowing u.s. sales. in the conference call the fast food giant announced it will be rolling out new breakfast menu items and more national and regional value deals to lure customers back to mcdonald's restaurants. customers can order at least one new item triple breakfast stacks on november 1st, just next week. revisiting the breakfast menu worked well for mcdonald's in the past. in 2015, the company introduced all-day prek fast to attract more diners and that resulted in an uptick in sales. laura and marcus the triple breakfast stack is a mcgriddle, a biscuit or mcmuffin with two sausage and bacon. >> they should call it a mchip if you know what i'm saying. >> i'll have two. >> thanks for making us hungry.
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hey, hollywood, maybe you want to dress like hollywood for halloween. if you're still debating about your costume, here is a look at the most googled ideas in the u.s., number one spot is fortnite, spider-man and unicorn, dinosaur, witch, harley quinn or a superhero. >> i like those. >> there you go. i'm not revealing mine yet. >> neither am i but -- i'm not. america's best loved novel, more than 4 million motors were cast in the six-month long contest. topping the list a classic "to kill a mocking bird." the book written by hrper lee. other top five in the order of votes were "outlander" the series about the time spanning love, j.k. rowling's "harry
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potter boy wizard tales" and "pride and prejudice and "lord of the rings" fantasy saga. is the list accurate? send us titles of your favorite book, we're on twitter, you can search us, march usnbc and i'm lauragarcianbc. i had a dog named scout after "to kill a mockingbird." >> i was going to ask you. >> yep. >> it's a good one. >> i thought you named a dog red, i'm like what? >> take that book outside, laura. it's another nice day. looking at some comfortable weather later on this afternoon. it's a cool start, as you get ready to head out the door. here is a live look outside and san jose with mostly clear skies. we're going to see a big warmup in the forecast over the next couple of days so we're just trying to take it in, while we have some slightly cooler than normal weather, heading over toward evergreen, where the temperature will be at 52 degrees at 8:00.
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at noon 66 degrees, and some low 70s today. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, as we check out your morning drive. coming up from morgan hill, as you head out, it's only going to be 46 degrees. it is chilly out there, and then we're going to see our highs reaching into the low 70s for the afternoon. as you're getting ready, it is a humid morning, although it is very cool, our humidity is up to 90% so you need some smoothing oil or a spray to try to keep the frizz down today. it's going to be a nice one though as we go into the afternoon. the humidity levels drop, and our highs reach into the mid-70s for gilroy, and then up to 70 in cupertino. for much of the east bay some upper 70s inland and fremont reaches 72 degrees. 67 in san mateo today. palo alto is 70, and 66 degrees in the mission district. it's still going to be gusty, not as windy in the north bay, with highs mostly in the mid-70s. so our weather has been perfect, but it's about to heat up.
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we're going back to summer. we do still have an onshore flow, we can tell by the arrows is shows the direction of our wind, brings in a cooler ocean breeze, but as high pressure moves in, our winds shift and then we are not going to have a strong ocean breeze, and that also gives us very clear skies, and that could mean more sun to warm things up. as we go into next week, an area of low pressure brings some rain farther to the north across the pacific northwest, and we'll get a northerly wind coming in, and that's going to help cool us off between sunday and monday, leading into halloween. and then if you're following me on facebook and twitter i' twitter i'm @karihallweather. let me know if you have questions about the forecast but it's going to be warm. inland valleys reaching near 90 degrees and yes, this is still the end of october. as we head over to mike you're tracking a possible car fire. >> i am, kari, reported from chp so they haven't verified it yet but it's been reported 101 around woodside, where we start to see a little slowing anyway
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and the northbound side. this car fire reported on the southbound side. so we'll watch the bay area freeway which shows no slowing right now. other side of the bay we also have this just in to chp as i'm coming to the set. southbound 880 at 92, we may have a fender bender in the middle of the freeway. hopefully once chp gets there and it's quick over there in the hayward area, we'll have those cleared. i'll let you know, we'll track that as well. we see some slowing in typical spots through the south bay. i showed you 101 and 87 and 101 san martin and morgan hill, typical slowing as folks come out of the the south county. you get to cochran you're back at speed headed up toward san jose. 17 no problems either direction to or from santa cruz. nice drive off of the benicia and carquinez bridges. the crash reported on the shoulder but it's paperwork and no additional slowing west 80 at hercules, we have a build through san pablo and richmond. by the time you get to golden gate field toward the speed
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limit. slow because of the volume through berkecally. the bay bridge toll plaza we have the fast track lanes and lanes off to the right. the lanes off to the left at the bottom of the screen here, these cash lanes are lighter, so we are showing a smooth drive as a result through the maze as well. no delays for mass transit, great stuff, maybe let somebody else do the driving. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," a mystery in contra costa county. the update we have in a deadly hit-and-run, as people come together to help a family left behind. plus -- >> you got the run-around about expensive auto repairs, and he called us. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" next. and look who was out in a bar on a school night. that's me, a part of a charity event taking place. look at what is benefiting, big shout out to the new alpha nu owe may xwa chapter.
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follow me on twitter to see more about that, that's marcusnbc.
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6:23. breaking news right now. suspicious package has been found at the clinton's home in chappaqua new york. we understand that law enforcement is at the scene right now. we don't know if the clintons are at the residence at this time. this follows the discovery of an explosive device just on monday in a mailbox in the home of nearby george soros, a big
6:24 am
political donator to the clintons. 6:23 right now. pittsburg police are looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. this happened on buchanan road near meadows avenue around 4:30 in the morning saturday. 35-year-old michael watkins was walking on the side of the road when he was hit and killed. the family started a go fund me page to raise funds for his funeral. police say using surveillance video they have identified the suspect vehicle involved, a ford f-150 pickup truck with a sunroof. >> 6:4. nbc bayier responds to a sunnyvale whose purchase of a high-end sports car hit speed bonds. >> he asked consumer investigator chris chmura to help out because he was paying thousands of dollars of repairs for a car he just bought. >> this is the case of phil moser versus mercedes-benz of stevens creek in san jose.
6:25 am
he saw this 2013 corvette advertised there. he bought it. then he took it to his mechanic the next day. that mechanic found damage underneath, including scrapes and what he said were missing parts. phil complained to the dealer and it did $500 in repair work. to double check that work, phil took the corvette back to his mechanic, who found new damage. this time cracks to the corvette's fiberglass frame. phil says the mechanic suspected improper use of the lifters at the dealer's garage. so phil confronted the dealership. he asked for them to pay for those repairs, but he says the dealer declined to pay for those repairs. so he turned to us. we contacted mercedes-benz of stevens creek but it didn't respond to us, but phil says that very same day, the dealer called him with an apology as well as an offer to fix the fiberglass, a $4,488.20 job. phil was smart to bring in an outside mechanic. we recommend getting a second
6:26 am
opinion before you sign on the dotted line for a car like that. let us know if you have a consumer complaint. our number is 888-996-tips or online at >> thanks, chris. coming up on "today in the bay," someone is a billionaire, a new billionaire i should say. lottery confusion cleared overnight, while you slept. what happened and what we know now about that big jackpot winner. plus -- >> i feel like it empowers not just me but like everyone. >> all new, standing against gun violence. the maneuver morgan hill is making to ban high capacity magazines, even bb guns. and at 6:45, ross, beer thief? we'll explain all of that coming up. eleni kounalakis owns this building.
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profited millions from tobacco, oil, and wall street. as a rich developer, she violated clean water laws.
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now she's trying to buy this election. the lt. governor's office isn't for sale. i'm dr. ed hernandez. as state senator, i worked across party lines. held drug corporations accountable. invested in schools and middle-class jobs. our campaign's people powered by firefighters, teachers and nurses. because i'll put you first - not big money.
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taking a live look outside in orinda right now at 6:30, let's look at at live look from the east bay, beautiful city of orinda on this wednesday morning, a nice start to our day. want to say good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at the beautiful weather we'll see across the bay today. >> you're looking at the shot in orin da, it looks nice but steps out and feels chilly and a look at fremont, as a lot of people are already up and out the door and probably blasting the heater inside the car, at least for a little while with our
6:30 am
temperatures in the low 50s this morning. but later on today, windows down, going to be a nice and comfortable one, as you're getting up and getting the kids ready for school in antioch, we'll be at 51 degrees as you get ready to head to school and some lower 70s by early afternoon. we'll get a look at our microclimate as we head to the weekend in a few minutes and mike has a look at the morning commute. we've seen a couple of issues out there. >> all right, kari. we have a little more information on the car fire reported on the peninsula. give folks a second to look at the speed sensors. no jarring backups but tracking things on two sides of the bay. over here on the peninsula side it is the approach out of woodside where the arrow is. lot of slowing showing up the last couple of minutes. there was a car fire reported, now a big rig reported involved and it may be blocking one lane on the transition from woodside over there toward highway 101. the freeway itself does move smoothly. keep tracking more details from the chp. over here southbound 880 at 92, as you approach that transition,
6:31 am
there is still a crash with one vehicle in the middle lane so that will be an issue as folks travel south off hayward. no major problems. we're holding up with a relatively smooth drive. peninsula drive headed toward san mateo the tail lights move nicely but palo alto. no mega millions jackpot in california but there was a single winning ticket sold in south carolina. however, yet another lucky ticket was sold in san francisco, matching at least five of those six numbers. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live at the taraval safeway in san francisco where that ticket was sold. one last week was sold at san francisco at a safeway. >> reporter: yes, i think safeway is a lucky spot when it comes to the tickets. you had one sold off taraval at the safeway last night and last week another sold at the safeway in the marina district. when it comes to that winning ticket, it was like this one, five out of six numbers, when it came to that ticket. the winner there in the marina
6:32 am
winning $1.9 million. in fact it was an employee who worked in the bakery and found out he won that morning. that story was cool and in morgan hill another winning ticket, five out of six winner at an am/pm, the payout over $3 million. the latest off of taraval street in safeway, another five out of six winner but the payment is still to be determined because one, there were several winners when it came to that ticket and also it depends on the numbers. if it was a five out of six without a mega ball number or four with a mega number. we had a chance to speak to a couple of residents this morning and last night who are expressing regret they didn't buy a ticket at their local safeway. >> that's awesome. it was unfortunate i wasn't here to buy one this time, i was in new york. but it's great. i usually buy my tickets here, too. >> i live right here and my company pooled all their money. we had $872 and
6:33 am
they told me to go to daly city instead of walking to my neighborhood safeway. i'm bummed but happy for someone to win in san francisco and also it's right in my neighborhood, woo hoo! >> reporter: lesson learned there, i bet. when it comes to the winning number even though we know the jackpot winner was in south carolina, 28, 70, 5, 62, 65, and that mega ball number was the number 5. there's still another jackpot today for the powerball. that jackpot a measly $620 million. live in san francisco. ss. f pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. 6:33 right now. police are saying more this morning about the man shot and killed by officers in pittsburg. we brought you this story yesterday on "today in the bay," and police are now saying that officers responded to a domestic disturbance call to a man holding his wife and baby at gunpoint. they also say that he shot a relative who tried to intervene.
6:34 am
that man forcing his wife and baby in a car. he jumped out of the vehicle barricading himself inside a home. he started shooting at officers. they fired back killing that man. the man is from pittsburg but his identity has not been revealed >> it is 6:34. new this morning, gilroy police searching for a man exposing himself to a student. this happened yesterday morning at a parking lot. the girl was entering the lot when a man in a car approached her. she ran inside for help. police say the car was an older model black four-door sedan with black rims. today, morgan hill gun law may be stricter there in part because the city's high schoolers fought for change. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live with what students wanted and how the city council listened. good morning, kris. >> hi there. i'll get to the proposed ordinance changes in a moment but some of what the city council is considering tonight is what morgan hill teenagers
6:35 am
called for after a gunman killed students just like them at marjory stoneman douglas school in florida. it has been a real livive ikz lesson for the students that started with the walkout back in the spring in which morgan hill students joined young people from across the nation walking out of class, observing one minute of silence for each person killed in parkland, florida. then the morgan hill community took it one step farther, holding a town hall meet being school violence and gun control for about 150 students and elected leaders. i talked with one of those students about this lesson in change. >> it definitely makes me feel more like i can do something in the future. >> we had many high school students coming to city hall and talking about what they wanted to see from the city council. i think it's important for the city council and they've said this, is to show the high school students that they're listening. >> okay, so let's get to morgan hill's gun control changes that the council will consider
6:36 am
tonight. requiring people to report stolen weapons to morgan hill pd within 48 hours, which is stricter than state law and locking up all unused weapons or putting trigger locks on them, not just loaded weapons and bans anyone from owning any high capacity weapon even if they were purchased before they were banned by state law in 2000. that includes high velocity airsoft bb guns and pellet guns, though not the little red rider bb guns that sometimes we find under the christmas tree. some of the proposed changes bring morgan hill's code up to state requirements and in some ways makes it a little stricter. the city council didn't just listen to the high schoolers. there were also several public meetings throughout the process as well. the city attorney said the council is trying to walk that line between law-abiding gun owners in their rural community who like to hunt and target shoot and want protection and the council's number one priority, which is public safety. that ordinance is likely to pass at that meeting tonight, which
6:37 am
starts at 7:00, though you still can give your public input. that's at morgan hill city hall. marcus and laura? >> thank you very much, kris. >> it is 6:36 right now. moments ago i told you breaking news we're following, the secret service says a suspicious package was found at the home of the clintons in new york. another suspicious package found this time at former president barack obama's home. it was intercepted by the secret service at his home in washington, d.c. now this is also following the discovery of another suspicious package on monday in the nearby home of george soros. he of course is a big democratic donor. we don't know if the clintons or the obamas were home at the time, but law enforcement is present at both homes at this moment. 6:37 right now. let's get a check of the morning commute with mike. how is it looking out there? >> overall looking great. 6:37, as you said and this is a
6:38 am
wednesday. we see a lighter volume out of the commute than we did yesterday. they will kick in over the next couple hours but we were concerned about this car fire potentially a big rig fire and i think it was overheated brakes. the big rig out of the lanes, the transition on to 101 from woodside is okay. the peninsula starting to pick up volume as folks feed in from the south bay and out of the city as well headed toward san mateo and palo alto. here south 680 all right and that crash south 880 around 92 looks like the activity should be clearing from the roadway, but one vehicle it was taking a while to get the right size tow truck to clear it to the shoulder. the sensors changed from orange to a little bit of red there, more slowing toward highway 92 and upper east shore freeway, more build through hercules and smooth throughber cle berkeley. the hump day, sliding down the hill at this point. >> temperatures will be going uphill going into the weekend. we had a cool start to the week, as we check out saturday, we'll
6:39 am
be in the upper 80s in the inland valleys, and then for the bay 81 degrees. maybe you're headed to the coast, where it will be much more comfortable, some low 70s, but then we will be cooling down a few degrees for our inland areas, reaching into the low 80s on sunday, and the bay at 73 degrees. the coast mostly looking at some mid-60s. there is a lot going on around the bay area, with the halloween festival happening in alameda. maybe you're going there on friday, and we start out with temperatures in the mid-60s, and it's going to cool down into the upper 50s. so you'll probably be comfortable with your costume on. there's also a spooktacular twilight hike coyote hills in fremont. it will stay mostly in the mid-60s in the evening. heavenly looking nice, warm weather and low 70s throughout the afternoon, pa is arobles
6:40 am
will feel like summer but hopefully the last blast of summer. up to 90 degrees on saturday and sunday reaching the mid 80s. if you're going to carmel valley expect it to be warm there with 81 degrees being the high on saturday and then cooling down a few degrees on sunday. we'll talk about cooler weather coming up in about three minutes. next and all new on "today in the bay," netflix and racism? the los gatos company responds this morning to controversy over which actors appear in previews for shows. plus -- >> she apologized to the staff. she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country. >> outrage at megyn kelly, even from her own nbc colleagues. her comments during a halloween costume segment which resparked a national conversation about race. what she said just a short time ago at the very beginning of the
6:41 am
"today" show. and taking a live look at the big board this morning. the markets have been open for about ten minutes now. looks like a slight rally compared to some of the up and down numbers from yesterday. the dow jones industrial up 61 points so far. do you hear that?
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:43, we're still about 40 minutes away from sunrise, and of course, it's going to be dark like this until we fall back.
6:44 am
now, we are looking at our campbell temperature trend. it will be in the mid-50s early this morning, but another nice one, with some near normal temperatures, but it's about to heat up. the heatup in the forecast is coming up in about five minutes. and the san mateo bridge shows you the taillights. we're getting more cars, more commuting and more slowing for most of your commute, so why does this san jose camera look so light? i will show you why, coming up. in our top stories the national response team with the atf is expected in oakland to investigate that suspicious fire that joyed a condo complex under construction. the deputy fire chief says they'll be looking for surveillance video as they can find. the ice house condo complex at west grand and filbert caught fire around 2:00 yesterday morning. at least four of the six buildings on site burned down. embers from the location started two other fires nearby. no one was hurt. netflix is denying
6:45 am
accusations that it tailors its movie promotions based on race. as bloomberg reports, many users complained the service is trying to manipulate them to watch certain programs using secondary characters in promotions that are the same race as the viewer. in a statement, the los gatos based company said "we don't ask members for their race, gender, ethnicity, so we can't use this information to personalize their individual netflix experience. the only information we use is a member's viewing history. straight up apology this morning from nbc's megyn kelly, after her controversial comments during yesterday's show about wearing blackface for halloween. before we get to what she said, a short time ago, first in case you missed it, a small slice of those controversial comments. >> what is racist? you get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on black face or a plaque person who puts on white face. when i was a kid that was okay
6:46 am
as long as you were dressed as a character. >> all right, so backlash was immediate, with a lot of people calling this ignorant at best, if not downright insensitive. kelly acknowledged it immediately this morning at the very top of her show. >> i want to begin with two words, i'm sorry. you may have heard that yesterday we had a discussion here about political correctness and halloween costumes, and that controversy turned to whether it is ever okay for a person of one race to dress up as another. black person making their face lighter or a white person making theirs darker to make a costume complete. i defended the idea saying as long as it was respectful and part of a halloween costume, it seemed okay. well i was wrong and i am sorry. >> this is a history going back to the 1830s, minstral shows demean and denigrate a race wasn't right. i'm old enough to have lived through amos and andy, white
6:47 am
people in black face playing two black characters with just magnifying the worst stereotypes about black people and that's what the big problem is. >> and that was al roker talking about this, this morning, on the "today" show, with the team there. kelly's show airs at 9:00 on nbc bay area this morning. her first segment is focused on america's history of racial insensitivity and including noted journalist roland martin. 6:46 for you right now. other royalties from the hit show "friends" are not quite what we've been told or this is a case of mistaken identity. >> whatever the case, this case involves a stolen case of beer. police in england put out a surveillance image and sent fans of the "friends" show through social media, could he be any more like ross? ross of course is the "friends" character played by david schwimm schwimmer. police say this is a ross look-alike, stealing a case of beer from a restaurant. perhaps to drink with friends. police soon clarified the
6:48 am
"friends" star was actually in america when that theft took place. it does look like him, and they checked obviously. >> he was on a break. in "friends" he married a gal from england so there is reason. >> no connection whatsoever. >> what, that's not real life? >> no. we get a real life forecast for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall standing by. >> you walk out the door, you don't need any coffee. it's going to smack you in the face, all that cold air that we have and it will wake you right up. it's going to be a beautiful day after a chilly start. live look in palo alto this morning. we are going to see less cloud cover compared to the past couple of days and that will allow our temperatures to warm up a little bit more quickly. so we go from 56 at 10:00 to the upper 60s by early afternoon and looking at mostly sunny skies, but another cool start if you're headed out the door for a workout, a run around martinez, expect it to be in the lower 50s
6:49 am
through 8:00 and mostly sunny skies at 11:00, a lot more comfortable with mid-60s there. and then also walking to school this morning, in antioch, it will be about 51 degrees. so the kids need a warm jacket on, but later on today, they'll take it off, so make sure the name is on the tag, so they don't lose it. it will be in the low 70s there today. and then eventually reaching 76 degrees. oakland we're looking at a high of 68 degrees, and 73 in santa rosa. half moon bay will be up to 62 degrees and 71 in san jose. so as you're starting out getting dressed this morning, you may want something nice and warm, like a hat or a warm jacket. later on today, some light long sleeves will keep you comfortable and we've enjoyed the cooler weather because of the strong onshore flow, the ocean breeze, but as we go toward the end of the week, high pressure will be moving in, so that usually forces back our ocean breeze. it won't be as strong and will at times get even an offshore
6:50 am
wind flow, and then by the end of the week, because of that, it is going to be very warm. it also blocks any cooler air or some storm systems to move in, so all of the rain will stay across the pacific northwest, but what we will see is a shift in the winds by the end of the weekend into early next week, and that's going to bring in some cooler air just in time for halloween. as we look at our temperatures, we're going up and down. so today some upper 70s, upper 80s by saturday, and back down into the 70s by next tuesday. san francisco we're going to keep it a little bit more steady there, but some low 70s by the weekend. mike, you're seeing three new crashes? >> kari, in the last ten minutes we have three crashes to report. the first i think this should clear quickly north 101 around marsh. we have your hov lane affected right now. should at least get that to the center divide if not to the right shoulder. there may be slowing and flashing lights north of palo alto. south bay the slowing drive
6:51 am
pushing northbound and 101 north at tulle there is a crash in lanes blocking one lane. you see traffic jamming uhm on the approach to tully, and why the view from the camera farther north was clear. may send more folks to capital expressway. we see more traffic headed north, indicating some folks may have chosen 87 instead of 101. south 880 the crash at 92 cleared from lanes there past the san mateo bridge, and approaching the dumbarton bridge south 880 at 84, we have a new crash and that leaves one vehicle in the lanes as well. we may have one lane blocked for a new minut-- few minutes. arrows showing you the southbound commute for the nimitz. no problems north toward the bay bridge and the southbound commute looking like a nice drive. here at 40 minutes upper east shore freeway. things are bogging down for the
6:52 am
upper east shore. i'll scan it once again. that's a dramatic change in the last few minutes. we'll see if there's crashes through richmond. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:51. coming up next, suspicious packages sent to former president obama and the clintons. the latest updates are coming up. if you're just joining us, we have a winner, one ticket worth nearly $1.5 billion. the winning numbers there, the ticket and the reason someone in san francisco can smile as well. plus, spending record. the influx of cash making california's superintendent race a record one. but first, happening now, 6:52, the hindu festival of dewali will be brighter this year in new delhi. india's supreme court is lowing the use of safe fire crackers during the festival lights this year. the court banned the sale of fire crackers last year but revelers brought them in from neighboring states. air pollution in new delhi hit 18 times the healthy limit. more news right after this
6:53 am
break. in the bay--
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:55. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> we follow breaking news, the secret service says a suspicious package was addressed to former president obama. it has been intercepted by the secret service in washington, d.c., but there was another suspicious package found just a little earlier at the clinton's
6:56 am
home in chappaqua new york. this follows a box found the at the for of george soros. it is not known if the clintons were at home at the time of the suspicious packages being found. and more top stories for you, mystery solved. new this morning, someone in south carolina is a billion dollars richer. last night's drawing hit $1.5 billion. put out your tickets there, and here are the winning numbers to see if you want something. 28, 70, 5, 62, 65 and the mega ball a 5. the single winner could take home a lump sum payment of more than $904 million, after taxes as much as $589 million. in san francisco, one ticket matched five of the six numbers. that's going to lead to a hefty payout there. this is a live look at the safeway store in taraval street
6:57 am
and the city's westportal neighborhood, where that ticket was sold. and the midterm election now less than two weeks away, a new report finds spending on california school superintendent race to be the most expensive such race in history. the reason? the winner may have a huge impact on the future of education, more specifically charter schools. the money for the two democratic candidates just from outside groups has now surpassed $44 million. donors have given tony thurmond $12 million and groups backing marshall tuck have spent $32 million. by comparison, independent donors have spent about $1 million for california's u.s. senate race. it is 6:57. for a second day, thousands of union workers at university of california are striking. they are part of local 3299. the patient care technical workers say they're upset about the university outsourcing jobs to contract companies that pay workers less. nearly 39,000 workers plan to take part in the three-day strike. you might recall back in may, service workers at the university staged a three-day strike.
6:58 am
jurors today resume deliberations in the fate of a san jose man accused of killing his parents in their evergreen home. testimony ended in the trial of hasib bin golamrabe, accused of shooting his mother and father in 2016. he represented himself at what at times was a bizarre and rambling defense. if convicted, he could face 25 years to life in prison. happening today, a push to keep students safe. the first ever contra costa county safe school summit starts at 9:00 this morning. it's being held at the pleasant hill community center. that summit will focus on how to prepare and prevent violence including school shootings. 22 teams from 17 school districts and local police will take part. sandy hook promise will also attend today's summit. >> 6:58. time for another check of the forecast with kari. the cold air wakes you up this morning. >> it does, but it's going to be such a nice day.
6:59 am
our highs for the inland areas only reach the upper 70s, and then we're going back to summer, whether you're ready or not. we'll have to blast the air conditioners. by friday we're up to 87 degrees. >> wow. all right, mike, updating on a couple of crashes? >> an easy commute until 15 minutes ago. crash north 101 at marsh that should be cleared in the next couple of minutes. minor injuries reported. bigger slowdown over the last ten, south 880, the crash blocks your ta two-fast lanes, stay to your right. that blends in with folks trying to make the off-ramp as well. san jose the crash at tully and north 101 cleared. the bad news, you see the backup which is forming up toward capital expressway. we'll check in with weather and traffic every half hour, first local news update is 7:25, right in the middle of the "today" show. >> don't forget to join us for "nbc bay area news" at 11:00 and thanks for starting your news with us on "today in the bay." see you back here tomorrow or at 11:00. have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. bomb scares. an explosive device found at the new york home of bill and hillary clinton. another suspicious package addressed to former president obama intercepted by the secret service in washington. this just daysfter a similar device was mailed to the home of billi billionaire democratic donor george soros. are these cases connected, where did the packages come from and who sent them? we're live with the investigation.


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