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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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a major development in the past few moments. police say the mountain lion, they may have it surrounded in a tree somewhere. you can see it on the right side of your screen. that's where police are focusing their attention. this was initially around 4:30. the tree hur looking at faces a strip mall across from a lucky's. sky ranger is over that area right now. this is not far from the dmv. also, this is right near the pleasanton sports park. we spoke with employees of the businesses. they were escorted by police to their cars. fish and wildlife officers are asking people to stay away from the area until they confirm that the area is safe. live sky range erk, police are focusing the attention, seem to be looking at one of the trees. at this point, we're presuming that they think the mountain lion may be in that tree. again, this is facing a little strip mall off of hop yard that
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has a nail salon, a dry cleaner. this is a very busy area, especially at this time the day. it sits across from the pleasanton sports park as well. we're going to continue to follow this for you and if we see movement with the mountain lion, of course, we'll come back to it. the top stories this evening. we're days away from november. but it's another sign tonight of our extended fire season. >> a red flag warning will be issued later tonight in the north bay. we begin our team coverage with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> a look at the wind. currently, winds between 8 to 15 miles per hour at times. we haven't really seen it ramp up. the peak of what we'll be seeing. i want to be specific on who is under this red flag fire warning. it's for the hills and 1,000 feet and above. a lot of populations around sea level will not see these extremely gusty winds. north bay, east bay and for the south bay hills on the eastern
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side. we'll see sustained winds of 10 to 20 and occasional gusts of 40 miles per hour. again, hills at 1,000 feet and above. if you live near napa, sonoma, petaluma, santa rosa. the highest fire danger is -- berkeley, oakland, danville, pleasanton, around concord as well. wind a key component with fire danger. the other thing we look at is humidity. tonight, you'll see on the map a lot of the green color. that's moist air at 11:00. watch as i advance this into tomorrow. across the east bay and north bay. all of that red zone there is humidity. fter a fire can get ets to sparked. a new update coming up. very good information. the concern isn't just the fire. it's also the power and whether pg&e will cut the power as a precaution. nbc's bay area mark matthews
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joins us in the hills in napa. mark? >> it is dead calm. continues to be tonight. the business owners in calistoga and in napa told me they are getting prepared, though buying a generator, that didn't do a whole lot of good. as the tourists go away. in downtown calistoga, the owner of this shop said the power shut off was terrible. >> everybody left. >> the town's mayor declined an interview for fear that mentioning calistoga and power outage in the same report could hurt business. his text to me reads, calistoga remains open for business and always a great place to visit is all we will communicate today. >> our shoe store owner says that fear of turning off tourists is warranted. >> absolutely. people still think our town has burned down. >> in napa, the owner of napkins bar and grill predicts the high
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winds won't show. y of downtown is confident that napa won't be without power. >> i've been here 25 years, i've been open during every flood, every earthquake, every other natural disaster and fires. >> unlike most of the folks we spoke to, he has access to generators because he has 6,000 gallons of beer fermenting in barrels and if the power goes down, he'll need generators to serve them. >> we have access to them in about a three-hour period. >> right now, no report from pg&e that they plan to take down the power.or that tonight as the winds that are expected show reporting frof napa, nbc bay area news. mark, a lot of communities are impacted tonight and going into tomorrow. you can track this red flag
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warning nbc bay area app. click on to the weather tab to get your personalized microclimate forecast. a worker fell into a grape picking machine. our sky ranger was overhead. it happened at the bow can han estates. leon marcelo from napa was identified. the family of a paramedic who was killed from a carjacking. that happened more than five years ago. we reported on it extensively. tonight the trial for the accused gunman is wrapping up. jodi hernandez was in court today for the closing arguments. >> jodi? >> reporter: the last of six suspects charged in a violent crime spree that left an off-duty paramedic dead is close to learning his fate. the first trial of the alleged triggerman ended in a hung jury. tonight the paramedic's family
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is hoping for a different outcome. >> it doesn't get easier until it's over. >> roger boyar and his family can't wait for justice for his son, quinn boyar. the 34-year-old santa clara county paramedic was shot in the oakland hills during an attempted carjacking in 2013. tonight the trial of the alleged triggerman, christian burton is about to go to the jury. >> it will make me feel better that he could never do this to another person. that would make me feel better. >> burton was just 16 when he and five other teens allegedly tried to carjack boyey. when boyer drive away, burton fired a single shot hitting boyer in the head. sending his car crashing down a hill where he died. the teens then went shopping at macy's. >> part of me understands that no matter what happens, i don't
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get quinn back. >> quinn's wife can't move on until everyone involved is held accountable. but burton's attorney argues he wasn't the shooter and claims police pressured the teen to falsely confess. the boyeres don't buy it. >> today we've never heard him say i'm sorry. we've never heard him say he has a concept of understanding what he took from us. >> reporter: closing argument will wrap up tomorrow morning and then it will be in thands o the jury. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> it's a sad case. in pittsburgh today, we're learning the man accused in the synagogue massacre was shouting that he wanted to, quote, kill all the jews. as he was wheeled into the hospital. robert bowers was shot and wounded by police. not only was the medical team treating him at the hospital jewish much the president of the hospital is a member of the tree
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of life snynagogue where the carnage occurred. he made his appearance in a wheelchair. prosecutors told the judge they intend to seek the death pena y penalty. he was active on the media site gab founded here in the bay area. now several high tech companies are cutting ties with gab. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us with the battle over hate speech and the platform that they still use. >> yes, jessica. about 630 people are registered to gab. it was founded just a couple of years ago in san mateo and the ceo was 25 years old. today he said that gab is going nowhere. investigators say the alleged gunman, robert bowers frequented the social media site,, expressing anti-semitic views. >> a social media footprint for investigators is a treasure trove. >> in one case he uploaded a
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picture of three handguns. it's unclear if they were the same weapons used in deadly massacre saturday. now gab founded in san mateo is out of service today. last night the main registrar, go daddy plans to sever ties with gab in 24 hours for violating terms of service. go daddy said it investigated and discovered numerous instances of content on its site that promote and encourages violence against people. paypal also plans to dump gab, saying the site allowed the perpetuation of hate, violence or discriminatory intolerance. andrew tore ba says gab isn't going anywhere. in a statement he said we will exercise every possible avenue to keep gab online and defend free speech and individual liberty for all people. eric goldman, the co-director of the high tech law institute at santa clara university does not think gab will survive.
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>> the hate speech is -- one i'm glad that they're working to address on their networks. but i think we have to be careful about it. in the end, a lot of that content is constitutionally protected. >> a payment service company also dumped gab. in 2016, apple refused to use gab's app. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. a bay area neighborhood that sprang into action to rescue a teen hit by a boat. confused by all of the propositions? you're not alone. the political ads and flyers, now just eight days from the midterm. clearing skies right now across san francisco through the entire coast. it's a sign of a drier and warmer wind. we'll have a new update on the red flag fire warning in about eight minutes. hopyard road in p
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now closed as police have a mountain lion surrou we have updates on the breaking news that we've been fot's in that tree or spotted it in that tree. this is off of hop yard and we learned from thehut down ho both directions. we don't know where that started, where it ends. that's across from the pleasanton sports park. we also saw just moments ago a
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drone flying over that section of trees where police seem to be facing. a mountain lion was called in about 4:30 this afternoon. people in that little strip mall, which is right by there, were escorted to their cars because of danger. this is near a lucky's, in pleasanton. super busy area right now. filled with strip malls and the pleasanton sports park. a lot of offices near there. not far from the dmv. it is getting dark as we can see outside. this is going to make this issue a little more problematic obviously for police officers as they try to figure out what to do. at this hour, right now, hop yard is closed in both directions. you have to avoid that area and try to use stone ridge or santa because you won't be able to get where you want to go. we'll continue to follow the situation and hopefully we'll have resolutions. on the peninsula, terrifying moments for a family over the weekend. a speedboat slammed into a
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teenager who was kayaking. that boy remains in critical condition. we're getting word about the driver of that speedboat. damian trujillo joins us with the latest. damian? >> reporter: raj, it's very peaceful right now at the lagoon. but it was a very traumatic scene just over 24 hours ago. >> tied up the ski boat here and they brought the victim here and the engines took him up. >> charles caldwell had never seen anything like it. a boat slamming into a teenager in front of his home. >> the father was very coerasunconscious. the boy went under the boat. and he had prop cuts on his back. >> police say the victim did suffer numerous cuts. >> injuries are from the boat itself, including the propeller. >> police are not identifying the victim. but they say of the boat was 48-year-old stefano owe
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from san mateo. investigators didn't wait long to arrest him. >> the driver of the boat was found to be under the influence of alcohol. he was subsequently arrested for driving the boat while under the influence of alcohol and causing injury as well as reckless driving of the boat. >> neighbors say boating accidents are rare on -- everyone who could help dove in to try to help the boy. >> they didn't need me. there was plenty of help and people were very concerned. everybody was cooperating and doing the best job they could to take care of t boy. >> reporter: someone on the boat that hit the child who actually dialed 911. the d.a. will make the ultimate decision whether to file criminal charges against the driver. live in san mateo, i'm damian trujillo. we're on a final stretch to election day where you decide on
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complications propositions. you could end up voting for something you're actually against. it can be tricky. backers say it's about repealing the gas tax. those words aren't on the ballot title, they're threatening to launch -- the campaigns for other props are just as confusing. you need to read up on them before you vote. ideally, using legitimate news sources and nonpartisan websites. do your own research. do not rely on ads or social media feeds. using the power of the network to fact check the network. >> melinda jackson says it's good to follow backing initiati will benefit from it. for a breakdown of issues, cli n elections at the top of the screen and it will take to you the information. oakland may be getting more
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communities to help the homeless. mayor libby schaaf will propose a plan tomorrow proposing to spend millions of dollars to build more tough shed camps and secure parking lots for rvs. critics were questioning why should the city spend money on the temporary shelters instead of concrete solutions. melissa colorado has the details in oakland for us. melissa? >> reporter: there's pressure on the city of oakland to come up with new beds and places to shelter the city's homeless. this encampment better known as the village in the fruit veil area needs to be cleared out because of a renovation on the bridge overhead. that eviction deadline is next month. >> i want tough sheds to be a thing of the past as soon as possible. tou sheds are most likely here to stay. on tuesday, the debate ala to spend $8.6 million of state
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funding to build three new tough shed camps. >> this city is responding as quickly and compassionately as we can. >> reporter: among the proposed sites this parcel of land near the 3400 block of mandela parkway. this is where the city hopes to move the people living behind the home depot on the emeryville/oakland border where there are heaps of trash and traffic hazards. >> there's no water here, no lights, no bathrooms. >> reporter: under the mayor's proposal, people like this woman who live in the village homeless encampment will move to a community on this empty lot not far from fruitvale and international boulevard. >> i've been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> the 66-year-old living here for nearly a year says, had it not been for volunteers who built hnt. she wants to tell the mayor she needs more than just a cot in a
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tough shed. >> how it is to be here and let me -- i don't know. >> reporter: we reached out to activists and cat brooks, a vocal critic of the tough shed communities and she says quote, they're not a scaleable nor humane response of 6,000 to 9,000 people sleeping on the streets. these are open air jails that further criminalize homelessness. she says the city should work with community members to create pathways to permanent housing for the homeless in the city. i'm melissa colorado. nbc bay area news. melissa, thank you. we talk about jeff ranieri now. talk about what's happening as we kick off the halloween week. red flag warnings. >> we have a lot of moving parts as we head throughout the day. the red flag warning, we're under a microclimate alert to remind you that we have fire danger coming our way and we want to be clear on who is under
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this warning. it's not for the entire bay area. for hills 1,000 feet and above in the north bay, east bay and also for the eastern hills of the south bay as well. goes into effect at 11:00 p.m. tonight until 9:00 a.m. on wednesday. the wind overall, sustained steady wind, 10 to 20. not that bad. it's the occasional gusts up to 40 and a low humidity that will keep the fire danger high. i'll have a new update at 6:48 tonight. let's take you into the rest of the forecast through tomorrow with that drier wind building into the hills. this will ramp up our temperatures across the bay area. warmer, low to mid-80s back from contra costa, alameda counties. san jose 78 degrees. oakland 74. 70 in downtown san francisco. still cool 60s right in half moon bay. now, the big problem, of course, has been the l dry. in san jose, we're on track for the fourth driest october since 2000. only .03 of an inch of rainfall
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this month. that makes us 4% of average. would be nice to get something in here. the trend, though, i do not see allowing rainfall the next seven days. high pressure is going to steer the rainfall to the north. it's called a ridge of high pressure. the rain will ridge up to the north over this all the way through friday. even into saturday and sunday's forecast. we'll have a detailed look at halloween and my extended weather at 6:48 tonight. >> we'll see you shortly, jeff. up next at 6:00, a bronze medalist and her sister have come forward. the new allegations in the growbug scandal involving usa gymnastics.
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and i know we can do better. california's publ s in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california.
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i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. and former team doctor larry nassar. two more former gymnasts taking legal action against former team doctor, larry nassar. two sisters filed claims. they claim dr. nassar sexually abused them for years.
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a bronze medalist at usa gymnastics. he put his own self-interests ahead of the well-being of hundreds of young girls. >> i am outraged that you would say gymnastics has yet to take responsibility for creating this tox ix culture allowing him to get away with abusing children for decades. >> this is the first under the retail act alleging the defendant engaged in sex oil exploitation and abuse. sending their support from the other side of the country. what local synagogues are doing to honor the victims of this shooting. the bank. i'm chris chmurchmura, nbc bay responds next. proposition 11 solves two issues.
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first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. now closed as police have a the mountain lion hunkered dun in pleasanton. you can see the cop cars there. drothe has been looking at to see. the lion ist' closed in both directions at this point. it's it parking lot of a strip mall at the corner of hop yard there. folks in that strip mall and the businesses were escorted to their cars at 4:30 this afternoon. since then, we haven't seen movement on the mountain lion.
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assume that he's in one of trees instead of drones nieg in and out. what you're looking at is a section of the -- it looks like that is closed in both directions. at least to foothill, which is the direction where it's a woodsy area in which the mountain lion came from. we'll continue to watch. gotten situation is more very, very dark. we'll let you know what happens tonight at 11:00. funeral plans being finalized for the 11 people killed in saturday's synagogue massacre in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. some of the funerals will begin as early as tomorrow. that's the same time the president and first lady will arrive in pittsburgh. this is an emotional time for the jewish community and for so many americans across the country. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for the accused gunman. robert bowers was handcuffed and seated in a wheelchair as he
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faced a federal judge for the first time. he was shot several times saturday after saying he used three handguns and ar-15 rifle to carry out these killings. ko ga . while the violence in pittsburgh might be unprecedent unprecedented, turns out the hate is in line with a disturbing trend. the anti-defamation league found in a incidents rose nearly 60% between 2016 andthat. that harsh reality popped up in the form of anti-semitic flyers and spray painted swastikas. they're hosting special services tonight to send a powerful message of love to worshippers while interfaith leaders take on a timely topic at a conference
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planned months ago. >> we might feel a little afraid right now. we feel vulnerable. that does not equate living in fear and not being able to enter spaces we should be able to enter. the way that we kneel feel as j america. >> they received dozens and dozens of calls for people looking for a place to pray. >> that wasn't the only hate crime. two african americans were killed in a kentucky supermarket. has the city of louisville reeling. >> larry continue has more -- >> if it seems common, raj, it's because it is common. more common than we think. this is the 302nd day of the year. it's defined when four or more people are hurt or killed. 302nd day. we've had 297 mass shootings
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this year. >> that's one a day. >> that's one a day. we don't even pay attention to so many of them because they are so common. that is the state of 21st century united states. >> it seems violence like this, hate crimes can be cyclical sometimes. we seem to be in a very, what appears to be an extremely toxic period right now. >> you're right. look, we always look at the united states as the great melting pot when it comes to religious and racial groups. but you know what, sometimes that melting pot boils over. that's what we're seeing right now. why? you go back to the economy, you go back to those left out. one large group are those folks who identified as white natio l nationali nationalists. white males, many young, they have gone forward to followvisie divisiveness. because of that, you have this
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group who believes they're okay doing these kinds of things. they have permission to do it. it's a bit of a problem here. much more serious than most of us want to acknowledge. >> historically, we look at presidents oftentimes in these times to offer consolement or help the nation. should we be looking for president trump or whoever is in charge right now? >> look, we always do this if -- the president is the commander in chief. he has many roles. the healer in chief. think of franklin d. roosevelt during world war ii and things looked bleak. nothing to fear but fear itself. george w. bush when he stood on the rubble on 9/11. how powerful that was when he called americans to come together. president trump doesn't have that gene. he doesn't think about empathy. he thinks instead about his enemies. that's why he talked as he has about mexicans, about african-americans, about haitians having diseases. go down the list. that's why when he looked at the
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charlottesville mess, the white supremacists, that's who they are. he doesn't have that empathetic gene. what that's done is given these people license, if he doesn't have it, why should i have it? let be clear. president trump didn't start this mess. president trump is not responsible for this mess. but he's given cues. these people are taking these cues. so until we have some leadership that goes in the other direction, i'm afraid we're in for a tough go. >> very emotional time. thank you, larry. of course, we'll be following the latest developments on the pittsburgh synagogue shooting on you can follow us on the platforms to get the latest details. we'll have it there for you. consumer issues now. bay area responds to a woman in the south bay whose bank says she was bankrupt. >> she says the bank has it wrong. chris chmura has been working with her to unravel it.
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he joins us. >> we're going to call her mary smith because we can't use her real name at all. her real name is at the center of a huge mixup. she says it's costing her dearly. the bank is calling her bankrupt. but no one but us is trying to fix it. >> should be an exciting moment for me. >>ary smith is newly engaged and eager to tie the knot. >> i would love it at disneyland. >> saying i do in fantasy land is just that. a fantasy at this point. >> i don't feel comfortable planning anything until i get this sorted out. >> mary's hangup is with her bank. last year, wells fargo wouldn't let her make a credit card payment. she called in. >> what they informed me is there's nothing they can do for me at that time because my account was being overseen by the bankruptcy department. >> she's never filed for bankruptcy. but wells fargo's computers said she had. mary figured it was mistaken
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identity. because her real name is almost as common as mary smith. >> very common. when i went to the bank, the branch, they were saying -- he had to narrow down which mary smith i was. >> mary says various reps assured her they would fix the error. months went by. nothing changed except her credit score. >> it's gone down significantly. i went from having great credit to i wouldn't be surprised if i was looking into moving or buying a car or anything that impacted my credit score. i would be denied. >> she showed us her credit report. there's one reference to bankruptcy added by wells fargo. mary turned to us. >> help me, please. >> we immediately asked wells fargo to intervene. meanwhile, we searched court records. we found mary smith's name plus the last four digits of her social security number on a bankruptcy filing from last year in los angeles. >> never lived in los angeles before in my life.
6:38 pm
>> so what happened? >> we're going to print a big california map to help explain. mary lives here. but the bankruptcy court trustee in los angeles told us she and several others were unknowingly written into a real estate scheme near palm springs. a homeowner down there filed a flurry of fake papers using real names and social security numbers to stall his foreclosure. records said -- let the foreclosure proceed and dismissed mary's bogus bankruptcy. we tried to share all of this with wells fargo and requested an interview. the bank refused to address the case citing privacy policy. it agreed to send us a general statement saying in part when a bankruptcy case is filed what appears to impact our customer or account, wells fargo follows the provisions the united states bankruptcy code. we asked how much longer mary
6:39 pm
has to wait to get her record clear. we did not receive a response. >> it's pretty damaging. >> ike shulman is a veteran bankruptcy attorney in san jose. he believes wells fargo should have been able to find the paper trail and quickly clear mary's name. >> it's an error by the creditor. they need to correct that and take whatever steps are required to mitigate the damage. >> since that hasn't happened yet, we recommended mary apply for a new social security number which is possible as an identity theft victim. >> i didn't know that was an option. >> it is. >> good to know. i would be open to it poin wh everything i have gone through. >> as for her wedding. >> disney wedding. >> mickey andno planning a fair event until this banking nightmare is over. >> mary says she recently hired a lawyer. she feels she has to sue wells fargo. if you have a consumer tip for us, give us a call, 888-996-tips. online at
6:40 pm chris, thank you. up next here at 6:00, traveling across the country. a bay area couple that fell to their death at yosemite. four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers rintdent fouof public instruction.ed and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools.
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the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck.
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on the peninsula, after a man got trapped on the tracks. it happened just before 9-30 morning at the "balboa park" a man was trapped on the tracks in san francisco. befe 9:30 in the morning at the balboa park station in the city. his stuck between the train and the boarding platform. rescue crews used a battery powered jaws of life to get him to the hospital. the station was closed for two hours. b.a.r.t. is investigating. we've learned the eye dechbts hikers who plunged to their death in yosemite. one was an employee at cisco in san jose. they fell off an overlook on wednesday. today park rangers identified them. social media accounts show they're from india.
6:43 pm
but one was working for cisco in the south bay. they're still investigating the accident. a spokesperson tells us that ten people died inside the park from natural causes and falls. >> that is a shame. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri talk about the next couple of big h >> yes. i'm working to please, make sure you're happy. we'll have a full look at the halloween forecast minutes away. i want to take you out to the east bay. it's a mild 70 degrees. a low 35% humidity. more on the forecast and the red flag fire warning in a few minutes. recovering pieces of a plane and the personal belongings. details we're learning about the plane crash in indonesia. eleni kounalakis owns this building.
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profited millions from tobacco, oil, and wall street. as a rich developer, she violated clean water laws. now she's trying to buy this election. the lt. governor's office isn't for sale. i'm dr. ed hernandez. as state senator, i worked across party lines. held drug corporations accountable. invested in schools and middle-class jobs. our campaign's people powered by firefighters, teachers and nurses. because i'll put you first - not big money. sky, shortly after takeoff? what caused a relatively new jet to plummet from the sky
6:46 pm
shortly after takeoff. 737 crashed minutes after taking off yesterday off the coast of jakarta in indonesia. all 189 people on board died, including at least three children and 20 members of indonesia's finance ministry. the plane was operated by an indonesian budget airline, lion air. the jet was only in service for two months. the airline says the jet had a technical issue on a previous flight and was cleared to fly. there's no distress signal thate time. the divers are still searching for the plane's black box. u.s. government has new plans to step up security at the u.s./mexico border. the department of homeland security announcing today it's sending 5200 troops to the border by the end of this week. that's on top of the 800 soldiers headed to texas right now. the troops will provide support to border patrol agents and national guard forces already there on the ground. they want to prevent that
6:47 pm
migrant caravan of 4,000 migrants from crossing the border. they're in southern mexico right now. about a thousand miles from the u.s. border. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here. let's talk about the red flag warning going on. >> the warning is specific here for hills at 1,000 feet and above, that would have the best chance of the higher gusts. it will not be all of the bay area with the gusty winds. we want to be clear on thatment let's show to get the wind. when it comes to weather, air flows from hiwe hghe high press north. low pressure across the bay. it's creating a vacuum flows f low pressure, it's sucking all of this air and pulling it across northern california and getting that rind directional change out of the north and the east. so it's a drier offshore wind. we call it offshore because it's wind moving from the inland
6:48 pm
valleys offshore out to sea. it's the reverse of an on-shore wind, which is a cooling wind when you get that pacific breeze. we have wind in the hills here for the bay area. i think a lot of the population centers will not be filling those super gusty winds. you got to go to the hills 1,000 feet and a to 40. humidity at 10 to 20%. we're only seeing wind at 8 to 15 miles per hour. it should ramp up tomorrow and this will continue to 9:00 a.m. on wednesday's forecast. we want to remind you about tips. it's very simple to help out the firefighters and the local agencies by reporting any suspicious activity. it's their first line of defense. please do that. novak wags routes in and out of your neighborhood. we'll be following it at i want to focus you in on tomorrow's moerk. easy on your tuesday morning.
6:49 pm
start mostly clear with cool 50s from the south bay to the tri-valley. the warmer drier wind helps to clear out a lot of the thick fog. i only anticipate a little bit of cloud cover here in san francisco at 57 degrees. through today, that's drier wind in the with hills will also help to ramp up those inland valley temperatures. so 4 to 7 degrees hotter tomorrow. this will bring it to 81 in morgan hill. 78 in san jose. to the east bay, notice the humidity down to a dangerous 12%. closer thato zero, will be the chance for a spark. the peninsula, 75 here in redwood city. san francisco, 70 in the mission. the rest of you in the 60 76 in santa rosa and 81 in novato. the wind warning, you know where the combusti winds will be -- gusty winds will be imt we have two forecasts. one for the bay and inland temperatures. look at the time bar on the
6:50 pm
left. mostly clear skies through halloween. 68 for the bay, 79 inland at 5:00 p.m. by 11:00 p.m., 56 by the bay and 61 inland. you could call it ghostly clear outside. how is that? look at the inland forecast. stay with 60s in san francisco once we hit thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. and for those inland valleys, i. 80s all the way into next monday's forecast right now. that is balmy. >> especially heading into november. >> thanks, jeff. up next here at 6:00, this is it. the big game on the line. sort of. the raiders and 49ers play this week. but before the teams meet on the field, they're teaming up off of the field. we'll show you what happened today. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices,
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manager david forst and billy big news for the oakland a's. manager bob melvin and general manager and billy bean the executive vp of baseball operations have all been given long-term extensions. melvin will run through 2021 and make him one of the five highest paid managers at $3.5 million
6:54 pm
per seasonment good for him. the a's are one of the best stories in baseball this year. making the playoffs despite starting with the lowest payroll in the major leagues. if you watch the 49ers and the raiders yesterday, you know it's been an ugly weekend. >> did you cover your eyes watching the game. >> like this. >> the niners and raiders play each other this thursday night in santa clara. today, they teamed up to help active dutynews. here's colin resch with to pla somalia, afghanistan and kuwait. here's the kicker. pardon the pun. they're being made with love by alumni members of both the niners and the raiders. >> done a great job. >> you can take the gloves off and work together for the greater good. putting these care packages together for the troops overseas. lucky to open a box and see great stuff in there from two professional football teams. >> i'm looking for an impartial
6:55 pm
third party. are the raiders and niners alumni playing nice? >> yes, so far. haven't seen any tackles being done yet. >> it's good to see everybody working together and smiles, not talking about our losses yesterday. >> barry sims played h s francisco. he has an affinity for both son affinity for the military in events like this. >> my brother is in the marine co guys. i'm glad it's continuing on. we don't think about it all the time. people are risking their lives every day. >> it's about perspective. this combined effort offers it. former niner ian williams hopes fans on both sides recognize that come thursday night. >> on the field. on the -- hopefully something like this, the camaraderie between both programs, both franchises can show the fans that what we're really about. >> in santa clara, colin resch,
6:56 pm
nbc bay area. a quick update before we go. that breaking news out of pleasanton. this is what we know. they've tranquilized a mountain lion and waiting for it to take effect so they can remove it from the tree. this is at hop yard in pleasanton. we'll have full coverage tonight at 11:00. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye bye.
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"extra" ♪ now on "extra." ben and jen, matt and jenny, jennifer and alex, the world series of stars. >> it's game on in l.a. with all eyes on j.lo and a-rod. >> we have fun. >> only "extra" has alex rodriguez on their dodger date nights and the real story behind their secret signs. >> that's the cookies.
7:00 pm
>> new video, captain george clooney and his copilot rande gerber. >> we've never before. never flown. >> we're inside vegas's biggest halloween bash. >> it's nice when you can have cindy as flight attendant. >> i did keep everyone under control. >> clooney on the twins halloween. plus jenna dewan partying with her new boyfriend. demi m


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