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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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since this has been reduced to one lane open, the cars are barely crawling by. expect heavy delays through that area. this is a live look right now at the bay bridge. you can see bumper-to-bumper traffic there. we can't necessarily make out the pinpoint location. if you're driving along the westbound lanes, this is not being affected at all. we see a smooth commute from there. westbound to the bay bridge you're looking at eight minutes. westbound on 92 to san mateo bridge, 13 minutes. as far as the rest of the bay area, i'm keeping a close eye on that and everything seems to be going great. but that sig alert can definitely be a major problem if that's part of your commute. head out now. i'll keep you updated as well. let's take a look at the weather with kari hall. >> we're starting out with clear
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skies. evergreen, mid-50s as you step out the door. then we go from 55 to 77 today at 1:00. we'll be well above normal with highs in the south bay reaching low 80s. 85 in concord and also napa. san francisco reaching 70 degrees. this will be the peak of our temperatures. we'll get a look at the rest of our microclimates and the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. 5:01. breaking news this morning. nbc bay area right now still trying to confirm what san jose police officers told our sources overnight that three teenagers were shot near seven trees community center. it happened around 10:00 last night. what we know so far, someone walked up to three juveniles, fired and then took off. none suffered life-threatening injuries. 5:01. the 49ers will host the raiders
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in the battle of the bay. law enforcement wants to keep the battle just on the football field. >> bob redell outside levi stadium with the extra security measures coming for tonight's game. bob? >> reporter: laura, marcus, it's no secret the rivalry between the 49ers and raiders has sometimes become violent. santa clara police department acknowledges there's been fighting among fans. both the police and the 49ers are sending a message to fans tonight, don't do it. tonight's prime time battle of the bay at levi stadium in santa clara, they'll be deploying extra officers, including undercover officers wearing team jerseys. you think about the last time the niners hosted the raiders, the game was played at candlestick park. the security technology was nowhere near what they'll face at levi stadium. fans will have to walk through much more sophisticated, outfitted with 800 surveillance
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cameras so police can monitor any problems. if you get in trouble, you can end up in the niners' 3500-square-foot temporary holding center at the south end of the stadium. police are imploring fans, please, behave. >> if you're causing problems, you never know where a police officer will be. >> it's usually a couple of bad actors that cause problems for everybody. but we'll be looking for you and prepared for you if you're one of those folks. we would just prefer you come in, have a good time and make good choices. >> reporter: incidentally, police are not going to allow fans to wear masks such as darth vader. those are masks you see in the raiders rooting section nor any other halloween masks as well. tickets are still available through resell websites. reporting live in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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>> thanks, bob. 5:03. a follow-up to this story we were covering all day long yesterday on "today in the bay." the deadly four-vehicle crash on interstate 880 that brought traffic to a standstill. the two drivers who died have been identified. one is 57-year-old renee rodriguez of hayward. she was on her way home from work when investigators say that an empty tour bus slammed into several cars. we spoke with her grieving husband. >> don't ever take your wife for granted because tomorrow's not promised to you. >> the other driver who died is identified as 46-year-old lamumbo richard of san leandro. chp says that that bus pushed his car into a u.p.s. big rig. so far, the bus company is not commenting on the investigation. chp does not believe drugs nor alcohol played a role. pg&e now saying there's no plan to reimburse north bay customers claiming financial
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losses from the recent pre-emptive power outages. the utility for the first time ever purposely shut power due to extremely high fire danger. that move affected some 60,000 customers. in some cases, power only returned three days later. pg&e turned in a new report to regulators saying nearly 150 customers demanded reimbursement, mostly for spoiled food. pg&e also released photos which it says showed a few of the 18 instances of power lines and poles damaged by high winds. going forward, it plans to do these kind of pre-emptive outages only in extreme situations. it's 5:05. now to decision 2018. early voting for the election across our state. this morning a new and final cal poll shows two high-profile ballot measures are trailing. 40% of likely voters say they'll vote for prop 6, gas tax repeal measure.
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the measure would repeal a 12-cent gas tax and an increase in vehicle registration that was approved last year to fund road repairs. when it comes to proposition 10, a measure aimed at regulating rent statewide, only 35% of likely voters are in support. 60% oppose the measure. if passed, the measure would establish rent control authority in communities. be sure to tune into "today in the bay" after the election. we'll have all the latest results and analysis of all the races locally and nationally. our coverage starts early. 4:30 a.m. happening today, you can start catching nonstop flights from silicon valley to carlsbad in san diego county. california pacific airlines will start offering that service out of san jose international airport. costs vary but we found tickets on the website for $99 each way. you can bring two checked bags and a small carry-on for free.
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as we get started on this thursday morning, right now at 5:06, approaching 5:07 now, here's a live look outside at the bay bridge. as we're going to head that way, you might want to leave a little earlier. we'll check in with vianey in a second. catching the b.a.r.t., going to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, it's going to be in the mid-50s. starting out in the morning mostly clear skies. as we go throughout the day, we'll see those temperatures in the mid-70s by noon. you'll want to enjoy that lunch outside. as you get up and get the kids ready for school in san jose, walking to school it will be in the mid-50s and looking at mid-70s. once again as we go into the early afternoon. look at how warm it will be this afternoon with highs reaching up to 83 in antioch. 83 also in morgan hills. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. heading over to vianey, still
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tracking that traffic alert. >> that's right. the rest of the bay area is not doing too bad at all. we have green speed sensors throughout. i have an update on that sig alert. chp is now saying two lanes are now open. lanes one and two are open. only three lanes are blocked. this latest update came in a couple minutes before coming onto the segment right now. again, three lanes remain closed. two lanes are now open along eastbound 80 right after treasure island. this is always good news once they again to clear out some lanes. the crews have actively been working following a two-car crash. one of those cars was fully engulfed and they hope to clear that out soon. there's no estimated time on when that will reopen. a live look at the bay bridge, you can see traffic is crawling. in is not affecting the westbound lanes. if you're driving in from san francisco, you should be fine. westbound 80 to the bay bridge, you're only looking at nine minutes. they're slowly working to clear
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that out. i'll send it back to you. it's 5:08. pot has now been legal throughout canada for a few weeks, but how are things going? up next, big problems when it comes to keeping up with high demand. how the canadian government is responding. it's the first of the month. it was a very red october on the stock market. we're hoping for a better november. marcus? still ahead, scott meghan kelly's team going hard after nbc after her show was canceled last week. what her lawyers are saying about top nbc executives. we'll have that coming up at 5:25. you're watching "today in the bay."
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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vianey traffic tease happy thursday to you. it's 5:12 on your thursday morning. los gatos, we'll be in the mid-50s throughout the day and warm up quint. we're at 77 at 1:00 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies and very summer-like. we'll talk more about the summer-like weather that continues in your forecast. that's coming up in less than five minutes. and we're still seeing heavy delays along the bay bridge. the latest update is two lanes are open on the eastbound side. two lanes remain blocked right after treasure island. if this is your morning commute, a sig alert remains in place. i'll have the latest updates coming up. a very happy thursday. it's the 1st of november. we say good-bye to a really ugly
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october, despite a two-day rally monday and tuesday. and tuesday and wednesday, rather, to finish up the month. president trump had tweeted, stock market up more than 400 points yesterday. today looks like another good one. compani companies' earnings are great. actually we're negative on the dow and it was the biggest pu pullback on the s&p in five years. google is in the news. the walkout has turned from a rumor to a solid plan. employees led by women engineers plan a walkout of google offices this morning. they're upset about a series of reports that started in "the new york times" that a number of google executives had lost their jobs over the last couple of years due to sexual misbehavior but kept their bonuses or were even sent home with multimillion dollar exit packages. the ceo of google says he supports today's walkout. while he acknowledges some
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executives did big payouts, 43 people, including 13 senior managers, were dismissed in the last two years without exit packages. today's the deadline president trump set for a 10% middle class tax cut. he made that promise several times over the past few weeks. despite reporters pointing out to him that congress is in session and can't pass laws because they're not there. nonetheless, the president said, we have the tax cut, or at least see the plan by november 1. that was just nine days ago that he told reporters it would be a very major tax cut for middle-income people which congress is, quote, studying around the clock to create another tax cut, not for business at all, by november 1st or sooner. to be fair, it's still early morning in washington, d.c. so, when the compresses ive tax cut hits my inbox this morning, i'll bring it to you or we'll talk about how it didn't
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tomorrow. >> sounds good. >> we'll see. >> thanks, scott. so, canada's legal recreational marijuana is going up in smoke. supply shortages are widespread since the marketplace launched a few weeks ago. today quebec closed government-run shops because there was no pot to sell. the canadian government is now adding 300 more employees to try to quickly process those licenses for producers to increase that supply. new video from paris, france, showing the world's largest event dedicated to chocolate. it opened with a fashion show featuring models wearing clothes covered with chocolate. more than 500 participants from 60 countries take part in the fair. fairgoers can sample a wide variety of those chocolates. the event runs until november 4thth. i would imagine you have to keep it pretty cool in there.
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>> yeah. >> you know what, we can have that in the news room this morning with all the extra halloween candy we have from yesterday. just bring it into work. >> i had a baby ruth before 5:00 a.m. >> that's going to be a lot of people's breakfast. >> we need you to help us out and bring us some candy. >> you know, may still be running on a sugar high. chocolate with coffee is really good. we may be doing that this morning as you get ready to head out. as we take a live look outside in san jose, it's a clear start and not as chilly as it was yesterday. as you make your way to diridon station, we'll be in the mid-50s. throughout the day, looking at low 70s by noon. it's still going to be comfortable then, but it continues to warm up heading into the afternoon. heading over towards martinez, we can see those temperatures also going from the mid-50s, mostly clear skies. just a few high-level clouds and it gives us that filtered
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sunshine. we'll be in the mid-70s at noon. as you're getting ready this morning and doing your hair, it's going to be a pretty good hair day. the humidity is going to be low, even when we start out the day with humidity levels at 52%. it continues to drop as we go throughout the day. as we look at our high temperatures, it is going to be warm this afternoon. 1st of november and we're thinking about the holidays. it's not supposed to be in the 80s. we'll see that today, especially for gilroy reaching 8ing ing85 walnut creek up to 85 degrees there. hayward, 79 degrees. half moon bay, nice beach day. it will be almost 70 degrees there. we'll be up to 77 in san mateo and 68 degrees in the outer sunset. looking at some mid-80s for much of the north bay today. we are still going to have more well above normal weather as this high pressure that's been very slow to move. in fact, it's just going to stay
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there over the next few days and steer the storm track well to the bay area. we can see that on the satellite imagery as we see just some clouds moving in here. as we approach the weekend, let me know what you have going on. i'm @karihallweather on facebook and twitter. as we get a look at our seven-day forecast, a lot of 80s here. in fact, as we go into the middle of next week, only slightly cooler. we set our clocks back one hour early sunday morning. we're looking at more 60s in the forecast, upper 60s for san francisco. heading over to vianey, any updates on the traffic alert? >> i have a bit of an update. i've been keeping a close eye on the sig alert. i want to show you how the rest of the bay area is doing because if the bay bridge isn't part of your morning commute, i bet you want to know how the roads are doing. clear up through 880. east bay looking smooth as far
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as the speed sensors go. nice and green. i did see this pop up on the westbound side before getting onto the set. i'll have to find out what's going on here. this looks like it's nearing the toll plaza. in the meantime, the sig alert in effect for eastbound lanes right after treasure island. the good news is they have managed to open not one but two lanes so traffic is starting to inch by. the latest chp report shows they have now what is hooking the vehicles onto tow trucks, which means they're effectively and safely getting the cars off the road. there was a car that was on fire because of that car crash. until now, expect to see delays until they work to completely clear that out. they have not canceled that sig alert. i want to show you how the bay bridge looks right now. you can see this is a wide picture. it gives you an idea of how we're seeing some traffic inching again. i haven't seen the westbound lanes be affected but because i saw that crash just pop up, i'll go find out what that's all about and bring you an update in
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a bit. back to you. 5:19 right now. it's been almost a month since marriott workers around the world and here in the bay area have been striking. san francisco leaders will take on the issue tomorrow, hearing from workers. one key person will not be there. we'll tell you who next. and halloween is over. we're taking a look at photos right here of our nbc bay area viewers. they sent this to us on social media, them in their costumes there. to see all of those photos, head over to our website, we'll be right back with more news. si
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recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools.
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join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first. it was time to update the bathroom but we wanted to work with a company we could trust. rebath gave us the bathroom we always wanted. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel
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fourth week. as the examiner reports: 5:23. a massive hotel strike in san francisco stretching into its fourth week. marriott ceo is rejecting an inbe have i tags to meet with city supervisors to discuss the ongoing labor dispute. the union representing the hotel workers have been in talks about contracts with the company since june. but the 2500 employees say they'll strike until demands are met. in a statement, marriott ceo says, quote, as it relates to the strikes that are currently taking place at seven marriott properties in san francisco, the union has attempted to portray marriott as a company that has both disregarded its bargaining
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obligations and denied its employees fair wages and benefits. couldn't be further from the truth. 5:23. meghan kelly's attorney is taking the battle public. the network canceled her show last week over comments about wearing black face. since then, the two sides have tried to hammer out a separation agreement. in a statement to other news organizations, kelly's attorney accuses nbc of spreading false reports about excessive demands. nbc has no comment. new this morning, the issue of child car seats is a growing concern as ride-share programs like lyft and uber are more popular. a new study shows only half parents use a car seat in a ride-share vehicle. researchers have created a new website to help parents and drivers understand car seat laws in each state. you can find a link to that on our website,
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new this morning, walmart is the latest retailer taking a step in the direction of amazon's go stores. while this won't be exactly like walking in and out of the stores, some shoppers don't have to stop at the register. starting today, customers can use walmart's app to purchase some items on the spot, including tvs or furniture. scanners will be available in the busiest section. shoppers can ask employees to complete the transaction, if they can find one. walmart this week also rolled out its first mobile checkout at sam's club store in texas. 5:25 right now. out with halloween. thanksgiving and black friday quickly approaching. >> this year the busy shopping day falls on november 23rd. chapz haven't announced any early deals just yet but target says they're overhauling their items for the holiday season. target will extend its free
5:26 am
two-day shipping policy until christmas. some customers say it all feels a little too soon. >> what do they want us to do? do they want to us shop in our halloween costumes while we're eating our thanksgiving dinner? there's a lot going on. still ahead on tow"today," can find out about the stores planning to be open on thanksgiving. that's right after our broadcast of "today in the bay." coming up next on "today in the bay," the latest on the breaking news we're following. a crash stalling traffic on the eastbound direction of the bay bridge. it led to a fire as well. causing pretty major backups on the span. this is a look at that toll plaza right now. vianey is tracking it. plus it was a wild halloween night in the south bay. >> you see it there. tricks not treats on south bay
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streets. sideshows taking over on halloween night. the consequences after police showed up. plus, remembering a giant legend. willie mccovey passes away, leaving behind a giant legacy. the way he's being honored. seved
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because of a car fire. breaking news at 5:30. a major traffic problem on the south bay bridge. a live look at the bridge right now. good morning and thank you for
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joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. that sig alert is happening for the eastbound direction. now we're finding there's a problem in the westbound direction as well. let's check in with vianey arana in for mike. >> let's get to that new issue that's starting to showcase itself in the speed sensors. there's a crash on the westbound side near the toll plaza. one lane is blocked. you can see it popping up on the speed sensors. this is in addition to the issue we've been reporting on all morning long. that's on the eastbound side after treasure island. there are two lanes now open, so traffic is crawling on by. three lanes remain blocked and there's no estimated time on when it will remain open. the latest chp report does look like they're hooking some vehicles onto a tow truck as of the latest so that could mean they'll clear that out a little quicker. as i was walking over here, i saw another issue pop up
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possibly just behind that sig alert. i'll immediately go look into that as soon as i get off this report. i want to let you know, there's no estimated time as of right now. again, only two lanes are open. three lanes remain blocked along eastbound 80 right after treasure island. let's send things over to kari for a look at the weather. >> we start out this morning with a look at some of our clear skies and cool temperatures as we head over towards concord. we'll be in the low 60s at 9:00. we go from 61 to 81 at 2:00 and it continues to warm from there. we do have some very warm weather. as you get ready to wake the kids up and head out the door, a cool start but then a warm afternoon. livermore, by the time the last school bell rings, will be in the upper 70s. we'll talk about all of our microclimates and what's going on this weekend coming up in about six minutes. 5:31 right now. new this morning, tricks on the streets instead of treats. sideshows with dozens of cars
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shut down south bay roads. >> several arrests are made along with those cars impounded. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in san jose. >> reporter: hi there. one of those sideshows happened at the intersection where we are. you can see the skid marks in the middle of the roadway. in the video, you can see how close those spectators get as they get out of their car and closer to the action. take a look. that was just one of three big sideshows busted by san jose police. the sideshow happened on gish road at 880, old bay shore freeway, where we are this morning. the chp said they heard chatter that drivers were planning on flooding the streets of san jose, perhaps even trying to shut down the freeway with their
5:33 am
stunts. the chp managed to keep the freeways open but then the action spilled onto it the city streets instead. on kertner avenue, there was a crash. santa clara county sheriff's deputies caught up with a sideshow driver who was trying to flee. the driver crashed but no one was hurt. in oakland on highway 101, this is one of several people arrested after trying to get away from chp officers. as of now, we know chp officers arrested at least one person and it sounds like san joep say police may have arrested two more. they arrested impounded cars from as many as five different locations and those cars will stay in the impound lot for five days. sideshows happen all around the bay area. a few weeks ago we showed you these large ceramic discs that contra costa county are going to make intersections less
5:34 am
appealing. sideshows pop up and dissipate really quickly so san jose used their helicopter to maximize what they could see on the ground. as soon as they spotted the sideshow activity, they notified officers. lucky thing here is all of this activity happened midnight, so likely after the families who were out for halloween festivities were already home for the night. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. 5:34. new this morning, a flight recorder from a crash of an indonesian jet now in investigators' hands. overnight divers recovered it from the sea floor. it's critical in finding out what caused the lion aircraft that went down early monday morning, minutes after taking off from jakarta. 189 people were on board. a man accused in the dead
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lid shooting rampage at a pittsburgh synagogue is due in federal court. he's accused of screaming his intent to kill jews as he fired. 11 people died. prosecutors say the suspected gunman may face the death penalty. he also faces state charges. pennsylvania prosecutors say it could also land him the death sentence. 5:35 right now. it's a sad morning for sports fans locally and across the country as we mourn the passing of san francisco giants' legend willie mccovey. the hall of famer died yesterday at the age of 80 from complications from several recent surgeries. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live from at&t park where fans are paying tribute to the baseball legend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. when you talk about willie mccovey, he was definitely a larger than life figure in the bay and beyond. we say this as he passes away yesterday. we're in front of mccovey cove. this is the statue everyone
5:36 am
knows about in front of at&t park. you see that growing memorial behind me. who knows, this could, of course, grow as the morning goes on. we're not just seeing the reaction here in the bay area, but we're seeing it across social media. let's pull up some of those reactions. this is just a handful of the reactions we're seeing. we want to start with barry bonds, the san francisco giants great, expressing sadness over one of his mentors in the game of baseball, saying he'll keep that tradition of giants baseball living forever in mccovey's memory. then a tweet from jesse jackson calling mccovey one of the all-time greats. another tweet by bill russell, celtics legend and bay native, expressing sadness over his passing. the other tweet from actor rob schneider, a bay area native, saying mccovey had the greatest swing of any first baseman who's played the game. as for mccovey's accomplishments, there are so
5:37 am
many. rookie of the year for giants in 1959. ten years later he was the mvp of the league. of course, he swung for more than 500 career home runs. nbc bay area did interview him about a month ago after he presented the willie mac award, named in his honor. he talked about his deep connection to the city of san francisco. >> it's just a great city. i fell in love with san francisco right off the bat. i didn't want to live anywhere else. and i didn't. everybody was nice. i used to go to a lot of events that off-season and everybody treated me well. took to me. kind of adopted me in a way. so, it was just like a magical time for me. >> reporter: mccovey will be truly missed here in the bay area. i want to point out, he was a giant for most of his career and
5:38 am
actually worked afterwards as a senior adviser for the baseball team. now, san francisco is, of course, paying tribute turning orange. we're actually back out here live. you're seeing that growing memorial. we're told the giants are planning a public memorial for mccovey. when we get those details, we'll bring them to you. live at mccovey cove, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> no doubt if you live in the bay area you've heard of mccovey and heard one to ten stories how he's loved by so many people. thanks, pete. >> being here in the bay area, you would see him a lot. big legacy. moving onto decision 2018, the candidates in the governor's race making a final push for your vote. john cox making several stops on his bus tour today, including one in vallejo. democrat gavin newsom's team is
5:39 am
working on a virtual text bay. cal poll shows newsom in the lead with support of 58% of likely voters. cox trailing behind with 40%. in the race for senate, incumbent dianne feinstein is now -- let's see where she is in this. yep, she's leading over opponent kevin de leon. both, of course, are democrat. you can check out our voting guide at look for the decision 2018 section on our home page. we posted information on key races and ballot measures that could change the way you eat, how much i pay for gas, even change the time of day here in california. well, it's a sight right out of the lord of rings right there. last night the salesforce tower resembled the eye of the sauron, from the popular fantasy trilogy.
5:40 am
it may pay off from the petition. more than 11,000 people signed that petition calling for the top of that tower to be turned into the eye of sauron for halloween. looks like they got what they wished for, vianey. >> pretty cool. i saw that all over social media yesterday. i didn't dress up but i loved seeing everybody's costumes. we have latest information right now regarding that sig alert. it appears what was originally two lanes open, now we're getting a number of lanes that are quickly opening. so, as we begin to see the traffic pick up there, they'll definitely start to see some clearing. you can actually notice it in our speed sensors from red to yellow. along eastbound 80 near treasure island, near the off-ramp. there was an earlier crash near the toll plaza on the westbound side. one lane did remain blocked. they worked to clear that out. i want to show you how the rest of the bay area is doing, of course. here's how the south bay looks. no crashes here but i am
5:41 am
starting to notice slowing along the westbound 80. westbound 80 to bay bridge, 11 minutes. westbound 92 towards the san mateo bridge, 12 minutes. great news. hopefully they'll cancel that sig alert within the next couple of minutes. >> you know what we should look at? >> what's that. >> the road to tahoe. i love that. if you're headed to tahoe this weekend, there's snow. not in kari's forecast but they've been making it up there. heavenly mountain resort, the busy ski season just around the corner. opening november 15th. kirkwood opens a few days later. can you tell i'm excited? >> i know you're excited. >> we need the cold weather and the real snow to fall. we have to build that snowpack. >> it's been cold enough. they've had mornings dropping down into the teens. >> no rain, no snow? >> no rain.
5:42 am
it's been so dry. let's head to sqauw valley and check out that forecast. that's a live look with the trees lit up at the resort. the high temperature zone, it's been a problem, reaching into the low 60s. then we have some upper 50s going into the weekend for the highs. as we bring it back home, your saturday's forecast, 66 will be the high at the coast. on sunday we're also looking pretty good. it will be warm for the inland valleys. low 80s still in the forecast. the bay in the low 70s and upper 60s for our beaches. a lot of celebrations going on. day of the dead in san mateo. a lot of celebrations and memorials going on. we'll be in the upper 50s at 9:00 in the morning. as you head out there early, we'll be in the low 60s in san mateo. then if you go over towards ocean beach, there will be a sandcastle building project --
5:43 am
competition, a sandcastle building competition. it will be in the low 60s there all day long. tri-valley is looking good. it will be warm. we're going out to some vineyards. highs reaching into the mid-80s on saturday. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to it. it's 5:43. coming up, oakland's new plan to deal with a homeless crisis, including people living in their rvs. plus, the san francisco of vaping company. what she's telling us about her company's influence on teenagers. five days until what is most arguably one of the most important elections in america's history. kari weather tease
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the time is 5:46. it's a very cool start in parts of the bay area. all clear skies here. here's a live look outside at palo alto. our temperatures go from the upper 50s to the upper 70s today. a look at all of our microclimates and the warm weekend ahead. i do have an update on the earlier sig alert crash along eastbound bay bridge. looks like chp has started to open several lanes. they're running a traffic break to make sure that everybody gets by safely. they should be canceling this sig alert within the next couple of minutes. i'll keep a close eye on that and i'll bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available. >> sounds good. we'll check in with you. it's 5:46 right now. homeless living in rvs, parking
5:47 am
on city streets. it's a growing problem across the bay area. you've probably seen it. happening today, oakland is launching a new safe parking program to try to curb that issue. as you can see in this video, a number of people have parked in places that aren't always secure. city council is planning to spend $8.6 million to create four new parking areas that will provide social services in a safe location. the money will also help build three new tuffshed communities for those living in tents. rvs along the streets are also an issue in mountain view. city leaders are working to come up with a solution for those priced out of the housing market. leading executive at the fast growing san francisco company answers questions on the "today" show. parents in particular may not approve of the product. we're talking about juul. many believe its e-cigarettes
5:48 am
mostly targeting young people. >> we fully acknowledge that they are using this product and it's not acceptable. >> isn't it irresponsible to put a product out there for adults or anybody else to purchase if you don't know the long-term effects? >> i think the context is critically important. >> now, it is juul that makes the most popular brand of e-cigarettes. the fda is looking in a way to reign in vaping among young people. that's on the "today" show at 7:00 following "today in the bay." we're just five days until the midterm election. >> and the president still in full campaign mode, scott mcgrew. >> yeah, with a rally and another rally and another rally scheduled. last night he was in florida where they have a very important governor's race. now, president trump says the election pits a harvard/yale man against a thief. the president returning to this
5:49 am
idea of denying certain babies citizenship. this despite the fact that his favorite candidate ron desantis needs some hispanic and cuban support if he's going to win that state. here's the president. >> and the democrats want to continue giving automatic birthright citizenship to every child born to an illegal alien. even if they've been on our soil for just a matter of seconds. >> meanwhile in georgia, the republican candidate has canc canceled a prescheduled televised debate. president trump also says the number of u.s. troops on the border could increase to 15,000. that would put the ratio of military to refugees at about three soldiers for every member of the caravan. it it would also mean we'd have more troops on our southern border than we have in iraq and afghanistan combined. but it would provide images like this, the caravan the president
5:50 am
says you should be afraid of alongside images of our military to defend us. from what and how is not exactly clear. there's also an important election in iowa as congressman famous for his support of the far, far right, like nazi right, fights to keep his fees. republican stevele king met with members of austria's freedom party, an organization founded by a former ssr. ip tell dropped funding of king's campaign last week. at king's been pretty far right for many years, purina and land o lakes, the butter people, also dropped their funding as well. a pact called keeping america prosperous, partly funded by google, still supports him. i'll show you the paperwork on twitter. you can follow me @scottmcgrew. >> thank you, scott. 5:50 right now. we're getting closer to the weekend. it's already thursday. >> inching closer. >> another warm one? >> it's going to be warm this weekend.
5:51 am
when you think now it's november, we're setting our clocks back and talking about 80s in the inland valleys. this is the way you start out your thursday morning. we're in the 50s, even some low 60s there. livermore, you're the warmest at 63 degrees. how much warmer compared to yesterday? 17 degrees. and that's where we have the biggest difference in our temperatures from the last 24 hours. so, it's much warmer as you head out and we're going to see those antioch temperatures in your morning commute in the upper 50s. partly cloudy skies throughout the day and then we'll be in the low 70s at noon. still really nice but it continues to warm up. we're headed up to 83 degrees. we'll see some mid-80s for much of the north bay. we're going to have the summer-like weather continuing and actually peaking today. but not much of a cooldown over the next several days. you might still need a jacket heading out the door for those early morning hours. a dress will keep you comfortable. we'll still breaking out the summer gear. if you're going out to the game tonight, the raiders game, of
5:52 am
course, your short-sleeved jersey will keep you nice and comfortable. we'll be in the upper 70s as you head to levi stadium and at kickoff it will be at 78 degrees. low 70s by the end of the night. we do have more warm weather in the forecast. inland valleys reaching into the 80s. and then for san francisco, upper 60s throughout much of the forecast. heading over to vianey, have they canceled that traffic alert yet? >> not just yet at it might have happened as i walked out here simply because chp has already started to open several lanes. you can see in the south bay we have slowing along 101. this crash just popped up along the san mateo bridge, it looks like it's getting onto the on-ramp. i'll make sure to check in on that in just a bit. i want to give you an update. as of the latest, it appears they're starting to open several lanes at the moment and running a traffic break to make sure they safely control the traffic as it begins to pick up right near treasure island along the
5:53 am
eastbound lanes. i've already great improvement as far as our speed sensors. back to you. >> thanks. still ahead this morning, the changes twitter says it is considering to make things safer for you online. plus -- >> the overall rate of premature birth is just shy of 10%. in certain areas of the country it's worse. >> a subset of the population at risk of going into labor early. the brand-new research out overnight. a big race for amazon and whole food workers. today the company is raising the minimum wage to $15. amazon has more than 250,000 employees.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
ghosts, goblins, and ghouls will be out today for halloween! many people are celebrating the holiday. ghosts, goblins and ghouls will be out. they were out all last night for halloween. many people celebrating that holiday. check out these photos. to see those photos, go to we have a full list. >> kris sanchez's kids there all dressed up. moving on on this thursday morning, twitter taking steps to address two long-standing user complaints has announced a new way to report suspicious content, fake accounts or even
5:57 am
bots. it allows to report what type of spam you're seeing. they also have a new button to easily display your feed in chronological order. happening now, you might have some trouble watching some of your favorite shows. hbo and cinamax off dish networks. they could not come to terms on a new distribution deal. hbo says this is the first time in its history it's gone dark on a pay tv provider. also new this morning, the insurance institute for highway safety out with a new report for used vehicles for teenagers. the institute says generally bigger and heavier is best with electronic stability control. good roof strength ratings as well and vehicles without high horsepower are good to give to teens. this year's best include 53 choices that start under $20,000. new this morning, the march of dimes has released its annual
5:58 am
premature birth report. >> california is actually doing okay. the premature birth rate rose for the third straight year, translating to a "c" grade for the u.s. experts say statistics on women of color are particularly concerning. the preterm birth rate among black women is 50% higher than the rate of all other women. >> we have to do more in this country to make sure women have access to right care, before their pregnancy, during pregnancy and we have to make sure those kids are protected, healthy and whole when they're born. >> vermont was the only state to receive an "a" grade in the annual report. california gets a "b". a new study supports the idea that many single women freeze their eggs to avoid what is called panic parenting. researchers interviewed 31 women who had their eggs frozen for nonmedical reasons. most were single and didn't want
5:59 am
to rush into a relationship to have a baby. they say they will hopelely conceive naturally with a partner and never use their frozen eggs but just doing it as a safety measure. this is a question for you in your personal life. can you stick to a budget? >> there's a new survey laying out parts of the country, which parts are actually better at it, apparently. lending tree put out the findings. it claims san francisco and san jose top the list with which people live within their means. the study says high incomes help people here pay their bills despite those exceptionally high housing costs. right now at 6:00, breaking news. the search is on for whoever shot three teenagers in san jose overnight. the community center they were near and how they're doing right now. tighter security at football stadium for the 49ers/raiders. the changes to expect.
6:00 am
i let them stack up and then i shred them. >> is your mailbox filled with campaign mailers? seeing too many of those ads on social media? you're far from alone. all new this hour, the people are saying this year may really be the worst ever. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. hope you're recovering from the trick-or-treaters. now the sugar high. all the candy comes to the office. >> i need another sugar high. i'm tired this morning. maybe an extra cup of coffee to go along with that chocolate as you get ready to head out. we do have some cool temperatures. let's head over towards dublin where we'll start out with some cool temperatures. also mostly clear skies. no fog as of now. and then we'll see the 4:00 temperatures in the lower 80s. here's a look at our highs for all of


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